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3  1833  00859  7228 


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Abraham  Pieiersen,  I\Iolcnae 

Shrank  AUabrn  ^jpttralogtral  (Companu 




CopyriLiht,   19:2.  by 


To  the  Van  Dcurscii  Family  in  general,  and,  in  particular,  to 
my   nephew,  William  Albert  Van  Deusen,  who  is  pre- 
paring himself  to  take  up  this  work  where  I  lay  it 
down,  I  affectionately  dedicate  these  volumes. 


The  compiling  of  this  family  history  was  undertaken  with 
the  oljjcct  of  preserving  for  future  generations  the  results  of 
nearly  twenty  years'  gleanings  in  the  field  of  genealogical 
research.  The  work  has  been  done  during  the  odd  moments 
of  a  very  busy  life.  It  had  its  inception  in  the  endeavor  to 
learn  when  and  from  whence  came  the  first  of  my  name  to 
New  Netherland,  and  then  to  connect  with  this  parent  branch 
that  offslioot  which,  after  the  War  of  the  Revolution,  settled 
in  Canada,*  and  of  which  I  am  a  scion. 

It  has  been  a  fascinating  work  and  full  of  pleasure;  the 
measure  of  success  which  I  obtained  luring  me  on  and  on, 
encoiiraged  as  I  was,  also,  by  the  assistance  of  the  Reverend 
RosweirRandall  Hoes,  Chaplain  in  the  "United  States  Navy, 
and  himself  an  able  genealogist,  who  pointed  out  to  me  where 
to  fmd  rich  harvests  of  data  relating  to  the  Dutch  in  America. 
In  the  niilitary  held  I  profited  much  from  the  experience  of 
Dr.  Charles  E.  Godfrey  in  his  investigations  of  Colonial  and 
Revolutionary  military  data,  and  I  have  sought  to  make  my 
work  a  valuable  book  of  reference  to  the  family  and  others 
on  this  particular  line.  Also,  daily  contact  for  a  number  of 
years  with  Algernon  Aikin  Aspinwall,  Esquire,  of  Washington, 
D.  C,  historian  of  the  Mayflower  Society  and  of  his  ov/n 
family,  kept  the  subject  uppermost  in  my  mind,  and  I  paid 
frequent  visits  to  New  York  and  the  towns  and  cities  border- 
ing on  the  Hudson  and  Mohawk  Rivers,  in  the  upper  counties 
of  New  York  State,  wandering  along  the  frontier  of  Canada 
from  Cornv.-all  to  Toronto,  examining  the  records  of  church, 
town  and  county  on  my  v.'ay,  in  all  their  hnes. 

Soon  I  had  a  vast  collection  of  data  too  vakiable  to  be  kept 
for  my  sole  pleastire,  and  the  proljlem  of  publishing  it  in  per- 
manent forai  confronted  me.  To  undertake  the  cost  unaided 
v.'as  out  of  the  question  with  my  means.  At  this  juncture 
Henry  Say  re  Van  Duzer,  Esquire,  then  President  of  the  Hol- 
land Society  of  New  York,  volunteered  material  aid  to  back 
up  his  personal  desire  to  have  my  material  published ;  which 
offer  was  accepted.  Thus  the  work  began  to  take  definite 
shape,  and  I  realized  the  importance  of  still  closer  research 

*In  I7QI  this  locality  became  the  Province  of  Upper  Canada,  and  in  1867  the 
Province  of  Ontario. 

viii  Preface 

and  the  intercharij^'e  of  data  with  othicr  investigators  whose 
lines  were  allied  with  mine.  In  this  I  gratefully  acknowledge 
the  courtesy  of  William  Becker  Van  Alstyne,  ^I.  D.,  of  New  York 
City;  the  Reverend  H.  Van  Allen  of  Utica,  N.  Y..  both  of 
whom  have  considerable  data  upon  their  families  who  inter- 
married with  Van  Deusens;  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Allison  (Crissey) 
Van  Duzer  of  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  who  rendered  valuable  aid  in 
the  research  on  her  branch  of  the  family,  the  Van  Duzers  of 
Orange  County,  N.  Y,;  also  the  assistance  rendered  by  Mr. 
Dingman  \''ersteeg,  Archivist  of  the  Holland  Society  and  a 
native  of  HoHand,  who  carefully  read  and  corrected  that 
part  of  my  work  covering  the  Dutch  period;  also  the  editorial 
work  of  Mrs.  Ada  F.  De  Laney  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y..  who  has 
edited  and  revised  the  entire  work. 

My  visit  to  Holland  in  search  of  material  is  fully  described 
in  the  Itinerary  of  my  Journey,  later  on. 

I  do  not  claim  infallibility  or  completeness  for  my  work. 
Both  are  open  to  the  future;  and  as  I  have  arranged  for  the 
further  carrying  out  of  the  work  later  on,  any  corrections  or 
additions  to  names,  dates,  or  fam.ilies  will  be  gladly  accepted 
for  future  use.  In  this  light  I  commend  the  results  of  my 
labors  to  the  kindly  criticism  of  my  readers. 

Albert  Harrjsox  Van  Deusex. 

Washington,  D.  C,  December  29,  1911. 




Dedication v 

Preface vii 

List  of  Illustrations xi 

The  Van  Deursens  in  their  Brabant  home xiii 

Itinerary  of  tny  Journey  to  Holland xxxi 

Abraham  Pietersen  the  Ancestor xlix 

First  Generation i 

Second  Generation 5 

Third  Generation ■ 17 

Fourth  Generation ,  43 

Fifth  Generation 77 

Sixth  Generation 125 

Seventh  Generation 229 

Eighth  Generation 377 



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Coat-of-Arms   Van    Di:ersen Frontispiece 

Map  of  the  Peel  Landt xv 

Present  Church  at  Deursen,  North  Brabant xviii 

Viev,-  of  old  Castle  Van  Deursen xxvii 

Old  Windmill  at  Haarlem,  Holland xxxvi 

The  Great  Forest  Street.  Haarlem xxxviii 

Marriage  Record  of  Abraham  Pietersen  and  Tryntje  Melchiors  lii 

Certified  signature  of  Judge  J.  W.  Losecoat-Vermeer liv 

Interior  of  St.  Bavo  Church  at  Haarlem Ix 

Jan  Van  Deusen's  house  at  Hiirley,  N.  Y 94 

Fireplace  in  Christopher  Van  Duzer's  homestead 107 

Old  coin  trunk 136 

Conrad  Van  Dusen's  Freemason  certificate ; 147 

Caspar  Van  D-asen's  saw -.  1^2 

Old  Church  at  Conger's  Mill 154 

F"airman's  Mansion  and  Penn's  "Treaty  Tree" 176 

Isaac  Van  Duzer '. 201 

Peter  J.  M.  Van  Dusen  and  wife 263 

Addison,  Augustus,  Albert  H.,  Absalom  and  Abda  L.  Van 

Deusen 264 

Captain  Louis  Sayre  Van  Duzer,  V.  S.  N 350 

Selah  Reeve  VanDuzer :;s2 


VOL.  I,  p.  XV. 

p  tr.  CO  w  P 

^     O     O     ^     'J-:         , 

3  "^  c  P  g  ;f> 
o       ^  p  B.  o 

p    O     "^t    3     O     r^ 

Is  mi 

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;  o  o,-  ,1  o  o 

K^  O     t2    O    O 
>  CL  -'^  r^   C  3 

'S  g  Co'...  o  -> 

;,  o  "  g.  ^'< 

•     o  cr  <~^  o  n- 


BY  LOLLE   PIERS   DE  BOER,  L.  L.  B.   (LEYDEN.   1905); 
M.  A.   (YALE,  U.  S.  A.,   iqio) 

The  ancient  home  of  the  Van  Deursen  family  is  at  present 
a  small  village  of  407  inhabitants,  called  Deume-les  [neai]- 
Diest,  in  the  South  Netherlands  (Belgian)  Province,  Brabant; 
commonly  called  South  Brabant,  in  contrast  with  the  North 
Netherland  (Dutch)  Province,  North  Brabant.  It  lies  not 
far  from  the  town  Hasselt,  on  a  little  stream  on  5°  5'  E. 
Longitude  of  Greenwich  and  51°  3'  N.  Latitude. 

in  the  Germanic  tongue  of  the  inhabitants  themselves  it  is 
called  "Doersen,"  and  also  by  the  Northern  Dutch;  but  these 
have  the  oe  or  o  sound  of  the  symbol  eii-  and  spell  the  name 
"Deursen"  (For  the  history  and  the  meaning  of  the  name 
see  Appendix  i  to  this  article). 

The  earliest  inhabitants  of  the  countrv^  adjacent  were  a 
Celtic  tribe,  the  Beiges,  who  came  in  contact  with  the  Romans 
during  Julius  Caesar's  Gallic  warfare  (Gaii  Julii  Caesaris: 
"de  Bello  Gallico  Libri"). 

The  name  Deursen  itself  keeps  the  memory  of  these  early 
Celts  alive.  The  word  "Dur"  means  "water,"  of  v/hich 
"Deursen"  is  a  locative  form,  "a  place  by  the  water."  The 
Romans  found  a  large  moor  here  and  called  it  a  "palus" 
(moor),  from  which  the  present  name,  "the  Peel"  or  "Peel 
land,"  the  surroundings  of  Deursen,  is  derived.  The  word 
also  remains  in  the  name  of  the  village  "Pael,"  a  little  east 
from  Deursen. 

About  the  year  1800  (and  still)  the  moor  proper  was  about 
four  hours  long.  The  Peel  land  measures  from  north  to 
south  eight  hours,  from  east  to  west  six  hours,  the  distance 
being  measured  by  the  ordinary  v/alking  of  a  man  in  one  hour. 
Sometimes  it  is  so  many  '"pipes,"  i.  e.,  the  time  allowed  for 
the  sm.oking  of  a  certain  sized  pipe  (J.  Kok,  "Vaderlandsch 
Woordenboek"  [National  Dictionary'],  1791,  XXIV,  p.  2). 

After  the  breaking  up  of  the  Roman  Empire,  the  Franks 
conquered  the  country  in  the  fifth  century;  and  at  least  the 
nobility  here,  among  v.'honi  is  found  the  family  Deursen,  can 
be  said'  to  be  from  pure  Germanic,  Prankish  stock. 

The  Peel  land  was,  in  the  Carolingian  times,  A.  D.  800,  a 

xvi  Van  Deursen  Family 

part  of  the  jurisdictional  region  "Toxandria,"  vrhich  fomied 
the  greater  part  of  what  was  afterv.'ards  the  dukedom  of 

Tlie  breaking  up  of  the  Carolingian  Empire  (never  a  strongly 
united  federation),  A.  D.  ooo,  brought  to  light  a  great  many 
more  or  less  independent  lords,  of  greater  or  less  degree,  who 
would  be  united  under  the  rising  feudal  system. 

In  1196,  during  the  time  of  the  third  cmsade,  we  find 
mentioned  a  Hendricus  a  Doersnc  (Hendrick  van  Doersen). 
It  is  not  unlikely  that  he  was  in  the  crusade,  and  that  the 
cross  in  the  Coat-of-x\rms  v.'as  taken  up  by  him. 

During  the  next,  the  thirteenth  centurv,  members  of  the 
family  are  freciuently  found  in  the  "mevery  van's  Hertocren- 
bosch"  (the  majorate  of  Bois-le-Duc), 'the  part  of  Brabant 
in  which  Deursen  lies,  and  where  the  lords  Van  Deursen  kept 
up  a  kind  of  sovereign  independency  until  the  year  1325. 

On  the  I  St  of  I^Iarch,  1325  (a  date'according  to  old  Prankish 
custom),  Govert  Van  Doorsen  acknowledged  for  his  liege- 
lord  Jan  III,  the  noblest  duke  Brabant  ever  had,  who,  with 
rare  perception  for  those  times  of  the  natural  humian  rights, 
and  far  ahead  of  his  day  in  his  method  of  governing,  granted 
on  his  deceased  father's  and  his  own  initiativer  a  liberal 
Charter  to  his  subjects  in  1356.  This  Charter  served  the 
Dutch  as  a  model  in  15S1,  when  they  began  their  stmggle  for 
freedom  more  systematically.  It  was  '^a  cornerstone  ni  the 
bulwark  of  Dutch  liberty,"  and,  through  its  silent  influence, 
takes  a  not  inconsiderable  place  in  the  constitutional  historv 
of  AVestern  Europe  and  the  rights  of  man  all  over  the  world 
(See  Appendix  2  for  the  liege  lords  of  the  Van  Deursens  and 
the  early  Constitution  of  Brabant). 

_  Govert  Van  Doorsen  received  back  his  ancestral  property 
immediately  in  1325,  as  a  hereditary  feudalitv,  and  it  thus 
remained  in  the  straight  male  line  until  the  end  of  the  i6th 
century  (J.  Kok,  Vaderl.  Woordbock;  also  J.  B.  Rietstap. 
\\  aperbock  v.  d  Xeo  Add,  I,  p.  94,  95.  For  the  history  of 
the  land  and  castle  of  Deursen,  from  132=;  to  1788,  see 
Appendix  3). 

_  L'nder  Jan  the  Third's  daughter,  Duchess  Johanna,  who 
died  in  December,  1406,  Jan  Van  Deursen,  possibly  the  grand- 
son or  great-grandson  of  Govert,  became  lord  of  Deursen. 
He  m.arned  m  1419,  x\leid  van  Bloemensweerde,  and  from  his 
time  on  there  is  no  break  in  the  familv  line  down  to  Abraham 
Iietersen  van  Deursen  of  1607,  and  through  him  down  to  the 
American  posterity.     So  far  as  can  be  ascertained  from  the 

The  A^\x  Deursexs  in  their  Brabant  Home       xvii 

above  aythorities,  the  only  available  sources  of  information 
in  this  countr}^  the  follov/ing  is  the  line  of  descent. 

1.  Jan,  who  married  Aleid  van  Bloemensweerde.  Their 
son , 

2.  Jan,  married  Aleid  van  Dompselaer  (see  Appendix  4) 
had  son, 

3.  Jau,  who  married  Wilhelmina  van  Zoudenbalg;  their 
son  was 

4.  Nicolas,  who  married  Machteld  Proeys;  their  son  was 

5.  Jan  Willevi,  who  married  a  daughter  of  Gerritt  van 
Ileusden;  their  son  was 

6.  Jan,  who  married  Elisabeth  Van  Heusden.  This  Jan 
was  alive  in  1550,  and  was  the  last  male  descendant  of  Govert 
who  held  the  ancestral  seat,  the  lands  and  castle  of  Duersen. 
His  mother  and  wife  were  both  from  the  old  renowned  house 
of  Heusden,  for  v.iiich  reason  he  took  the  famous  "wheel  of 
Heusden"  into  his  Coat-of-Arms  (see  Appendix  5).     His  son 

7.  Hendrick  was  bom  in  the  old  Castle.  The  Spanish 
troubles  account  for  the  loss  of  the  ancestral  possessions  by 
Hendrick,  the  details  of  which  are  still  to  be  found  (see  Ap- 
pendix 3).  It  is  not  unlikely  that  Hendrick  was  the  first 
protestant  of  the  family.  When  the  people  saw  their  lord  a 
protestant  in  those  trying  days,  they,  too,  were  emboldened 
to  openly  avow  their  faith.  The  protestant  church  at  Deur- 
scn  bears  witness  to  this.  It  was  one  of  those  small  com- 
mxmitics,  which  once  promised  so  much  for  the  cause  of 
protestantism  in  the  South  Netherlands.  ]Many  of  them 
were  crushed  down  by  the  Spanish  yoke  between  1550  and 
1600,  but  a  few  of  them,  also  in  Peel  land,  have  survived 
amidst  an  entire  CathoHc  popxilation  up  to  the  present  time. 
A  protestant  church  exists  still  in  Deursen  (see  David  Van 
Haagstraten,  "Groot  \A'oordenboek"  [Great  Encyclopedia], 
1733,  III,  p.  76;  also  J.  van  Oudenhoven's  "Beschryving  van 
's  Hertogenbosch  [Description  of  Bois-le-duc]).  Hendrick  be- 
came "drossaert"  (head-magistrate, — somewhat  like  the 
English  jvistice  of  peace)  of  Asperen,  in  Brabant.  He  did 
not  adopt  the  alterations  and  additions  made  to  the  famil}'' 
Coat-of-Anns  by  his  father,  but  returned  to  the  original,  a 
copy  of  which  appears  as  frontispiece  to  this  volume.  He 
died  at  Asperen  in  1567.  His  wife  was  Maria  Rutgers  (see 
Appendix  6).     They  had  one  son, 

6.     Willem,  who  married  Elisabeth  Gysberts  and  had  son 
9.     Pieter,  who  moved  from  Asperen  to  the  Province  Hol- 
land in  15S1  and  became  Magistrate  in  Haerlem  in  1583.     His 

xviii  Van   Deursen   Family 

lo.  AbraJtarn,  v/as  born  in  Haerlem  and  baptised  there 
II  Nov.,  1607  (Records  of  the  Grootkerk.  Haarlem;  see 
quotation  of  same  in  biographical  sketch  of  Abraham  Pieter- 
sen  Van  Deursen).  He  married  Dec.  9,  1629,  Tr\'ntje  Mel- 
chiors,  also  of  Haarlem,  and  soon  after  emigrated  to  New 
Amsterdam,  America.  They  had  six  children,  all  born  in 
America,  whose  biographies  will  be  found  in  the  American 
section  of  this  volume. 

A  brief  outline  of  the  histor\'  of  the  last  four  of  the  above 
generations  will  be  found  in  the  second  part  of  this  article — 
"The  Van  Deursens  in  Haerlem,  Holland,"  where  the  argu- 
ment in  favor  of  this  line  of  descent  is  also  given. 


Since  15S1,  when  the  States  General  of  the  United  Nether- 
lands had  foresworn  Count  Philip,  King  of  Spain,  and  the 
Duke  of  Parma  had  been  sent  to  the  Netherlands  with  Spanish 
troops  for  "pacification,"  the  South  Netherlands,  especially 
Planders  and  Brabant,  felt  the  full  pressure  of  a  sixteenth 
century  war.  In  the  North  almost  all  had  enjoyed  the  pos- 
session of  political  and  religious  freedom.  In  Brabant 
catholics  and  protestants,  royalists  and  republicans  mxin- 
gled  together.  All  alike  were  robbed  and  murdered  there 
by  the  Spanish  soldiers,  nor  could  the  Spanish  generals  do 
anything  to  j^revent  it.  In  fact  they  owed  these  hirelings 
wages  of  many  months,  and  being  unable  to  pay  them,  in 
fear  of  mutiny,  they  allowed  them  this  systematic  plundering 
as  a  recompense.  The  land  vras  laid  waste  and  uncultivated 
for  many  yeai^s.  The  Civil  magistrates  in  Brabant  and 
Flanders  vrere  under  military  pressure  and  had  kept  or  re- 
taken the  side  of  the  King  and  the  old  faith.  To  make  an 
end  of  the  confusion  one  element  at  least  had  to  be  eliminated, 
and,  therefore,  from  many  Brabant  and  Flemish  cities  all 
protestants  were  banished.  This  involved  the  best  classes 
of  society.  The  high  nobiHty  and  great  landowners  sided 
with  the  King,  But  the  younger  branches  of  these  families, 
who,  according  to  the  custom,  had  kept  magistratures  in  town 
and  country,  and  formed  the  most  intellectual  and  inde- 
pendent class  of  society,  all  took  the  side  of  the  Republic. 
The  Van  Deursens  had  left  the  former  class  and  joined  the 
latter,  just  one  generation  before  the  trouble  broke  out  at 
large.     The  Spanish  rehiforcemcnts  under  the  Duke  of  Parma 

f     'li 

f  [' ^\.^..,/ 



The   present   chi:rch  at   Deursen,    North   Brabant. 

The  Van  Deursexs  int  their  Brabaxt  Home        xix 

replaced  all  such  magistrates,  who  had  not  fled  already,  by 
wctk  '.villed  royal  tools. 

Next  to  the  magistrates  were  the  great  commercial  men, 
who,  finding  no  property  safe  and  trade  impossible,  joined 
the  common  cause.  A  third  useful  element,  on  whom  the 
banishment  fell  were  the  artists  and  craftsmen. 

Intellect,  capital,  and  labour,  the  verj'  blood  and  nerves 
of  the  nation,  left  the  unfortunate  Provinces  to  Parma,  and 
thus  tacitly  encouraged  the  economical  and  spiritual  suicide 
of  the  nation.  The  economic  balance  once  being  broken,  the 
emigration  went  on,  even  after  the  direct  causes  were  re- 
mo%'ed,  until  1616;  the  Chronicles  of  Holland  and  Zeeland 
containing  for  the  period  1580-1620  many  petitions  of  those 
exiles  for  safeguard  and  settling  in  the  North  Netherlands, 
made  to  the  Prince  of  Orange,  the  local  governments  or  the 
Count  of  Leicester.  Most  of  them  went  to  the  towns  of 
Middelburg.  Dordrecht,  Leyden,  Haerlem  and  Amsterdam 
(see  Kronyken  van  het  Historisch  Genootschap  [Chronicles 
of  the  Historical  Society],  Utrecht,  1853,  p.  8:  P.  J.  Blok, 
History  of  the  Netherland  people  [translation  from  the  Dutch], 
Vol.  Ill,  chap.  IV:  J.  H.  Koenen,  Fransche  Vluchtelingen  in 
Nederland  [French  fugitives  in  the  Netherlands],  1S46).  In 
these  authorities  the  French  and  Brabant  fugitives,  their 
quantity  and  quality,  their  motives  and  influences  are  ably 
compared  and  treated. 

In  Holland,  Zeeland  and  Friesland  these  exiles  were  warmly 
received  as  brethren  in  the  faith,  as  valuable  reinforcements 
for  State  and  Church,  as  increasement  for  Statecraft,  Com- 
merce and  Art.  The  average  Brabander  at  that  time  made  a 
better  magistrate  and  scholar,  the  average  Fleming  a  better 
trader  and  craftsman,  than  the  North  Netherlander.  In 
culture  his  superiors,  they  soon  brought  the  docile  Northern 
Dutchman  up  to  their  standard,  and  to  them  may  be  ac- 
credited the  reorganization  of  the  North  (Hugode  Groot 
[Grotius]  Nedrl.  Historie,  Book  V,  pp.  100,  329), 

The  Brabanders  felt  their  mental  superiority  so  well  that 
in  the  nev.'ly  organized  government  of  Holland  they  soon 
were  ahead  of  the  native  provincial  Hollander,  and  to  the 
fact  that  they  turned  all  their  energy  toward  the  public 
welfare  only,  is  due  that  they  did  not  rouse  the  jealousy  of 
the  older  inhabitants  sooner  than  they  ultimately  did. 

With  the  Brabanders  once  settled  in  Holland  the  various 
towns  helped  each  other  to  establish  government  fairly  and 
to  a  fair  end.  But  the  monopolizing  of  the  public  offices  by 
the  Brabanders  finally  aroused  complaint,  mention  of  which, 

XX  Van  Deursen    Family 

about  the  year  15S6,  occurs  in  P.  C.  Hooft's"  Historien," 
p.  1 107.  In  Amsterdam  and  Utrecht  this  even  went  so  far 
that  by  enactment  all  original  Brabanders  were  excluded 
from  public  offices  during  the  first  five  years  of  their  residence 
in  those  cities  (see  Kron.  Hist.  Gen.  Utrecht,  1855,  p.  229- 
238;  Prouink's  letter  of  1586). 

In  one  of  the  lists  of  petitioning  Brabant  exiles  to  Prince 
William  of  Orange  in  1581,  we  find  the  name  of  Pieter  Van 
Duerse,  coming  from  Asperen  in  Brabant.  Evidently  he 
was  a  son  of  W'illem  Van  Docrse,  drossaerd  of  Asperen,  who 
was  the  only  son  of  Hendrick  Van  Duerse,  also  drossaerd  of 
Asperen,  who  died  in  1576. 

We  do  not  find  to  which  city  in  Holland  he  intended  to  go. 
Perhaps  he  did  not  then  knovc  himself,  Haarlem  was  a  place 
most  favoured  by  Brabant  settlers  just  then  (Haarlem's 
Handvesten  [Haarlem's  Constitutions],  April  24,  15S0). 

By  1580,  the  Haarlem  city  government,  which  had  long 
kept  a  doubtful  position,  had  finally  becomic  a  strong  pro- 
testant  and  republican  body  ("Haarlem's  Handvesten,"  Oct. 
13,  1586,  p.  351,  352). 

Among  the  strangers  put  into  the  Hacrlem  Government  by 
Prince  "William^  of  Orange,  Oct.  21,  1583,  was  Pieter  Willems 
("Haarlem's  Handvesten,"  p.  333,  334).  "Pieter  Willems" 
might  be  an  accidental  combination  of  those  two  common 
Dutch  names,  and  the  person  a  different  one  than  Pieter 
Willems  Van  Duerse,  but  the  fact  that  the  same  Pieter  Wil- 
lemsen  is  called  on  p.  421  of  "Haarlem's  Handvesten"  the 
son  of  Willem  Hendricksen,  the  fact  that  he  was  a  stranger 
admitted  to  a  Haerlem  magistrature  by  the  Prince  of  Orange, 
in  1583,  the  fact  that  many  Brabanders  vrere  placed  in  Hol- 
land magistratures,  often  v»'ithin  the  first  five  years  of  their 
residence  (otherv-'ise  this  stated  term  would  not  have  been 
fixed  by  Amsterdam  and  Utrecht),  the  fact  that  in  15S1 
Pieter  Van  Duerse  from  Asperen  (the  son  of  "William  Van 
Doerse  of  Asperen)  petitioned  the  Prince  of  Orange  for  set- 
tlement in  Holland,  the  fact  that  this  Willem  was  the  son  of 
Hendrick  Van  Duerse  of  Asperen,  all  speak  in  favour  of  the 
identity  of  Pieter  Willems  Van  Duerse  of  Asperen,  1581,  and 
the  Haerlem  stranger  Pieter  Willems  of  1583. 

According  to  his  father's  and  grandfather's  (died  1576) 
age,  Pieter  could  not  have  been  much  older  than  twenty-five 
years  at  that  time;  nor  younger,  as  the  post  was  not  open  for 
men  under  the  age  of  twenty -four.  At  the  time  of  his  son 
Abraham's  baptism,  he  must  have  been  a  man  between  forty 
and  forty-five  years  old.     Abraham  Pietersen  was  baptised 

The  Vax  Deursens  in  their  Brabant  Home        xxi 

II  Nov.,  1607,  and  the  date  of  his  marriage,  9  Dec,  1629, 
makes  it  probable  that  he  was  baptised  not  long  after  his 
birth.  But  the  possibility  is  not  excluded  that  he  was  bom 
a  few  years  earlier. 

The' family  belonged  not  to  the  Walloon,  but  to  the  Dutch 
Reformed  Church.  A  complete  table  of  contents  of  its 
Baptism,  Marriage  and  Burial  Records  are  found  in  "de 
Navorscher,"  1900,  p.  555,  566.  In  the  Remonstrant  and 
Contra -remonstrant  doctrinal  quarrels  the  Van  Deursens 
sided  with  the  former,  as  did  most  of  the  old  Brabant  pro- 
testants.  These  quarrels  greatly  influenced  the  inland  politics 
of  the  Netherlands,  and  formed  a  fruitful  source  of  pretext 
to  depose  the  magistrate  of  Brabant  origin,  as  soon  as  found 
to  be  a  Remonstrant. 

In  Haerlem  the  Magistrature  was  at  first  in  the  hands  of 
the  Remonstrants.  In  1615,  alarmed  at  the  im-rease  of  the 
opposite  faction,  they  took  care  that  a  Remonstrant  clergy- 
man (domine)  was  appointed,  and  that  in  161 7  the  Church 
rules  of  1 591,  which  could  be  favorably  inter])reted  in  favour 
of  the  Remonstrants,  were  brought  into  action.  This  was 
changed  in  1618  by  the  coup  d'etat  of  Prince  Maurice  of 
Orange,  changing  the  magistrates  in  many  Remonstrant 
cities.  In  Haerlem  this  occurred  24  October,  161 8,  at  which 
time  Pieter  Willems  Van  Duersen  must  have  been  a  man  of 
about  sixty  (J.  Kok.  "Vaderlandsch  Woordenboek,"  17S8 
[National  Dictionary],  XIX,  p.  115,  116).  In  January,  1629, 
the  year  of  Abraham  Pieterseil's  marriage,  the  Remonstrants 
iu  Haerlem  were  still  so  strong  that  the  new  government 
feared  they  would  regain  their  seats.  This  did  not  happen, 
liowever,  and  the  Remonstrants  (mostly  protestants  of  Bra- 
bant origin),  and  among  them  the  Van  Deursens,  were,  and 
remained,  excluded  from  puVjlic  office. 

This  exclusion  was  quite  a  humiliation  for  many  of  the  old 
families,  who  were  wont  to  mle,  and  may  have  been  one  of 
the  reasons  why  Abraham  Pietersen  Van  Dcursen  detennined 
to  emigrate  to'New  Netherland  in  1636.  His  father,  Pieter 
Willcms  Van  Deursen  (for  the  new  spelling  since  1618  see 
Appendix  I),  if  still  alive,  would  have  attained  the  venerable 
age  of  eighty  at  the  time  of  his  emigration,  but  more  than  likely 
the  old  e.xile  had  already  passed  away. 

1.       THE    HISTORY    AND    MEANING     OF     THE     NAME     "dEURSEN" 

The  name  "Deursen"  is  a  deriviative  of  the  Celtic  word 
"dur,"  which  means  "water,"  the  Germanic,  and  especially 

xxii  Van  Deursen   Family 

the  Prankish  locative  ending,  "en,"  making  it  mean  "at  the 
■water,"  "a  place  at  the  water."  River  and  place  names 
with  "dur"  are  frequent  in  all  original  Celtic  regions.  Dor- 
drecht means  Dur-track — water  track  or  fern,'.  In  England 
many  examples  of  the  same  kind  may  be  found,  Durham 
meaning  Dur-home — an  abode  by  the  water.  The  lin- 
guistic changes  caused  in  the  word  as  a  whole  by  this  endings, 
which,  in  turn,  originate  the  many  different  spellings,  are 
due  to  the  working  of  two  laws.  The  first,  which  tends  the 
most  to  transform  the  word  beyond  recognition  is  the  rule 
that  r  between  two  vowels  shov/s  an  inclination  towards  rs, 
z  and  s.  This  will  best  be  illustrated  by  comparison  of  the 
German  "waren,"  "verloren,"  "ha5c,"  etc.,  and  the  English 
"were,"  to  "lose,"  "hare,"  etc.  The  name  of  a  Dutch  village 
near  Dordrecht, — Diir-en, — became  Dnr-sen  and  then  Dus- 
sen.  This  process  was  already  in  action  when  the  name 
Deursen  was  first  entrusted  to  v/riting,  but  was  not  yet  of 
sufficient  force  to  make  the  new  pronunciation  in  spelling 
prevail  over  the  old  one.  Forms  of  the  name  with  r,  rs,  and 
rss  (ss  was  meant  to  render  the  z  sound),  occur  from  1196 
dov/n  to  the  present  time.  The  form  with  r,  however,  was 
always,  and  rightly,  considered  to  be  the  older,  but  wrongly 
to  be  the  better  of  the  two  equals.  Writers  nevertheless 
could  not  get  away  from  the  popular  pronunciation  with  rs. 
So  we  find  the  names  even  of  the  oldest  known  members  of. 
the  family  spelled  "Duerse,"  "Doersen,"  or  "Doorsen," 
when  occurring  in  the  vulgar;  but  "Duere,"  "Doeme,"  or 
"Doonie,"  as  soon  as  written  in  Latin  documents;  although 
occasionally  even  the  Latin  give  the  fonner  spelling — the 
older  fonn  admitting  the  rs. 

In  the  Latin  work  of  Dan'l.  Heinsius:  "Rerum  ad  Sylvam 
• — Ducis  Libri,"  1629,  we  find  it  spelled  "Doma,"  "Doersa," 
and  even  "Deusa." 

In  "Castella  et  Praetoria  Nobilium  Brabantiae,"  by  Jacob 
Bm.  LeRoy,  Leyden,  1699,  p.  133,  we  find  "Doirne,  vul- 
gare  dictum  Doorssen." 

In  "Groot  wereldlyck  Tooneel  des  hcrtogdoms  van  Bra- 
bant," t>ie  Hague.  1730,  prt.  IV,  plate  S,  we  find  "Ducrne 
ofte  [or]  Doersen." 

In  "Vermakelyk  Brabant,"  by  de  Cantillon,  Amsterdam, 
1770,  prt.  IV,  plate  2,  we  find  "Prospectus  castelli  Doirne" 
(view  of  the  castle  of),  and  on  the  engraving  "t  Kasteel  Door- 
sen"  (the  castle  of).  The  description  going  with  it,  on  p.  52, 
so  reads:     "Doeme  of  [or]  Dooersen." 

In    "Anrdrykskundig    Woordenboek"    (Geographical    Die- 

The  Van  Deursens  in  their  Brabant  Home      xxiii 

tionary),  by  S.  Gille  Heringa,  Utrecht,  1S74,  p.  50,  under 
"Duerne  and  Liessel"  "we  find:  "Deursen  and  Deurne  are 
promiscuously  used." 

The  other  law  at  v.'ork  here  concerns  the  essential  vowel 
"u"  (pronounced  like  English  00,  in  "book"),  and  its  spon- 
taneous change  to  00  (like  ?2nglish  o  in  "open").  Both  u 
and  00  changed  by  the  "umlaut"  influence  (an  anticipation 
of  the  e  of  the  second  syllable  while  still  pronouncing  the  u  or 
00  of  the  first  syllable)  into  Ue  or  Ooc  (oe) ;  pronounced  some- 
what like  the  ir  in  "third."  The  Brabanters,  like  the  Ger- 
mans, preferred  for  this  sotmd  the  symbol  oe,  while  the  Hol- 
landers used  the  symbol  ue,  and  then  eu,  by  metathesis 
caused  by  analogy  with  the  spelling  of  the  other  Dutch  diph- 

It  can  be  said  in  general  that  under  aristocratic  and 
hiearichical  influence  the  South  Netherlands  kept  conserva- 
tive in  every  respect.  They  kept  the  old  spelling  system 
long  after  living  language  had  changed  the  spoken  words,  as 
modem  Flemish  still  shows.  In  the  young  Republic  of  the 
United  Netherlands,  however,  the  democratic  spirit  broke 
with  many  an  empty  conventionality.  Early  in  the  seven- 
teenth century  a  nevv'  spelling  v,-as  adopted,  more  phonetically 
rendering  the  language  of  the  people.  The  famous  "Staten- 
Translation"  of  the  Bible  at  Dordrecht  in  1618,  though  written 
in  elevated  style,  was  one  of  the  first  works  to  use  this  popular 
spelling  most  successfully. 

The  spelling  of  the  name  "Deursen"  is  according  to  this 
system,  and  can  be  said  to  be  fixed  by  that  time  as  far  as  the 
North  Netherlands  were  concerned. 

The  different  spellings  of  the  name  have  been  stated,  and 
here  and  there  (but  unphilologically)  treated  by  the  following 

David  van  Hoogstraten's  "Groot  "Woordenboek,"  1733, 
HI,  p.  76:  Vorsterman  van  Oyen's  Wapenboek,  I,  p.  198, 
199:  J.  B.  Rietstap's  Wapenboek.  I,  pp.  9,  94,  95:  "de  Na- 
vorscher,"  18S3,  p.  282,  also  1884,  p.  loi:  Nyhoff's  Oorkon- 
den,  V,  p.  60. 

2.   THE  liege  lords  OF  THE  VAX  DEURSEXS  AND  THE  EARLY 

The  deathbed  of  duke  Jan  II  of  Brabant  can  be  said  to  be 
the  cradle  of  Dutch  freedom, — documentary  at  least.  Not 
by  force,  nor  by  remorse,  he  gave  in  13 12  the  Charter  of 
Cortcnberg,   but  because  he   v/as   convinced   that   he   could 

xxiv  Van  Deursen   Family 

have  done  more  for  the  people  during  his  hfe,  had  he  allowed 
them  to  take  their  natural  share  in  public  affairs.  This  he 
desired  his  son,  Jan  III,  to  do  from  the  beginning  of  his  reign. 

The  Charter  established  for  Brabant  the  Council  of  Corten- 
berg,  which,  since  1312,  met  everv^  three  weeks  in  the  cloister 
of  that  name.  It  consisted  in  the  beginning  of  only  four 
representatives  of  the  land  owning  nobility,  and  ten  of  the 
towns,  to  wdf.  for  Brussclles,  3;  for  Louvain,  3;  for  Ant- 
werp, Tien  en  and  Leeuwen,  one  each. 

Acting  on  his  father's  principles.  Jan  III  enlarged  the 
composite  parts  of  this  Council  by  Charter  of  13 14,  giving  it 
a  trial  of  six  years,  when,  by  request  of  his  liege  lord,  Charles 
lY,  the  German  Emperor,  he  was  induced  to  give  "the  Golden 
Bill."  Jan  III  reigned  from  1312  to  1355,  and  in  1325  Govert 
van  Doorsen  acknowledged  him  as  his  liege  lord. 

Before  his  death  the  duke  called  the  representatives  of  the 
seven  large  and  thirty-six  smaller  cities  of  Brabant  to  a  meet- 
ing in  Louvain  on  S  March,  1354.  In  May  the  nobility  joined 
this  meeting.  His  desire  was  to  frame  a  Constitution  whereby 
each  of  his  subsequent  successors  in  the  dukedom  should  be 
sworn  in  by  the  Council  and  succeed  by  their  consent  only. 
He  left  it  to  the  judgment  of  the  Council  to  carry  out  this 
principle  in  the  case  of  his  only  daughter,  Johanna.  Such  a 
one  was  the  first  liege  lord  of  the  lords  van  Deursen. 

Johanna  was  sworn  in  after  her  father's  death  in  1355,  and 
her  long  (over  fifty  years)  reign  proved  as  beneficial  to  Bra- 
bant as  was  promised  by  the  happy  auspices  under  wdiich  it 
was  begun.  She  and  her  husband  Wenzel,  duke  of  Limburg, 
made  their  Constitutional  "joyous  entr\-"  (Blyde  Inkomste ; 
Joyeuse  Entree)  in  1356,  which  took  the  place  of  a  feudal 

The  Constitution  was  sworn  anew  and  extended  to  Lim- 
biirg.  Johanna  died,  blessed  by  all  who  knew^  her,  1  Decem- 
ber, 1406.  Some  of  the  succeeding  dukes,  not  of  old  Brabant 
origin,  tried  to  weaken  the  Constitution  now  and  then,  but 
their  financial  dependency  upon  the  people's  representatives 
prevented  this.  The  guaranteed  rights  proved  stable  even 
in  the  hard  days  of  Granvelle  and  the  Duke  of  Alva,  the 
Spanish  miilitar}'  Commanders  in  the  last  years  of  Charles  V. 

Not  before  the  inauguration  in  1555  of  Phihp  II  as  duke, 
who,  as  monarch  of  a  world  empire,  could  not  be  troubled  with 
"fonnalities"  in  such  a  small  political  community  (!),  was  the 
constitution  broken;  a  beginning  as  bad  for  the  people  as  the 
end  was  for  himself  in  15S1  (Blok.  History  of  the  Netherland 

Tiii:  Van  Deursens  in  their  Brabant  Home       xxv 

Peo})le  (translated  from  the  Dutch),  III,  p.  34-36- _^  See  also 
PMullct.'*'Histoirc  clc  la  Joyeuse  Entree  de  Brabant"). 

13-5-1559^    1559-17SS 

Govert  van  Doorsen  and  his  ancestors  had  the  full  juris- 
diction  of  Deursen  and  the  neighbormg    borough    of  Liesel 
until    I    March,    1325.     Entering  the    feudal    community   of 
Bral-ant  at  that  date  it  became  a  branch  of  the  jurisdiction 
c-f  that  dukedom.     Until  1397.  possibly  the  year  of  the  death 
of  Govcrt's  son  and  successor  to  the  domain,  Deursen  and 
IJesel  remained  one.     About  that  time  a  tendency  to  com- 
bine began  as  far  as  the  larger  feudal  estates  were  concerned; 
the  '^mailer  ones  showing  an  opposite  tendency,  an  interesting 
phenomenon  in  the  growth  of  the  modem  Western  European 
States.     Deursen  and  Liesel  were  then  separated,  and  the 
lands  divided  between  the  sons  of  the  late  lord.     The  old 
Castle  of  Doersen  held  a  strong  stragetic  position.     Amidst 
its  moors  it  could  hardlv  be  taken  by  siege,  and  as  a  retreat 
for  troops  it  governed  the  whole  Peel  land.     In  the  frequent 
wars  between  Brabant  and  Guelderland  during  the  fifteenth 
centurv  it  proved  a  valuable  stronghold.     But  in  those  wars 
the    -ounger  branches  of  the  family  living  in  Liesel  and  other 
nei;^hboriVig  places  often  had  to  suffer  from  the  enemy.     After 
the  duchess  Johanna's  death  in  1406,  the  dukes  of  Guelder 
made  war  again  under  pretention  of  right  to  the  succession. 
Piiilip  of  Burgundv  had  succeeded  to  the  dukedom  of  Brabant, 
rtnd  in  April,  1435,  complaints  of  the  plundering  done  by  the 
Guelder  people  were  sent  to  him  by  several  lords,  among 
whom  v.-cre  Hendrick  van  Dorsen  and  Gheenken  van  Doirsen 
his  brother,  members  of  the  younger  branch.     These  quarrels 
lasted  until  1516,  when  Charles  V,  as  heir  of  Burgundy  and 
duke   of    Brabant,   succeeded   in   the   dukedom   of   Guelder. 
Since  1350  the  lords  of  Devirsen  had  tw^o  castles  in  Deursen. 
The  old  one  amidst  the  moors,  being  the  strongest,  was  used 
only  as  a  fort.     The  other,  dating  from  Govert's  time,  stood 
a  quarter  hour's  distance  East  from  the  Church  of  Deursen 
{i.  c,  walking  distance) .     It  was  surrounded  by  a  broad  moat, 
which  enclosed  some  fine  gardens.     Both  these  castles  were 
burned  bv  the  Guelder  people  in  their  last  attacks,  in  151 2. 
Of  the  old  fort  nothing  was  left.     The  other  castle,  however, 
v.-as  not  wholly  destroyed.     It  was    immediately    repaired, 
much  altered  according' to  the  requirements  and  style  of  the 
time,  and  made  into  a  comfortable  home.     Except  for  some 

xxvi  Van  Deursen   Family 

small  changes  in  wood-^'ork.  barns  and  bridges,  the  castle 
was  then  much  as  it  shows  in  the  engraving  of  i6Sq.  Jan 
van  Deursen,  the  last  male  descendant  of  Govert  to  hold  the 
ancestral  castle  and  lands,  must  have  died  here  between  1550 
and  1559,  and  his  son  Hendrick  removed  to  Asperen  by  that 
time.  The  year  1555  seems  to  be  the  most  probable  for  such 
a  radical  change.  Philip  then  succeeded  his  father,  Charles 
V,  as  King  of  Spain  and  Prince  of  all  the  Netherland.  also  as 
Dtike  of  Brabant,  and  scorned  to  take  the  Constitutional 
Oath.  Many  Brabant  nobles  criticised  this  sharply.  Philip, 
however,  had  the  power,  and  he  who  did  not  like  his  tyran- 
nical ways  could  go.  It  is  not  known  who  was  lord  of  Deur- 
sen immediately  after  Hendrick  left.  Most  probably  one  of 
the  king  of  Spain's  favorites,  for  in  1559  we  see  that  the  local 
civil  jurisdiction  of  Deursen  was  changed  into  a  high  criminal 
court.  The  number  of  criminals  seemed  to  increase  in  the 
Netherlands  after  the  Spanish  got  foothold  there.  However 
it  be,  Philip  died  in  1599,  Prince  Maurice  of  Orange  won  the 
great  battle  at  Nieupoort  in  1600,  and  the  victorious  States 
of  the  Netherlands  owned  Brabant  as  a  conquered  province 
in  the  beginning  of  the  seventeenth  century. 

About  that  time  we  find  several  members  of  the  younger 
male,  as  well  as  female  branches  of  the  family,  living  in  the 
old  neighborhood,  and  claiming  the  land  and  castle  of  Deur- 
sen. In  actual  possession  of  them  at  that  time  we  find  Jhr. 
Wolfert  Everard  van  Wittenhorst,  son  of  Walraven  van 
Wyttcnhorst  and  Maria  van  Doersen  (elsewhere  called  Maria 
van  Doeme).  His  cousin,  Jhr.  Everard  van  Doerne,  lord  of 
Liesel,  of  a  younger  male  branch,  claimed  the  lordship  of 
Deursen  from  him.  The  case  was  brought  before  three  high 
arbiters:  Hendrick  van  Holtrys,  commander  of  the  Teutonic 
order  at  Gemert,  Jhr.  Wolraven  van  Erp,  lord  of  Erp  and 
Vechel,  and  Jhr.  Godert  Oudaert,  lord  of  Rikstel. 

The  case  was  decided  in  favour  of  the  Lord  van  Wittenhorst 
on  22  October.  1607.  This  date  was  just  three  weeks  before 
the  birth  of  Abraham  Pieters  van  Deursen  in  Haerlem,  who, 
as  straight  male  descendant  of  the  older  branch,  in  other 
circumstances  would  have  been  the  heir  of  the  land  and  castle 
of  Deursen.  "Wittenhorst  remained  lord  of  Deursen,  which 
now  passed  completely  out  of  the  possession  of  the  male  line 
of  the  family  (See  "de  Navorscher"  [The  Investigator],  1S93, 
p.  525).  On  5  Mav.  161S,  pecuniary  satisfaction  and  resti- 
tution was  finally  paid  to  the  claimants  of  old.  A  copy  of 
the  documentarv  evidence  of  this  was  printed  in  Nyhoff's 
"Oorkonden,"    III,    1SS6.     In    1619,    the    new    lord's    only 


\ /y^^^Bgagf-  -^  -^-S-  -r^  ■ -_-J.":   .  ;:-_r.  - 


The  Van*  Deursexs  in  their  Brap.axt  Home    xxvii 

(kiU.qhter,  Margareta  Wilhelmina  van  Wittcnhorst,  succeeded 
her  father  and  became  lady  of  Deursen  (see  Archives  ot 
Deume).  She  was  married  twice:  first  to  Jhr.  Arnold  Huyn 
van  Gelvn.  by  whom  she  had  one  son,  Johan,  and  second  to 
Karel  Diderik.  baron  van  Pallandt,  by  whom  she  had  one 
rianghter,  Isabella  Francisca.  Lady  Margareta  survived  her 
last"^husband  and  died  in  1660  (see  Nyhoffs  "Oorkonden"  I, 

The  heavy  mortgage  on  the  estate  was  paid  off  on  behalf 
of  the  heirs,  but  the  money  had  to  be  repaid.  In  the  sam.e 
vear,  1660,  Deursen  v/as  sold,  and  was  bought  by  Rogier  van 
Leefdael.  In  167S  the  jurisdiction  of  Deurne  and  Liesel. 
reunited  in  1559,  was  again  separated  by  the  upper  lords,  the 
States  General  of  the  United  Netherlands,  although  the  right 
of  liaving  each  a  bench  of  its  own  was  not  used  until  some 
years  later.  New  domestic  buildings  in  the  Castle  yard  were 
added  in  16S9  and  an  engraving  made  of  the  whole  Castle, 
mainly  the  same  as  when  it  was  restored  after  the  fire  of  15^2. 
This  engraving  occurs  in  "Castella  et  Praetoria  Nobilium 
Brabantiae,"  bv  Brn.  LeRoy,  Leyden,  1699.  p.  133.  The 
Coat-of-Arms  of  Leefdael,  the  then  possessors  of  Deursen, 
occurs  on  this  engraving.  The  same  is  reprinted  in  "Groot 
Wereldlyck  Tooneel  dcs  hertogdoms  van  Brabant,"  the 
Ilagtie,  1730,  prt.  IV,  plate  S;  also  in  "Vermakelyk  Brabant," 
by  de  Cantillon  Amsterdam.  1770,  prt.  IV,  p.  52,  pi  2,  from 
which  last  the  accompanving  reproduction  has  been  taken. 
Deursen,  and  also  Liesel,  belonged  to  the  Leefdael  family 
until  1730.  From  Seuljar  van  Leefdael  it  then  passed  to  a 
certain  5lr.  Koeymans.  After  him  Theodoor  de  Smeth,  lord 
of  Alphen  in  Holland,  Schepen  of  Amsterdam,  became  the 
possessor;  from  him  it  passed  into  new  hands,  in  which  it 
was  still  in  the  year  17S8  (J.  Kok,  "Vaderland  Woordenboek, 
1788,  XI,  p.  187,  18S)." 

In  "Brabantia  lUustrata,"  1705,  p.'  133-  under  the  view  of 
the  Castle  Deursen,  is  a  description  of  the  Castle  in  Latin, 
French  and  Dutch,  the  first  lines  of  each  gives  us  the  location 
and  orthography  of  the  Castle:  "Doirne,  corrupte  Doorssen; 
Praefecturae  Pe'lan  diae"  etc.;  "Doernc,  et  par  un  mot  cor- 
rompu,  Doorssen,  Village  de  la  I\Iajeurie  du  Peland"  etc.; 
'"Doirne,  qualijk  gesegt  Doorssen,  een  Dorp  van  de  Meyerye 
v:.n  Poland"  etc. 

Van  Deuksen  Family 


The  Brabant  family  Van  Dompselaer  (of  1400)  is  found  in 
Harder^yck,  Guelderland,  in  1600.  and  was  related  with  the 
Van  Rensselaer  as  well  as  with  the  Brinck  family  (Navorscher, 
1S76,  p.  338,  347;  1879,  p.  41-46).  The  Van  Dompselaer 
anns  are:  a  red  anchored  cross  on  silver  field. 

The  Van  Rensselaer  arms  are:  a  silver  anchored  cross  on 
red  field  (Theodore  Van  Renesse,  "Dictionaire  des  Figures 
Heraldiques,"  Brussels,  1894-1903). 


A  pretty  legend  to  account  for  the  wheel  in  the  Heusden 
Coat-of-Arms  is  as  follows:  A  certain  lord  of  Heusden  went 
off  to  the  crusades,  followed,  without  his  knowledge,  bv  his 
faithful  wife  in  the  disguise  of  a  page.  Going  in  search  of 
his  page  one  evening  he  entered  a  tent  and  found  the  "page" 
busily  turning  a  spinning  wheel,  and  the  disguise  was  broken. 
To  honor  his  wife's  bravery  and  love,  the  lord  of  Heusden 
took  the  wheel  into  his  Coat-of-Arms.  The  story  has  been 
prettily  written  in  a  Dutch  ballad. 



Like  the  modern  Dutch  settlers  here,  the  older  ones  liked 
to  live  in  groups,  formerly  inhabiting  the  same  regions  in  the 
Netherlands.  The  difference  in  dialect  and  customs  between 
the  provinces  accounting  for  the  fact. 

That  two  of  Abraham  Pietersen  Van  Deurscn's  sons,  Jacob 
and  Melchior,  both  married  women  with  Brabant  family 
names,  shows  that  the  Van  Deursens  were  not  the  onlv  Bra- 
banders  in  the  settlement  at  New  Amsterdam,  and  that  they 
remained  faithful  to  their  Brabant  traditions.  Jacob's  wife 
Catalyntie,  belonged  to  the  Brabant  family  Van  Elslandt; 
Melchior's  wife,  Engeltie  Rutgers,  was  probably  of  the  same 
Brabant  family  as  his  grandfather's  grandmother,  Maria 
Rutgers,  wife  of  Hendrick  Van  Duersen  of  Asperen  in  Bra- 



A  description  of  the  Van  Doersen  Coat-of-Arms  can  be 
found  in  j.  B.  Rietstap's  "Armoirie  Generale"  I,  p.  553,  but 

Tui:  \'an'  Deursens  in  their  Brabant  Home      xxix 

r-irc  com])l'.ne  descriptions,  with  references  to  the  family  to 
V.':,'  h  i\  •■:  arms  belonged  are  in:  Pistorius'  "Rerum  Fami- 
I:.Lr.::n  Hcli^icorum  Chronicon  magnum,"  Frankf.  o/jI., 
!^;4  (not  available  here).  According  to  Eduard  de  Block's 
Armorial  dcs  Princes  du  Sang  Royal  de  Renault  et  de  Bra- 
l.vnt.  1900.  there  occurs  a  cut  of  the  Coat-of-Arm.s  in  Bos- 
n^inv  '■Arrnorial  ancicn  et  modern  de  la  Belgique,  1889"  (not 
uv.,<.:.;ble  here).  A  picture  of  the  Coat-of-Arms  with  the  ad- 
ds'.!--n  of  the  wheel  of  Heusden  occurs  in  "Het  wapenboek 
%..;•*  .I'v'n  Nederlandschen  Adel,"  I,  pi.  23,  but  this  description 
<■{  11.  ^5ven  by  the  same  authority  on  pp.  94-95,  is  less  correct. 

Tl;e  following  authorities  may  also  be  consulted  in  this 
C' :-\n^'ction: 

Hrllin:  "Rccueil  gencal.  et  heraldique  des  maisons  noble 
D'Allcmagnc,  Artois,  Flandres  et  Brabant"  (a  M.S.  in  the 
li:M.  Royale  at  Brussels). 

lluyttens:  "L'art  de  Verifier  les  Genialogies  des  Families 
Helves  et  Hollandais,  1S56." 

Gocthals:     "Histoire  gencralc  de  la  maison  deHornes,"  184S. 

LcRoy:     ''Brabantia  Illustrata,"  1705. 

Sanderus:     "Flandria  IlKistrata,"  1732. 




It  v.-:t3  my  hope  to  be  able  to  trace,  by  personal  investiga- 
tion in  the 'Netherlands,  the  ancestr}'  of  Abraham  Pietersen 
Van  L^fvirscn;  or,  failing  that,  to  learn  something  of  the  land 
o(  c^ar  forefathers,  their  history,  character,  and  present-day 
aipoci.  Accordingly,  I  sailed  from  New  York  late  in  the 
rurnnicr  of  1907  for  Antwerp. 

A^-  '.ve  entered  the  River  Schelde  and  headed  for  Antwerp, 
i  noticed  the  low  lands  on  either  side,  and  saw  through  the 
trees  picturesque  little  clusters  of  houses,  all  lying  below  the 
level  of  the  river.  This  gave  a  curious  effex:t.  ^  Antwerp  is, 
jK'rluxps,  one  of  the  m.ost  appropriate  cities  in  Europe  for  an 
American  to  visit  first,  for  it  has  so  ancient  a  history, — lead- 
ing; back  into  the  Seventh  Century, — and,  in  the  old  parts  of 
the  city,  so  mediaeval  an  aspect,  that  the  traveler  is  at  once 
titvcpcd  in  the  atmosphere  of  "old,  forgotten,  far-off  things." 
Like  all  of  the  Netherlands,  Antwerp  is  rich  in  splendid 
J^-<:nlings.  Van  Dyck,  Rubens,  Teniers  (father  and  son),  and 
■Ahrr  celebrated  artists  hved  and  worked  in  Antwerp.  The 
CitJiclral,  which  is  Gothic  in  style  and  begun  in  1352,  con-  Rubens'  famous  "Descent  from  the  Cross." 

In  Antwerp,  as  in  so  many  parts  of  the  Continent,  the 
T'  '.;•-  c  De]!artment  serves  as  a  sort  of  combined  Directory  and 
"Who's  Who."  At  the  offices  of  the  Department  one  may 
iivA  a  record  of  every  person  residing  within  its  bounds.  At 
the  Siadhuis  Bibliotheek,  or  Town  Hall  Library,  are  "Adres- 
t.'"  from  which  I  gathered  many  names  in  the  various 
:•  .'.:.,  I  visited.  In  the  Adresboeks  at  Antwerp  I  found  the 
A'l  ircis  of  a  young  lady,  a  Miss  Dimphina  Van  Deursen,  liv- 
in>:  then^at  St.  Jacobsmarkt,  2,  and  I  decided  to  call  on  her  at 
or.'-.c.  She  lived  in  the  home  of  the  proprietor  of  one  of  the 
j^'ra  ant  little  taverns  which  abound  on  the  Continent  and 
sn  Kn^^lrmd,  and  are  so  different  from  anything  to  be  found 
in  _t}:e  United  States.  I  had  an  agreeable  and  interesting 
vi^it.  although  I  was  obliged  to  take  with  me  someone  to  in- 
l^-q.'ret  us  to  each  other,  for  Miss  Van  Deursen  speaks  no 

She  v.-as  born  in  Rosendaal,  Holland,  June  15,  1882,  the 
<LiUj^hter  of  a  skipper,  and  is  a  dressmaker  by  occupation. 
She  y.-tvc  me  the  names  of  her  father  and  mother   of.  their 

xxxiv  Van  Deursen  Family 

other  children,  of  her  grandfather  and  grandmother,  and  of 
several  uncles,  with  the  addresses  of  two  of  the  latter. 

The  following  morning  I  started  for  Rosendaal.  Upon  my 
arrival  I  found  that  Karl  Ludovicus  Van  Deursen,  one  of  the 
uncles  whose  address  Miss  Dimphina  had  given  me,  lived 
some  distance  from  the  hotel  where  I  was  staying;  so  I  en- 
gaged a  cab  and  v/as  driven  for  several  miles  through  what 
seemed  to  me  like  a  contintious  garden. 

The  roads  in  Holland  are  paved  in  the  center  with  stone 
blocks,  or  bricks,  with  a  deep  v/ater  drain  on  either  side,  and 
the  sidewalks  of  smooth,  hardened  soil.  As  we  drove  along 
I  noticed  the  neat  farm  buildings  of  brick,  v/ith  peaked  roofs, 
red  tiled,  and  the  beautiful  flower  gardens.  The  surrounding 
fields  were  rich  with  grain,  some  of  which  was  reaped  and 
standing  in  front  of  the  houses  in  shocks  for  drying;  while  in 
the  pastures  were  herds  of  beautiftil  Ilolstein  cows,  looking 
like  ebony,  with  a  white  sheet  tied  round  them,  and  all  as 
sleek  as  if  they  had  been  groomed. 

My  possible  kinsman,  Karl  Lvidovicus  Van  Deursen,  keeps 
a  tavern,  and  over  his  door  was  the  sign  with  his  name  and  a 
white  swan  painted  on  it.  His  wife  told  me  he  had  gone  to 
Essen,  a  few  miles  south,  and  just  over  the  Belgian  border. 
I  met  him,  however,  returning  on  the  road,  my  driver  recog- 
nizing him  as  he  approached  us  on  a  bicycle.  We  then  re- 
turned to  his  house,  where  I  was  pleasantly  and  kindly  enter- 
tained, and  we  made  an  appointment  to  meet  at  my  hotel  at 

While  at  Rosendaal,  we  had  our  photographs  taken,  and 
I  copied  the  inscription  on  a  medal  which  had  belonged  to  the 
father  of  Karl  Ludovicus.  I  also  visited  the  Stadhuis  (Town 
Hall)  and  copied  some  records  fotmd  there  of  the  family  of 
Van  Deursen  to  which  Karl  Ludovicus  belongs.  In  an 
Adresboek  at  the  hotel  where  I  stopped  I  found  a  number  of 
names  of  Van  Deursen  in  Noord  Brabant. 

My  next  trip  was  to  Rotterdam.  It  is  a  picturesque  city ; 
a  combination  of  the  Middle  Ages  and  the  modem  world;  as 
are  most  of  the  cities  abroad.  The  old  part  of  the  town  re- 
ceived its  first  privileges  as  a  city  in  1270,  from  Floris  V, 
Count  of  Holland.  The  Boymans  Museum  has  a  fine  collec- 
tion of  paintings  by  old  masters,  including  Rembrandt, 
Rubens,  Cuyp,  Jacob  van  Ruysdael,  and  many  others.  I 
saw  here  the  statue  of  Erasmus,  who  was  born  at  Rotterdam. 

At  Rotterdam  I  visited  an  old  windmill,  dating  from  1736. 
I  climbed  high  up  the  steep,  worn  steps,  a  hand-rail  on  one 
side  only,  picturing  in  my  mind  the  while  its  counterpart  of 

Itinerary  of  My  Jourkey  to  Holland  xxxv 

the  same  date,  in  which  our  Ancestor,  Abraham  Pietersen, 
ground  the  flour  of  the  Dutch  West  India  Company  at  New 
Amsterdam,  far  across  the  Atlantic.  It  v/as  very  interesting 
to  examine  the  machinery  which  had  been  in  use  from  before 
the  time  when  steam  power  was  hrst  utiHzed.  The  wind  is 
the  great  servant  of  man  in  this  fiat  country',  where  there  can 
be  no  water  power.  This  old  mill  is  called  the  Colvert  Molen. 
Similar  ones  may  be  seen  frequently  as  one  passes  through 
the  country".  Among  all  the  crafts  and  occupations  of  a 
technical  nature,  throughout  the  middle  ages  in  contempt  by 
a  haughty  nobility  all  over  Western  Europe,  there  were  three 
which  did  not  share  the  disadvantage  of  this  prejudice. 
These  were,  in  the  first  place,  the  art  of  shoemaking,  the  so- 
called  "gentle  craft,"  whose  patron,  St.  Crispin,  was  of  noble 
blood.  This  circumstance  combined  with  the  fact  that  the 
v/ork  could  be  done  while  sitting  down,  thus  giving  opportu- 
nity for  meditation,  and  the  philosophical  and  poetical  dis- 
position of  many  shoemakers,  helped  to  make  this  craft  an 
exception  to  the  general  rule.  Of  this  Thomas  Dekker's 
comedy,  "A  Shoemaker's  Holiday,"  gives  a  fine  Hterary 

Another  esteemed  occupation  was  that  of  blacksmith,  for 
was  he  not  the  one  who  made  the  glittering  steel  blade,  the 
sword,  the  companion  in  v/ar?  Did  not  his  craft  furnish 
the  splendid  armour,  the  shield  and  helmet  for  the  arraying 
of  the  knight?  The  third  occupation,  the  very  nature  of 
which  led  to  its  estimation,  was  that  of  miller.  Especially 
in  the  Netherlands,  the  grinding  of  the  grain  was,  during  the 
middle  ages,  the  monopoly  of  the  lord  of  the  village.  There- 
after, until  the  great  French  revolution,  the  monopoly  of  the 
local  civil  magistrate.  All  the  wheat  of  the  year's  harvest 
had  to  be  brought  to  the  village  mill  to  be  ground,  and  a 
certain  (in  most  cases  a  rather  high)  percentage  was  charged 
for  grinding  it.  After  the  feudal  times  proper,  the  over- 
charge was  replaced  by  direct  local  taxes  on  the  flour  pro- 
duced, the  flour  being  afterwards  returned  to  the  owner  of 
the  grain.  But  as  there  often  was  no  immediate  need  for  the 
flour  nor  that  the  particular  flour  from  the  original 
wheat  should  be  returned  to  its  owner,  the  miller  bought  the 
grain  in  many  cases,  and  became  in  that  way  the  only  flour 
distributor  of  the  village,  which  made  him  in  wintertime  and 
famine  somewhat  the  "bread  lord"  of  the  whole  community. 

The  village  miller  held,  so  to  say,  a  local  civil  office,  in 
feiidal  times  a  younger  son  of  the  village  lord  was  frequently 
placed  in  this  capacity,  who,  if  not  directly  practising  it  him- 

xxxvi  Van  Deursen  Family 

self,  derived  at  least  the  profits  of  it.  This  accounts  for  the 
numerous  trade-names  as:  Van  der  Meulen,  Van  der  Molen, 
Vcmieule.  Molenaer,  ^lulder,  Muller,  etc.,  among  the  younger 
branches  of  noble  houses  in  the  Netherlands. 

The  ofhce  was  so  profitable  that  after  the  feudal  times  the 
village  burgomaster,  instead  of  selling  the  office,  as  had  be- 
come customary  then,  retained  it  with  all  its  benefits  to  him- 

Rembrandt's  famous  picture,  "The  Village  Burgomaster," 
shows  us  such  a  well-to-do  miller,  whose  face  expresses  the 
satisfj'.ction  and  confidence  of  his  influential  position  in  the 
district.  Rembrandt  could  know  well  his  type,  for  he  was  a 
miller's  son  himself  and  his  wife  a  burgomaster's  daughter. 

In  NewNctherland  the  same  monopoly  of  grinding  was 
retained  by  the  patrons  or  by  the  local  magistrates  for  a  good 
many  years;  one  of  the  first  protests  of  the  New  Netherlanders 
being  against  this  medieval  institution,  and  its  abolishment 
being  one  of  the  first  political  economical  victoi'ies  of  the 
democratic  ancestors  of  the  future  American  nation.  The 
official  ^liller  for  the  Dutch  West  India  Company  was  a  per- 
sonage of  standing  in  the  Colony,  and  such  was  Abraham 
Pietersen  Van  Dei;rsen. 

But  to  return  to  my  journey. 

From  Rotterdam  to  the  Hague  is  but  a  short  trip.  It 
derives  its  name  from  its  long-ago  fame  as  the  garden  or 
pleasure  place  of  the  Counts  of  Holland — 's  Graven  Hage. 
It  is  now  the  residence  of  Queen  AVilhelmina,  and  the  capital 
of  South  Holland.  In  the  :\Iauritshuis  (built  1633-1644  for 
John  Maiirice,  Count  of  Nassau)  is  the  Picture  Gallery,  which 
contains,  as  its  chief  treasures,  eleven  paintings  by  Rem- 
brandt. There  are  here  also  some  Spanish  royal  portraits 
by  Velasquez,  and  a  painting  of  the  Madonna  by'Murillo.  In 
the  Royal  Library,  wherein  are  many  priceless  old  manu- 
scripts and  volumes  (among  them  a  Gospel  of  the  Tenth 
Century,  a  prayer  book  belonging  to  Queen  Isabella  of  Castile. 
1450,  and  a  Bible  with  the  autograph  of  Queen  Mary  Stuart 
of  Scotland),  I  hunted  in  the  Adresboeken  for  names  of  Deur- 
sens  and  was  rev.-arded  by  finding  a  number. 

_  Many  cities  and  towns  which  I  visited  will  abide  as  pleasant 
pictures  in  my  memor\^,  but  here  I  can  only  mention  briefly 
a  certain  number  of  them.  I  found  more  diversity  among 
the  country  people;  their  appearance,  actions  and  vocations 
interested  me.  All  cities  are  more  or  less  common  to  one 

To  speak  of  Leyden  at  once  suggests  the  famous  and  ter- 

»*^: :-:-., 

Ol<l  Windmill,  still  standin;;  nn  ran^parts  at   Haark-Tn,   Hcjlland.      From  water  color 
drawing  by  V.'ybrand   Ker.driks,  painted  between   iSoo  and   itMo. 

Itinerary  of  My  Journey  to  Holland  xxxvii 

rible  siege  of  1573-1574  by  the  Spanish,  v/hich  was  finallv 
ended  by  William  the  Silent.  For  their  brave  defence  of 
their  city,  it  is  said  that  William  offered  the  people  of  Leyden 
their  choice  between  exemption  from  taxes  for  a  number  of 
years  or  the  establishment  of  a  University,  and  that  thev 
chose  the  latter.  Be  that  as  it  mav,  William  founded  the 
University  of  Leyden  in  1575- and  it  speedily  took  its  place 
among  the  great  and  older  Universities.  On  its  registers  I 
found  recorded  the  fact  that  Marcellus  Albert  Van  Deursen 
was  graduated  here  on  November  10,  1790,  which  seems  to 
indicate  that  the  surname  was  a  fairly  ancient  one  in  Bra- 
bant. At  this  University  also  Dom.  Everardus  Bogardus 
the  first  recorded  minister  of  the  Dutch  church  at  New  York' 
was  a  student  and  a  graduate.  He  baptized  some  of  the 
children  of  Abraham  Pietersen  Van  Deursen  and  Tryntje 
Melchiors  in  New  Amsterdam. 

Just  across  the  street  from  St.  Peter's  Kerk  in  Levden  I 
saw  the  liouse  which  was  built  in  1683,  on  the  site  of  the  one 
where  John  Robinson,  the  leader  of  the  first  Puritan  partv 
exiled  from  England,  lived,  taught  and  died  (1611-1625).  A 
tablet  on  the  house  and  another  on  the  church  itself  com- 
memorates him,  and  Leyden  should  ever  hold  a  warm  place 
m  the  heart  of  /.mericans  as  the  refuge  of  so  many  of  their 
Puritan  forefathers.  There  was  also  another  of  'those  in- 
teresting old  windmills,  "De  Valk  Molen,"  bearing  the  date 
of  1743  and  the  names  of  Adrian  and  Pieter  Van  de  Venter. 
A  visit  to  the  Library  and  examination  of  manv  reference  and 
genealogical  books  failed  to  bring  to  hght.' however,  anv 
trace  of  Abraham  Pietersen. 

My  next  objective  point  was  Haarlem,  and,  since  it  was 
trom  there  that  our  Ancestor  came  to  America,  I  looked 
lorward  with  keen  anticipation  of  what  I  might  find  at  that 
place  concerning  the  family.  The  journey  was  a  pleasant 
one.  Everywhere  the  scenerv  is  ceri:ainlv  picturesque 
though  with  a  ceriam  sameness  about  it,  and  like  a  well 
kept  garden.  Numerous  ditches  and  drains  carry  off  the 
water  from  the  farmland,  while  on  the  side  of  the  ditches 
grow  trees  of  uniform  size  and  height,  with  few  branches  ex- 
cepting at  the  top.  The  roads  are  raised  from  eight  to 
twelve  feet  above  the  farmland,  and  have  a  perfectly  smooth 
surface  which  would  delight  the  heart  of  the  bicvclist  or 
motorist.  _  On  either  side  of  the  road  are  grassv  slopes,  ter- 
minating m  rows  of  trees  in  straight  lines,  and  planted  at 
umform  distances  apart.  These  mark  the  course  of  the  roads 
m    every   direction,   turning   in   graceful   curves.     The   farm 

xxxviii  Van  Deursen  Family 

houses  have  all  lovely  flower  gardens,  kept  with  exquisite 
neatness,  as  is  everything  about  the  farms;  and  indeed  one 
cannot  but  remark  the  cleanliness  and  order  of  both  town 
and  country  life  in  Holland.  The  streets  of  the  cities  are 
usually  very  narrow  and  tortuous,  rivalling  the  proverbial 
ram's  horn,  but  order  and  cleanliness  reign  supreme. 

I  reached  Haarlem  on  the  evening  of  August  29,  and  found 
the  town  preparing  for  a  holiday;  August  31  being  Queen 
Willielmina's  birthday.  On  the  following  morning  I  visited 
the  Archivist,  Mr.  C.  J.  Gonnet,  to  whom  I  made  known  my 
errand  to  Haarlem,  leaving  instructions  with  him  to  search 
the  records  for  information  of  Abraham  Pietersen,  to  which 
he  cheerfully  assented.  To  him  we  are  indebted  for  the 
baptismal  and  marriage  records  of  Abraham  Pietersen,  re- 
cently received.  ^ly  own  investigations  were  not  productive 
of  the  result  sought,  as  I  found  nothing  of  importance  of  an 
early  date,  but  1  obtained  information  for  future  investiga- 
tion, if  the  records  I  sought  came  to  light.  Ever}'where  the 
oflicials  showed  me  the  greatest  courtesy,  giving  me  all  the 
assistance  in  their  power.  I  spent  several  hours  at  the  Stad- 
huis  Bibliotheck.  or  townhall  librrry,  where  the  Adresbocks 
are  kept.  Since  my  visit  to  Haarlem,  however,  the  bap- 
tismal and  marriage  records  of  Abraham  Pietersen  have  been 
found  in  the  registers  of  the  Groote  Kerk.  certified  copies  of 
.  which  will  be  found  in  the  biographical  sketch  of  Abraham 
Pietersen.  I  now  recall  my  visit  to  this  beautiful  old  church 
with  great  interest.  Its  ecclesiastical  name  is  St.  Bavo,  and 
it  was  built  at  intervals  from  1397  to  1520.  It  is  about  four 
hundred  and  sixty  feet  in  length,  and  has  a  tower  two  hundred 
and  fifty-five  feet  high,  which  was  completed  in  15 19.  It 
contains  many  beautiful  works  of  art;  among  other  things  a 
magnificent  organ,  constructed  in  1735-38  by  Chris.  Mulle, 
wdiich  was  long  considered  the  largest  and  finest  in  the  world. 
Abraham  Pietersen  lived  on  the  Groote  Hout  Straat.  or  Great 
Forest  Street,  from  which  the  spire  of  the  Groote  Kerk  can  be 
seen  as  one  w^alks  along  it.  Tryntje  i^Ielchiors  lived  on  the 
Smede  (Smith)  Straat.  which  also  terminates  in  the  Groote 
Markt  or  square,  in  which  stands  the  Groote  Kerk.  The 
group  of  buildings  in  this  square  is  probably  the  quaintest 
in  the  country  and  comprise  the  Groote  Kerk,  the  Stadhuis, 
and  the  Meat  Market,  the  latter  being  erected  by  Lieven  de 
Key,  the  famous  Dutch  architect,  in  1602,  3,  and  has  recently 
been  restored  and  fitted  up  for  the  National  Archives.  In 
fact  the  whole  town  of  Haarlem  is  built  of  quaint  old  houses 
of  brick  and  hewn  stone,  and  is  one  of  the  cleanest  and  most 



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f  TLdt  P    r<.   t  S  r     t         T  rt    li       1    \>  ra    a   i  Pii.'-   '  <.  n      ^       i    j    Thi  Gr      t  ktr^v  m      bi 
h        I    M  ir  1    1  t     Tr    nt        M      ^i   r         P  ii     (.  U      Ni   n   la^   H  il     V     tl   i  (  -lO 

Itiner^^ry  of  My  Journey  to  Holland  xxxix 

attractive  towns  in  Holland.     The  origin  is  said  to  have  been 
a  bnck  castle  built  on  the  river  Spaarn  bv  Heer,  or  Count 
Willem  as  his  burg,  and  its  name  to  be  derived  from  the  v;ord 
Heer  and  the  last  syllable  of  Vv'illem— Heerlem  or  Haarlem 
(city  of  Lord  Willem).     At  any  rate  it  is  very  old,  being  a 
municipality  m  the  twelfth  centurv  and  its  warriors  taking 
part  m  the  Crusades.     It  has  always  taken  an  active  part  in 
thewars  which  have  distracted  the  brave  little  country  at 
various  times  and  at  one    period    of    its    historv    was    sur- 
rounded by  ramparts,  the  sites  of  which  are  now' covered  by 
well    kept   gardens    and   promenades.     It,   too,   sustained   a 
calamitous  siege  by  the  Spaniards,  during  the  War  of  Inde- 
pendence, and  was  taken  after  seven  months  resistance    in 
which  even  the  women  took  a  share  (1572,  73).     Its  bn'ital 
captors  massacred  the   Commandant,   part   of  the   garrison 
and  two  thousands  of  its  inhabitants,  besides  inflic'ting  the 
death  penalty  upon    1735   persons,  according  to  the  official 
statements.     During   the   seventeenth   century   it   recovered 
Its  prosperity,  many  famous  painters  living  here,  among  them 
Frans  Hals,  v/ho  ranks  next  to  Rembrandt  as  a  Dutch  colorist 
Every  lover  of  flowers  knows  that  Holland  is  the  home  of 
all   bulbous   plants,   and   I   cannot    leave    Haarlem   without 
speaking  of  this  industry,  for  which  it  is  famous.     It  has 
several  thriving  manufactories  of  various  kinds,  but  its  chief 
income  may  be  said  to  be  derived  from  the  cultivation  of 
bulbs,  which  it  suppHes  to  every  town  in  Europe  and  North 
America.     About  the  end  of  April,  and  from  that  on,  whole 
helds  of  hyacinths,  tulips,  crocuses,  anemones,  lihes.  and  other 
bulbous  flov/ers  surround  the  town.     The  sight  and  perfume 
IS  one  for  the  imagination,  not  to  be  described.     I  was  too 
late  to  see  the  early  show,  which  must  be  gorgeous  in  the 
height  of  the  season,  for  the  Dutch  are  adepts  at  massing  and 
blending  colors.     This  industry  is  a  very  old  one  in  Haarlem 
and  as  early  as  1636  became  a  sort  of  mania,  the  bulb  market 
becoming  of  as  much  importance  as  any  grain  market  ever 

From  Haarlem  I  went  to  Amsterdam,  which  is  only  about 
a  half  hour's  ride  in  the  train;  arriving  there  about  nin-- 
o  clock  on  Saturday  morning,  August  31.  The  ride  between 
the  two  cities  was  very  interesting.  Canals  and  watercourses 
abound  m  every  direction,  some  of  the  watercourses  being 
raised  above  the  level  of  the  farmland,  with  windm.ills  at  fre- 
quent intervals  to  pump  the  water  up  to  higher  levels,  to  be 
carried  out  to  sea.  Not  a  particle  of  dust  came  through  the 
car  windows,  which  were  very  large  and  opened  from  the  top 

xl  Van  Deursen  Family 

letting  in'plenty  of  fresh  air  and  sunshine.  I  spent  four  days 
and  a  half  at  Amsterdam,  the  day  after  my  arrival  being  Sun- 
day, September  i.  While  there  I  spent' several  hours  each 
day  with  Mr.  Paul  T.  Kapteyn,  genealogist,  v/ho  helped  me 
look  over  the  old  records,  which  are  written  in  old  time  Dutch, 
and  perfectly  uninteUigible  to  me,  of  course.  He  did  not 
find  anything  of  importance,  however.  In  the  interval  of 
waiting  I  wandered  arotind  this  interesting  old  city,  the  com- 
mercial capital  of  Holland,  and  for  centuries  one  of  the 
wealthiest  cities  in  Europe.  It  is  intersected  everywhere  by 
canals  which  divide  it  into  as  many  as  ninety  islands,  con- 
nected by  three  hundred  bridges.  The  houses  are  all  built  on 
piles  driven  deep  down  to  the  hard  sand  underneath,  some- 
times as  much  as  sixty  feet.  I  visited  the  Oude  Kerk,  built 
about  1300,  and  containing  some  beautiful  paintings  and 
stained  glass  windows  by  old  masters;  the  Nieuwe  Kerk, 
built  in  1 4 So,  containing  also  many  works  of  art,  among  them 
a  monument  by  R,  Verhulst  to  the  celebrated  Admiral  de 
Ruyter  and  a  beautiful  stained  glass  window,  the  gift  of 
Queen  Wilhelmina.  v/hose  coronation  was  held  in  this  church; 
the  royal  palace,  which  was  built  originally  for  a  town  hall, 
about  164S,  and  presented  by  the  tov/n  to  King  Louis  Bona- 
parte in  iSoS  as  a  residence;  the  Dam,  or  old  embankment 
protecting  the  city  from  the  sea  and  from  which  the  name 
of  the  city  is  derived,  and  upon  which  many  of  the  city's 
principal  buildings  are  situated.  Then  there  is  the  magni- 
ficent Ryksmuseum,  with  its  renowned  collection  of  works  of 
art,  among  which  is  the  celebrated  "Nachtwacht"  (night 
watch),  by  Rembrandt,  who  resided  in  Amsterdam.  It  was 
in  Amsterdam,  too,  that  Queen  Wilhelmina 's  coronation 
festivities  were  held, — a  great  day  for  the  quaint  old  city. 
But  to  the  American  the  center  of  interest  lies  in  a  narrow 
little  street  called  "Engelsche  Pelgrims  Steeg,"  for  in  it  the 
protestant  refugees  from  England  made  their  home  v/hen 
they  arrived  in  Amsterdam  in  1609,  many  of  them  living 
there  until  they  emigrated  to  America  in  the  ^layflower 
September  6,  1620.  Amsterdam  and  Leyden  are  enshrined 
in  the  hearts  of  many  American  descendants  of  those  pil- 
grims, and  of  all  who  know  the  story  of  their  sufferings  and 
exile,  and  never  can  the  hospitality  of  Holland  be  forgotten, — 
a  safe  shelter  in  the  time  of  that  terrible  religious  storm! 

I  now  turned  my  steps  to  Utrecht,  stopping  off  on  my  way 
thither  at  Baarn,  near  where  is  the  residence  of  the  mother 
of  the  Queen  of  the  Netherlands.  It  is  not  open  to  the  pub- 
lic, so  I  had  to  content  mvself  bv  looking  at  the  building  over 

Itinerary  of  My  Journey  to  Holland  xli 

the  iron  fence,  and  admiring  the  magnificent  and  stately 
trees  which  Hne  the  street  in  front,  and  just  inside  the  gate. 
They  must  have  been  fully  a  century  old.  After  spending  a 
couple  of  hours  strolling  about  the  place  while  waiting  for  a 
train,  I  went  on  to  Amersfoort,  where  I  spent  that  night. 
The  streets  there  seem  to  run  around  like  the  rim  of  a  wheel, 
and,  as  is  usual  in  Dutch  streets,  are  paved  with  brick.  In 
the  morning,  at  nine  o'clock,  I  left  for  Utrecht,  reaching  there 
about  ten.  At  the  station  there  I  met  an  old  sailor  who  had 
been  to  the  United  States  and  had  lived  in  Minnesota,  St. 
Louis,  New  Orleans,  and  New  York,  and  could  speak  English 
quite  well.  He  walked  me  around  for  a  couple  of  hours, 
showing  me  the  place.  The  same  narrow,  crooked  streets, 
with  canals  and  bridges,  prevail  here  as  in  most  other  cities 
in  Holland,  It  is  one  of  the  most  ancient  cities  in  Holland, 
a  church  being  founded  here  about  630  by  Dagobert,  King  of 
the  East  Franks,  and  in  early  history  it  has  been  famous  for 
its  beautiful  churches.  The  weather  had  been  rainy  for  a 
couple  of  days,  which  interfered  somewhat  with  my  tramping 
about,  but  I  spent  one  day  and  a  night  at  Utrecht,  waiting 
for  some  word  from  the  Archivist  at  the  Hague,  but  none 
came,  so  I  decided  to  return  there  and  hunt  him  up.  Ac- 
cordingly, I  boarded  the  train  for  Rotterdam  at  9:30  the 
following  morning,  September  6,  reaching  there  before  noon 
;md  taking  the  train  right  on  to  Hague,  where  I  arrived  at 
I  '.30.  In  the  afternoon  I  saw  the  Secretary  of  the  Central 
Bureau  of  Genealogy  and  Heraldry,  but  learned  that  they 
had  no  data  bearing  on  my  branch  of  the  family.  I  got  some 
dates,  however,  of  church  records,  baptismal  and  marriage, 
and  information  as  to  research.  After  a  trip  to  Scheveningcn, 
a  seaside  resort  near  the  Hague,  I  passed  the  night  at  the 
Hague  and  returned  to  Rotterdam  the  next  morning,  stopping 
I'-t  Delft  for  a  couple  of  hours  on  my  way  back,  and  continuing 
my  journey  through  Rotterdam  to  Dordrecht,  which  I  reached 
in  early  evening  and  had  time  for  strolling  around  a  while 
before  retiring  for  the  night.  The  next  day,  September  8,  I 
took  a  trip  by  boat  up  the  Merwede  to  Gorinchem,  which  I 
enjoyed  very  much,  and  while  strolling  about  the  streets 
came  across  a  Cafe  Restaurant,  kept  by  G.  Th.  Van  Deursen, 
so  I  went  in  to  see  him  and  found  that  he  was  born  in  Gor- 
inchem, and  that  his  father  was  from  North  Brabant.  It 
did  not  take  long  to  see  all  there  was  to  be  seen  in  the  quaint 
jitile  old  town,  so  I  returned  to  the  steamer  and  remained  on 
It  till  it  reached  Rotterdam,  from  thence  returning  to  Dord- 
re^.-ht,  enjoying  the  day  on  the  water  highly.     Church  steeples 

xlii  Van  Deursen  Family 

and  \vindmills  were  nearlv  always  in  view,  as  hamlets  and 
villa ees  were  passed  on  the  wav  back  and  forth,  and  the  river 
was  full  of  boats  of  all  sizes,  bxisily  plying  abotit,  indicatnig 
a  commerce  which  this  thriftv  people  and  country  enjoy.     U 
is  no  wonder  that  the  Dutch  settled  in  New  Amsterdam;  its 
magnificent  harbor  and  waterways  must  have  been  very  at- 
tractive to  their  eyes.  ^      ,      ,      .-      -o         j     i 
On  Monday,  September  9,  I  left  Dordrecht  lor  Rosendaal, 
arriving  there  about  10  a.  m.     The  crossing  of  the  long  and 
celebrated  railwav  bridge  over  the  Hollandisch  Diep  was  of 
much  interest,  and  I  had  time  to  take  it  in  fully  as  the  coupling 
of  two  cars  separated,  causing  a  delay  upon  the  bridge  and 
some  little  alarm  among  the  passengers,  who  were^  not  al- 
lowed to  leave  their  compartments.     As  1  approached  Rosen- 
daal from  the  opposite  direction  from  that  which  I  took  when 
there  at  the  beginning  of  mv  trip,  I  was  interested  to  note  the 
difference  in  the  appearance  of  the  country.     The  land  is 
much  higher,  not  so  much  water,  and  some  of  the  land  seems 
to  have  been  left  to  grow  into  bush  to  recover  its  strength, 
after  long  cultivation.     At  Rosendaal  I  made  for  the  btaci- 
huis,  and  managed  to  make  them  understand  my  wants^     i 
found,  however,  that  the  records  of  Deursen,  prior  to  1810, 
were  not  there,  but  at  's  Ilertogenbosch,  and  are  written  m 
old  Dutch,  so  that  I  could  not  make  much  out  of  them,  al- 
though I  went  there  to  see  them.     About  five  o'clock  on  that 
same^'dav  I  arrived  at  Ravestein,  on  my  way  to  Deursen 
which  is'  about  half  an  hour's  walk  further  on.     1  stayed 
over  night  at  Ravestein,  at  the  Hotel  Keurvorst  Van   Ue 
Paltz,  kept  by  Henri  Van  Hall,  who  had  lived  in  Montana  for 
twenty-one  vears  and,  of  course,  spoke  English  fluently,  as 
also  his  wife,  a  very  intelligent  woman.     They  were  quite 
interested  in  mv  errand  and  knew  who  I  was  as  soon  as  i 
mentioned  Abraham  Pietersen  and  Deursen;  another  member 
of  the  familv  having  been  that  way  a  few  days  m  advance  ot 
me  and  told  them  of  me.     Mr.  Van  Hall  is  an  invalid,  out 
Mrs.  Van  Hall  verv  kindlv  walked  with  me  to  Deursen,  the 
following  morning,' and  acted  as  my  interpreter  to  the  pastor 
of  the  church  there.     1  found  him,  as  I  did  the  officials  every- 
where, most  courteous  and  ready  to  give  me  every  assistance. 
He  readilv  brought  out  the  church  records,  which  are  copies 
of  the  originals,  but  as  thev  do  not  go  back  of  1675  thev  were 
of  no  use  to  me  in  tracing  Abraham  Pietersen  and  his  an- 
cestr>'.     On  our  way  back  Mrs.  Van  Hall  stopped  at  a  con- 
vent on  some  business,  while  I  took  another  route  to  Rave- 
stein and  explored  the  country  round  about  it,  getting  back 

Itinerary  of  My  Journey  to  Holland  xliii 

in  time  for  an  excellent  dinner,  after  which  I  took  a  bicycle 
ride  to  the  nearby  tovrn  of  Nijniegcn,  situated  on  the  river 
Waal.  There  %vas  nothing  in  the  name  of  the  river  to  suggest 
that  I  was  gazing  on  the  waters  of  the  historied  Rhine,  yet  so 
it  was;  Nijniegen  being  quite  near  the  Gennan  border  where 
the  Rhine  enters  Holland,  and,  after  flowing  peacefully  along 
for  a  few  miles,  divides  into  two  branches,  the  largest  of  which 
is  known  as  the  Waal.  From  Nijniegen  I  took  a  trip  across 
country  to  Arnheim,  sitiiated  on  the  other  branch  of  the 
Rhine,  the  Ncder  Rijn,  and  in  the  midst  of  beautiful  scenery 
of  a  different  character  to  the  usual  fiat  country,  the  natives 
calling  it  "mountainous."  The  tovrn  is  somewhat  hilly, 
the  first  I  had  seen  in  Holland;  otherwise  the  streets  and 
general  appearance  was  much  the  same  as  other  cities.  Its 
environs  make  it  one  of  the  most  attractive  places  in  Holland, 
however.  I  spent  the  remainder  of  the  day  riding  from  one 
point  to  another,  seeing  all  there  was  to  be  seen  in  so  short  a 
time,  the  bicycle  enabling  me  to  get  over  considerably  m_ore 
ground  than  I  should  v/ithout  it.  I  returned  to  Ravestein  to 
spend  the  night  with  the  Van  Halls  and  left  there  the  following 
morning  for  's  Hertogcnbosch,  to  see  what  I  might  find  in  the 
records  there.  Arriving  at  that  place  I  went  at  once  to  the 
Stadhuis  and  made  known  my  errand  to  the  officials,  who 
rendered  me  all  the  assistance  they  could,  but,  as  I  mentioned 
before,  the  records  are  all  in  old  time  Dutch  and  I  could  not 
do  more  at  that  time  than  get  posted  on  what  was  there  and 
how  to  proceed  with  a  more  extended  research,  through  others, 
at  some  future  time.  I  copied  a  few  items  as  to  the  church 
at  Deursen,  the  list  of  pastors  from  1600  to  1828,  and  found 
that  the  records  of  baptisms  there  date  only  from  1704;  too 
late  for  that  of  Abraham  Pietersen  to  be  among  them. 

I  had  now  gone  over  the  ground  I  set  out  to  cover,  but 
without  attaining  my  object,  viz.,  to  find  the  ancestry  of 
Abraham  Pietersen  Van  Deursen.  My  visit  to  Holland  had, 
however,  shown  me  where  to  concentrate  any  research  which 
might  be  undertaken  in  the  fixture,  and  given  me  an  insight 
into  the  cradle  of  the  family.  Two  years  and  a  half  after,  and 
■when  the  results  of  my  twenty  years  work  was  being  prepared 
for  the  press,  the  records  of  his  baptism  and  marriage  were 
found  at  Haarlem,  just  in  time  to  be  incorporated  into  the 
book  (see  sketch  of  Abraham  Pietersen  Van  Deursen) ;  from 
them  to  learn  that  Haarlem  was  his  native  place,  and  gives 
us  a  definite  starting  point  to  work  from  in  the  future. 

As  I  had  still  two  or  three  weeks  at  my  disposal  before  the 
time  set  for  my  return  to  America,  I  determined  to  spend 

xliv  Van  Deursen  Family 

them  in  seeing  ^vhat  I  could  of  Belgium  and  France,  returning 
home  by  way  of  Paris  and  London.  From  's  Hcrtogcnbosch 
I  therefore  took  train  on  Thursday,  September  12.  for  Rosen- 
daal,  stopping  oft  on  my  way  thither  at  Bcrgen-op-Zoon  to 
see  the  Archivist  there,  to  whom  I  had  been  recommended  at 
's  Hertogenbosch.  and  with  v.'hom  I  made  arrangements  for 
searching  records  and  to  v.-rite  me  at  Washington.  At  Rosen- 
daal  I  bade  farewell  to  Holland,  well  pleased  with  my  visit, 
and  without  an  adverse  criticism  to  pass  upon  it,  reaching 
my  European  starting  point,  Antwerp,  on  the  morning  of 
September  13.  From  thence  I  made  my  way  to  Brussels, 
finding  myself  in  a  countn.-  of  ven,^  different  aspect  from  the 
fiatlands  of  Holland.  Here  I  made  my  headquarters  for 
several  days,  making  short  excursions  to  places  of  interest  in 
the  vicinity  each  day;  among  other  places  spending  a  day  at 
Ostend  and  noting  the  difference  between  the  European  and 
American  seaside  resort.  I  was  much  amused  at  seeing  the 
funnv  little  bathing  machines,  each  drawn  by  a  horse  into  the 
water,  where  the  bather  is  left  to  his  own  devices  for  a  certain 
length  of  time,  when  the  driver  returns  for  the  machine;  or, 
if  he  desires  to  return  before,  he  waves  a  towel  out  of  the  tiny 
porthole  at  the  back  of  the  machine  by  way  of  a  signal.  A 
magnificent  walk,  or  boulevard,  paved  with  terra  cotta  bricks, 
extends  for  miles  along  the  edge  of  the  water.  It  is  twenty- 
five  feet  in  height  and  from  sixteen  to  thirty-five  yards  in 
width,  and  is  far  superior  to  any  board  walk  which  I  have 
seen  in  America.  In  the  season  this  is  thronged  all  day  with 
promenaders  and  people  resting  on  the  long  settees,  which 
are  placed  at  intervals  along  the  walk,  and  where  one  may  en- 
joy at  leisure  the  lovely  scene  of  the  white  wings  of  the  sailing 
vessels  and  numerous  steamers  to  be  seen  in  every  direction 
on  the  water. 

While  at  Brussels  I  visited  the  battle  field  of  Waterloo,  in 
which,  as  a  soldier,  I  took  especial  interest,  and  got  a  very 
good  idea  of  the  great  battle  from  the  guide.  Sergeant  Major 
J,  H.  Welch  of  the  loth  Royal  Hussars,  who  had  served 
twenty-four  years  in  that  regiment  and  had  been  guide  on 
the  field  of  Waterloo  for  thirteen  years.  I  lingered  here, 
going  over  the  scenes  of  that  tragic  day,  and  walking  many 
miles  to  the  various  points  of  interest  on  the  field,  and  then 
returning  to  Brussels. 

I  reached  Paris  on  September  20.  spending  a  whole  week 
there  seeing  a  few  of  the  many  historical  places  of  interest 
which  one  can  but  get  a  glimpse  of  in  such  a  flying  visit,  and 
of  which  the  memory  can  retain  but  the  merest  outlines. 

Itinerary  of  My  Journey  to  Holland  xlv 

London  was  reached  on  September  27,  and  another  week 
was  spent  in  seeing  that  metropolis  and  then  I  turned  my 
steps  really  homewards,  sailing  from  Dover  on  the  steamer 
Finland  October  5.  Reaching  New  York  on  the  evening  of 
October  14,  I  was  just  in  time  to  catch  a  train  for  Washington, 
where  I  arrived  about  midnight,  well  satisfied  with  my  jaunt 
and  well  pleased  to  be  at  home,  sweet  home,  once  more. 
Albert    Harrison  Van  Deusen. 

The  following  are  a  few  branches  of  the  parent  stock,  some 
of  whom  the  author  met  while  in  Holland: 

CHRISTIANUS  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  Peter  Van 
Deursen  and  Adriaana  Nijngaard,  was  bom  in  Rosendaal, 
Holland,  1825;  d  Aug.  5,  1859;  married  Dlmphina  de 
Clerk,  dau  of  W.  de  Clerk  and  Maria  Voorbraak;  b  in  1826; 
d  Jan.  6,  1890. 

i        Peter,  b  July  22,  1850;  m  May  26,  1S76,  Anna  Maria  van 

Deursen  (see  below). 
ii      Willem,  m  Doretha  Beuzen. 
iii      Christiaan,  married  twice. 

PETER  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  Christianus  van  Deursen 

and  Dimphina  de  Clerk,  was  born  in  St.  Anthonis  July  22, 

1850;  and  married  May  26,  1876,  Anna  Maria  van  Deursen, 

daughter  of  Willem  van  Deursen,  bom  at  Oploo,  Holland, 

January  24,  1855.     They  reside  at  Rosendaal,  and  Mr.  Van 

Deursen  is  engaged  as  a  boatman. 

i        Christian,  b  in  Rosendaal  Nov.  3,  1876;  m  Sept.  15,  1904, 
Johanna  Dekkers. 

ii       Maria,  b  in  Rosendaal  Apr.  10,  1878,  d  Feb.  10,  1879. 

iii      Maria,  b  ivlar.  iS,  1S79;  d  Sept.  23,  1879. 

iv     Anna,  b  in  Rosendaal  Mar.  18,  1S80;  m  Aug.  15,  1903, 
Marinus  Dekkers. 

V       Dimphina,  b  in  Rosendaal  June  15,  18S2;  resides  at  Ant- 
werp where  she  is  about  to  be  married  (Sept.,  191 1). 

vi     Wilhelmina,  b  in  Rosendaal  June  27,  1883. 

vii    Wilhelmus,  b  June  29,  1885;  d  May  2,  1887. 

viii   Cornelia,  b  July  5,  1886;  d  May  13,  1887. 

ix     Johanna,  b  Oct.  7,  1887  ;  d  July  2,  188S. 

X      Willem,  b  Oct.  17,  1888;  d  Aug.  8,  18S9. 

xi      Elizabeth,  b  in  Rosendaal  Jan.  11,  1890. 

xii     Katrina,  b  in  Rosendaal  Feb.  7,  1891. 

xlvi  Van  Deursex  Family 

xiii  Willem,  b  Oct.  i8,  1892;  d  Apr.  22,  1893. 
xiv    Francis,  b  in  Rosendaal  Mar.  24,  1S95. 
XV    Willem,  b  in  Zevenbergen  Nov.  27,  1S99. 

WILLEM  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  Christianus  van  Dcur- 
sen  and  Dimphina  de  Clerk,  b  at  Rosendaal  in  1S54;  married 
DoRETHA  Beuzen.  b  at  Steenbergen  in  1855.  Resides  at 
Dordrecht,  where  he  is  occupied  as  a  skipper. 

Children,  all  but  eldest  bom  at  Rosendaal: 
i        Johannes  Christiaan,  b  at  Steenbergen,  1883. 
ii       Adriana,  b  1SS5. 
iii      Dimphina,  b  1SS7. 
iv      Leonardus,  b  1S88. 
V       Antonetta,  b  1890. 
vi      Petrus,  b  1894. 
vii    Cornelia,  b  1892. 

CHRISTIAAN  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  Christianus  Van 
Deursen  and  Dimphina  de  Clerk,  b  Aug.  26,  1857;  married 
(ist)  Maria  Johanna  Couck,  b  in  East  Flanders  Aug.  25, 
1865;  (2d)  Maria  Tkleipas. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        Delphina  Leopoldina,  b  at  Denderleuw  Nov.  15,  18S7. 
ii       Franciskus  Petrus,  b  at  Bergen  op  Zoom  June  27,  1889. 
iii      Rosaha,  b  at  's  Hertogenbosch  Oct.  16,  1S90. 
iv      Theodoor  Camiel,  b  at  Antwerp  Nov.  30,  189 1. 
V       Henri,  b  at  ^2ege  Dec.  27,  1892. 
vi      "Wilhelm,  b  at  Zwolle  July  3,  1895. 
vii    Victoria  Elodia,  b  at  Nymegen  Sept.  18,  1S96. 

By  second  wife: 
viii   Emil,  b  at  Wisselwaard  Mar.  27,  1900. 
ix      Maria  Elizabeth,  b  at  Dodrecht  Apr.  29,  1901. 
X       Gerardus  Bemardus,  b  at  Dodrecht  Nov.  21,  1902. 
xi      Johanna  Dorothea,  b  at  Dodrecht  Aug.  5,  1903- 
xii     Bemardina  Maria,  b  at  Dodrecht  Dec.  27,  1906. 
xiii   Heinrich,  b  at  Dodrecht  Feb.  20.  190S. 
xiv    Petrus  Josephus,  b  at  Dodrecht  Mar.  26.  1909. 
XV     EHzabeth  Helena,  b  at  Dodrecht  Sept.  28,  19 10. 

WILLEM  van  DEURSEN,  son  of  Hendrick  Willem  van 
Deursen  and  Adriana  Greet  Welten,  was  born  in  Boekel, 
North  Brabant,  about  1818,  and  died  at  Rosendaal  November 
19,  1891;  he  married  Anna  Maria  Vekemans.  During  the 
latter  part  of  his  life  he  lived  at  Rosendaal,  where  he  vras 
engaged  as  a  Customs  officer.     On  Januarv'  30,  185 1,  he  was 

Itinerary  of  My  Journfa'  to  Holland  xlvii 

living  at  the  village  of  Vierlingsbeek,  when  the  steeple  of  the 
Roman  Catholic  church  v/as  seen  to  be  on  fire  and  in  danger 
of  falling  on  the  straw  roofs  of  the  cottages  below.  The 
villagers  stood  appalled  and  helpless,  unable  to  reach  the 
fire  with  water,  when  Willem  van  Deursen  seized  a  saw  and 
bravely  climbed  the  burning  structure.  By  his  heroic  efforts 
the  steeple  fell  upon  a  spot  where  there  were  no  houses,  and 
thus  the  village  was  saved  from  destruction.  For  this  brave 
deed  he  was  rewarded  by  the  gift  of  a  silver  medal  from  King 
William  III,  also  one  from  the  lord  mayor  of  the  village. 
The  author  had  the  pleasure  of  seeing  these  medals  when  he 
visited  Rosendaal  and  stayed  at  the  hotel  of  Willem's  son, 
Kiirel  Ludovicus  van  Deursen,  at  that  place. 

i        Adrianus,  b  a  1848;  d  unm  at  Rosendaal  a  1S90;  served 

in  the  army  in  India. 
ii       Henri,  b  a  1850;  was  drowned  v.-hile  on  military  service 

in  India, 
iii     Karel  Ludovicus,  b  13  Mar.,  1S52,  in  Vierlingsbeek;  m 

Oct.   13,  1897,  Theresia  Maria  Kijm;  no  children;  he 

served  in  Navy  in  India  and  is  a  pensioner;  res  Nispen. 
iv     Johannes  Franciscus,  b  July  14,  1853,  in  Haps;  married; 

no  children;  res  Nispan. 
v       Anna  Maria,  b  Jan.  24,  1855,  in  Oploo;  m  May  26,  1876, 

Peter  van  Deursen  (see  above). 
vi     Willem,  b  in  Huibergen;  m  Loth  van  der  Veeken;  has 

two  ch;  res  at  Lyons,  France. 
vii    Maria  Paulina,  b   1S60,  in  Huibergen;  m  Jacobus  Ger- 

ritsen;  lived  at  Antwerp  and  had  two  children;  after 

her  death  he  moved  to  Esschen,  Belgium,  where  he 

married  again. 






The  Immigrant  Ancestor  of  the  Van  Deurscn  Family  in  the 
United  States  and  Canada 

It  is  not  too  much  to  say  that  many,  many  thousands  of 
native  bom  Americans  and  Canadians  of  the  present  day  are 
either  directly  or  collaterally  related  to  the  founder  of  the 
Van  Deursen  family  in  America.  Besides  the  large  number 
who  bear  the  name  in  all  the  various  ways  of  spelling  it,  is  the 
still  greater  number  who  bear  other  names,  and  trace  their 
lineage  back  to  the  Founder  through  female  and  collateral 
lines.  It  is,  therefore,  neither  a  trivial  nor  uninteresting 
work  to  trace  out  a  genealogy  of  this  numerous  family,  and 
the  compiler  of  this  present  v.'ork  has  spent  about  twenty  years 
of  his  life  in  doing  so ;  counting  his  labor  as  far  from  lost.  It 
has  been  a  labor  of  love  to  him.  His  reward  will  be  in  the 
appreciation  of  his  work  by  those  to  whom  he  now  offers  it, 
with  the  hope  that  it  may  kindle  in  their  hearts  the  same 
warmth  of  justifiable  pride  for  those  honest,  sturdy  Dutch 
burghers,  who  laid  the  foundations  of  their  great  country. 
He  does  not  claim  perfection  for  it.  The  Genealogy  has  yet 
to  be  v/ritten  in  which  mistakes  are  not  to  be  found,  and  only 
those  who  have  engaged  in  such  work  can  appreciate  the 
difficulty  of  it — the  sleepless  nights  spent  in  trying  to  unravel 
mixed  up  family  connections,  or,  worse  still,  to  follow  up  some 
elusive  individual  who  forms  an  important  link  in  the  family 
chain,  but  delights  to  tantalize  the  poor  genealogist  by  slip- 
ping out  of  his  grasp  just  as  he  thinks  he  has  found  the  longed 
for  clue.  But  this  much  he  can  and  does  say  for  his  work:  it 
is  the  result  of  his  own  desire,  years  ago,  to  know  who  his 
forebears  were,  which  led  him,  necessarily,  far  beyond  that, 
and,  although  the  conclusions  reached  by  him  in  the  compil- 
ing may  not  be  infallible  in  every  instance,  they  are  the  re- 
sult of  careful  comparison  of  all  available  data,  and  no  state- 
ment is  made  without  being  backed  by  copies  of  the  original 
dociiments,  or  the  data  furnished  by  the  living  descendants 
of  the  various  branches.  Neither  does  the  compiler  claim 
completeness  for  his  work,  as  if  he  had  said  the  last  possible 
word  upon  this  great  subject — far  from  it.  On  the  contrary, 
he  ofTers  it  simply  as  having  attained  a  certain  stage  of  the 


Hi  Van   Deursen   Family 

work,  and  earnestly  desires  that  someone  else  mav  be  suffi- 
ciently enthxised  by  his  effort  to  come  forward  and  take  \ip 
the  work  where  he  has  laid  it  down;  carrying  it  out  to  com- 
pletion. This  he  hopes  to  have  done  by  his  nephew.  Mr. 
William  Albert  Van  Deusen  of  Madison,  Wis.,  who  is  now 
taking  up  the  subject  with  the  view  of  acquiring  a  knowledge 
of  it  ere  he  lays  it  down,  and  earnestly  desires  the  cooperation 
of  every  Van  Deursen  descendant  to  this  end,  bv  sending  in 
any  corrections  or  additional  data,  that  they  may  be  filed  for 
future  use. 

And  neither  is  it  a  question  of  mere  idle  curiosity  among 
his  numerous  descendants  to  ask  "What  manner  of  man  was 
this  Abraham  Pietersen,  our  Ancestor?"  seeing  that  through 
him  were  transmitted  to  his  posterity  those  traits  of  character 
which  make  family  characteristics. 

We  have  nothing  to  guide  our  judgement  in  this,  beyond 
the  record  of  the  man's  life  after  his  arrival  in  New  Amster- 
dam, v/hich  we  will  endeavor  to  bring  before  the  reader  for 
this  purpose.  It  would,  doubtless,  be  interesting  to  trace 
his  early  life  in  Holland,  before  he  came  to  America,  and  to 
know  something  of  his  ancestors.  But  at  the  present  date  no 
extended  search  has  been  made  in  Europe.  That  remains 
for  the  future.  That  he  was  a  man  of  character  and  ability, 
young  though  he  was  when  he  emigrated,  is  proven  by  the 
fact  that  he  came  in  an  official  capacity,  that  of  miller,  to  the 
West  India  Company,  and  at  once  took  an  active  part  in  the 
commercial  and  political  life  of  the  Colony  at  New  Amster- 
dam, as  will  be  seen  as  we  proceed. 

The  exact  date  of  the  arrival  of  Abraham  Pietersen  in 
America  is  not  at  present  known.  He  was  born  in  Haarlem, 
Holland,  in  1607 ;  his.  baptism  being  registered  in  the  Records 
of  the  Dutch  Reformed  church  in  that  city,  of  which  the  fol- 
lowing is  a  certified  translation: 

"November  11,  1607.  Parents:  Pieter  Lucasz  of  Haar- 
lem, Maria  Jans.  Child:  Abraham."  Three  other  records, 
from  the  same  Registers  of  the  Reformed  Church  at  Haarlem, 
give  the  father's  birthplace  as  Brabant.  "Baptized:  May 
8,  1605.  Parents:  Pieter  Joosten  of  Helmond  in  Brabant, 
Lysbeth  Jans.  Child:  Abraham."  "Id.  January  23, 
1603.  Parents:  Peter  Jans  of  Vv'oensel  in  Brabant,  Aelthen 
Fasen.  Child:  Abraham."  "Id.  March  2,  1604.  Par-' 
ents:  Pieter  Dirckes  of  Helmond  in  Brabant,  Heilken 
Wouters.     Child:     Abraham." 

The  next  important  step  in  the  life  of  Abraham  Pietersen 
of  which  we  have  record,  was  his  marriage,  obtained  from  the 





-..y>^^^  ^<^ 


<^^^'^.—^  ^  .^^^■^^'^><'^^^- 


.  >-»-■  ^■^'^'  •— ' '  '<^^'  ^^^'^-^^^-^^ 




.-5^ ^.      >--<^— .^^>- 

Lifted  copv  of  the   marriage  record   of   Abraham   Pietersen  and  Tryntje  Melchiors 
From  the  niarriage  re^'ister  of  St.  Bavo,  The  Gruot   Kerk.  Haarlem.  PloUand. 

Abraham    Pietersen  liii 

same  Registers,  and  sent  by  C.  J.  Gonnet.  Archivist  at  Haar- 
lem, in  the  following  words:  "1  will  not  delay  to  infonn  you. 
that  yesterday  [Feb.  8.  iqio].  we  found  in  the  marriage  book 
of  the  Reformed  Church  at  Haarlem,  the  following  annota- 
tion. 'Inscribed  for  marriage  November  25,  1629.  Abra- 
ham Pietersen,  bachelor,  born  at  Haarlem,  dwelling  in  the 
Great  Forest  Street  (Groote  Hout  Straat),  with  Tryntje  Mel- 
chiors,  Spinster,  native  of  Groningen.  dwelling  in  the  Black- 
smiths Street  (Smedestraat),  married  December  9,  1629,'  in 
the  Groote  Kerk.  now  the  Reformed  Church  at  Haarlem.  As 
no  children  of  this  couple  are  mentioned  in  the  baptismal 
books  from  1630  to  1635,  it  is  allowed  to  suppose,  that  the 
voung-married,  soon  after  the  marriage  left  for  the  New 
World."  The  original,  certified  copy  of  the  above  trans- 
lation of  the  marriage  record  of  Abraham  Pietersen  and  Try- 
ntje Melchiors  has  been  deposited  in  the  Division  of  Manu- 
scripts, in  the  Library  of  Congress,  Washington,  D.  C. 

It  is  probable  that  he  emigrated  to  New  Netherland  very 
soon  after  his  marriage.  The  public  records  prior  to  163S 
are  lost;  the  only  clue  we  have  to  events  prior  to  that  date  is 
by  mention  of  them  afterwards.  Thus  we  find  that  Abraham 
Pietersen  was  in  America  as  early  as  1636,  in  which  year  he 
took  possession  of  the  island  of  Quetenesse,  off  the  coast  of 
Narragansett,  for  the  West  India  Company.  This  we  learn 
from  later  records,  when  the  Flnglish  were  encroaching  on  the 
Dutch  possessions  in  the  time  of  Stuyvesant's  Governorship. 
The  first  record  is  dated  Dec.  30.  1654,  in  which  the  English 
are  said  to  have  "encroached  Westerly  below  Cape  Cod,  on 
the  Dutch  limits,  absorbing  Rhode  Island,  Block  Island, 
Martin's  Vineyard,  Sloop's  Bay,  howbeit  possession  had  been 
taken  thereof,'  for  the  Company  [West  India]  in  the  year  1636 
by  one  Abraham  Pieterse  of  Haerlem.  on  the  Island  of  Quet- 
eurs,  situate  in  front  of  said  bay,  and  Pequators  river,"  etc. 
(Colonial  History  of  New  York.  Holland  Documents,  Vol.  2, 
p.  134).  And  again:  "exclusive  of  the  special  possession 
which  one  Abraham  Pietersen,  of  Haerlem.  still  living,  hath 
on  the  Island  Quetenesse.  in  Narricanese  Bay,  situate  near 
Khode  Island,  and  again  on  another  island  above  and  about 
the  Pequoit  river,  still  and  at  this  day  called  by  the  English 
themselves  'The  Dutchman's  Island,'"  etc.;  dated  August 
4.  1664  (Peter  Stuyvesant  to  the  Directors  of  the  West  India 
Company;  Ibid,  p"  409).  Dotibtless,  were  the  records  prior 
to  163S  extant,  we  should  fmd  the  name  of  Abraham  Pieter- 
sen mentioned  frequently  in  them,  as  he  is  in  those  of  a  later 

liv  Van  Deuksen  Fx\mily 

AVhcther  he  came  to  America  under  contract  with  the 
West  India  Company  as  their  miller  is  not  known;  but  he 
held  that  position,  which  was  an  important  and  lucrative  one 
in  those  days,  from  a  very  early  date,  being  described  in  the 
earliest  records  as  "Abraham  Pietersen,  Molenaar,"  or  Miller. 
On  April  2,  165S,  he  obtained  permission  to  erect  a  watermill 
on  the  "Fresh^Water,"  i.  e.  at  the  mouth  of  a  stream  which 
ran  into  the  East  River  near  the  present  James  and  Cherry' 
streets  (Calendar  of  Dutch  MSS.,  p.  193).  This  mill  he 
deeded  to  Jan  Cornelissen  Cleyn  and  Ryer  Conielissen  Says- 
bergen  on  September  8,  1661' (Manual  of  Common  Council, 
p.  683),  having  previously  sold  it,  on  April  20  of  same  year, 
to  the  first  named  of  the' two  men  (Dutch  Records,  Holland 
Society  Year  Book,  1900,  p.  132).  He  probably  carried  on 
this  mill  as  a  private  entei-prise,  as,  in  addition  to  his  position 
as  official  miller  to  the  Company  (see  illustration  of  watermill 
in  Holland,  with  description  of  social  status  of  the  miller,  in 
Itinerary  of  my  Journey  to  Holland,  earlier  on),  Pietersen 
had  also  several  enterprises  of  his  own  on  hand;  one  of  which 
was  the  manufacture  of  groats,  one  of  the  staple  food  stuffs 
of  the  colony,  which,  prior  to  its  manufacture  by  A.brahara 
Pietersen,  had  to  be  imported  from  Holland.  When  he 
rented  Bouwery  No.  6  from  Director  General  Kieft,  in  1639, 
he  is  mentioned  in  the  lease  as  "Abraham  Pietersen  Gorter" 
(manufacturer  of  groats).  This  bouwery  was  leased  by  Kieft 
with  two  mares,  one  stallion,  three  cows,  one  heifer,  and  one 
calf,  for  the  term  of  twenty  years;  Pietersen  to  pay  an  annual 
rental  of  forty-five  schepels  of  rye  and  ninety  pounds  of 
butter;  the  increase  of  the  cattle  to  be  divided  with  the  Coni- 
pany  every  four  years  (Calendar  of  Dutch  MSS.,  p.  11).  This 
farm  had  previouslv  been  occupied  by  Wolphert  Gerritsen 
Van  Cowenhoven  (Ibid.  p.  175).  On  November  29,  1640,  he 
also  leased  Bouwery  No.  5  (Calendar  of  Dutch  MSS.,  pp.  73, 
79),  and  on  March 'i,  1642,  he  disposed  of  all  the  grain  sovv-n 
on  these  two  bouwries  to  Jacob  Barens  (Ibid,  p.  iS).  It 
would  seem  that  he  had  sub-let  Bouwery  No.  5  to  one  Hen- 
drick  Harmensen,  whom  he  sued  November  29,  1640,  for  the 
surrender  of  the  farm  because  Harmensen  kept  cattle,  not  his 
own,  upon  it,  which  was  against  the  terms  of  the  lease,  im- 
posed for  the  purpose  of  obliging  farmers  to  clear  the  land  and 
extend  agriculture,  instead  of  confining  themselves  chiefly 
to  raising  cattle,  which  was  deemed  less  beneficial  to  the  de- 
velopment of  the  colony.  Harmensen,  however,  denied  do- 
ing so,  and  the  parties  were  reconciled  in  Court  (Ibid,  p.  73). 
It  seems  probable  that  Pietersen  had  more  than  one  mill, 


'^^-^>-^^-^^'  ^^/*^t^  ^— •/ 


V?       ^  "^^ 

•i  ^..  i-  J 






Certificatiur^pf^    i      ^         ,   j,^      j,  ^-_  l,  ^ecat  V.r:.eer,  of  the  District  Co 
't   Haarlem,  H.,!Unrl    \yhR;n  appears  on  the  n-.amage  record  of 

Abraham  Pieter 

Abraham    Pietersen  Iv 

,'vs  there  is  a  record,  dated  August  21,  1663,  in  vrhich  it  is 
rricntioned  that  he  had  sold  his  mill  to  Jan  Hendricksen  Van 
Homniel  (Records  of  New  Amsterdam,  Vol.  4,  p.  289).  On 
April  27,  165S,  Ilendrick  Van  Bommel,  probably  the  father 
of  Jan,  appeared  in  Court  regarding  a  debt  of  100  guilders 
vhich  he  owed  to  Abraham  Pietersen,  for  money  advanced 
(Holland  Society  Year  Book,  1900,  Dutch  Records,  p.  164), 
vliowing  that  Abraham  Pietersen  was  a  man  of  means,  who 
could  advance  loans.  This  private  milling  business  of  Pieter- 
sen's  was  the  cause  of  some  friction  between  him  and  Gysbert 
Opdyck,  Commissary  for  the  West  India  Company ,_ regarding 
the  right  of  priority  of  the  Company  to  have  its  grain  ground; 
the  miller  maintaining  that  "first  come,  first  served,"  was  his 
right.  During  the  heat  of  the  controversy,  Opdyck  unjustly 
accused  Pietersen  of  having  purloined  some  of  the  Company's 
i^Tain;  whereupon  the  indignant  miller  immediately  took  the 
case  before  the  Court.  Opdyck  was  unable  to  prove  his  ac- 
cusation, and  the  case  was  settled  out  of  Court,  Opdyck,  how- 
ever, gaining  his  point  in  so  far  that  Pietersen  was  ordered 
"in  future  wind  and  weather  permitting  to  grind  the  Com- 
panv's  grain  before  that  of  private  persons"  (Calendar  of 
Dutch  MSS.,  p.  99).  This  was  during  Pietersen's  first  con- 
tract with  the  West  India  Company,  the  case  being  before  the 
Court  on  January  25  and  February  2,  1646.  The  Cornmis- 
f^ry  was,  at  the  same  time,  ordered  to  weigh  the  grain  on 
sending  it  to  and  receiving  it  from  the  mill.  After  the  ex- 
piration of  his  first  contract  with  the  Companv,  Pietersen 
was  reappointed  as  miller  on  August  23,  1648  (Ibid,  p.  120), 
■which  was  probably  his  last  term  as  official  miller,  as  we  have 
no  further  record  of  him  as  such. 

In  those  days  most  millers  and  ferrymen  throughout  the 
new  settlements  were  also  innkeepers,  and  the  explanation 
in  regard  to  millers  is  not  far  to  seek.  Farmers  and  countr\- 
people  living  long  distances  from  the  mill  usually  preferred, 
v»hcn  they  brought  their  grain  to  be  ground,  to  wait  for  their 
slfjur,  if  possible.  The  roads  were  poor,  and  the  distances 
often  very  long,  so  that  they  would  gain  time  by  waiting, 
rather  make  the  journey  twice.  They  would  generally 
bring  their  lunch  with  them,  but  they  required  some  beverage 
to  drink  with  it,  and  as  beer  was  the  customary  accompani- 
n^ent  to  meals  at  that  time,  coffee  and  tea  not  having  yet  been 
^f-ncrally  introduced  and  expensive,  the  miller  was  naturally 
expected  by  his  waiting  customers  to  provide  them  with  beer. 
Tliis  he  could  not  sell  without  a  permit,  therefore  he  was  ob- 
''iT.^'d  to  take  out  a  tapster's  license.     If  the  miller's  house  was 

Ivi  Van  Deursen  Family 

accessibly  located,  other  wayfarers  naturally  patronized  his 
place;  and  thus,  in  course  of  time,  that  which  had  been  begun 
for  the  accomodation  of  his  waiting  customers  became  an  es- 
tablished business.  In  this  way,  Abraham  Pietersen  also  be- 
came an  innkeeper,  and  on  March  i6.  164S,  was  one  of  the 
twelve  tavern  keepers  of  New  Amsterdam  who  promised  "as 
true  men"  to  observe,  as  far  as  laid  in  their  power,  all  the  reg- 
ulations in  regard  to  tapping  then  in  force  at  New  Amster- 
dam (Records  of  New  Amsterdam,  Vol.  i,  p.  S).  On  July  23, 
1648,  the  tavern  of  Abraham  Pietersen  was  closed  by  the 
Court,  on  account  of  the  killing  there  of  a  man  named  Clomp 
by  Johannes  Roodenborch.  who  was  acquitted  by  the  Court 
on  October  6,  164S  (Calendar  of  Dutch  ^ISS.,  pp.  119,  121). 
This  record  may  not,  however,  refer  to  the  tavern  of  Abraham 
Pietersen  the  miller.  There  was  another  Abraham  Pietersen 
Corbyn,  a  discharged  soldier  of  the  V.^est  India  Company,  who 
was  living  at  New  xVmsterdam  at  this  time,  and  who  was  a 
very  unruly  character,  frequently  before  the  Court  for  selling 
rum  to  the  Indians  and  fighting  and  disorderly  proceedings  in 
his  house,  and  who  was  threatened  with  banishment  for  theft 
(see  Records  of  New  Amsterdam).  That  Abraham  Pietersen 
the  miller  conducted  his  business  in  a  law  abiding  manner, 
"as  a  true  man,"  is  evident  from  the  fact  that  he  was  never 
before  the  Court  in  reference  thereto. 

From  various  entries  in  the  public  records  it  is  also  evident 
that,  hke  most  of  New  Amsterdam's  business  men,  Abraham 
Pietersen  was  quite  extensively  engaged  in  real  estate  trans- 
actions. Besides  the  records  which  we  have  of  these  trans- 
actions, it  is  quite  likely  he  had  others,  the  records  of  which 
have  been  lost,  as  mentioned  previously,  or,  perhaps,  never 
recorded;  the  records  which  remain  to  us  showing  that  they 
were  kept  very  irregularly.  A  case  in  point,  which  is  the 
only  evidence  we  have  that  Abraham  Pietersen  owned  real 
estate  prior  to  1649,  is  the  petition,  dated  December  13,  1649, 
of  Sybout  Claesen  to  the  States  General  at  the  Hague,  stating 
that  "The  petitioner  having  purchased  a  place  from  Abraham 
Pieterse  when  Stuyvesant  understood  that  he  the  petitioner 
was  to  be  the  owner  thereof,  he,  Stuyvesant,  so  diminished 
and  encroached  on  said  lot,  that  the  petitioner  was  obliged  to 
sell  it  at  a  loss  of  one-half"  (Documentary  Histor}'  of  New 
York,  Vol.  I,  p.  329).  Another  instance  is  the  record,  dated 
August  2,  1649,  of  the  deeding  by  Abraham  Pietersen  to  Hen- 
drick  Egbertsen  of  a  lot  situated  to  the  north  east  of  the  bas- 
tion of  Fort  Amsterdam  (Calendar  of  Dutch  MSB.,  p.  147.) 

Abraham   Pietersen  Ivii 

TheTrccords  of  his  acquisition  of  both  these  properties  are 
missing;  how  many  more  are  likewise? 

Then,  also,  he  o\^-ned  property  on  the  hank  of  the  East 
River,  at  the  mouth  of  the  "Fresh  Water,"  upon  which  he 
built  his  watermill,  for  the  erection  of  which  he  obtained  a 
permit  from  Director  General  Stuyvesant,  previously  men- 
tioned; also  the  property  on  which  stood  the  windmill  or 
horsemill  (for  the  erection  of  which  he  needed  no  official  per- 
mit, as  it  was  not  built  upon  a  public  stream),  which  he  sold 
in  1663  to  Jan  Van  Bommel.  The  records  about  this  trans- 
action are  not  clear.  A  mill  was  sold  to  Van  Bommel  in  which 
the  names  of  Abraham  Pietersen  and  Sybout  Claesen  appear; 
but  whether  the  sale  was  by  Claesen  or  Pietersen  is  not  plain. 
Pietersen  may  have  previously  sold  it  to  Claesen,  with  whom 
he  had  some  dealings  about  that  time,  and  Claesen  sold  it  to 
Van  Bommel,  but  the  language  of  the  records  is  obscure. 

Besides  these  properties  Pietersen  purchased  from  Richard 
Bridnell  on  March  19,  1653,  a  tract  of  land  at  Mespachtes  Kill, 
on  Long  Island.  This  purchase,  however,  was  annulled  by 
mutual  consent  on  i\Iarch  28,  following  (Holland  Society  Year 
Hook,  1900,  pp.  169,  170).  On  October  15,  1653,  he  bought 
at  public  auction  tv.'o  houses  situated  on  the  Broadv.'ay,  Man- 
hattan (Calendar  of  Dutch  MSS.,  p.  379).  He  may  have 
owned  another  house  on  the  Broadway,  as  on  April  19,  1665, 
he  was  taxed  1  guilder  v/eekly  towards  the  maintenance  of  the 
British  troops,  at  which  time  he  is  described  as  living  "on  the 
Heere  Straat  New  York"  (Records  of  New  Amsterdam,  Vol. 
5.  P-  221). 

It  was  customary  in  those  days  for  business  men  to  invest 
m  real  estate  for  the  sole  purpose  of  having  ready  means  of 
transacting  other  business.  It  ser\^ed  as  a  sort  of  bank  ac- 
count when  banks  were  unknown  and  coin  very  scarce.  Thus 
v.e  find  Abraham  Pietersen  mortgaging  some  of  his  property 
on  various  occasions,  when  a  favorable  opportunity  presented 
Itself  to  buy  cheaply,  which  called  for  more  cash  than  the  en- 
terprising miller  had  on  hand.  This  was  the  case  when,  on 
April  20,  1656,  he  purchased  from  Captain  Francois  Fyn  a  herd 
01  cattle,  upon  which  there  remained  a  balance  of  four  hundred 
guilders.  For  this  amount  Pietersen  mortgaged  to  Fvn  his 
house  and  lot  on  the  Great  Heerewegh  (Broadway)  (Holland 
--ocicty  Year  Book,  1900,  p.  160),  When,  on  December 
3.  1657,  he  needed  money  for  another  commercial  transaction, 
he  applied  to  Borgomaster  Oloft'  Stevens  Van  Courtlandt  for 
ii  loan  of  five  hundred  guilders;  for  which  amount  he  mort- 
i;aged  his  second  house  and  lot.  on  the  west  side  of  the  Broad- 

Iviii  Van   Deursen  Family 

way  (Ibid,  p.  163).  That  his  credit  was  good  and  his  note 
considered  as  good  as  a  mortgage,  is  shown  by  the  fact  that 
at  the  death  of  Johannes  De  Hulter  he  owed  the  estate  three 
hundred  end  fifty  guilders,  at  10%  interest,  for  which  he  had 
signed  a  promisson,"  note,  and  for  the  use  of  which  money  he 
had  paid  interest,  amounting  to  thirty-five  guilders,  on 
September  3,  1659  (Minutes  of  the  Orphan's  Court,  New  Am- 
sterdam, p.  106,  107).  There  is  no  record  of  the  loan,  we 
know  of  it  only  through  the  administration  of  De  Hulter's 
estate  by  the  Orphans'  Court. 

That  he  might  carry  on  his  business  transactions  with  more 
freedom,  Pietersen  took  out  papers  as  a  Small  Burgher  of 
New  Amsterdam  on  April  14,  1657  (Records  of  New  Amster- 
dam, Vol.  7,  p.  152).  Small  Burghers  were  entitled  to  free- 
dom of  trade  and  the  privilege  of  being  received  into  their 
respective  Guilds;  it  also  secured  them  exemption  from  toll 
and  from  being  sued  by  a  fellow  burgher,  except  in  their 
own  burgh;  they  could  not  be  imprisoned  without  bail,  nor 
tried  for  any  offense  after  the  lapse  of  one  year.  For  this 
right  the  applicant  had  to  pay  twenty-five  guilders.  Many  of 
the  earliest  of  the  inhabitants  of  New  Amsterdam  considered 
themselves  entitled  to  this  without  being  made  to  pay  for  it, 
Pietersen  among  the  number;  but  the  city  authorities  thought 
differently,  and  on  September  11,  1663,  Pietersen 's  name  is 
on  the  Court  minutes  as  not  yet  having  paid  his  fee  (Records 
of  New  Amsterdam,  Vol.  4,  p.  300). 

Attacks  by  the  hostile  Indians  on  the  little  colony  were  not 
infrequent,  and  as  a  protection  against  their  incursions  a  wall 
had  been  erected  across  the  lower  end  of  the  Island  of  Man- 
hattan, with  a  bastion,  or  gateway  and  tower,  at  the  Broad- 
way, and  another  at  the  other  end  on  the  bank  of  the  East 
River.  This  wall  ran  along  the  line  of  the  present  Wall 
Street,  which  derives  its  name  from  this  fact.  From  time  to 
time  the  wall  would  become  dilapidated  at  some  point,  and 
need  repair.  This  was  the  case  in  September,  1655,  after  a 
surprise  by  the  Indians,  when  it  was  found  necessary  to 
strengthen  the  wall.  For  this  purpose  Abraham  Pietersen 
voluntarily  subscribed  six  guilders  towards  the  repairs  (Ibid, 
p.  370).  Another  record  states  that  he  was  assessed  three 
guilders  for  this  piirpose  (A^alentine's  Histor>^  of  New 
York,  p.  316).  His  subscription  of  six  guilders  was  ac- 
cepted by  the  authorities,  however,  and  may  indicate  that  he 
may  have  been  a  loser  by  the  late  incursion,  and  was  not  .at 
this  time,  in  such  prosperous  circumstances ;  his  property  being 
the  third  lot  south  ol  Wall  Street,  opposite  Trinity  Church, 

Abraham    Pietersen  lix 

and  it  was  there  he  was  living  at  the  time  he  was  assessed  for 
niaintaining  the  English  soldiers  in  1665.  We  have  this  loca- 
tion verified  by  a  deed,  dated  Dec.  20-30,  1664,  in  which  it  is 
stated  that  Pieter  Stoutenburgh  sold  a  house  and  lot  to 
Tomas  I^Iajor,  "situate  on  the  Eastside  of  the  Hcere  Straat 
[Broadway]  bounded  North  by  the  house  and  lot  of  Abraham^ 
Pietersen  Molenaar  [Miller],  south  by  the  lot  of  Jan  Jansen 
Brestee"  etc.  (Minutes  of  the  Orphan  Masters  of  New  Amster- 
dam, Vol.  2,  p.  4). 

That  Abraham  Pietersen  held  the  confidence  and  respect 
of  the  community  in  which  he  lived,  and  was  a  man  of  aft'airs 
in  that  community,  is  shown  by  the  fact  that  he  was  chosen 
at  a  meeting  of  the  representative  men  of  Fort  Amsterdam  as 
one  of  twelve  men  who  were  to  be  a  sort  of  advisory  board  to 
the  Government.  The  meeting  had  been  convoked  by 
Director  Kieft  on  August  29,  1641,  following  the  murder_  of 
Claes  Comelissen  Swits,  the  wheelwright,  in  his  lonely  dwelling 
on  Turtle  Bay,  on  the  East  River,  by  a  young  Weckquaesgeek 
(Westchester  Co.)  Indian;  and  many  other  depredations  by 
the  Indians  which  had  excited  the  people  to  such  a  pitch  that 
retaliatory,  as  well  as  protective,  measures  were  demanded 
from  the  government.  This  election  of  the  historic  "Twelve 
Men"  was  the  first  attempt  at  representative  government  in 
the  Colony,  and  for  him  to  have  been  a  member  of  such  a 
body  is  no  mean  honor  to  the  descendants  of  Abraham 

But  the  Twelve  Men  were  not  satisfied  with  simply  advising 
the  Director  General  in  regard  to  measures  to  be  taken  against 
the  Indians.  As  representatives  of  the  people  they  desired 
a  voice  in  the  conduct  of  public  affairs,  and  endeavored  to  in- 
fluence the  actions  of  the  government.  This,  however, 
Director  Kieft  was  neither  empowered  by  his  superiors  in 
Holland,  nor  personally  inclined  to  allow,  and  as  a  result,  on 
February'  18,  1642,  the'Board  of  Twelve  Men  was  dissolved. 

Circumstances,  however,  principally  the  ruinous  Indian 
war  which  was  then  devastating  the  country  around  New 
Amsterdam,  again  forced  the  government  to  call  a  meeting 
of  its  principal  burghers  in  the  Fort.  Again  the  government 
advised  the  election  of  a  number  of  popular  representatives 
to  advise  and  assist  the  authorities  in  regard  to  the  conduct 
of  the  war.  Again  the  forty-eight  representative  men,  who 
had  previously  met  in  the  Fort,  w^ere  ready  to  aid  the  Director 
General  and  Council  by  means  of  their  chosen  delegates. 
This  time,  however,  instead  of  electing  their  delegates,  they 
desired  the  government  to  make  the  appointment,  while  they, 

Ix  Van  Deursen  Family 

the  electors,  would  reject  whoever  was  not  agreeable  to  them. 
Eight  men  were  selected  by  the  government,  one  of  whom, 
again,  was  "Abraham  Pietersen,  Molenaer."  The  people, 
early  in  September,  1642,  ratified  the  government's  choice, 
but  the  Board  of  Eight  Men  themselves,  on  September  15, 
rejected  one  of  their  number,  Jan  Jansen  Damen,  who  was 
specially  accused  of  having  brought  about  the  disastrous 
Indian  war,  and  of  having  "signed  a  certain  request  in  the 
name  of  the  communitv"  (Documentarv  History  of  New 
York,  Vol.  13,  p.  16). 

The  Board  of  Eight  Men  was  in  existence  for  four  years. 
from  September,  1643,  to  September,  1647;  most  of  the  time 
in  violent  opposition  to  the  government.  This  fact  may  ac- 
count for  only  two  of  its  members  being  appointed  to  the 
Board  of  Nine  Men,  which  succeeded  to  the  dissolved  Board 
of  Eight  Men  on  September  25,  1647. 

It  was  v/hile  he  was  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Eight  that 
Pietersen  haled  Sybout  Claesen  and  his  wife  to  Court  for 
slandering  him.  These  cases  of  slander  were  not  infrequent 
among  the  burghers  of  New  Amsterdam,  and  Abraham 
Pietersen  did  not  escape  them;  but  with  the  same  conscious- 
ness of  integritv  with  which  he  afterwards  brought  Com.mis- 
sary  Opdyck  before  the  Court,  he  was  not  afraid  to  have  this 
accusation  made  pubHc.  After  the  matter  had  been  thor- 
oughly sifted  by  the  Court  on  March  21.  1645,  Claesen  and  his 
wife  were  obliged  to  retract  their  slander,  and  to  openly  de- 
clare that  "thev  know  nothing  but  what  is  good  and  honorable 
of  the  plaintifE''  (Calendar  of  Dutch  MSS.,  p.  93). 

Although  Abraham  Pietersen  was  not  one  of  the  ninety- 
four  signers  of  the  petition  to  Director  General  Stuyvesant, 
dated  September  5,  1664,  advising  him  to  surrender  New 
Amsterdam  to  the  English,  he  was  one  of  those  %yho,  on 
October  21  and  following  davs,  took  the  oath  of  allegiance  to 
Charles  II  (Ibid,  Vol.  3,  p.  76).  They  had  bravely  defended 
their  rights,  but  when  they  saw  it  was  a  hopeless  struggle, 
they  wisely  submitted  to  the  inevitable  and  became  as  loyal 
subjects  to  the  British  king  as  they  had  been  to  their  own 
loved  Fatherland.  Their  interests  were  too  deeply  rooted  m 
the  country  of  their  adoption  to  permit  of  returning  to_  Hol- 
land. To  have  done  so  would  have  meant  to  lose  their  all, 
acquired  by  hard  work  and  many  privations;  and  to  begin 
life  anew  in  the  crowded  homeland  from  which  they  had  but 
recentlv  come.  Stuyvesant  himself,  after  a  brief  visit  to 
Holland  in  1665,  returned  to  New  York  and  passed  the  re- 
mainder of  his  life  on  his  farm  "the  Bouwery,"  situated  some 









-  ■^^r'-  -» J.  ■.■^. 

Abraham   Pietersex  Ixi 

distance  outside  of  the  city,  on  the  country  road  which  led  up 
the  east  side  of  the  island  out  onto  the  Post  Road  to  Boston; 
known  to  later  generations  as  the  Bower}',  of  well  known  repu- 
tation. These  sturdy  Dutch  burghers  formed  the  stable 
foundation  upon  which  was  built  the  solid  structure  of  this 
great  Republic,  and  their  descendants  may  well  feel  pride  in 

And  Abraham  Pieterscn  was  not  more  commendable  as  a 
citizen  than  he  was  as  a  parent;  the  city  records  bearing  silent 
testimony  to  his  tender  care  for  his  family.  He  had  appren- 
ticed his  son,  Pieter,  with  Claes  Tysen  the  cooper,  to  learn 
the  trade;  but  Tysen  beat  the  boy  so  severely  that  Pieterscn 
petitioned  the  Court  on  October  iS,  1661,  to  release  the  bov. 
This  the  Court  could  not  do.  after  considering  the  case;  but 
the  proceedings  had  the  desired  effect  upon  Tysen  of  making 
him  treat  the  boy  as  he  should,  which  was  all  the  father 
sought  (Records  of  New  Amsterdam,  Vol.  i.  p.  386).  His 
daughter,  Marytje,  was  the  wife  of  Thomas  Jansen  Mingael, 
who  died  early,  leaving  a  family  of  five  small  children  to  be 
provided  for,  and  his  estate  in  a  very  precarious  condition. 
On  December  4,  1662,  Abraham  Pietersen  was  made  guardian 
of  these  children,  and  endeavoured  to  save  the  estate  of  their 
father  from  insolvency,  but  without  effect.  On  Februarv'  14, 
1663,  the  widow  and  her  father  abandoned  the  estate,  which 
inckided  a  yacht  named  The  Flower  of  Gelder,  and  the  Or- 
phans' Court  appointed  administrators.  On  Februarv^  23, 
1663,  Abraham  Pietersen  offered  to  buy  in  the  goods  at  the 
price  they  were  valued  at,  to  be  paid  for  in  May  (Records  of 
New  Amsterdam,  Vol.  14,  pp.  176-203;  Minutes  of  the  Or- 

He  and  his  wife,  Tryntje  Melchiors,  are  found  inscribed  in 
the  register  of  membership  of  the  Reformed  Duich  Church  of 
New  York  in  1649;  they  are  entered  as  "Oude  Ledematen" 
(old  members),  but  as  tliis  w-as  simply  a  copy  from  the  earHer 
membership  records,  it  is  impossible  to  tell  just  w-hen  they 
joined  the  church,  or  how;  whether  by  confession  of  faith  or 
by  letter  from  the  church  in  Holland.  If  the  original  church 
record  had  been  preserved  it  might  have  positively  established 
the  time  of  their  coming  to  New  Amsterdam. 

And  it  is  in  this  same  old  church  register  that  we  last  meet 
this  doughty  pioneer  of  New  Netherland.  In  the  baptismal 
records  it  is  stated  that  he  was  a  witness  at  the  baptism  of 
Annetie,  the  daughter  of  his  son,  Pieter  Abrahamszen  Van 
Duersen,  and  of  Hester  Webbers,  Pieter's  wife,  on  July  10, 
J'j'J/.     Thereafter  his  name  disappears  from  the  records,  and 

Ixii  Van  Deursen   Family 

it  is  probable  that  he  closed  his  well  spent  hfe  about  this  time 
although  comparatively  a  young  man.  ' 

We  know  nothing  whatever  about  his  wife,  Tryntjc  Mel- 
chiors,  or  Melcherts.  That  the  records  contain  no  mention 
of  her  other  than  as  a  wife  and  mother,  is  a  good  report.  She 
evidently  v/ent  quietly  about  her  duties,  keeping  out  of 
trouble  and  bringing  up  her  children  to  be  useful  members  of 
the  community,  in  which  she  was  aided,  doubtless,  by  the 
father's  good  example.  She  was  still  alive  on  December  iS, 
1678,  when  she  was  a  witness  at  the  baptism  of  her  grand- 
daughter, Tryntie,  named  for  her,  the  child  of  her  son,  Pieter, 
and  Hester  Webbers.  This  is  the  last  mention  of  her  in  the 
public  records,  from  which  we  infer  that  she  died  about  this 
time,  as  she  would  be  then  at  least  seventy  years  of  age;  the 
worthy  ancestress  of  so  large  a  family.  From  her  marriage 
record  at  Haarlem  we  learn  that  sheVas  a  native  of  Gron- 
ingen,  the  earliest  church  records  of  which  town  date  only 
from  1640. 

It  will  havebeen  noticed  that  in  all  these  records  there  has 
been  no  mention  of  the  surname  "Van  Deursen."  Deursen 
is  a  place  name;  the  family  originating  in  Deursen,  Brabant, 
one  of  the  provinces  of  the  Netherlands,  and,  as  was 
customary  among  the  Dutch,  took  their  surname  from  the 
place  of  their  birth.  It  was,  however,  a  matter  of  individual 
choice  whether  the  surname  was  used  or  not,  and  this  has  been 
the  aggravation  of  all  Dutch  genealogists  and  students  of 
early  American  history.  Some  members  of  the  same  family 
would  use  the  surname,  while  others  were  known  simply  by 
their  patronymic,  or  father's  name.  This  latter  was  the'case 
with  Abraham  Pietersen;  he  was  Abraham,  son  of  Pieter;  sen, 
se,  sz,  and  s,  terminating  a  name,  meaning  "son  of."  "Van" 
means  from,  or  of,  and  has  no  particular  meaning  apart  from 
this;  although  some,  erroneously,  think  it  is  a  mark  of  no- 
bility, as  is  the  case  with  "von"  in  Germany.  Thus,  Abra- 
ham Pietersen  Van  Deursen  means  Abraham,  son  of  Pieter, 
from  Deursen.  He  did  not  use  his  surname,  nor  did  anv  of 
the  family  until  1667,  when  Pieter  Abrahamszen  Van  Deursen 
is  so  designated  in  the  baptismal  record  of  one  of  his  children. 
The  general  use  of  the  surname  by  the  English  people  who 
settled  in  America,  doubtless  had  its  influence  in  causing  the 
habit  to  become  more  general  with  the  Dutch  among  v/hom 
they  lived.  After  1667  we  find  the  name  used  bv  all  the 
members  of  Abraham  Pietersen's  family  habitually ; 'although 
the  spelling  of  it  becomes  various  as  the  years  p'^ass  on  and 
members  of  the  family  remove  to  other  parts  of  the  country. 

Abraham    Pietersen  Ixiii 

Thus  we  have  Van  Deursen,  Van  Deusen,  Van  Dusen,  Van 
Du^e,  Van  Duzer,  Van  Duzen,  Van  Doozer,  and  Van  Dozen. 
Some  unite  the  two  words  into  Vandusen,  while  others  have 
dropped  the  Van  altogether.  A  few  have  retained  the  origi- 
nal Van  Deursen,  but  the  general  mode  has  come  to  be  Van 
Deusen  in  the  United  States  and  Van  Dusen  in  Canada. 

From  the  foregoing  record  of  the  life  of  Abraham  Pietersen 
Van  Deursen  which  we  have  laid  before  the  reader,  it  will  not 
be  difficult  to  answer  the  question  with  which  we  started  out, 
viz.:  "What  manner  of  man  was  this  Abraham  Pietersen, 
our  Ancestor?"  That  both  he  and  his  wife  were  brave  and 
intrepid  is  demonstrated  by  the  fact  of  their  leaving  the  quiet 
comfort  of  the  Fatherland  to  face  the  unknown  dangers  of  the 
long  voyage  and  still  greater  perils  of  Indian  massacre  in  the 
bnd  of  their  choice,  in  addition  to  the  hardships  and  priva- 
tions of  a  pioneer's  life.  That  he  was  diplomatic  and  possessed 
the  confidence  of  the  Dutch  authorities,  is  shown  by  their 
entrusting  him  with  the  delicate  task  of  acquiring  land  from 
the  Indians,  usually  entrusted  to  some  ofhcial  of  experience, 
acquainted  with  the  Indian  dialects  and  characteristics. 
That  he  also  possessed  the  confidence  of  the  community,  and 
was  a  patriotic  and  public  spirited  citizen,  is  shown  by  the 
readiness  with  which  he  accepted  the  membership  on  the 
Boards  of  Twelve  and  Eight  Men,  at  a  troublous  period  of 
New  Netherland  history.  That  he  was  a  man  of  peace  is 
evident  from  the  entire  absence  in  the  records  that  he  ever 
molested  anybody;  although  he  was  not  slow  to  fight  his 
slanderers  in  open  Court,  always  coming  out  victorious.  Con- 
scientious in  all  his  relations  of  hfe,  as  a  citizen,  a  representa- 
tive of  the  people,  a  business  man,  a  husband  and  a  father,  his 
was  undeniably  one  of  those  monumental  careers  which  put 
so  indelible  a  stamp  upon  New  York's  early  history.  Peace- 
able without  being  timid;  enterprising  without  being  unduly 
speculative;  staunch  without  being  self-assertive;  sagacious 
without  being  sharp;  none  of  his  acts  inviting  palliation;  it 
15  certainly  a  pleasure  to  know  this  honest  man  from  among 
the  people,  and  a  privilege  to  be  cotmted  among  his  descend- 
ants. The  historv^  of  his  life  is  an  inspiration  to  do  good,  and 
the  thousands  of  his  descendants  will  profit  by  following  his 
noble  example. 


A.  Albany. 

a  about. 

b  bom. 

bp  baptized. 

bur  buried. 

ch  children. 

Col.  R.  Colony  Rensslacrwyck. 

d  died. 

dau  daughter 

L.  B.  R.  Land  Bounty  Rights. 

m  married. 

N.  A.  New  Amsterdam. 

oc  occupation. 

O.  D.  C.  Old  Dutch  Church. 

res  residence,  resides. 

wid  widow  or  widower. 



cestor, was  bom  in  the  city  of  Haarlem,  Holland,  where  he 
was  baptized  Nov.  ii,  1607,  in  the  Dutch  Reformed  Church. 
His  intention  of  marriage  was  recorded  at  Haarlem  Nov.  25, 
1629,  at  which  time  he  was  dwelling  on  the  Groote  Hout- 
straat  (Great  Forest  Street),  Haarlem,  and  a  bachelor.  He 
was  married  on  Dec.  9,  1629,  to  Tryxtje  Melchiors,  spinster, 
born  in  Groningen  and  dv/elling  at  the  Smedestraat  (Black- 
smith street),  Haarlem,  (Records  of  the  Groote  Kerk,  Haar- 

It  is  probable  that  Abraham  Pietersen  and  his  wife  left 
Haarlem  for  America  very  soon  after  their  marriage,  as  no 
baptismal  records  of  any  of  their  children  are  found  at  that 
place  between  1630  and  1635,  and  he  is  known  to  have  been 
m  New  Amsterdam,  now  New  York,  in  1636,  when  he  was 
recorded  as  "of  Haarlem."  The  baptismal  records  of  the 
Dutch  Reformed  Church  at  New  Amsterdam  date  from  1639, 
therefore  we  have  no  record  of  the  baptisms  of  the  first  four 
children  of  Abraham  Pietersen  and  Trvntje  Melchiors,  though, 
doubtless,  they  were  born  in  that  city.'  The  baptisms  of  tlieir 
two  youngest  sons,  Pieter  and  Melchior,  are  found  on  the 
registers  of  the  church,  however.  On  April  14,  1657.  Abra- 
ham Pietersen  v/as  granted  a  "Small  Burgher  Right"  (New 
■lork  Historical  Societv  Collection,  Vol.  18,  p.  22).  Four  of 
his  children,  viz.,  Teuwis,  Marytje,  Jacob  and  Melchior,  set- 
tied  in  Albany,  their  names,  as  found  in  various  deeds,  being 
almost  invariably  spelled  Van  Deusen,  omitting  the  "r" 
which  appears  in  their  father's  name. 

Abraham  Pietersen  lived  on  the  Heerewegh  Straat,  or 
broadv/ay,  New  Amsterdam,  where  he  carried  on  the  occupa- 
tion of  miller  and  innkeeper,  trading  also  in  land  and  cattle 
ine  date  of  his  death  is  not  knov.m. 

Children-,  last  two  baptized  in  Dutch  Reformed  Church 
•New  Amsterdam: 

2  1        Teuwis  (Matthev.-),  b  a  1631 ;  m  a  1653,  Helena  Rob- 


3  li       xMarytje,  b  a  1632:  m  (ist)  1651,  Thomas  Jansen  Min- 

gaei,  who  d  a  1661  or  1662;  (2d)  Evert  fansen  Wen- 
dell. -^ 

4  Van  Deursen-   Familv 

4  ill      Isaac,  b  a  1635;  m  Apr.  5,  1659,  at  New  Amsterdam, 

Jannetie  Jans. 

5  iv     Jacob,  b  a   163S;  m  Sept.   23,    1663,   Catalyntie  Van 

Elslant  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families  for 
Van  Elslant). 

6  V       Pieter,  bp  Mar.  23,  1642;  sps  Do.  Everardus  Bogardus 

(See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families),  Olof  Step- 
henson Van  Courtlant,  Jan  Janszen  Dam,  Maritje 
Teunis;  m  Oct.  10,  1666,  at  New  Amsterdam,  Hester 

7  vi      Melchior,  bp  Mar.  6,  1644;  sps  Jan  Stephenszen,  Cos. 

Pieterszen,  Anneken  Bogardus  (See  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  FamilieiO,  Lysbeth  Dircks;  rn  a  1668, 
Engeltie  Rutgers. 




DEURvSEN)  eldest  son  of  (i)  Abraham  Pietersen  (Van  Deur- 
sen)  and  Tryntje  Melchiors  of  New  Amsterdam;  b  a  1631 ;  m 
1653,  Helena  Robberts. 

Teunis  Abrahamsen  Van  Duersen  early  removed  to  Bever- 
wyck  (Albany),  where  he  was  granted  a  lot  Oct.  28,  165S.  In 
1667  he  removed  to  Claverack.  Munsell  and  Talcott  both 
state,  however,  that  he  lived  at  Albany  vmtil  1700.  On  June 
26,  1677,  he  deeded  a  house  and  lot  to  Paulus  Martense  Van 
Bcnthuysen,  the  property  being  afterwards  transferred  by 
Van  Benthuysen  to  Harme  Janse  Lyndrayer.  The  following 
is  an  extract  of  the  latter  deed.  "Appeared  before  me  Ro. 
Livingston,  seer  &c  and  in  the  presence  of  the  Honorable 
Messieurs  Richard  Pretty  &  Andries  Teller,  commissaries,  etc. 
Paulus  ?-Iartcnse  Raenmaker  (wagon  maker)  (Van  Benthuy- 
sen), who  declared  that  he  had  in  true  rights,  free  ownership, 
c:ranted  conveyed  and  transferred  to  and  for  the  behoof  of 
Harme  Janse  Lyndrayer  (ropemaker)  in  a  certain  house  and 

lot   standing   and    lying   here   in   Albany,    .  .' bounded 

south  by  Pieter  Loockennans,  north  by  the  house  of  Laurens 
Van  Ale  &  Jan  Janse  Bleecker,  west  and  east  by  the  public 

street,  in  breadth  in  front  on  the  street  (Broadway), 

which  this  grantor,  does  by  virtue  of  the  conveyance  given 
liim  by  Mattheus  Abrahamse  (Van  Deusen)  of  date  the  26  of 
June  1677,"  etc. 

"Done  in  Albany,  the  13th  Dec.  1677. 

"Paulus  Martense 

"Richard  Prettv 
'  *  A.  Teller 

Acknowledged  before  me 

"Ro.  Livingston,  Seer." 
_  He  resided  at  Albany  and  Claverack,  at  which  two  places 
his  children  were  probably  bom,  but  the  baptismal  records  of 
Albany  do  not  begin  until  Aug.  5,  16S3,  while  those  of  Claver- 
acx:  date  only  from  1722,  hence  their  names  are  not  found  on 
ti^e  records  of  either  place. 

^  i  Tryntje,  b  a  1654;  m  a  1673,  Samson  Benson. 

8  Van  Deurskx    Family 

9  ii         Lysbelh    (Elizabeth),   b    a    165S;  m    Feb.    2,    16S0, 
Johannes  Benson. 

10  iii        Cornelia,  b  a  1660;  m   (ist)   Oct.   21.   16S5,  Mattys 

Janse  Hoes;   (2d)  July  8,   1723,  ^Villiam  Hallcn- 

11  iv        Robbert,  b  a  1665;  m  (ist)  Sept.  22,  16S9,  Cornelia 

Martense  Van  Buren;  (2nd)  Aug.  21,  171S,  Geer- 
truy  Van  Benthuysen. 

12  V         Jan,  b  a  1668;  m  Mar.   14,   1695,  Maritie  Martense 

Van  Buren,  sister  of  Cornelia,  his  brother  Rob- 
bert's  wife. 

13  vi        Jacobus,  b  a  1670;  m  Nov.  14,  1695,  Aeltje  Gysbertse 


14  vii       Marritje,  b  a  1674;  m  Jan.  17,  1694,  Abraham  Jansen 

Van  Alstyne. 
f-     15  viii     Abraham,  b  a  1676;  m  May  23,   1697,  Jacomyntje 
Van  Schoonhoven. 

16  ix        Catalyntje,  b  a  1678;  m  (ist)  Dec.  5,  1699,  Jacobus 

Martens   Van    Ysselsteyn;    (2nd)    May    16,    171S, 
Lambert  Kool,  or  Cool. 

17  X         Isaac,  b  a  1680;  rn  Oct.  9,  1706,  Baata  Van  Yssel- 

xi        Helena,  b  a  16S1;  ni  Nov.  7,  1707,  (31)  Plarpert  Van 

of  (i)  Abraham  Pietersen  (Van  Deursen)  and  Tryntje  Mel- 
chiors  of  New  Amsterdam;  b  a  1632;  m  (ist)  a  Jan.,  1651, 
Thomas  Janszex  Mingael  of  New  Amsterdam  and  Bever- 
wyck,  son  of  Jan  Thomase  Mingael  and  Jannetje  Martense, 
who  d  in  N.  A.  Nov.  3,  1662.  At  the  death  of  Thomas  Janszen 
Mingael  she  m  (2d)  a  166S,  Evert  Jansen  "Wendell,  v/idower 
of  Susanna  du  Trieux.  AftPr  the  removal  of  Thomas  Janszen 
Mingael  and  his  v/ife  from  New  Amsterdam  to  Albany,  they 
changed  their  name  to  Witbeck  or  AYhitbeck. 

Children,  by  first  husband: 
i        Annetjc  ^lingael,  bp   Oct.    i,    1651;  sps   Hendrick  Kip, 

Evert  Duycking. 
ii  Johannes  Thomase  Mingael,  b  a  1655;  ^^  (^st)  a  16S5, 
Mayke  Oothout,  dau  of  Jan  Janse  Oothout;  m  (2d) 
Jan.  I,  1706,  (30)  Marritie  Van  Deursen. 
iii  Jaimetje  Mingael,  bp  in  N.  Y.  Jan.  13,  1660;  sps  Pieter 
Abrahamszen  (Van  Deursen)  and  Jannetie  Jans;  m 
(ist)  a  1684,  Lambert  Janse  Van  Aelsteyn;  (2d)  Feb. 
2,  1 7 13,  Jochum  Lambertse  Van  Valkenburgh. 

10  Van  Deuksex    Family 

Claas  Van  Elslant  was  an  vindertaker  of  New  Amsterdam, 
who  died  some  time  previous  to  1677,  as  is  shov.m  by  the  fol- 
lowing interesting  records: 

"By  the  honorable,  the  commissaries  of  Albany,  colony 
Renselaersw\'ck  and  Schaernhectady,  etc.,  whereas  Catelyntje 
Van  Eslant,  vvife  of  Jacob  Abrahamse  (Van  Deursen),  Cuyper 
(cooper),  proposes  to  depart  from  here  for  Holland,  to  collect 
and  receive  there  some  monies,  coming  to  her  and  her  brother 
by  way  of  inheritance,  and  bequest  from  her  late  mother's 
uncle,  Harmanus  Antonides  Vander  Linde,  in  his  life  time 
minister  at  Naerden,  to  which  end  she  has  solicited  of  us  a 
certificate  of  testimonial,  which  we  cannot  refuse:  therefor,  we 
declare  that  she  is  a  daiighter  of  Claes  Van  Eslandt  (sic),  de- 
ceased, having  been  in  his  life  time  undertaker  (aenspreecker) 
and  gravedigger  at  Nev/  York,  and  her  mother's  name  Wil- 
lenstie  Harpers  Vander  Leindc. 

"Given  under  our  hands  and  seals,  in  Albany,  the  25th  of 
September,  in  the  nine  and  twentieth  year  of  the  reign  of  our 
sovereign  lord  Charles  the  Second,  by  the  Grace  of  God,  King 
of  Great  Britain,  France  and  Ireland,  defender  of  the  faith, 
1677."     (This  document  is  a  copy  without  signatures.) 

"Appeared  before  me  Robert  Livingston,  seer.,  etc.,  and 
in  presence  of  the  honorable  magistrates,  Mr.  Philip  Pieterse 
Schuyler  and  Mr.  Richard  Pretty,  etc.,  Claes  Van  Eslandt, 
and  Jacob  Abrahamse  (Van  Deusen),  citizens  of  Albany,  who 
declare  that  they  had,  in  accordances  with  advices  from  Har- 
manus Vander  Linde,  dwelling  in  the  Hage,  in  Holland,  ap- 
pointed and  empowered  Catelyntje  Van  Eslandt,  wife  of  the 
aforesaid  Jacob  Abrahamse  (Van  Deusen),  and  sister  of  the 
aforesaid  Claes  Van  Eslandt,  specially  to  demand,  collect  and 
receive  in  Holland,  etc.,  her  and  her  aforesaid  brother's  por- 
tion of  the  inheritance  and  bequest,  left  for  them  by  her 
mother's  uncle,  named  Harmanus  Antonides  Vander  Linde, 
in  his  life  time  minister  at  Naerden,  and  acquittance  to  exe- 
cute for  receipts,  and  for  claims  to  caveeren  (sic),  and  further, 
to  do,  perform  and  execute  all  things  which  may  be  needful 
and  her  judgment  may  suggest;  promising  at  all  times  to  hold 
good  all  that  shall  be  done  and  performed  in  the  aforesaid 
matter  by  their  aforesaid  sister  and  wife,  as  their  attorney 
without  any  contradiction. 

"Done  in  Albany,  in  America,  on  the  25th  of  September, 
and  in  the  nine  and  twentieth  year  of  the  reign  of  our  sovereign 
lord,  Charles  the  Second,  by  the  grace  of  God,  King  of  Great 
Britain,  France,  and  Ireland,  defender  of  the  faith,  Annoque 
Domini,  1677."     (This  document  is  also  without  signatures.) 

Second  Generation  11 

In  i6S6  Jacob  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  was  one  of  the 
auditors  of  the  yearly  accounts  of  the  Dutch  Reformed 
Church  at  Albany,  and  in  1687  we  find  him  also  in  office  there, 
his  son,  Harpert,  being  also  on  the  consistory  the  same  year. 
On  June  20,  167S,  he  conveyed  to  Jan  Conielise  Vyselaer, 
alias  Gow,  "a  certain  lot  standing  and  lying  here  in  Albany; 
bounded  on  the  South  and  West  by  Jochem  Ketelheyn's;  on 
the  North  by  the  house  of  the  said  Jan  Gov,-;  on  the  r^ast  by 
the  public  street, being  the  same  premises  hereto  con- 
veyed to  him  by  patent  under  the  hand  and  seal  of  the  late 
governor-general,  Richard  Nicholls,  of  date  the  226.  of  May, 
1667,"  etc. 

Children,  bp  at  New  York: 

21  i      Willem,  ba  1664  ;m  Jan.  13,  i692;Lysbeth  Rosenboom. 

22  ii     Harpert,  bp  Oct.  9,  1665;  sps  Claas  Van  Elslant,  Wil- 

lemntie  Harperts;  m  Jan.  24,  1695,  Marytje  Gerritse 

(1)  Abraham  Picterseu  (Van  Deursen)  and  Tryntje  Melchiors 
of  New  Amsterdam;  bp  March  23,  1642,  at  N.  A.,  where  he 
m  Oct.  10,  1666,  Hester  Webbers,  "j.  d.  Van  Amsterdam," 
b  at  N.  A.,  in  1648,  dau  of  Wolfert  Webber  and  Anike  Coos  of 
Holland  (m  1641),  and  sister  of  Wolfert  Webber  (See  Mis- 
cellaneous and  Related  Families),  who  kept  a  tavern  on  the 
road  to  Harlem  aboiit  the  year  1650.  She  was  also  a  niece 
of  Henricus  Sclyns,  minister  of  the  Dutch  Church  at  New 
York  from  16S2  to  1701,  and  by  his  will,  dated  April  22,  1703, 
proved  April  i,  1706,  was  left  "200  gilders  with  all  the  ap- 
parel of  made  cloths  belonging  to  my  body,  of  Silk,  Linnen, 
and  Wollen. ' ' 

In  1686  Picter  Van  Deursen  was  living  on  the  west  side  of 
Broad  Street,  New  York,  and  was  by  occupation  a  cooper. 
Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i      Annctie,  bp  July  10,  1667;  sps  Abraham  Pieters  (Van 

Deursen),  Anna  Wallis,  Anneken  Webbers. 
ii     Wyntie,  bp  Sept.    21,   1669;   sps  Matheus  Abrahams- 
zen  (Van  Deursen),  Arnout  Webber,  Sara  Cortenses, 
Tryntie  Melchiors   (Abrahamse  Van  Deursen). 

23  iii     Abraham,  bp  July  28,  1672;  sps  Gregorius  Van  Cor- 

tenes,     Secrt.     of    Montfoort,     Isaac    Abraharnszen 
(Van   Deursen).   Jannetie   Jans,    Sara   Webbers;   m 
Oct.    8,    1704,    Lucretia    Bogardus    (See    Miscellan- 
eous and  Related  Families). 
iv   Johannes,  bp  March  31,  1675;  sps  Hendrick  Beuckelaer, 

12  Van  Deursen    Family 

corenkoper,  LaiirensVan  der  Spiegel,  Anneken  Loock- 

ermans;  d  v. 
V    Tn-ntie.  bp  Dec.  iS,  1678;  sps  Wolfert  Webber,  Tryn- 

tie  Melcliior,  Jannetic  Comelis. 
24  vi   Johannes,  bp  Feb.  11,  1682;  sps  Stephanus  Van  Court- 

landt,  Johannes  Cort^nes,  Lysbeth  Van  der  Spiegel; 

m  Oct.  22,  1709,  Jannetje  Marshall. 
vii  Henricus,  bp  Nov.  9,  1684;  sps  Hendrick  Beuckelaer, 

Wolfert  Webber,  Marritie  Abrahamse  (Van  Deursen). 

Geertruyd  Massing. 

son  of  (i)  Abraham  Pietcrsen  (Van  Deursen)  and  Tryntje  ]\Iel- 
chiors  of  New  Amsterdam  ;bp  Nov.  6,  i644;m  a  1671  Engeltje 
Van'  Sciiooxderwoert,  b  April  10,  1650,  dau  of  R-atger 
Jacobsen  Van  Schoonderwoert  and  Trymtje  Van  Breestede. 
She  d  July  11,  17 28,  and  was  bur  at  Papsknee.  They  were 
both  members,  prior  to  16S3,  of  the  Dutch  Reformed  Church 
at  Albany.  Upon  the  arrival  of  Dominie  Godefridus  Dellius 
as  assistant  to  the  old  Dominie  Schaets,  the  Commissaries 
called  together  the  congregation  of  the  church  to  "enquire  of 
them  in  a  friendly  manner  how  much  they  will  from  their  own 
Liberality  and  good  inclination  contribute  to  the  maintenance 
of  the  said  Dom.  Godefridus  Dellius."  Among  those  who 
contributed  for  the  term  of  one  year  were:  "Jacob  Abra- 
hamse (Van  Deursen)  £  2.,  Melgert  Abrahamse  (Van  Deusen), 
yeoman,  from  below  the  North  Gate"  (amount  not  stated). 
In  167 1  he  was  a  resident  of  Schotack  (Schodack,  Renss.  Co., 
N.  Y.),  where  he  was  a  farmer.  In  September,  1689,  he  was 
enrolled  as  a  yeoman  in  Capt.  Marten  Gerritse's  Company, 
and  subscribed  ' '  for  ye  Raiseing  of  some  men  for  ye  Defence 
of  this  County  against  ye  french.  " 

The  following  mortgage  was  given  iipon  certain  property, 
part  of  which  belonged  to  ^lelchert  Abrahamse  Van  Deusen, 
which  v.'as  pledged  as  security  for  a  sum  owing  on  a  bail  bond. 
"Appeared  before  me,  Ludovicus  Cobes,  Secretary  of  Al- 
bany, New  Amsterdam.  &c.,  in  presence  of  the  Hon.  Heeren 
commissaries,  &c,  Philip  Pieterse  Schyler  and  Jan  Hendrickse 
Van  Bael,  Eldert  Gerbertse  Cruifi,  who  acknov/ledged  that  he 
is  well  and  honestly  indebted  to  and  in  arrears  to  Messieurs 
Jan  Hendrick  Bruyns  and  Hans  Hendrickse,  in  the  net  stim  of 
three  hundred  and  fifty  francs  in  beavers  and  forty  eight  francs 
in  seewant,  together  v/ith  seventy-rive  boards,  growing  out  of 
a  matter  of  security,  as  principals  bound  for  said  Cruiff,  in 
consequence  of  a  certian  sentence  dated  the  5th  of  January, 

Second   Generation  13 

1670,  which  aforesaid  money  the  subscriber  promises  to  pay 
to  said  Jan  Hendrick  Brayns  and  Hans  Hendrickse  piinctuai- 
]y  in  the  time  of  six  weeks  without  longer  delay,  therefore 
pledging' especially  his  distilling  kettle,  worm,  and  dome,  the 
sawmill  at  Bethlehem  and  all  his  lands  in  Catskil,  together 
with  all  his  title  to  his  house,  brewery  in  a  lot  lying  here  in  Al- 
bany, likewise  two  cows  here  and' four  cattle,  with  Gerrit 
Theunisse  CVslii  Vechten)  two  cattle  with  Mclgert  Abraham^se 
(Van  Deusen)  at  Schotack.  three  head  of  cattle  with  Jan 
Helmerse  (alias  de  Boek),  half  of  which  is  coming  to  him  and 
three  heifers  with  Hendrick  Maerson  and  a  bull;  furthermore 
generally  his  person  and  estate,  personal  and  real,  present  and 
future,  nothing  excepted,  putting  the  same  in  subjection  to  ail 
the  lord's  laws  and  judges  for  the  recovery  of  said  payment  in 
due  time  if  need  be  without  loss  or  cost, 

"Done  in  Albany  the  21st  of  June,  1671 
"PhiHp  Pieterse 
"Jan  Hend:  Van  Bael 
Acknowledged  before  me 

' '  Eldert  Gerbertse  Cruiff , 
"Ludovicus  Cobes,  Secretary." 

"  Att  a  Mayors  Court,  held  in  ye  Citty  hall  of  albany  the  27 

of  March,  1 705 

Melgert  van  deuse,  Plentive, 
Comelis  Van  Vechten,  Defendt, 
The  Plentives  Declaration  Read  &  is  as  followeth  viz: 

"Mayors  Court  4th  year  of  her  Majes.  Reign  Melgt  Abra- 
hamse,  of  ye  Colony  of  Renssellaerwyck  in  ye  County  afore- 
said, yoeman,  Complains  agst  Comelis  Teunise  Van  Vechten 
of  Bethlehem  of  ye  Colony  aforesaid  in  ye  County  aforest  yeo- 
nian  of  a  plea  upon  ye  Case  &c  whereupon  ye  said  Melgt  by 
John  Collins  his  atturney  saith  that  whereas   ye  sd  Comelis 

anno  domini  1685  at  ye  Dwelling  house  of  ye  said  Melgt 

v\'as  indebted  unto  ye  said  iMelgert  one  hundred  and  Eighty 
skippel  of  good  merchandable  wheat  at  six  skipple  for  a  Beave'r 
(other^vise  cald  Twelve  shillings) and  the  said  Cor- 
neas being  so  indebted  in  consideration  thereof  did  assume 
upon  himselfe  and  to  ye  said  Melgert  did  faithfully  promise 

^^:^"^  he would  well  and  truely  pay  to  Dirk  Teu- 

mse  van  Vechten  of  ye  said  County  now  dec  'd, 'thirty  Beavers 
(oihcnvise  called  Eighteen  pounds)  upon  ye  account  of  him 
t^^e  said  Melgert  yet  the  said  Comelis,  his  promise  not  Re- 

fTuarding   but   subtilly    Intending to   Deceave,    the 

^^^id  thirty  Beavers hath  not  as  vet  payd  and  for 

yf  taid  wheat  him  ye  sd  Melgert  to  satisfy  ha'th  refuzed  &  still 

14  Van  Deursex    Familv 

doth  Refuze  to  Damage  of  him  ye  sd  Melgert  fifteen  pounds  & 
thereupon  he  Brings  this  suite. 

"The  Defendts  Plea  read  vizt: 

"CorneHs  Teunise  van  Vechten  of  Bethlehem  in  ye  Colony 
of  Rensselaerv/yck  in  ye  County  of  Albany  yoeman  by  Richard 

Bre\ver    his    atturney    makes    answer    to. .Melkt 

Abrahamse  of  ye  Colony  &  County  aforesd  that  whereas  in  ye 

sd    Declaration Melkert   Abrahamse Complains 

that Cornelis  Teunise  van  Vechten  is  indebted 

for  one  hundred  and  eighty  skeppels  of  the  winter  wheat  de- 
livered by  the  aforesaid  ^ielkert  Abrahamse  to  ye  said  Cor- 
nelis   Teunise    van   Vechten    in 1689.... the    aforesaid 

Cornelis  Teunise  Van  Vechten  doth  utterly  deneigh  the  re- 
ceipt or  deliveiy  of  any  part  or  parcel  of  the  aforesaid  v/heat 

and   further  saith   not   but   putteth   himself  on   his 


' '  Albany  March  ye  2  6th  1705.  "  John  Collins . 

"The  Plentive  by  John  Collins  his  atturney  doth  demur  to  ve 

Defendants  Plea  and  saith  that  it  is  not  good  in  Law '.  . 

neither  admits  ye  action  to  be  tr\-ed  by  his  Countrey, 

wherefor  the  Plentive  prays  a  nonsuite  against  the  defendt  for 
such  his  Irregular  proceedings  and  denies  ye  Judgemt  of  this 
Court  therein. 

"John  Collins. 

"The  Defendt  by  his  atturney  Rich.  Brewer,  prays  that  the 
action  may  proceed,  being  veiling  to  pay  the  Cost's  thus  far, 
The  Court  taking  Consideration  in  ye  matter  are  of  opinion 
that  ye  action  doe  proceed,  and  that  ye  Deft  doe  f)ay  ve  Costs 
of  sute  so  farr  and  that  therefore  the  Deft  has  leave' to  amend 
his  plea  ordered  that  ye  Jury  bee  cald  up  vizt:  William 
Claese  Groesbeck,  Elbert  Gerritse,  Gysbert  Marselis  Gerrit 
Ryckse,  Gerrit  Lansing,  junr,  Phillip  forrest,  hamianus  wen- 
dell,  gerrit  Luykasse  Wyngaert,  Myndt  Roseboorn,  hendk  vro- 
man,  Isaac  Lansing,  Jacobus  Schuyler,  the  jury  was  sworn, 
and  after  the  examination  of  witnesses,  found  a  verdict  for 
the  Defendant.  The  Court  then  adjourned  'till  ys  day,  24 
night. " 

Melchert  Abrahamse  Van  Deusen  was  a  freeholder  in  the 
Colony  of  Rensselaerv/yck  in  1720  and  was  buried  at  Paps- 
knee  Jan.  6,  1742. 

Children,  bp  at  Albany: 

25  i        Rutger,  b  a  167 1 ;  m  Sept.  11,  1692,  Weintie  (Lavinia) 

Harmens  (Hun);  bur  at  Papsknee  June  22,  1731. 

26  ii       Catharina,  b  a  1672;  m  at  A.  June  28,  1691,  Lucas 

Janse  Witbeck. 

Second   Generation'  15- /C 

27  iii      Rachel,  b  a  1673 ;  m  a  1692,  Simon  Van  Esch 

28  IV      Margaretta,  b  a  1675;  m  Sept.  29,  169,-.  Evert  Pels 
V       Caspar,  b  a  1678;  m  a  1700,  Jannetje  Schermerhooren 

Issue:     Caspar,  Jr.,  bp  at  A.   April  20,    1701;  sps 
Levmus  W  mnen,   Neeltje  Schermerhorn 
Jannetje    b  a  16S0;  m  Sept.  5,   1702,  Thomas  Janse 

29  \ 


30  vn     Marntie,  b  at  A.  a  16S2;  m  (ist)    at    Hackensack    N 

J.,  March  22.  1701,  Tyme  Valentvn,  wid  of  Gerritie 
Comehse,    (2d)   at   Achquecknonck,   N.   J.,    Jan     i 
1 706,  Johannes  Thomas  Min^ael,  son  of  (4)'  Marvtje 
Van  Deusen  and  Thomas  Janszen  Mingael  and  \vid 
of  Mayke  Gothout. 

31  viii    Harpert,  b  a  1684;  m  (ist)  Nov.  7,  1707.  Helena  Van 

Deusen.  dau  of  (2)  Teuwis  Van  Deusen  and  Helena 
Robberts,  (2d)  The.  Van  Alstvne 

IX  Magdalena,  bp  at  A.  May  3,  16S5';  sps  Caatje  H.  Goth- 

out,   Gysbert    Cornelisz    (Van    den    Berg),    Marten 
Comehsz  (Van  Buren  or  Van  Ysselsteyn) 

X  Engcltje,  bp  at  A.  May  22,  1687,  sps  Margriet  Pieters 

Mmgael),  Pieter  Tomesz  (Mingael),  Jonas  Folkersz 
_  (Douw);  m  June  4,  1714,  Philip  Van  Vechten. 

32  XI      Abraham,   bp  at  A.   July    14.    16S9;  sps   Caatje  and 

Johannes    Bleyker;    m    Get.    10,    1720,    Catharina 
xii     Catelyntje,    bp    at   A.    Sept.    20,    1691;   sps    Herbert 
Abrahams  (Van  Deusen),  Jannetje  Bleyker;  d  Sept 
26,  1704.  ^ 




8     TRYNTJE    (MATTHEUSSE)   VAN   DEUSEN,   eldest 

dau  of  (2)   Tetiwis    (Mattheus)   Abrahamsen   (Van  Deursen) 

and  Helena  Robberts;  b  a  1654;  m  a  1673,  Samsox  Bexson; 

b  July  4,  1652 ;  d  June  2,  1730;  son  of  Dirck  Benson  and  Cata- 

lina  Berck.      From  Albany  they  removed  to  New  York  a  1697, 

wliere  they  were  residents  of  Harlem. 

Children',  b  and  bp  in  Albany  (Baptismal  Records  of  Al- 
bany begin  Aug.  5,  16S3): 

i  Catalina  Benson,  b  a  1675;  m  1697,  Stoflel  Pells;  d  in 

ii  Dirck  Benson,  b  a  1677;  m  a  1700,  Elizabeth  RadclifT; 
d  in  1727;  res  New  York;  oc  potter;  will  dated  May 
24,  1725,  proved  March  9,  1727-S.  Issue:  Sampson 
Benson,  oldest  son. 

iii  Teuwis  (Mattheus)  Benson,  b  a  1679;  m  in  1706, 
Catrina  Provoost. 

iv  Harmon  Benson,  b  in  1681;  m  July  19,  1702,  Altje 

V  Samson  Benson,  bp  April  13,  16S4;  sps  Weintje  Harmons, 
Robert  Martens;  m  in  17 10,  Maria  Bokee;  d  May  29, 

vi  Robbert  Benson,  bp  Jan.  i,  1686;  d  1715;  sps  Cornelia 
Martens,  Mathys  Jans;  m  March  14,  170S,  Cornelia 
Roos,  b  168S,  d  1760.  Issue:  Robert  Benson,  b  1715, 
d  1762;  m  Tryntje  Van  Borsum;  b  i7i8;d  1794;  their 
son,  Robert  Benson,  b  i739;d  1823  ;m  Dinah  Couwen- 
hoven;b  1747  ;  their  son  Egbert  Benson,  b  Sept.  i,  1789; 
_d  Feb.  25,  1866. 

vii  Willem  Benson,  bp  Oct.  30,  1687;  sps  Margriet  Rosen- 
boom,  Jacob  Isaaks;  d  y. 

viii  Elizabeth  Benson,  bp  Oct.  13,  16S9;  sps  Agniet  Leenderts, 
Reynier  Schaats,  Ruth  Melcherts  (Van  Deusen) ;  d 
Nov.  10,  1751;  m  P3gbert  Van  Borsum;  had  dau  Cath- 
arine Van  Borsum,  b  1718;  m  her  cousin  Robert  Ben- 

!-"^  Johannes  Benson,  bp  July  3,  1692;  sps  Johannes  Teller, 
Collette  Caspars;  d  y. 

'^       Helena  Benson,  bp  Feb.  14,  1694;  sps  Thomas  Harmens 
Hun,  Engeltje  Melcherts  (Van  Deusen) ;  d  y. 

20  Van  Deursen    Family 

xi      Maria  Benson,  bp  Feb.  5,   1696;  sps  Johannes  Bensing, 

Agnietje  Schaats :  d  y. 
xii     Henricus  Benson,  bp  in  New  York  Aug.   17,   1698;  sps 

Pieter  Van  Duerse  and  Aaltje  Uytcn  Bogert,  h.  v.  van 

Jacob  Van  Duerse;  m   1722,   Catharine  Van  Laer;  d 

Oct.  25,  1742. 
xiii   Catalina  Benson,  b  1707;  tmm  in  1726. 


of  ^(2)  Teuwis  (Matthew)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and 
Helena  Robberts;  b  a  165S:  m  Feb.  2,  1680  (Riker  says  July 
26,  16S6).  JoHAXXES  Bexson,  son  of  Dirck  Benson  and  Cata- 
lina Berck;  b  Feb.  8,  1655;  d  1715;  she  d  in  1746. 
Res:     New  Haerlem,  N.  Y. 

Childrex  (See  Riker 's  Harlem  for  Benson  Family): 
i        Samson  Benson,  b  Oct.  15,  1680;  m  July  26,  1699,  Maria 

ii       Helena  Benson,  b  Oct.  8,  1682  ;m  Oct.  22,  1703,  Lawrence 
Kortright  (For  descendants  of  this  line,  see  Miscellan- 
eous and  Related  Families). 
iii      Dirck  Benson,  b  Aug.  24,  1686;  m  (ist)  Jannetje  Vander- 
water,  Oct.  16,  1707;  (2d)  Catalina  Bokee,  171 1;  d  in 
iv      Cateline  Benson,  b  Aug.  24,  bp  in  Albany,  Oct.  7,  16S8; 
sps  Caatje  Melchertsz  (Van  Deusen),  Jacob  de  Cuyper 
(van  Deusen) ;  m  Jacob  Sammon. 
V       Rachel  Benson,  b  Aug.  29,  1690;  m  May  7,  1707,  John 
Couwenhoven  of  Bergen  County,  N.J.     They  had  nine 
vi      Matheus  Benson,  b  Jan.  5,  bp  in  Albany,  Feb.  i,  1693; 
sps  Johannes  Tomesz,  Marretje  Matheuisz  Van  Deusen; 
m  (ist)  Elizabeth  Bussing  Dec.  12,  17 16;  (2d)  widow 
Hannah  De  Groot,  dau  of  John  Edsall,  Dec.  9,  1727. 
vii     Catrina  Benson,  b  Aug.  27,  bp  Sept.  15,  1695 ;  sps 
Harmensz,  Cornelia  Robberts;  m  Feb.  21,  17 18,  Abra- 
ham De  La  Matre.     They  had  four  children, 
viii   Maria  Benson,  b  Apr.   26, 'bp  June  18,   1699;  sps  Jacob 
Van  Deurse;  m  Ryck  Ly decker,  April  19,   17 18;  res: 
Bergen  Co.,  N.  J.;  eleven  children. 
ix      Johannes   (John)   Benson,  b  May  20,  bp  May  29,  1701; 
sps  Adolf  Meyer  and  wife  Maria  Verveele;  m  May  24, 
1724,  Elizabeth  Lydecker,  dau  of  Gerrit  of  Bergen  Co., 
N.  J. 
X       Benjamin  Benson,  b  Mar.  24,  bp  Mar.  22,  1704;  sps  Jacob 
Martense,  Catalvntie  Van  Deurse. 

Third  Generation  21 

(?)  Teuwis  (Mattheus)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deiirsen  and  Plelena 
Robberts;  b  a  1660;  m  (ist)  at  Albany  Oct.  21,  16S5,  Mathys 
Jansz  Hoes,  or  Goes,  as  it  was  originally  spelled,  son  of  Jan 
Tyse  Goes  of  Kinderhook  and  Styntie  Van  Hoesen  (See  Mis- 
cellaneous and  Related  Families  for  Hoes  Family).  In  17 15 
Mathys  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Abraham  Van  Alstyn's  Com- 
pany of  Militia  at  Albany.  In  a  "  List  of  the  Heads  of  Fami- 
lies and  the  number  of  men,  women  and  children  in  each  house- 
hold in  the  City  and  County  of  Albany  the  i6th  of  June,  1697  " 
(Munsell's  Annals  of  Albany,  Vol.  9,  p.  81  et  seq.),  the  family 
of  Mathys  Jansz  Hoes  is  stated  to  consist  of  one  man,  one  wo- 
man and  three  children,  the  latter  being  the  two  oldest  and 
the  fifth  child,  Dirk,  the  other  two,  the  third  and  fourth,  hav- 
ing died,  presumably,  as  no  record  of  them  is  found  beyond 
that  of  their  baptism,  and  Dirk  had  been  baptized  just  a  month 
previous  to  the  taking  of  the  list.  The  date  of  Mathys '  death 
is  not  known,  but  on  July  8,  1723,  at  Albany,  the  ''Widow 
Cornelia  Hoes"  married  (2d)  Williaem  Hallenbeck  (Albany 
Church  Records),  whose  first  wife  was  Feytje  Dirksz,  dau  of 
Dirk  Teunessen  Van  Vechten  and  Jannetie  Michiels  of  Katskil, 
to  whom  he  was  married  May  23,  1697,  and  by  v/hom  he  had 
several  children. 

Children  (from  Albany  Church  Records),  by  first  hus- 

i  Jan  Hoes,  bp  Aug.  7,  16S7;  sps  Styntje  Goes,  Jan  Tysz 
Goes;  m  a  17 15,  Eytie  Vosburgh  (See  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  Families  for  this  line). 
ii  Mattheus  Hoes,  bp  Mar.  9,  1690;  sps  Tryntje  Winne. 
Thomas  Winne;  m  Jannetje  Bries  (See  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  Families  for  this  line) . 
iii     Johannes  Hoes,  bp  May  8,  1692 ;  sps  Johannes  T.  Mingaal, 

Marritje  Wendell;  d  prior  to  1697. 
iv      Breechje  Hoes,  bp  Jan.  20,  1695;  sps  Jan  Tysz  (Goes), 

Lena  Teuisz  (Van  Deusen) ;  d  prior  to  1697. 
V  Dirk  Floes,  bp  May  16,  1697;  sps  Claas  Lucas,  Catalyntje 
Teuisz  (Van  Deusen);  m  a  1725,  Elsje  Van  Valken- 
burgh  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 
vi  Lena  Hoes,  bp  Jan.  7,  1700;  sps  Abraham  Janssen  (A^'an 
Aalsteyn),  Marritje  Van  Deusen;  m  with  banns  at  Al- 
bany Jan.  30,  1720,  Pieter  Vosburgh,  son  of  Isaac  Vos- 
burgh and  Anneke  Jans  Hoes ;  bp  at  Kinderhook  Aug. 
3,  1690.  Issue:  Anna  Vosburgh,  bp  at  Alb.  Aug.  28, 
1720,  sps   David  and  Christina  Van  Dyck;  Matthias 

22  Van  Dp:ursen    Family 

Vosburgh,  bp  at  Alb.  Oct.  7,  1722,  sps  Sander  Van 
Aalsteyn  and  Christ.  Hoes, 
vii  Harbert  Hoes,  bp  July  5,  1702;  sps  Ruth  Van  Deusen, 
Catelyntje  Van  Deusen;  was  sponsor  at  a  baptism  at 
Loonenburgh,  now  Athens,  in  1736. 
viii  Christina  Hoes,  bp  Aug.  6,  1704;  sps  Pieter  Mingaal,  Mar- 
garita Mingaal;  m  Michael  Hallenbcck,  son  of  her  step- 
father, William  Jansse  Hallenbeek,  by  his  first  wife, 
Feitje  Dirkse  Van  Vechten;  bp  at  Alb.  Mar.  9,  1707. 
Issue:  Feitje  Hallenbeek,  bp  at  Loonenburgh  Mar. 
22,  1729;  Dyrk  Hallenbeek,  bp  at  Loonenburgh  26 
July,  1736;  Cornelia  Hallenbeek,  bp  at  Loonenburgh 
Mar.  22,  1739;  Abraham  Hallenbeek,  bp  at  Loonen- 
burgh Nov.  4,  1 741  ;  Ephraim  Hallenbeek,  bp  at  Loon- 
enburgh Nov.  17,  1743;  Michael  Hallenbeek,  bp  at 
Claverack  May  22,  174S. 
ix      Tr>'ntje  (or  ^Yyntje)  Hoes,  bp  Sept    i,  1706;  sps  Paulus 

Van  Vleq  (Van  Vleck),  Maria  Van  den  Berg. 
X  Ephraim  Hoes,  bp  Jan  9,  1709;  sps  Jan  Goes,  Magdalena 
Van  Bucren;  m  Mar  2,  1731,  Cornelia  Van  Schaack 
(See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families.) 
xi  Marretjen  Hoes,  bp  Feb  17,  1712;  sps  Melgert  Van  Deu- 
sen, Engeltien  Rutse;  m  (ist)  Samuel  Hallenbeek,  son 
of  William  Hallenbeek  and  Feitje  Dirkse  Van  Vechten ; 
(2d)  June  10,  1736,  at  Athens,  Evert  Bond,  son  of 
Hendrik  Bond  and  Jannetie  Evertsz.  Issue:  Samuel 
Hallenbeek  b  Mar  19,  1731;  Thys  (Matthys)  Bond, 
bp  May  26,  1737;  Jan  Bond,  bp  Apr  9,  1743.  ^^^  ^^ 

u  ROBBERT  (TEUWISSE)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (2) 
Teuwis  (Mattheus)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Helena 
Robberts;ba  1665  ;m  (ist)  Sept  22,  1689,  Cornelia  Marten- 
SE  Van  Buren,  dau  of  Marten  Comelissen  Van  Buren  and 
Araantje  Gerretse  (Vanden  Bergh),  of  Rensselaerwyck  Colony, 
who  mentions  her  in  his  w^ill  dated  April  10,  1703  (for  Van 
Buren  line  see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families) ;  m  (2d) 
Aug.  21,  i7i8,GeertruyVan  Benthuysen.  On  Jan.  20,1695, 
he  was  accepted  as  a  member  of  the  church  at  Kinderhook 
(Holland  Society  Vear  Book,  1904,  p.  10).  There  is  recorded 
in  Albany  the  transfer  of  two  tracts  of  land  in  Claverack  from 
Hendrick  Van  Renselaer  to  said  Robert  Teuwis,  in  Sept.  17 18 
(Book  E  p.  422,  424). 

Res:  In  June,  1720,  Claverack,  according  to  a  list  of  Free- 
holders of  that  town. 

Third  Generation  23 

Children,  bp  in  Albany,  by  first  wife: 

33  i    Johannes,  bp  July  13,  1690;  sps  Marretje  Martens,  Mar- 

ten Cornells,  and  Teuis  Abrahams;  m  Aug.  26,  1712, 
Christiana  Van  Alen. 
ii  Matheus,  bp  Nov.  i,  i6gi ;  sps  Pieter  iMartens,  Catelyntje 
Jacobs.     Pie  was  living  in  1748-9. 

34  iii  Marten,  bp  Feb.  21,  1694;  sps  Rut  Melcherts  (A^an   Deu- 

sen),  Catelyntje  Martens;  m  (ist)  Dec.  25,  1719,  El- 
bertje  Yander  Poel;  (2d)  Feb.  19,  1744,  Zara  Gardin- 
ier,  at  Kinderhook,  in  presence  of  Elder  John  Goes. 

35  iv  Tobias,   bp  Aug.    16,    1696;  sps  Antoni  Bries,  Tryntje 

Bries;  m  March  21,   1725,  Ariaantje  ^luller  (Miller). 

36  V  Robbert,  bp  Sept.  i,  1700;  sps  Marten  and  Marrytje  van 

Bueren;m  Nov.  22,  1724,  Christiana  Roorpagh  (Roor- 

12  JAN  TEUWISSE  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (2)  Teuwis 
(Mattheus)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deusen  and  Helena  Robberts; 
ba  1668  ;m  March  14,  1695,  Maritie  Martexse  Van  Buren, 
dau  of  Marten  Cornelisse  Van  Buren  (See  Miscellaneous  and 
Related  Families)  and  Maritje  Quackenbosh  his  first  wife  At 
the  time  of  their  marriage  both  were  residents  of  Albany.  On 
Jan.  22,  1696,  Jan  Teuwisse  and  his  wife  were  members  of  the 
Dutch  church  at  Albany.  He  d  a  1700,  his  widow  marrying 
again,  Dec.  20,  1702,  at  the  house  of  Albert  Rykman,  Mayor 
of  Albany,  Comelis  Gerritse  Van  den  Berg,  "y.  m.  Res.  Col. 
R. "  by  whom  she  had  a  son,  Gerrit  Van  den  Berg,  bp  A.  Sept. 
19,  1703 ;  sps  Reyer  Gerritse,  Marretje  Van  Deuse;  m  July  15, 
1729,  Margarita  Van  Vechten;  bp  March  3,  1706,  dau  of  Volck- 
ert  Van  Vechten  and  Lidia  Wesselse  Ten  Broeck,  dau  of  Dirk 
Wesselse  Ten  Broeck  and  Styntje  Van  Buren.  Gerrit  Van 
den  Berg  died  Oct.  1731. 


37  i      Matheus,  bp  at  A.  Jan.  19,  1696  ;  sps  Albert  and  Neeltje 

Rykman;  m  June  2,  1716,  Engeltie  Slingerland. 
3S  ii     Jan,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Sept.  9,  1699;  sps  Jacob  Van  Duersen, 
Tr^'ntje  Van  Deursen,  h.  v.  van   (wife  of)  Samson 
Bensen;  m  Oct.  16,  1719,  Hillegond  Roosa  of  Hurley, 
Ulster  County,  N.  Y. 

13  JACOBUS  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (2)  Teuwis  (Mat- 
theus) Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Helena  Robberts;  b  in 
Albany  a  1670;  m  in  New  York,  Nov.  14,  1695,  Aeltje  Gys- 
bertse  Uyttenbogaert,  "Wede  Van  Zacharias  Huys,  beyde 
v-'ontnde  alhier. ' '     He  was  described  in  the  marriage  record 

24  Van  Deursen    Family 

as  a  "j.  m.  Van  N.  Albanien."  He  d  before  1729;  her  death 
occurred  Sept.  3,  1731.  She  was  the  dau  of  Dirck  Uytten 
Bo^aert  and  Lysbeth  Eckerson.  whose  first  husband  was 
Zacharias  Zlugs  (Ancient  FamiHes  of  New  York,  Purple,  p. 
24  note). 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i      Mattheus,  bp  Sept.  20,  1696;  sps  Isaacq  Stoutenburg, 

Tn'ntie  Kensings ;  d  y. 
ii     Helena,  bp  Mar.  4,   1698;  sps  Sampson  Bensen,  Abram 
Van  Deursen;  m  June  14,  17 19,  (59)  Jacob  Van  Deu- 
sen,  son  of   (18)   Abraham  Van  Deusen  and  Anna 

39  iii    Neeltje,  bp  Feb.  4,  1700;  sps  Isaac  Stoutenburg,  V(  il- 

lemtje  Gysberts;  m  July  10,  1724;  Hendrik  Paulsze. 

40  iv    Matheus,  bp  Mav  31,  1702;  sps  Dirk  Uyten  Bogaert, 

Tr>-ntje  Bensen;  m  Apr.  18,  1730,  Margaret  Pauls. 

41  V     Gysbert  (Gilbert),  bp  Apr.  23,  1704;  sps  Claas  Boogert, 

Claasje  Van  Schaick,  s.  h.  v.  (his  wife);  m  May  14, 
1726,  Hanna  Ten  Broeck. 

42  vi   Tryntje,  bp  June  9,  1706;  sps  Matheus  Bensen,  Eliza- 

beth  Uyt   den   Bogert;  m   Oct.   3,   1725,  Johannes 

43  vii  Aaltje,  bp  March  6,  1709;  sps  vSamson  Bensen,  Neeltje 

Stoutenburg ;  m  a  1732,  Francis  Misnard. 

14  MARITJE  (TEUWISSE)  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (2) 
Teuwis  (Matthew)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Helena 
Robberts;  b  a  1675;  ^  Jan.  17,  1694,  at  Albany,  Abr.^ham 
Jaxsen  Van  Alstyxe  of  "Pompoonick, "  son  of  Jan  Marten- 
sen  and  Dirckien  Hermans.     He  was  alive  in  1742. 

Jan  Martensen,  father  of  Abraham  Jansen,  came  to  America 
with  his  wife,  Dirckien  Hermans,  prior  to  July  18,  1655,  when 
they  had  a  son,  Marten,  baptized  at  New  York.  He  \yas 
known  as  "de  Wever, ' '  or  the  weaver,  and  in  1657  was  livmg 
at  Albanv,  where  he  owned  a  house  and  lot.  In  1663  and 
1667  he  patented  land  at  Kingston,  and  in  1664  was  a  tenant 
of  Volckert  Jansz  and  Jan  Thomasz  upon  Island  Schodack 
(\^an  Rensselaer  Bov/ier  Manuscripts,  p.  826).  In  167 1  he 
bought  a  farm  back  of  Kinderhook,  v/here  he  and  his  wife  re- 
sided in  1678.  In  1697  Tan  De  Wever  was  a  resident  m 
* '  Rensselaerw\^ck  or  the  Colonie, "  with  two  children  and  no 
women  in  his  family. 

Children,  bp  at  Albany  (For  descendants  of  these  children 
see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families) : 
i        Johannes  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Aug.  26,  1694;  sps  Jacob  Van 

Third  Generation  25 

Deusen,  Catelyn  Bensing;  m  Aug.  5,  1719,  at  Albany, 
Maria   Staats    (?).  5.,.  \^i] 

ii  Matheus  Van  Alstyne,  bp  June  14,  1696;  sps  Hendrik 
Hans  (Oothout),  Marritje  Harberts  (Van  Deusen) ;  m 
(ist)  Dec.  10,  1728,  at  N.  Y..  Catherina  Kerfbyl;  (2d) 
Nov.  4,  1735,  at  N.  Y.,  Sara  Lvnch. 

iii  Dirkje  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Dec.  4,  169S;  sps  Jacob  Vosburg, 
Helena  V.  Deusen;  d  y. 

iv  Sander  (Alexander)  Van  Alstyne,  bp  at  Kinderhook  Jan. 
5,  1 701 ;  sps  Teunis  Van  Deusen,  Cornelia  Tvsse  (Goes) ; 
m  Nov.  2,  1733,  at  Kinderhook,  Elbertie  Van  Alen 
(See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

V  Abraham  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Aug.  15,  1703;  sps  Pieter  and 
Margarita  Mingaal;  m  Nov.''29,  1734,  at  Kinderhook, 
Wyntje  Conyne. 

vi  Leena  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Nov.  iS,  1705;  sps  Matheus  van 
Dense,  Maria  Wendel;  m  Oct.  7,  1723,  at  Albanv, 
Jacobus  Van  Alen. 

vii  Isaac  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Jan.  28,  170S;  sps  Harbert  Teu- 
wisse  and  Lena  van  Dense;  m  Elizabeth  Van  Alen. 

viii  Dirkje  (Dorothy)  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Apr.  30,  17 10;  sps 
Johs.  and  Jannetje  Mingal;  m  Nov.  7,  1729,  at  Kinder- 
hook, Martin  Pieterse  Van  Buren  (For  descendants  of 
this  line  see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

IX  Catryntie  Van  Alstyne,  b  Oct.   12,  17 13;  sps  Ruth  and 

Catlyntie  van  Deusen;  m  (1st)  Jan.  31,  1731,  at  K., 
Adam  Van  Alen,  (2d)  Jan.  5,  1753,  at  K.,  Lucas  jacobus 

X  Jacobus  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Apr.  21,  1 717  ;  sps  Thomas  Van 

Alstyne,  Engeltie  Van  Vegten ;  prob.  d.  v. 
xi     Marten  Van  Alstyne,  bp  i\Iay  3 ,  1 7 1 9 ;  sps  Gerrit  Lansingh 
Jun.,  Catalyna  Lansingh;  m  Catharine  Van  Alen. 

15"' ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (2)  Temvis  (Mat- 
theas)  \an  Deursen  and  Helena  Robberts  of  Claverack;  b  a 
^p6;  m  May  23,  1697,  Jacomyxtje  Van  Schoonhoven,  dau 
01  Gerrit  Hendrikse  Van  Schoonhoven  of  Albanv,  where  they 
v.cre  married. 

He  was  made  a  Freeman  in  New  York,  Julv  ?,  169S  (New 
York  Hist.  Soc.  Coll.  Vol.  18  p.  62). 

Res:     Albanv,  city  and  countv.     Oc:     Shoemaker. 


1      Mattheus,  bp  Oct.  22,  1699,  at  Kingston;  sps  Jacobus 

la  Maeter,  Antje  van  VIeck;  m  Elisabetli ; 

had  son,  Abraham,  b  June  2S,  1732 ;  bp  at  Athens. 

26  Van  Deursen    Family 

44  ii     Geurt   (Gerrit)   Hendrikse,  bp  vSept.   27,   1702,  at  Al- 

bany ;  sps  Jacobus  and  Maryt je  Van  Schoonhoven ; 
m  April  7,  1735,  Elizabeth  Ploeg. 

45  iii    Isaac,  bp  Dec.   24,   1704,  at  Albany;  sps  Temvis  and 

Marn-tje  van  Dense;  m  at  Kinderhook,  Jan.  14,  1730, 
Fiche  (Sophia)  Burghardt. 

46  iv    Henrik,  bp  June  15,  1707,  at  Albany;  sps  Pierre  and 

Henrikje  Benoit;  m  Neeltje  Rees  a  1730. 

47  V     Jacob,  bp  May  17,  17 10,  at  Kingston;  sps  Jacob  and 

Marretje  Rutze;  m  a  1734,  Lena  Vosburgh. 

of  (2)  Teuwis  (Mattheus)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Hel- 
ena Robberts  of  Albany  and  Claverack,  N.  Y.;  b  a  1678,  at 
Claverack;  m  (ist)  at  Claverack,  Dec.  5,  1699,  Jacobus  Mar- 
tens Van  Yselstyn,  b  at  Claverack  and  residing  at  Kingston. 
He  was  the  son  of  Comelis  >\Iartensen  Esselsteen  and  Cornelia 
Van  den  Berg  (Calendar  of  Wills  578,  p.  135)  and  the  grand- 
son of  Marten  Cornelisz  Van  Ysselsteyn  and  Mayke  ComeHs. 

Marten  Cornelisz  van  Ysselsteyn,  the  ancestor  of  the  family 
of  this  name,  was  one  of  the  proprietors  of  land  at  Schenectady 
in  1663,  and  later,  was  one  of  the  settlers  of  Claverack.  In 
an  affidavit  of  Oct.  28,  1660  (Notarial  Papers,  i :  36,  Albany 
County  Clerk's  Office),  he  states  that  in  his  youth  he  had  lived 
for  many  years  at  Houten,  in  the  Bishopric  of  Utrecht  (Van 
Rensselaer  Bowier  Manuscripts,  p.  181).  He  has  been  con- 
fused by  Pearson,  and  other  writers,  with  CorneHs  Maeson, 
the  second  son  of  Cornells  Maessen  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Re- 
lated Families)  and  Catelintie  ^^lartensz,  who  came  from 
Bueren  Maessen,  in  Gelderland,  the  ancestor  of  the  Van  Buren 

At' the  death  of  Jacobus  Van  Yselsteyn,  Catelyntje  Van 
Deursen  m  (2d)  at  Livingston,  May  16,  17 18,  Lambert  Kool, 
bp  Dec.  7,  1684,  son  of  Comelis  Teunsen  Cool,  q.  v.  In  1696 
Catalyntje  Van  Deursen  was  a  member  of  the  Dutch  Church 
at  Albany  (Holland  Soc.  Year  Book,  1904,  p.  19).  Adminis- 
tration granted  her  May  31,  1736  (Lib.  12,  p.  198;  Ulster  Co. 
Probate  Records,  p.  124). 

Res:     Nev,'  York  and  Kingston. 

Children,  2  to  5  bp  at  New  York,  i,  and  6  to  11  at  Kings- 
ton, by  first  husband: 
i        Marten  Van  Yselsteyn,  bp  at  K.  Aug.  11,  1700;  sps  Hen- 

drick  Bogard,  Jannetje  Bogard. 
ii       Helena  Van  Yselsteyn,  bp  March  28,  1703;  sps  Sampson 
Bensen,  Neltje  Van  Deurse. 

Third  Gexeratiox  27 

iii      Bata  Van  Yselsteyn,  bp  Dec.  26,  1705;  sps  Evert  Pels, 

Jacob  Van  Deurse,  Elizabeth  Bensen. 
iv      Matheus  Van  Yselsteyn,  bp  Oct.  16,  1715;  sps  Matheus 

Bensing,  Catharine  Provoost,  s.  h.  v.  (his  wife). 
V       Marytje  Van  Yselsteyn,  bp  July  2,  1718;  sps  Harmanus 

Bensing,  Aaltje  Bensing,  s.  h.  v. 
By   second   husband.     (See   also   Anjou,    Gustave,    Ulster 
County,  N.  Y.,  Probate  Records,  1906,  Vol.  2,  p.  124). 
vi     Anna  Kool,  bp  Aug.  9,  1719;  sps  Cornells  and  Hendrikjen 

Kool ;  d  y. 
vii    Anna  Kool,  bp  Oct.  30,  1720;  sps  Cornells  and  Geertjen 

viii  Cornells  Kool,  bp  Sept.  9,  1722;  sps  Corrielis  Kool,  Jan- 

neke  Brink;  m  Oct.  2,  1751,  Maria  Schoonmaker. 
i\     Janneken  Kool.  bp  Sept.  6,  1724;  sps  Jacob  Rutsz,  Sen., 

Jannejen  Brink. 
•x      Theunis  Kool,  bp  June  11,  1727;  sps  Johannes  Herden- 

berg,  Catrina  Rutsz;  m  Mar.  19,  17 58,  Jennetje  Dela- 

xi     Abraham  Kool,  bp  Mar.  8,  1730;  sps  Gerardus  Herden- 

berg,  Janneken  Elvendorff,  Philip  van  Vegten,  Engel- 

tjen  Van  Deusen. 

17  ISAAC  (TEUWISSE)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (2)  Teu- 
wis  (Mattheus)  Abrahamsen  Van  Deusen  and  Helena  Robberts 
of  Albany  and  Claverack,  N.  Y. ;  b  a  1680  "geboren  en  won- 
cade  aan  Claverack;"  m  Dec.  3,  1706.  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn, 
"^■elver  Plaatsen"  (of  the  same  place),  dau  of  Cornells  Marten- 
sen  Esselsteen  and  Cornelia  Van  den  Berg,  (Calendar  of 
Wills  578,  p.  135),  also  of  Claverack. 

They  were  residents  of  Claverack  in  1720  and  of  Kinder- 
>'.ook  in  1740,  in  v.diich  year  he  made  his  will  (May  24,  1740). 
The  will  was  probated  Oct.  S,  1742,  and  mentions  wife  Bata 
'ind  their  children:  Matteus,  Cornelia,  Batha,  Cornells, 
I^aac,  Marretje,  Tryntje,  Elizabeth,  xVnnatje,  Sarah,  Johan- 
nis  and  Helena.  (Calendar  of  Wills  No.  1990).  He  was  a 

^-  i  Matheus,  bp  at  A.  Aug.  3,  1707  ;  sps  Cornells  Martense 

Van  Ysselsteyn,  Marrytje  van  Dense;  m  a  1735, 

Rachel  Huyck. 
■*-'  Ji         Cornelia,  bp  at  A.  July  3,   1709;  sps  Abraham  van 

Aalstein,  Lena  van  Dense;  m  (ist)  a  1737,  Joachem 

Van  Valkenburg,  (2d)  a  1750,  Andries  Huyck,  v.'id 

of  her  sister,  Marretie. 

28  Van  Deursen    Family 

iii  Lena,  bp  at  Kingston,  June  24,  1711;  sps  Thomas 
jansz,  Mayke  Bogaard  ;  d  y. 

50  iv        Ba'ta,  bp  at' Kingston,  Sept.  27,   1713;  sps  Cornells 

Ysselsteyn,  Cornelia  Vreedenburg ;  m  a  1739,  Pieter 
Van  Valkenburgh. 

V  Cornelis  Andriessen,  bp  at  A.  Apr.  22,  17 16;  sps 
Willem  Yselstevn,  Lybetie  Van  Deusen. 

vi  Ysack,  bp  at  A.  June  2,  17 18;  sps  Melchert  van  Deu- 
sen, Lena  van  Deusen. 

51  vii       ^L'lrretie,  bp  at  A.  May  15,  1 7 20 ;  sps  Abram  van  Aal- 

steyn,  Marrette  van  Aalsteyn;  m  a  1743,  Andries 
Huyck.  At  her  death  he  m  her  sister  Cornelia  a 

52  viii     Ti-^-ntie,  bp  at  A.  Sept.   23,  1722;  sps  Isack  Yssel- 

steyn, Engeltie  van  Ness;  m  John  Mac  Lean. 

53  ix       Elvsabeth,  bp  at  A.  Aug.  9,   1724;   sps  Teunis  V. 

Aalstevn,  Elyz  V.  Rensselaer;  m  Teunis  Van 

54  X         Annatje,  bp  at  Kinderhook,  Feb.  4,  1727 ;  sps  Johan- 

nes and  Maria  Van  Alstyn;  m  a  1750,  Luycas  P. 
Van  Alen. 

55  xi        Sara,  bp  at  A.  Jan.  4,  i73o;  sps  H.  and  Lena  V.  Deu- 

sen; m  Sept.  12,  1755,  Dirk  Huyck. 
.'     xii       Johannes,  bp  at  Kingston,  May  28,  1732;  sps  Jan  van 
Deusen,  Hillegond  Roosa;  m  April  8,  1752,  Cather- 
ina  Boeckenhoven. 

56  xiii     Lena,  (or  Helena),  bp  at  A.  Sept.  29,  1734;  sps  Har- 

pert  and  Trs-ntje  van  Deusen;  m  June  2,  1700. 
Matheus  Hoes. 

18  ABRAPIAM  ISAACSZ  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (3) 
Isaac  (Abrahanisen)  Van  Deursen  and  Jannetje  Jans;  bp  ^o%. 
16,  1659,  in  the  Old  Dutch  Church  at  New  Amsterdam;  m  a 
1682,  Anna  Sickles,  dau  of  Zacharias  Sickles  and  Anna  Lam- 
berts Van  Valkenberg.  On  Aug.  6,  1723  he  was  granted  a 
Freemen's  right  (N.  Y.  Hist.  Soc.  Coll.  18,  p.  103).  He  d  Jan. 
6,  1727;  shed  Dec.  26,  17  28;  both  buried  O.  D.  C,  N.  Y. 

Res:     Albany  and  New  York.     Oc:     Merchant. 

Children:  . 

57  i  Isaac,  bp  in  A.  Mar.   14,   1688;  sps  Marretje  Lair.- 

bertsz  (\'an  Valkenberg),  Johannes  Van  Sante;  r.\ 
April  5,  1 7 13,  Anna  Waldron. 

58  ii         Marie,  bp  in  A.  Feb.  1 2,  1690 ;  sps  Catryn  Van  ^^antf, 

Gerrit  Wynandsz  (Xnn  der  Poel) ;  m  May  2,  17^-*' 
Edward  Man. 

Third  Generation  29 

iii        Sacharias,  bp  in  A.  Jan.   lo,   1692;  sps  Isak  Isaksz 
(Van   Deusen),  Catelyntje  Abramsz. 

59  iv        Jacob,  bp  in  xV.  Feb.  iS,  1694.  sps  Harbert  Jacobsz 

Van  Deusen,  Tr\-ntje  Wendell;  m  June  14,  1719, 
Helena  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (13)  Jacobus  Van 
Deursen  and  Aeltie  Uytenbogert.  (The  marriage 
record  gives  her  name  as  "Helena  Du  Foreest," 
but  in  the  bp  of  all  children  her  name  appears  as 
"Van  Deursen. ' ') 

60  V         Jannetje,  bp  in  A.  Xov.  17,  1695;  ^ps  Melchert  Ab- 

ramsz (Van  Deusen),  Rachel  Van  Valkenborgh; 
m  May  8,  17 19,  Jan  Van  Aamem. 

61  vi        Abraham,  bp  in  N.  Y.,  Nov.  3,  1697;  ^ps  Ipaac  Van 

Deurse,  Judith  Verwey;  m  July   17,   1726,  Antje 

vii      Johannes,  bp  in  N.  Y.,  Feb.  25,  1700;  sps  Sacharias 

Sickles  and  Maria  Brevoort,  s.  h.  v.  (his  wife) ;  m 

Aug.    9,    1 7  21,    Maria   Schultsen,    dau   of  Johann 

viii     Anna,    bp    in    X.    Y..    Nov.    23,    1701;   sps   Thomas 

Sickels,  Margarict  Van  der  Poel,  h.  v.  v.  (v/ife  of) 

Johannes  Van  Zant. 

19     JACOBUS    (ISAACSZ)    VAN    DEUSEN,    son   of    (3) 
Isaac  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Jannetje  Jans  of  New 
Am.sterdam;  bp  at  N.  Y.  July  2,  1662;  m  at  Albany,  Oct.  16. 
1687,  C.\T.\RiN.\  BoGERT,  dau  of  Johanncs  Gerritsen  Burger, 
or  Bogert,  and  Lysbeth  Claes. 
i      Jannetie,  bp  Apr.   13,    1690,  at  Albany,  sps  Lysbeth 
and  Jan    Harris,   Abraham   Isaacsz    (Van   Deusen) ; 
d  y. 
^2  ii     Lysbeth,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Sept.  6,  1691;  sps  Isaac  Abra- 
hamsen (Van  Deusen),  Jannetje  Jans;  m  Nov.  20, 
1708,  John  Man. 
iii   Jannetie,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Sept.  30,  1694;  sps  Gerrit  Borger, 
Jannetje  Claes. 
^■3  iv    Sara,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Jan.  6,  1697 ;  sps  Johannes  Van  Zant, 
Sarah  Martens,  wife  of  Gerrit  Burger;  m  Nov.   11, 
1 716,  Johannes  Van  Gelder. 
^4  V    Johannes,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Feb.  7,  1700;  sps  Pieter  Burger 
and  Catharina  Daniels,  his  wife;  m  June  12,   1725, 
Gecrtje  Minthorn. 
vi   Jacobus,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Sept.  20,  1702  ;  sps  Gerrit  Wynans 
C^'^an  der  Poel),  Debora  Wynans  (Van  der  Poel). 

30  Van  Deursen    Family 

20  ISAAC  (ISAACSZ)  VAN  DEURSEX,  son  of  (3)  Isaac 
Abrahamszen  Van  Deursen  and  Jannetie  Jans  of  New  York; 
bp  May  i.  1670;  m  April  24,  1697,  METjE"(MARTnA)  Christ- 
AENs.  He  was  made  a  Freeman  Aug.  30,  160S  (Nev.-  York 
Hist.  Coll.  Vol.  1 8,  p.  6S). 

In  May,  17 14.  he  sold  a  tract  of  land  commonly  known  by 
the  name  of  "Tapan  alias  Orange"  to  Johannes  Van  Zant, 
the  deeds  being  authenticated  by  Rip  Van  Dam,  J .  P. 

Res:     New  Jersey,  and  Orange  Co.  N.  Y.     Oc:  Cordwainer. 


65  i      Isaac,  bp  N.  Y.  Feb.  6,  169S;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deursen, 

Margrieta  Van  der  Poel,  h.  v.  van  (wife  of)  Johannes 
Van  Zant;  m  (ist)  May  24,  171S,  Angenetie  Faroe 
(2d)  Dec.  14,  1723,  Elizabeth  Rosenboom. 

ii  Christiaan,  bp  N.  Y.  Jan.  21,  1700;  sps  Johannes  Van 
Zant,  Rebeckka  Gocderer;  m  Marietje 

iii  Catryna,  b  at  Achquiggenonck,  a  1702;  m  at  Hacken- 
sack,  N.  J.,  Aug.  18,  1722,  Pieter  Visser,  a  youiig 
man  from  Wurtemberg,  Germany.  Res:  Hacken- 
sack,  N.  J. 

iv  Jenneke,  b  at  Tappan,  a  1705;  m  at  Hackensack,  Mar. 
20,  1 73 1,  Jan  Fewis,  a  young  man  from  "O.  Eng- 
land."    Res:     lapog. 

V  Fea,ba  1715  "at  Rampooh  S:  1  in  Cloof ;"  m  at  Hacken- 
sack, Dec.  12,  1735,  Wynnant  Van  Gelderen,  son  of 
Jacobus.  Issue:  Jacobus  Van  Gelderen,  bp  at 
Hack.  Jan.  16,  1737;  sps  Jacobus  Van  Gelderen  and 

66  vi    Shadrach,  b  1727;  d  at  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  9,  1794, 

aged  67 ;  name  of  wife  not  known. 

21  WIFFEM  (JACOBSZ)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (5) 
Jacob  Abrahamsen  Van  Deusen  and  Catalyntje  Van  Elslant; 
b  a  1664;  m  in  Albany  Jan.  13,  1692,  Elisabeth  Rosenboom. 
dau  of  Hendrick  Rosenboom. 

Towards  the  close  of  the  year  16S3,  William  Van  Deusen 
was  accepted  as  a  member  of  the  Dutch  Church  at  Albany, 
and  in  1720  we  find  him  an  Elder  there.  On  Jan.  24,  1699,  he 
took  the  oath  of  allegiance  to  the  British  and  was  a  member 
of  "Capt.  Johannis  Mingaels  Comp.  ye  10  oc'ber  1715,  City 
of  Albany. ' '  He  was  also  an  active  participator  in  the  poHti- 
cal  life  of  the  colony,  being  chosen  Assessor  for  the  Third 
Ward  of  Albany  Oct.  14,  1703.  His  name  is  mentioned  fre- 
quently in  the  Colonial  Records  of  the  time.  He  acted  in  the 
capacity  of  firemaster,  as  the  following  record  shows.     "Dec. 

Third  Gener.\tion  31 

7,  1706,  The  Council  resolved  to  appoint  the  following  persons 
as  fyremasters  for  ye  Ensueing  year  imtil  the  iqth  of  October 
next.  William  Hogan  Anthony  Coster,  William  Jacobsz 
(Van  Deiisen),  Johs.  Claes,  Jan  Evertse  &  Jacobus  Schuyler, 
who  are  to  vew  the  Chimneys,  where  fyres  are  kept  within  the 
city  "and  oyer  convenient  places  once  in  each  14  nights  and 
where  they  find  chimneys  extraordinary  fouU  to  fine  ye  owner 
in  ye  summe  of  three  shillings. ' '  (Van  Deusen  Genealogy,  p. 
40).  His  house  stood  on  the  north  corner  of  Maiden  Lane 
and  Pearl  Street,  Albany,  in  1711.  He  was  buried  at  Albany 
Sept.  8,  1737. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i      Jacob,  bp  Sept.  4,  1692  ;  sps  Harpert  Jacobsz  Van  Deu- 
sen, Gysbertje  Rosenboom. 
67  ii     Margriet,  bp  Apr.  14.  1695;  sps  Hendrik  Rosenboom, 
Cataline  Jansz  (?) ;  m  Dec.  9,  1722,  Hendrik  Cuylder. 
(As  wid  of  Gysbertje  Lansing  he  m  Dec.   5,   1695, 
Trynte  Jansz,  wid  of  Rut  Jacobse). 
f'S  iii    Catelyntje,  bp  Nov.  21,  1697  ;  sps  Johannes  Rosenboom 
Margriet  Mingal;  m  July  15,  1721,  Jan  Gothout;  d 
May  13.  1753. 

69  iy    Marytje,  bp  Sept.  i,  1700;  sps  Picter  Mingaal,  Gerritjc 

Rosenboom;  m  June  28,  1728,  Isaac  Staats. 
V     Elisabeth,  bp  Mar.   21,   1703;  sps  Gerrit  Rosenboom, 

Marytje  Van  Deuse;  d  y. 
vi    Lysbeth  (Elisabeth),  bp  Dec.  25,  1705;  sps  Henrik  and 

Debora   Roseboom    (Staats),    Marrytje  Van   Deuse; 

prob  m  Thomas   Cooper.     Issue:     Obedya  Cooper, 

bp  at  A.   Nov.   6,   1744;  sps  Obediah  and  Cornelia 


70  vii  Hendrik,  twin  of  Lysbeth;  bp  Dec.  25,  1705;  sps  same 

as  Lysbeth;  m  a  1730,  Ariaantje  Staats. 

22  HARPERT  (JACOBSZ)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (5) 
Jacpb  Abrahamsen  Van  Deusen  and  Catalyntje  Van  Elslant; 
bp  in  N.  A.  Oct.  9,  1665;  m  at  Albany  Jan.  24,  1695,  Marrytje 
Oerritse  Lansing,  dau  of  Gerrit  Ryertse  Lansing  and 
Ariantje  Janse.  In  1683  he  was  a  member  of  the  Dutch 
C'lurch  at  Albany,  and  in  1701  we  find  his  name  on  the  records 
of  that  church  as  Deacon.  In  1728  he  paid  2  florins  to  the 
c^.urch  as  "dood  cleet  gelt"  or  pall  money.  On  Sept.  29, 
1708,  he  was  elected  an  Alderman  of  the  Second  AVard,  Al- 
bany, assuming  onice  on  Oct.  14.  In  1715  he  is  recorded  as 
'd  member  of  Captain  Gerrit  Rosenboom 's  Company  of  Militia, 
•••:id  was  a  freeholder  of  the  Third  Ward  in  1720.     He  was 

32  Van  Deursex    Family 

buried  at  the  foot  of  State  Street  July  6,  1742,  and  his  wife  on 
March  9,  1750. 

Harpcrt  Jacobsz  Van  Deusen,  in  common  with  many  other 
members  of  the  family,  v.-as  prominent  in  the  public  affairs 
of  the  colony  at  Albany.  The  following  records  are  not  onlv 
of  interest  to  the  family,  but  throw  a  light  upon  the  manners 
and  habits  of  living  in  those  early  pioneer  days,  not  so  ven,- 
far  removed  from  our  own,  when  the  nation,  with  rapid,  giant 
strides,  has  taken  a  foremost  place  among  the  nations  of  the 
world,  unprecedented  among  them  for  the  rapidity  of  its 
growth,  and  owing  its  preeminence,  may  we  not  say,  to  the 
solid  characteristics  of  those  early  pioneers  who  laid  its  foun- 

"Whereas  on  the  24th  of  May  last  a  warrant  was  directed 
to  the  assessors  of  this  City  to  make  their  assessment  for 
£100  \ipon  the  Inhabitants  therein,  and  to  make  their  re- 
turn in  the  space  of  eight  days  to  Mr.  Mayor,  under  hand  and 
seal,  which  assessm.ent  being  made  and  produced  at  the  meet- 
ing, 'desyring  approbation,'  but  being  found  not  to  be  sealed 
according  to  order  'is  given  over  again  to  ye  assessors  and  re- 
ferred till  Harpert  Jacobse  (Van  Deusen)  Ben.  van  Corlaer, 
assessors,  come  home  from  New  York,  to  the  sealing  thereof. 

"Albany,  ye  14th  of  October,  A'^  1700.  At  the  day  ap- 
pointed by  the  Charter  of  the  City  for  the  Aldermen  in  their 
respective  wards  to  make  return  of  the  aldermen,  assistants, 
assessors  and  constables  'for  ye  ensueing  year,'  Harpert 
Jacobse  (Van  Deusen)  was  returned,  as  assistant' from  the 
'Third  Ward.'  " 

"At  a  Cotmcil  meeting  held  on  the  15th  of  November,  1700, 
at  which  were  present:  John  Johnson  Bleeker,  Mayor;  Joh. 
Schuyler,  Da.  Schuyler,  Johannes  Roseboom,  John  Cuyler, 
Wessel  ten  Broek,  Joh.  Abeel,  aldermen;  Jacob  Turke,  Hend, 
Oothout,  Luykas  Gerritse,  Gerrit  Van  Ness,  Harpert  Jacobse 
(Van  Deusen)  assistants. 

"It  is  concluded  that  the  following  Proclamation  be  pro- 
claimed. That  according  to  ye  yearly  custome  they  doe  here- 
by prohibit  and  forbid  ye  Retailing  of  all  sorts  of  strong 
Liquor  within  this  Citty  and  County,  unless  by  Mr.  Mayors 
Lycense,  on  penalty  of  forfeiting  as  a  fyne  upon  such  person 
or  persons  so  offending  ye  summe  of  five  pounds  according 
to  act  of  assembly,  as  also  that  no  such  Retailers  shall  receive 
from  any  Souldier  upon  any  Pretence  v/hatsoever  any  of  their 
Provisions,  Cloaths,  or  other  accoutrements,  or  shall  retaile 
to  them  in  their  house  after  ye  ringing  of  ye  Bell  for  Eight 
o'clock  at  night  upon  penalty  of  forfeiting  for  each  souldier 

Third  Generation  33 

so  founde  as  aforesaid  ye  summe  of  six  shillings  for  ye  Behoffe 
of  such  Person  as  shall  sue  for  ye  Same. ' ' 

"At  a  meeting  of  the  commonality  held  on  the  24th  of 
November,  1700,  it  was  among  other  things  concluded  that 
warning  be  given  to  the  Justices  of  the  City  and  County  to 
appear  on  the  23d  of  December  at  nine  o'clock  in  the  morn- 
ing to  few  (view)  the  City  and  County's  accounts,  for  the  late 
yenr  to  the  14th  October  last.  To  which  end  Johannis  Abeel, 
John  Schuyler,  and  Johannis  Roseboom,  aldermen,  Jacobus 
Turke,  Luykas  Gerritse,  and  Harpert  Jacobse  (Van  Deusen), 
assistants,  are  appointed  to  'vizite'  said  accounts  and  see 
them  justly  made,  returning  them  in  the  hands  of  Mr.  Mayor 
the  2ist  of  December  next." 

"The  Council  of  the  27th  of  Januar>%  1701,  concluded  and 
thought  very  necessary  that  fyre  leathers  and  hooks  be  made 
"i'or  ye  behooffe  of  this  Citty,  since  ye  old  one  Deckayed  and 
lost.  Wherefore  it  was  resolved  that  three  leathers  of  five 
and  twenty,  and  three  of  eighteen  foot  be  made,  and  three 
hooks  of  fifteen  foot,  which  Hend.  Oothout  and  Harpert 
Jacobse  (Van  Deusen)  have  undertaken  to  make  with  all 

It  is  further  concluded  since  the  bridge  by  Col.  Schuyler 
doth  decay,  that  Roseboom,  Hend.  Oothout,  and  Harpert 
Jacobse  (Van  Deusen)  to  'vizite  ye  same  and  make  returns' 
the  next  Court  what  is  required  to  be  repaired.  On  the  fol- 
lovring  day,  ye  Gent'n  yesterday  appointed  to  vizite  ye  same 
doe  Retume  that  it  Requires  to  be  Repaired  with  i  oak  logg 
of  17  foot,  &c.  It  is  Resolved  that  the  gutters  next  to  the 
house  of  Mr.  Cuyler  near  the  fort,  and  the  creek  by  the  Luth- 
eran Church,  require  before  they  can  be  repaired,  one  'pine 
logg  of  thirty  foot  long,  and  one  to  a  half  foot  thick,  at  ye 
Mnall  end,  one  of  five  and  twenty  foot,  like  thickness,'  &:c., 
all  of  which  timber  wood,  as  aforementioned,  Mr.  Joh.  Cuyler, 
alderman,  Harpert  Jacobse  (Van  Deusen)  and  Hend.  Oothout, 
assistants,  have  undertaken  to  agree  v.ith  some  'Particular 
Person  who  shall  Ride  ye  same  upon  ye  Citty  charge. '  ' ' 

"On  May  6,  1701,  Mr.  Joh.  Lydius,  Minister,  Anthony  van 
Schaik,  Elder,  and  Harpert  Jacobse  (Van  Deusen)  Dayken  of 
ye  Dutch  Reformed  Church  of  Albany,  make  application  to 
the  Commonality  against  Pr.  Bogardus  that  he  is  about  en- 
_encing  a  certain  lott  of  grounde  Scituate,  Lying  and  being 
:n  ye  great  pasture  to  ye  southwarde  of  ye  Citty,  Belonging 
to  ye  Church  wardens,  and  in  possession  to  which  they  own  a 
pretence.  Desyreing  ye  Gen'n  in  Common  Councill  to  be 
aiding  and  assisting  them  in  ve  premises  that  ye  further  in- 

34  Van  Deursen   Family 

fencing  may  be  stopt  till  ye  arrival  of  Maj.  Dirk  Wessels,  who 
is  supposed  can  give  some  Information  relating  to  said  lott. 
Ye  Gen  'n  in  Common  Councill  have  taken  ye  Request  in  con- 
sideration and  sent  for  Mr.  Bogardus  desyre'ing  him  to  forbear 
fencing  four  or  five  days  till  Maj.  Wessells  arrives,  but  fynde- 
ing  unwilling  to  allow  of  sd  Days,  are  unanimously  of  opinion 
that  sd  lott  of  grounde  shall  be  no  further  Infenced  till  next 
Saturday,  on  the  arrival  of  Dirk  Wessells,  who  Emmediately 
shall  be  sent  for. ' ' 

' '  On  Jidy  31,  1 701 ,  the  Release  or  Conveyance  of  the  Church 
at  Albany  (which,  on  the  ist  instant  was  appointed  to  be 
drawn)  is  produced.  The  same  after  being  perused  is  signed, 
sealed  and  delivered  by  John  Johnson  Bleeker,  Esq.,  ^Iayo^ 
of  this  Citty,  by  and  with  advise  and  consent  of  the  aldermen 
and  Common  Council,  to  Mr.  Joh.  Lydius,  Minister  of  the  Gos- 
pel of  the  Reformed  Netherland  Dutch  Congregation  of  the 
City  of  Albany,  Maj.  Dirk  Wessels,  Anthony  van  Schack, 
Hend.  v.  Rensselaer,  and  Johannis  Abeel,  present  Elders,  and 
William  Clase  Groesbeck,  Harpert  Jacobse  (Van  Dcusen), 
Gerrit  Van  Ness,  &  Johannis  Schuyler,  present  Dyakens  of  ye 
sd  Congregation  and  their  successors  forever. ' ' 

"Harpert  Jacobse  was  again  chosen  assistant,  from  the 
Third  Ward,  and  Ruth  Melgertse  was  chosen  High  Constable, 
for  ye  Half  Moon,  Oct    14,  1701." 

"On  the  11th  Instant  the  Council  concluded  that  the 
following  persons,  viz:  Johannis  Abeel,  Johannis  Rosebooni, 
aldermen,  Johannis  Harmense,  and  Harpert  Jacobse  (Van 
Deusen)     assistants,    be    appointed    to    vew    ye    stockadoes 

lately  bought  by  Tierk  Harmense,   &c., whether  ye 

same  be  sufficient  and  according  to  agreement,  and  to  make 
returne  of  ye  same  unto  Mr.  Mayor  in  ye  space  of  three  tim.e 
twenty  four  houres  ensueing  ye  date  hereof. ' ' 

"The  Mayor,  Aldermen  and  Commonality  met  in  Council 
on  the  25th  of  November,  1701,  and  passed  the  following  reso- 
lution: Whereas  Complaints  are  made  yt  diverse  Inhabitants 
doe  refuse  to  pay  such  summe  or  summes  of  money  they  are 
indebted  to  the  2  pr  ct  upon  Indian  goods,  and  3d,  upon  each 
gallon  Rom  graunted  by  act  of  assembly  to  the  Citty  of  Al- 
bany and  County  to  defray  their  necessary  [expenses],  which 
goods  and  Rom  being  landed  and  received  in  their  houses  be- 
fore the  Determination  of  said  act,  which  expired  ist  July 
last.  The  Mayor,  Aldermen  and  Commonality,  after  viewing 
of  said  act,  take  it  into  consideration  that  such  Person  or  Per- 
sons must  pay  the  money  so  indebted  and  thereto  ordered  the 
City  Treasurer  to  goe  rounde  and  collect  the  same,  and  in 


Third  Generation  35 

each  case  such  persones  do  refuse  to  pay  stich  debts,  if  under 
40s  to  summonse  them  before  any  Justice,  if  above  40s  to 
sue  for  the  same  at  the  next  Mayor's  Court,  moreover  Jacob 
Turke  and  Harpcrt  Jacobse,  assistants,  are  appointed  to  assist 
said  Treasurer. 

"Among  the  Aldermen,  of  Albany,  chosen  on  the  14th  of 
October,  1703,  were,  for  the  second  Ward,  William  Jacob-;e, 
Assessor;  for  the  third  Ward,  Ruth  Melgertse,  Assistant;  Har- 
pert  Jacobse,  Assessor. ' ' 

"The  Council  ordained  on  June  19,  1708,  that  Hendk  out- 
hout  ye  sworne  Surveyor  of  this  Citty  Bee  authorized  to- 
gether vv'ith  Barent  Sanders  and  Hcnd:  Ten  Eyk,  by  whose 
directions  the  Inhabitants  of  the  Pearl  St.  within  from  the 
house  of  ]\Ir.  Robt  Livingston  &  ye  house  of  Catherine  Vander 
Peel  To  ye  houses  of  Mr.  John  Cuyler  and  Johs  harmense 
each  before  his  house  or  Lott  are  make  the  Regulation  &  in 
good  order  yt  gysbert  marcelis  and  harpert  jacobse  (Van 
Dcusen)  are  likewise  appointed  to  be  assistant  to  ye  sd  Hend 
outhout  by  whose  directions  ye  Inhabts  of  ye  small  St.  yt 
goes  down  in  ye  Citty  from  gysbt  marselis  and  abraham  Kipp 
to  the  house  of  John  D.  Wandlaer  are  Likewise  to  make  Each 
ye  same  Regular  and  in  good  order  before  his  own  house  or 
Lott  before  the  first  of  Augt  next  Ensueing. ' ' 

At  the  close  of  the  year  1700,  Harpert  Jacobse  Van  Deusen 
was  one  of  the  auditors  of  the  accounts  of  the  Reformed 
Dutch  Church  at  Albany,  the  follov.-ing  quaint  entry  being 
among  the  expenses  of  the  year.  On  February  15,  Ryseck, 
widow  of  Gerrit  Swart,  and  the  last  of  the  church  poor,  died, 
the  onkosten  (cost)  for  whose  funeral  was:  "3  dry  boards 
for  the  coffm,  7:  10;  3-4  nails,  i:  10;  making  the  coffin,  249.; 
cartage,  103;  a  half  vat  and  an  anker  of  good  beer,  27  g.;  i 
pal.  rum,  21  g. ;  6  gall  Madeira  for  women  and,  84  g. ; 
^ugar  and  cruyery,  5  g. ;  150  sugar  cakes,  15  g.;  tobacco  and 
pipes,  4:  10;  Hendrick  Roseboom,  doodgraver,  30  g. ;  use  of  the 
pall,  12  g. ;  total,  230  g.  A  claim  of  Roseboom  of  12  g.  for  in- 
viting to  the  funeral  (prelendeerde  voor  't  aensprek-^n  buyten 
d'  stad)  was  paid;  but  was  regarded  as  an  extortionate  charge, 
Jind  the  consistory  ordered  that  the  doodgraver  should  there- 
alter  have  from  the  deacons  30  guilders  and  no  more,  for  like 
services. ' ' 

Childrhk,  bp  in  Albany: 
i  Tryntje,  bp  Aug.  9,  1696;  sps  Elbert  Gerrits,  Catel- 

yntje  Jacobs;  d  y. 
ii         Tryntje,  bp  Aug.  22,  1697;  sps  Willem  Jacobs,  An- 
netje  Gerrits. 

■I   111 



7".   viii 

74  1-^ 

3(3  Van  Deursen    Family 

Gerrit,  bp  Jan.  5,  1700;  sps  Jan  Gemtse,  Catelyntje 

van  P^sland;  m  a  1730,  Lisabeth 

Jacob,  bp  Nov.   19,   1701;  sps  Willem  Jacobse  van 

Dense,  Lvsbeth  van  Dense;  d  y. 
Jacob,  bp  Oct.  3,  1703;  sps  Elbert  Gemtse,  Marytje 

Henrik  (Henrv),  bp  Sept.  29,  1705;  sps  Reyer  Ger- 
ritse  (Lansing),  Geertruv  Gemtsen. 
72  vii      Abraham,  bp  Nov.  17,  1706;  sps  Christina  Gemtse; 
m  Oct.   7,    1732,    Rachel  Pels,  dau  of  (28)  Mar- 
garetta  Van  Deusen  and  Evert  Pels. 
Anna,    bp    Mar.    16,    1709;   sps   Johannes    Mingaal. 
Maria  Mingaal;  ma  1728,  Abraham  Witbeck,  son 
of  (26)  Catharina  Van  Deusen. 
Catalina,  bp  Feb.  10,  1712;  sps  Willem  Jacobs,  (Van 
Deusen),  Elisabeth  Roscboom;  m  Dec.  25,   1742, 
Jacob  Witbeck,  son  of  (29)  Jannetje  Van  Deusen. 
X         Marretie,  bp  Nov.   13,   1715;  sps  Ruth  Melchersen, 
Maria  Gerritsen;  m  Oct.   17,   i74i.  Melchert  Ab- 
rahamse  Witbeck,  son  of  (29)  Jannetje  Van  Deu- 
sen   and    Thomas    Janse    Witbeck.     Issue:     Jan- 
netje Witbeck,  ^bp  a  Oct.  24,  1742;  sps  Johannes 
and  Jannetje  Witbeck. 

2x  ABRxVHAM  (PIETERSZ)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (6) 
Pieter  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Hester  Webbers ;  bp  m 
N  Y  July  28,  1672;  d  Dec.  10,  1759;  ^  Oct.  S,  1704,  Lucre- 
Ti''^  BoGARDUS,  who  v/as  bp  Sept.  14.  1678,  with  twin  sister, 
Maria-  thev  were  daiis  of  William  Bogardus  (See  Miscellan- 
eous and  Related  Families)  and  Walburg  de  Silla,  and  the  gr 
daus  of  Do.  Everardus  Bogardus,  the  second  minister  of  New 
Amsterdam,  and  Annetie  or  Anneke  Jans,  the  widow  of  Roe- 
loft  Tans      (Will  dated  Mav  21,  1761,  proved  June  25,  1762). 

On  ^ept  I"  1737,  Abraham  Van  Deusen  was  a  petitioner 
for  the  removkl  of  William  Crosby,  Sheriff  of  the  City  and 
County  of  New  York.  r^     .    >t  ^1  «.,r 

\pril  10  I7^^S,  he  resided  "m  ve  Beat  of  Capt.  Mathew 
Clarckson''  in  Citv  of  New  York.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Colonial  Militia  and  resided  in  New  York  m  a  house  on  the 
west  side  of  Broad  Street,  a  few  doors  north  of  Beaver,  where 
he  followed  the  occupation  of  tallow  chandler. 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i  Anna,  bp  Aug.  30.  1705;  sps  Johannis  \  an  Deurse 

Hester  Van    Deurse   s.    moeder    (his   mother);   a 
prior  to  1 761. 

Third  Generation  37 

75  ii         Pieter,  bp  Nov.  3,  1706;  sps  Johannie  Van  Deurse, 

Cornelia  Koyer;  m  June  17,  1733,  Maria  Hildreth. 
iii  Anneke,  bp  Oct.  27,  170S;  sps  Everardus  Bogardus, 
Catharine  Tiele;  ni  Peter  Demarest.  Issue:  Dan- 
iel Demarest,  bp  at  Dutch  Church,  Schraalenburg, 
N.  J.,  Dec.  20,  1 761,  sps  Pieter  and  Rubecke 
Demarest.  Anneke  v/as  admitted  a  member  of 
the  Dutch  Reformed  Church  at  Schraalenburg,  N. 
J.,  Nov.  17,  1763;  she  was  living  Dec.  25,  1791, 
then  a  widow. 

76  iv        Mar^'tje,  bp  Jan.  23,  1712;  sps  Johannes  v.  Deurse, 

Jannetje,  s.  h.  vr.;  m  Oct.  23,  1741,  Joris  Brinck- 

77  V         Catharina,  bp  Sept.  30,  1713;  sps  Evert  and  Grietje 

Pels;m  (ist)  Nov.  19,  1739,  Isaak  Van  Vleck,  who 
d  prior  to  1761 ;  (2d)  Lawrence  Reman,  whom  she 
married  prior  to  1761. 
7S  vi  Willem,  bp  Sept.  16,  1716;  sps  Johannes  Van  Deurse, 
Gerretje  Fieley;  m  Dec.  11,  1741,  Catharina  Gil- 

vii  Hester,  bp  Sept.  17,  171S;  sps  Franck  Chiles,  Cornelia 
Chiles,  s.  h.  v.  (his  wife). 

viii  Abraham,  bp  Jan.  17,  1721;  sps  Francis  Childe, 
Cornelia  Childe  s.  h.  vr.  He  died  a  bachelor  in 
1807.  Res:  Broad  Street,  N.  Y. ;  probably  in 
house  inherited  from  his  father.  Oc:  "Gentle- 
man." (Will  dated  Jan.  6,  1806,  pro  Sept.  14, 

(6)  Pieter  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Hester  Webbers  of 
New  York;  bp  there  Feb.  11,  1682;  m  there  Dec.  22,  1709, 
Ja.wetje  Marshall,  who  d  Sept.  26,  1763.  He  was  a  peti- 
tioner in  1737  for  removal  of  William  Crosby,  Sheriff  of  the 
City  and  County  of  New  York*.  Also  a  witness  to  the  will  of 
Dirck  Ten  Eyck,  Oct.  25,  1710.  He  d  March  14,  1763,  and 
v,-as  bur  in  the  Old  Dutch  Church,  N.  Y.,  as  was  his  wife  also. 
Children,  bp  in  New  York: 

Catharina,   bp  June   18,    1712;  sps   Abrah.   van   Deurse, 

Lucretje  (Bogardus),  s:  hs:  vr..  (his  wife). 
Hester,  bp  Aug.  29,  17 14;  sps  Johannes  Aartse,  Annatje 

V.  dr.  Spiegel. 
Pieter,  bp  Apr.    14,    1717;  sps  Jacobits   Kwik,  Jenneke 
Stevens;  d  Sept.  14,  1731 ;  bur  in  0.  D.  Ch.,  N.  Y. 

38  Van  Deursen   Family 

(7)  Melchior  Abrahamsen  \'an  Deusen  and  Engeltje  Rutgers 
VanWoert;  b  a  1671;  ni  Sept.  11,  1692,  Weyntje  Lavixia 
Harmen'sz,  dau  of  Hanneu  Thomas  Hun  and  Catalyntie 
Berck,  b  Oct.  29.  1663.  In  1683  he  was  a  member  of  the  Dutch 
Church' at  Albany,  and  on  Jan.  4,  1699,  took  the  oath  of  al- 
legiance to  the  British,  subscribing  to  the  test  and  as^^ocia- 
tion.  He  carried  on  the  business  of  linen  weaving;  was  a 
member  of  the  Common  Council  in  1705,  his  name  being 
found  frequently  upon  the  County  records  in  his  capacity  of 
Assistant.  He  was  a  freeholder  of  Rensselaerv/yck  in  1720, 
and  was  buried  at  Papsknee  June  22,  1731. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

79  i      Catelyntje,    bp    May    14,    1693;   sps    Hamien    Tomes, 

Engeltje  Abrahamsz;  m  May  27,  1717,  ^lathias  Van 
den  Bergh. 

80  ii     Engeltje,  bp   Mar.    22,   1696;  sps  Jan  Jansz  Bleyker, 

Tryntje  Schaats;  m  Oct.  23,  1718,  Gerrit  Lansing. 

dau  of  (7)  Melchcrt  Van  Deusen  and  Engeltje  Van  Schoonder 
Woert,  b  a  1672;  m  in  Albany,  June  28,  1691,  Lucas  Jan's- 
SEN  (Witbeck). 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

i  Geertruy  AVitbeck,  bp  Mar.  6,  1692;  sps  Melchert  Abra- 
hamsz (\'^an  Deusen)  and  Caatje  Sandersz. 

ii  Johannes  Witbeck,  bp  Nov.  19,  1693;  sps  Jan  Adriesz 
and  Margriet  Bleyker;  bur  Aug.  3,  1744. 

iii  Abraham  Witbeck,  bp  Aug.  29,  1703;  sps  Ruth  van 
Dense,  Weyntje  van  Dense;  m  a  1728  (73)  Anna  Van 
Deusen,  dau  of  (22)  Harpert  Van  Deusen  and  ^lartyje 
Gerritse  Lansing. 

(7)  Melchior  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Engeltje  Van 
Schoonderwoert ;  b  a  1673;  m  a  1692,  Simon  Van  Esch,  son 
of  Comelis  Van  Esch.  They  were  members  of  the  Dutch 
Church  at  Albany  in  16S3-S9   (Holland  Society  Year  Book, 

i        Anna  Van  Esch,  bp  at  A.  Mar.  26,  1693;  sps  Hendrek 

and  Catr\'n  Van  Esch. 
ii       Comelis  Van  Esch,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Mar.  24,  1695;  sps  Rip 

Van  Dam,  Anna  Van  Deursen. 
iii      Engeltje  Van  Esch,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Aug.  15,  1697;  sps  Rut- 

Third  Generation  39 

gert  Van  Dcurse,  Anna  Outhout,  h.  v.  v.    (wife   of) 
Adrian  Man. 

of  (7)  Melchior  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Engeltje  Van 
Schoonderwoert ;  b  in  Albany  a  1675  ;  m  Sept.  29,  1695,  Evert 
Pels,  "j.  m.  Van  N.  York,  en  Margareta  Van  Deusen  j.  d. 
V^an  X.  Albanien,  d'Eerste  wonende  alhier  en  twede  tot  N. 
Albanien,"  son  of  Evert  Pels  and  Breechje  Elsewarth. 

Evert  Pels,  father  of  the  husband  of  Margareta  Van  Deu- 
sen, was  from  Statijn,  or  Steltijn  (Stettin,  Pomerania) ;  and 
was  engaged  as  a  brewer  for  the  term  of  six  years,  June  5, 
1642.  He  sailed  for  America  the  same  month  and  year  "by 
den  Houttuyn"  with  his  wife  and  servant.  Feb.  28,  1647,  he 
leased  the  farm  formerly  occupied  by  Symon  Walischsz,  on 
Papscanee  Island,  for  six  years,  at  560  f.  per  year;  but  after 
building  a  new  house  and  bams  transferred  the  lease  to  Ju- 
riaen  Bestval  and  Jochem  Kettelheym  on  Jan.  14,  1649,  re- 
leasing the  property  on  March  25,  1649.  Nov.  iS,  1649,  he 
leased,  jointly  with  Willem  Fredericksz  (Bout),  the  farm 
formerly  occupied  by  Crijn  Cornelisz,  in  Greenbush,  for  v/hich 
he  is  charged  in  the  accounts  with  an  annual  rent  of  400  f. 
from  May  i,  1649,  till  1661,  when  he  moved  to  the  Esopus; 
the  same  day  they  also  leased  the  saw  and  grist-mill  in  Green- 
bush,  formerly  occupied  by  Jacob  Jansz  Plodder,  for  which 
be  is  charged  with  an  annual  rent  of  125  f.  from  May  i,  1649, 
till  May  i,  1658  (Van  Rensselaer  Bowier  Manuscripts  p.  609, 
679  and  828). 

He  was  an  overseer  in  1667  under  Richard  NicoUs,  Governor 
of  New  York  (Report  2,  State  Historian  p.  375). 

i        Breechje  Pels,  bp  at  A.  June  7,  1696;  sps  Melchert  Abram 

(Van  Deusen),  Symon  van  Esch,  Wyntje  Van  Deusen, 

Antje  Ridders;  d  y. 
J!       Evert  Pels,  twin  of  Breechje;  bp  same  day;  d  y. 
iii      Bregje  Pels,  bp  July  25,  1697 ;  sps  Stoffel  and  Anna  Pels, 

h.  V.  van  Johannis  Romm.en,  Symon  Van  Ess,  Anna 

Maria,  h.  v.  v.*Clement  Elsewaerth;  d  y. 
»v      Engeltje  Pels,  bp  at  N.  Y. ;  m  Dec.  7,  171 7,  Jacob  Kip. 
V       Bregje  Pels,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Feb.  4,  1700;  sps  Derk  and  Cat- 

lina  Bensing. 
^'i     Rachel  Pels,   bp  at  N.  Y.   Mar.   29,    1702;  sps  Tryntje 

Bensing,  h.  v.  van  Sampson  Bensing;  d  y. 
vii    Evert  Pels,  bp  at  N.  Y.  July  2,  1704;  sps  Christoffel  Pels, 

Antie  Pels. 

40  Van  Deursen   Family 

viii   Annetje  Pels,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Aug.  25,  1706;  sps  Joris  Elze- 

warth,  Maritje  Melcherts;  d  v. 
ix      Abraham  Peh.  bp  at  N.  Y.  Mar.  28,  170S;  sps  Abraham 

Aalsteyn,  Tryntje  Aalsteyn;  m  Aug.  25,  1733,  Helena 

X       Rachel  Pels,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Dec.  9,  1711;  sps  Willem  Else- 

warth.  EHzabeth  Pels;  m  Oct.  7,  1732,  (72)  Abraham 

Harperts  Van  Deusen. 
xi      Annetje  Pels,  bp  at  N.  Y.  Apr.  17,  1715;  sps  Johannes 

Romme,  Pietemella  Elzewarth. 

29  JANNETJE  VAN  DEUSEX,  dau  of  (7)  Melchert  Van 
Deusen  and  Engeltje  (Angelica)  Van  AV oert  (Van  Schoonder- 
woert);  b  a  16S0;  lived  in  Col.  R. ;  m  Sept.  5,  1702,  Thomas 
Janse  Witbeck,  son  of  Jan  Thomase  Witbeck  and  Geertruy 
Andries  Dochter.     He  was  buried  at  Papsknee  May  6,  1731. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i         Geertruy  Witbeck,  bp  Jan.    i,   1704;  sps  Johannes  van 

Vechten,  Engeltje  van  Deuse,  d  y. 
ii       Melchert  Abraham  Witbeck,  bp  Sept.  22,  1705 ;  sps  Jonas 
Douw,  Catharina  Douw;  m  Oct.  17,  1741,  Marytje  Van 
Deusen,  dau  of  (22)  Harpert  Van  Deusen  and  :Marrytje 
iii      Johannes  Witbeck,  bp  Julv  9,  1708;  sps  Melchert  Abra- 
hams van  Deui^e,  Caatje  Witbeck;  m.  May  9,  1740,  Eva 
Waldron  (For  descendants  of  this  line  see  ^liscellaneous 
and  Related  Families). 
iv      Jacobus    Witbeck,    bp    Oct.    30,    17 10;   Lucas   Witbeck, 
Wyntje  Hun;  m  Dec.   25,   1742,   (74)   Catalyntje  Van 
v       Geertruy  Witbeck,  bp  Mar.  6,  1717;  sps  Ruth  and  Cata- 

lyna  Van  Deusen. 
vi      Lucas  Witbeck,  bp  Feb.  26,  1724;  sps  Gerr.  and  Engeltie 
v.  D.  Bergh;  m  Geertruy  Lansing  a  1745  (For  descen- 
dants of  this  line  see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Fami- 

30  MARRITIE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (7)  Melchior 
(Abrahamsen)  Van  Deusen  and  Engeltie  Rutgers  Van 
Schoonderwoert ;  b  at  Albanv  a  1682;  m  (ist)  at  Hackensack, 
N.  J.,  March  22,  1701,  Tyme  Valextyn,  the  wid  of  Gerritse 
Comelise;  (2d)  at  Achquecknonck,  N.  J.,  Jan.  i,  1706,  Jo- 
hannes Thomas  Mingael,  son  of  (4)  Marytje  Van  Deusen 
and  Thomas  Janszen  Mingael,  and  the  wid  of  Mayke  Oothout. 

Third  Generation"  41 

Children,  by  second  husband: 
i        Thomas  Mingael,  b  May  7,  bp  at.  Bergen,  N.  J.,  May  15, 

1706;  sps   Frederick  Thomasse  and  Catreyna  lioppe, 

his  \vife. 
ii       Abraham  Mingael,  b  at  Bergen,  N.  J.,  Sept.  29,  1708;  bp 

at   New  York  Feb.    20,    1709;  sps   Gerrit  Jiireaansen 

(Jurianse),  Grietje  Van  Deusen  (Pels), 
iii      Arien  !vlingael,  b  Dec.  17,  1711 ;  bp  at  Achquecknonck,  N. 

J.,  sps  Cornelis  Tomassen  and  5larytje,  his  wife. 
iv     Engeltje  Mingael,  bp  at  Xew  York  Jan.  3,  1714;  sps  An- 

dries  Abrarnse,  Jannetje  Thomas. 

31  HARPERT  VAN  DEUSP:N.  son  of  (7)  Melchior  (Ab- 
rahamsen)  Van  Deusen  and  Engeltie  Rutgers  Van  Schoonder- 
woert  of  Albany;  b  at  Claverack  a  16S4;  m  (1st)  Nov.  7,  1708, 
at  Harpert  Jacobse's  in  Albany,  Helen.\  Van  Deusen,  dau 
of  (2)  Teuwis  Van  Deusen  and  Helena  Robberts  of  ' '  Colony 
of  Renselaarwyxk;"  bur  June  28,  1728;  (2d),  probably.  May 
25,  1732,  The.  V.  Aalsteyn.  The  record  of  this  second  mar- 
riage reads:  "H.  V.  Deusen,  Jun.,"  and  it  is  possible  that  it 
refers  to  a  son  of  Harpert  and  Helena  Van  Deusen,  although 
r.o  record  has  been  found  to  indicate  that  they  had  such  a  son. 
On  the  other  hand,  the  "Jun."  may  have  been  added  to  the 
record  to  distinguish  Harpert  from  his  uncle,  also  named  Har- 
pert.    Helena  was  a  member  of  the  Dutch  Church  at  Albany. 

Children,  bp  at  Kingston  and  Albany,  by  first  wife: 

81  i      Lena  (or  Helena),  bp  at  Kingston  May  21,  1711;  sps 

Jacob  and  i\Iarretjen  Rutsen;  m  Apr.  21,  1733,  Ab- 
raham Gerritse  Lansing. 

ii  Melchert,  bp  Oct.  19,  1713;  sps  Ruth  Van  Deusen, 
Catie  Witbeck;  d  y. 

iii  Engeltje,  bp  Dec.  12,  1714;  sps  Melchert  Abramsen 
(Van  Deusen),  Catalyntie  Wan  Deusen. 

iv  Tryntje,  bp  June  9,  171 7;  sps  Lucas  Witbeck,  Catie 

82  V     Melchert,  bp  Dec.  27,  1719;  sps  Philliph  and  Engeltie 

V.  Vegten ;  m  a  1742  Neeltje  Quackenbosh. 

vi  Matheus,  bp  Mar.  24,  1723;  sps  Gerr.  V.  D.  Bergh, 
Engelt  V.  Nes. 

vii  Rutgert,  bp  June  30,  17  28;  sps  "Will,  and  Bata  V.  Deu- 

32  ABR.\HAM  (MELCHIORSZ)  A^\N  DEUSEN,  son  of 
(7)  Melchior  Abrahamsen  Van  Deursen  and  Engeltie  Rutgers 
Van  V/oertjbp  at  Albany  July  14,  1689;  mat  A.  Oct.  10,  1720, 

42  Van  Deursex    Family 

Anna  Myrryx  (Catharina  Meyer).  He  was,  in  early  life,  a 
resident  of  Livingston  Manor,  and  from  there,  about  1720,  re- 
moved to  Salisbury.  Conn.,  where  his  family  occupied  a  promi- 
nent position.  "There  is  a  deed,  written  in  the  Dutch  or 
Holland  language,  of  the  date  of  171 1,  from  Herman  Knicker- 
bocker to  Cornells  Knickerbocker.  It  appears  to  be  of  land 
occupied  by  Van  Deusen,  and  the  house  of  Van  Deusen  was 
a  short  distance  east  of  Geo.  T.  IBelding.  It  was  about  1720 
that  Van  Deusen,  Knickerbocker  and  Dutcher  purchased 
land  in  Salisbury  of  the  Indians,  supposing,  as  has  been  said, 
that  their  purchases  were  within  the  province  of  New  York 
(The  Early  History  of  Amenia).  Abraham  Van  Deusen  d 
Apr.  16,  1746. 

Res:     Livingston  Manor,  N.  Y.,  and  Salisbury',  Conn. 


83  i      Hartman,  bp  Jan.  7,  1722,  at  Albany;  sps  Harpert  V. 

Deusen  and  Lena  V.  Deusen;  m  a  1739,  Margrieta 

ii     Robert,  bp  Apr.,  1 724,  at  Liv. ;  sps  Math,  and  Christina 

Van  Deusen;  prob  m  a  1750,  Hiltje  Muller.     Issue: 

Mariah,  b  June  2,  bp  June  9,   1752,  at  Clav, ;  sps 

Comelis  and  Marytje  Muller. 
iii   Johannes,  bp  Nov.  19,  1727,  at  Claverack;  sps  Roelof 

de  Duitscher  and  Jannetie  Duytscher. 
iv    Godfrey. 

84  V     Hendrick,  b  a  1721;  m  a  1742,  Catherina  Hartmanse 

vi   James, 
vii  Isaac. 




:,:,  JOHANNES  VAN  DEUSEN,  eldest  son  of  (ii). Rob- 
ert Tcuv.'is  Van  Deusen  and  his  first  wife,  Cornelia  Martense 
Van  Btiren;  bp  at  Albany,  July  13,  1690;  ni  Aug.  26,  171 2, 
Christina  Vax  Alex,  dau  of  Laurence  Van  Alen  and  Elbertie 
Evertse  Backer  of  Kinderhook  (see  his  will).  He  was  a  mem- 
ber of  Capt.  Abraham  Van  Alstyn  's  Company  in  Albany  in 
171 5,  and  Captain  of  a  Company  of  militia  in  Kinderhook  in 


Res:  Kinderhook;  oc:  farmer  and  land  owner  (see  deeds 
of  purchases,  etc.). 

Childrex,  bp  at  Albany  and  at  Kinderhook: 

55  i      Robbert,  bp  Sept.   27,   17 13,  at  A.;  sps  ITarpert  van 

Deusen  and  Tryntie  Bries;  m  Catharina  Van  Alen. 
ii     Elbertie,  bp  Ivlay  8,  1715,  at  A.;  sps  Vv^illem  and  Maria 
van  Alen;  d  y. 

56  iii    Elbertie,  bp  Dec.  16,  17 16,  at  A. ;  sps  Jan  Van  Aalsteyn, 

Engeltie  van  Ness;  m  a  1740,  Peter  Van  Buren. 
iv    Catharina,  bp  Aug.  20,   1720,  at  A.;  sps  i^-Ielchert  and 

Catharina  van  der  Poel;  d  y. 
V     Maria,  bp  May  3,   1722,  at  A.;  sps  Pieter  and   Lydia 

van  Dyk. 

57  vi    Catharina,  bp  Sept.  17.  1726,  at  Kin.;  sps  Melch  and 

Cath.  V.  D.  Poel;  m  Mar.  27,  1753,  Isaac  Hoes. 

vii  Johannes,  bp  Apr.  20,  172S,  at  Kin.;  sps  Leendert  and 
Jannetie  Conyn ;  prob.  m  Elizabeth ;  d  a  17S9. 

viii  Lucas,  bp  Jan.  12,  1735,  at  Kin.;  sps  Lucas  Van  Alen, 
Elizabeth  V.  Alen;  m  at  Claverack,  Nov.  11,  1761, 
Jannetje  Van  Slyck;  res  in  1770  Coxsackie,  N.  Y. : 
no  children  recorded;  was  an  Elder  in  the  Church 
there  in  iSoi.  In  1767  he  was  a  member  of  Capt. 
Marte  Halenbeck's  Company.  He  offered  to  loan 
the  State  Si, 200  to  be  paid  on  or  before  June  i,  1761, 
at  6  %  pt'"  annum  (Sup.  N.  Y.  in  Rev.  p.  196). 

ix    Louwrenz,  m  Christyn  Rarheyt. 

.34  MARTEN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (11)  Robert  (Teu- 
v.issz)  Van  Deusen  and  Coimelia  Van  Buren;  bp  at  Albany, 
fjeb.  21,  1694;  m  (ist)  Dec.  25,  1719,  Elbertie  Van  Dz'r 
^'oEL,  dau  of  Melchert  Van  der  Poel  and  Catherine  Van  Akn 


46  Van  Deursex   Family  I 

of  Kinderhook ;   (2d)    Feb.    19,    1744,    Zara    Gardexier,    in 

presence  of  Elder  Goes.     In  1715  he  was  a  member  of  Capt.  '■. 
Jonas  Douw's  Company  in  Albany.     Will  dated  Oct.  2,  1774; 
pro  Sept.  17,  17S2. 

Res:     Pawling  Precinct,  Dutchess  Co. 

Children,  by  first  wife:  f 

88  i  Cornelia,  bp  at  Kin.  Oct.  22,  1720;  sps  Matth.  and  ) 

Geertruy  Van  Deusen;  m  a   1741,   Laurens  Van  -~ 

Alen.  I 

ii         Catharina,  bp  at  Albany,  Oct.  14,  1722;  sps  Laurens  c 

and  Ariantie  V.  D.  Poel.  |. 

iii        Robert,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  19,  1724;  sps  Robert  Van  t 
Deusen,  Hilletje  Rettelyf;  res  Pawling 's  Precinct, 

Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.  '[ 

iv        Melchert,  bp  at  Albany,  Apr.  17,  1726;  sps  Melchert  •- 

Van  Deusen,  Maria  Groesbeck;  d  y.  .1 

89  V         Ariaantie,  bp  at  Kin.   Apr.    20,    1728;  sps  Joh.  V.  ■ 

Deusen,   Ariaantie  V.    Buyren;  m  a   1754   David 

Rauch.  1 

vi        Cathalyntje,  bp  at  Kin.  Oct.  25,  1730;  sps  Ariaantie  i. 

Vander  Poel;  d  y.  ^ 

90  vii      Johannes,  bp  at  Kin.  June   2,    1732;  sps  Johannes  i 

Van  Der  Poel,  Catharina  Van  Alen;  m  June  17,  .- 

1 781,  Elizabeth  Tluyck.  I" 

viii     Cathalina,  bp  at  Kin.  June  15,  1735;  sps  Lucas  and  ;^:. 

Elizabeth  V.  Alen.  | 

91  Ix        Melchert,  bp  at  Albany,  Feb.  22,  1738;  sps  Abraham 

and  Antje  V.  D.  Poel.  | 

X         Elbert je,  bp  at  Kin.   Feb.  9,   1740;  sps  Lucas   and  '■ 

Elizabeth  Van  Alen.  | 

By  second  v/ife:  |- 

xi        Geertje,  b  at  Staatsburgh.  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  a  T 

1750;  m  Oct.   23,   1771,  at  Kin.    (106)   Abraham  { 

Van  Deusen  of  Livingston.  I, 

35  TOBL\S  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (11)  Robbert  (Teu- 
wissz)  Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Buren;  bp  at  Claverack 
Aug.  16,  1696;  m  at  Livingston,  March  21,  1724,  Ariaaxtje 
MuLLER  (Miller),  who  d  prior  to  1772.  Tobias  d  Oct.  17, 
1 78 1.  In  his  will,  dated  Jan.  15,  1772,  he  names  his  children: 
Robert,  Johannes,  Tobias,  Heyltje,  Ariaentje  and  Man,-;  his 
three  sons,  with  David  Brouv.-er,  as  executors;  witness,  Robert 
Van  Deusen;  probated  Jan.  7,  1782. 

Res:     Claverack.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Fourth  Generatiox  47 

02  i  Robert  T.,  bp  at  Liv.  Feb.   12,   1706;  sps  Ro    and 

Geertruy     van     Deuscn;     m     a     1746,     Marytie 
Oostrander.  ^  ^  ' 

93  ii         Cornelis,  bp  at  Clav.  May  30,  172S;  sps  Pieter  and 

Jannetie  Hoogeboon,  Comelis  Muller,  Mareytie  V 
Alen;ma  1749,  Leah  Ostrander  (not  mentioned  in 
father  s  will). 

94  iii        Johannes,  bp  May  30,   1728;  sps  same  as  Cornelis- 

m  (ist)  May  29,  1750,  Christyntje  De  La  Matre' 
(2d)  after  1770,  Marritie 

95  iv        Heyltje   bp  May  30,  1730,  at  Kinderhook;  sps  Steph- 

anus  \  .  Alen,  Ariaantje  Hogeboom;  m  a  17C0  Peter 
V         Cornelia,  bp  at  Kingston,  Nov.  26,  1732  •  sps  Arend  V- 
Dyck,  Hilletje  Van  Dyck;  prob  d  y 

96  VI        Ariaantje.  bp  at  Liv.  Feb.  9,  1734;  sps  Chr.  and  R 

iMuller;  m  Jan.  3,  1756,  Hendricus  Muller 

97  vii      Tobias  T.,  bp  at  Clav.  Feb.  5,  1737  ;  sps  Robbert  and 

Chnstyna  \an  Deusen;  m  Mar.  15,  175S,  Cornelia 
_  _  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (36)  Robert  Van  Deusen 

9S  vm  Maria,_bp  at  Clav.  Jan.  26,  1740;  sps  Jeremias  and 
Mana  duller;  m  Oct.  13,  1771,  at  Kinderhook, 
Claude  De  La  Matre. 

36     ROBBERT    VAN    DEUSEN,    son    of    (n)    Robbert 
leuwisz  \an  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Martens  Van  Buren    bo 
m  Albany  Sept.  1,^1700;  m  Nov.   22,   1724,  at  Kingston,'  by 
Domme    Georg    W  ilhelm    Mancius,    Christi.^x.^    rSorbIch 
i^^rom  the  registers  of  the  First  Reformed  Dutch  Church  at 
Amgston  we  have  the  following  record  of  his  marriage  "Rob- 
bert Van  Dense,  y^m.  bom  in  Claverak  in  the  Mannor  of 
Kensselarwyk  and  Chnstiana  Roorpagh,  y.  d.  bom  in  Hoogs- 
du>  tsland  and  both  resid.  in  the  Mannor  Livingstond  mSr- 
norl  on  the  presentation  of  a  certificate  that  three  Sabbath 
publications  had  been  made  without  objection  in  the  church 
01   the   Mannor   Livingstund    November    22,    1724  "     He   d 
^ept.  30,  1777,  and  was  buried  at  Spook's  Rock. 
Res:     Livingston  Manor.     Oc:     Farmer 
99  i        Robbert,  bp  at  Clav.  Feb.  7.  1727;  sps  Tobias  and 
Anaante  (Muller)  V.  Deusen;  m  Jan.,  i7=;o  Catha- 
nna  Van  Ham.  ' 

n       Cornelia    bp  at  Clav.  Nov.   19,   1727;  sps  Casparus 
and  Hendrikje  Conyn;  d  y. 

48  Van  Deursen   Family 

loo  iii  Johannes,  bp  at  Kin.  Apr.  14,  172S;  sps  Joh.  and 
Christina  V  Deusen;  m  a  1753,  Fytje  Roorbach. 
iv  Dewes  (■Matthev.-),  bp  at  Caatsban,  Apr.  15,  1731; 
sps  Conrad  and  Rachel  Ham.  A  memo,  by  (370) 
Conrad  Van  Dusen  is  as  follows:  "The  Rev. 
Matthew  Van  Dusen  of  Newburgh,  N.  Y.,  is  about 
51  or  53  years  old;  he  is  the  son  of  Jacob  Van 
Dusen,  who  was  son  of  Matthew  Van  Dusen, 
brother  of  my  grandfather,  Robert  Van  Dusen. 
Said  Matthew  married,  but  d  without  issue." 
Newburgh,  Nov.  1861. 

loi  V  James,  bp  at  Germantown,  Sept.  30,  1733  ;  sps  James 
Ochibee,  Anne  Catherina;  m  a  1759,  Elizabeth 
vi  Cornelia,  b  June  5,  bp  at  Liv.  June  15,  1735  ;  sps  Th: 
and  G.  V:  Deusen;  m  Mar.  15,  1758,  (97)  Tobias 
T.  Van  Deusen. 

102  vii    Marten,  bp  at  Kin.  Jan.  29,  1737;  sps  Mar  van  Duse, 

Elbertje  Van  Dense;  m  Nov.  i,  1764,  Elizabeth 

103  viii   Barent,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  17,  1740;  sps  Mattheus  Varf 

Deusen,  Santje  Brattil;  m  a  1765,  Jenneke  Schut. 

104  ix      Christiana,  bp  at  Clav.  Oct.  17,  1742;  sps  ]\Iartin  and 

Margritta  Ham;  m  Mar.  12,  1763,  Isaac  Spoor. 
X       Christina,  bp  at  Germ.  Sept.  i,  1745  ;  sps  Casper  Ham 
and   Helche  Van   Dese;  m  Oct.    28,    1768,    (181) 
Tobias  R.  Van  Deusen. 

105  xi     Tobias  R.,  bp  at  Liv.  May  21,  1748;  sps  Robert  Van 

Deusen,  Jr.,  Catharina  Van  Den  Bergh;  m  (ist) 
in  1771,  Hannah  Spoor,  (2d)  Feb.  15,  1789, 
Lyntje  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (92)  Robert  T.  Van 

106  xii    Abraham  R.,  b  a  1750;  m  Oct.  23,  1771,  Geertje  Van 

Deusen,  dau  of  (34)  Marten  Van  Deusen. 

37  MATTHEUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (12)  Jan  Tetiwissz 
Van  Deusen  and  ^laria  Martense  Van  Buren;  bp  in  Albany, 
Jan.  19,  1696;  m  there  June  2,  17 16,  Engeltie  Slinger- 
LANDT,  bp  July  10,  1698,  dati  of  Albert  Slingerlandt  and 
Hester  Brekker.  In  October  17 15,  he  was  a  member  of  Capt. 
Johannis  Mingael's  Company  of  MiHtia  in  City  of  Albany. 

Children',  bp  in  Albany: 

107  i    Johannes,  bp  Feb.  27,  171 7;  sps  Harpert  van  Deusen 

and  Geertruy  Slingerlant;  m  April  19,  1745,  Mary  tie 

Fourth  Gener.vtiox 


loS  ii  Arent,  bp  Apr.  19,  1719;  sps  Theunis  Slinc^erlant  Maria 
Mmgaal;  m  April  20,  1745,  Catbarina  Waldron. 

3S  JAN  VAN  DEUSEX,  son  of  (12)  Jan  Teuwissz  Van 
Deusen  and  Mantie  Martense  Van  Buren ;  b  in  Claverack  and 
bp  m  New  York  Sept.  9,  1699;  ni  Oct.  16,  1719,  Hillegoxd^ 
(HULDA)  RoosA,  b  at  Huriey,  N.  Y.,  bp  at  Kingston  -Vu- 
9,  1696,  dau  of  Gysbert  Roosa  and  Greitje  Hendrickse' Bon*d 
of  Huriey. 

In  1 715  Jan  was  a  member  of  "Cap'n  Johannes  Shepnoe's 
Foot  Company  of  Militia  for  the  Towne  of  Horiev    in  Ulster 
County,  Jacob  Rusten  Collo. ' '     He  is  recorded  as  a'freeholder 
ni  that  town  m  17 28,  and  a  slave  owner  there  in  17CC      He 
V.-US  also  a  member  of  a  company  of  Light  Horse  of  Kinagton 
under  Capt.   Philip   Hooghteling.     He  was  a  Justice  of  the 
JeaceforUlsterCo.ini74i  (Olde  Ulster,  1910,  p.  85),  and  died 
betore  1790. 
Res:     Hurley,  Ulster  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Blacksmith 
LniLDREx,  bp  in  Kingston: 
J09  i   Jan,  bp  May  i,  1720;  sps  Jan  Roosa,  Hillegond  Boree- 

m  (ist)  July  14,  1741,  at  Kingston,  Cornelia  Wynkoop' 

(2d)  Rebecca ^' 

110  ii  Wilhelmus,  bp  Jan.  6.   1723;  sps  Tobias  Van  Bueren 

Lena  Bogardus;  m  a   1750,  Christina  Kittle  (Keltel- 

nuyn) . 

iii  Jacob,  bp  Apr.  30,  1727  ;  sps  Anthony  Jansz  Chrispel 
Marytjen  Chrispel.  He  may  have  been  a  member  in 
May,_  1767,  of  Capt.  John  Winnee's  "Coemnie"'of 
Militia  m  Albany. 

iv  Cornells,   bp   Jan.    25.    1730;  sps  Cornells   Elvendorff 
l:.ngeltjen  Heermans;  m  Lena,  or  Lea 

V  Marretjen,  bp   Nov.   5,   1733;  sps  Jan  Alberts' Roosa 
Marytjen  Roosa. 

wii'z^  vf""^^^''  ^^^^\DEUS?N,  dau  of  (13)  Jacobus  Teu- 
^i^^z)  \  an  Deusen  and  Aeltje  Uvttenbogert;  bp  in  N  Y  Feb 
4,  1700;  m  July  10,  1724,  Hexdrik  Paulsze;  bp  N  Y  Dec" 
^^,  1697,  son  of  Johannes  Poulesse  and  Lysbeth  Van  de  Water' 
_    '-niLDREN,  bp  in  New  York: 

^  Ehzabeth  Paulsze.  bp  Oct.  18,  1724;  sps  Johannes  Pou- 
..  ^'else.  Sen.,  Helena  Van  Deurse;  d  y. 

li       Elizabeth  Paulsze,  bp  June  9,   1728;  sps  Mattheus  Van 
Ueursen,  Margrietje  Poulse. 
Jacob  Paulsze    bp  May  17,   1730;  sps  Johannes  Poulse, 
Aaltje  \  an  Deurse. 


50  Van  Deursen    Family 

40  MATHEUS  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (13)  Jacobus 
(Teuwissz)  Van  Deusen  and  Aeltje  Uyttenbogert;  bp  in  N.  Y. 
May  31,  1702;  m  there  April  iS,  1730,  Margaret  Pauls;  bp 
N.  Y.  Nov.  10,  1706,  dau  of  Johannis  Powelse  and  Elizabeth 
Van  de  Water.  He  was  made  a  Freeman  Oct.  24,  1732, 
(New  York  Hist.  Coll.  Vol.  iS  p.  121). 

Res:     New  York.     Oc:     Cooper. 
Children',  bp  in  New  York: 
i        Jacob,  bp  Apr.  19,  1732;  sps  Hendrik  Poulsen,  Lena  Van 

ii       Johannes,  bp  Mar.  24,  1734;  sps  Johannes  Poulusse,  Tryn- 

tje  Van   Deursen,  s.  h.   v.;  prob  m  March   24,    1769, 

Maritie  Bronck. 
iii      Mattheus,  bp  Sept.  16,  1741;  sps  Francis  Misnard,  Aaltje 

Van  Deussen,  z.  h.  v. ;  d  y. 
iv      Mattheus,  bp  June  23,  1745;  sps  Gysbert  and  Aaltje  Van 

Deurssen,  huis  v.  van  Francis  Mysnard. 

41  GYSBERT  (GILBERT)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (13) 
Jacobus  (Teuv/issz)  Van  Deursen  and  Aeltje  Uyttenbogert; 
bp  in  Nev/  York  Apr.  23,  1704;  m  there  May  14,  1726,  Hanxa 
Ten  Broek,  bp  as  Annetje  in  Nev/  York  June  3,  1705;  dau  of 
Anderies  Ten  Broek  and  Lyntje  Splinters.  On  Sept.  2,  1735, 
Gilbert  was  made  a  Freeman  (New  York  Hist.  Coll.,  Vol.  iS, 
p.  127).  In  173S  he  was  enrolled  in  a  Company  of  Militia 
commanded  by  John  Moore.  He  resided  in  New  York  and 
was  by  occupation  a  Jvlason. 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 

i        Jacob,  bp  Aug.  6,   1727;  sps  Alxander  Mils,  Aeltje 
Uytenbogert,  wede;  d  y. 

111  ii       Andries,  bp  June  9,   172S;  sps  Hendrik  Ten  Broek, 

Lena  Van  Deursen;  m  Apr.    24,    1751,   Elisabeth 

Ute  (Ott). 
iii      Lyntje,  bp  Sept.  21,  1729;  sps  Johannes  Ten  Broek, 

Neeltje  Van  Deursen. 
iv      Aaltje,  bp  June  13,  1731 ;  sps  Mattheus  Van  Deursen, 

Aaltje  Van  Deursen,  wede. 

V  Annetje,  bp  Jan.  29,  1735;  sps  Jacob  Van  Deursen, 

Marvtje  Ten   Broek,   wede   van   Charles   Philips; 

.      ^  y- 

VI  Jacob,    bp    Mar.    26,    1735;   sps   Johannes    Paulsze, 

Tryntje  Van  Deusen,  z.  h.  v. ;  d  y. 

112  vii    Jannetje,  bp  Aug.  29,  1736;  sps  Johannes  Paulsz,  Jr., 

Tryntje  Van  Deursen,  s.  h.  v.  Johannes  Ten  Broek, 

Fourth  Gp:xeration  51 

Maria  Ten   Broek,  wede  van  Charles   Philips;  m 
Sept.  26,  1 75 1,  Petrus  Louw 
ym  Tryntje   twin  of  Jannetje;  bp  same  dav;  same  sps 

,T^  V       rJtt   {   y^^^.^^^^^e^^'  1^-  V.  van  Francis  Meisnard 

113  X       G)sbert,  bp  I^ov.  4,  1739;  sps  Johannes  Ten  Broek. 

Aeltie  Van  Deursen,  wife  of  Francis  Misnard;  m 
Oct.  19,  1775,  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp. 

114  XI      Annetje     bp   Apr.    14.    1742;  sps    Francis    Misnard, 

Dp!       M^v^"""'^"'  '>'^  ^-  ''■'  "^  ^  ^762,  George 
Uean  of  Albany.  '^ 

.4-'     TRYXTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (13)  Jacobus  (Teu- 
w.ssz)    van   Deusen  and  Aeltje   Uyttenbogen;  bp  in   N    Y 

Hh^abe'ti;  'vlrdf^^at^;.  '^°'  ^  ^°"  °'  J°='^-'^  ^--'-  -^ 

Childrex,  bp  in  New  York- 

'       ■'Ten  ^Af,""/v'^  n'*-  ^''  '''"'•  'P'  J''''^'""^^  Pouwelse, 
ben.,  Aeltje  Van  Deurse 

n       Elizabeth  Paulsze,  bp  Jan.   17,   1-.8;  sps  Matheus  Van 
...  I^eursen,  Margnetje  Poulse,  "Jon:  dogt. ' '  (maiden^ 

"     ^'S^n  '^,^t"^^'^n'^^•    ''   ^^^^=  ^P^  Johanll^s'pole, 
ben.,  Aaltje  \  an  Deursen,  v/ede 

''      ^  "Xe'c'ant"'  'P  J"'>-  ^''  '"'■■'^^  F-ncoisMynar, 

„."     AALTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  youngest  dau  of  (13)  Jacob- 

N   Y  Iwh'^  ^  ""'  °""==""  '•"^  --^'='*i'=  Uyttenbogert;  bp  in 

0,at;;"b;in'Ne"  VJi?.'  "'^'^-^-"^  ^'■^^•-°  (^'«>--)- 

:  ^"SILS-l^l'se'n^tt?,-  f  ■  '"^^  ^"^  "^"-'  ■^^^>-- 
"  ^'ena'v»n  n"''^'  ''P,,"^"-  "''•  ' "6 :  sps  Gysbert  and  Hel- 
iii     lacoh  M         A^'T'^^-J-  ''^"  J^^"*-  ^'^"  Deursen. 

Ssnard!Td     ^  "^  '"''  '^^  °""''='  ^"^  '^"^'^t'^' 

''  ^  Mtntrdh'd)''  ^'''-  ''■  "*°-  'P=  '^""'*'  ^"<^  EHsabet 
^-m'of  ao^Ah   (P^¥T)  HENDRICKSE  VAN  DEUSEN 

52  Van  Deursen    Family 

1735,  Elisabeth  Ploeg.  "Geurt  Van  Deusen,  j.  m.,  born 
in  Claverak,  in  the  Colony  of  Renselaarsw\-ck,  and  raised  in 
Oyesaeg  in  Nieuv.'  Engeland  and  Elisabeth  Plocg,  j.  d.  born 
and  raised  in  Dutchess  County."  "They  had  their  banns 
published  v/ithout  objection  in  the  church  at  Mannor  van 
Livingston,  Witness,  the  Recorder  Jochem  Radilift. " 

115  i        Abraham,  bp  Oct.  24,  1736,  at  Kingston;  sps  Abra- 

ham van  Deuse,  Catharina  Meier  ;m  Nov.  15,  1774, 
Nellie  Van  Bomel. 
ii       Catrina,  bp  at  Kingston,  Oct.  23,1737;  sps  parents 

116  iii      Jacomyntje,   bp   at   Livingston,   Jan.    23,    1739;  sps 

Isaac  and  Geertruy  Vosburgh;  m  a  1700,  Abraham 

45  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (15)  Abraham  (Teu- 
wisse)  Van  Deursen  and  Jacomyntje  (Jemima)  Van  Schoon- 
hoven  of  Albany;  b  there  Dec.  18;  bp  Dec.  24,  1704;  m  at 
Kinderhook  Jan.  14,  1730.  Fiche  Burghart;  b  Nov.  30, 
1702;  d  June  2S,  1777;  dau  of  Conrad  Burghardt  and  Geesie 
Van  Wie  (see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

Isaac  Van  Deusen  resided  at  Kinderhook  until  May.  1735. 
when  he  and  his  family  removed  to  the  Housatonic  valley, 
settling  in  the  to\\-n  of  Great  Barrington,  Berkshire  Co.,  Mass., 
where  he  was  a  large  land  owner  and  a  very  wealthy  man, 
from  which  fact  he  gained  the  soubriquet  of  "The  Rich." 
His  estate,  consisting  of  about  two  thousand  acres,  formed 
the  Van  Deusen  Manor  at  Great  Barrington.  He  was  Town 
Treasurer  for  many  years,  and  a  until  old  age  and 
infirmity  would  not  "permit  him  to  serve  any  longer.  He  d 
Jan.  14,  1796. 

Res:  Kinderhook,  N.  Y.,  and  Great  Barnngton,  Mass. 
Oc:     Land  owner  and  farmer. 


117  i        Jacomyntje,  b  Mar.  10,  1730 ;m a  1750  RykertHuyck. 
ii       Gesie,  b  Aug.  27,  1731;  d  Aug.  29,  173S. 

118  iii      Abraham,  b  Mar.  4,  bp  Mar.  18,  1733,  at  Kmderhook; 

sps    Hendrik   and   Eytie   Burghaart;  m  July    27, 
1768,  Gesie  Burghardt. 

119  iv      Coenrad,  b  Feb.  4,'bp  Feb.  23,  1735.  at  Kinderhook; 

sps  Arend  and  Heyltje  Van  Dyck;  m  Oct.  29,  1763, 
Rachel  Hallenbeck. 

120  V       John  I.,  b  Mar.  19,  1737  ;m  June  i,  1762,  Catherine 


Fourth  Generation'  53 

121  vi      Matthew,  b  Aug.  12,  1740;  m  Aug.  27,  1761,  Elizabeth 

Van  ^A'ormcr. 
1:2  vii    Jacob,  b  July  15,  1741;  bp  at  Athens,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  5, 

1742;  sps  Jan  Casp  V.  Hoesen  and  wife  liend'je; 

m  Nov.  4,  1787,  Mary  Laird. 
123  viii   Isaac,  bp  Feb.  iS,  1744,  at  Athens;  m  Oct.  i,  1765, 

Katharine  Spoor,  dau  of  Jacob  Spoor. 

46     HENRICK  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (15)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen   and   Jacomyntje  Van   Schoonhoven   of  Albany;  bp 
there  June  15,  1707  ;m  1730,  Neeltje  Rees.     He  was  prob- 
ably a  member  of  the  Sixth  Regiment,  Albany  County  Militia, 
during  the  Revolutionary  War.     Flis  son,  Laurenz,  was  also 
probably  a  member  of  "Captain  Fraens  Claevw  Jr.  's  Company 
of  Militia  in  >\Iaey,  1767,"  of  Kinderhook. 
Res:     Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        Yockamencha,  b   Mar.    26,    1736    (Hist.    Litchfield    Co., 

Conn.,  p.  547).  _ 
ii       Laurenz,  bp  at  Livingston,  Jan.  24,  1739;  sps  Benjamin 

Rees,  Geertruy  Witbeeck;  prob  m  Christina  Barheit. 
iii      Adriantje,  bp  Apr.  3,  1740,  at  Athens,  N.  Y. ;  sps  Adam 

Schmid  and  wife  Elio. 
iv     Abraham,  bp  Oct.  9,  1742,  at  Athens,  N.  Y. ;  sps  Christian 

Fuhrer  and  wife  Rebecca. 
V       Geertruy,  bp  at  Claverack,  Jan.  8,  1748;  sps  Pieter  and 

Bata  Valkenburg. 

^  47  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  youngest  son  of  (15)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Jacomyntje  Van  Schoonhoven;  bp  at  Kings- 
ton, May  17,  1710;  m  a  1734,  Lena  Vosburgh. 

Jacob  Van  Deusen  sold  part  of  Lot  28,  consisting  of  fifty- 
Hve  acres,  in  Nine  Partners,  on  May  18,  1763,  to  John  Wads- 
■-Aorth  for  the  consideration  of  £75.  He  served  in  the  Sixth 
Dutchess  County  IVIilitia,  Col.  Graham,  during  the  Revolu- 
t:onary  War  (Land  Bounty  Rights).  He  was  a  resident  of 
Amenia  Precinct,  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.,  according  to  his 
"^'■iH,  dated  February  19,  1790,  probated  Sept.  17,  1797,  in 
Y'^bich  he  names  grandson,  Charles  Van  Deusen;  granddau 
Rachel  White;  and  sister-in-law,  Jane  Dutcher. 

1        Dirck,  bp  at  Livingston,  June  14,  1735;  sps  A.  and 
.    C.  Vosburgh;  d  prior  to  his  father  leaving  his  old- 
est son  Jacob.     The  name  Dirk,  usually  translated 

54  Van  Deursen   Family 

Richard,    is    correctly  Theodore.     The  Dutch  for 
Pvichard  being  Rykcrt  (Binoman  Verstee^). 

124  ii       Abraham,  b  a  1737;  m  a  1760,  Eleanor  Van  Brum- 


125  iii      Matthew,  b  a  1 739  ;  ni  Jane  Belden  a  1 760. 
iv      Jemima,  m Palmer. 

48  MATHEUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  eldest  son  of  (ly)  Isaac 
(Teuwissz)  Van  Deusen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn ;  bp  at  Al- 
bany, Aug.  3,  1707  :  m  a  1735,  Rachel  Huyck. 

Matheus  Van  Deusen  resided  in  Claverack,  wliere  he  was 
a  deacon  of  the  Dutch  Church  Sept.  23,  1738,  and  Oct.  18, 
1742.  He  was  Church  Master  Oct.  8,  1743,  and  Elder  Jan! 
16,  1747.  In  1726  and  1727  he  had  contributed  towards  the 
building  of  the  church. 

Mathew  (or  Matheus)  Van  Deusen  died  prior  to  i7=;7,  as 
his  widow  married  again  July  16,  1757,  Jurrv  Van  Kocsen, 
wid  of  Marytje  Borgat. 


126  i        Bata,  bp  at  Albany,  Jan.   21,  1741;  sps  David  Es- 

selstyn,    Catharina    Hansen;    m    Nov.    11,    1761, 
Thomas  Hunn. 

127  ii       Annatje,  bp  at  Coxsackie  June  5,  1743;  sps  Jacobus 

Van  Alen,  Elizabeth  Heik;m  Nov.  29,  1764,  John 
Van  Hoes  en. 
iii  Elizabeth,  bp  at  Kin.,  Jan.  24,  1747;  sps  Andries 
Huyck,  Annatje  Van  Deusen ;  m  Peter  Witbeeck. 
Issue:  Catrina  Witbeck,  b  Mar.  18,  bp  June  S, 
1783,  at  Liv. ;  sps  Abraham  and  Catrina  Vosburg. 

49  CORNELIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn  of  Albany,  N.  Y. ;  bp  there 
July  3.  1709;  m  (ist)  a  1737,  JoACHEM  Van  Valkenburg; 
(2d)  a  1750  Andries  Huyck,  wid  of  her  sister,  Marretie.  He 
was  enrolled  in  the  Seventh  Regiment  Albany  County  Militia 
(Land  Bounty  Rights). 

Children,  by  first  husband: 
i        Petrus  Van  Valkenburg,  bp  at  Coxsackie,  Oct.  16,  1739; 

sps  Isaac  Staats,  Eva  Van  Valkenburg. 
ii       Bada  Van  Valkenburg.  bp  May  18,  1742,  at  Livingston; 

sps  John  Leggett,  Bada  De  La  Meter. 
iii     Johannes   Van   Valkenburg,    bp   at   Coxsackie,   June  3. 

1744;  sps  Johannes  Conevn,  Comnertje  Bronk. 
IV      Elizabeth  Van  Valkenburg,' bp  Jan.  8,  1748,  at  Claverack; 

sps  Isaac  Van  Deusen,  Annatje  V.  Deusen. 

Fourth  Generation  55 

By  Fccond  husband: 

Maria  Huyck,  bp  :May  20,   1752,  at  Albany;  sps  Teunis 

Van  Woert,  Elisabeth  Van  Deusen.  '  ■■    i.->". 

vi     Cathrina  Huyck,  bp  at  Kin.  Jan.  i,  175S;  sps  Abraham 

Van  Valkenburg,  Arriaentje  Vosburg. 
vii    Marten  Huyck,  bp  at  Clav.,  Mar.  16,  1760;  sps  Isak  ,Van 

Valkenburgh,  Lena  Van  Deusen. 
viii   Rachel  Huyck,  bp  at  Kin.,  Mar.  6,  1763;  sps  Jurr>'  Van 
Hoesen,  Annatje  Van  Deusen. 

50  BATA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  Van  Deusen 
and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn;  bp  at  Kingston,  Sept.  27,  1713; 
m  a  1739,  PiETER  Van  Valkenburgh. 

i        Isaac  Van  Valkenburgh,  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  26,  1740;  sps 

Isaac  and  Bata  Van  Deusen. 
ii       Catharina  Van  Valkenburgh,  b  July  13,  1 741 ;  sps  Barthol- 

omeus  and  Jennet je  Van  Valkenburg. 
iii     Matthius  Van  Valkenburgh,  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  8,  1 7 48  ;  sps 

Com.  and  Sarah  V.  Deuzen. 
iv     Jacob  Van  Valkenburgh,  bp  at  Clav.,  'Mar.  26,  1750;  sps 

Jacob  van  Valkenburg,  Catalyntje  Legget. 
V      Johannes  Van  Valkenburgh,  bp  at  Kin.,  July  3,   1752; 

sps  Johannes  and  Geertruy  Van  Valkenburgh. 

51  MARRETIE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn;  bp  at  Albany  May  15, 
1720;  m  a  1743,  Axdries  Huyck,  prob  the  son  of  Lambert 
Huyck  and  Anna  Rattelfie;  bp  at  Albany  Feb.  27,  1709.  Af- 
ter the  death  of  Marretie,  he  married  a  1750  her  sister.  (49) 
Cornelia  Van  Deusen,  the  widow  of  Joachem  Van  Valkenburg, 
by  whom  he  had  four  children.  He  served  in  the  Seventh 
Rcgt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia  (Land  Bountv  Rights). 

_    Children-,  bp  at  Albany: 

1  Elisabeth  Huyck,  bp'Dec.  21,  1746;  sps  Lamberth  Red- 
ley,  Mary  Cuyler. 

31  Johannes  Huyck,  bp  Oct.  22,  1749;  sps  Teunis  and  Elisa- 
beth V.  Woerdt. 

52  TRYNTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  Van 
^fctisen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn;  bp  at  Albany,  September 
33.  1722  ;  m  a  1748,  John  Mac  Lean  (Makkleen). 

,   Children,  bp  at  Albany,  Kinderhook,  and  Claverack: 
1        Isaac  Mac  Lean,  bp  at  Albany,  Nov.  24,  1751;  sps  John 
and  Catrina  Rensselaer. 

56  \'an  Deursex    Family 

ii  Mar}'  Mac  Lean,  bp  at  Kind.,  Feb.  17,  1754;  sps  Harman 
Fruyn,  Lena  van  Deusen. 

iii  Comelis  Mac  Lean,  bp  at  Kind.,  Feb.  28,  1756;  sps  Mel- 
chert  and  Annatje  Vanderpoel. 

iv  Lena  Mac  Lean,  bp  at  Kind.,  Sept.  10,  175S;  sps  Isak 
Hoes,  Lena  Van  Deusen. 

V  Mattheus  ^lac  Lean,  bp  at  Kind.,  Mar.  i,  1761;  sps  Lou- 
wrenz  and  Catharina  Van  Alcn. 

vi  Elizabeth  Mac  Lean,  bp  at  Clav.,  Feb.  24,  1765 ;  sps  Isaak 
Van  Deusen,  Elisabeth  Esselsteyn. 

53  ELYSABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn  of  Albany;  bp  there  Aug. 
9,  1724;  m  a  1745,  Teunis  (Anthony)  Van  Woert.  (L.  B. 
R.  3rd,  Albany  Co.  Militia). 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        Elizabeth  Van  Woert,  bp  Nov.  24,  1751;  sps  Jacob  van 

Woert,  Annatje  van  Duisen;  d  y. 
ii       Bata  Van  Woert,  bp  Jan.  14,  1753  ;  sps  Jacob  van  Vv^'oert, 

Neeltje  Gardenier. 
iii      Rutger     Van    Woert,    bp    vSept.    2S,    1755;    sps     Isaac 

Vosburgh,  Christina  Van  Woert;  d  y. 
iv      Rutger  Van  Woert,  bp  Feb.  26,  1758;  sps  Johannes  and 

Helena  Van  Deusen. 
v       Elizabeth  Van  Woert,  b  Mar.  21,  bp  Apr.  11,  1760;  sps 

Jacob  Ja.  van  Woert,  Elisabeth  Fort. 
vi      Cornelia  Van  Woert,  b  Nov.   16,  bp  Nov.  22,  1762;  sps 

Thomas  and  Bata  Hun. 
vii     Catharina  Van  Woert,  b  Oct.   2,  bp  Oct.   5,   1766;  sps 

Stephanus  Schuyler,  Engeltie  V.  Vechten. 

54  ANNATJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  (Teu- 
v.'issz)  Van  Deusen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn';  bp  at  Kinder- 
hook,  Feb.  4,  1727;  m  a  1750,  Luycas  P.  Van  Alen;  bp  at 
Kin.,  Apr.  21,  1717;  son  of  Peter  L.  Van  Alen  and  Josyntje 
Adams  Dingman;  d  bet  Dec.  23,  1791,  and  Feb.  14,  1805. 

Res:     Kinderhook,  N.  Y. 

Children,  bp  i,  3   4,  5,  at  Kinderhook,  and  2,  Coxsackie: 
i        Pieter  Van  Alen,  bp  Aug.  15,  1753  ;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deusen, 
Maria   Van   Aalsteyn;   m    Elizabeth    Dixon;  drowned 
while  fording  Kinderhook  Creek.  Sept.  9,  1S06. 
ii       Bata  Van  Alen,  bp  July  18,  1756 ;  sps  Hendrek  Van  Dyke, 
Lena  Van  Deusen;  prob  m  Dec.  25,  1787,  at  K.,  John 
Scherp  (Sharp). 
iii     Isaac  Van  Alen,  bp  Nov.  12,  1758;  sps  Isak  P.  and  Cath- 

Fourth  Genefl\tion  57 

rina  Van  Valkenburgh ;  m  Catharine  ]\IcCak  (McKegg?). 
He  d  Jan.,  1S26. 

iv  Jesyna  Van  Alen,  bp  Dec.  20,  1761 ;  sps  Robert  Van  Deu- 
sen,  Catarina  Van  Alen;  m  Nov.  11,  17S6,  Abraham 
Van  Valkenburgh;  d  Mar.  15,  1849  (tomb  stone  at 

V  Comelis  Van  Alen,  bp  July  22,  1764;  sps  Dirk  Huyk, 
Saertje  Van  Deusen  (sister  of  Annatje) ;  m  Elizabeth 
;  d  Sept.  10,  1830  (tomb  stone  at  Scho- 

55  SARAH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (17)  Isaac  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Data  Van  Ysselsleyn;  bp  at  Albany,  Jan.  4,  1730;  m 
there  Sept.  12,  1755,  Derick  Huick  (Dirk  Huyck). 

Res:     Kinderhook,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook: 

i  Rachel  Huick,  bp  Apr.  23,  1757;  sps  Jacobus  Huyck, 
Lisabeth  Van  Dyck, 

ii  Bata  Huick,  bp  May  20,  1759;  sps  Pieter  Van  Valken- 
burgh, Bata  Van  Deusen. 

iii  Burger  Huick,  bp  Nov.  29,  1761 ;  sps  Burger  Huyck,  Jan- 
net  je  Hoogeboom. 

iv  Mayke  (Mary)  Huick,  bp  Mar.  30,  1765;  sps  Johannes 
Huyck,  Engeltje  Van  Hoesen. 

(17)  Isaac  Van  Deusen  and  Bata  Van  Ysselsteyn;  bp  at  Al- 
bany Sept.  29,  1734;  m  June  2,  1760,  Mathew  Hoes,  who  was 
a  member  of  the  Eleventh  Regiment,  Albany  County  Militia, 
during  the  Revolutionary  War  (Land  Bounty  Rights). 

Res:     Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack  and  Kinderhook  (See  Miscel- 
laneous and  Related  Families  for  descendants  of  Hoes  Fam- 
i        Marya  Hoes,  bp  Aug.  31    1760;  sps  Mattheus  Goes,  Marya 

Van  Schaak,  his  wife. 
>!       Lata   Hoes,  bp  Dec.    19,    1762;  sps  Isack  Van  Deusen, 

Cathrina  Van  Valkenburg;  d  y. 
Jii     Bata  Hoes,  bp  Jan.  22,  1764;  sps  Isak  Van  Deusen,  Cath- 

arina  V.  Valkenburg. 
'"•      Mattheus  Hoes,  bp  at  Kind.,  May  4,  1766;  sps  Hei-man 
Prayn,  Jannetje  Goes,  his  wife. 
Isaac  Hoes,  bp  at  Kind.,  Jan.  28,   1770;  sps  Isaac  Van 
Deusen.  Annatje  Van  Deusen  h.  vr.  Van  Lucas  Van  Alen. 

58  Van  Deursen   Family 

57  ISAAC  VAN  DEURSE[N],  son  of  (i8)  Abraham  (Isa- 
^acs)  Van  Deursen  and  Anna  Sickles  of  Albany;  bp  at  Albanv 
'Mar.  14,  16S8;  m  April  5,   17 13,  at  New  York,  Anxa  Wal- 

DROx;  b  Nov.  19,  16S1,  "wed,  V.  Francois  Buis  V.  N.  York." 
She  was  the  dau  of  Daniel  Waldron  (see  Miscellaneous  and 
Related  Families)  and  Sara  Rutgers,  dau  of  Rutger  (Willem- 
sen)  Van  Langendyke  and  Gysbertie  Marty ns.  Daniel  Wal- 
dron was  b  in  1656,  son  of  Joseph  W.  Waldron  and  Annetje 
Daniels;  he  was  a  gun-stock  maker  in  New  York,  in  which 
city  he  was  granted  a  Freeman's  Right  Aug.  30,  169S  (New 
York  Hist.  Coll.,  Vol.  iS,  p.  67). 

On  Sept.  12,  1737,  Isaac  Van  Deursen  was  one  of  the  signers 
of  the  petition  of  the  citizens  of  New  York,  demanding  tlie 
removal  of  William  Crosby,  Sheriff  of  the  City  and  County  of 
New  York.  The  following  year,  173S,  we  find  him  a  member 
of  Capt.  Abraham  Boelcn  's  Company  of  Militia ;  and  on  Nov. 
6,  1744,  he  was  granted  a  Freeman's  Right,  at  which  time  liis 
occupation  was  that  of  distiller  (Ibid,  p.  150).  He  died  ]\Iar. 
ID,  1756,  and  was  buried  in  the  graveyard  of  the  Old  Dutch 
Church  in  New  York. 

Children,  bp  at  New  York: 

i        Annatje,  bp  Jan.  24,  17 14;  sps  Abraham  V.  Deurse 

and  Annatje,  s.  hs.  v. ;  d  y. 
ii      Abraham,  bp  Mar.  27,  171 5;  sps  Abraham  and  An- 
natje Van  Deurse ;  d  y. 

128  iii      Daniel,  bp  Sept.  16,  1716;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deurse, 

Sr.,  Sara  Waldron;  m  in  1738,  Lea  Hartje. 

iv  Anna,  bp  Feb.  26,  171S;  sps  Fredrik  Willemse,  Anna 
Van  Deurse;  m  July  15,  1751,  Pieter  Hyer.  Issue: 
Petrus  Hyer,  bp  Mar.  8,  1758;  sps  Daniel  Van 
Deursen,  Sara  Burger,  h.  v.  v.  Baltus  Heyer. 

V  Abraham,  bp  Jan.  6,  1720;  sps  Jacob  Van  Deurse, 
Maria  Willemse. 

129  vi      Sara,  bp  Nov.  15,  1721 ;  sps  Edward  Men,  Sara  Burg- 

er; m  Nov.  17,  1749,  Robert  Sickles. 
vii    Isaac,  bp  June  3,  1723;  sps  Isaac  Boele,  Catharina 

Boele,  s.  h.  vr. 
viii  Maria,  bp  Nov.  18,  1724 ;  sps  Gerret  de  Foreest,  Maria 

ix      Catharina,    bp    Sept.    4,    1726;    sps    Abraham   Van 

Deurse,  Catharina  Boeken. 

58  MARIE  VAN  DEURSEN  of  Albanv,  dau  of  (iS) 
Abraham  (Isaacsz)  Van  Deursen  and  Annatie  Sickles ;  bp  Feb. 

Fourth  Generation  59 

12,  1690,  at  Albany;  m  May  2,  1714,  Edward  Men  of  New 


Children,  bp    at  New  York: 

i        Elizabeth  Men,  bp  Mar.  9,  1715;  sps  John  Men,  Annatje 
Van  Detirse;  d  y. 

ii       EHzabeth  Men,  bp  Aug.  22,  17 16;  sps  Abraham  and  An- 
natje Van  Deurse;  d  y. 

iii     John  Men,  bp  ^lar.  19,  1718;  sps  John  Man,  Annatje  Van 

iv     Annatje  Men,  bp  Dec.  9,   17 19;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deurse, 
Elizabeth  Man ;  d  y. 

V      Abraham  Men,  bp  Aug.  2,1721;  sps  Abraham  and  Annatje 
Van  Deursen. 

vi      Marv'tje  Men,  bp  May  6,  1723;  sps  Fredrik  and  Mar}^tje 

vii    Elizabeth  Men,  bp  Feb.  10,  1725;  sps  Isaac  and  Elizabeth 
Van  Deursen. 

viii  Annatje  Men,  bp  Nov.   9,   1726;  sps  Jan  Van  Aernem, 
Jcnneke  Van  Deursen,  s.  h.  v. 

ix     Jenneke  Men,  bp  Dec.  18,  1728;  sps  Gerardus  Comfort, 
Catharina  Waldron,  h.  v.  Van  Isaac  Boelen. 

X       Edward  Men,  bp  Oct.  11,  1730;  sps  Benjamin  Moor,  Lena 
Van  Deursen,  h.  v.  van  Jacob  Van  Deursen;  d  y. 

xi     Edward  Men,  bp  Aug.  19,  1733;  sps  Jan  V.  Aarnem,  Jen- 
neke Van  Aarnem,  z.  h.  v. 

59  JACOB  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (iS)  Abraham 
(Isaacsz)  Van  Deursen  and  Anna  Sickles;  bp  in  Albany,  Feb. 
18,  1694;  m  in  New  York  June  14,  1719,  Helena  Van  Deur- 
sen, dau  of  (13)  Jacobus  Van  Deursen  and  Aeltie  Uyten- 
bogert  of  Albany.     She  d  Dec.  6,  173 8. 

In  1736  Jacob  Van  Deursen  was  a  member  of  the  Company 
of  Militia  formerly  commanded  by  John  Moore,  he  was  like- 
^■_ise  a  petitioner  in  Sept.  1737,  demanding  the  removal  of  the 
Sheriff  of  the  City  and  County  of  New  York. 
Res:     New  York. 
Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
»       Abraham,  bp  Jan.    24,    1720;  sps  Abraham  and  Aeltje 

Van  Deurse;  d  y. 
ii      Jacob,  bp  Apr.  30,   17 21;  sps  Abraham  and  Aeltje  Van 

Deursen;  d  y. 
'Ii     Jacob,   bp    Dec.   30,    1722,   sps   Isaac   and   Neeltje  Van 
Deursen;  d  v. 

60  Van  Df:ursen   Family 

iv  Abraham,  bp  Aug.  23.  1724;  sps  Abraham  and 
Annatje  Van  Deursen,  s.  h.  vr. ;  d  ]\Iarch  21,  1729. 

V  Aeltje,  bp  Sept.  11,  1726;  sps  Matheus  Van 
Deurse,  Aeltje  Uyt  den  Boogert,  \Ved.  van  Jacob 
Van  Deurse;  m  June  9,  1759,  Thomas  Young. 

vi  Zacharias,bp  May  19,  172S ;  sps  Abraham  Vandeursen, 
Tryntje  Poulse.  He  probably  resided  in  New  Corn- 
wall, Orange  Co.  in  1790-1800,  and  may  have 
removed  to  Palmyra,  Ontario  Co.  (See  Census  of 
1 8 10),  m  Hannah  Smith. 

vii    Annaatje,  bp  Jan.  21,  1730;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deursen, 

Maria  i^klan;  prob  m  Oct.  30,  1763,  Lodew^^k  Insler. 

130  viii  Jacob,  b  Nov.  2,  i73o;bpFeb.  4,  1733 ;  sps  Jan  Van 

Aamem,  Aaltje  Van  Deurse;  m  Mar.  19,  1764,  Mary 


ix  Abraham,  bp  Nov.  17,  1734;  sps  Francis  Myners  and 
Catharina  Pouwels,  h.  v.  v.  Johs.  Pouwelse;  d  y. 

X  Abraham,  bp  Aug.  8,  1736;  sps  Johannes  Paulsze 
Catharina  Van  Deursen. 

60  JANNETJE  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (18)  Abraham 
(Isaacsz)  Van  Deursen  and  Anna  Sickles;  bp  Nov.  17,  1695, 
at  Albany;  m  in  New  York  May  8,  1720,  John  Van  Aarnfm; 
d  Dec.  28,  1737. 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i        Abraham  Van  Aamem,  bp  May  7,  1721;  sps  Abraham 

Van  Deursen,  Sara  Van  Aarnem. 
ii       Isaac  Van  Aarnem,   bp   Dec.    20,    1724;  sps  Isaac  Van 

Deursen,  Aplony  Eckeson. 
iii      Anna  Van  Aamem,  bp  Oct.  19,   1735;  sps  Edward  Man, 

Maria  V.  Deursen,  z.  h.  v.  (his  wife). 

61  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (iS)  Abraham 
(Isaacsz)  Van  Deursen  and  Anna  vSickles;  bp  Nov.  3,  1697,  at 
New  York;  m  July  17,  1726;  Antje  Coek,  dau  of  Dirk  Coek 
and  Susanna  Bording.  He  was  enrolled  in  Captain  Mathew 
Clarkson's  Company,  South  Ward,  N.  Y.,  in  April,  1738. 

Res:     South  Ward,  N.  Y.  City,  and  Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J. 
Children,  i  and  2,  bp  in  New  York,  4,  5,  6,  in  New  Bruns- 
wick, N.  J.: 

i        Abraham,  bp  June  4,  1727  ;sps  Isaak  Van  Deurse,  An- 
netje  Sickels,  Wede  Van  A.  Ab.  Van  Deurse ;  d  Aug. 
29.  1728;  bur  in  O.  D.  C,  N.  Y. 
ii       Susanna,  bp  Jan.  19,  1729;  sps  Dirk  Coek,  Susanna 

Fourth  Generation  61 

Bording,  z.  h.  v.;  d  Aug.  27,  1730;  bur  in  O.  D.  C, 

N.  Y. 
iii      Abraham,  b  a  1731 ;  d  April  11,  1733  ;  bur  in  O.  D.  C, 

N.  Y. 
iv      Dirck  Coek,  bp  Sept.  9,  1 734 ;  sps  Dirk  and  Antje  [Text 

V       Abraham,  bp  Jan.  9,   1737;  sps  Isaac  Van  Duesen, 

^laritjc  Man. 
131  vi      Thomas,  bp  Feb.  25,  1739;  sps  parents;  m  a  1760, 


dau  of  (19)  Jacobus  (Isaacsz)  Van  Deusen  and  Catharina 
Burgers;  bp  in  New  York,  Sept.  8,  1691;  m  there  Nov.  20, 
1708,  John  M.\n,  "j.  m.  Van  Rood  Ylant,  met  Elisabeth  Van 
Deursen,  3.  d.  V.  N.  Y."  He  was  named  John  Mew  in  deed 
dated  Sept.  7,  1712. 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i        Jan  Man,  bp  Aug.  14,  1700;  sps  Eduard  Mann,  Catharina 

Van  Dense,  Catharina  Van  Zant. 
ii       Jacobus  Man,  bp  Sept.  7,  171 2;  sps  Gerret  and  Saartje 

Burger;  d  y. 
iii      Jacobus  Man,  bp  Jan.   26,   1715;  sps  Jan  Herres,   Mar- 

grietje  Van  Zant. 
iv      Catharina    Man,    bp    Apr.    3,    1717;   sps   Johannes   Van 

Dcurse,  Sara  Van  Gelder. 
V       Elizabeth  Man,  bp  Mar.  22,  1719;  sps  Jan  Herres,  Maria 

vi      Edward  Man,  bp  July  30,  1721;  sps  Edward  Men,  Jan- 

netje  Lynee. 
vii    Isaac  Man,  bp  Oct.  16,  1723 ;  sps  Johannes  and  Sara  Van 

viii   Henry    Man,    bp    ?*Iay    11,    1726;   sps   John   Men,    Sen., 

Geertje  Van  Deurse. 
Jx     William  Man,   bp   Mar.   5,    1729;  sps  Jan   Harris,  Jun., 

Catharina  Smith,  Vvede. 

^  O3  SARAH  VAN  DEURSEN,  youngest  dau  of  (^19) 
Jacobus  (Isaacsz)  Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Btirgers  of  New 
Vork;  bp  Jan.  6,  1697;  m  Nov.  11,  1716,  Johannes  Van 
^'^elder;  bp  Apr.  21,  1689;  son  of  Johannes  Van  Gelder  and 
Hefje  R003  of  New  York. 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
'        Catharina  Van  Gelder,  bp  Sept.  24,  171S;  sp  Harmanus 
Van  Gelder,  Teuntje  Van  Gelder,  s.  h.  vr. ;  d  y. 

62  Van  Deursen  Family 

ii       HaiTnanus  Van  Gelder,  bp  Mar.  22,  1721;  sps  John  Men, 

Elizabeth  Men,  s.  h.  v.;  d  y. 
iii      Hamianus  Van  Gelder,  bp  Oct.  14,  1722;  sps  John  Men, 

EHzabeth  Men. 
iv      Catharina  Van  Gelder,  bp  Nov.  11,  1724;  sps  Hamianus 

Van  Gelder,  Teuntje  Van  Gelder,  s.  hs.  vr. 
V       Jacobus  Van  Gelder,  bp  Feb.  15,  1727  ;  sps  Johannes  Van 

Deursen,  Jacobusz.,  Jannetje  Van  Gelder,  hs.  vr.  van 

Fictoor  Hyer. 
vi      Johannes  Van  Gelder,  bp  Aug.    17,   1729;  sps  Ficktoor 

Hyer,  Dina  Van  Gelder. 
vii     Sara  Van  Gelder,  bp  June  20,  1736;  sps  Reynier  Burger, 

Tanneke  Van  Gelder,  j.  d. 

64  JOHANNES  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (19)  Jacobus 
(Isaacsz)  Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Burger;  bp  at  New 
York  Feb.  7,  1700;  m  June  12,  1725,  Geertje  Minthorn;  bp 
Oct.  13,  1703,  dau  of  Philip  Minthorn  and  Hillegond  Webber. 
Johannes  d  prior  to  Dec,  1770,  his  widow  d  in  1790  (see  codi- 
cil to  her  will,  dated  Dec.  20,  1771;  will  probated  Aug.  26, 
1790).  He  was  made  a  Freeman  on  Nov.  7,  173S  (New  York 
Hist.  Coll.,  Vol.  iS,  p.  137). 

Res:     New  York.     Oc:     Cordwainer. 

Children,  bp  at  New  York: 

132  i        Philip,  bp  Oct.  6,  1725;  sps  Philip  Menthorne,  Sara 

Van  Gelder,  m  Aug.  24,  or  Sept.  25,  1754,  Susanna 

ii       Jacobus,  bp  Feb.  19,  1727;  sps  John  Men,  Hillegond 

Menthorne;  prob  d  before  1770;  not  mentioned  in 

mother's  will. 
iii      Catharina,  bp  June  4,  1729;  sps  Johannes  V.  Gelder, 

Elizabeth  Man;  m  James  Wessels. 
iv      Hillegond  (Meligunt  in  mother's  will);  bp  Apr.   11, 

173 1 ;  sps  Philip  Minthorn,  Annaatje  Roll,  synh.v; 

m  Austin  Reynolds. 

133  V       Geertje,  bp  Mar.  21,  1733;  sps  Johannes  and  Sarah 

Minthome;m   Nov.   28,   1754.  Abraham  Knicker- 

vi      Johannes,  bp  May  7,  1735;  sps  John  Man,  Jr.,  Anna 

Minthorn,  z.  h.  v. 
vii     Elisabet,  bp  Jan.  26,  173 7;  sps  Jacobus  Man,  Elisabet 

Van  Deursen,  h.  v.  v.  Jan  Man. 
viii  Pieter,  bp  Mar.  i,  1739;  sps  John  Minthorn,  Jannetje 

Elsworth,  z.  h.  v. ;  d  y. 

Fourth  Generation  63 

ix      Pieter,  bp  May   27,    1741;  sps  Johannes   Minthorn, 
Jannetie  Elsv.'orth.  his  wife. 

65  ISAAC  VAX  DEURSEX,  son  of  (20)  Isaac  (Isaacsz) 
Van  Deursen  and  Metje  Christiaens;  bp  in  New  York,  Feb.  6, 
1698;  d  at  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  March  20,  1792;  m  (ist)  May  24, 
J718,  Angenetie  Faroe,  bp  June  12,  1699,  dau  of  Jacques 
Faroe  (See  ]Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families)  and  Wv- 
brecht  Hendrickx,  of  Hackensack,  X.  J.,  (2d)  Dec.  14,  1723, 
Elizabeth  Rosekboom,  of  Xew  York,  bp  Sept.  12,  1705,  dau 
of  Tserck  Rosenbconi  and  Maritje  Wynants. 

On  the  roll  of  "Captyn  Comelis  Harings  Company  of  Orange 
County  Militia,"  Oct.  25,  1715,  his  name  appears  as  ysack 
Van  Dures,  and  in  his  will,  dated  June  14,  1783,  probated 
Apr.  30,  1792,  as  Van  Duzer.  which  spelling  has  been  followed 
by  his  descendants.  In  his  will  all  the  children  recorded 
here  were  named;  the  eldest  being  then  dead.  He  resided  at 
Tappan,  N.  J.,  in  171S;  Ramapo  Valley,  X.  Y.,  from  1724  to 
1748,  and  Cornwall  thereafter.  He  owned  one  thousand 
acres  of  land  at  Cornwall  and  was  by  occupation  a  farmer 
and  tavern  keeper. 

The  following  two  receipts  for  the  quit  rent  of  the  thousand 
acre  tract  of  land  at  Cornwall  were  copied  from  the  originals 
by  Captain  Albert  H.  \'an  Deusen,  the  compiler  of  this  work. 

"Received  of  Mr.  Isaac  Van  Duerssen  three  pounds  fifteen 
shillings  proclamation  money  in  full  for  three  years  Quitt 
Rent  of  a  tract  of  icoo  acres  of  land  in  Orange  County  Granted 
to  Andrew  XichoUs  the  24th  of  August  1721  being  from  the 
25th  of  March  1748  to  the  25th  of  March  last  as  witness  my 
hand  this  3d  of  April  1751. 

"Richd.  Xichols  Depty  Rec'd  Genl." 

"Received  of  INIr.  Isaac  Van  Deurssen  live  pounds  proc'l 
money  in  full  for  four  years  Quit  Rent  of  the  within  mentioned 
1000  acres  of  land  to  the  25th  of  March  last  as  witness  my 
hand  this  19th  of  June  1755. 

"Richd.  Xicholls  Depty  Rec'd  Genl." 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

134  i        Wiberech,  bp  July  17,  1720,  at  Hackensack,  N.  J.;  sps 

Siaeck  Faroe,  Wiberech,  his  wife;  m  July  2,  1755, 
Benjamin  Demarest. 

135  "       Isack,  b  in  Sept.,  bp  Dec.  17,  1 721,  at  Hackensack; 

sps  Fukas  Kicrstede,  Jannetie  Faroe,  his  wife. 
By  second  wife: 


64    "'  Van  Deursen  Family 

V.36  iii      Angneitje,  b  at  Ramapo,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  9,  1724;  m  Mav 
8,  1746,  Samuel  Sidman. 
iv      Tjerck,  bp  Nov.  13,  1726,  at  Hackensack;  sps  Jacobus 

Van  Gelder  and  wife;  m   1746,  Catherine 

V       Martha,  b  a  1728;  m  David  Rose. 

137  vi      Marrytje,  b  a  1730;  m  a  1750,  Steven  Slot. 

vii     Elizabeth,  b  a  1732;  m Le  Roy. 

viii   Catherine,  b  a  1734;  m Zabriska. 

ix      Leah,  b  a  1736;  m  James  (?)  Galloway. 

X  Antie,  b  Dec.  9,  1738  ;m  Dec  22,  1756,  Maj.  Zachariah 
Du  Bois. 

xi  Jannetje,  bp  Feb.  26,  1 741,  at  Paramus,  N.J. ;  sps  Wil- 
liam Van  Alen,  Janetje  Van  Alen;  m "Wil- 

138  xii    Christopher,  b  1743  ;  m  (ist)  JuHana  Strong;  (2d)  Jan. 

21,  1772,  Juliana  Tusten. 
xiii  Maria,  bp  Aug.  13,  1749,  at  Paramus;sps  Cobus  Laroe, 
Rebeeka  Laroe ;  m  William  Roe,  who  was  a  Lieut,  in 
the  Cornwall  Regiment  during  the  Revolutionary 
War.  Issue:  Isaac  Van  Duzer  Roe,  bp  May  7, 

66  SHADRACH  VAN  DUZER,  presumably  son  of  (20) 
Isaac  Van  Deursen  and  Metje  (Martha)  Christiaens;  b  in  1727 ; 
d  at  Comv.-all,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  9,  1794,  aged  67  years.  The  name 
of  his  wife  is  not  known,  but  according  to  his  will,  probated 
Sept.  18,  1794,  she  survived  him.  At  the  census  of  1790  he 
had  two  sons  and  three  daughters. 

Res:     Cornwall. 

139  i        Isaac,   b   Jan.    7,    1755;  m.  July    23,    1780,   Martha 


140  ii       Henry,  b  Feb.   15,  1759;  m  June  17,  1787,  Frances 

iii      Elizabeth,  b  a  1762. 

iv      Margaret,  b  a  1765  ;  m  July  31,  17SS,  Herman  Fisher. 
v       Catherine,  b  a  176S;  m  May  12,  17S8,  Isaac  Conklin. 
vi      Mary,  b  a  1771. 
vii    Juliana,  b  a  1775;  m  Aug.  2,  1789,  Jesse  Harrison. 

67  MARGRIET  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (21)  Willed 
(Jacobsz)  Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Rosenboom;  bp  at  Al- 
bany Apr.  14,  1695;  m  there  Dec.  9,  1722,  Hendrik  Cuyler: 
b  1690.  He  was  an  Ensign  in  1717  under  "CoUonell"  Peter 
Schuyler  in  Albany. 

Fourth  Generation  65 

Children,  Dp  at  Albany: 
i        Catharina  Cuyier,  bp  July  14,  1723  ;  sps  Abrah.  and  Cath. 

Cuyler;  d  y. 
ii       Cathrina  Cuyler,  bp  June  6,   1725;  sps  Abrah.   Cuyler, 

Elyz.  V.  Deusen;  m  Sept.  14,  1751,  Jacob  Ten  Broeck; 

bp  Mar.  16,  1718;  d  prior  to  1796.     Cathrina  d  prior  to 

1777,  at  which  time  he  married  Elizabeth  Van  Schaick. 
iii      Elizabeth  Cuyler,  bp  Sept.  25,  1726;  sps  Will.  V.  Deusen, 

Marg.  (or  Mary)  Ten  Broek. 
iv     Abraham   Cuyler,  bp   May   25,   1729;  sps  Jan  and  Cat. 

V       Catalyna  Cuyler,  bp  Aug    22,  1730;  sps  John  Cuyler  Jr., 

Cath.  Cuyler;  d  in  iSiS;  m  Henr>^  Bleecker;  b  1729; 

had  dau  Margaret;  b  1755;  d  1S34;  m  Hennanus  Ten 

Eyck; b  1749; d  1S2S 
vi     Abraham  Cuyler,  bp  Aug.  5,  1733;  sps  Dirk  ten  Broek, 

Marytje  Staats. 

68  CATALYNTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (21)  Willem 
Jacobsz  Van  Deusen  and  Lysbeth  Rosenboom;  bp  in  Albany, 
Nov.  21,  1697  ;  m  at  A.  July  15,  1721,  John  Oothout;  bp  April 
7,  1695 ;  son  of  Hendrick  Oothout  (b  1663 ;  d  1739)  and  Caatje 
Volckertse  Douw.  John  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Henry  Van 
Rensselaer's  Company  of  Albany  i^Iilitia  in  17 15.  He  came 
to  New  York  City  between  1730  and  1733,  and  died  Aug.  20, 
1739.  His  son  John  was  bom  four  months  after  his  death. 
His  widow  d  Mav  13,  1753,  in  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.  (See 

i       Catharina  Oothout,  bp  Apr.  29,  1722,  in  A.;  sps  Hendr. 
Oothout,    Elizabeth   van   Deusen;  m   Nov.    29,    1749, 
Henry  Dumont  of  Raritan,  N.  J.,  who  d  July  23,  1775 
(for  descendants  of  this  line  see  Miscellaneous  and  Re- 
lated Families). 
ii      Elizabeth  Oothout,  b  Sept.  i,  bp  Sept.  27,  1724;  sps  Will. 
V.  Deusen,  Dorothee  Bogaart;  m  Aug.  15,  1745,  John 
Tobias  Ten  Broeck;  d  Jan.  18,  1801  (For  descendants 
of  this  line  see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Famxilies). 
iii     Maria  Oothout,  b  Apr.  28,  172S;  m  Ernestus  Van  Har- 
lingen  of  New  Jersey.     She  d  Feb.  3,  1804.     He  d  of 
yellow  fever  Sept.  12,  1799.     Issue:     Henry  Van  Har- 
lingen;  b  1764;  d  Sept.  12,  1799. 
iv      Margarita  Oothout,  bp  Feb.   13,  1730,  at  A.;  sps  H.  V. 

Deusen,  Maria  Staats ;  d  Jan.  4,  1734. 
V       Hendrik  Oothout,  bp  July  18,  1733,  in  N.  Y.;  sps  Wm. 

66  Van  Deursen   Family 

and  Sara  Rosenboom,  h.  v,  v.  Jab.  Quick;  d  Oct.  21, 

vi      Margrietje  Oothout,  bp  Jan.  2,  1737,  m  X.  Y. ;  sps  Fo]- 
kertOothout,  Catharina  Ridder,  syn.  h.  v.;  m.  Apr.  27. 
1764,  Cob  Henry  Quackenbush  of  Albany  (for  descend- 
ants of  this  line  see  }>Iiscellaneous  and  Related  Fami- 

vii  John  Oothout,  b  Dec.  19;  bp  Dec.  26,  1739,  m  X.  Y.;  sps 
George  Frelding,  Catharina  Roseboom,  z.  h.  v.;  iv: 
July  17,  1785,  Magdalena,  dau  of  V\'illiam  Vander 
Water  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families  for 
descendants  of  this  line). 

69  MARYTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (21)  AYillem  Van 
Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Rosenboom;  bp  in  Albany,  Sept.  i, 
1700- m  there  June  28,  172S,  Isaac  Staats;  bp  July  20,  1701, 
son  of  Jochum  Staats  and  Antje  (Barentse)  Reyndertse  (^ee 
Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        Joachim  Staats,  bp  Apr.    20,   1729;  sps  Barent  btaais, 

Eliz.  V.  Deusen. 
ii       Elizabeth  Staats,  bp  Apr.  16,  1731;  sps  W.  V.  Deusen, 

Neeltje  Staats. 
iii      Anna  Staats,  bp  Oct.   22,   1733;  sps  Hendnck  Cuylaer, 

Margrietje  Yan  Deusen;  m  Feb.  5,  1761,  Gysbert  Mar- 

s-lis,  Jr.,  son  of  Gerrit  G.  Marselis  and  Margaret  Blecc.k- 

er.  ' 

iv      Willem  Staats,  bp  May  2,  1736;  sps V.  Deusei., 

Anna  Staats. 
V       Barent  Staats,  bp  May  31,  i739;  sps  Joachim  and  lliC- 

untje  Staats.  c^     +- 

vi      Hendrik   Staats,  bp  Sept.   20,  1741;  sps  Barent  btaau, 

Jr.,  Ryckje  Rozenboom. 

(21)  Willem  (Jacobsz)  Yan  Deusen  and  Lysbeth  Rosenbooir.. 
bp  Dec.  25,  1705,  at  Albany;  m  a  1730  Ariaantje  Sta.\t>- 
b  Mav  I-,,  bp  Mav  22,  1706;  dau  of  Barent  Staats  and  Neel.,c 
Vanden  Berg  (fee  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

Hendrick  "served  in  Captain  Peter  Van  Y'oert's  Companvc- 
the  Thirteenth  Albany  Count v  Militia  during  the  Y  ar  of  t:.c 
Revolution.  Sept.  29,  1729,  he  was  elected  Constaole  ot  ti.-^ 
Second  Ward  of  Albany.  He  also  held  other  offices  unuc 
the  city  government. 

Fourth  Generation  67 

Barent  Staats  refers  to  him  and  his  w'de  in  his  will,  which 
was  probated  Sept.  25.  1752. 

Res:     Albany,  X.  Y.,  and  Xew  Brunsv.'ick,  N.  J. 
Children,  bp  in  Albany  and  New  Brunswick,  N.  J. 

i        Elisabeth,  bp  Mar.  12,  1732;  sps  B.  Staats,  Elys.  V. 

ii       Neeltje,  bp  May  22,  1734;  sps  Jan.  Oothoudt,  Neeltje 
Staats;  d  y. 

141  iii      Willem,   bp  Apr.    11,    1736;  sps   Hendr.   Cuyler,  A. 

Cuyler;  m  (ist)  a  1760  Christiana  Ketelhuyn,  (2d) 

Mar.  28,  1766,  Ann  Stryker. 
iv      Neeltje,  bp  Nov.  12,  i738;sps  Jochem  Staats,  Annatje 

Visscher;  d  y. 
V       Neiltje,  bp   at  Ncv.-  B.,  Jan.   iS,   1741;  sps  Abram 

Schuyler,  Catrena  his  wife ;  d  y. 
vi      Barent,  bp  at  New  B.,  Mar.  30,  1 743  ;  sps  Dk.  Schuyler, 

Elizabeth  V.  Dursen. 
vii     Neiltje,  bp  at  New  B.,  "Slay  20,  1744;  sps  Abraham 

Schuyler,  Catrena  Outhoudt. 

142  viii   Margarita,  b  a  1747  ; ma  1770,  John  N.  Bleecker  of  Al- 

Lx      Catrina,bp  at  New  B.,  July  7,  1751 ;  sps^Barent  Staats 

and  Cattrina  Shultz. 
X       Engeltie,  bp  Dec.  13,  1752  ;  sps  Johannes  Lancen,  Sara 

Burger,  his  wife. 

71  GERRIT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (22)  Harpert  (Ja- 
cobsz)  Van  Deusen  and  Marrytje  Gerrits  Lansing,  bp  at 
Albany,  Jan.  5,  1700;  m  a  1730,  Lisabeth 

Children,  bp  at  Athens,  N.  Y.: 

i        Jacob,  bp  Feb.  21,  1 740 ;  sps  Isac  V.  Deusen,  Catharine 

his  wife, 
ii       Lisabeth,  bp  Aug.  25,  1743. 
iii      Matthys,  bp  Oct    26,  1745. 

72  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (22)  Harpert 
(Jacobsz)  Van  Deusen  and  Mar\-tje  Gerritse  (Lansing) ;  bp 
^'ov.  17,  1706;  m  Oct.  7,  1732,  Rachel  Pels;  bp  Dec.  9,  171 1 ; 
'^  Apr.  4,  1761;  dau  of  Evert  Pels  and  (28)  Margaretta  Van 
^X'usen,  dau  of  (7)  Melchert  Van  Deusen  and  Engeltje  Van 
Schoonder.voert.      Abraham  died  June  24,  1762. 

Children,  bp  at  Albany  and  New  York: 

i        Maritje,  bp  Mar.  31.  1734;  sps  Harpert  Japilcse,  An- 
naatje  Witbeck;  d  y. 

68  Van  Deursex  Family 

ii       Margarita,  bp  July  ii,  1736;  sps  Evert  Pels,  Breggie 

iii     Tryntje,  bp  Jan.   to,   1739;  sps  Abraham  ^\■ltbeck. 

Cathalvna  Van  Deusen;  d  y. 

143  iv      Margrietje,  bp  Julv  23,  1740;  sps  Raphiel  and  Bregg-.e 

Golet;  m  Jan.  20,  1760,  Johannes  Bergen. 

144  V       Marritje,  bp   Julv  17,   1743;  sps  Abraham  and  An- 

naatje  Witbec'k;  m  (ist)  Jacob  V.  Aarnem;  (2d) 
Apr.  21,  17S7.  Gerrit  I.  Lansing, 
vi  Annetje.  bp  in  New  York  Dec.  22,  1745;  sps  Everd 
and  Engeltje  Pels,  h.  v.  v.  Jacob  Kip;  prob  in 
Julv  3.  1765- George  Dean. 
14c:  vii  Jacob,  bp  in  New  York  Sept.  21,  1748;  sps  Jakoj 
Kip,  Helena  Appel,  wife  of  Abraham  Pels;  m  Aay 
19,  177I'  Elsie  Lansing.  (Benson,  in  his  \  an 
Deusen  Genealogv,  p.  65,  gives  the  baptism  of 
Jacob  at  Albanv,  as  does  also  the  New  \  ork  Gen. 
&  Biog.  Record,  Vol.  30,  p.  55-  The  compiler  of 
this  book,  Caotain  A.  H.  Van  Deusen,  made  a 
careful  search  ^of  the  Albany  records  between  the 
years  1743  and  1750,  but  failed  to  find  any  such 
baptism  recorded).  t^  ,      c 

viii  Trvntje,  bp  Jan.  30,  1750;  sps  Abraham  Pels,  bara 

Burger,  h.  v.  v.  Jobs  Lancen. 
ix      Engeltje,  bp  Dec.   13,   1752;  sps  Johannes  Lansen, 
Sara  Burger,  z.  h.  v 

73  ANN  WAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (22)  Harpert  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Mar^'tje  Gerritse  (Reyertse)  Lansing,  bp  at  Albany 
March  16,  1709;  m  a  1728,  Abraham  Witbeck  bp  Aug  2j, 
1705;  son  of  (26)  Catharina  Van  Deusen  and  Lucas  Jansen 
Witbeck.  He  was  buried  at  Papsknee  April  15,  i755- 

Children:  . ,,  ^  y 

i        Marretie  AVitbeck.  bp  June  iS,  1730,  at  Aloany;  sps  l, 

and  Cath.  Witbeek.  .  r>  ^  1    V 

ii       Lucas  Witbeck,  bp  Jan.  9,  1732;  sps  Ha.  and  tatal.  ^■ 

Deusen;  d  a'.  a t.  1  t? 

iii     Catharina  Witbeck,  bp  Jan.  14,  i733;  sps  Abr.  and  k- 

Van  Deusen;  bur  at  Papsknee,  Sept.  30,  1752 
iv      Lucas  Witbeck,  bp  Mar.  9,  1735;  sps  H.  J.  and  Cat.  ^. 

V  Harpert  Witbeck,  bp  Nov.  6,  1737.  at  Albany;  sps  Johan- 
nes Witbeck,  Geertr.  Van  Vegten;  m  Oct.  ^S-  J^7 '■;■ 
Geertrviy  Wendell.  Issue :  Abraham  V  itbeck,  b  bcp- 
10   1784;  Catharina  Witbeck,  b  Dec.  i,  1785- 

Fourth  Genei^\ticn  69 

\i     Johannes  "Witbeck,  bp  Oct.   12,   1740;  sps  Cornelis  Van 

Vegten,  ?ilarritje  Van  Deusen. 
vii    Abraham  Witbeck,  bp  at  Albany,   Avig.    21,    1743;  sps 

Mclchert  A.  \Yitbeek,  Catharina  Wcndel. 
viii   Geertruyd  Witbeck,  bp  Oct.    19,   1744,  at  Albany;  sps 

Mclchert  A.  Witbeek,  Catharina  Wendel. 
ix      Catalina  Witbeck,  bp  Oct.  25,  1747,  at  Albany;  sps  Jacob 

and  Maritje  Witbeek. 
X       Abram  Witbeck,  bp  Jan.  28,  1750,  at  Albany;  sps  Joh. 

Witbeek,  Annetie  Jcets. 

74  CATALYNTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (22)  Harpert 
Van  Deusen  and  Marytje  Gerritse  (Ryertse)  Lansing;  bp  at 
Albany  Feb.  10,  1712;  m  Dec.  25,  1742,  Jacob  Witbeck,  bp 
Oct.  30,  1 7 10;  son  of  Thomas  Janse  Witbeck  and  (29)  Jannetje 
Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (7)  Melchert  Van  Deusen  and  Engcltje 
Van  Woert  of  Albany. 

Children,  bp  at  Albany: 

i  Marritje  Witbeck,  bp  June  27,  1744;  sps  Melchert  A.  and 
Marritje  Witbeck. 

ii  Thomas  Witbeck,  bp  May  13,  1750;  sps  Abram  Witbeck, 
Geertruy  van  Buuren;  m  Sept,  22,  1771,  Elizabeth  Reis- 
dorp.  Issue:     Maria  Witbeck,  b  Oct.  3,  1786. 

(23)  Abraham  (Pietersz)  Van  Deursen  and  Lucretia  Bogardus; 
hp  in  N.  Y.  Nov.  3,  1706;  d  Dec.  19,  1766;  m  June  17,  1733, 
M.A.RIA  HiLDRETH,  who  d  Oct.  22,  1 772;  both  bur  in  Old  Dvitch 
Church  N.  Y.  Nov.  19,  1734,  he  was  made  a  Freeman  (New 
York  Hist.  Coll.  Vol.  18,  p.  125),  and  was  a  petitioner,  Sept. 
'2»  ^737»  for  the  removal  of  the  Sherilt  of  the  City  and  County 
of  New  York. 

In  his  will,  dated  Oct.  16,  1762,  and  pro  June  11,  17 68,  he 
mentions  all  his  children  excepting  Abraham,  Benjamin  and 

Res:     New  York.     Oc:     Chandler. 
Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
1       Abraham,  bp  Mar.  10,  1734;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deurssen, 

Lucretia  Bogardus,  s.  h.  v. 
"  Benjamin,  bp  May  30,  1736;  sps  Benjamin  Hildrcth, 
Eytje  Bret,  z.  h.  v.  He  probably  resided  in  New  Corn- 
wall, Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. 
iii  Lucretia,  bp  Oct.  25,  1738;  sps  Willem  Van  Deusen,  Lu- 
cretia Bogardus,  h.  v.  van  Abrm  Van  Deusen;  m  April 
26,  1759,  Robert  Watts.     Issue:     Pieter  Waits,  bp  N. 

''0  Van  Deursex  Family 

Y.,  Feb.  6;  1765;  sps  Pieter  Van  Deursen,  Maria  Hil- 
dreth,  z.  h.  v. 
iv      Pieter,  bp  Apr.  5,  1741 ;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deursen.  An- 
neke  Van  Deursen,  j.  d.;  d  v. 

V  Pieter,  bp  Oct.  13,  1742;  sps  Joseph  Hildriths,  Maria  Van 
_  Deursen,  j.  d. ;  prob  m  Dec.  4,  1769,  Catherine  Wavs 

VI  Maria,  bp  Apr.  19,  1745;  sps  Joris  BrinkerhofI,  Catharina 

Van  Deursen,  huis  v.  van  Isaac  Van  Vlek,  prob  m  Aug. 

16,  1765,  John  Van  Hoesen. 
vii    Anneke.  bp  Feb.  21,   1748;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deursen, 

Anncke  Van  Deursen,  j.  d.  (maiden). 
viii   Hester,  bp  Sept.  12,  1750;  sps  Abraham  and  Hester  Van 

Deursen,  j.  d. 
ix      Willem,  bp  May  31,   1752;  sps  Joris  Brinkerhoff,  Maria 

\an  Deursen.     He  resided  in  the  East  Ward,  N.  Y., 

and  had  wife,  one  dau  and  two  slaves  (Census)! 
X       Joseph,  bp  Jan.  8,  1755 ;  sps  Benjamin  and  Lucretia  Van 

Deursen,  j.  d. 
xi      Yda  (Ida),  bp  May  24,  1758;  sps  Benjamin  and  EHzabet 

Hildreth,  h.  v.  v.  Joseph  Hildreth. 

76  MARYTIE  VAN  DEURSEX,  dau  of  (23)  Abraham 
(Pietersz)  Van  Deursen  and  Lucretia  Bogardus;  bp  at  New 
York  Jan.  23,  1712;  d  before  1S06;  m  Oct.  23,  1741,  Joris 
(George)  Brinxkerhoff;  b  1705;  d  Sept.  3,  1768;  his  will 
was  probated  Sept.  7,.  176S.  In  1738  he  was  a  member  of 
Capt.  Henry  Cuyler's  Companv  of  Militia.  He  was  the  son 
of  Derick  Brinckerhoff  (b  1677;  d  174S)  and  Aeltje  Conover 
(b  1678;  d  1740);  grandson  of  Abraham  Jorisse  (b  1632;  d 
1 7 14)  and  Aeltje  Stn.^ker;  and  great-grandson  of  Joris  De- 
ricksen  (b  1609 ;  d  166 1)  and  Susannah  Dvibbles  (d  1677). 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i        Abraham  Brinckerhoff,  bp  Julv  24,  1745;  sps  Pieter  and 
Anneke  Van  Deursen,  j.  d.;  d  1S23;  m  Dorothv  Rem- 
sen,  b  1756;  had  son,  Abraham  Brinckerhotl;  b  176S; 
d  1825  ;m  Catherine  Remsen;  b  1778;  d  1S60. 
a       Lucresa  Brinckerhof^",  bp  Sept.  9,  1747  ;  sps  Abraham  and 
Hester  Van  Deursen,  j.  d..  Dirk  Brinckerhoff,  Elisabeth 
Brinckerhoff,  j.  d. 
iii      Maria  Brinckerhoff  (tweelingen,  twins),  bp  Sept.  9,  1747; 

sps  same  as  Lucresa;  m Jansen;  among  other  ch 

had  son,  Abraham  Van  Deursen  Jansen  (see  will  of  her 
uncle,  Abraham  Van  Deursen,  pro  Sept.  14,  1807). 
IV      Gerrit    Brinckerhoff,    bp    June    14,    1749;   sps    Dirk   and 
Elisabeth  Brinkerhof,  j.  d. ;  had  dau  Antie  Brincker- 

Fourth  Generation  71 

hoff,  who  m  Sept.  23,  1809,  Daniel  Westervelt;  b  Apr. 
22,  17S9;  d  June  I,  I  S3  5;  son  of  Jacob  Westervelt  and 
Martha    (Vs-n   Duzcr)    Sloat    (Westervelt   Genealogy) ; 
no  issue. 
V       Dirck  Brinckerhofi ;  named  in  will. 

77  CATHARINA  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (23)  Abraham 
(Pietersz)  Van  Deursen  and  Lucretia  Bogardus;  bp  in  N.  Y. 
Sept.  30,  1713;  d  prior  to  1806;  m  (ist)  Nov.  19,  1739,  Isaak 
Van"  Vleck;  (2d)  prior  to  1761,  Lawrence  Reman  (see  will 
of  her  father) . 

Children,  by  first  husband: 
i        Abraham  J.  Van  Vleck,  b  Dec.  19,  1740;  bp  Feb.  1741,  at 

Second  River,  N.  J.;  sps  Abram  Van  Vleck. 
ii       Isaac  Van  Vleck. 
iii      Lucretia   Van   Vleck.     She    had    davi    Lucretia    who    m 

Myndert  P.  Vosburgh,  according  to  will  of  Abraham 

Vai;i  Deusen,  her  uncle. 
iv      Pieter  Van  Vleck,  b  Dec.  6;  bp  Dec.  21,  1746,  at  N.  Y. ; 

sps  Johannes  Van  Vleck,  Maria  Van  Deursen,  h.  v.  van 

Joris  Brinckerhoff ;  d  prior  to  1761. 

C23)  Abraham  Pieters  Van  Deursen  and  Lucretia  Bogardus; 
bp  in  N.  Y,  Sept.  16,  1716;  m  Dec.  11,  1741,  Catharina  Gil- 
i^ERT.  He  d  May  20,  17S9,  bur  O.  D.  Ch.,  N.  Y.;  will  dated 
March  i,  1787,  pro  Sept.  10,  17S9. 

Res:     New  York.     Oc:     Tallow  Chandler. 
Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
14^  i        Abraham,  bp  Oct.  16,  1743 ;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deur- 
sen, Lucretia  Bogardus,  z.  h.  v.  Pieter  V.  Deursen, 
Anneke  V.  Deursen,  3.  d. ;  m  Elizabeth  Philips. 
ii       Lucretia,  twin  of  Abraham,  m  April  24,  1767,  John 
Fred.   Herring,   and  remarried  before   17S7   Basil 
Francis.     Issue:     Cathrina    Herring,    bp    N.    Y., 
Feb.  7,  1768;  sps  William  Van  Deursen,  Catharina 
Gilbert,  z.  h.  v. ;  Benjamin  Herring. 
iii      Maria,  bp  June  23,  1745;  sps  Willem  and  Maria  Gil- 
bert, j.  d.;  d  y. 
M7  iv      Maria,  bp  Feb.  18,  1747  ;  sps  Joris  Brinkerhoff,  Maria 
Van  Deursen,   z.   h.   v.;  m  April   26,    1764,   Dirk 
MS  V       Catharina,  bp  Nov.   30,   1748;  sps  Willem  Gilbert, 
Catharina  Van  Deursen,  h.  v.  v.  Isaac  Van  Vlek; 
m  Apr.  14,  1 77 1,  William  Groesbeck,   of  Albany. 

72  Van  Deursen   Family 

149  vi     Hester,  bp  Jan.  6,  1751;  sps  Abraham  and  Hester 

Van  Dursen,  j.  d.;  prob  m  Nov.  15,  1777,  William 
Colebride  (or  Colbrecht). 

150  vii    Willem,  bp  July  12,  1752;  sps  Pieter  Van  Deursen, 

Maria  Plildreth,  syn  h.  v.;  m  Sept.  30,  1778,  Mar- 
tha Nev.-ton  Whittelsey  of  New  Haven,  Conn. 

151  viii   Cornelia,    bp    Aug.    28,    1754;   sps    Willem    Gilbert, 

Aaltje  Fardon,  z  huis  v.;  ni  Jan.  12,  1785,  Isaac 

ix  Ankje,  bp  July  16,  1757;  sps  Joris  Brinckerhof!, 
Maria  Van  Deursen,  z.  h.  v. 

X  Anneke,  bp  June  14,  1758;  sps  Abraham  and  Anneke 
van  Deursen,  j.  d.;  m  WilHam  Pierce  of  Water- 
town,  N.  Y. 

xi  Sara,  bp  Mar.  12,  1760;  sps  Pieter  Van  Deursen, 
Maria  Heldrichs,  z.  h.  v. ;  d  y. 

152  xii    Pieter,  bp  July  4,    1762;  sps  Pieter  Van   Deursen, 

Maria  Hcldr'ith,  z.  h.  v.;  m  June  6,  1786,  Lydia 

153  xiii   Sara,  b  May  3,  17 63;  bp  May  6,  1764;  sps  Dirk  Schuy- 

ler, Maria  Van  Deursen,  z.  h.  v.;  m  Dec.  10,  178S, 
Samuel  Whittelsey  of  New  Haven,  Conn.,  brother 
of  Martha  N.  Whittelsey. 

154  xiv  Isaac  W.,  bp  Mar.  23,  1766;  sps  Abraham  and  Lu- 

cretia  Van  Deursen,  j.   d. ;  m  a   17S8,   Catherine 
XV    Ehzabet,    bp    Nov.    29,    1770;    sps    Beekraan    Van 
Buuren,  Elizabet  Gilbert,  z.  h.  v. 

79  CATALYNTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (25)  Rutger 
Melchertsz  Van  Deusen  and  Weintie  Harmense  Hun;  b  May 
14,  1693;  ra  May  26,  1717,  at  the  Reformed  Dutch  Church  in 
Albany,  Mathias  Van  Den  Bergh,  son  of  Comelis  Van  Den 
Berg  and  Cornelia  Van  der  Poel;  bp  at  Albany,  March  22), 
1690.  He  was  bur  in  A.  Dec.  22,  1745,  and  Catalyntje  on 
May  I,  1 73 1. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        Comelis  Van  Den  Bergh,  bp  Oct.  9,  1 7 19  ;  sps  Comelis  and 

Marretie  Van  Aalsteyn;  m Van  den  Bergh;  d 

Feb.  2,  179S. 
ii  Wyntie  Van  Den  Bergh,  bp  Dec.  17,  172 1 ;  sps  Gerrit  and 
Engeltie  Lansingh;  m  (ist)  Reyner  Van  Yeveren,  (2d) 
a  1750,  Gerrit  Lansingh,  son  of  (80)  Engeltje  Van  Deu- 
sen (For  this  line  see  Lansingh  in  ^Miscellaneous  and 
Related  Families). 

Fourth  Generation  73 

ii;     Cornelia  Van  Den  Bergh.  bMay  2p  4,  1724;  sps  Pieter  and 

Tryntje  Walderom;  m  Nov.  5,  174S,  Reyner  Van  Als- 

iv      Rutgert  Van  Den  Bergh,  bp  Aug.  28,  1726;  sps  Riitg.  and 

Marg.  V.  Deusen;  m  July  6,  1754,  Maria  Van  den  Bergh. 
V      Gysbert  Van  Den  Bergh,  bp  May  10,  1729;  sps  Gysbert 

and  Dievertie  V.  D.  Bergh;  d  June,  1729. 
vi     Engeltje  Van   Den  Bergh,   bp   May   17,  1730;  sps  Gerr. 

Lansing,  Engeltie  Lansingh;  d  Nov.  17,  1789;  m  July 

24,  1750,  Bastiaen  Teunis  Visscher  (For  this  line  see 

Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

80  ENGELTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (25)  Rutger  Van 
Deusen  and  Weyntie  Harmanse  Hun  of  Albany;  bp  there 
March  22,  1696;  m  there  Oct.  25,  171S,  Gerrit  Lansingh,  son 
of  Gerrit  Lansingh  and  Catr\'ntje  Sanders;  b  Aug.  20,  1695. 
lie  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Johannis  Mingael 's  Company  of 
Albany  Militia  Oct.  10,  17 15.  He  owned  land  in  the  rear  of 
Bleecker  Hall,  between  Dean  St.  and  the  river,  Albany,  which 
had  a  frontage  of  seventy-five  feet.  Engeltje  Van  Deusen  d 
Oct.  3,  and  was  bur  Oct.  6,  1744.  Gerrit  Lansingh  d  in  1785, 
a<;ed  ninety  years. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

i       Gerrit  Lansingh,  bp  July  28,  17 19 ;  sps  Gerrit  and  Catryna 

Lansingh;  m  (ist)  in  1745,  Annetje  Yates,  (2d)  a  1750, 

Wyntje  Van  den  Bergh,  dau  of  (79)   Catalyntje  Van 

Deusen  and  Matthias  Van  den  Berg  (For  this  line  see 

Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 

ii       Ruthgert  Lansingh,  bp  Mar.  18,  1722;  sps  Ruthgert  and 

Margarita  V.  Deusen;  m  Oct.   27,   1764,  Susanna  M. 

Schoonhoven,  bp  Apr.  18,  1731,  dau  of  Jacobus  Van 

Schoonhoven  of  Half  Moon  and  Susanna  Bratt.     Issue: 

Gerrit  Lansingh;  b  Nov.  18,  1765;  m  Sept.  12,   1787, 

Alide  De  Forest. 

iii     Johannes  Lansingh,  bp  Aug.  26,  1726;  sps  Joh.  Lansingh, 

Anna   Egmont;  m  Oct.   25,   1761,   Catherine  Burhans 

(See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families  for  this  line). 

,8i  LENA  (HELENA)  VAN  DEUSEN,  eldest  dau  of  (31) 
Harpert  Van  Deusen  and  Helena  Van  Deusen;  bp  at  Kingston 
May  21,  1711;  m  at  Albany  April  21,  1733,  Abraham  Lan- 
singh, bp  at  iilbany  May  14,  1704;  son  of  Abraham  Lanssing 
ftnd  Lysbeth  Vander  Poel.  Lena  Van  Deusen  died  before  the 
iJiptism  of  her  youngest  child,  Harpert,  and  on  April  20,  1741, 
'"'Cr  v,-idov,-cr  married  Catherine  De  Forest. 

74  Van  Deursen  Family 

Abraham  G.  Lansing  was  a  member  of  the  Second  Regiment, 

Albany  Co.  Militia,  during  the  Revohition;  also  of  the  First 

Regiment  (Land  Bounty  Rights). 
Children-,  bp  at  Albany: 

i  Catharina  Lansingh,  bp  Apr.  ii,  1734;  &ps  H.  V.  Deusen, 
Cath.  Van  Deusen. 

ii  Lena  Lansingh,  bp  Feb.  29,  1735;  sps  Gcrrit  and  Susanna 

iii  Annaatje  Lansingh,  bp  May  28,  1738;  sps  Harmen  and 
Elsje  Htm;  m  Sept.  18,  1756,  Evert  V.  D.  Bergh. 

iv  Harpert  Lansingh,  bp  Sept.  7,  1740;  sps  Evert  and  An- 
natje  Lansing;  m  a  1762  i\Taritje  Visscher.  Issue: 
Abraham  Lansingh,  b  Oct.  14,  1763;  Gerrit  Lansingh, 
b  Mar,  4,  1765;  Johannes  Lansingh,  b  Apr.  20,  1777. 

(31)  Harpert  (Melchiorsz)  X^an  Deusen  and  Helena  Van  Deu- 
sen, dau  of  (2)  Matthew  Van  Deusen  and  Helena  Robberts; 
bp  at  Albany  Dec.  27,  1719;  m  there  a  1742,  Neeltje  (Cor- 

Melchert  Van  Deusen  was  a  revolutionary  soldier,  serving 
under  Capt.  Jellis  Fonda,  Associated  Exempts.  He  was  also 
a  member,  from  Tryon  County,  of  the  State  Assembly  which 
met  at  Kingston  Aug.  18  to  Oct.  25,  1779;  at  Albany  Jan.  27 
to  March  14,  1780;  at  Kingston  April  22  to  July  2,  1780.  Ac- 
cording to  the  date  of  his  will  he  died  a  1789'. 

Res:     Caughnawaga,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y. 


155  i        Harpert,  bp    at  Albany,  Jan.  12,  1746;   sps  Rutger 

Lansing,  Comeha  V.  D.  Berg;  m  (ist)  July  5, 
1770,  Geertje  Witbeck;  (2d)  Oct.  11,  1795,  at 
Stone  Arabia,  Rebecca  Brewer. 

156  ii       Lena,  bp    at   A.  Feb.  4,  1750;  sps   Jacob  and  Cat- 

alyntie  Witbeck;  m  Sept.  16,  1770,  Abraham 
C.  Van  Alstyne. 

157  iii      Anna,  bp  at   Stone  Arabia  Aug.  31,  1750;  sps  Anna 

Daniels,  Peter  Ouackenbosh;  m  a  1775  John 

158  iv     Rebecca,  b  a  1752;    m  May  26,  1779,  Sam.uel  A.  Gar- 

V  Catharina,  b  July  9,  bp  at  S.  A.  Aug.  5,  1753;  sps 
Debus  V.  Deusen,  Catharina  Winne;  m  a  1774 
James  Plato.  Issue:  Neyltje  Plato,  b  Aug.  n, 
177S;  bp  at  Fonda;  sps  Melchert  and  Neeltje  Van 

Fourth  Generation  75 

vi  Melchior.  b  a  1757;  m  Dec.  S.  1778,  at  Lutheran 
Church,  Stone  Arabia,  Maria  PhiHpson.  Issue: 
Neeltje,  bp  at  Fonda  May  20,1783,  four  weeks 
old;  sps  David  and  Neeltje  Van  Deusen.  He 
served  in  Capt.  Fonda 's  Company  during  the 

159  vii    Abraham,  bp  at   Schenectady  Feb.  6,  1759;   m  Nov. 

1795,  Elizabeth  Ostrander. 

160  viii    Engelgen,  b  June  7,  1760;  bp  at  S.  A.  Mar.  7,  1761; 

sps  Engcltje  and  Sander  van  Braackel;  m  a  17S3 
Thomas  Morrcll. 

161  ix      Jannetje,  b  Jan.  16,  bp  at  S.  A.  Jan.  30,  1763;    sps 

Jcremias  and  Jannetje  Quackenbosh;  m  a  1780 
Martinus  E.  Van  Alstine. 

162  X       Helje,  b  Nov.  4,  bp  at  S.  A.  Dec.  14,  1766;  sps  Rach- 

el and  Isaac  Gallier;  m  a  1790  Jochem  Kittle. 
i('3  xi      Marytje,  b  1770;  m  a  1790  Abraham  Vrooman. 

83  HARTMAN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (32)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Myrr\'n;  bp  at  Albany  Jan.  7,  1722; 
m  a  1739  ?.Iargrieta  Dyckman.  He  served  in  the  Sixteenth 
Regiment,  Albany  County  Militia,  during  the  Revolution 
(Land  Boxmty  Rights). 

Children,  bp  at  Athens,  Germantown  and  Livingston: 

164  i        Johannes,   bp  May   16,    1740;  sps  Hannes  Dykman 

and  Engeltje,  grandparents;  m  a  1765,  Lydia 

165  ii       Abraham,  bp  at  Livingston  May  19,  1742  ;  sps  Petnas 

Prussie  and  Sus.  Dyckman;  m  a  1762,  Annatje 
Mc  Millen. 

1O6  iii  Debora,  b  a  1744;  m  at  Albanv  June  15,  1764,  Jona- 
than Marl  (Morrel?). 

167  iv  Catharina,  bp  at  Ger.  Aug.  17,  1746;  sps  Henrich  Jan- 
sen,  BeUigen  Decker;  m  a  176S.  James  Gatlin. 

16S  V  Jannetje,  bp  at  Athens  May  29,  174S;  m  a  1768,  Ab- 
raham Dutcher. 

169  vi  Jacobus,  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.  15,  175c;  sps  Jacobus  and 
Catharina  Van  Deusen ;  m  a  1772,  Annatjen  Simon. 
vii  Anneke,  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.  15,  1750;  sps  Helm  Torner, 
Ann  eke  Oosterhout. 

'70  viii   Sara,  b  a  1752;  ma  1772,  Joseph  Sommes. 

^71  ix      Helletje  (Hilda),  b  a  1754;  m  a  1774,  Charles  Henny. 

84  HENDRICK  VAN  DEUSEN,  probably  the  son  of 
(32)    Abraham   Van    Deusen   and    Anna    Myrryn    (Catharina 

76  Van  Deursen  Family 

Meyer)  of  Salisbury,  Conn.;  b  there  a   1721;  m  Catharixa 
Hartmaxse  Yreelaxd  a  1742. 
Res:     Salisbun',  Conn. 
Children,  so  far  as  known: 
172      i      Abraham,  b  Sept.  28,1742;    ma  1763,  Sarah  Chip- 
172  a  ii     Laurence,   b  a    1745;  m  Content  Williams  of   Bar- 
rington,  Mass. 


11 -T 


85  ROBERT  (J)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (33)  Johannes 
Van  Dcusen  and  Christina  Van  Alen;  bp  at  Albany  Sept.  2-, 
1713;  d  in  1791;  m  a  1746,  Catharina  Van  Alex,  bp  at 
Kin.  Feb.  17,  1722;  dau  of  Peter  Laurense  Van  Alen  and 
Josyntje  Adamse  Dingmans.     She  was  living  in  iSoS. 

Robert  Van  Dcusen  was  a  First  Lieut,  in  Col.  Jeremiah 
Hogeboom's  Reg.  in  1770,  and  was  also  a  very  extensive  dealer 
and  owner  of  land.  At  one  time  he  was  interested  in  the  pur- 
chase of  a  one  thousand  acre  tract,  another  of  two  thousand 
five  hundred  and  of  still  another  of  fifteen  thousand  acres. 
His  will,  dated  Apr.  27,  1789,  was  probated  Dec.  30,  1791,  in 
Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Res:     Kinderhook.     Oc:     Farmer. 


173  i        Christyntje,  bp    at  C.  May  19,   1751;  sps  Matthew 

Van  Deuscn  and  Susanna  Van  Deusen;  m  April 
18,  1780,  John  Boyd. 

174  ii       Pieter,  bp  at  A.,  May  20,  1753;    sps  Henderik  Bo- 

gaart,  Jannitje  Douw;    m  Oct.  8,  17S3,   Elizabeth 
iii      Syntje     (Josyntje),     bp    at    K.    May  25,   1756;    sps 
Johannes  Hoes  and  Elbertje  Hoes;  d  y. 

175  iv     Johannes,  bp  at    K.  Aug.   12,   1759;    sps  Johannes 

Van  Deusen,  Annatje  Van  Buren;  m  Jan.  15,  1788, 
Christina  Spoor. 

V  Catharina,  bp  at  Liv.  Jan.  24,  1762;  sps  Marten 
and  Cathrina  Van  Deusen ;  prob  d  y ;  not  mention- 
ed in  will. 

vi  Stephanus,  bp  at  K.  June  6,  1762;  sps  Stephanus 
Van    Alen  and    Marytje    Van  Aelsteyn;     prob  m 

Ann_ and  resided   in  Kinderhook   in    18 10 

and  in  Poughkeepsie  in  1835-37. 

vii  Lou  wrens,  bp  at  K.  Mar.  10,  1765;  sps  Louwrens 
Van  Deusen,  Christyn  Barheyt,  his  wife;  men- 
tioned as  deceased  in  father 's  will. 

viii  Jcsyntje,  bp  at  K.  Nov.  22,  1767;  sps  Pieter  Van 
Aelstyn,  Elbertje  Van  Alen. 

176  IX      Marytje,  bp  at  K.  Apr.  22    1770;     sps    Isaac  Goes, 

Cathrina  Van  Deusen,  his  wife;  m  John  A.  Van 
Buren,  a  1789. 


80  Van  Deursen    Family 

^86  ELBERTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (33)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Van  Alen;  bp  at  Albany  Dec.  16. 
1716;  m  a  1740,  PiETER  Van  Burex;  bp  Feb.  22,  1713;  <Qr. 
of  Pieter  Van  Buren  and  Geertruy  Vosburg.  They  resided 
in  Cohimbia  Covmty,  N.  Y. 

i       Catbarina  Van  Bviren,  b  a  1742;  m  Jacobus  Van    Alen. 

brother  of  Abraham,  husband  of  her  sister  Catheringe. 

Issue:     Adam  Van  Alen,  bp  at    Kin.  Mar.  23,  1766; 

Peter  Van  Alen,  bp  at  Kin.  Oct.  15,  1769. 
ii       Annatje  Van  Buren,  bp  at  Cox.  Sept.  26,  1744;  sps  Jan 

Van  Deusen,  Angonietje  Coneyn. 
iii      Catheringe  Van  Buren,  bp  at  Germantown  Sept.  i,  1746; 

sps  Dirck  Van  Buren,  Catharina  Van  Dusen;  m  a  1766, 

Abraham  A'an  Alen,  son  of  Adam  Van  Alen  and  Tryntje 

Van  Alstyne.     Issue:     Elbertje  Van  Alen,  bp  at  Co.x. 

Mar.  30,  176S. 
iv      Elizabeth  Van   Buren,  bp  at   Kin.   Feb.    29,   1749;    sps 

Johannes  \''an  Deusen,  Catherine  Van  Buren. 
V       Maria  Van  Buren,  bp  at  Cox.  Apr.  12,  1751;  sps  Pieter 

Vosburg,  Maria  Van  Dyk. 
vi      Tobias  Van  Buren,  bp  at  Cox.  Apr.  16,  1754;  sps  Tobias 

Van  Buren,  Catharina  Van  Alen. 
vii    Elbertje  Van  Buren,  bp  at    Kin.  Oct.  17,  1756;  sps  Loi:- 

wrens  Van  Deusen,  ]\Iarye  Van  Alen. 
viii  Johannes  Van  Buren,  bp  at  Kin.  Nov.  12,  175S;  sps  Isak 

Hoes   Catharina  Van  Deusen,  syn  H.  fe. 

87  CATHARINE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (33)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Van  Alen;  bp  at  Kinderhook,  Sept. 
17,  1726;  m  March  27,  1753,  Isaac  Hoes,  bp  at  K.  May  18, 
1731 ;  son  of  Jan  Tyse  Hoes  and  Eytie 

In  1767  Isaac  Hoes  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Jacobus  Van 
Alen's  Company  of  Foot  of  Kinderliook  (Report  of  State  His- 
torian 1S97,  Vol.  2,  p.  859);  also  Major  of  Col.  Abraham  J. 
Van  Alstyne 's  7th  Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia,  during  Rev. 
War  (New  York  Rev.  109;  Ibid,  B'.  L.  C.  228). 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Re- 
lated Families  for  Hoes  Family) : 
i        Hannah  Hoes,  bp  Apr.  15,  1754;  sps  Jacob  Spoor,  Feytje 

ii       Eytje  Hoes,  bp  Sept.  27,  1761 ;  sps  Myndert  Goes  and  hi^s 

wife  Margriet  Vosburg. 
iii      Johannes  Hoes,  bp  Feb.  26,  1764;  sps  Johannes  Van  Deu- 
sen, Jannetje  Vosburg. 

Fifth  Generation  81 

iv      Barent  Hoes,  bp  Apr.  6,  1767;  sps  Hendrick  Goes,  Jan- 

netje  Vosburg. 
V       Robert  Hoes,  bp  Jan.  2S,  1770;  sps  Robert  Van  Deusen, 

Cathrina  Van  Alen. 

88  CORNELIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (34)  Marten  Van 
Deusen  and  Elbertie  Vander  Poel;  bp  at  Kinderhook,  Oct.  22, 
1720;  in  a  1 741,  Laurens  Van  Alen;  bp  at  Kin.  May  19, 
1706;  son  of  Peter  Lourense  Van  Alen  and  Josyntje  Adams 
Dingman.  He  was  enrolled  in  the  Seventh  Regt.,  Albany  Co. 
Militia  (L.  B.  R.). 


i  Elbertje  Van  Alen,  bp  at  Albany,  July  31,  1743;  sps 
David  and  Marietje  Groesbeek. 

ii  Laurens  Van  Alen,  bp  Jan.  17,  1748,  at  Clav. ;  sps  Zan- 
der and  Elbertje  Van  Aalsteyn. 

89  ARIAANTIE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (34)  Marten 
Van  Deusen  and  Elbertie  Van  Der  Poel;  bp  at  Kinderhook, 
Apr.  20,  1728;  ma  1754,  David  Rauch  or  Rowe. 

i        Marytje   Rauch,    bp    Dec.  5,    1756    at  Clav.  sps    James 

and  Cornelia  Van  Dusen. 
ii       Elbertje    Rauch,    bp   at   Mt.  Ross    Nov.  26,     175S;    sps 
Mattheus  Halenbach,  Cornelia  Van  Deusen. 

90  JOHANNES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (34)  Marten  Van 
Deusen  and  Elbertie  Van  Der  Poel;  bp  at  Kinderhook,  N.  Y., 
June  2,  1732;  m  June  17,  1781,  Elizabeth  Huyck.  He  d  at 
Kin.  in  1798. 

Res:     Pittstown,  Rensselaer  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook: 

177  i        Johannes,  b  Jan.  17,  bp  Feb.  3,  1782  ;  sps  Lukas  Goes, 

Catharina  Van  Valkenburg;  m  (ist)  in  18 10,  Eliza- 
beth Welling,  who  d  in  1832  ;  (2d)  Electa  Bostwick. 

178  ii       Isaak,  bp  Mar.  14,  1784;  sps  Cornells  and  Sara  Van 

Deusen;  m  at  Kinderhook,  Mar.  20,  1810,  Lydia 

Van  Buren. 
iii      Lucas,  b  May  20,  1786;  d  May,  1789. 
iv      Marten,  b  Oct.  4,  bp  Dec.  6,  1788;  sps  Marten  Huyk, 

Debora  Austin;  d  June  11,  1789. 

179  V       Lucas,  b  Apr.   24,  bp  July   11,   1790;  sps  Lambert 

Burgaert,   Jannetje   Vosburg;  m  June    19,    1S20, 
Minerva  Wood  Porter. 

82  Van  Deursf.x    Family 

91  MELCHERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (34)  Marten  Van 
Deusen  and  Elbertie  Van  Der  Poel;  bp  at  Albany,  Feb.  22, 
1738.     The  name  01  his  ^vife  is  not  known. 

Marten  Van  Deusen,  bv  his  will,  dated  Oct.  2,  1774,  pro- 
bated Sept.  17,  17S2  (Abstract  of  Wills,  N.  Y.  Hist.  Soc.  Coll., 
Vol.  9,  p.  286),  left  this  son,  Melchert,  a  part  of  his  homestead 
in  Pawling  Precinct,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  on  which  he  was 
then  living.  "I  leave  to  my  son  Melchert  all  the  rest  of  my 
lands  and  buildings  and  orchard  etc."  After  the  father's 
death  the  "sons  ^Iartin  and  Hendrick  shall  have  his  lands" 
who  are  to  pay  to  each  of  their  six  unnamed  sisters  twelve 
pounds  each,  within  three  years. 


180  i        ]\Iartin,  b  a  1760;  m  a  17S3,  Nancy  Kennedy. 
ii       Hendrick,  mentioned  in  grandfather's  will. 

Six    daughters,    mentioned    (unnamed)    in    will    of 
their  grandfather.  Marten  Van  Deusen. 

92  ROBERT  T.  VAN  DEUSEN,  eldest  son  of  (35)  Tobias 
Van  Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Muller,  bp  at  Livingston,  Feb.  12, 
1726;  m  a  1746,  Marytje  Oostr.\xder. 

He  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Jacobus  Van  Alen's  company  of 
Foot  in  1767;  was  also  a  member  of  Col.  Robert  Rensselaer's 
regt.,.  Eighth  Albany  Co.  l\Iil.,  War  of  the  Revolution.  Re- 
sided in  Claverack  near  Rathbone  's  Wadding  Factory. 


181  i        Tobias  R.,  bp  Aug.   12,   1747,  at  Gennantown;  sps 

Tobias  and  Ariaantje  Van  Deusen;  m  Oct. ,  28, 
1768,  Christina  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (36)  Robbert 
Van  Deusen. 

182  ii       Adam,  bp  at  Clav.,  July  29,  1759;  sps  Pieter  Hogen- 

boom  and  wife  Heyltje  Van  Deusen;  m  Oct.   17, 

1780,  Margretha  Ostrander. 
iii      Lyntje,   bp   at   Clav.,    Feb.    15,    1761;  sps   Hendrick 

Muller,  Ariaantje  Van  Deusen;  m  Feb.   15,   1789, 

(105)  Tobias  R.  Van  Deusen. 
iv      Cornelia,  bp  Jan.   13,   1765,  at  Clav.;  sps  Matthys 

Halenbeeck  and  wife,  Cornelia  Van  Deusen ;  m  Sept. 

8,    1782,   at   Clav.   John  Van   Buren;  no  children 

recorded.     He  was   a  member  of   Fourth   Regt., 

Albany  Co.  Mil.,  during  Rev.  War. 

183  v       Ariaentje,  bp  Mar.  22,  1767,  at  Clav.;  sps  Mattheus 

and  i\larytje  Van  Deusen;  m  Feb.  12,  1784,  Abra- 
ham Elting. 

184  vi     Jacobus,  b  Nov.  5,  1770;  bp  at  Coxsackie  Feb.  20, 

Fifth  Generation  83 

1772  ;  sps  Martin  Van  Deusen,  Elisabeth  Ostrandcr; 
m  Susan  Van  Buskirk  a  1791. 

155  vii     Heyltje,  bp  June  15,  1774.  at  Liv. ;  sps  Pietcr  Hooge- 

boom  and  vdfe,    Heyltjen  V.   Deusen;  m  Julv   7, 
1793,  Philip  H.  Bartell. 
viii   Comelis,  bp  Aug.   16,   1778,  at  Kin.;  sps  Stephanus 
Van  Alen,  Engeltje  Witbeek. 

93  CORXELIS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (35)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Muller;  bp  at  Claverack,  May  30,  1728; 
ma  1749,  Leah  Ostrander. 

He  was  a  Sergeant  in  Capt.  Hendrick  M.  Roseboom's  Com- 
pany, "ye  ist  Company  of  Melitia,  of  ye  City  of  Albany  in  the 
first  Batalion  whereof  Sir  Villiam  Johnson  Bar't  is  Colonel" 
May  7,  1767.  Was  an  Ensign  in  Col.  Stephen  J.  Schuyler's 
regt.,  the  6th  Albany  Co.  Mil.,  during  the  Revolutionary  War; 
also  in" the  7th  regt.  (Land  Bounty  Rights).  In  1785-S6-87 
he  was  paid  as  care  taker  for  "tending  the  Publick  Bull" 
twelve  bushels  and  a  half  of  pease ;  £  2  : 1 6  :o ;  6  bushels  of  pease  ; 
one  half  load  of  hay;  three  bushels  of  pease;  £2:19:0;  £14:4 
o. " 

Res:     Albany. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

156  i        Geertruy,   bp  Feb.   4,   1753;    sps  Cornelis   Maarscn, 

Catarina    Oostrander;   m    Nov.  23,  1770,   Francis 

187  ii       Arent,     bp     Dec.    28,    1755;     sps    Johs.     Meynerse, 

Maria    Oostrander;    m    Feb.    23,    1777,    Margaret 

188  iii     Wilhelmus,  bp  Dec.  3,  175S;  sps  Pieter  Brat,  Jaco- 

mina  Bloemendaal;  m  a  1780,  Rachel  Pieterse. 
iv      Maria,  b   June  10,  bp  June  13,  1762;    sps  Albertus 
Bloomendael,  Lena  Lansing. 

189  V       Catharina,   b  Apr.    11,  bp   Apr.    14,    1765;  sps  Ger- 

ardus    Lansing,  Maria  Wendel;    ma   1785,  Pieter 

190  vi     Jannetje,  b  Dec.  13,  bp  Dec.  21,  1768;    sps  Abraham 

Kuyler,   Jannetje   Glen;   m   Dec.  18,    1785,   Peter 

191  vii    Elisabeth,   b  July   5,  bp  July   12,    1771;    sps  Jobs. 

and  Elisab.  Roseboom;   ma  1791,  Nicolaas  Bratt. 

94  JOHANNES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (35)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Muller;  bp  at  Claverack  May  30,  1728; 
m  there  (ist)  May  29,  1750,  Christyntje  De  La  Matre,  dau 

84         -  Van  Deursen   Family 

of  Gloude  De  La  Matre  and  Christina  Leggett  of  Claverack; 

she  d  176S;  (2d)  subsequent  to  1770  Marritje 

(See  wiil,  dated  July  11,  and  probated  Nov.  6,  1S03). 

Johannes  ^vas  a  resident  of  Claverack  during  ir.ost  of  his 
life,  though  he  died  at  Coxsackie,  Greene  Co.,N.  V.,  whither 
he  appears  to  have  removed  at  some  period  after  the  Revo- 
lutionary War,  in  vrhich  he  was  an  active  participant.  Ac- 
cording to  the  testimony  of  his  son,  Gloude,  he  was  Chairman 
of  the  Committee  of  Safety  for  the  town  of  Claverack  during 
the  whole  period  of  the  war.  At  that  time  he  resided  in  a 
large  brick  house  at  Claverack,  which  was  used  as  a  fort  as 
long  as  hostilities  continued.  He  served  in  the  Eighth  Regt., 
Albany  County  Militia,  under  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer. 
He  died  at  Coxsackie  in  1803. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Ariantje,   b   May  11,  bp  at  Clav.,  June  9,  1752;    sps 

Tobias  van  Deuzen,  Arriaantje  Muller;  d  y. 
ii       Jacob,  bp  at  Kin.,  Apr.  15,  1754;    sps  Jan  De  La- 
meter,  Killitje  Muller;  d  y. 

192  iii      Gloude,  bp  at   Kin.,   Sept.    6,    1754;  sps    Johannis 

Van  Valkenburg,  Rachel  Van  Marten;  m  (ist) 
at  Clav.  Nov.  8,  1780,  Elizabeth  Muller,  (2d)  Jan. 
12,  1791,  at  Palatine,  N.  Y.,  Angelica  Van  Slycke. 

193  iv      Cornelis,  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  8,  1758;    sps  Tobias  Van 

Deusen  and  wife  Ariaantje  Muller  ;m  at  Coxsackie 
Dec.  4,  1777,  Rachel  Eltinge,  dau  of  Lieut.  James 

194  V       Ariaentje,   bp   at   Clav.   Aug.  15,    i759;    sps  Pieter 

Hogenboom,  HilletjeVan  Deusen,  his  wife;  m  July 
29,  1781,  Thomas  Van  Alstyne. 

195  vi      JohnJ.,bp  at  Clav.,  Nov.  14,' 1761 ;    sps  John  De  la 

Meter,  Hilletje  Muller,  his  wife;  m  Sept.  30.  1782. 
Fitje  Hallenbcck. 

196  vii    Jacobus,  bp    at  Clav..  July  29,   1764;    sps   Jacobus 

De  la  Meter,  Marytje  }.Iuller,  his  wife;  m  at  Clav. 
Jan.   15,   1 7S6,  Gritje  (Margaret)  Van  Deusen,  dau 
of  (loi)  James  Van  Deusen   and  Elizabeth    Smith. 
By  second  wife: 

viii  Sara,  bp  at  Coxsackie,  June  26,  1774;  sps  Philip 
Bronk,  Maritje  Vosburgh;  mat  Clav.,  Feb.  20, 
1792,  Peter  H.  Hoogdeelen  (Houghtaling).  She 
was  a  member  of  the  Church  at  Coxsackie  in 
Oct.,  1808.  Issue:  John  Houghtaling,  b  Mar.  31, 
bpMay  6,  179S,  sps  John  Van  Dense,  Maria  Bronk; 
Andries  Houghtaling,  b  Apr.  3,  iSoo. 

Fifth  Generation  .   So 

Q5  PIEYLTJE  (HAIL)  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (35)  To- 
bias Van  Deu?en  and  Ariaantie  (Adrianna)  Muller;  bp  May 
30,  1730,  at  Kinderhook ;  m  a  1750,  Peter  Hogeboom,  who 
ser^^ed  in  the  Sth  Albany  County,  and  the  5th,  Dutchess 
County,  Regiments  of  MiUtia  during  the  Rev.  War. 

i        Comelis   Hogeboom,   b   Jan.    22,    1754,   at   Albany;  sps 

Jeremias  and  Jannitie  Hogeboom. 
ii       Tobias  Hogeboom,  bp  at  Claverack  Mar.   16,   1760;  sps 

Hendrick  Muller,  Arriaentje  Van  Deusen,  his  wife, 
iii      Lena    Hogeboom,   bp   at   Claverack   May    10,    1761;  sps 
Tobyas  Van  Deusen,  Marytje,  his  wife. 

96  ARL\ANTJE  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (35)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Muller;  bp  at  Livingston  Feb.  9,  1734; 
m  Jan.  3,  1756,  Hendricus  Muller.  During  the  Revolu- 
tionary War  he  served  in  the  Eighth  Regt,,  Albany  County 
Militia'  (Land  Bounty  Rights).  On  Oct.  21,  1786,  they  both 
joined  the  Reformed  Dutch  Church  at  Claverack,  by  letter. 


i  Stephanus  ^fuller,  bp  May  i,  1757  ;  sps  Stephen  and  Mary- 
tje Muller. 

ii  Cornelius  Muller,  bp  Apr.  14,  1759;  sps  Robert  Van  Deu- 
sen, Marytje  Oostrander,  his  wife. 

iii  Tobias  Muller,  bp  July  26,  1767  ;  sps  Tobias  R.  and  Mar\'- 
tje  Van  Deusen. 

97  TOBL^S  T.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (35)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Muller;  b  Jan.  13,  bp  at  Claverack  Feb. 
5,  1737;  m  at  Claverack  ]^Iar.  15,  17 58,  Cornelia  Van  Deu-- 
SEX,  dau  of  (36)  Robert  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Roorbach; 
b  June  5,  1735;  d  July  29,  1801,  and  bur  in  old  Van  Deusen 
grave  yard  near  Spook  Rock,  Claverack. 

In  1767  Tobias  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Jer'h  Hogeboom 's 
Company  of  Militia,  during  the  Revolution;  he  was  also  a 
memiber'of  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer's  Eighth  Regt.,  Al- 
bany County  Militia.  His  will  is  dated  June  23,  181 3,  with 
codicil  dated  Apr.  10,  1817.  He  was  a  resident  of  Hudson, 
N.  Y. 


197  i        Mattheus,  b  Sept.  12,  bp  at  Clav.,  Nov.  19,  175S;  sps 

Tobyas  Van  Deusen,  Ariaantje  Muller,  his  vrife; 
m  a  1779,  Madelene  Bechtel. 

198  ii       Ariaantje,  b  Aug.  2,  bp  at  Clav.,  Aug.  12,  1762;  sps 

86  Van  Deursex  Family 

Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Christyntje  De  la  Meter, 
his  wife;  m  Dec.  22,  1780,  John  Bingham,  Jr. 

199  iii      Robert,  b  Feb.   15,  bp  at  Clav.,  Feb.  24,   1765;  sps 

Robert  Van  Deusen  and  Christyntje  Roorbach,  his 
wife;  m  Oct.  24,  17S4,  Christina  Decker. 

200  iv      CorneHs,  b  Aug.  4,  bp  at  Liv.,  Sept,  18,  1774;  sps 

Robert   V.    Deusen   and    Man'tje    Ostrander,   his 
wife;  m  at  Clav.,  Apr.  3,  1798,  Lina  De  La  Matre. 

98  MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  O5)  Tobias  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Ariaantje  Muller  of  Claverack;  bp  there  Jan.  26,  1740; 
m  at  Kinderhook  Oct.  13,  1771,  Claude  De  La  Matre  (in 
"Early  iMarriages,"  Sept.  9,  1771).  He  served  in  the  Eighth 
Albany  County  Militia,  during  the  Rev.  War  (B.  L.  R.).  At 
the  death  of  Maria  Van  Deusen  he  married  (2d)  Apr.  27,  1783, 
Lea  Mandeville,  by  whom  he  had  three  daus:  Dorothea,  bp 
March  7,  1784;  Gertje.  bp  Dec.  25,  1785;  Christina,  b  Sept.  2, 
bp  Oct.  14,  1792  (See  Delamater  Genealogy,  p.  514,  515). 

Res:     Columbia  Co.  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 
i        Jacobus  De  La  Matre,  bp  Apr.  21,  1773;  sps  Jacobus  La 

Mater  and  wife,  j^.Iarytjen  Muller;  d  y. 
ii       Maria  De  La  Matre,  bp  at  Livingston,  May  6,  1775;  sps 

Jeremia  De  la  Mater,  Rachel  Legget;  m  Sept.  18,  1792, 

Samuel  Salisbury. 
iii      Robert  De  La  Matre,  b  June  27,  bp  July  20,  1777;  sps 

Robert  van  Dense,  Maria  Ostrander,  his  wife. 
iv      Jacobus  De  La  Matre,  b  Nov.  25,  bp  Dec.  25,  1779;  sps 

Jacobus  de  La  Maitre,  Gertje  Legget. 
V       Leyntje  (Lina)  De  La  Matre,  b  July  iS,  bp  Aug.  12,  1781 ; 

sps  Tobias  and  Catharina  Van  Deusen;  m  April  3,  1798, 

Cornelis  Van  Deusen,  son  of  Tobias  Van  Deusen  and 

Cornelia  Van  Deusen. 

99  ROBERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  eldest  son  of  (36)  Robbert 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Roorbach;  bp  at  Claverack,  Feb. 
7,  1727;  m  at  Livingston,  in  Jan.,  1750,  Catherina  Van  Ham. 

In  1767  Robert  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Johannis  Hoge- 
boom's  Company  of  Claverack,  and  during  the  Revolution  was 
a  member  of  the  Ninth  Regt.,  Albany  County  Militia  (Land 
Bounty  Rights). 


201  i        Conradt,  b  Apr.  23,  bp  at  Clav.  Apr.  28,  1751;    sps 

Conradt  and    Ragel  Ham;  m  (ist)  Oct.  27,  1771, 

Fifth  Gexeratiox  87 

Hannah  Coon,  or  Koon;  (2d)  July  9,  1791,  Millecent 

(Ferguson)  Hoover. 
ii       Elbertje,  bp  at  Livingston,  July  20,  1755;  sps  Jacob 

and  Christina  Ham;  prob  m  at  Amenia,  N.  Y.,  Sept. 

16,  1773,  George  Mitchell. 
iii      Rachel,  bp  at  Mt.  Ross,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  May  20, 

17 58;  sps  Conrad  Ham  and  Rachel  Roerbach. 

202  iv      Casper,  b  Apr.  19,  1761  ;m  Feb.  16,  17S6, by  Peter  Van 

Alstyne,  J.  P.,  Hannah  Mary  Shorts. 

203  V       Cornelia,  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  26,  1766;  sps  Robert  Van 

Deusen  and  wife,  Marytje  Oostrander;  ma  1789, 
Tunis  (Anthony)  Schurtz. 

100  JOHANNES  VAX  DEUSEN,  son  of  (36)  Robbejt  Van 
Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorbach  of  Livingston;  bp  at  Kinder- 
hook  April  14,  172S;  m  a  1753,  Fytje  (Sophl\)  Roorbach, 
bp  at  Livingston  Feb.  9,  1734;  dau  of  R.  Roorbach  and 
Tabitha.    •,  . 

Johannes  Van  Deusen  was  a  tenant  at  Livingston  Manor 
from  1767  until  later  than  17 84  (Memo,  from  rent  book).  In 
1782  he  is  given  credit  on  accotmt  for  4^  sacks  of  wheat  "DD 
at  Ancram"  by  his  brother  James.  Prior  to  1792  he  vvas  a 
Deacon  in  the  Reformed  Church  at  Copake,  and  again  in  1795. 
During  the  Revolution  he  served  in  the  Tenth  Regt.,  Albany 
Co.  Militia  (Land  Bounty  Right). 


204  i        Robert,  bp  Oct.  25,   1755,  at  Liv. ;  sps  Robert  and 

Christina  Van  Deusen;  m  a  1776,  Marytje  Krein 
(Crane) . 

205  ii       George,  bp  (as  Junan)  Nov.  13,  1757,  at  Mt.  Ross;  sps 

Junan  Roerbach,  Tabitha  Sebedewick;  m  a  1778, 
Eva  Brcsee. 

206  iii      Mattheus,  bp  Feb.  10,  1760,  at  Liv.;  sps  James  and 

Chrystyntje  Van     Deusen;   m  at    Clav.  Nov.   29, 
1783  (1787?),  Catharina  Livingston. 

207  iv      Tabitha,  bp  Mar.  7,  1762,  at  Liv.;  sps  Marten  Van 

Deusen,    Lisabeth    Roerbach;    m    (ist)    a    17S0, 
Laurens  J.  Dekker,  (2d)  a  iSoo,  Samuel  Lasher. 

208  v       Barent,  bp  Oct.  28,   1764,  at  Mt.  Ross;  sps  Barent 

Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  van  Deusen;  m  Jan. 
19,  1786,  at  Clav.  Fitje  (Sophia)  Holenbeek. 

209  vi     John,  bp  Mar.  8,  1767,  at  Liv.;  sps  Coenrad  Ham, 

Christina    Stryd,    his    wife;    m    a    1790,    Mar^'tje 

88  Van  Deursen   Family 

210  vii     Martin,  bp  Oct.  29,  1769,  at  Mt.  Ross;  sps  Marten 

Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Oostrander;  m  a  1790, 
Hanna  Bresee. 

211  viii   Christina,  bp  Aug.  22,  1772,  at  Liv.;  sps  Robert  R. 

Van  Deusen  and   Cathrina,   his  wife;  m  a   17S9, 
Abraham  Dekker. 

212  ix      Catharina,  bp  ?^Iay  6,  1775,  at  Liv.;  sps  Abrah.  and 

Gertjen  V.  Deusen;  m  a  1791,  Nicholas  Robert- 

213  X       Tobias,  b  Jan.   14,  bp  Feb.   28,   1779,  at  Clav.;  sps 

Tobias  Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Spoor;  m   a    1799, 
Catherine  Lampman. 

loi  JAMES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (36)  Robbert  Van 
Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorbach;  bp  at  Gennantown,  N.  Y., 
Sept.  30,  1733 ;  m  a  1759,  Elizabeth  Smith. 

According  to  the  Rent  Book  he  was  a  tenant  of  Livingston 
Manor  from  1767  to  1784,  and  rented  the  farm  formerly  oc- 
cupied by  Philip  Bartel,  for  which  he  paid  a  yearly  rental  of 
"30  sacks  of  wheet,  4  hens  and  tvro  days  riding,"  i.  e.  drawing 
logs  from  the  forest  to  the  river.  Benson,  in  his  Van  Deusen 
Genealogy,  says  that  he  owned  a  farm  one  mile  north  of  Johns- 
town, Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.,  on  the  road  leading  to  Hudson, 
and  another  at  West  Taghkanic.  The  latter  farm  he  gave  to 
his  son,  Nicholas,  and  the  former  to  his  son,  Robert,  later 
known  as  Robert  I. 

Children,  bp  at  Liv.,  Clav.,  and  Germantown: 

i  Mattheus,  bp  Feb.  22,  1761 ;  sps  Robert  Van  Deusen, 
Christiana  Roerbach,  his  wife;  m  May  19,  1785, 
Gesje  Barthel;  no  ch  recorded.  He  served  in  the 
Rev.  War  under  Col.  Graham  and  Col.  Livingston, 
in  the  Tenth  Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia. 
ii  Margrieta  (Gritje),  bp  Dec.  25,  1762  ;  sps  Michel  Smit, 
Margriet  Christman,  his  wife;  m  Jan.  15,  178S, 
(196)  Jacobus  Van  Deusen. 

214  iii      Niclaes,  bp  June  6,  1765;  sps  Niclaes  Smith,  Chris- 

tina Ham,  his  wife;  m  May  3,  1787,  Anna  Fonda, 
iv      Chiystyntje,    bp   Oct.    25,    1767;  sps    Marthen  Van 

Deusen,  Elisabeth  Oostrander. 
v       Elisabeth,  bp  at  Germantown  Sept.   30,   1770;  sps 

Theis  Coens,  Elisabeth  Legg. 

215  vi      Robert  L,  b  Sept.  22,  1772;  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  9,  1773; 

sps  Tobias  V.  Deusen,  Annatjen  Spoor,  his  wife; 
m  June  26,  1796,  Barbara  Sharp. 

Fifth  Generation  89 

io2T^  MARTEN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (36)  Robbert  Van 

Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorpagh  of  Livingston;  b  at  Clave- 
rack,  bp  at  Kinderhook,  Jan.  29,  1737;  ra  at  Livingston,  N. 
v.,  Nov.  I,  1764,  Elizabeth  Oostrander;  b  at  Rhinebeck, 
N.  Y.  He  served  in  the  Eighth,  Albanv  Co.  Mil.,  during  the 
Rev.  War.  He  d  May  2S,  1S15  (25?) 

i        Matthev/,  bp  at  Clav.,  Sept.  i,  1765;  sps  Robert  Van 
Deusen,    Christina    Roorbagh;   m    (ist)    Lucrctia 
Bortles;  (2d)  Christina  Spoor. 
ii       Marytje,  bp  at  Clav.,  Mar.  22,  1767;  sps  Robert  Van 
Deusen,  Marvtje  Oostrander,  his  wife;  m  Feb.  25, 
17S3,  Peter  Bortles. 
iii      Christyntje,   bp  at  Liv.,   Feb.    19,    1769;  sps  Isaac 
Spoor  and  wife,   Christina  Van  Deusen;  m   (ist) 
Jesse  Woodward,  (2d)  Elisha  Woodward, 
iv     Jacobus,  bp  at  Germantown,  Feb.  3,  1771;  sps  To- 
bias and  Geertruy  Van  Deusen;  m  at  Clav.,  Aug. 
14,  1 79 1,  Sanje  Postkerk. 

216  v       Robert,  bp  at  Clav.,  July  13,   1773;  sps  Tobias  R, 

and  Catharine  V.  Deusen;  m  (ist)  at  Clav.,  Apr. 
9,   1797,  Polly  Horton,   (2d)  Grizell 

217  vi     Adam,  bp  at  Genn'n.,  Dec.  31,  1775;  sps  Adam  and 

Lyntjen  V:  Deusen;  ma  1796,  Rebecca  Jordan, 
vii     Cornelia,  b  Mar.  iS,  bp  at  Clav.,  Apr.  22,  1778;  sps 

Tobias  and  Cornelia  van  Deusen;  m  May  27,  1799, 

(224)  Johannes  T.  Van  Deusen. 
viii  James,  b  a  17S0. 

ix      Harriet,  b  a  17S2  ;  m  Peter  Salpaugh. 
X       Lyman,  b  a  1784. 
xi     Lucretia,  b  a  1786;  m Storms. 

218  xii    William  W.,  b  Aug.  17,  1792;  m  Jttne  4,  1814,  Catha- 

lina  De  Forest.  It  has  not  been  proved  beyond 
question  whether  this  is  a  son  of  Marten  Van  Deu- 

103  BARENT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (36)  Robbert  Van 
Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorpaugh  (Roorbach) ;  bp  Aug.  17 
i7',o,  at  Livingston;  m  a  1765,  Jenneke  Schut. 
^  Earent  was  a  member  of  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer's 
i^ighth  Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia,  during  the  Revolution 
(L.  L.  R.).  He  and  his  sister  Christina,  with  her  husband, 
Isaac  Spoor,  were  received  by  letter  into  the  Reformed  Dutch 
Church  of  Claverack,  Sept.  29,  1769.     His  will,  dated  Aug.  15, 

90  Van  Deursen  Family 

1825,  was  pro  Oct.  25,  1S25.     His  wife  had  died  prior  to  that 

Res:     Livingston  Manor  and  Palatine,  N.  Y. 

Children,  bp  at  Livingston  and  Claverack: 

219  i        Robert,  bp  Mar.  29,  1767,  at  L. ;  sps  James  Van  Deu- 

scn,  and  Lisabeth  Smith,  his  wife;  m  a  1790,  Betsy 
ii       Tobias,  bp  Mar.  26,  1769,  at  C;  sps  Tobias  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Eegje  Schut. 

220  iii      Myndert,  bp  Jan.  15,  1771,  at  L.;  sps  Salomon  Schut 

and  Sara  Lommes,  his  v/ife;  ma  1793,  Maria  Lum- 

221  iv      Cathrina,  bp  Jan.   26,   1774,  at  L.;  sps  Tobias  and 

Cathrina  V.  Deusen  ;m  a  1800,  Bartholomew  Acker. 
V       I\Iiram   b  a  1776. 

104  CHRISTIANA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (36)  Robbert 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Roorpagh  (Roorbach) ;  bp  at 
Claverack,  Oct.  17,  1742  ;d  Sept.  21,  1829,  bur  at  Clav. ;  m  Mar. 
12,  1763,  Isaac  Spoor,  son  of  Abraham  Spoor;  bp  Aug.  16, 
1 741  (See  Spoor  Gen.). 

Children,  bp  at  Livingston: 
i        Geesje  Spoor,  b  Mar.  25,  bp  May  5,  1765 ;  sps  Barent  Van 

Deusen,    Geesje    Bresje;    m    Frederick    Ham.     Issue: 

Christiana  Ham,  b  6  Apr.  17 89. 
ii       Robert  Spoor,  bp  Sept.  13,  1767;  sps  Robert  Van  Deusen 

and  wife,   Christina   Roorbach;  m  Catharine   Harder 

b  Feb.  II,  1778 ;  d  Apr.  3,  1844. 
iii      Christina  Spoor,  b  Apr.   13,  bp  May   13,  1769;  sps  Jan 

Decker  and  Christina  Spoor,  his  wife. 
iv      Catlyna  (Cathryna)  Spoor,  bp  Jan.  15,  1771 ;  sps  Jan  Hal- 

enbeck  and  Catlyna  Spoor,  his  wife. 

105  TOBIAS  R.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (36)  Robbert  Van 
Deusen  and  Christina  Roorbach  of  Livingston,  N.  Y. ;  bp  there 
May  21,  1748;  m  there  (ist)  in  1771  Hannah  Spoor,  dau  of 
Abraham  Spoor  and  Geesje  Bresie;  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.  12,  174S; 
d  April  18,  178S;  (2d)  at  Clav.  Feb.  15,  17S9,  Lintje  Van 
Deusen,  dau  of  (92)  Robert  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Marytje 
Oostrander;  bp  Feb.  15,  1716;  d  Dec.  8,  1799.  Tobias  d  Oct. 
27,  1802,  at  which  time  he  was  a  resident  of  Hudson,  N.  Y. 
His  v/ill,  dated  Aug.  29,  1802,  was  probated  Dec.  29,  1S02. 

Res:     Hudson,  N.  Y.,  in  1802.     Oc:     Innkeeper. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

222  i        Robert  T.,  b  Oct.  23,  bp  at  Liv.,  Oct.  31,  1773;  sps 

Fifth  Generation  91 

Robert  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Roorbach,  his 
wife;  m  at  Clav.,  Mar.  3,  1795,  Catlinje  Spoor. 

223  ii       Dirk  (Richard),  b  Apr.  25,  bp  at  Liv.,  May  6,  1775; 

sps  Dirck  Spoor  and  wife,  Christina  Bresy;  m  Mar. 
17,  1800,  Rebecca  Herder.  (The  correct  trans- 
lation of  the  Dutch  "Dirk"  is  Theodore,  though 
it  is  usually  mistranslated  Richard  (Verstceg)  ). 

224  iii      Johannes  T.,  b  Jan.  26,  bp  at  Liv.,  Feb.  11,  1777; 

sps  Johannes  V.  Deusen,  Sophia  Rohrbach,  his 
wife;  m  (ist)  at  Clav.,  May  27,  1799,  Cornelia  Van 
Deusen,  dau  of  (102)  Martin  Van  Deusen  and 
Elizabeth  Ostrander;m  (2d)  a  1822,  Esther  Wood- 

225  iv      Christina,  b  Mar.  31,  bp  at  Clav.,  Apr.  18,  1779;  sps 

Isaac  Spoor,  Christina  van  Deusen;  m  Nov.  11, 
1804,  John  De  La  Matre. 

226  v       Maria,  b'May  21,  bp  at  Liv.,  June  17,  1781 ;  sps  Wil- 

lem  and  Maria  Hollenbeek;  m  a  1805,  Jacob  Es- 

227  vi     James  T.,  b  July  11,  bp  at  Liv.,  Aug.  2,  1783;  sps 

James  Van  Deusen,  Elizabeth  Smith;  m  Feb.  21, 
1S08,  Anas  Hathaway. 
22S  vii  Abraham  T.,  b  Dec.  23',  1785;  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  29, 
1786;  sps  Abraham  and  Sophia  Spoor;  m  July 
6,  1808,  Arianje  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (197)  Mat- 
thew Van  Deusen  and  ^.ladelene  Bechtel. 

106  ABRAHAM  R.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (36)  Rpbbert 
Van  Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorbach;  b  a  17 50; mat  Kinder- 
hook  Oct.  23,  177 1,  Geertje  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (34)  ?\Iarten 
Van  Deusen  and  his  second  wife,  Zara  Gardenier.  During 
the  Revolutionary  War  he  served  in  the  Eighth  Regt.,  Albany 
Co.  Militia,  under  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer;  in  which  regi- 
ment there  were  sixteen  other  Van  Deusens.  He  was  a  deacon 
in  the  church  at  Claverack  for  many  years.  His  will  was  dated 
Sept.  14,  1S15  (Book  D,  p.  508). 

Res:     Livingston  Manor.     6c:     Farmer. 
229  i        Christina,   bp  at  Liv.,  Aug.  23,  1772;  sps    Robbert 

Van  Deusen  and  wife,  Christiana  Roorbach;  m  May 

15,  1796,  Amazie  Huyck. 
-30  ii       Alida,  bp   at   Clav.,   Jan.  24,  1775;   sps   Marden  V. 

Deusen  and  wife,  Elizabeth   Ostrander;  m  a  1795 

Petrus  Rossman. 
231  iii      Jacob,  b  Feb.  20,  bp  at  Clav.,  Mar.  9,  1777  ;  sps  Jacob 

92  Van  Deursex  Family 

Van  Detisen  and  wife,  Annatje;  m  a  1799,  Clarissa 
iv      Catharina,  b  Feb.  i,  bp  at  Clav.,  Feb.  21,1779;   sps 
Tobias  and  Catharina  Van  Deusen. 

232  V       Rachel,  b  Jan.  13,  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.   21,   17S1;    sps 

William  West,  Maritje  Van  Deusen;    m  Nov.   11, 
1798,  Isaac  Vosburg. 

233  vi      Cornelia,  b   Mar.  i,  bp  at  Clav.,  May  11,  1783;    sps 

Tobias  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen;  m  Nov.  2,  1802, 
Frederick  Rossman. 

234  vii     Robert  A.,  b   Aug.  17,  1785;    bp  at  Hillsdale;    sps 

Tobias  Van  Deusen,  Hanna  Spoor;  m  June  9,  18 10, 
Catharine  Tremper. 

235  viii    Abraham  A.,  b  Nov.  23,  1787;   bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.   27, 

17S8;  sps  parents ;  m  Jan.  19,  181 2,  Polly  Barthcl. 

ix  Polly,  b  Dec.  13,  1789;  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  17,  1790; 
sps  Jacob  Simon.  Gretje  Keller;  m  at  Clav.,  June 
26,  1814,  Michael  Gardner.  She  was  a  widow  in 
1838,  w^hen  she  was  received  as  a  charter  mem- 
ber of  the  Reformed  Dutch  Church  at  Mellenville, 
from  the  church  at  Claverack.  Issue :  Obed  Gard- 
ner, b  Nov.  12,  181 2;  bp  at  Churchtown  Jan.  17, 
1813;   sps    Peter    F.    Rossman,  Alida 

X  Gertje,  b  Feb.  8,  bp  at  Clav.,  Mar.  9,  1793;  sps  pa- 

xi  Linje,  b  June  14,  bp  at  Clav.,  Aug.  16,  1795;  sps 
Tobias  and  Linje  Van  Deusen. 

xii  Nelly,  b  June  6,  bp  at  Clav.,  July  10,  1796;  sps  Jan 
Schutz,  Nelly  Eggelston;  m  Jan.  8,  1820,  John 

107  JOHANNES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (37)  Mattheus 
Van  Deusen  and  Engeltie  Slingerland  of  Albany;  bp  there 
Feb.  27,  1717;  m  there  Apr.  19,  1745,  Maria  (Marytie) 
WiXNE,  bp  Dec.  9,  1722 ;  dau  of  Peter,  Jr.,  and  Rachel  Winnc. 
In  the  marriage  record  he  is  named  "John." 

Johannes  Van  Deusen  was  an  office  holder  most  of  his  hfe 
in  the  community  of  Albany;  in  his  day  grown  to  a  town  of 
considerable  importance.  In  1752  he  was  made  fire  master 
of  the  Third  Ward,  and  in  1780  he  was  a  Justice.  During  the 
Revolution  he  served  in  the  Second  Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia 
(Land  Bounty  Rights). 

Res:     Albany.     Oc:     Carpenter. 

Children',  bp  at  Albany: 

Fifth  Generation  93 

236  i        Mattheus,   bp   Feb.  16,    1746;    ?ps  Arent  and  Geer- 

truid  V.  Deiisen;  ma  1770  Corneia  Van  Wie. 

237  ii       Pieter,  bp  Nov.  22,  1747;  sps  Pieter  Winne,  Rachel 

Van  Alen;  m  Dec.  10,  1769,  Catharina  Van  Wie. 

iii  Arent,  bp  May  13,  1753;  sps  Arent  van  Deusen, 
Treyntie  Waldron;  m  (ist)  Dec.  8,  1798,  Geertruy 
Hilfebrand,  wid  of  Wendell  Hillebrant;  (2d)  April 
29,  1807,  Elshe  Leonard,  wid  of  John.  Arent  Van 
Deusen  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Tennis  Slinger- 
land'vS  Comp.,  Col.  Philip  P.  Schuyler's  P-egt., 
Rev.  War;  also  of  Capt.  Abraham  Livingston's 
Comp.,  Col.   Marinus  Willet's    Regt.,  the  Levies. 

iv      George,  bp  at  Athens  Aug.  26,  1784  (64?). 

loS  ARENT  (AARON)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (37)  Mat- 
theus Van  Deusen  and  Engeltje  Slingerland;  bp  in  Albany, 
April  19,  1719;  m  April  20,  1745,  Cath.\rina  Waldrox,  dau 
of  William  Waldron  and  Elizabeth  Beekman;  bp  Sept.  23, 

Avigust  20,  1767,  he  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Bernardus 
Bratt's  Company,  being  in  the  first  ward  of  the  City  of  Albany 
(Report  Historian  State  N.  Y.,  1897,  Colonial  Series,  Vol.  11); 
also  served  under  Col.  Abraham  Cuyler  in  the  Albany  County 
Militia  during  the  Rev.  War  (Land  Bounty  Rights,  New  York 
in  the  Revolution,  p.  222). 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

i  Engeltje,  bp  Feb.  22,  1747;  sps  Jan  and  Engeltje 
Van  Deusen;  d  y. 

238  ii       Elisabeth,  bp  Jan.  22,  1749;  sps  William  and  Elis- 

abeth Waldron;  m  Mar.  iG,  1770,  William  Dunbar 

239  iii      Engeltje,  bp  Oct.  27,  1751;  sps  Cocnraed  and  Geer- 

truy Loeck;  ma  1772,  Johannes  Van  Hoesen. 

109  JAN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (38)  Jan  Van  Deusen  and 
Hillegonda  Roosa;  b  in  Kingston,  N.  Y.,  and  bp  there  ivlay  i, 
1720;  m  (ist)  July  4,  1 741,  Cornelia  Wynkoop,  bp  at  Kings- 
ton, Mar.  17,  171 7;  dau  of  Cornelius  Wynkoop  and  Hendrika 
Newkirk  of  Marbletown,  N.  Y.  (see  Miscellaneous  and  Related 
Families) ;  (2d)  Rachel 

Jan  was  a  member  in  1738  of  the  Foot  Company  of  Militia 
of  Hurley,  Ulster  Co.,  under  the  command  of  "Cornelius 
Wine  Coop,"  and  a  Lieut,  in  the  First  Regt.,  Ulster  County 
Militia,  Col.  Johannes  Snyder,  during  the  Revolution.  He 
was  Paymaster  of  the  Third  Regt.  under  Col.  John   Cantine 

94  Van  Deursen  Family 

and  Col.  Levi  Pawling;  also  Quartermaster,  probably  under 
the  same  commanders.  He  was  Lieut,  and  Paymaster  to 
Col.  Pawling 's  Regt.  of  New  Levies  in  17S4.  By  occupation 
he  was  a  blacksmith,  residing  at  Hurley,  according  to  his  will, 
which  was  dated  Sept.  17,  1781,  and  probated  Apr.  25,  iSoi' 
and  in  which  he  mentions  wife,  Rachel,  and  three  youngest 
children.  The  date  of  his  second  marriage  is  not  known,  nor 
whether  his  children  were  all  borne  by  his  first  wife,  as  seems 
probable  from  the  names  of  their  sponsers. 

Children,  bp  at  Kingston: 
i        Henrica,  bp  May  23,  1742;  sps  PhilHppus  du  Mon,  Hcn- 
rica  Nieuvv'kerk,  wife  of  Cornells  Wynkoop,  Catharine 
Wynkoop;  not  mentioned  in  father's  will. 
ii       Henderika,  bp  Sept.  2,  1744;  sps  Henderika  Nieuwkerk; 

not  mentioned  in  will  of  father. 
iii  Johannes,  bp  May  19,  1746;  sps  Phillippus  de  Mon,  Elisa- 
beth AVynkoop. 
iv  Catharina,  b  Mar.  9,  bp  Mar.  11,  1750;  sps  Luykas  Elmen- 
dorf,  Lea  "Wynkoop;  m  Jan.  6,  1791,  Solomon  Eltinge, 
b  in  New  Paltz.  "Zolomon,  bp  2  May,  1742,  son  of 
Josia  Eltinge  (Roelof  ■,  Jan  ')  and  ]\Iagdelena  Du  Bois, 
dau  of  Solomon  Du  Bois  and  Tryntje  Gerritse  (Fonck- 
en),  m  S  Jan.,  1792  (Olde  Ulster,  Vol.  3,  p.  15&). 
Catharina  d  May  31,  1799,  and  Solomon  on  July  19. 
1809;  both  are  bur  at  Hurley.  No  children  recorded 
at  Kingston. 
V  Maria,  b  Sept.  9,  bp  Sept.  16,  1753;  sps  Johannes  Dubois 
and  wife  Judik  Wynkoop;  m  Apr.  29,  1796,  Henry  De 
Witt  of  Marbletown.  She  d  May  29,  1813,  and  v/as  bur 
at  Hurley. 

no  W'lLHELMUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  second  son  of  (38) 
Jan  Van  Deusen  and  Hillegonde  (Hulda)  Roosa,  of  Hurley, 
Ulster  Co.,  N.  Y.;  bp  at  Kingston,  Jan.  6,  1723;  m  a  1750, 
Christina  Kittle  (Ketelhuyn).  In  1760  he  was  officer 
of  the  Highway  in  Rhinebeck,  and  in  1767  a  member  of  Cap- 
tain Abraham  Van  Aernam's  Company  of  i^Iilitia  in  the  Col- 
ony of  Rensselaerswyck,  where  he  then  resided.  Pie  owned 
one  hundred  and  fifty  acres  of  land  on  the  East  side  of  Hudson 
River,  deeded  to  him.  In  the  Census  of  1790  he  is  recorded 
as  having  two  sons. 

Children,  bp  at  Albany: 

240  i        Annatie,  b  a  1755;  ma  1776,  Philip  De  Foreest. 

241  ii       Cornelius,  b  Mar.  14,  bp  Apr.  11,  1764;  sps  Cornelis 


1  ; 





:i        ^!' 



^^%Sc^'n,^'-"'v''    "v^'^-''   ^'^^^'"  C''""^>--   ^-   Y-    ^t^^il^  ^b-^t    ^7^-^.  "here   the 
^atet>    met  in  November,    1777,  alter  the  burning  of  Kingsfm  b^-  th^  Bntish 



Insert  on  page  95  Van   Deusen   Family  Vol.  I. 

242.  Lena  Van  Deusf.n,  b.  Aug.  24,  17G6 ;  mar.  Henry 
A.  Miller  and  not  Pieter  Wiessmer,  Jr.  as  indicated  on 
page  95.  Lena  died  May  3,  184S  and  is  buried  witli  lier 
husband  Henry  A.  Miller  in  Richfield  Hill  cemetery  at 
Millers  Mills,  Herkimer  Co.,  X.  Y.  Henry  A.  :\[iller 
was  the  son  of  Andrew  ^Miller,  founder  of  Millers  Mills 
and  both  served  in  the  Revolution. 

Children  of  Henry  A.  and  Lena  (Van  Deusen)  Miller 
are  listed  on  the  correction  sheet  on  page  176. 

Reference:  "Genealogy,  Descendants  of  Andrew  Miller  of  Millers 
Mills,  N.  Y."  by  Doris  Miller  Schneider,  3S2  Fairview  Ave.,  Win- 
netka,  lU.,  pages  14.  39  and  40.  Copies  on  file  at  Library  of  Congress, 
Newberry  Library,   Chicago,  and   others. 

Fifth  Generation  95 

V.  Deusen,  Lea  Van  Deusen;  m  a  1786,  Margaret 

242  iii      Lena,  b  Aug.  24,  bp  Sept.  21,  1766;  sps  John  1.  and 

Maria  Beekman;  she  prob  m  a  1787,  Pieter  Wiess- 
mer,  Jr. 

111  ANDRIES  (ANDREW)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (41) 
Gysbert  (Gilbert)  Van  Deusen  and  Annetje  Ten  Broek;  bp 
in  N.  Y.,  June  9,  17 28;  ni  April  24,  1751,  Elisabeth  Ute 

Children,  bp  in  New  York  : 

i  Andries,  bp  Mar.  4,  1752;  sps  Johannes  Ott,  Lea 
Van  Deursen,  j.  d.;  m  Feb.  15,  1773,  Emilia  Early. 

ii  Gysbert,  bp  ^lar.  13,  1754;  sps  Mattheus  Ott,  An- 
netje ten  Broek,  huis  v.  v.  Gysbert  v.  Deursen. 

iii  Maria,  bp  Mar.  16,  1757;  sps  Jonas  Ott.  Aaltje  Van 
Deursen,  j.  d. 

243  iv      Matthew,  b  Sept.  2,  1759;  m  Dec.  24,  17S3,  Lydia 

V       John,  b  a  1762;  m  in  Christ  Church,  Phila.,  Pa.,  Oct. 

2,  1787,  Rachel  Hudle. 
vi      Rachel,  b  a  1764;  m  in  Christ  Church,  Phila.,  Pa., 

Apr.  26,  1794,  Joseph  Michael. 

112  ANNETJE  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (41)  Gysbert 
(Gilbert)  Van  Deusen  and  Hanna  Ten  Broek  of  New  York; 
bp  there  Aug.  29,  1736;  m  Sept.  26,  1751  (1757?),  Petrus 
Louw,  of  Middlesex,  N.  J.,  who  served  in  the  First  and  Second 
Ulster  Co.  Regts.  (Land  Bounty  Rights). 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 

Rachel   Louw,   bp  June   25,    1760;  sps   Hendrikus   Kip, 
Helena  Louw,  z.  h.  v. 

Jannetje  Louw,  bp  July  14,  1762;  sps  Cornelius  Clopper, 
Jur.,  Rachel  Louw,  z.  h.  v. 

Elizabet  Louw,  bp  Aug.  26,  1764;  sps  "Vader  en  moeder" 
(Father  and  mother). 

Ariaantje  Louw,  bp  July   10,    1768;  sps  Lukas  Roome, 
Aaltje  Sebring,  z.  h.  v. 
V      William  Louw,  bp  Aug.  5,  1770;  sps  WiUiam  Van  Deur- 
sen, Anna  Stryker,  z.  h.  v.,  who  were  residents  of  New 

SEN),  son  of   (41)   Gysbert  Van   Deursen  and   Hanna  Ten 

96  Van  Deuksex   Family 

Broek  of  New  York;  bp  there  Nov.  4,  1739;  m  Oct.  19,  i;;:;, 
Neeltje  Van  Antwerp,  who  d  Oct.  23,  1833. 

During  the  War  of  the  Revolution  he  served  as  Corpor?.! 
in  Capt.  Abraham  Veeder's  Company,  and  as  Sergeant  ir: 
Capt.  Gerrit  Putnam's  Company,  Third  Regt.,  Try  on  Co. 
Militia.  On  Oct.  7,  1795,  Gilbert  Vandeurscn  was  Cornet  in 
First-Lieut.  Abraham  Coyne's  Company  of  Horse,  Lieut-Col. 
John  Newkirk's  Regt.,  Gen.  Volkert  Veeder's  Brigade;  Mont- 
gomery County. 

In  the  Census  of  iSoo  he  had  one  daughter,  and  then  resided 
in  Johnstown,  N.  Y.  His  will,  dated  Dec.  28,  1S31,  was  pro- 
bated Sept.  5,  I  S3  2. 

Children,  bp  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.: 

i  Annatje,  b  Mar.  7,  bp  Apr.  9,  1776;  sps  John  and 
Annatje  Van  Antwerpen;  m  Nov.  20,  1802,  Evert 
Van  Eps. 

244  ii       Andries,  b   Dec.    17,  bp   Dec.    23,    1777;  sps  Abrani 

and   Annatje    Veeder;    m  Oct.    7,    1804,    Annvte 

iii      Elisabeth,  b  Nov.  22,  bp  Dec.  19,  1779;  sps  Johannes 

and  Catrina  Van  Antwerp;  m  Dec.  20,  1800,  John 

iv     Adam,  b  a  1781. 
V       Nancy,  b  a  1783  ;  m  Feb.  14,  1802,  John  Cromwell. 

245  vi      Jacob,  b  Jvily  30,  1784;  m  Jan.  17,  1S08,  Gertiiide 

Van  Alstine. 

246  vii     Harmanus,  b  May  17,  1787  ;  sps  Albert  and  Elisabeth 

Veeder;   m    (ist)    May    9,    or    16,    1809,    Margaret 
Dockstader,  (2d)  May  31,  1825,  Maria  Homing. 
viii   Matthew,  b  a  17SS. 

247  ix     John,  b  1789;  name  of  wife  not  known. 

248  X       Arent,  b  Aug.  21,  1792;  m  a  181 4,  Hannah  R.  Wag- 


249  xi      Simon,  b  Nov.   15,  1793  or  1794;  m  (ist)  May  25, 

181 5,   Nancy   Hansen,    (2d)    Feb.   26,   1818,   Mary 

250  xii    Abraham  G.,  b  1795;  m  (1st)  Dec.  29,    1819,  Caty 

Davis,  (2d)  a  1S30,  Cornelia 

xiii  Catharine,  b  Oct.  6,  1796;  m  Martin  Beekman 
Brinkerhoff.      Had   dau    Elizabeth    Brinkerhot?. 

114  ANNETJE  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (41)  Gysbert 
(Gilbert)  Van  Deursen  and  Hanna  Ten  Broek  of  New  York; 
bp  there  April  14,  1742;  m  a  1762,  George  Dean  of  Albany. 

Fifth  Gener.\tion  97 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

i  Abraham  Dean,  b  April  13,  bp  Apr.  13,  1766;  sps  Corne- 
lius Cadmus,  Anna  Lansing;  d  y. 

ii  Abraham  Dean,  b  Oct.  8,  bp  Oct.  10,  1770;  sps  Jacob  and 
Engeltie  V.  Deusen;  d  y. 

ill  Abraham  Dean,  bp  Feb.  7,  1773;  sps  Jacob  and  Engeltie 
V.  Deusen. 

iv  Rachel  Dean,  b  Jan.  31,  bp  Feb.  7,  1773;  sps  Anthony 
and  Pietertie  Bratt. 

115  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (44)  Geurt  Hen- 
drickse  Van  Deusen  and  Elisabeth  Ploeg;  bp  at  Kingston,  N. 
Y.,  Oct.  24,  1736;  m  Nov.  15,  1774,  at  Schaghticoke,  N.  Y., 
Nellie  Van  Bomel.  He  prob  served  in  the  Sixth  Regt., 
Dutchess  County  Militia,  during  the  Revolution. 

Children,  bp  at  Schaghticoke; 
i       Gerrit,  b  Mar    30,    1775;  sps  Gerrit  Van  Bomel,  Antje 

ii       Margrieta,  b  Nov.  10,  1777. 
iii     James,  b  Aug.  6,  1780. 
iv     Anna,  b  May  12,  1783. 

116  JACOMYNTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (44)  Geurt 
Hendrickse  Van  Deusen  and  Elisabeth  Ploeg;  bp  at  Livings- 
ton Jan.  23,  1739;  m  a  1760,  Abraham  Scherp. 

Res:     Schaghticoke,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  Schaghticoke,  N.  Y. : 
i       Jacobus  Scherp,  b  June  8,  bp  Sept.  11,  1766;  sps  Johs. 

and  Elisabeth  Fort, 
ii      Catharina  Scherp,  b  Apr.  27,   1769;  sps  Gerrit  Lansing, 

Sarah  Sharp, 
iii     Neeltjc  Scherp,  b  Dec.   11,   1770,  bp  June  6,   1771;  sps 
Gerrit  and  Antje  Vn.  Bommelen. 

IV  Sara  Scherp,  b  June  17,  1773;  sps  Harma  Tayler,  Rachel 


V  Andries  Scherp,  b  Mar.   28,  1775;  sps  Gerrit  Van  Ness, 

Eegjc  Scherp. 
vi     Jacob  Scherp,  b  May  4,  1777. 

^117  JACOMYNTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (45)  Isaac 
Van  Deusen  and  Fiche  (Sophia)  Burghardt  of  Kinderhook, 
^.  Y.,  and,  later,  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b  March  10, 
J 730;  m  a  1750,  Reykert  (Richard)  Huyck.  She  d  Jan. 
27.  1800  (See  her  father's  will,  probated  April  6,  1796). 

98  Van  Deursen  Family 

Res:     Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        Geesie  Huyck,  b  Oct.  i,  bp  at  Albany,  Nov.  ii,  175 v,  sps 

Jacobus  and  Lydia  Valkenburg. 
ii  Lambert  Pluyck,  b  Sept.  10,  1755. 
iii      Isaak  Hiiyck,  b  June  23,  bp  at  Kin..  July  17,  1757;  sps 

Isaak  and  Lena  Van  Deusen. 
iv     Johannes  Huyck,  b  Oct.  5,  bp  at  Kin.,  Oct.  13,  1759;  sps 

Johannes  J.  and  Catharina  Huyk. 
V       Feytje  Huyck,  b  May  5,  bp  at  Kin.,  June  6,  1762;  sps 

Jacob  Van  Deusen,  Fytje  Borgat. 
vi     Annatje  Huyck,  b  Oct.'i,  bp  at  Kn.,  Oct.  13,  1764;  sps 

Luycas  Goes,  Lisabeth  Huyck. 
vii     Eva  Huyck,  b  Mar.  23,  bp  at  Kin.,  Apr.  26,  1767;  sps 

Pieter  Burgart,  Eva  Huyck. 
viii  Abraham  fluyck,  b  Jan.  22,  bp  at  Kin.,  Mar.  11,  1770; 

sps  Abraham  and  Fytje  Van  Hoesen. 
ix      Andrew  Huyck,  b  Mar.  22,  1774. 
X       Petie  Huyck,  m Gore. 

118  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (45)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Fiche  Burghardt  of  Van  Deusenville,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.;  b  at  Kinderhook,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  4,  1733;  d  Nov. 
25,  1810;  m  July  27,  1768,  Gesie  Burghardt,  dau  of  Garret 
and  Mary  Burghardt.  She  was  bur  June  25,  1787.  He 
may  have  been  the  Abraham  Van  Deusen  who  served  as 
a  Private  in  Capt.  Henry  Tiebout's  Company  of  Col.  Goose 
Van  Schaick's  Regt.  (First  New  York)  in  1781.  He  resided 
near  Monument  Mountain,  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.,  where  he 
was  occupied  in  farming. 

i      Jemima,  b  Oct.  20,  1768;  d  Sept.  24,  i8i5;m  in  1790, 
Michael  Spoor. 
250a  ii     Malle,  b  at  Gt.  Barrington,  Aug.  11,  1770;  m  Sept. 
24,  1792,  John  Rogers, 
iii    Fiche,  b  Sept.  20,  1772  ;d  Mar.  18,  1796. 
iv    Garret,  b  July  27,  1776;  d  Jan.  3,  1787. 
V     Isaac,  b  Jan.  18,  1779. 
vi    Hendrick,  b  Nov.  10,  17S3;  d  Oct.  5,  1784. 

119  COENRAD  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (45)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Fiche  Burghardt;  b  Feb.  4,  bp  at  Kinderhook, 
N.  Y.,  Feb.  23,  1735;  m  Oct.  29,  1763,  Rachel  Hallenbeck; 
b  March  3  or  Nov.  3,  1743;  d  Aiig.  6,  1825;  he  d  Dec.  28,  1S18. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Fifth  Generation  99 


i  Fiche,  b  Aug.  27,  1764;  d  Aug.  31,  1S16;  m  Dec.  14, 
17S5,  Lambert  Burghardt.  b  May  12,  1751;  d  ^lay 
I,  1S21. 

ii  Catharina,  b  June  28,  1767;  d  Aug.  6,  1829;  m  Feb. 
26,  1 7  89,  Andrew  Burghardt.  Issue:  Henr\- 
Burghardt.  b  Feb.  5,  1791;  d  Nov.  30,  17S6;  Elea- 
nor Burghardt,  b  Jan.  15.  179-;  d  Jan.  5,  1S52; 
John  Burghardt,  b  June  13,  17 98. 

251  iii      Isaac,  b  May   26,    1773;  m  Dec.   2,    1S04,  Lucretia 


252  iv      John,  b  Oct.  18,  1775;  m  Apr.  iS,  iSoi,  Rebecca  De 


V       Gesie,  b  Jan.  5,  177S;  d  unm  Apr.  5,  181 8. 

vi  Lana,  b  Aug.  26,  1780;  d  April  10,  1S54;  m  Aug.  12, 
1S16,  Joseph  Sharts,  Isl.  D.  Issue:  Frederick 
Hauser  Sharts,  b  May  12,  181 7;  Lovina  Rachel 
Sharts,  b  Dec.  12,  1821;  Gesie  Sharts. 

vii  Jacob  Hallenbeck,  b  Jan.  20,  1783;  d  May  23,  1S56. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  State  Legislature  for  two 
terms;  vrarden  of  the  Episcopal  Church  for  many 
years,  and  a  great  road  builder.  He  built  the 
principal  roads  in  the  county. 

120  JOHN  I.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (45)  Isaac  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Fiche  Burghardt  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Berkshire  Co., 
Mass.;  b  there  March  19,  1737,  and  d  at  Canajoharie,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  13,  1820;  bur  in  the  Buel  churchyard;  m  June  i,  1762, 
Catherine  Hollenbeck,  vrho  d  Aug,  4,  1789,  aged  46  years. 

He  was  private  in  Capt.  George  King's  Co.,  Col.  Hopkin's 
(Berkshire  Co.)  regt.,  for  15  days  in  July,  1776. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 


i        Fiche,  b  a  1765  ;m  Mar.  16,  1785,  Isaac  Houck. 

253  ii       John,  b  Mar.  31,  1767;  m  (ist)  Feb.  22,  17S9,  Han- 

nah Huyck;  (2d)  Jan.  28,  1796,  Rhoda  Tuller. 

254  iii      Isaac,  b  July  12,  1769;  m  1790,  Eva  Huyck. 

255  iv      "William,  b  Sept.  6,  1772;  m  Jan.  3,   1794,  Hannah 

Spencer.  ^ 

256  V       Conrad,  b  Aug.  3,  1775;  m  Jan.   13,  1801,  Hannah 


257  vi      ]\Iichael,  b  Jan.  27,  i77S;m  Feb.  14,  180S,  Christina 

vii     Cate,  b  a  17S1. 
viii    Margaret,  b  a  1784. 

100  Van  Deursex  Family 

121  MATTHEW  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (45)  Isaac  Van 
Deuscn  and  Fiche  Burgbardt  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
there  Aug.  12,  1740;  d  May  7,  1S07;  m  Aug.  27,  1761,  Eliza- 
beth Vax  Wormer;  b  Feb.  20,  1747;  d  Oct.  7,  1S33.  After 
death  of  Matthew,  wid  remarried  "Deacon  Nye."  In  July, 
1 771,  Matthew  was  an  Ensign  in  Col.  John  Ashley's  regt. 
(Letter  of  July  24,  1906,  Secy  of  State,  ]Mass.) 

Res:  Lee,  Mass.     Oc:     Fanner  and  land  owner. 

i  Isaac,  b  a  1762 ;  d  at  age  of  S  years. 

ii  Peter,  b  a  1764. 

258  iii  Laurence,  b  1766;  m  a  1787,  Christine  Hollenbeck. 
iv  Mary,  b  1769  ;  m Braman. 

259  V  Grace,  b  Jan.    12,    1775;  m  Jan.    17,    1793,  Walley 


260  vi      Matthew,  b  a  1777;  ni  Nov.  9,  1800,  Betsey  Braman. 

261  vii    Fiche,  b  Jan.    10,   1788;  m  Aug.  30,   iSio,   Robert 
-  '  -    Moses  Ashley. 

122  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  fifth  son  of  (45)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Fiche  Burghardt  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
July  15,  1741;  bp  at  Athens,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  5,  1742;  d  May  26, 
181 2,  at  Williams  Mansion;  m  Nov.  4,  1787,  Mary  Laird;  b 
Mar.  22,  1754;  d  Sept.  13,  1836.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Committee  of  Safety  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.,  in  1776 
(Hist.  Gt.  Barrington,  by  Taylor,  p.  240). 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

262  i        Isaac,  b  May  12,   1788;    m  Jan.  i,  1809,  Lavina  L, 

ii       Fiche,  b  Jan.  12,  1792;  d  Jan.  22,  1812. 
iii      Rachel,  b  July  30,  1794;  d  Apr.  4,  1812. 

123  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (45)  Isaac  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Fiche  Burghardt  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.;  bp  at 
Athens,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  iS,  1744;  m  Oct.  i,  1765,  Katharine 
Spoor,  dau  of  Jacob  Spoor;  b  Nov.  20,  1744;  d  May  4,  1794- 
He  served  16  days  in  Capt.  Hewit  Root's  Co.,  Col.  Ashley's 
regt.,  in  July,  1777  (Secy,  of  State's  letter  to  author,  dated 
July,  1906)  ;d  April  11,  1816. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 

263  i        Isaac,  b   Apr.  5,    1767;    m  Jan.  15,    1789,  Christina 

Spoor,   dau  of  Nicholas  Spoor  and  Sarah  Hollen- 

Fifth  Generation  101 

264  ii       Jacob,  b  June  17.  1770;  m  Julv  II,  1793,  Jane  Hollen- 


265  iii      Abraham,  b   Aug.  6.  1772;    m   (ist)  Aug.    17,  1793, 

Sarah  Spoor;  (2d)  Nov.,  1S39,  Taphenas  Candee  of 

266  iv      Matthew,   b  Mar.  9,  1777;    m  Electa  Waimvright  a 


124  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (47)  Jacob  Van 
Deusen  and  Lena  Vosburgh  of  Amenia,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y., 
b  there  a  1737  ;  m  a  1760,  Eleanor  Van  Brummel. 

According  to  a  deed  executed  by  him  and  his  v.ife  on  Dec. 
17,  1797,  he  inherited  a  part  of  his  father's  farm  in  the  to^vn 
of  Amenia,  which  he  sold  to  Lawrence  Belding  of  the  town  of 
Washington,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.  The  land  is  described  by 
metes  and  bounds,  contained  43  acres  and  sold  for  $873 
and  five  dimes.     At  that  date  he  removed  to  Cayuga  Count}-._ 

At  the  Census  of  1790  his  family  consisted  of  two  sons  of 
16  years  and  upwards,  two  under  16  years,  and  four  daughters. 
Ke  served  in  Captain  Vail's  company  of  Col.  Graham's  Militia 
during  the  Revolutionary  "War. 

Res:     Amenia  and  Cayuga  Co.     Oc:     Farmer. 


267  i        Henry,  b  a  1760;  m  a  1782  or  3,  Mary  Loop. 

268  ii       Jacob,  b  a  1770;  m  a  1791,  Edith  Palmer. 

269  iii      Richard,  b  in  1777;  ma  1798,  Hannah  Famam. 

iv  John  Dvkeman,  b  at  Scipio,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  30,  1798; 
d  at  Crow  Lake,  So.  Dak.,  Aug.  22,  1885;  m  June 
18,  1829,  at  Scipio,  Betsey  Ann  Alward,  b  Aug.  9, 
1810,  at  Scipio;  d  Beloit,  Wis.,  Sept.  17,  1899;  dau 
of  William  Alward  and  Betsey  Cross  of  Busking 
Ridge,  N.  J.     Issue:  George;  Ellen;  Mary. 

125  MATTHEVv'  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (47)  Jacob  Van 
Deusen  and  Lena  Vosburgh,  b  a  1739  in  Amenia,  Dutchess 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  m  a  1760,  Jane  Belden,  dau  of  Silas  Belden  and 
Janetie  Knickerbocker.  He  served  in  the  Rev.  War,  in  the 
Sixth  Dutchess  Co.  Militia,  Col.  Morris  Graham  and  Col.  Ros- 
well  Hopkins  (B.  L.  R.).     His  will  was  probated  Oct.  10,  1806. 

Res:     Amenia.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        John,   b  a    1762;  served   in   Sixth   Regt.,   Dutchess 

Co.  Militia,  War  of  Rev.  (L.  B.  R.). 
ii       Mary,   b  a  1764;    ma  1781,  James  Tanner.     Issue: 
Mary  Tanner,  b   Feb.    7,1782,   bp   Feb.   6,    1783; 

102  Vax  Deursex  Family 

William  Tanner,  b  Dec.  8,  1783,  bp  May   13,  1784, 
at  Anienia. 

270  iii      Jane,  b  Nov.  12,  1770;  m  a  17SS,  Jesse  Doolittle. 

iv  Abigal,  b  a  1773;  m  Silas  Dutcher,  b  Dec.  15, 
1776;  d  Dec.  2,  1806;  son  of  Christopher  Dutcher 
and  Mary  Belden  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related 

271  V       Dirck  (Richard),  b  Nov.   24,1775;    ma  1796  Betsv 


272  vi      Jacob  D.,  b  Sept.  iS,  1777;   :n  a  1800,  Nancy  Smith, 
vii     Jemima,  b  a  17S0. 

viii    Sarah,  b  a  17S2. 

126  DATA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (48)  Matheus  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Rachel  Huyck;  bp  at  Albany  Jan.  21,  1741 ;  m  Nov. 
II,  1761,  Thomas  Hun,  bp  r\Iay  19,  1736,  son  of  Dirck  and 
Margrietje  Hun. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        Cathalyntie  Hun,  b  Aug.  26,  bp  Sept.  5,  1762;  sps  Dirk 

and  Margarita  Hun;  m  Dec.  14,  17S5,  Henr\'  Van  Ben- 

thuysen.     He  d  June  8,  1S34.     She  d  Aug.  13,  1S41. 
ii       Rachel  Hun,  b  July  4,  bp  July  15,  1764;  sps  Willem  and 

Saratie  De  Foreest. 
iii      Dirk  Hun,  b  June   19,  bp  June   19,   1768;  sps  Dirk  and 

Margarita  Hun. 
iv      Rachel  Hxin,  b  Oct.  19,  bp  Oct.  24,  1773;  sps  Willem  and 

Saartie  Hun ;  m Fonda. 

127  ANNATJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (48)  Matheus  Van 
Deusen  and  Rachel  Huyck;  bp  June  5,  1743,  at  Coxsackie;  m 
Nov.  29,  1764,  John  Van  Hoesen,  a  farmer  of  Albanv  Countv, 
N.  Y. 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook: 

i  Mattheus  Van  Hoesen,  bp  Feb.  9,  1766;  sps  Thomas 
Hunne  and  Batje  Van  Deusen. 

ii  Jurry  Van  Hoesen,  bp  May  8,  1768;  sps  Coenrad  and 
Rachel  Van  Hoesen. 

iii  Isaac  Van  Hoesen,  bp  Jan.  13,  177 1 ;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Lena  Van  Deusen. 

iv  Marytje  Van  Hoesen,  bp  Jan.  i,  1773;  sps  Lambert  Bor- 
gart,  Catharina  Van  Hoesen. 

V  Lisabeth  Van  Hoesen,  bp  Aug.  27,  1775  ;sps  Leendert  Van 
Aelsteyn,  Lisabeth  Goes. 

12S     DANIEL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (57)  Isaac  Van  Deur- 

Fifth  Generation  103 

sen  and  Anna  Waldron;  bp  at  New  York  Sept.  i6,  1716;  m  in 
173S,  Lea^  Hartje,  Vv-ho  d  Feb.  17,  1755,  bur  in  Old  Dutch 
Church,  N.  Y.  Daniel  became  a  member  of  the  church  at 
Tappan,  N.  Y.,  in  1735,  and  was  made  a  Freeman  of  New 
York  City  Nov.  24,  1741  (New  York  Hist.  Coll.,  Vol.  18,  p. 
143).  He  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Abraham  Boelen's  Com- 
pany in  1738,  and  of  Capt.  Richard  Smith  's  Company  in  April, 
1759.  By  occupation  he  was  a  cooper. 
Children,  bp  at  New  York: 

273  i        Catharina   (Tryntje),  bp  Aug.    19,    1739,  in  N.  Y. ; 

sps  Isaac  Van  Deursen,  Annetje  Waldron,  syn  h. 
v.;  m  Oct.  4,  1 76 1,  John  Stagg. 

274  ii       Isaac,    bp  Jan.    24,    1742,  in  N.    Y. ;    sps    Harmen 

Coerte,  Anna  v.  Deursen;  m  Apr.  10,  1762,  Rachel 
iii      Abraham,  bp  Jan.  9,  1745  ;  sps  Robbert  Zichels,  Sara 
Van  Deursen,  j.  d. ;  m  Elizabeth  Smith. 

275  iv      Lea,  bp  Oct.  30,  1748,  in  N.  Y. ;  sps  David  Brouwer, 

Annetje  Hartje,  z.  h.  v.;m  Mar.  15,  1767,  Michael 

129  SARA  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (57)  Isaac  Van  Deur- 
sen and  Anna  Waldron;  bp  Nov.  15,  1721,  in  New  York;  m 
Nov.  17,  1749,  Robert  Sickles,  son  of  Thomas  Sickles  and 
J  annetje  Brevoort,  bp  N.  Y.,  Nov.  2,  17 15.  Both  were  hv- 
ing  in  June,  1789. 

Children,  bp  in  New  York  : 
i        Annatje  Sickles,  bp  Sept.  30,  1750;  sps  Cornelis  Siggelse, 

Annatje  Waldron,  huis  v.  v.  Isaac  Van  Deursen;  d  y. 
ii       Annatje  Sickles,  bp  Feb.  23,  1752;  sps  Pieter  Heyer, 'An- 
natje V.  Deursen,  z.  huis  v. 
iii      Zacharias  Sickles,  bp  Oct.  31,  1753 ;  sps  Cornelius  Sickles, 

Eva  Bussing,  j.  d. 
iv      Wyntje  Sickles,  bp  Dec.  4,   1755;  sps  Zacharias  Zikkels, 

Catharina  Heyer,  z.  huis  v. 
V       Sara  Sickles,  bp  June  14,  17 58;  sps  Daniel  Van  Deursen, 

Sara  de  Foreest,  h.  v.  v.  Hend.  Van  de  Water. 
vi     Metje  Sickles,  bp  June  19,  1763;  sps  Alexander  Forbus, 

Femmetje  de  Foreest,  Wed.  v.  Andries  Gerwer. 
vii    Jannetje  Sickles,  bp  April  27,  1766;  sps  Alexander  Forbes, 

Femmetje  de  Foreest,  Wed.  Van  Andries  Geweraar. 

130  JACOB  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (59)  Jacob  Van  Deur- 
sen and  Helena  Van  Deursen,  of  New  York;  b  there  Nov. 
-'  1730;  bp  Feb.  4,  1733;  m  March  19,  1764,  Mary  Ashley;  b 

104  Van  Deursex   Family 

Sept.  29,  1745.  Jacob  signed  Rev.  pledge  July  8,  1775,  and 
was  killed  in  iSio  by  falling  from  a  high  bridge.  Before  the 
taking  of  the  Census  of  1790  he  had  removed  to  Cormvall. 
Orange  Co.,  X.  Y.  ^  ?*  ; 

Res:     Village  of  Canterbury,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. 


276  i        Zachariah,  b  Feb.   27,   1765;  m  Feb.  18,  1788,  Han- 

nah Smith. 

277  ii       John,  b   Feb.  12,  17  67  ;m  Apr.  14,  17S9.   Margaret 


278  iii      Samuel,  b  Aug.    29,   1772;   m  (ist)  a    1793,   Betsey 

Allison;  (2d)  Ursula  Russell.  Nov.  24,  1804. 

279  iv      Hannah,  b  May  11,  17S0;  m  a  1800,  Zeno  Carpenter. 

V  Caleb,  b  Aug.  10,  1783  ;  m  Rebecca  Macomber. 

131  THOMAS  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (61)  Abraham 
Van  Deursen  and  Antje  Coek,  of  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.;  bp 
there  Feb.  25,   1739;  d  in  Dec.   1808;  m  a  1760,  Elizabeth 

His  v/ill  was  dated  Oct.  5,   1808,  and  pro 

in  1809. 

Res:     Freehold,  Monmouth  County,  N.  J. 
Children,  named  in  father's  will,  none  are  recorded  as  bp 
in  the  Ref.  Du.  Ch.  of  Freehold  between  1760  and  1800. 

i        Jacob. 

ii       Thomas. 

280  iii      Robert,  b  Oct.  25,  1780;  m  a  1808,  Hannah  Wilkison. 
iv      John. 

V  Anna. 

vi  Margaret. 
vii  Elizabeth. 
viii   Rachel. 

132  PHH.IP  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (64)  Johannes  Van 
Deursen  and  Geertje  Minthom;  bp  in  New  York,  Oct.  6,  1725; 
d  there  Nov.  3,  1757,  bur  O.  D.  Ch.;  m  Aug.  24  or  Sept.  25, 
1754,  Susanna  Blanck;  bp  N.  Y.  May  23,  1736;  dau  of  Abra- 
ham Blanck  and  Maria  Lauwrens.  On  Aug.  29,  1749.  ^e  was 
granted  a  Freeman's  right  (N.  Y.  Hist.  Soc.  Coll.,  Vol.  18,  p. 

Res:     N.  Y.  City.     Oc:     Cordwamer. 
Children,  bp  in  New  York  : 

281  i        Abraham,  bp    Aug.  27,  1755;    sps  Abraham  Blank, 

Eida  vSudam,  huis  v.  v.  Isaac  Blank;  prob  m  Cor- 
nelia Vredenburgha  1778. 

Fifth  Generation  105 

ii       Isaac,    bp  Aug.  21,  1757;    sps  Isaac   Blanck,  Maria 
Mills,  j.d. 

133  GEERTJE  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (64)  Johannes 
Van  Deursen  and  Gcertje  ^Minthome ;  bp  in  New  York,  March 
21,  1733;  m  Nov.  28,  1754,  Abr.vham  Knickerbakker,  prob 
son  of  Pieter  Knickerbakker  and  wife,  Neeltie  Freer  (See  N. 
Y.  G.  &  B.  Record,  Jan.  igoS,  p.  42). 

Children,  bp  in  New  York  : 
i        Elizabet  Knickerbakker,  bp  July   2,    1755;  sps   Harmen 

Knikkebakker,  Elizabet  Van  Deursen,  j.  d. 
ii      Abraham   Knickerbakker,   bp   Mar.    14,    1759;  sps   Har- 

manus  Knikkebakker,  Heyltje  Ryt,  Wed.  van  J.  Ryt. 
iii      John  Knickerbakker,  b  Sept.   17,   1768,  "about  2*'oclock 

Saturday,"  bp  in  First  Moravian  Church,  N.  Y.  City. 

134  WIBERECH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (65)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Angenetie  Faroe  of  Tappan,  N.  J.,  and  subse- 
quently of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  bp  at  Hackensack, 
N.  J.,  July  17,  1720;  m  July  2,  1755,  Benjamin  Demarest. 
She  d  prior  to  June  17    17 S3,  the  date  of  Isaac's  will. 

Res:     Bergen  Co.,  N.  J. 

Children,  bp  in  Schraalenburg  Dutch  Church: 

i       Jacobus  Demarest,  bp  Sept.  27,  1758;  sps  David  Dema- 
rest, Margritte,  his  wife. 

ii      Grietie  Demarest,  bp  Aug.   3,    1760;  sps  Isack  Bogert, 
Fey  a,  his  wife. 

_'i     Mettei  Demarest,  b  Feb.  20,  bp  Mar.  21,  1762;  nospons. 

iv     Elisabet  Demarest,  b  Nov.  2,  bp  Nov.  27,  1763;  sps  Isack 
Van  Duse  and  his  wife. 

V      Angenitie  Demarest,  bp  July  19,  1767;  sps  Samuel  Sed- 
man,  and  wife. 

135  ISAAC  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (65)  Isaac  Van  Deur- 
sen and  his  first  wife,  Angenetie  Faroe;  b  in  Sept.  and  bp  Dec. 
17.  1721,  at  Hackensack,  N.  J.;  d  at  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  July 
20,  1798;  m  a  1755,  Jane 

Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  from  Bible  record  and  will: 
282  i        Isaac,  b  a  1758;  m  a  1780,  Fetitia  Mills.  . 
•S3  ii       Adolphus,  b  Sept.   19,  1762,  m  Sept.  25,  1783,  Unice 
iii     James,  b  July  24,  1765,  prob  d  y. 
iv      Margaret,  b  Feb.  i,  1767,  prob  d  y. 

106  Van  Deursen  Family 

284  V       Mary,  b  Nov.  27,  1770;     m  July  9,  17S6,  Stephen 


285  vi      Benjamin,  b   Sept.   18,  1772;    ma    1792,   Elizabeth 

vii    IMartha,  b  June  14,  1776;    m  Timothy  Varian. 

286  viii  William  (?)  b  a  17S0;  m  a  1802.  Catherine  Remain. 

136  ANGNIETJE  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (65)  Isaac  Van 
Deuse  and  his  second  wife,  Elizabeth  Rosenboom,  of  Corn- 
Vv^all,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  at  Ramapo,  Dec.  9,  1724;  m  May  8, 
1748,  Samuel  Sidman,  of  Newark,  N.  J.  She  d  Feb.  11, 

Res:  New  Jersey  and  Ramapo  Valley,  N.  Y,  Oc:  Tav- 
ern Keeper  and  Farmer. 

i        Isaak  Sidman,  b  Oct.  6,  bp  at  Second  River,  or  Belle- 
ville, N.  J.,  Nov.  20,  174S;  sps  Isaak  Van  Deuse  and 

Elisabeth  (Rosenboom),  grand-parents. 
ii       Lisabeth  Sidman,  bp  at  Paramus,  N.  J.,  Nov.  11,  1750; 

sps  Isaack  I.  Van  Deuse  and  Lisabeth  Rosenboom. 
iii      Marytje  Sidman,  b  Feb.  4,  bp  at  Paramus  I\Iar.  7,  1756; 

sps    Benjamin    Dernaree   and   Wybrech    (Van   Deuse), 

uncle  and  aunt. 
iv     Angonietje,  bp  Mar.  30,  1760,  at  Par.;  sps  Willem  and 

Catrina  Syourt. 
V       John  Sidman,  bp  at  Paramus,  Apr.  15,  1764;  sps  Gerrit 

J.  and  Elsje  Hopper. 

137  MARRYTJE  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (65)  Isaac  Van 
Duzer  and  Elizabeth  Rosenboom,  his  second  wife;  b  a  1730, 
at  Ramapo,  N.  Y. ;  m  a  1755,  Steven  Slot  (Steplaen  Sloat). 
(See  Westerly  Family  p.  56). 

Res:     New  Jersey. 

Children,  bp  at  Paramus,  N.  J.: 

i  Isaac  Slot,  bp  Aug.  20,  1758;  sps  Isack  and  Lisabeth  Van 
Deuse  (his  grand-parents). 

ii  Lisabeth  Slot,  bp  Jan.  25,  1761;  sps  Isaac  and  Lisabeth 
Van  Deuse  (grand-parents). 

iii  Marytje  Slot,  bp  June  7,  1767;  sps  Christiaan  Van  Deuse 
and  Marietje  Van  Deuse,  uncle  and  aunt  of  mother;  m 
June  28,  1788,  Jacobus  Westervelt  or  Westover;  b  at 
Gloster,  N.  J.,  Nov.  12,  1767;  bp  Nov.  15,  1767,  at 
Schraalenburgh ;  d  in  N.  Y.  City,  April  27,  1S37;  a  dr>' 
goods  merchant  (Westover  &  Quackenbush).  After 
marriage  they  lived  for  some  time  at  Sloatsburg,  N. 

Fireplace  in  the  homestead  of  Captain   Christopher  Van  Duzer  at  Warwick.  Xe-.v  York, 

now  the  home  of  Gcorfie  M.  Van   Duzer.      His  children,  growing  up  around 

this  old  hearthstone,  are  the  fifth  generation  i>f  the   Van 

Duzer  family  that  have  lived  in  this  house. 

Fifth  Generation  107 

Y. ;  became  members  of  the  Schraalenburgh  congre- 
gation, Mar.  24,  1797.  Issue:  Daniel  Westover,  b 
at  Sloatsburg.  Apr.  22,  1789;  m  Sept.  23,  1S09,  Antie 
Brinkerhoft",  dau  of  Gerret;  d  June  i.  1835;  no  issue; 
Martha  Westover,  b  at  Sloatsburg,  Apr.  20,  1791;  ni 
Dec.  3,  iSii,  John,  son  of  James  Quackenbush  and 
Lea  Deaaree;  d  Sept.  25,  1S2S;  John  Sloat  Westover, 
b  June  15,  1799;  James  Westover,  b  Oct.  8,  1S03;  m 
(ist)  Mrs.  Baldwin,  a  widow;  (2d)  June  19,  1831, 
Sarah  Ann  Thayer;  d  Feb.  7,  1836;  no  issue. 

13S  CHRISTOPHER  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (65)  Isaac 
Van  Duzer  and  his  second  wife,  Elizabeth  Rosenboom,  of 
Cornwall,  Orange  County,  X.  Y.;  b  in  1743;  m  (ist)  Juliana 
Strong,  b  Jan.  16,  1750;  d  in  1770;  (2d)  Juliana  Tusten,  b 
in  1752  ;  the  sister  of  Lt.  Col.  Benjamin  Tusten,  who  was  killed 
by  the  Indians  at  the  battle  of  Minisink,  N.  Y.,  July  23,  1779. 

Christopher  v.-as  Captain  in  the  Cornwall  Regiment  of  Foot, 
Col.  James  Mc  Claughn.-;  also  in  the  First  Orange  Co.  Regt., 
Col.  Jesse  Woodhull.  His  record  is  a  very  creditable  one, 
having  served  at  Haverstraw,  Ramapo,  in  the  Jerseys,  Fort 
Montgomery  (Oct.  6,  1777),  at  Minisink,  Nev/  Windsor, 
Butler  Hill,  Xirolls  Point,  and  at  Fishkill.  His  widow,  Ju- 
liana, was  a  Revolutionary  pensioner. 

Res:     New  Windsor,  1802;  removed  to  Warwick  in  1807. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
2S7  i        Juliana,  b  Feb.   8,   1770;    m  Aug.    10,    17SS,  Jacob 

By  second  wife: 

288  ii       Isaac,  b  Feb.  9,    1773;   m  June    29,  1794,  Keturah 

Reeve,  dau  of  Selah  Reeve  and  Keturah  Strong, 
iii      Abigal,  b  Islav.  16,  bp  May  7,  1775;  d  y. 

289  iv      Elizabeth  Tusten,  b  May  16,  bp  July  20,  1777;  m  a 

1797,  Sclah  Reeve,  Jr. 
V       Ann,  b  Sept.  20,   1779,  bp  Mar.  26,  17S0;   m  Nathan 
W^estcott  of  Cornwall. 

290  vi      'Msltj  (Polly),  b  Dec.  11,  1781 ;  m  Apr.  15,  1804,  Ebe- 

nezer  Crissey,  Jr. 

291  vii     Benjamin    Tusten,   b    Jan.   31,     17S4;     m  a     1805, 

Nancy  Whitlock. 

292  viii    John,  b  Feb.  20,  17S6;  m  Jan.  7,  1809,  Nancy  Ben- 


293  ix      William,  b  Feb.   20,   1788;  m  June  18,  1808,  Sarah 

M.  Wheeler. 
X       Abigal,  b  June  6,  1790;  d  Feb.  20,  iSoi. 

108  Vax  Deursen  Family 

xi  Susan,  b  July  12,  1792;  m  John  Dolson;  had  son, 
James  Dolson. 

294  xii     Selah,  b  Oct.  2S,  1795  or  1796;  m  (ist)  Nov.  9,  iSiS, 

Margaret  Van  Alstyne;  (2d)  Jan.  9,  1S33,  Arianna 

139  ISAAC  VAX  DUZER,  son  of  (66)  Shadrach  Van 
Duzer  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  Jan.  7,  1755;  m  July 
23,  1780,  at  Goshen,  N.  Y.,  Martha  Tustex,  who  was  b  Nov. 
10,  1762,  and  d  Oct.  23,  1838.  She  was  dau  of  Col.  Benjamin 
Tusten  and  Julia  Conkling. 

In  Bounty  Land  Claims  Isaac  Van  Duzer  is  accredited  to 
Col.  Jesse  WoodhuU's  Regiment,  Captain  Christopher  Van 
Duzer 's  Company,  during  the  Revolutionary  Vv'ar.  He  d 
Oct.  14,  18 14. 

Res:     Near  Goshen,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 


295  i        James,  b  Feb.  14,  1781;  m  (ist)  Jan.  i,  1802,  Eliz- 

abeth Smith;    (2d)  Mar.  14,  1S19,  Susan  Lewis,  b 

296  ii       Benjamin,    b    -\Iar.   29,    1783;    m    Sept.    30,    1S09, 

Elmira  Tooker. 

297  iii      Henry,  b    May  17,  1785;    m   Dec.    iS,    1806,    Betsy 

(Elizabeth)  Ketcham. 
29S  iv      Isaac,    b    Oct.    19,    1787;    m    (ist)    a  tSi6,   Joanna 
Smith;  d  Dec.  29,  1822;    (2d)  Nov.  8,   1823,  Mary 

299  V       Vincent  T.,  b  June  22,1790;    m  Sept.  8,  1819,  Sarah 


300  vi      Aaron,  b    Sept.  3,     1792;    m   (ist)  Jan.   22,    1S24, 

Sarah   Howell;^  d   Feb.    24,    1846;   (2d)    Nov.   27, 
1847,   ]\Irs.  Christianna  (Ludlum)  Denton. 

301  vii    John,  b    May  26,   1795;    m  Apr.  6,   1S26,  Margaret 


302  viii    Gabriel,  b  Sept.  22,  1797;  m  Nov.  14,  1828,  Abigal 


ix  Lucretia,  b  May  27,  iSoo;  d  March,  1889;  m  June  9, 
1824,  Lewis  '  H.  Hobbv.  Issue:  George  Hob- 
by;    Lewis  Hobby.     Re's:     N.  Y.  City. 

X  Frances,  b  Oct.  11,1804;  diniS7  7,unm;  lived  with 
sister,  Lucretia,  in  N.  Y.  City. 

140  HENRY  VAN  DUZER.  son  of  (66)  Shadrach  Van 
Duzer  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there  Feb.  15,  1759; 
d  there   Nov.    10,    1845;  ^^  J^^ne   17,    17S6,   in   Presbyterian 

Fifth  Generation  109 

Church  at  New  Windsor,  Frances  Mandeville;  b  March  26, 
1764;  d  Jan.  17,  1823;  dan  of  Francis  }.Iandavelt  (bp  Feb.  i, 
1727),  of  New  Windsor,  Ulster,  now  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and 
Mary,  his  wife  (N.  Y.  Gen.  and  Biog.  Record,  1907,  p. 291). 

Henry  served  sbc  months  and  seven  days  during  the  Revo- 
lutionary War;  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Christian  Vanduzer's 
Co.,  Col.  Jesse  WoodhuU's  Regiment,  and  was  a  pensioner  at 
the  rate  of  S20.77,  by  Act  of  March,  183 1.  (See  will  probated 
Nov.  18,  1S43). 

Res:     Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Fanner. 


i        Elizabeth,  b  Feb.  13,  1787. 

303  ii       Mary,  b  Jan.  22,  1791;  m  at  Newburgh,  N.  Y.,  May 

20,  1809,  William  Sayre. 
iii      Catherine,  b   Oct.  8,  1793;    m  Nov.   20,  1848,   Isaac 

Coeks,  v/idower  of  Martha  Van  Duzer,  her  sister. 
iv      Henry,  b  Mar.  2,  1795;  d  April  2,  1796. 

304  v       Shadrach,  b   Jan.  27,  1797;    m  bet  Jan.  and  Aug., 

1820,  Rebecca  Tobias. 

305  vi      John  S.,  b  Apr.  22,    1799;   m  a  1S25,  Phoebe  Eliza 

vii     Julia,  b  July  20,  iSoi ;  d  unm  Sept.  7,  1846. 
viii  Jacob  M.,  b  Nov.  16,  1803  ;  d  unm  Sept.  11,  1845. 
305a  ix     Martha,  b  July  2,  1806;  m  Dec.  5,  1S27,  Isaac  Coeks. 

141  WILLEM  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (70) '  Hendrik 
CVVillems)  Van  Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Staats  of  Albany,  N. 
Y.;  bp  there  Apr.  11,  1736;  d  Oct.  17,  1816;  m  (ist)  a  1760, 
Christiana  Ketelhuyn;  (2d)  Mar.  28,  1766,  Antje  Stry- 
ker;  b  Mar.  4,  bp  at  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.,  June  2,  1745. 
"She  may  have  been  the  daughter  of  Peter  Stryker,  b  Sept. 
14,  1705,  and  Antie  Doremer  (probably  Doremus  or  De  Rie- 
mer),  v/ho  settled  on  the  Raritan  at  an  early  date.  She  united 
with  the  Reformed  Dutch  Church,  at  New  Brunswick,  N.  J., 
June  28,  1770,  and  we  find  both  connected  therewith  May  i, 
1794"  (Jerseymen  in  the  Revolution,  by  Stryker). 

Res:     New  Brunswick,  N.  J.     Oc:     Merchant  and  Brewer. 
Children,  by  second  wife,  first  three  bp  at  New  Brunswick, 
N.  J.: 

i  Hendrik,  b  Dec.  30,  1766,  bp  Jan.  11,  1767;  sps  Hen- 
drik V.  Deursen  and  Adriaantje  (Staats)  his  wife. 
During  the  Pennsylvania  Insurrection,  Hendrik 
served  from  Sept.  26  to  Dec.  24,  1794,  as  Sergeant 
in   Capt.   Peter   Keenon's   Comp.,    Fourth   Regt., 

110  Van  Deursen"  Family 

Brigadier-Gen.  Joseph  Bloomfield 's  Infantry  Bri- 
gade, New  Jersey  Detached  ^lilitia. 

306  ii       Antie,  b  Mar.  2 1 ,  bp  ^lar.  26,  1 769  ;  sps  Antie  Schuur- 

man;  m  Jan.  5,  1793,  Evert  Bergen, 
iii      Richard,  b  a  1771 ;  res  of  New  Brunswick  in  1793. 

307  iv      Staats,  b  June  I,  bp  June  13,  1773  ;in  a  1794,  Hannah 


V       Jacob,  b  a  1775;  ni  Aug.  4,  1796,  Ann  Van  Sicklen. 

vi     John,  b  a  1777;  was  a  householder  in  New  Bruns- 
wick in  1797. 

308  vii    Thomas,  b  in  17S3;  ni  a  1S05,  Mary  Anderson. 

309  viii    Willia:n.   b   May    iS,    1791;  m    (ist)    Oct.    25,    1S15, 

Eleanor  Hendrickson;   (2d)    Feb.    24,    1S53,   Eliza 

142  MARGARITA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (70)  Hendrik 
(Willems)  Van  Deusen  and  Ariaantje  Staats  of  Albany  and 
Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J.;  b  a  1747;  m  a  1770,  Johanxes  Nicholas 
Bleecker,  son  of  Nicholas  Bleecker  and  Margarita  Rosen- 
boom,  who  were  m  April  10,  1728.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
First  Albany  Co.'MiHtia,  ^Yar  of  the  Revolution  (L.  B.  R.). 

Res:     Albany,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        Margarita    Bleecker,    b   Apr.    30,    bp    May    5,    1776;   sps 

Hendrik  and  Margarita  Bleecker;  m  John  Van  Schaick. 
ii       Hendrik  Bleecker,  b  Feb.  10;  bp  Feb.  15,  1778,  sps  Willem 

and  Catharina  V.  Deusen ;  m  Mary  Storm  and  d  in  his 

30th  year,  leaving  one  daughter. 
iii     Ariaantie  Bleecker,  b  Apr.  i,  bp  Apr.  9,  1780;  sps  Johs. 

M.  V.  Harlingen,  Elisabeth  V.  Deusen;  m  Rev.  John 

B.  Romevn,  D.  D.,  a  Presbvterian  clergyman  of  N.  Y. 

iv      Elisabeth  Bleecker,  b  ]\Iar.  12,  bp  Mar.  21,  17S4;  m  Rev. 

Jacob  Broadhead,  D.  D.,  of  the  Reformed  Church. 
V       Annatie  Bleecker,  b  Apr.  2,  bp  Apr.  9,  1786. 
vi      Nicholas  Bleecker,  b  Jan.  16,  bp  Feb.  3,  178S;  d  y. 
vii     Nicholas  Bleecker.  b  Nov.  12,  bp  Nov.  22,  1789;  m  (ist) 

Catharine  Staats  (2d)  Catharine  Schuyler. 

of  (72)  Abraham  Van  Deusen  and  kachel  Pels;  bp  July  23, 
1740;  m  Feb  20,  1760,  John  Bergex,  son  of  John.  On  the 
18th  of  Jan.,  1771,  he  was  appointed  a  freeman  of  the  East 
Ward,  New  York  City. 

Res:     New  York. 

Fifth  Generation  m 

Children,  bp  at  New  York  • 

^R«cLf''^'n  ^P   J^"-/5'    ^761;   sps   Eliezer  Toreb, 
Kachel  van  Deursen,  j.  d 

Tryntje  Bergen    bp  Aug.   .9,   1762;  sps  Petrus  Ewouts 
Fransyntje  Abrams,  wid.  of  Joris  Berc^en 

ham '''"^'^"'  ^^  ^^'''  ^°'  '^^'^'  ^'^^  ^™  brother,  Abra- 
Abraham  Bergen  (tweelingen,  twins),  bp  Dec    ^o    176^- 
sps    Andries    Abrahams,  Jacomyntje    Bergen,  'z     h 
Robert  Corsenen,  Jannetje  Van  Deursen,  j.  d.         '       "' 

'^^ni!i^Jl"J?.  y-^^^PEUSEN,  dau  of  (;.)  Abraham 

m  (.St)  a  :76s,  Jacob  V.«A7K;B.C(.d'C  '  ^^f 
Gerrit  I.  Laksi.g,  son  of  Johannis'  Lansing"^ and  ilarftje 
mT'e  s^m.       •  '"^^  -idover  of  AHda  Fo1,da,  v^homX 

Res:     Charleston,  ^Montgomery  Co.,  N    Y 
_    Children,  bp  in  Albany,  bv  fi'rst  husband- 
1        Ahda  Van  Aamem,  b  Nov.  12,  bp  Dec.  15,  1782-505  Tohs 
and  EHsabeth  V.  Aamem.  /<5- ,  sps  jons. 

By  second  husband: 

"       ^  V.  De^'usen'  ^  ^""""^  '^'  ^^  ^''^^'  '°'  '^^^'  '^'  ^^"^^^^^ 

IV     Gertrude  Lansing,  b  Apr.  7,  179S;  d  at  Meridian,  N.  Y 
May  8,  1S66,  m  Mar.  15,  1S21,  Isaac  Van  Dorn,  b  at 
Charleston,  ^^- J     Feb^  10,  1795;  d  at  Meridian  Jan. 
4,  1868  ;  son  of  William  Van  Dorn. 

145     JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (72)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Rachel  Pels  of  Albany ;  bp  in  N.' Y.  Sept   2'    x  748 

Tnn?^  "^W'u'^l'l  ^■'^'^^■^^'  dau  of  Abraham  J^eobse 
Lansing  and  Elizabeth  Couper  (Cooper) ;  bp  Sept.  22    17C1 

On  March  3,   17S0,  Jacob  Van  Deusen  was  commissioned 
Ensign    vice  John  Fonda,  promoted,  in  Capt.  Nicholas  Mar- 

M  Hia  cS-'r'^^-r^^'^^^"'  ^^^''''  ^'S'-'  F^^-^t  ^^banv  Co. 
I  pIc-        t       ^^yl^^^^'as  commissioned  same  date,  vice  Jacob 

\SI^  •&{'  "T-'''^  ^''  ^''  5,  17S6,  com.  Lieut,  in  Capt 
^icholas  Bleecker's  Comp.,  also  on  Sept.   28,   17S7    in  came 

deirf  Re'gt"-  '''"'•  "'P'-  '''  '''''  ^^^^^'-  ^^^'  John  N  WeT 
Tafob'^ll^^Kr'^^^i'/ [73.  Jacob  Van  Deusen,  with  Ab. 
Jacob,  Jacob  G.,  and  John  A.  Lansingh,  were  all  members  of 

^^2  Vax  Deursen  Family 

Union  Lodge    Free  and  Accepted  Masons,  Albany.     He  d  at 
Hudson,  i\.  ^  .,  Aug.  lo,  1814.  ^  u  at 

Children,  bp  at  Albany; 

i        ^^^-rytje,  b  Jan/ig,  bp  Jan.  20,  1773;  sps  Anthonv 
Bratt,  Rachel  \  .  Deusen ;  d  y 

n  Mamtie,  b  July  iS,  bp  July  20,  1775 ;  sps  Anthonv 
Bratt,  Rachel  \an  Deusen;  m  James  Lansing-  d 
prior  to  1S4S.  Issue:  James  Lansing;  Eliza  Ann 
Lansing ;  Cornelia  (Lansing)  Rice,  b  at  Fonda  N 
\  April  14  iSoo;  Rachel  (Lansing)  Vedder'; 
-blsie  Maria  (Lansing)  Amerman;  the  three  Ian 
names  taken  from  will  of  their  aunt,  EHzabeth 
van  Deusen. 

iii      Rachel,  twin  of  EHzabeth-  d  y 

iv  Elizabeth,  b  .Tuly  iS,  bp  July  22,  1778;  sps  Stuart 
Deane  Rachel  \  .  Deusen,  Gerrit  Lansing,  EHza- 
beth Lansing;  d  at  Mohawk,  N.  Y.,  unmarried 
Oct.  II.  1852.  Win,  dated  Dec,  1S4S,  was  pro 
teh.  1,  1853.  Among  others  she  names  a  nephew 
Cornelius.  ' 

V  Abraham,  b  Dec.  22,  bp  Dec.  24,  17S0;  sps  Abraham 
Lansing,  Lngeltie  V.  Deusen. 

vi_     Racheltje ;  twin  of  Annetje ,  d  y. 

vn  Annetje  Dean,  b  June  23,  bp  at  Liv.,  July  2  17S4- 
sps   George   Dean,    Cornelia   Staats,   Rachel  Van 

310  viii  Jacob  Lansing,  b  July  17.  bp  July  24,  1785;  sps  John 

biswell,  Anntie  Lansing;  m  Dec.  26,  1808,  Nancy 

Stone  Clark.  ■' 

ix      Rachel    b  June  6,  bp  June  8,   1788;  sps  Catharine 

Wendell;  m LisweH. 

X       Cornelia,  b  Jan.  9,  1791 ;  mentioned  in  will  of  sister 

Lhzabeth,  ' 

^.«\'^w-u-^^\^k'^.^^^^^^^^^^S)^^^^'  deursen,  son  of 
y  I   ^y^l'J''^   (Abrahams)   Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Gil- 

Philips  ""'  '^'  ^^  ^^''''  ^'^-  '^'  '^^^'  ""  Elizabeth 
He  was  largely  engaged  as  a  tallow-chandler  and  soap  boiler 
and  was  also  a.  dealer  in  watches,  music,  and  jewelry  trans- 
acting his  business  in  Bayard  Street,  near  the  Coenties  Market 
(Wew  \ork  City  during  the  American  Reyolution,  p  36) 
Frior  to  1795,  he  removed  to  Newburgh,  for  in  that  year 
he  sold  a  large  tarm  of  about  two  hundred  and  fifty  acres  to 
Alexander  Murry  for   £iSoo.     He  also  owned  land  in  Fish- 

Fifth  Gener.\tion  jj3 

^!:£^f^^i^^t<S:'-^'  °"^"  P--.  -ceding  to 


i        William  A.,  b  Sept.  17,  1777,  bp  at  Tappan    ^pril 

ii_      Catharine,  b  Aug.  16,  bp  at  Tappan  Dec.  in    j.-o 

"      "^  tegh'":™  1:  ^^  ^-  ^^-  J"'^''  ^'''  ''^5'     R^==^  New- 
vi      Abraham  A. 
311  vii    Ma^ria^^ba  1790;  m  Joseph  Hoffman  of  Newburgh, 
yiii   Susan,  residing  in  Queens  Co    N   Y    iSoa 
IX      Samuel  A    _  On   June  9,  1814,   his  'fathir' conveyed 
land  to  him  m  Newburgh  situated  on  Montgomery 

care  and  maintenance  of  parents. 

147  MARIA  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (j8)  WiUem  Van 
Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert  of  New  York;  bp  Feb  Si  7.- 
T.?T.'?  ']^^''  '""A^'-  '''  ^764.  DiRCK  ScSuYiER  son'of 
Reb^.f^^'^-^'  and  Geertruy  Staats  (see  Miscellaneous  and 
Related  families);  bp  Mar.  16,  1740;  Ensign  in  Second  Rpaf 
of  the  Line,  Revolutionary  War.  second  Kegt. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

Jacobus  Schuyler,  b  July  29.  bp  Aug.  r.  1768;  sps  David 

Schuyler,  Catharine  Van  Deusen  ^ 

Catharma  Schuyler,  b  Nov.   20,  bp  Nov.   22,   1770-  sps 
Jobs  Roerbach,  Geertruy  Schuvler  ^^    '  ^ 

^rS^^^SStl;^L;^e^^  J^^^^-  ^775;sps  Abrm. 

fAi'^^  CATHARINA  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (78)  Willem 
(Abrahams)  Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert  of\NewYor? 
LUM  nV  °'^-  ^°'  '748,  m  at  Albany,  April  14,  177T  W a- 
LUM  D.  Groesbeek  of  Alban3^  N.  Y.  //-i,   vvil 


J        David  Groesbeek,  b  Mar.  29.  bp  at  Albany  Apr 
sps  David  and  Sara  Groesbeek  ' 



114  Vax  Deursex  Family 

ii       William  Van  Deusen  Groesbeek,  bp  at  Schenectady,  July 

5,  1774;  sps  Willem  and  Catarina  Van  Deusen. 
iii      Cornelius   Groesbeek,   bp  at   Schen.,   Oct.    22,    1775;  sps 

Cornelius  Groesbeek,  Anneke  Van  Deusen ;  d  v. 
iv      Cornells  Groesbeek,  b  Oct.  20,  bp  at  A.,  Nov.  9,  1777 ;  sps 

Cornells   Groesbeek,   Mary  tie   Schuyler;  m   March   27, 

1806;  d  Apr.  16,  1S65. 
V       Catharina  Van  Deusen  Groesbeek,  b  May  21,  bp  at  A., 

May  30,  1779;  sps  VriUem  and  Cornelia  V.  Deusen. 
vi      Maria  Groesbeek,  b  Feb.  27,  bp  at  A.,  Mar.  11,  17S1;  sps 

Dirk  and  Maria  Schuyler. 
vii    Lucretia  Groesbeek  b  Jan.  14,  bp  at  A.,  Feb.  9,  17S3  ;  sps 

Abraham  and  Lucretia  V.  Deusen. 
viii   David  William  Groesbeek,  b  Sept.  17,  bp  at  A.,  Oct.  31, 

1784;  sps  Willem  and  Cornelia  V.  Deusen;  m  Nov.  18, 

1 8 10,  (313)  Lucy  Gilbert  Van  Deursen. 
ix      Hester  Groesbeek"  bp  at  Red  Hook,  N.  Y.,  July  8,  17S7; 

sps  Mardcn  and  Cornelia  Vosburg. 
X       Abraham  Groesbeek,  bp  at  Red   Hook,   N.  Y.,  Jan.   2, 

1789 ;  sps  parents. 

149  HESTER  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (78)  Willem  (Ab- 
rahamsz)  Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert;  bp  Jan.  6, 
1751;  m  at  Albany,  Nov.  15,  1777,  William  Colebride  (or 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

i  Catharine  Van  Deusen  Colebride,  b  July  8,  bp  July  10, 
1779;  sps  Willem  and  Maria  V.  Deusen. 

ii  Stephen  Colebride,  b  Oct.  19,  bp  Dec.  30,  1781 ;  sps  Aaron 
Aarsen,  Cornelia  V.  Deuzen. 

iii  Hugh  Bennys  Colebride,  b  Nov.  6,  bp  Dec.  7,  1783;  sps 
William  and  x\nn  V.  Deusen. 

iv  William  Colebride,  b  Mar.  9,  1790  (?) ;  sps  William  Groes- 
beek and  Catharine  V.  Deusen. 

150  WILLEM  VAN  DEURSEN,  second  son  of  (78)  Wil- 
lem (Abrahams)  Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert;  bp 
July  12,  1752,  at  New  York  City;  m  September  30,  17 78, 
Martha  Newton  Whittelsey,  b  Sept.  i,  1756;  dau  of 
Chauncey  Whittelsey  and  Martha  Newton,  his  second  wife 
(see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families).  She  was  married 
by  her  father,  who  was  then  pastor  of  the  First  Church  in  New 
Haven,  Conn. 

Captain  William  Van  Deursen  was  for  a  number  of  years 
in  command  of  vessels  bound  for  foreign  ports.     January  i, 

Fifth  Gexeratiox  115 

17S1,  he  was  commissioned  Captain  of  a  State  Company  of 
artillery,  appointed  for  coast  duty  in  Connecticut;  which 
position  he  resigned  August  i,  following.  October  2,  1781, 
he  was  commissioned  commander  of  the  brigantine  "Middle- 
town"  of  200  tons  burden,  the  property  of  Chauncey  Whittle- 
sey &  Company,  carrying  14  carriage  guns  and  a  crew  of  30 
men.  By  this  commission  he  was  authorized  to  seize  the 
ships  and  property  of  the  subjects  of  Great  Britain.  The 
commission  was  signed  by  "Thos.  M.  Kean  President  of  the 
United  States  of  America  in  Congress  assembled,"  and  count- 
ersigned by  "Chas.  Thomson,  Secy"  and  is  a  valued  heirloom 
among  the  family  papers.  On  the  back  of  the  commission 
is  an  endorsement  by  Jonathan  Trumbull,  Governor  of  Con- 
necticut, of  the  same  date  as  the  commission,  which  gives 
Captain  Van  Deursen's  personal  description:  "28  years  of 
age ;  5  feet  g  inches  high ;  blue  eyes ;  light  long  hair ;  light  com- 
plexion and  slender  set." 

January  24,  181 5,  he  v.-as  commissioned  as  Surveyor  and 
Inspector  of  the  Port  of  Middletown  (U.  S.  Customs),  and 
seems  to  have  held  these  positions  until  death,  which  occuiTcd 
after  a  few  hour 's  illness.  For  a  short  time  after  his  marriage 
he  resided  in  New  Haven. 

In  1 7  86  he  purchased  property  in  Middletown  on  which  he 
built  a  house  and  made  it  his  permanent  residence.  A  portion 
of  this  property  is  still  (19 10)  in  the  possession  of  the  family. 
He  was  the  recipient  of  an  autographic  letter  of  congratula- 
tion from  General  Washington  which  is  now  (1909)  in  the 
possession  of  his  granddaughter,  Margaret  Van  Deusen,  of 
Middletown,  Conn.  He  died  Dec.  4,  1824,  his  wife  surviving 
him  many  years.  She  was  a  Revolutionar}^  pensioner  (Ctf. 
No.  22,480)  until  her  death,  Dec.  18,  1839. 

Res:     New  Haven  and  Middletown,  Conn.     Oc:     Planner. 


i        A  daughter,  twin,  b  Apr.  16,  d  Apr.  17,  1779. 
ii       A  daughter,  twin,  b  Apr.  16,  d  Apr.  18,  1779. 
iii      Chauncey  Whittelsey,  bp  July  9,   1780;  d  May  13, 
1801.  at  Demerara. 
312  iv     "William,  b  in  New  Haven,  bp  Feb.  2,  17S3;  m  Nov. 
28,  1830,  Mar>'  Cranston. 

^151  CORNELIA  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (78)  Willem 
(Abrahams)  Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert;  bp  in  N.  Y,, 
Aug.  28,  1754;  m  Jan.  12,  1785,  Isa.\c  Nicholls,  b  1748;  d 
1S35;  prob  identical  with  Lt.  Isaac  Nichols  of  the  Line,  Col. 
James  Livingston's  Battalion. 

116  Van  Deursen  Family 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 

i  Robert  Humphry  Nicholls,  bp  Mar.  r6.  1786;  sps  Peter 
and  Sarah  Van  Deursen;  d  v. 

ii  Cornelia  Nicholls,  b  Oct.  5,  bp  Oct.  21,  17S7;  sps  Peter 
and  Sarah  Van  Deursen. 

iii  Catherine  Nicholls,  b  Oct.  2,  bp  Dec.  13,  17S9;  sps  Isaac 
Van  Deursen,  Catherine  Johnson. 

iv  Robert  Humphry  Nicholls,  b  Sept.  9,  bp  Nov.  20,  1791; 
sps  Isaac  Van  Deursen,  Rachel  Low. 

V  Lewis  Nicholls,  b  Jan.  13,  bp  Apr.  13,  1794;  sps  John 
Harrington,  Catherine  Van  Deursen;  d  1S59;  m  Jane 
Ann  Little,  b  iSio;  d  1S90.  Issue:  George  Liv- 
ingston Nicholls,  b  1830;  d  1892;  m  Christina  !«Iaria 
Cole;  biS52;  diSSs;  they  had  son,  Acosta  Nicholls, 
b  June  19,  1S72. 

152  PIETER  VAN  DEURSEN  son  of  (78)  Willem  Van 
Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert  of  New  York  City;  bp  there 
July  4,  1762  ;  d  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  April  11,  1S09 ;  m  at  Middle- 
town,  Conn.,  June  6,  17S6,  Lydia  Brewster,  dau  of  Capt. 
Elisha  and  Lucy  (Yeomans)  Brewster  of  Middletown,  Conn. 
(See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families) ;  b  at  Middletown. 
Sept.  12,  1762  ;d  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  April  26,  1S32.  He  served 
during  the  Rev.  War  in  the  Seventh  Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia, 
under  Col.  Abraham  J.  Van  Alstyne. 

Res:     In  1790,  Third  V.^ard,  Albany,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Lav,yer. 


313  i        Lucy  Gilbert,  b  Feb.  24,  bp  at  N.Y.,  Mar.  4,  1787; 

sps  William  Van  Deursen,  Sarah  Van  Deursen;  m 
Nov.  18,  1810,  David  AV.  Groesbeek,  son  of  (14S) 
Catherine  Van  Deursen  and  William  D.  Groesbeek. 
ii  Sidney  Lewis,  bp  at  Albany,  Feb.  4,  1793 ;  sps  Philip 
and  Catherine  Waggens. 

314  iii      Abraham  Samuel  Whittlese}-,  b  Sept.  12,  1795;    bp 

at  A.  Feb.  6,  1797;  sps  William  and  Catharina 
Groesbeek  ;  m  (ist) ;  (2d)  Ann  Alex- 

315  iv      Sarali    Ann,    b  April    3,    179S;    m   July    11,    1S13, 

Andrew  Benedict  Cooke. 

316  V       Isaac  Gilbert,  bp  at  A.,  Jan.  2,  1801 ;  sps  parents;  ni 

Ann  Eliza  Allen. 

vi      Catharine,  b  a  1S03 ;  m  (ist) Mc  Donald; 

(2d) Rice. 

317  vii    Peter,  b  Dec.  3,  1805;  bp  at  A.,  Apr.  9,  1809;  sps  pa- 

rents; m  in  1830,  Lucy  Baldwin. 

Fifth  Gexeratiox  117 

153  SARA  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (78)  WiUem  (Abra- 
!;am3)  Van  Deursen  and  Catharina  Gilbert  of  New  York,  N. 
v.;  b  May  3,  1763;  bp  May  6,  1764;  m  Dec.  10,  178S,  Samuel 
Whittelsey  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families);  b 
Feb.  10,  1763;  d  March  7,  1S38.  He  was  a  graduate  of  Yale 
College  in  1779,  and  v/as  a  Lav.yer  and  Justice  in  New  Haven, 
Conn.  From  Connecticut  they  removed  to  New  Jersev,  and 
t'nen  to  Watertown,  N.  Y.,  where  she  died  in  April,  181 4'.  Mr. 
Wliittelsey  then  moved  to  the  West,  residing  at  one  time  at 
Carlisle,  Ind.,  and  later  at  Vincennes,  Ind.,  where  he  died, 
March  7,  1838.     (See  Tremain  Gen.,  Vol.  2,  p.  1778). 

i        Catherine  Van  Deursen  Whittelsey,  b  Sept.  9,  1790,  at 

Tolland,  Conn. ;  d  unm  at  Carlisle,  Ind.,  Julv  6,  1S70. 
ii^    William  Chancey  Whittelsey,  b  Dec.  6,  i792;'m  Nov.  20, 

1822,  Ann  Elizabeth  Rapine.     He  was  a  Surgeon  in 

the  U.  S.  Navy,  and  served  in  the  war  with  Algiers; 

d  Aug.    16,    1S24.     Issue:     William   Chauncey   Whit- 
telsey, b  Aug.  28,  1823. 
iii      Samuel  Gilbert  Whittelsey,  b  in  1794;  d  in  1795. 
iv     Samuel  Gilbert  Whittelsey,  b  Dec,  1796  ;  d  June,  iSio. 
V      Isaac  Newton  Whittelsey,  b  July  16,  1798;  m  Elizabeth 

Van  Buntin. 
vi     Eliza  Leflerts  Whittelsey,  b  Apr.  16,    1800;  m    Dec.    6, 

1825,  Dr.  James  K.  O 'Haver;  b  Dec.  19,  1796.     Res: 

Carhsle,  Ind. 
vii    Charles  Egbert  Whittelsey,  b  Mar.  24,  1802;  physician, 

and  soldier  in  the  Crimean  War;  d  Sept.  4,   1824   (? 

probably  1S64). 

154  ISAAC  WILLIAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (78)  Wil- 
lem  ^(Abrahams)  Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Gilbert;  bp  in 
-.  Y.  March  23,  1766;  ni  a  1788,  Catherine  Johnson, 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 
i       Catherine,  b  Jan.  3,  bp  Feb.  5,  1792. 
11       William  Johnson,  b  Oct.  2,  bp  Oct.  22,  1793;  sps  John 

Harrington,  Eliza  Van  Deusen. 
i!i     Thomas,  b  Jan.  13,  bp  Feb.  14,  1796;  sps  Joshua  Minost, 

Ehzabeth  Van  Deursen. 

155  HARPERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (82)  Melchert 
(Harperts)  Van  Deusen  and  Necltje  Ouackenbosh  of  the  town 
^<  Caughnav.'aga,  Montgomery  Co..  N^  Y.;  b  in  Albanv  and  bp 
^J^ere  Jan.  12,  1746;  m  (ist)  in  Albany  Julv  5,  1770,  Geertte 
^>itbeck;   (2d)    at   Stone   Arabia,    Oct.    11,    1795,    Rebecca 

^^^  Van  Deursen  Family 

Brewer;  b  in  1762^    He  served  in  Capt.  Abraham  Veede'-v- 
to.,  Col.  Frederick  Fisher's  Third  Reaiment,  Trvon  Co    ^r^•• 

tia.     His  willwas  probated  Jan.  5,  I S2S  '  

Res:     Johnstown,  X.  Y. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Annatie,  b  Aug.  7;  bp  in  Albany,  Aug.  17,  178V  sns 
Harpert  and  Marytie  Witbeck. 
By  second  wife: 

31S  ii_      Hai-pert,  b  in  1796;  m  a  1820,  Rachel 

in      Gitty  or  Gertrude,  b  June  2,  1800;  m  Aucr    16"  VsVo 
(351)  Peter  G.  Van  Deusen.  ^        -       -   - 

IV  Nancy,  b  a  1S05;  m  Nov.  8,  1S30,  John  Vannatten 

both  of  Johnstown. 

V  Margaret,  b  a  180S. 

\^Ur^^^'''  "^^^  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (82)  Melchert  (Har- 
perts)  \  an  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Caughnawa-a, 
Montgomerv  Co  X .  Y. ;  bp  at  Albany  Feb.  4.1750;  m  at  Stone 
Arabia,  i\    \ .,  Sept.  16,  1770,  Abraham  C.  Van  Alstyxe. 

Res:     Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y. 
^    CHiLDREN,bpatFonda,' (Cauo:hnawaga  Church)  N   Y- 
1        Cornells  Van  Alstyne,  b  May  14,  bp  May  31,   1772-^0^ 

Cornells  and  Neeltje  Van  Alstyne  '  "    '    1 

n       Neeltje  Van  Alstyne,   b  Jan.   7,  bp   Feb.   20,   1774;  sp; 

jMelchert  and  Neeltje  Van  Deusen. 
Ill      Catrina  Van  Alstyne,  b  Dec.  16,  1775,  bp  Jan    22    1776- 

sps  Comelis  and  Jannitje  Van  Aalstyn. 

157  ANNA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (82)  Melchert  (Har- 
perts)  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Caughnawaga, 
Montgomeiy  County,  N.  Y. ;  bp  at  Stone  Arabia  Aug  ^  i  1 7  :;o  ■ 
m  there  a  1775,  John  C.^DUGAX.  &   o   ,    /. 

Res:     Montgomery  County,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.: 
i        Barend  Cadugan,  b  June  21,  bp  July  9,  1775;  sps  David 

and  Catrina  Quack.  r-  j     .    ^      //^>    f 

ii       Abram  Cadugan,  b  June  19,  bp  July  14,  1778;  sps  Abram 

and  Rebecka  Van  Deusen. 
iii     John  Cadugan,  b  Nov.  28,  bp  Dec.  17,  1780;  sps  Barnev 
Cadugan  and  Catrina  Quack. 

158  REBECCA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (82)  Melchert 
(Harperts)  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh;  b  a  17^2; 
"^^^^  ^h  '''9,  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.,  Samuel  A.  G.^rdenier: 

Res:     Montgomerv  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Fifth  Geneilatiox  II9 

^'"  H?.!' P  ''/'  -^"V  ^tP  ""^  ^''''^^^'  ^"^  3  at  Schenectady: 
..dam  Gardemer,  bp  Jan.  20,  1780;  sps  Adam  and  Catrina 

Neeltje  Winne  Gardenier.  b  Nov.  12,  bp  Dec.  25,  1781- 

sps  John  and  ^eeltie  Plank  :>'     /      . 

Melchior  Gardenier,  b_Aug.   17,  bp  Sept.   14,   1785;  sps 

Melchior  and  Enc^eltie  Van  Deusen.  ^'      ^    ^'     ^ 

Jannetje  Gardenier,  b  Oct.  9,  17S7. 

159  ABR^^HAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (82)  Melchert 
(Harperts)  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Caugh- 
^^^^'  ^■}V'^'P  "^  Schenectady  Feb.  6.  1759 ;  m  Nov.,  179,^ 
Elizabeth  Ostraxder.  >    /v^- 

Childrex,  bp  at  Schenectady: 
i        Catharine    bp   Dee.    „^    /^^g.  .p^   Hendrik  Oostrander 

and  wife  Elizabeth. 
n       Elizabeth,  bp  Oct.  31,  1798. 
iii     Thomas,  b  Apr.  5,  1S02. 

160  f  NGELGEN  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (82)  Melchert 
(iiarperts)  \an  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Cau^h- 
najaga  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  June  7,  1760;  bp  at  Stone 
.-.rabia  Mar  71 761 ;  m  a  17S2  Thomas  Morrell.  who  was  a 
mercnant  of  Albany  and  Schenectady.  In  1794  he  owned  a 
lot  m  Albany  lymg  on  the  north  side  of  State  Street,  west  from 
jNlaiden  Lane.  During  the  Revolution  he  was  a  member  of 
the  Second  Regiment,  Albany  County  Militia 

i        Tammes  Morrell,  bp  at  Schen.  Mar.  20,  1783;  sps  Dirck 

and  Sara  Tilman. 
u      Abram  Morrell,  b  Jan.  24,  bp  at  Fonda  Mar.  4,  1786;  sps 

Abram  and  Polly  Van  Deusen 
m     John  Morrell,  b  Jan.  24,  bp  at  Schen.  Feb.  24,  17SS;  sps 

John  Morell,  Mary  Swords.  -.      /      ,    f 

IV     Neeltje  Morrell,  b  Dec.  i,  17S9;  bp  at  Schen.  Jan.  24,  1790- 

sps  Harpert  and  Neeltje  Van  Deusen 
\_     A  child,  bp  at  Schen.  Mar.  17,  1793 
yii    Esther  Morrell,  b  Aug.  23,  1795;  bp  at  Schen.  Feb.  21, 

1790;  sps  Tnomas  Morrell,  Jr.,  Esther  Tilghman. 

(ull    V^^^^^^rF'  ""^^^  DEUSEN,   dau  of  (82)   Melchert 
(^Harperts)  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Caugh- 
nawaga,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  Jan.  16,  bp  at  Stone  Arabia 
Jan.  30,  1763 ;  m  a  17S0,  Martixus  E.  Vax  Alstixe 
■tv-es:     Montgomery  County,  N.  Y. 

120  Van  Deursen   Family 

Children,  bp  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.: 
i        Maria  Van  Alstine,  b  Feb.  20.  bp  Mar.  7,  1782  ;  sps  Abram 

and  Maria  Van  Deusen. 
ii       Cornelia  Van  Alstine,  b  June  3,   bp   Sept.   4,   1792;  sps 

John  Van  Evere  and  Jannitje,  his  wife. 
iii     Abraham  Van  Alstine,  b  Jan.  2,  1796;  sps  James  Plato, 

Annitje  Van  Deusen. 
iv      Rachel  Van  Alstine,   b  Apr.    23,    1798;  sps  Adain  and 

Neeltje  Gardenier. 

162  HELJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (82)  Melchert  (Har- 
perts)  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Caughnawaga, 
Montgomery  County,  N.  Y. ;  b  Nov.  4,  bp  at  vStone  Arabia, 
N.  Y.,  Dec.  14,  1766;  m  a  1790.  Jochem  Kittle. 

Res:     Montgomery  County,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.: 
i        Malicart  Kittle,  b  May  26,  1791;  sps  Samuel  Gardenier 

and  Rcbecka,  his  wife. 
ii       Sarah  Kittle,  b  ]Mar.  17,  1793 ;  sps  Daniel  Vrooman,  Maria 

163  MARYTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (82)  Melchert 
(Harperts)  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Quackenbosh  of  Caugh- 
nawaga, N.  Y.,  b  a  1770;  m  a  1790,  Abraham  Vroomax. 
He  died  in  1S02. 

Res:     IMontgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.  ,       ' 

Children,  bp  at  Fonda: 
i        Johanis  Vrooman,  b  Sept.  24,  bp  Dec.  4,  1791 ;  sps  James 

Plato  and  his  wife. 
ii       Neeltje  Vrooman,  b  Mar.  4,  bp  ISIar.  10,  1793;  sps  George 

Rian,  Catrina  Read. 
iii      Daniel  Vrooman,  bp  Jan.  19.  1795;  sps  Daniel  Vrooman, 

Jannitje  Van  Dewerken. 
iv      Melchert  Vrooman,  b  Jan.  3,  1797  ;  sps  James  Plato,  Jun., 

Catrina  Van  de  Werke. 
V       Abraham  Vrooman,  b  Jan.  6,  1798  ;  sps  Samuel  Gardenier, 

Rebecka  Van  Deursen;  d  y. 
vi     Jacob  Vrooman,  b  Jan.  5,  1801 ;  sps  Jacob  Vrooman,  Dirk 

vii    Abraham  Vrooman,  b  Oct.  16,  1802  ;  sps  AbrmV.d.  Werk, 

Lenah  Gardenier. 

164  JOHANNES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (S3)  Hartman 
Van  Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dyckman;  b  May  16,  1740;  m  a 
1765  Lydia  Schley.     He  served  under  command  of  Ensign 

Fifth  Generation  121 

John  M.  Veeders  and  Gerret  Banker  in  the  colony  of  Rens- 
selaerwick  in  1767,  and  in  Col.  John  Blair's  i6th  Albany  Co. 
Mil.  during  Rev.  War  (B.  L.  R.).  He  died  at  Queensbury 
June  8,  1S24. 

Res:     Queensbury,  Warren  Co.,  X.  Y.,  1787  to  1824. 
Children,  2  to  6  bp  at  Schaghticoke: 

i        Catherine,  b  Dec.    12,   1771;  unmarried;  was  living 

in  1850  v.-ith  her  brother  Abraham. 
ii       Dorcas,  b   ]ulv  4,   1773;  sps  William  and  Catriena 

319  iii      John,  b  Feb.  8,  bp  Feb.  26,  1775;  m  a  iSoo  Sarah 

iv      Margaret,  b  Dec.  7,  1776;  m  David  Burham. 

320  V       Hartman,  b  Nov.  30,  1778 ;m  July  16,  1S05,  at  Clilton 

Lake,  N.  Y.,"  Susan  Knowlton. 

321  vi      Henry,  b  Mar.  23,  17S1 ;  m  a  1803  Eliza  Walkup. 
vii    Elizabeth,  b  Apr.  24,  1783 ;  m  Isaac  Lyons. 

viii   Jane,  b  July  30,  1785  ;  m  Daniel  Hull. 

322  ix     Abraham,  b  Oct.  29,  1787;  m  Mar.  20,  1814,  Martha 


323  X       Robert, 'b  Jan.  24,  1790;  m  (ist)  May  18,  1816,  Abi- 

gail Cross,  who  d  Jan.  i,  1840;  (2d)  Aug.  30,  1840, 
Irinda  Dayton. 

324  xi      James,  b  May  12,  1792  ;m  a  1820,  Sarah  Hill. 

325  xii     David,  b  Aug.  3,  1796;  m  June  15,  1818,  Mar>'  Ann 


165  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (83)  Hartman 
Van  Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dyckman  of  Schaghticoke;  bp 
at  Livingston  May  19,  1742  ;m'a  1762,  Annatje  McMillen. 
Served  in  Capt.  Frederick  Gettman's  Co.,  Col.  Peter  Bal- 
linger's  Fourth  Regt.  Albany  Co.  Mil.  (L.  B.  R.). 

Res:     Albany  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Schaghticoke: 
i        Catharina,  b  Nov.  "27,   1764;  sps  Wouter  N.  and  Alida 

ii       Alida,  bp  July  8,  1766;  sps  Jacob  and  Maritje  Fort. 
iii      Hartman,  bp' Apr.  10,  1769;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deusen 
and  Jannetje  Van  Deusen. 

166  DEBOR.\  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (S3)  Hartman  Van 
Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dyckman;  b  a  1744;  m  at  Albany  June 
^5.  1763,  Jonathan  Marl  (Morrel?). 

Res:     Albany  Co.,  N.  Y. 

122  Van  Deursex  Family 

Children,  bp  at  Schaghticoke: 
i        Daniel  Marl,  b  Mar.   29,  1764;  sps  Hamien  and  Jiidike 

ii       Margaretha  Marl,  b  Apr.  8,  1766;  sps  Hannes  (Johannes) 

and  Catharine  Vn  Deusen. 
iii      Hartman  Marl,  b  Dec.  29,  1769;  sps  Pieter  Winne,  Catha- 

rina  Vanden  Berg. 
iv      Jacob   Marl,    b    IMay    8,    1771;   sps   Johs.    and   Jannetje 


V  Alida  Marl,  b  July   25,   1773;  sps  Daniel  Marrel,  Alida 

vi      Elisabeth    Marl,    b    Nov.    15,    1775;   sps    Hartman   Van 

Deusen,  Grietje  Dykman. 
vii     Daniel  Marl,  b  July  20,  177S;  sps  Harmen  Quackenbo;, 

Lydia  Moral. 

167  CATHARINA  VAX  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (83)  Hartman 
Van  Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dyckman;  bp  at  Germantown, 
Aug.  17,  1746;  m  a  1768,  James  Gaffik. 

Res:     Schaghticoke. 
Children,  bp  at  Schaghticoke: 
i        Mary  Gaffin,  b  May  3,  1773;  sps  Hartman  Van  Deusen, 

Margareth  Dykman. 
ii       Johannes  Gaffin,  b  Apr.   18,   1775;  sps  Joseph  Blommes, 

HilHtje  Van  Deusen. 
iii      Abraham  Gaffin,  b  Feb.  7,  1779;  sps  Abm  Van  Deuzen, 

Nellie  Van  Bomel. 
iv      Margareth  Gaffin,  b  Dec.  27,  1780. 

V  Johanna  Gaffin,  b  Dec.  28,  1782. 

168  JANNETJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (83) 
Van  Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dyckman;  bp  at  Athens,  N.  ^ .. 
May  29,  174S;  m  a  1768,  Abraham  Dutcher,  b  Oct.  27,  1745: 
bp  at  Athens ;  son  of  Henricus  Dutcher,  the  son  of  Dirck  ae 
Duytcher  and  Jannetje  Bondt. 

Res:     Schaghticoke,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Schaghticoke: 
i        Jacobus  Dutcher,  bp  Mar.  26,  1 7  70 ;  sps  Harmen  Van  Deu- 
sen, Marget  Dyke, 
ii       Margrieta  Dutcher,  bp  Dec.  12,  1774;  sps  Jonathan  Mor- 

rel,  Debora  Van  Deusen. 
iii      Matheus  Dutcher,  b  Nov.  20,  1779. 
iv      Hartman  Dutcher,  b  July  i,  17S1. 

V  Barbara  Dutcher,  b  May  23,  17 S3. 

Fifth  Gexeratiox  123 

169     JACOBUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (S3)  Hartman  and 
Margncta  Dyckman;  bp  at  Livingston,   Oct.    15     i-co-  m  a 
1772,  AxxATjEN  Simon.     Jacob  was  enrolled  in  Col.  Robert 
\an  Rensselaer  s  rcgt.,  the  Eighth,  Albanv  Countv  Militia 
dunng  Rev.  War. 

Res:     Columbia  County,  N.  Y.  (Census  of  1790  and  1800) 
Children-;  '' 

i  Gertjen  bp  at  Clav.  Jan.  24,  1775;  sps  Abrah  V.  Deusen 
and  bertjen,  his  wife. 

ii  Anna  Margrieta,  bp  at  Hillsdale,  Julv  2,  1776 ;  sps  Michael 
Hess,  Geertje  Wyse;  m  a  1795,  David  Simon.  Issue- 
John  Simon;  bp  at  Hillsdale,  Sept.  23,  179S;  sps  Wendel 
Laux,  Magdalena  Simon. 

iii     Jacob,  bp  at  Churchtown,  Mar.  1 1,  1778  ;  sps  Jacob  Simon 
Margaret  Keller. 

iv  Janitge,  bp  at  Churchtown,  Aug.  15,  17S1;  sps  Jacob 
Hortich,  Lenna  V.  Huse. 

V  Johannes,  bp  at  Hillsdale,  May  19,  178S;  sps  Frederick 

Hilhgas,  Maria  Hilliga. 
vi     A  daughter.       ^  ^ 

'^°  ?^?^^  ^'^^^'  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (S3)  Hartman  Van  Deu- 
SoM^'        ^^'''■^"'^^■^  Dyckman;  b  a  1752;  m  a  1772,  Joseph 

,    Children,  i  to  5  bp  at  Schaghticoke,  6  to  S  at  Schoharie- 
1        Johanna  Sommes.  b  June  18,  1774;  sps  Hannan  Tavler 

Hilletje  Van  Deusen. 
n       Maragrietha  Sommes ,  b  July  31,1776. 

III  Johannis  Sommes,  b  Nov.,  17 78. 

IV  Sarah  Sommes,  b  Oct.  23,  1780. 

v_     Annaka  Sommes,  b  June  '11,  1783. 

VI  Hartman  Sommes,  b  July  30,  17S4;  sps  George  Schneider. 

Maria  Eker. 
vii_   Maria  Sommes.  twin  of  Debora. 
viii   Debora  Sommes,  b  Oct.  18,  bp  Dec.  24,  1786;  sps  George 

Snyder.   Maria  Ecker,  Jonathan  Morrel,   Debora  Van 


171  HELLETJE  (HILDA)  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (8.) 
•fiartrnan  Van  Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dvckman;  b  a  17,-4-  m 
'^  1774,  Charles  Henny.  ' 

.    Children,  bp  at  Schaghticoke: 
?.       Charlotta  Henny,  b  Apr.  12,  1779. 
'1       Hartman  Hennv,  b  Nov.  12.'  1781 

124  Van  Deursen  Family 

iii      Debora  Henny,  b  Feb.  25,  1784. 
iv      Maria  Henny,  b  Mar.  20,  1787. 

172  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN.  son  of  (84)  Henrick 
Van  Deusen  and  Catharine  Hartmanse  Vreeland  of  Salisbury 
and  Weatogue,  Conn.,  and  later  of  Middlebury,  Addison  Co!, 
Vermont;  b  Sept.  28,  1742,  in  Litchfield  Co.,  Conn. ;d  July  17, 
1795,  in  Vermont;  m  a  1763,  Sar.\h  Chipman;  dan  of  John 
Chipman,  Jr.,  of  Lime  Rock,  Conn. 

He  served  one  hundred  and  twenty-five  days  during  the 
Rev.  War  in  Capt.  Parmelee's  Co.  of  Vermont,  and  was  paid 
£4-14-8  for  his  services.    (A^ermont  Revolutionary  War  Rolls.) 

Res:     Middlebury,  Addison  Co.,  Vt.     Oc:     Farmer. 


326  i        John,  b  Nov.  8,  1765  ;  m  Nov.  4,  1789,  Rachel  Belden. 

327  ii       Martin,  b  May,  1768;  m  Mar.  11,  1795,  Diadema  Cal- 


328  iii      Harry,  b  in  1773;  m  Oct.  12,  1794,  Lorain  Peck, 
iv      Samuel,  b  a  1777. 

329  V       Abraham,  b  July   21,    1783  ;m   (ist)   Feb.   5,    1S09, 

Mercy  Averest,   (2d)  May  4,  181 5,  Louise  Tewks- 

330  vi      Isaac,  b  a  1786;  m  in  1S12,  Matilda  Callender,  niece 

of  Diadema. 

172  a  LAURENCE  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (84)  Hendrick 
Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Hartmanse  Vreeland  of  Salisbun,', 
Conn.;  b  a  1745;  m  Content  Williams  of  Barrington,  Mass. 

Child,  only  one  of  whom  there  is  record: 
330a  i      Henry,  b  a  1780;  m  a  1800,  Sally  Stoddard. 




173  CHRISTYXTJE  VAX  DEUSEX,  dau  of  (85)  Robert 
(J.)  Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Van  Alen ;  bp  at  Claverack  May 
19,  1751;  m  April  iS,  1780,  at  Kinderhook  (with  certificate 
from  Claverack)  John  Boyd,  who  served  in  Seventh  Albany 
Co.  Militia,  Rev.  War  (L.  B.  R.). 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook  and  Albany: 
i       Robert  Boyd,  bp  at  Kin.  Sept.  17,  17S3 ;  sps  Robert  Van 

Deusen  and  Catharina  Van  Alen. 
ii      William  Augustus  Boyd,  bp  at  Kin.  Jan.   i,   17S6;  sps 

iii     John    Boyd,   bp   at    Kin.    Sept.    23,    1787;   sps   Thomas 

Andrew  Hoog  and  Maria  Van  Deusen,  j.  d. 
iv     James  Boyd,  b  July  7,  bp  at  Albany,  July  18,  1790;  sps 


174  PIETER  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (85)  Robert  (J)  Van 
Deusen  and  Catharina  Van  Alen  of  Kinderhook;  bp  at  Albany, 
May  20,  1753;  m  at  Kin.  Oct.  S,  1783,  Eliz.\beth  Brownlee.' 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook: 
i       William,  bp  Sept.  12,  1784;  sps  Louwrens  van  Deusen, 

Christina  Barheit,  his  w^ife. 
ii      Robert,  bp  Xov.  12,  17S6;  sps  Steven  Van  Deusen,  Maria 

van  Deusen,  j.  d.  - 

iii     Johannes,  bp  Xov.   22,   1789;  sps  Styntje  Boyd,  Lucas 

iv     Samuel,  bp  Mar.  4,  1792;  sps  parents;  d.  y. 
v_      William  Brownlee,  bp  June  14,  1795. 
vi     Gitty,  b  July  24,  bp  Xov.  6,  1796. 
vii    Samuel,  b  Apr.  7,  1799,  bp  Mar.  12,  1800;  m  in  1821,  Anna 

Issue:     Catharine,  b   Sept.   6,    1822;  bp  at 

Churchtown,  Feb.  2,  1823. 
viii  Catharine,  b  July  10,  1802  ;"bp  July  27,  1803. 

175  JOHX  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (85)  Robert  Q.)  Van 
JJeusen  and  Catharina  Van  Alen  of  Claverack;  bp  at  Kinder- 
^•ook,  Aug.  12,  1759;  mat  Livingston,  Jan.  15,  1788,  Chris- 
■fl^■A^ Spoor.  Served  in  Capt.  John  Osterhout  's  Co.,  Col.  Rob- 
<:jt  Van  Rensselaer's  8th  Regt.,  Albany  County  Militia,  during 
tne  Rev.  War.     In  1807  he  was  Adjutant  of  a  regiment  pre- 


128  Van  Deursex   Family 

viously  commanded  by  Samuel  Ten  Broeck.  Resided  at 
Hillsdale,  where  he  d  (Dct.  i6,  1841  (See  will,  prob.  Jan  6 


331  i        Isaac,  b  June  14,  bp  at  Copake,  July  iS,  1790;  sps 

John  Wagner  and  Margaret  Miller;  m  Aug.   i^, 
1810,  Eva  (Schertz)  Shead. 
ii       Stephen,  b  May  5,  bp  at  Copake,  July  S,  1792;  d.  v. 

332  iii      Robert  Spoor,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Mav  28,   1794;  ma 

1819,  Betsey  H 

iv  Sarah,  b  March  26,  bp  at  Copake  May  23,  1796;  sps 
Johannes  Van  Deusen  and  Sarah  Eliot;  m  Hiram 
Indson;  res  at  Cato,  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1S42. 

V       Stephen,  bp  at  Hillsdale  May  12,  179S;  d  y. 

333  vi     Lewis,  b  a  1800;  m  l\Iary  Louise 

vii     Martin,  b  a  1800 ;  m  a  1S30  Mary ; 

b  181 2;  res  in  1850  at  Brutus,  Cayuga  Co.,  N,  Y. ; 
DC,  farmer.  Issue:  Delia,  b  1837;  George,  b 

176  MARYTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (85)  Robert  (J) 
Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Van  Alen  of  Kinderhook;  bp  at 
Kinderhook  April  22,  1770;  d  Mar.  18,  1813;  bur  at  Valatie, 
N.  Y, ;  m  a  1789,  John  A.  Van  Buren,  who  d  Mar.  31,  1808. 
He  was  an  Ensign  in  the  Seventh  Regt.,  Albany  County 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook,  sps  "Ouders"  (parents): 
i        Abraham  Van  Buren,  bp  Mar.  25,  1791. 
ii       Catrina  Van  Buren,  bp  June  27,  1792.         '^ 
iii      Robert  Van  Buren,  bp  June  4,  1794.  ' 

iv      Maria  Van  Buren,  b  Oct.  30,  bp  Dec.  6,  1795. 
V       John  Van  Buren,  b  July  16,  bp  Aug.  19,  17 98. 
vi      Eva  Christina  Van  Buren,  b  May  23,  bp  June  28,  iSoi. 
vii    Elizabeth  Van  Buren,  b  Apr.  7,  bp  July  24,  1803. 
viii  WiUiam  Van  Buren,  bp  Apr.  29,  1805. 
ix      Peter  Van  Buren,  bp  Feb.  20,  1807. 

177  JOHANNES  CTOHN)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (90) 
Johannes  Van  Deusen  and  EHzabeth  Huyck  of  Pittstown, 
Renss.  Co..  N.  Y. ;  b  there  Jan.  17,  bp  at  Kinderhook  Feb.  3, 
1782;  d  Oct.  18,  1863;  m  (ist)  a  1810,  Elizabeth  Welling, 
who  d  in  1832;  (2d)  Electa  Bostwick. 

He  served  during  the  War  of  181 2  as  Ensign,  Capt.  Storm's 
Company,  Col.  William  Knickerbocker's  Regt.,  New  York 

Sixth  Generation  129 

Res:     Arcadia,    now    Newark,    "Wayne    Co.,    N.    Y.     Oc: 

Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

334  i        Catharine,  b  in  1S14;  m  in  1835,  Andrew  Van  Valk- 


ii  John,  b  in  1815;  m  Sarah  Lown:  res  at  St.  Clair  Co., 
Mich.;  and  d  at  Newark,  N.  Y.;  wife  d  at  Dexter, 
Mich.  Issue:  Polly;  Philip;  Julia  Etta;  Char- 
lotte; John;  and  others. 

iii  Isaac,  b  in  1817;  m  (1st)  in  183S,  Catharine  Van 
Valkenburg,  by  whom  he  had  son,  Alonzo,  b  1843; 
d  June  14,  1858;  (2d)  Jane  Van  Valkenburg,  by 
whom  he  had  son,  John;  d  at  age  of  two  years; 
(3d)  Mariaby  Sanford,  by  whom  he  had  one  son, 
Merritt.  His  first  two  wives  were  sisters  of  An- 
drew Van  Valkenburg,  husband  of  his  sister  Catlia- 

iv  Elizabeth,  b  Apr.  20,  1S21 ;  d  1885  ;  m  Cornelius  Van 
Inwagen;  no  issue. 

335  V       Thomas,  b  J.Iay  24,  1825  ;m  Feb.  18,  1865,  Margaret 

Van  Inwagen. 
vi      Mar}',  b  Apr.  14,  1827;  d  1849;  m  Ridley  Sanford; 
res  at  Marion,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  no  ch. 

178  ISAAK  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (go)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Huyck  of  Kinderhook,  N.  Y.;  b  there; 
bp  Feb.  14,  1784;  m  March  20,  iSio,  Lvdi.\  Van  Buren. 
They  were  residents  of  Kinderhook,  Saratoga,  and  later  of 
Niagara  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  d  March  6,  1S56;  his  wife  d  Aug. 
22,  1870.  He  was  a  miller  by  occupation. 

i        Elizabeth,  b  Feb.  15,  i8ii;dunm. 
ii       Catharine  Maria,  b  Nov.   28,   181 2;  bp  at  Schaghti- 
coke  Mar.  7,  181 3,  no  sps;  unm. 

336  iii     John  I.,  b  May  3,  1815;  m  'Sla.y  12,  1847,  Charlotte 


iv  Peter,  b  Mar.  29,  181S;  d  Feb.  27,  1895  i  ^  Sept.  11, 
1 85 1,  Lucinda  Brace ;d  April  11,  iS73;res  Niagara 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  oc  farmer.  Issue:  Nettie  May.  b 
Apr.  4,  1856;  m  May  16,  1S77,  Beach  T.  Standish, 
they  res  at  Lockport,  N.  Y.;  Carrie  Bell,  b  Sept. 
II,  185S;  m  Mar.  5,  1880,  Homer  E.  Swick. 

V  Cornelius,  b  Dec.  16,  1S20;  m  Sept.  7,  1S54,  Ruth 
Cook.  They  were  res  of  Lockport,  N.  Y.  Issue: 
De  W^itt  Cook,  b  Sept.  8,  1S62;  m  Nov.  27,  1893, 

130  Van  Deursen  Family 

Margaret  May  Spence;  res  St.   Catharines,  Ont.; 

hotel    keeper.'    Issue:     Emily    Ruth,    b    Sept.    7, 

1899;  d  Oct.  7,  1902. 
vi      Henry  Tobias,  b   Sept.    11,    1S23;  m  Jan.   2,    1S66, 

Esther    Lewis.     Issue:     Frank,    who    resides    in 

Lockport,  N.  Y. 
vii    Lydia  Ann,  b  June  i,  1S25;  unm. 

179  LUCAS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (90)  John  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Elizabeth  Huyck;  b  at  Kindcrhook,  N.  Y.,  April  24, 
bp  July  II,  1790;  d  Apr.  16,  iS62;m  June  19,  1820,  Minerva 
Wood  Porter,  who  d  Feb.  13,  1881.  They  were  m  in  Pitts- 
town,  Rensselaer  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  resided  there  until  1834.  At 
the  census  of  1S50  he  res  at  Newark,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and 
was  by  occupation  a  tanner,  then  farmer. 


337  i        John  Porter,  b  Mar.  24,  1821 ;  m  May  22,  1862,  Anna 

M.  Lav. 
ii       William  James,  b  July  15,  1822;  killed  in  action  at 

Pleasant  Hill,  La.,  April  9,  1864;  was  Captain  in 

Cornp.  A,  160th  Regt.,  New  York  Vol.  Inf.;  prob 

never  married. 
iii      Peter,  b  Mar.  14,  1824;  m  Apr.,  i856,^Elizabeth  A. 

Van  Valkenburgh;  res  Palmyra,  N.  Y. 
iv     Edwin,  b  Dec.  28,^1825  ;  twin  of  Philip. 
V       PhiHp,  b  Dec.  28,  1825;  d  one  in  1827  and  the  other 

in  1828. 
vi      Rebecca  Porter,  b  ]\Iar.  22,  1828;  m  May  20,  1S63, 

Edwin  E.  Rogers. 

338  vii    Henrs'   Martin,  b   May   5,   1830;  m  Aug.   28,   185S, 

Emeline  Harkness. 
viii   Harriet  Newell,  twin  of  Henr\'  II.,  b  May  5,  1830;  d 

May,  1832. 
ix      Minerva  EHzabeth,  b  July  iS,  1832;  m  Jan.  9,  1863, 

Alonzo   Wynkoop.     Issue:     Helen    E.   Wynkoop, 

b  Dec.  25,  1869;  res  Palmyra,  N.  Y. 
X       A  child,  b  Oct.  7,  1S34;  d  Feb.,  1S35. 

339  xi      Andrew  Porter,  b  Apr.  14,  1S36;  m  June  18,  1868, 

Marv^  Cornelia  Handy, 
xii     Harriet  Bostwick,  b  Apr.  10,  1839;  d  July  27,  1859. 

180  MARTIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (91)  Melchert  Van 
Deusen;  b  a  1760;  m  a  1783,  Nancy  Kennedy.  He  was  co- 
heir, with  his  brother,  Hendrick,  of  his  grandfather,  (34)  J^lar- 

Sixth  Generatiox  131 

ten  Van  Deusen  (Abstract  of  Wills,  Xew  York  Hist.  Soc.  Coll., 
Vol.  9,  p.  2S6).     He  resided  at  Ghent,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. 

340  i        Simeon,  b  Nov.   21,   17S7;  m   (ist)   Nov.   23,   1807, 

Sylvia  Champlin;  (2d)  Dec.  4,  1S13,  Hannah  Cran- 

181  TOBIAS  R.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (92)  Robert  T. 
Van  Detisen  and  ^lars'tje  Oostrander;  bp  Aug.  12,  1747;  d 
Apr.  7,  1833,  aged  88  yrs;  m  Oct.  28,  1768,  Christina  Van 
Deusen,  dau  of  (36)  Robert  Van  Deusen  and  Christiana 
Roorbach  ;  bp  Sept.  i,  1745.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Eighth 
Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia,  during  War  of  Revolution. 

Res:     Claverack;  in  1795  Freehold,  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y, 

i  Lyntje,  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.  22.  1771;  sps  Robert  Van 
Deusen,  I\Iaria  Van  Deusen,  wife  of  Gloudy  De 
La  Mater. 
340a  ii  Robert,  bp  at  Liv.  Apr.  21,  1776;  sps  Robert  V, 
Deusen  and  wife  Christina  Rohrbach;  prob  m  a 
1796,  Ahda,  or  Polly,  ]\IcArthur. 

341  iii      Marten,  b  June  21,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  27,  1780;  sps 

Tobias  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen;  m  Sept.   25, 
1800,  Charity  Van  Lone. 

342  iv      Stephanus,  b  Sept.  13,  bp  at  Clav.  Nov.  ic,  1782; 

sps  Hendrick  Muller,  Arianje  van  Deusen;  m  a 
1805,   Hannah  Lash. 
V       John,  b   Oct.   3,   bp   at  Clav.   Nov.   25,    17S7;  sps 
Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Fitje  Rohrbach. 

182  ADAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (92)  Robert  T.  Van 
Deusen  and  Mar\-tje  Oostrander;  bp  at  Claverack  July  29, 
1759;  m  at  Claverack  Oct.  17,  17 So,  Margretha  Ostrander. 
He  d  prior  to  Nov.  24,  178S,  on  which  date  his  widow  vvas 
married  to  William  Vosburgh,  widower,  of  Kindcrhook.  He 
served  in  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer's  Eighth  Regt.,  Albany 
Co.  Mihtia. 

i       John,  b  Apr.  i,  bp  at  Linlithgo,  N.  Y.,  May  24,  1781 ;  sps 
John  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen. 

^  183     ARL^NTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (92)  Robert  T. 
Van  Deusen  and  Marytje  Oostrander;  bp  at  Claverack  March 

132  Van  Deursen   Family 

22,  1767;  m  by  banns,  at  Claverack,  Feb    12,  17S4,  Abraham 
Elden  (Elting). 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack  and  Livingston: 

Robert   Elting,   bp   Aug.   31,    17S5';  sps  Tobias   R.  and 

Catharine  V.  Deuzen. 
James  A.  Elting.  b  Sept.  25,  bp  at  Clav.  Nov.  5,  17S6; 

sps  James  Elden,  Maritje  van  Steenberg. 
Marytje  Elting,  b  July  19,  bp  Aug.  9,  17S9;  sps  Jacobus 

and  Helletje  Van  Dcusen;  m  David  Brandt. 
John  Elting,  b  Apr.  14,  bp  ^lay  8,  1 791 ;  sps  John  Eltinge, 
Cornelia  Hallenbeek. 

184  JACOBUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (92)  Robert  T.  Van 
Deusen  and  Marytje  Oostrander  of  Greene  County,  N.  Y. ;  b 
Nov.  5,  1770,  at  Van  Deusen  Manor,  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  bp  at 
Coxsackie  Feb.  20,  1772;  d  July  3,  1S53;  m  a  1791,  at  Berne, 
Albany  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Susan  Van  Buskirk  or  Sartje  Bost- 
KERK,  who  d  at  Berne  Oct.  16.  183  8,  "aged  71  y,  6  m  and  id." 

Res:     Van  Dusen  Manor,  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

343  i        Robbert,  b  May  10,  bp  at  Clav.  June  17,  1792;  sps 

Robbert  and   Helletje  Van  Deusen;  m  Dec.   31. 
181 5,  Abigal  Secor. 
ii       Maritje,  b  July  26,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.   17,   1794;  sps 
Laurance  Protkerk,  Maritje  Clow. 

344  iii      Lawrence,  b  Mar.  22,  1796;  bp  at  New  Salem,  N.  Y. ; 

m  Feb.  24,  1820,  Susannah  Hungerford. 

345  iv      Cornelius  J.,  b  Dec.  30,  1798,  bp  at  New  Salem,  Feb. 

3,    1799;  m  Feb.  3,   1819,   Lucretia  or  Christiana 

346  V       Abraham,  b  Feb.  7,  iSoo;  m  Jan.  6,  1822,  Elizabeth 


185  HEYLTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (92)  Robert  T.  Van 
Deusen  and  Marytje  Oostrander;  bp  at  Livingston  June  15. 
1774;  m  at  Claverack  Jtily  7,  1793,  Philip  H.  Barthel  or 

Res:     Columbia  County,  N.  Y. 
i        Robert   Bartell,   bp   at   Churchtown  Aug.    24,    1794;  sps 

Jacob,  Elizabeth 

ii  Maria  Bartell,  b  Oct.  10,  bp  at  Claverack  Nov.  11,  179S; 
sps  Jacobus  Van  Deusen,  Sussanna  Postkerk;  prob  m 
Philip  J.  Miller. 

Sixth  Generation  133 

jii      John  Bartell,  b  June  26,  bp  at  Livingston  July  20,  1800; 
sps  John  Shaver,  Marytje  Smith. 

IV  Comeha  Bartell,  b  Mar.  iS,  bp  at  Claverack  ^lay  2,  1802; 

sps  Cornelius  van  Deusen,  Trintjc  Bratt. 

V  Jacobus  Bartell.  b  Apr.  6,  bp  at  Claverack  May  10,  1807 ; 

sps  Jacobus  van  Deusen,  Sussanna  Postkerk. 

186  GEI':RTRUY  van  deusen,  eldest  dau  of  (93) 
Cornelis  Van  Deusen  and  Leah  Oostrander ;  bp  at  Albany,  Feb. 
4,  1753;  m  there  Nov.  23,  1770,  Francis  Marshal. 

Children,  bp  at  Albany: 

Annatie   Marshal,   b   Sept.    13,   bp   Sept.    14,    1771;  sps 

Pieter  and  Annatie  Marshal. 
Cornelis  Marshal,  b  June  5,  bp  July  iS,  1773  ;  sps  Cornelis 

and  Leah  V.  Deusen. 
Petrus  Marshal,  b  July  25,  bp  July  30,  1775;  sps  Petms 

and  Annatie  ^Marshal. 
i\Iaria  Marshal,  bp  F"eb.  S,  1778;  sps  Vv'ilhelmus  and  Maria 

V.  Deusen. 
v       Lea  Marshal,  b  Mar.  17,  bp  Apr.  14,  1782;  sps  AVilhelmus 

and  Christina  V.  Deusen. 

187  ARENT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (93)  Cornelis  Van 
Deusen  and  Leah  Oostrander  of  Albany;  bp  Dec.  28,  1755;  m 
Feb.  23,  1777,  at  Albany,  Margaret  McCloud.  Served 
during  the  War  of  the  Revolution  in  Capt.  John  Van  Wie  's 
Co.,  Col.  John  Schuyler's  regiment  (State  Archives,  Vol.  i, 
p.  49S)- 

Res:     Second  Ward,  Albany,  1790. 
Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
347  i        Elisabeth,  bp  Dec.    12,    1777;  sps  Frans.  Marshall, 
Geertruv  V.  Deusen;  m  Dec.  31,  1795,  Isaac  Brate 
ii       Cornelis,  b  Apr.   23,  bp  Apr.  30,   1780;  sps  Cornelis 

and  Lea  V.  Deusen. 
iii      Lea,   b   Apr.    10,   bp   Apr.    14,    1782;   sps   Gerardus 

Lansing,  Leah  Ostrander. 
iv     Annatie,  b  Oct.  30,  bp  Nov.  12,  1784;  sps  Jacob  Cuy- 

ler,  Jannetie  V.  Deusen. 
V       Robert,  b  Apr.  7,  bp  Apr.  15,  1787;  sps  Elisabeth  V. 

^  1 88     WILHELMUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (93)  Cornelis 
Van  Deusen  and  Leah  Oostrander  of  Albany;  bp  there  Dec.  3, 

134  Van  Deursex  Family 

1758;  m  a  17S0,  Rachel  Pieterse.  He  served  in  the  6th 
Regt.,  Albany  County  Militia.  Col.  Stephen  Schuvler,  durin- 
the  Rev.  War  (Land  JBounty  Rights,  N.  Y.  in  Rev.).  "^ 

Children-,  bp  in  Albany: 

i        Simon,  bA^ig.  23,  bp  Aug.  30,  17S2 ;  sps  Arent  and 

Catharina  Van  Deusen. 
ii       Jobs  (Johannes),  b  Oct.  5,  bp  Oct.   19,  17S3;  sps 

Jobs,  and  Abigail  Van  Deusen. 
iii      Lea,  b  July   i,  bp  July   11,   1785;  sps  Frans  and 
Geertruy  Marshel. 
348     iv      Samuel,  b'i7S6;  m  (ist)  May  21,  1S20,  Sarah  Vos- 
burgh;    (2d)    Apr.    iS,    1S31,    Christina   Vosburg, 
sister  of  Sarah. 
V       Susan,  b  a  17S8. 
348a  vi      Steward  Dean,  b  a  1790;  m  Elizabeth  Ertzberger. 

348b  vii     Cornelius,  b  a  1792 ;  m  (ist) ;  (2nd) 

Margaret  Biddle. 

1S9  CATHARINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (93)  Comelis 
Van  Deusen  and  Leah  Oostrander  of  Albany ;  b  April  11,  bp  at 
A.  April  14,  1765;  m  a  17S5,  Pieter  Roman;  b  Jan.  16,  1762. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Third  Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia,  Col. 
Philip  P.  Schuyler,  War  of  Revolution. 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        Lea  Roman,  b  Jan.  24,  bp  Feb.  25,  17S7;  sps  Frans  and 

Geertruy  Marshall. 
n       Robert  Roman,  b  Oct.  4,  bp  Oct.  31,  1790;  sps  parents. 
iii     Mary  Roman,  b  July  14,  bp  Aug.  15,  1792. 
iv     Margaret,  b  Mar.  26,  bp  Apr.  20,  1794. 
v_      Gertrude  Roman,  b  Jan.  12,  bp  Feb.  21,  1796;  d  y. 
vi_     Hubertus  Roman,  b  June  29,  1797. 
vii    Gertrude  Roman,  b  Apr.  22,  1800. 

^  190  JANNETJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (93)  Comelis 
Van  Deusen  and  Leah  Oostrander;  b  in  Albanv  Dec.  13,  bp 
Dec.  21,  176S;  m  there  Dec.  18,  17S5,  Peter  Fero.  He 
serv-ed  in  the  Third  Regt.,  Albanv  Countv  Militia,  during  the 
Revolution  (Land  Bounty  Rights). 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 
i        David  Fero,  b  Aug.  3',  bp  Sept.  4,  17S6;  sps  Hendrik  and 

Maria  Fero. 
ii       Lea  Fero,  b  Dec.  15,  17S7,  bp  Jan.  13,  178S;  sps  Comelis 

V.  Deusen,  Geertruy  Marshal. 
iii      Comelis  Fero,  b  Sept.  16,  bp  Oct.  25,  1789;  sps  Cornelis 

and  Elisabeth  V.  Deussen. 

Sixth  Generation  135 

191  ELISABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  youngest  dau  of  (93) 
Cornells  Van  Deusen  and  Leah  Oostrander  of  Albany;  b  Tufv 
5,  bp  at  Albany  July  14,  1771;  m  a  1791,  Nicolaas  Bratt 
or^BRADT,  son  of  Anthony  Bratt.     They  resided  at  Schenec- 

Cjiildren,  bp  in  Schenectady 
i        Maria  Bratt,   b  Apr    29,  bp  May  16,  179. ;  sps  Anthony 

Bradt,  Maria  V  eeder 
n       Cornelius  Bratt  b  Oct.  9.  bp  Noy.  10,  1793;  no  sps. 
in     Anthony  Bratt,  b  Jan.  30,  bp  March  8,  179c  •  d  y 
ly     Joan  Bratt,  b  May  i,  bp  May  6,  1796-  d  y  '  " 

v_      Anthony  Bratt,  b  Feb.  8,  bp  March  18,  AgS  •  d  y 
vi_     Lea  Bratt,  b  Feb.  13,  iSoo;  d  y.  ' 

vii    John  Bratt,  bp  Noy.  28,  iSoi.' 
yiii   Anthony  Bratt,  bp  Sept.  25,  1803. 
ix      Gerrit  Simonse  Veeder  Bratt,  bp  Feb.  <,  iSoc 
X       Lea  Bratt,  bp  Sept.  7,  1S06. 
xi_     Isaac  Fonda  Bratt,  bp  Sept.  3,  1808;  d  y. 
xii     Isaac  Fonda  Bratt,  bp  Noy.  1 1    1809     ' 
xui  Jacob  Clute  Bratt,  bp  Apr.  2,  1812. 

192     GLOUDE    (CLAUDE)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (94) 
Johannes  Van  Deusen  and  Christyntje  De  La  Matre  of  Clave- 
Nov'  «  ■      i    %^^  Kinderhook  Sept.  6,  1754;  m  (1st)  at  Clay. 
Ao\.  8,  1780,  Elizabeth  Muller;  (2d)  at  Palatine,  N    Y 
Jan.  12,  1791,  Angelica  Van  SLYCKE;b  Jan.  16,  1769  ;d  Sept' 

When  Gloude  Van  Deusen  was  still  a  yer^-  young  man 
scarcely  out  of  his  teens,  the  long  smouldering  fire  of  the  Ameri- 
can Reyolut  ion  broke  into  flame,  and,  with  his  father  and 
brothers,_  John  and  CorneHs,  he  cast  in  his  lot  with  the  patriots 
nc  was  m  actiye  seryice  during  the  war,  ser^-ing  as  priyate 
and  sergeant.  The  follov/ing  extracts  are  taken  from  his 
T8,'f  ^^nV  ^V.^^V^^^^^.P^'^'^^^'  ^'^^^^  ^'^s  filed  Sept.  19, 
of^Pi  ,!^^^^^''^  ^-^^  DEUSEN,  a  resident  of  the  town 
pt  Palatine,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.  Bom  Sept.  27  17,-4 
S  ^  V?7''''  °^  Clayerack,  co.  of  Albany,  now  Columbia,  N  y' 
Was  Bible  record  of  birth  [the  yariation  of  this  date  will  be 
noted  from  aboye  Church  Record  of  his  baptism].  When 
called  into  service  he  liyed  in  the  said  town  of  Clayerack,  he 
.;/  i  ""^^-f  ^^'^  revolutionary  war,  and  continued  to  re- 

side there  until  about  38  years  of  age,  when  he  removed  to 
Tin  f  ?T  Palatme.  He  was  called  into  the  service  of  the 
rP^i^ii  .  If  '"^  ^^^  >^^^^  '775,  the  precise  time  he  does  not 
i-eco.lect.     He  was  enrolled  in  the  Company  of  Militia  com- 

136  Van  Deursen   Family 

manded  by  Capt.  Casparus  Coyne,  in  the  regiment  when 
Henry  [Lt.  CoL  Henry' J.]  Van  Rensselar  was  Coloneh  John 
Osterhout  was  his  Captain  in  177S.  He  served  over  two 
years.  In  the  Fall  of  1777,  he  was  in  the  service  under  Gen. 
Schuyler,  Gates  and  Arnold  at  Fort  Edward,  Stillwater  and 
places  in  the  vicinity,  previous  to  the  surrender  of  Burgoyne 
and  his  army.  He  was  at  the  decisive  battle  of  Bemis' 
Heights,  and  this  was  the  only  regular  battle  in  which  he  was 
engaged.  Never  received  any  written  discharge.  Stated  that 
he  served  one  year  as  sergeant  and  more  than  one  year  and 
six  months  as  a  private.  Was  present  at  Johnstown  about 
Jan.,  1776,  and  helped  take  Sir  John  Johnson  and  his  tenants 
prisoners  of  war.  'That  at  the  time  of  harvest  of  the  year  of 
the  battle  of  Bemis  Heights  he  got  excused  and  went  home 
and  found  his  sister  (Ariaantje)  cradling  in  the  harvest  field 
and  he  returned  shortly  and  was  in  the  battle  as  before  stated. 
His  father,  John  Van  Deusen,  formerly  called  Johannes,  was 
chairman  of  the  Committee  of  Safety  for  the  town  of  Claverack 
during  the  vrhole  war;  that  he  resided  in  a  large  brick  house 
which  he  used  as  a  fort  during  that  whole  v/ar."  "July  S, 
1S33.  James  Van  Deusen  resident  of  Kinderhook,  Columbia 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  stated  that  his  brother  Glondy  is  older  than  he,  he 
is  78  on  27  Sept.;  that  his  father  was  on  the  Committee  and 
his  three  older  brothers,  Glondy,  Cornelius  and  John  vrere  out 
at  difl'erent  times  during  the  whole  revolutionary  war,  de- 
ponent remaining  at  home,  being  the  yovingest.  Resided  dur- 
ing the  revolution  in  the  town  of  Claverack. ' ' 

The  regiment  in  which  Glondy  served  was  the  Eighth,  Al- 
bany County  I\Iilitia,  in  v.'hich  so  many  of  his  relatives  also 
served.  He  died  July  18,  1845  ;  bur  on  his  farm  near  Palatine, 
N.  Y. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        A  son,  b  a  17S2  ;  d  y. 

By  second  wife:  '    ' 

349  ii       Johannes  or  John  Gloude,  b  Feb.  24,  bp  at  Kin.  Apr. 

I,  1792;  sps  Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Maria  Bronk; 
m  July  6,  181 7,  Electa  Marks. 

350  iii      Helena,  bp  at  Kin.  June  i,  1794;  sps  parents;  m  Oct. 

16,  1 810,  John  F.  Walrath. 
iv      Cornelius,  bp  at  Fonda  July  2,  1797;  sps  parents;  d 
a  1805. 

351  v       Peter  G.,  b  at  Fonda  July  27,  1799  ;  m  there  Aug.  16, 

1820,  Gertrude  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (155)  Harpert 
Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca  Brewer  of  Johnstown, 
i\.  Y. 

Old  coin  trunk,  handed  down  in  the  Van  Deu-stn  family  through  Glonde  Van  Dcusen, 

Revuluti^.nary  soldier  and   pensioner  in  the  Eighth  Albany  County 

Militia.     Was  engaged  in  the  battle  of  Bcinis  Heights. 

Sixth  Generation  137 

vi     James  G.,  b  Apr.  15,  1802;  bp  at  Fonda;  sps  parents; 
'  d  unm  Oct .  2 ,  1825;  was  a  minister. 
352  vii     Cornelius  W.,  b  Jan.  8,  1S06;  m  Jan.  8,  1829,  Eliza- 
beth Comue. 
viii   William  Henry,  b  Jan.   12,   1812;  m  a   1835  Maria 
Moor;  had  four  or  five  children  who  died  prior  to 
1857;  d  Aug.,  1857;  res  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  oc 

193  CORNELIS  VAN  DEUSEX,  son  of  (94)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Christyntje  De  La  Matre  of  Claverack ;  bp  at 
that  place  Jan.  8,  1758;  m  at  Coxsackie,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  4,  1777, 
by  the  Rev.  John  Schuneman.  pastor  of  the  Reformed  Dutch 
Church  at  Coxsackie,  to  Rachel  Eltixge;  b  in  Albany  Co., 
N.  Y.,  a  1759  ;  dau  of  Lieut.  James  Eltinge  of  the  Eighth  Regt., 
Albany  Co.  Militia,  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer.  After  Cor- 
nelis  Van  Deusen 's  death,  she  married  again  Dec.  i,  1799, 
Abraham  Salisbury,  who  died  June  16,  1824. 

Comelis  saw  much  active  ser\'ice  during  the  Revolutionary'' 
War.  He  was  Orderly  Sergeant  in  Capt.  Casparus  Conyne's 
Company  of  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer's  Eighth  Regt.;  in 
which  so  many  of  the  Van  Deusens  fought.  He  was  also  a 
member  of  this  same  Company  when  it  was  commanded  by 
Capt.  John  Osterhout,  and  was  appointed  Ensign  Feb.  25,  1778. 
In  the  Spring  of  1776  he  was  with  the  regiment  at  Johnstown, 
N.  Y.,  for  several  months,  during  which  time  he  assisted  at 
the  taking  of  Sir  John  Johnson  and  his  tenants  as  prisoners  of 
war.  Later  in  the  same  year  they  were  on  an  expedition  up 
the  Hudson  River.  In  the  early  part  of  1777  the  regiment 
was  stationed  at  Fort  Edward,  subsequently  falling  back  to 
Fort  Miller,  and  from  thence  to  Stillv.-ater  and  Saratoga,  where 
they  remained  all  the  time  Burgoyne  's  army  remained  in  the 
vicinity.  He  took  part  in  the  battle  of  Bemis  Heights,  just 
previous  to  Burgoyne 's  surrender.  From  1779  to  17S2  he  was 
stationed  for  several  months  of  each  year  along  the  Hudson 
and  Mohawk  Rivers,  on  scouting  expeditions  and  guard  duty 
in  Alban\-  and  Dutchess  Counties,  in  piirsuit  of  Tories  and 
Indians,  according  to  the  statement  of  his  widow  in  1S40, 
^'hen  she  made  application  for  a  pension  (No.  17,776).  At 
that  time  she  v.'as  eightv-one  vears  of  age.  He  died  at  Green 
City,  N.Y,  Oct.  8,  1787. 

353  i        Johannes  (John  J.),  b  Jan.  15,  bp  at  Clav.  Feb.  21, 
1779;  sps  Johannes  and  Magdalena  Van  Deusen; 

138  Van  Deursen  Family 

m  (ist)  Dec. ^7,  iSoo,  Lana  Fonda;  (2d)  Mar.  3, 
1 814,  Anna  Maria  Elting;  (3d)  June  17,  iSi-j] 
Anna  Maria  Witbeck. 
354  ii  James,  b  Dec.  24,  i7S2;bp  at  Liv.  Jan.  26,  i7S3;sps 
James  and  Mar>'  Eltinge;  m  Nov.  8,  1807,  Maritie 
De  La  Matter.  ^ 

194  ARIAENTJE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (94)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Christy ntje  De  La  Matre;  bp  at  Claverack 
Aug.  15,  1759;  m  July  29,  1781,  Thomas  Van  Alstyxe;  bp 
Sept.  26,  1756 ;  son  of  Lambert  Van  Alstyne  and  Alleta  Ooster- 
hout.      (See  Van  Alstyne  Gen.) 

Res:     Schodack.     Oc:     Fanner. 
i        Christinje  Van  Alstyne,  b  Feb.  11,  bp  at  Clav.  March  i, 

1784;  sps  Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Maletje  Bronck;  rn 

Emanuel  Gunsalus. 
ii       Lambert  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Dec.  12,  1785. 
iii      Sartje  (Sarah)  Van  Alstyne,  b  June  26,  bp  at  Clav.  July 

22,  1787;  sps  Tunis  Van  Alen,  Sartje  Van  Deusen;  m 

T Wagner. 

iv     John  Thomas  Van  Alstyne,  bp  Dec.  24,  1 789 ;  m  Elizabeth 

V       Alida  Van  Alstyne,  bp  at  Kinderhook,  June  3,  1792;  sps 

Jacob  Miesick,  Eva  Van  Alsteyn. 

195  JOHN  J.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (94)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Christyntje  De  La  Matre;  bp  at  Claverack  Nov.  14, 
1761;  m  there  Sept.  30,  1782,  Fitje  (Sophia)  Hallexbeck, 
b  in  1763 ;  d  Dec.  30,  1833. 

During  the  War  of  the  Revolution  John  J.  Van  Deusen 
fought  side  by  side  with  so  many  of  his  relatives  in  the  Eighth 
Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia,  under  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer. 
On  Apr.  6,  1787,  he  vras  commissioned  as  Ensign  in  Capt. 
Kemper's  Comp.,  Col.  Henry  J.  Van  Rensselaer's  Regt.,  and 
in  1797  vras  commissioned  Lieutenant.  His  will,  dated  Mar. 
12,  1802,  was  pro  Dec.  7,  1802. 
Res:  Hudson,  N.  Y. 

i  Christinje,  b  Sept.  17,  bp  at  Clav.  Oct.  5,  1783;  sps 
Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Maritje  Bronck;  m  Sept.  16, 
1806,  Jacob  Elmendorf;  b  July  30,  i7S4;dApr.  11, 
1831;  she  d  July  15,  1S51.  They  res  at  Nassau, 
N.  Y. ;  no  children  recorded. 

Sixth  Generation 


.55  n       ^\llha^.,  b  May  i.,  bp  at  Clav.  June  19,  1785;  sps 
Jacobus  \an  Deusen,  Sarah  Hallenbeek;  m  Dec 
22,  1805,  at  Clav.  Annatjen  (Anna)  Elmendorf. 
m      Ananjc,  b  Aug    i,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  26,   1787;  sps 
Thomas  Van  Alstem.  Arianje  Van  Deusen;    m  at 
rh'\-^p     /u'..'^'4,    Abraham    Best.     Issue: 
•        AT  *^^"1^^!^^  ^est,  b  Oct.  II,  bp  at  Clav.  Nov.  20,  1S14 
'^         ."h  y^""-  ?J'bPftLiv.Mar.8,  1789;  sps  William 
and  Maria  Hallenbeek.     She  prob  m  Henrv  Van 
Derzee  (Burhans  Gen.) 

V  Jannetje,  b  Jan.  7,  bp  at  Liv.  Feb.  6,  1791 ;  sps  Jacob 

Dekker,  Jannetje  Hallenbeek  '^    '   i    J 

VI  Sartje    b  Nov.  21,  1792,  bp  at  Clav.  Jan.  13,  179,- 

sps  Peter  Hogdeelen,  Sartje  Van  Deusen;  m  Sept' 
..     ^  iS,  1S13,  (359)  Tobias  R.  Van  Deusen 
vn    Cornelius,  b  Nov.  19.  bp  at  Clav.  Dec.  2^,  1794;  sps 

-    AT.     ["''^'''^  ^"""^  Deusen,  Eva  De  La  Matter;  dy 
vm  Abraham,  b  July  10,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  14,  1796-  sps 
parents;  dv.  /y    >    f^ 

556  ix      Catharine,  b  Mar.  4  or  14,  bp  at  Clav.  Apr.  i  c    1708- 
sps  p'arents;  m  Apr.  16,  181 8,  John  Gardner 

X  Lena,   b  Mar.    17,   bp  at  Clav.  Apr.   27,   1800;  sps 

parents;  m  at  Clav.  May  21,  1S20,  Jacob  Gardner. 

XI  Geertruy,  b  Aug.  i8,  bp  at  Clav.  Nov.  13,  1802;  sps 

Cloudus  p.  De  La  .Alatter,  Jenetje  Eltin;  m  Jan. 
9,  1825,  (510)  lyiichael  Van  Deusen  of  Gt.  Barring- 
ton,  Mass.  ^ 

Tni^^  JACOBUS  GAMES)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (94) 
rack  r'J''^  ??''^  ^"^  Christyntje  De  La  Matre  of  Clave- 
fM^pr fo.  ^^""^''7^^'  '"^^=  ^  ^^  ^^^''-  J^^-  ^5.  1786,  Gritte 
Ta^L  V  1.^^"^'  ^^^s/^^:  bp  Dec.  25,  1762;  dau  of  (lo'i) 
James  \  an  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Smith. 

In  his  will,  dated  July  21,  1846,  recorded  March  22,  1847, 

Bet^rt%      A'^^  ^^^."^^^1^'  ^°"'  Cornelius  and  John,  and  dau 
msy,  v.ife  of  Isaac  \an  Slyck.     From  this  it  would  appear 
tnat  he  was  married  a  second  time 
Kes:     Town  of  Kinderhook. 
357     i        Elizabeth,  b  June  26,  bp  at  Clav.  Julv  31,  1790  or 
179/;    sps    James    Van    Deusen    and    Ehzabeth 
Smith;  m  a  1S12,  Isaac  Van  Slyck 
n       Cornelius,  b  a  1805. 
357a  m      John,  b  iSio;  m  Oct.  15,  1843,  Caroline  Juha 

140  Van  Deursen  Family 

^  197  MATTHEUS  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (97)  Tobias  T. 
Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen;  b  Sept.  12,  bp  at 
Claverack  Xov.  iq,  175S;  m  a  1770,  Madelexe  (Lexa)  Becii- 
TEL.  He  d  June  21,  1S51.  his  wife  following  him  on  Aug.  2, 
1851,  aged  90  years,  4  mos.  and  2  ds.  Both  are  buried  near 
"Spook  Rock."  Served  in  the  Rev.  War  in  the  Eighth  Regt., 
Albany  County  Militia. 

Res:     Hudson,  Census  1790  to  1820. 

i        Cornelia,  b  Aug.   18.  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.  6,   1781;  sps 

Tobias  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen. 
ii       Arianje,  b  Oct.  9,  bp  at  Clav.  Oct.  28,  17S7  ;  sps  John 
Bingham,   Anatje  Spoor;  m  July  6,    1S06,    (22S) 
Abraham  Van  Deusen,  son  of  (105)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spoor. 

358  iii      Maria,  b  July  7.  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  10,  1794;  sps  Jacob 

Bechtel,  Maria  Xew;  m  Dec.  15,  1813,  Cornelius 

198  ARIAAXTJE  VAX  DEUSEX,  dau  of  (97)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen;  b  Aug.  2,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug. 
12,  1762;  d  July  5,  1787,  and  is  buried  at  Spook  Rock,  Clave- 
rack, in  the  old  Van  Deusen  burying  ground ;  m  at  Clav.  Dec. 
22,  1780,  John  Bixgham,  Jr.,  of  New  York  City,  an  Alderman 
of  that  city. 

i        Man.'  Bingham,  b  Xov.  20,  17S1,  bp  at  Livingston  Jan. 

I,  1782;  sps  parents;  m  a  iSoo,  Archibald   Somerville. 

Issue:     Arianna  Somerville,  b  June  9,   1807;  m  Jan, 

9,  1833,  (294)  Selah  Van  Duzer. 
ii       Cornelia  Bingham,  bp  Nov.  11,  1784,  in  First  or  Second 

Presbyterian  Church,  N.  Y.  City. 

199  ROBERT  T.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (97)  Tobias  T. 
Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen;  b  Feb.  15,  bp  at  Liv- 
ingston Feb.  24,  1765;  m  at  Livingston  Oct.  24,^784,  Chris- 
tina Decker,  "van  Tachanick."  Served  in  the  Seventh 
Regt.,  Albany  Co.  Militia,  during  the  latter  part  of  the  Rev- 
olutionary War  (Land  Bounty  Rights). 

Ciiildrex,  bp  at  Clav.  and  Copake: 

359  i        Tobias  R.,  b  June  i,  bp  July  16,  1786;  sps  Tobias 

and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen;  m  Sept.  18,  1813,  Sally 
(Sartje)  Van  Deusen;  dau  of  (195)  John  J.  Van 
Deusen  and  Fitje  Hallenbeck. 

360  ii       Jacob,  b  Nov.   5,  bp  at  Copake  Dec.   7,   1788;  sps 

Sixth  Gexeratiox  141 

Jacob    Decker,    Sarah    Spoor;   m    (ist)    Christina 

,   : .•  •  •  •  V  ^-^"^  ^"  ^S^9.  Margaret  Jones. 

m      Ariaantje,  b  June  17.  bp  July  24,  1 791 :  sps  Cornelius 

\  an  Deusen,  Henrickje  Coneyn 
IV      Matthew,  b  Feb    S,  bp  Mar.  2,  1794;  sps  Mattheus 

Van  Deusen,  Lena  Bechtel 

361  V       Laurance,  b  June  S    bp  June  25,  17Q7;  sps  Laurance 

.  Decker,  Anatje  AA  ashman;  m  a  1S20,  Maria  Fort,. 

VI      Cornelia,   b   Dec.    21,    iSoo,   bp  Jan.    18,    1801 ;  sps 
parents.  ^ 

362  vii    John  Bingham    b  Oct.  2,  bp  Nov.  3,  1S03;  sps  John 

J.  Decker,  Christma  van  Deusen;  m  Mav  14    iS-s 
Sarah  Ann  De  Mark  with.  '  ' 

viii   Caroline,  b  Sept.  4,  bp  Oct.  6,  1S08;  sps  parents. 

200  CORNELIS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (97)  Tobias  T 
Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  A'an  Deusen  of  Claverack;  b  Auir  4' 
^t'tv.^  nTf ''^f  ^^'P'-  VS'/'74;m  there  April  3,  179S,  Lixje 
LI2SA)  De  La  M.^tter;  b  June  iS,  17S1 ;  d  July  27,  1846.     L 

w;^     .    f  M-T'^'  J'^"^^"  ^''''-'^  ^^   Col.  Van  Rensselaer's. 
Regiment  of  Miutia;  was  appointed  Ensign  in  iSoo,  and  de- 
clined reappointment  in  1812.     He  died  Jan.  2,  1S62,  and  was 
buried  with  his  wife  at  "Spook's  Rock  " 
Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 

i        Mattheus  Abraham   b  June  iS,  bp  July  7.  1799 ;  sps 
lobias  and  Cornelia  \  an  Deusen;  m  a  1822,  Polly 
•  .  •  .  .  ...  . .      Issue:     Mary  A.,  b    1841 ;  Sarah,   b 

1843;  Allen,  b  1S48. 
n       Robert    b  Nov.  9    bp  Dec.  7,  iSoo;  sps  Robert  and 
Magdalena  De  La  Matter-  d  v 
363  m      Claudy  (Claudius  C.).b  June  4;bp  July  II,  1802 -sps 
Claudius  De  La  Matter,  Lena  Mandeville-  m  Oct 
9,  1833,  Lydia  Ann  McClean. 
IV      l^obert  C,  b  Oct    7,  bp  Nov.  13,  1S03;  sps  Robert 
Van  Deusen,  Christina  Decker;  m*  July  15    1824 
Lucretia  Race,  dau  of  Stephen  Race  of  Claverack' 
Issue,   bp   at   Claverack:     Comeha   Eliza,  b  Dec' 
27,     1827;    bp    Apr.    27,    1828;    sps    parents;    m 
Dec.  28    1853,  Edward  Doan  of  New  York;  Sarah 
Louise  Davis,  b  July  8,  1834;  bp  Jan.  14,  1835;  sps 
parents,  00  -   f-^ 

Cornelia,  b  Sept.  23,  bp  Oct.  20,  1805;  sps  Abraham 

and  Anantje  van  Deusen;  d  Sept.  29,  18-3 
Mana   b  Feb   8   bp  May  16,  1S07 ;  sps  parents. 
Cornelius  C,  b  Feb.  6,  bp  Apr.  18,  1808;  sps  parents; 

142  Van  Deursex  Family 

m  Sept.  i8,  1S30,  Christinje  R.  Van  Deusen,  dau 

of  (c2  2)  Robert  T.  Van  Deusen. 
365  viii  James  Jeremiah,  bp  October  16.  iSio;    sps    James 

De  La  Matter,  Gitty  Ostrander;  m  (ist)  Oct.  20 

1832,  Maria  Morgantroid;  (2d)  Oct.  17,  1848,  Ann 

E.  Chapman. 
ix      Stephen,  b  Sept.  4,  1813  ;  d  Mar.  13,  18S3. 
X       Gilbert  R.,  b  May  22,  1820;  d  Apr.  27,  18S1 ;  m  Jan. 

I,   1846,  Mary  M.  Comstock.     Issue:     Laura   E., 

b  1850. 
xi     John  Gephard,  b  Sept.  29,  1822 ;  d  Feb.  17,  1S50. 

201  CONRAD  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (99)  Robert  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Catharina  Van  Ham  of  Albany  and  Dutchess  Counties, 
N.  Y. ;  b  near  Dover,  Dutchess  Co.,  April  23,  1751;  bp  at 
Claverack  April  28,  1751;  m  (ist)  Oct.  27  1771  '  Haxnah 
KooN  or  Coon,  of  Dutchess  Co.,  who  was  b  May  i,  1754,  and 
d  at  Adolphustov.m,  Upper  Canada,  March  8,  1791;  (2d)  July 
9,  1 791,  at  Adolphustov/n,  ]\Iillicent  (Ferguson*)  Hoover, 

dau  of Ferguson  and  widow  of  Jacob  Hoover,  whom 

she  married  May  19,  1789,  and  by  whom  she  had  one  son, 
Jacob  Hoover,  Jr.,  b  July  11,  1790.  She  died  April  27,  1829, 
and  was  buried  beside  her  husband,  Conrad  Van  Dusen,  in  the 
old  United  Empire  Loyalist  bur\'ing  ground  at  Adolphus- 
town.  Her  first  husband,  Jacob  Hoover,  Sen.,  met  his  death 
by  an  accident.  He  was  the  son  of  Casper  Hoover,  a  native 
of  Holland,  who  immigrated  to  America  and  settled  on  the 
banks  of  the  Susquehannah  River  in  Pennsylvania.  From 
Pennsylvania  he  rem.oved  to  Adolphustown,  Upper  Canada, 
where  he  died  July,  1786.  Jacob  Hoover  was  a  Revolution- 
ary soldier  and,  in  September,  1787,  filed  a  claim  (No.  866) 
for  property  lost. 

Conrad  Van  Dusen  was  a  Loyalist  in  the  struggle  for  inde- 
pendence in  the  American  Colonies,  and  for  that  reason  his 
property  in  Albany  County,  N.  Y.,  was  sequestered  in  1778. 
"From  a  report  of  Messrs.  Matthew  Adgate,  Gabriel  Essel- 
tine  and  Isaac  Goes,  Commissioners  of  Sequestration  for 
Southern  District  of  Albany  County,  New  York,  dated  Feb. 
16,  1778,  the  personal  property  of  'Col.  Vanduersen'  Conrad 
Van  Deusen,  was  sold  for  ;^27-i8-o"  (Comptroller's  Office, 
Albany,  N.  Y.).  His  own  account  of  this  transaction  is  re- 
lated in  his  claim  to  the  British  Government.  "Montreal, 
November  9th  17S7.  Evidence  on  the  Claim  of  Conrad  Van 
Dusen,  late  of  Albany  County,  New  York  Province.  Claim- 
ant Sworn.     Says  he  is  a  native  of  Duchess  County  N.  York 

Sixth  Generation  J43 

o  !m  leavmg  home  at  that  time  was  to  release  Capt  \ Ic  \  bH 
time  he  had  trained  in  the  miliLXt'nevSfe^.ed'^^'H:  \^ 

t^e^whole  W»f  "k^"""  *°  '^?™"-     «<=  ^''■■^d  *"  that"g?4 
tne  -fthole  U  ar.     He  now  resides  on  Bav  of  0,,,-nt,-  .tC-r" 



c^^n'^ii^' r^--'"  rpp:'d\r:;d"rh  i'^i-^'i? 

not  knowmg  if  ever  they  would  meet  a-ain      As  heind  hi^ 


o.^  th  i.  .aces^rXrr  :IS,tT„a-ht:  t^h^m  tfh.-li  Vh^ 

144  Van  Deursen  Family 

finally  got  away  and  Conrad  subsequently  rejoined  the  British 
army.  Years  aften,vards,  when  peace  had  once  more  settled 
dov/n  upon  the  land,  and  Conrad  and  his  family  were  far 
away  from  the  scene  of  his  narrow  escape,  on  the  shore  of  the 
Bay  of  Quinte,  he  received  a  letter  from  the  tender  hearted 
lady  to  whom  he  had  given  the  ring,  returning  it  to  him.  He 
had  not  even  known  her  name  until  the  coming  of  her  letter, 
and  often  afterwards  he  spoke  with  gratitude  of  her  genuine 
loyalty  and  fidelity  as  that  of  a  true  heroine. 

Conrad  Van  Dusen  served  in  Colonel  Fanning 's  regiment 
during  the  whole  term  of  the  war,  as  noted  above  in  his  testi- 
mony. The  regiment  was  most  actively  engaged  in  the 
Carolinas.  The  following  extracts  of  the  dates  of  musters  of 
the  regiment,  in  which  Conrad's  name  appears,  were  copied 
by  Captain  Albert  H  Van  Deusen,  the  compiler  of  this  work, 
from  the  original  docviments. 

"MUSTER  ROLL  of  the  GRANIDIER  of  the  KING'S 
ESQ.  is  Colonel  Commanded  by  Maior  lohn  Coffin.  Flushing 
Fly  (Long  Island:  June  12,  lySJ).  CONRAD  VAN  DEUSEN, 
enlisted  in  said  regiment  in  Febmary  1777  in  New  York  City. 
Musters:  Lloyd's  Neck,  Long  Island,  Nov.  11,  1770,  in  Ab- 
raham De  Peyser's  Company.  George  Town,  S.  C,  February 
71,  1781,  in  Capt.  Thomas  Chapman's  Company.  Savannah, 
Geo.,  April  24,  1781,  Same  Company.  Same,  Oct.  24,  1781, 
Ditto.  Do.  April  24,  1782,  Do.  Flushing  Fly,  Long  Island, 
Jan.  26,  1783,  Ditto.     Ditto  June  12,  1783. " 

[For  typographical  reasons  the  list  of  soldiers'  names, 
which  in  the  original  document  follov.'s  immediately  after  the 
above,  has  been  carried  over  to  the  next  page.] 

Sixth  Generation 







Thomas  Chapman  .  .  . 

Lieutenants. .  . 

James  ^^ackav 


Barclay  Fanning 



John  Sheldon 



Asa  Blakslev 



Robert  Campbell 



Zachariah  Dobbs  .  .  .  . 



Jacob  Brewer 



name  crossed  out .... 



David  Cuttler 



Ezckial  Scalev 



Jonathan  Palmer.  .  .  . 



Glibert  Rose 



Robert  Opden 


Nathan  Burroughs..  . 



David  Stage 



Conrad  Van  Dusen.. . 



lohn  Darby  .  . 



Ennos  Flewallen 



Elii  Yeomans 



lohn  Weaton 



[ohn  Collard 



Titus  Way 



James  Mack  Mullen. . 



Nathaniel  Chappie. .  . 



Frederick  Fox 



William  Smith 



Abraham  Rose.  ...  1 

Returned  from  being 



Peter  King \ 

Prisoners  taken  20th 



Tames  Cronk 

February  1781 



Jolin  Sligle 

Deserted  i6tli  May  17  S3 



Wilham  Huff 1 



Christian  Dobbs.  .  . 



Benjamin  Yeomans  > 

Prisoners  -wnth  the 



Jacob  Haviland  .  .  . 
Francis  Van  Dyke. 






Alexander  Sperry. . 





"We  do  hereby  Certify  that  the  Commission,  Non  Com- 
mission, Officers,  and  private  Men,  of  this  Company,  was  Ef- 
fective, at  the  Time's,  set  against  Their  Respective,  names  in 
The  v/ithin  Roll — and  That  the  True  and  proper  Reason's, 

146  Van  Deursen  Family 

are  herein  assigned,  against  the  names  of  those  who  are  at 
This  Time  absent — 

(signed)       "Jas  Mackay  Lieut 
The  following  is  endorsed  Kings  American  Regt. 

on  the  back:  " Barclay  Fanning 

' '  MUSTER  ROLL  of  the  Lieut  K.  A.  Regt. ' ' 

Granidier  Company  of  the 
Kings  Amr  Regimt  Flushing 
Fly  June  12,  'S^-  " 

The  Fanning  Regiment  was  organized  in  December,  1776, 
and  early  part  of  1777,  by  the  efforts  of  Governor  Tryon  and 
his  son-in-law,  Edmund  Fanning.  The  Corps  formed  part 
of  the  expedition  which  captured  Forts  Clinton  and  Mont- 
gomery on  the  Hudson,  in  October,  1777.  In  July,  1779,  it 
accompanied  Tryon  in  the  expedition  in  which  New  Haven 
was  plundered,  and  Fairfield  and  Norwalk,  Connecticut,  re- 
duced to  ashes.  It  saw  its  hardest  fighting  in  the  Carolinas, 
and  was  present  at  the  capture  of  Charlesiown  in  1779.  It 
was  considerably  reduced  at  the  battle  of  King's  Mountain, 
but  recovered  sufiiciently  to  participate  in  the  battle  at  Cam- 
den, April,  17S1,  in  which  General  Green  was  defeated  by 
Lord  Rawdon. 

At  the  close  of  the  struggle  the  Corps  had  dwindled  to  about 
one  third  its  original  strength,  and  the  majority  of  the  rem- 
nant emigrated  to  New  Brunswick,  Canada,  settling  a  little 
below  Woodstock,  on  the  St.  John  River.  Their  lands  were 
not  very  good,  however,  and  many  had  abandoned  them  be- 
fore the  grant  was  issued,  August  17,  17S7. 

Dr.  Canniff,  in  his  work.  The  Settlement  of  Upper  Canada, 
states  that  Conrad  Van  Dusen  was  a  member  of  the  notorious 
guerilla  Company,  Butler's  Rangers,  v/hich  desolated  the  in- 
fant settlement  of  Wyoming,  Pennsylvania,  in  1778.  An  ex- 
amination of  the  "Old  United  Empire  Book,"  at  the  Crown 
Lands  Office,  Toronto,  Canada,  in  v/hich  the  names  of  these 
Rangers  are  entered,  disproved  this  statement;  Conrad's  not 
being  found  among  them.  He  was  the  only  Tory  of  his 
family,  but  this  did  not  divide  him  from  their  affections,  as  is 
proved  by  the  fact  of  his  brother,  Casper,  who  was  a  Patriot, 
emigrating  v/ith  him  to  Canada,  after  the  great  struggle  was 
over.  Both  had  fought  to  uphold  that  which  he  deemed 
right,  and  we  must  bear  in  mind  that,  whatever  the  spirit  of 
the  British  tory,  which  led  to  the  Revolution,  the  American 
tory  and  loyalist  was  often  a  man  whose  heart  and  head  were 
with  the  quarrel  of  the  Colonies,  but  whose  conscience  forbade 


'   ///,/.< 


■""■'/■  ■■■::■■> 

/A .  //.  .    ////.J  /f  /;  //<//}/// 




Original    Freemason's  CertifiLate  of  Conrad  Van  Dusen. 

Sixth  Generation  147 

his  taking  up  arms  against  the  Kling,  in  the  doctrine  of  whose 
"Divine  right"  he  had  been  trained.  Immediately  after 
being  discharged  from  the  service,  Conrad  joined  his  'familv, 
whicli  he  conducted  to  New  York.  On  descending  the  Hud- 
son River,  his  second  child,  Susannah,  died  and  was  buried  at 
Kingston,  N.  Y. 

Conrad  Van  Dusen  and  his  brother,  Casper,  grandfather  of 
the  compiler  of  this  work,  were  of  the  party  which  left  New 
York  in  September  17S3,  under  the  leadership  of  Major  Peter 
Van  Alstyne  of  Kinderhook  for  Canada.  Their  vessel  was 
escorted  by  the  British  Man-of-War  Hope,  which  piloted  them 
along  the  Atlantic  coast  and  up  the  St  Lawrence  River  as  far 
as  Sorel.  There  the  party  wintered,  built  bateaux,  and  in  the 
Spring,  with  provisions  and  supplies  furnished  by  the  British 
Government,  started  on  their  perilous  journey  of  ascending 
the  great  river  to  Lake  Ontario.  About  a  month  before  leav- 
ing Sorel,  the  degrees  of  the  Masonic  fraternity  were  conferred 
upon  Conrad  Van  Dusen  by  Unity  Lodge  No.  73  of  Quebec. 
The  records  of  this  old  Lodge  were  lost  in  the  early  part  of  the 
last  century,  but  the  certihcate  of  Conrad's  membership  is 
still  in  existence,'of  which  the  following  is  a  copy. 

"We,  the  Master,  Vardens,  &  Secretary  of 
Unity  Lodge  No.  73  of  Quebec  held  at  Sorel, 
Do,  hereby  certify  that  our  worthy  Brother 
Conraied  Van  Dusen,  the  bearer  hereof,  was 
by   us    lawfully  Entered,    Pass'd    &    Raiz'd, 
So  that  without  hesitation  may  be  Admitted 
or  Incorporated  into  any  lawful  Warrented 
Body   wherever  mett,    congregated,    or   con- 
vened,   he   having    to   his   utmost   of  power 
[Seal]  strenuously  supported  and  contributed  to  the 

Advancement,  and  Interest  of  Masonry  with 
Zeal  and  Vigour. 
"Given  under  our  (signed)  "Alen  Bissett  MR. 

hands  &  Seal  of  our  Lodge  this  ' '  Francis  Willson  S.  W. 

7th  day  of  May  at  Sorel  in  this  "Andrew  Coulter  Jr. 

present  year  1784  A.  L.  5784." 

' '  Benaiah  Gibbs  Secry. ' ' 

On  June  16,  1784,  the  party  reached  their  destination  on  the 
Bay  of  Quinte,  about  thirty  miles  west  of  Cataraqui,  later 
known  as  Kingston,  at  a  place  then  known  as  Fourth  Town, 
and    later    as  Adolphiistown.      Here  they  landed  and  drew 

148  Van  Deursen  Family 

lots  for  the  choice  of  land;  heads  of  families  having  the 
preference.  And  here,  under  the  most  trying  circumstances. 
they  began  once  more  that  pioneer  life  from  which  their 
families  had  but  recently  emerged  in  the  Colonies;  hewing 
their  homes  out  of  the  virgin  forest,  as  their  fathers  had  done 
before  them. 

Conrad  was  a  man  of  affairs  in  the  little  settlement.  His 
first  location  was  on  the  west  half  of  lot  14,  First  Concession, 
which  was  patented  to  him  April  5,  1797.  He  opened  a 
house  of  entertainment,  or  tavern,  where  most  of  the  meetings 
for  the  transaction  of  business  were  held.  Here  the  fathers 
met  to  smoke  their  pipes  and  quafi  their  mugs  of  beer,  while 
they  settled  the  knotty  questions  of  the  community;  while 
in  an  adjoining  room  their  lads  and  lassies  were  "enjoying 
themselves  in  their  fashion,  to  the  merry  strains  of  the  dance 
inviting  fiddle. 

For  about  fourteen  years  they  lived  the  usual  life  of  pioneers 
and  were  without  any  religious  life,  excepting  such  as  lingered 
in  the  hearts  of  individuals  in  the  settlement.  But  a  change 
was  now  dauTiing.  The  Reverend  William  Losee,  of  the 
Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  made  his  way  through  the  wild- 
erness on  a  missionary  journey  from  Albany  to  Canada. 
When  he  reached  Adolphustovrn  Conrad  Van'Dusen  enter- 
tained him  at  his  tavern  and  the  dancing  hall  was  put  at  his 
disposal  for  preaching.  The  music  of  the  fiddle  gave  place 
to  the  sweet  sound  of  the  gospel  of  the  grace  of  God  to  poor 
needy  sinners.  The  neighbors  flocked  in  from  far  and  near 
to  listen  to  the  ' '  good  news  from  a  far  country, ' '  and  a  wave 
of  revival  spread  over  the  community.  Conrad  was  one  of 
the  early  converts,  and,  with  true  purpose  of  heart,  he  took 
an  axe  and  chopped  down  the  sign  post  of  his  tavern,  and 
turned  his  bar  into  a  meeting  place  for  prayer.  From  that 
time  on,  to  the  close  of  his  long  life,  he  was  a  faithful  and  con- 
sistent follower  of  his  Saviour,  and  filled  the  office  of  Circuit 
Stewart  and  Class  Leader  for  many  years.  He  died  in  great 
peace  on  November  3,  1827,  and  was  buried  in  what  is  now 
called  the  Old  U.  E.  Burying  Ground,  near  the  Courthouse  at 
Adolphustown.  His  wife,  ]\Iillicent  Hoover,  survived  him 
two  years,  and  Hes  buried  beside  him. 

Mr.  Losee  lingered  among  the  little  congregation  where  he 
had  reaped  such  a  harvest  of  souls,  and  soon  the  question  of 
a  regular  meeting-house,  or  church,  arose.  It  was  agreed  to 
build  one,  with  Mr.  Losee  as  minister.  The  original  deed  of 
the  land  for  this  church,  written  in  the  beautiful  hand  of  Arra 
Ferguson,  brother  to  Millicent  Hoover,  is  still  in  existence,  in 

Sixth  Generation  149 

the  possession  of  Mr.  II.  H.  Allison  of  Adolphustown,  and  was 
copied  by  the  compiler  of  this  work  in  August.  1899.  It  is  a 
valuable  record  of  the  names  of  most  of  the  heads  of  the  fami- 
lies at  that  time,  and  by  it  we  see  that  Conrad  was  the  largest 
subscriber  to  the  building  fund. 

"Adolphustown,  Feb.  3rd,  1792.  Dear  Friends  and  Breth- 
ren. As  Almighty  God  has  been  pleased  to  visit  us  in  this 
wilderness  land  with  the  light  of  a  preached  Gospel,  we  think 
it  requsite  to  build  a  Meeting-house  or  Church  for  the  more 
convenient  assembling  of  ourselves  together  for  social  worship 
before  the  Lord. 

"We  do  agree  to  build  the  said  church  under  the  direction 
of  William  Losee,  Methodist  preacher,  our  brother  who  has 
labored  with  us  this  twelve  months  past,  he  following  the  di- 
rections of  the  Discipline  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church, 
or  in  his  absence  under  the  direction  of  any  assistant  Preacher 
belonging  to  the  IMethodist  Episcopal  Church  in  Great  Britain 
or  America,  sent  from  there  by  proper  authority  (such  as  the 

Bishop)  to  labor  among  us We  do  further 

agree  to  build  said  church  thirty-six  feet  by  thirty  feet,  two 
stories  high  with 'gallery  in  the  upper  ston.'  or  second  story. 
Said  house  to  be  built  on  the  north  west  corner  of  Paul  Huff 's 
lot  of  land.  No.  18,  third  concession,  Fourth  Town. 

"We  the  subscribers  do  promise  to  pay,  or  cause  to  be  paid 
to  the  Directors  towards  the  building  of  the  said  church  as  it 
is  wanting,  the  sums  of  money  annexed  to  our  names  under- 
neath where  we  have  hereunto  set  our  hands  the  date  above 

"Halifax  Currency. 

'  Paul  U-aK ' £10-0-0 

'  Peter  Frederick 4-0-0 

'  Elizabeth  Roblin 1 2-0-0 

'  William  Casey 7-0-0 

'Daniel  Steel 3-10-0 

'Joseph  ElHson 5-0-0 

'  Willia.m  Green i-o-o 

'  William  Ruttan 1 0-0-0 

'  Solomon  Huft 2-0-0 

'  Stophel  Garman 2-0-0 

'John  Green 3-0-0 

'Peter  Ruttan 4-0-0 

'Joseph  Clapp 5-0-0 

'  John  Bininger i-o-o 

'  Conrad  Vandusen 1 5-0-0 

'Henry  Hover 8-10-0 

150  Van  Deursen  Family 

' '  Casper  Vandusen 2-0-0 

'  *  Arra  Ferguson 3-0-0 

' '  Andrew  Embury 2-0-0 

' '  Daniel  Dafoe 2-0-0 

' '  Henr}'  David 4-0-0 

"William  Ketheson 2-0-0 

Total  22 ;^io8-o-o 

The  land  for  the  site  of  the  church  was  given  by  Paul  Huf[ 
and  his  wife;  the  following  being  an  abstract  of  the  deed. 

"This  Indenture  Made  and  Executed  this  seventh  day  of 
June  in  the  year  of  our  Eord  One  thousand  eight  hundred  and 
'eleven,  between  Paul  Huff  of  the  Township  of  x\dolphustown 
in  the  Counties  of  Lenox  and  Addington  in  the  Midland  Dis- 
trict and  province  of  Upper  Canada  and  ]\Iary  my  Wife  of  the 
one  part,  and  Christopher  Germain,  William  Ruttan,  Solomon 
Huff,  William  Casey,  Augustus  Shorts,  John  Roblin  and  Wil- 
liam More,  all  of  the  Counties  and  District  and  province 
aforesaid  of  the  other  part : 

"Witnesseth,  that  the  said  Paul  Huff  and  Mary  my  Wife, 
for  and  in  Consideration  of  the  Love,  Good  will  and  affection 
we  have  for  the  ]\Iethodist  Episcopal  Church,  hath  Granted, 
Bargained  and  Released  Confirmed  and  Given;  and  by  these 
presents  do  Give,  Grant,  Bargan,  Release,  Confirm,  and  Con- 
vey, unto  them  the  said  Trustees  in  Trust  and  their  succes- 
soi-s  Trustees  in  Trust  for  the  use  and  purposes  hereinafter 

declared a  certain  parcel   of 

land "  etc, 

' '  William  Patterson  (signed)       ' '  Paul  Huff 

' '  WiUiamson  Huff  ' '  Mary  Huff 




Conrad  Van  Dusen  had  a  large  family  of  fifteen  children,  all 
but  one  of  whom  lived  to  maturity,  married,  and  had  children. 
From  him  and  his  brother,  Casper,  the  numerous  Canadian 
Van  Dusens,  besides  many  others  of  various  names,  children 
of  female  lines,  are  descended. 

Children,  all  excepting  first  two,  bom  in  Canada;  by  first 

366  i  Catherina  (Katrena),  b  July  28,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  24, 
1774;  sps  Marden  V.  Deusen  and  EHzabeth  Ostran- 
der,  his  wife;  m  Feb.  2,  1792,  David  Brown  of 

Sixth  Generation  151 

ii       Susannah.b  July  27,  1782  (?);   d  July  6, 1783;  bur  at 
Kingston,  N.  Y. 

367  iii      Henrv  Coon,  b  ]an.  j6,  17S6;  m  Jan.  27,  1S07,  Mary 


368  iv      Susannah,  b  Apr.   2,   17S9;  m  Jan.   27,   181 1,  John 

By  second  wife: 

369  V       Hannah,  b  Apr.   12,   1792;  m   (ist)  ]\Iar.   19,   1810, 

John  Tobey,  who  d  Sept.  14,  18 28;  (2d)  Apr.  17, 
183S,  Patrick  Healy. 

370  vi      Rachel,  b  Dec.  14,  1793;  m  Dec.  10,  1810,  William 


371  vii     Phebe,  b  Nov.  28,  1795;  m  June  15,  1S15,  Thomas 


372  viii   Sarah,  b  May  26,  1798;  m  Aug.  7,  1816,  Jacob  Roblin. 
ix      Daniel,  b  Jan.  29,  iSoo;  m  Apr,  6,  1825,  Margaret 

Johnson;  d  July  18,  1826,  from  effects  of  ampxita- 
tion  of  limb,  due  to  cut  on  knee ;  was  a  carpenter 
by  trade.     Issue:     David,  b  1S26;  d  1829. 

373  X       Conrad,  b  Dec.  14,  iSoi ;  m  Mar.  20,  1820,  Mary  Rob- 

lin. - 

374  xi      Arra  Ham,  b  May  4,  1804;  m  May  2^,  1827,  Ann 

Mc  Grath. 

375  xii    William.bFeb.  8,  iSo6;m  (ist)  Dec.  II,  iS28,Nancy 

Hartford;  (2d)  :\Ielinda  Cooney;  (3d)  Sally  Weeks. 

376  xiii   Roswell,  b  Aug.  20,  1S08;  m  Dec.  8,  1830,  Phoebe 


377  xiv  James  Yeoman,  b  Aug.  5,  1 810;  m  in  183 1,  Isabell 


378  XV    Jacob  Richard,  b  Mar.  26,  1813;  m  May  10,  1837, 

Charlotte  Beman  of  Hartford,  Conn. 

202  CASPER  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (99)  Robert  Van 
Duesen  and  Catherina  Van  Ham'  of  Albany  and  Dutchess 
Counties,  N.  Y. ;  b  in  Dutchess  Co.  April  19,  i76i;d  Dec.  23, 
1838,  at  his  home  in  Sophiasburg,  Prince  Edward  Co.,  Upper 
Canada;  m  in  Adolphustown,  Upper  Canada,  by  Peter  Van 
Alstyne,  J.  P.,  Feb.  i6,  1786,  Hannah  Mary  Shorts;  b  Jan. 
23,  1766;  d  at  Hilton,  Brighton  Township,  Northumberland 
Co.,  Canada,  Oct.  26,  1862,  at  the  advanced  age  of  ninety-six 
years;  having  survived  her  husband  for  twenty-four  years. 
She  lies  buried  at  Hilton.  An  account  of  her  parents  will  be 
found  in  ^Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families. 

Casper  was  a  patriot  during  the  Revolutionary-  War,  servin 
in  Capt.  Israel  Vail's  Company,  Second  Rcgt.,  Dutchess  Co. 

152  Van  Deursen  Family 

Militia,  Col.  Morris  Graham;  and  also  in  the  Sixth  Dutchess 
Co.  Regt.  There  is  record  of  his  service  from  Oct.  lo,  to  Nov. 
23,  1779.  His  elder  brother,  Conrad,  was  a  loyalist,  and  suf- 
fered the  confiscation  of  his  property.  The  difference  in 
opinion  does  not  seem  to  have  divided  their  affections,  how- 
ever, for  both  Casper  and  Conrad  were  of  the  party,  mostly 
composed  of  loyalists,  v.-ho  left  New  York  in  September,  17S3, 
under  leadership  of  Maj.  Peter  Van  Alstyne,  J.  P.,  of  Ivinder- 
hook,  to  seek  a  new  home  in  Canada.  They  settled  on  the 
Bay  of  Quinte,  in  the  Fourth  Town,  later  called  Adolphus- 
town.  Casper's  land  lay  on  the  west  half  of  Lot  13,  and  east 
half  of  Lot  14  (Conrad  was  on  the  west  half  of  Lot  14)  Second 
Concession,  200  acres,  which  was  patented  to  him  Aug.  31, 
1801  and  July  23,  1804.  The  following  extracts  from  Council 
Proceedings  refer  to  this  land.  "ORDER  IN  COUNCIL 
giving  effect  to  the  proceedings  of  the  Commissioners  in  1800, 
for  the  Eastern  District,  Dist.  of  Johnstov/n  &  Midland  Dis- 
trict       Gasper  Van  dusen  claims  the  west 

half  of  lot  number  thirteen  in  the  second  Concession  of  Adol- 
phustown.     Allowed. 

"Gasper  Vandusen  claimes  the  east  half  of  lot  number  14 
in  the  second  concession  of  Adolphustown. 

' '  No.  59.  To  his  Excellency  Peter  Hunter  Esqr.  Sr  General 
Commanding  his  Majesty's  Province  of  upper  Canada  etc. 

Ivlay'  it  please   your   Excellency   In   the 

year  1796,  a  description  passed  my  ofiice  in  favor  of  Capt. 
Abraham  Mabee,  for  the  East  half  of  lot  No  14  in  the  2d  Cons 
upon  General  Haldimans  Certificate,  &  according  to  the  Entry 
on  the  Quebec  plan  of  Adolphustown. 

"In  the  year  179S  this  land  was  allowed  by  the  Commis- 
sioners to  Gasper  Vanduser,  but  the  claim  could  not  be  car- 
ried into  Effect,  because  the  deed  has  been  passed  &  issued  to 
Capn  Mabee. 

"On  the  Quebec  Plan  Capn  Mabee  is  entered  on  the_  East 
half,  &  John  Hartman,  from  whom  Vanduser "s  claim  is  de- 
duced on  the  west  half  but  it  seems  that  Mat)ees  improvements 
are  on  the  West  half  &  Vandusers  on  the  ir^ast. 

"Mabee  is  willing  to  surrender  his  deed,  or  convey  to_  Van- 
duser provided  he  can  get  another  for  the  west  half;  or  if  this 
cannot  be  done,  as  Vandusen  and  Maybe  are  evidently  en- 
titled to  the  lot  between  them,  Maybee  having  already  gotten 
one  half,  the  other  might  be  granted  should  your  Excellency 
see  proper,  to  Vandusen  Sc  the  parties  could  then  make  the 
necessary  exchange  themselves. 

' '  If  the  entry  on  the  Quebec  plan  had  been  made  right  in 







-    ':     ' ' 

Saw,  issued  anions  other  tu>.Is  bv  British  Government  Vj  Casper  Van  Dusen  after 

his  arrival  in  Canada  in  June,   i:S4,  v.-ith  the  Van  _Alst;.-ne  party  of  loyahsts 

from  \e\v  York;  now  in  the  possessif'n  of  A\il!iam  Albert 

Van  Deusen  of   Madison,  \Viseon>in. 

Sixth  Generation  I53 

the  first  instance  to  mabee,  nothing  could  have  impeded  Van- 
dusers  claim ;  if  any  expedient  of  the  above  kind  therefore,  can 

rLltT'f-  ^  '  f  ^t'"^^;  r^^  ^'  ^^^^^fi^d-  t^^e  embarressment 
of  the  Parties  got  nd  o  ,  &  they  are  ^villing  to  acquiess  in  such 
order,  as  to  your  Lxceilency  in  your  wisdom,  may  deem  meet 
to  give. 

"All  which  is  respectfullv  submitted  bv 
Sur  Gen  office  "D.  W.  Smith 

ioJuneieSo2  SurGenl" 

1  •  i7°^^-,  ."^  ^^  J^"^  ^^^^-  In  order  to  sustain  the 
claim  allowed  by  the  Commissioners  to  .Air.  Van  Du^en-  The 
U.  Governor  will  accept  of  the  surrender  of  Captn  Mabee 's 
deed  who  may  (uponthe  original  authoritv,)  receive  another 
for  the  proper  halt  ol  the  lot,  upon  which  his  improvements 
are  made. 

h.r^^'S  r'^^/^l'''''^  nominee,  or  his  representative,  will 
have  a  Patent  for  the  land  originally  granted. 

' '  By  order  of  the  Lt.  Gov. 

(signed)  James  Green 

The  records  of  the  Land  Office  at  Xapanec.  Ont.,  show  that 
)\A  ^^1  ?     ^°^    '4,    second   concession,    Fourth   Town 

hn^^'l?  r^T""^-;  '''^'  '^'''^'*^  ^>'  ^^^  C^°^™  to  Captain  Abra- 
cTni^i  ?  P",^  ^:,  'IV  '  ''^"^  ^'"  J^^>-  -^3.  1S04,  the  same  par- 
cel of  land  was  deeded  by  the  Crown  to  Gasper  Vanduser      It 

tTlt'^tl  W^-^'i^w-  ^?  ^'^-  '4'  1809,  Casper  sold  this  land 
to  Daniel  Haight  for  ;^ioo-o-o,  having  previouslv,  Jan.  26 
1603,  sold  t^he  adjoining  piece  of  propertv,  the  west  half  of 
i-ot  13,  to  the  same  person;  price  not  stated 

fn^^'?f^'J''^  """^i  ^^"'''i"  ^^  Adolphustown.  In  1797  he  moved 
to  Sixth  1  own  later  Sophiasburg,  across  the  narrow  bav,  in 
Prince  Edward  County.  Here  he  took  up  Lot  iS.  on  the 
iligh  Shore,  which  was  patented  to  him  bv  the  Crown 
til'^'^l  '8°3,  and  contained  200  acres.  On  this  home- 
stead he  passed  the  remainder  of  his  life,  and  was  a  prominent 
and_  useful  member  of  the  community.  Under  the  faithful 
yoT^^'Tu  -^^  'v-'  ^^^'-  ^^^^"^^^  Losee,  he,  too,  was  con- 
l-^^v  .°  ^7^st;  his  whole  after-life  being  stamped  with  that 
s  mphcity  of  spmtual  life  which  left  no  doubt  as  to  the  heart 
fully  won.  The  Rev.  Dr.  Green,  writing  in  i860,  says  of  him 
at  this  turning  point  in  his  life,  that  '"when  first  converted 
ne  was  ver>'  ignorant  of  religious  matters,  and  when  he  stood 
up  to  say  grace  at  table  he  repeated  'And  now  I  lay  me  down 
of  I  !f '^  uT  ^"f^  ^^'^  """"^y  religious  words  he  6ould  think 
^h  and  doubtless  they  were  acceptable  to  God.     But  he  was 

154  Van  Deursen  Family 

an  apt  scholar  in  the  school  of  Christ,  and  I  have  heard  him 
pray  and  speak  at  meetings  \\ith  much  propriety  and  ^^^eat 
power.  His  widow  is  still  living,  and  is  probably  the  only 
survivor  of  the  first  class  formed  by  Mr.  Losee. ' '  He  became 
a  class  leader,  and  an  active  participant  in  the  religious  Hte 
of  the  settlement;  with  his  own  hands  assisting  to  build  the 
first  church  of  the  Methodist  denomination  in  this  district, 
the  Hallowell  Meeting-house,  better  knovs^n  as  the  Old  Congers 
Church.  It  is  still  in  existence,  and  is  the  oldest  Methodist 
Church  now  in  use  in  the  Province  of  Ontario.  He  also  gave 
liberally  of  his  worldly  goods  for  this  purpose,  as  will  be  seen 
in  the  following  interesting  extracts  from  original  memoranda, 
taken  from  the  old  memorandum  book  of  the  Hon.  Stephen 
Conger,  J.  P.,  in  reference  to  the.  building  of  the  Hallowell 
meeting  house: 

"Begun  14th  June  1809 

Hellebron  Valleu 4^  days 

Caspert  Vandusen 5^    do 

Abram  Vanblaricom i  ^    do 

Henry  Johnson i       do 

Caspert  Vandusen i       do 

"Sent  to  Kingston  to  Joseph  Forsyth  3d  July  1S09  for  the 
Meeting  house  an  order  Signed  by  S  Conger  H  Valleu  C  Van- 
dusen and  R  Johnson  Trustees 
25  lb  of  shingle  nails 

150  lb  of  siding  do  •  ■  . 

25  lb  of  8  pennys  do 
2  boxes  of  Glass  7^  by  S^- 
iS  lb  of  putty 
i  keg  of  white  lead 
I  jar  of  oil 
1  painters  brush 

Received  the  above  articles  safe  by  William  Ruttan 

"Account  of  Money  Collected  on  A  Subscription  paper  for 
building  A  infecting  house 

Sarah  Huyck ;^o-5~^' 

Clapp  paid  when  he  signed 0-2-6 

Jacob  Rattan o-io-o 

13th  July  1S09 0-17-6 

^''^  '?ran?s  %'om  w'v^' l'  T'"'''^  ^?^'  ^^?P^r  Van  D^:sen  and  other  pioneer  emi 

grants  Irom  Ne%%   Wk  State  to  Canada  in   .7S4.      The  oldest  Methodist 

church  now  m  use  in  the  Province  of  Ontario. 

Sixth  Generation  155 

Received  from  C  Vandusen  Trustee" 

"Team  work  drawing  timber 
Caspert  Vandusen 2    days 

"25  Sept  1809 
Team  work  drawing  stone  Caspert  Vandusen  two  hands  and  A 
team  one  day' ' 

"1810  Feby  ist  Received  from  Caspert  Vandusen  Trustee 
money  which  he  collected  on  a  paper  and  crossed  out  the 
Names  who  he  got  it  of 

being  ;£i-i-9 

' '  ac  church 
Deer  II  [1S09]  Received  from 

Richard  Benson ;^o-io-o 

Caspert  Vandusen o-io-o 

£1-  0-0 
"Dec  I  1810 

'  *  4  Bis  from  C  Vandusen  In  peas ;/^o-i6-o 

"March  9th  iSii  Stephen  Roblin 

by  C  Vandusen 5-0 

"30  April  1811 

D  Jenkins  in  flour £o~  5-0 

John  Sparrow \ Do    o-ii-o 

Caspert  Vandusen Do    0-19-0 

-  £^-^5-o 

"April  12  1811 

Received  from 

Caspert  Vandusen  3  qrs  Vrt  flour 

from  at  203 ;^o-i5-o 

John  Vv'ood  100  Wt i-  0-0 

Richard  Gardner  one  flour  barrel 2-6 

Casper  Van  Dusen  lived  to  the  ripe  age  of  seventy-seven. 
He  died  Dec.  23,  183S,  and  hes  buried  in  the  old  Conger's 
Church  graveyard.  He  and  his  wife  used  the  Dutch  language. 
Many  references  to  him  and  to  his  brother,  Conrad,  will  be 
found  in  the  histories  of  the  settlement  of  this  part  of  Canada 
(See  Pioneer  Life  on  the  Bay  of  Quinte,  p.  60;  Playter's 
History  of  Methodism  in  Canada,  p.  32 ;  etc). 









156  Vax  Deursex  Family 

Children,  the  first  six  b  in  Adolphustown,  the  others  in 
Sophiasburg : 

379  i        John,  h  Dec.  7,  17S6;  m  (ist)  May  15,  1810,  Mary 
Armstrong;  (2d)  in  1S25,  Patience  Aldrich. 
A  son,  b  Apr.  22,  d  Apr.  24,  1788. 
Catharine,  b  July  23,  1789;  m  Dec.  30,  1810,  John 

Fanny,  b  Dec.  5,  1792;  m  (ist)  Jan.  12,  1813,  Levi 

Bates;  (2d)  May  29,  1855,  John  Bennet. 
Mary,  b  Jan.  15,  1794;  d  tinm  Feb.  9,  1813. 
Rosannah,  b  Jan.  29,  1797;  ni  Apr.  4,  1S15,  John  W. 

383  vii     Robert,  b  Apr.   2,   1799;  ni   (ist)   a   1820  Elizabeth 

Roblin;  (2d)  a  1S45  Mary  Ann  Brown. 

384  viii   Amelia,  b  Jan.  13,  1S02  ;m  Feb.  12,  1S24,  James  Lent. 

385  ix      Elizabeth,  b  Aug.  16,  1804;  m  June  12,  1828,  James 


386  X       Rachel,  b  Jan.  13,  1807;  m  Feb.  21,  1837,  Lewis  R. 


387  xi      Charlotte  Croel,  b  Nov.  5,   1810;  m  June  16,  1S41, 

Abraham  Huff. 
3S8  xii     Peter  Jasper  Monk,  b  June  4,  i8i5;m  Sept.  30,  1835, 
Deborah  Ferro  Davis. 

203  CORNELLS  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (99)  Robert 
Van  Deusen  and  Catherina  Van  Ham  of  Albany  and  Columbia 
Counties,  N.  Y. ;  bp  at  Clav.  Jan.  26,  1766;  m  a  1789,  Tunis 
(Anthony)  Schertz  (Schutt).  He  served  in  the  Second 
Regt.,  Dutchess  Co.  Militia,  Col.  Abraham  Brinkerhoff,  as 
Teunis  Schutt. 

i        A  child,  bp  at  Hillsdale,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  23,  1791 ;  sps  parents. 
ii       Barbara  Schertz,  bp  at  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  21,  1792 ;  sps 

Nicholas  Scherly,  Margreth  Cooper. 
iii      Maragia   Schertz, ^b  Apr.  9,  bp  at  Clav.  Oct.   19,  i799; 

sps  George  Schertz  and  Polly  Schutz. 

204  ROBERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  eldest  son  of  (100)  Jo- 
hannes Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  (Sophia)  Roorbach;  bp  at 
Livingston  Oct.  25,  1755;  m  a  1776  M.\rytje  Krein  (Crane). 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Tenth  Regt.,  Albany  County  Militia, 
Col.  Henry  Livingston  (Report  from  War  Dept.). 


i        Petrus,  b  Nov.  29,  1780;  bp  at  Liv.  Jan.  28,  17S1; 
sps  Petrus  and  Catherine  Crane;  prob  m  a  i799> 

Sixth  Generation  157 

Elizabeth  Jissim.  Issue;  Anna  Maria  b  Mar. 
29,  bp  Sept.  8,  1799;  Samuel  Ering.  b  Sept.  25, 
bp  Nov.  13,  1S03;  Jan,  b  Sept.  8,  bp^Dec.  21  1806; 
Alida,  b  June  2S,  bp  Sept.  10,  1809;  all  bp  at 

389  ii       Robert,  b  Feb.  2,  bp  at  Liv.  April  30,  1782;  sps  Jure 

(George)  Van  Deusen,  Eva  Brissee;  m  a  1S05, 
Margaret  Thorn. 

iii  Catrina,  b  June  12,  bp  at  Copake  Aug.  8,  1784;  sps 
William  and  Elizabeth  Lott. 

iv  Laurance,  bp  at  Copake  Mar.  24,  17S6;  sps  Laurence 
Decker,    (207)    Tabitha    Van    Deusen;    m    Susan 

,  b  N.  Y.  1805;  res  in  1850,  Claverack; 

oc  shoemaker.  Issue:  Georgianna,  b  1S41 ;  Fer- 
dinand, b  1843.  In  the  records  of  this  family 
there  appears  a  Mary  Ann  Van  Deusen,  b  in  Conn. 
in  1770,  and  living  with  Laurance  in  1S50  at  the 
age  of  80 ;  she  was  prob  his  mother. 

390  V       Marks,  b  at  Ancram  Mar.  8,   178S;  m   (ist)  a   180S 

Mar\'- Cline,  who  d  Apr.  11,  1853;  (2d)  Jan.  13, 
1856,  Sarah  Ann  Fox. 

vi  Jury  (George),  b  Jan.  28,  bp  at  Copake  Apr.  10,  1790; 
sps  John  and  Cathrina  Van  Deusen. 

vii  Feytje,  b  Mar.  7,  bp  at  Copake  Apr.  15,  1792;  sps 
Barent  Van  Deusen,  Feytje  Hallenbeck;  m  a  1814, 
Arend  Williams;  was  received  in  the  church  at 
Copake, upon  confession  of  faith,  Oct.  1820.  Issue: 
Ambrose  Williams,  b  Nov.  2^,  1816;  bp  at  Church- 
town  Feb.  4,  1817;  Louisa  Williams,  b  Aug.  24, 
1 8 19;  bp  at  Churchtown  Jan.  13,  1820. 

viii  James,  bp  at  Copake  Apr.  2,  1795. 

205  GEORGE  VAN  DEUSEN  (recorded  as  Jeremiah, 
Jure,  Jurry,  Jarvis  and  George),  son  of  (100)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach;  bp  at  Mt.  Ross  Nov.  13,  1757; 
m  a  1778  Eva  Bresee.  He  served  in  the  Tenth  Regt.,  Al- 
bany County  Militia,  Col.  Henry  Livingston,  during  the  Rev- 
olutionary War. 


391  i        Fictje  (Sophia),  b  Dec.  27,  17S0;  bp  at  Clav.  Feb.  4, 

17S1;  sps  Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Fytje  Rorback- 
m  a  1804,  Cornelius  Pulver. 
ii       Dorothy,  b  July  16,  bp  at  Liv.  July   28,   1782;  sps 
Andries  Prisie,  Fytje  Halenbeeck. 

392  iii      Johanis    Qohn),   bp  at   Copake  Aug.    12,    1783;  sps 

158  Van  Deursen  Family 

Johanis  and  Claartje  Prisie;  m  May  or  Aug    14 
1809,  Phebe  Van  Deusen. 

393  iv      Cornelius,  b  Feb.  20,  17S5;  m  Dec.  24,  iSio,  Marii 

V       Martin,  bp  at  Copake  Sept.  30,  1 786 ;  sps  Martin  and 

Christina  Van  Deusen. 
vi  Cornelia,  b  Jan.  28,  17S8. 
vii    Andreas,  b  July  12,  bp  at  Cop.  Sept.  6,  1789-  sps 

Andreas  and  Elsjc  Bressie,  his  wife ;  d  y. 

394  viii   Robert  G.,  b  Mar.  15,  bp  at  Cop.  Mav  29,  1791;  sps 

Robert  Van  Deusen,  Mar\^tje  Ivruyn;  m  a  1812 

Betsey  (Elizabeth)  Smith. 
ix      Andreas,  twin  of  Christina. 
X       Christina,  b  Feb.  10,  bp  at  Cop.  Feb.  17,  1793;  sps 

Andrew  and  Eliza  Bressie;  m  James  Wheeler-  in 

i860  resided  at  Potter,  Yates  Co.,  N.  Y. 

395  xi      Nicholas  G.,  b  Mar.  23,  bp  at  Cop.  Mav  23,  1796;  sps 

Nickleas  Robertson,  Catharina  Van  Deusen;  m  a 
181S  Elizabeth  Niver. 

396  xii    Mattheus,  b  Oct.  20,  bp  at  Cop.  Nov.  12,  1797;  sps 

Mattheus  Van  Deusen,  Catherine  Livinc^ston ; 'm  a 

1822,  Polly  Silvernail. 
xiii   Frantz  (Francis),  b  Mar.  24,  bp  at  Cop.  Apr.  28,  1799; 

sps  Frantz  Bresse,  Critje  Recs. 
xiv   Stephen,  b  June  5,  bp  at  Cop.   June  24,  1801;  sps 

Laurence  Vosburg,  Christina  Spoor;  res  in  Pough- 

keepsie  in  1835,  1S36;  wife's  name  Anna 

XV    George,  b  Dec.  16,  1803  ;  bp  at  Cop.;  sps  John  Van 

Deusen,  Polly  Dekker. 

206  MATHEW  VAN  DEUSEN  son  of  (100)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach  of  Livingston  and  Copake; 
bp  at  Livmgston  Feb.  10.  1760;  m  at  Claverack  Nov.  29,  1785, 
to  Catharina  Livixgstox. 

Res:     Copake. 


397  i      Fytje,  b  Apr.  15,  bp  at  Copake  June  7,  1787;  sps  John 

Van  Deusen,  Caty  Van  Deusen;  m  a  1S05  Abraham 
Kimer  or  Kilmer. 

398  ii     Nicklas,  b  vSept.  i,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  31,  1795;  sps 

Ombud  Vily,  Maretje  Decker;  m  a  181 7  Elizabeth 
iii   Anatje,   b   Jan.   30,    179S;  sps   Tobias   Van   Deusen, 
Maretje  Livingston. 

;;    207     TABITHA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (100)  Johannes 

Sixth  Generatiox  159 

Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach;  bp  at  Liv.  Mar.  7,  1762;  m 
(ist)  a  17S0  Laurens  J.  Dekker,  who  d  a  1794;  (2d)  a  1800 
Samuel  Lasher. 

Res:     Columbia  County,  N.  Y. 
Children,  by  first  husb.ind: 
i        John  Dekker,  b  Oct.  iS,  bp  at  Germanto^vn  Nov,  3,  1781 ; 

sps  John  and  Christina  Dekker. 
ii       NichoLis  Dekker,  b  Oct.  25,  17S9;  bp  at  Copake  Jan.  24, 
1790;  sps  Abraham  Dekker,  Christina   (Van  Deusen) 
iii      Robert  Dekker,  b  Dec.  25,  1791;  bp  at  Copake  Jan.  i, 
1792  ;  sps  Robert  Van  Deusen,  Marytje  Kruvn. 
By  second  husband: 
iv     EHzabeth  Lasher,  b  Apr.  15,  bp  at  Clav,  June  10,  1S04; 
sps  Abraham  Comer,  EUzabetli  Link. 

20S  BARENT  VAN  DEUSEN  (Bernard),  son  of  (100) 
Johannes  Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach  of  Livingston 
Manor;  bp  Oct.  28,  1764,  at  Mt.  Ross,  Dutchess  County,  N. 
Y. ;  m  Jan.  19,  1786,  at  Claverack,  Fytje  (Sophia)  Holen- 
beek;  b  Sept.  7,  1766;  d  June  7,  181 5,  at  Copake. 

Res:     In  1810,  Granger,  Cobjmbia  Co.,  N.  Y.  (U.  S.  census). 

Children,  from  church  and  family  records: 

399  i        Johannes  Qohn  B),  b  Jan.  15,  bp  at  Clav.  Mar.  11, 

1787;  sps  Johannes  Van  Deusen,  Fitje  Rorbach; 
m  a  iSii,  Catherine  Vosburg. 
ii       William,  b  Jan.  21,  bp  at  Copake  Mar.  i,  17S9;  sps 
William  HoUenbeck,  Catharyntje  Brisse;  d.  y. 

400  iii      Derick  (Richard),  b  Mar.  26    bp  at  Copake  Apr.  10, 

1790;  sps  Derick  HoUenbeck,  Polly  Rotliey;  m 
Jan.  3,  I  Si  2,  Clara  Vosburgh. 

401  iv      Phebe,  b  Mar.   10,   1793;  sps  Laurence  Decker  and 

Tobida  Van  Deusen;  m  a  1S20,   David  McArthur. 

402  V       Samuel,  b  May  26,  bp  at  Copake  Aug.  9,  1795;  sps 

Samuel  HoUenbeck,  Catharine  Halenbeck;  m  Mav 
IS,  1 81 8,  Phebe  Dram. 

403  vi     WiUiam,  bp  at  Copake  Aug.  8,   1797;  sps  Mathias 

Van  Deusen,  Catine  Livingston;  m  July  25,  181 7, 
Christina  Veley. 

404  vii     Harry  (Henry  Bernard),  b  Jan.    21,   bp   at  Copake 

May  4,  iSoo;  sps  John  and  Fytie  Dekker;  m  (ist) 
j\Iar.  12,  1825,  Mary  Ann  Bostwick;  (2d)  Dec.  22, 
1858,  Mary  E.  House. 

405  viii   Caroline,  b  Feb.  21,  1S02;  m  a  1821,  Richard  Vos- 


160  Van  Deursen  Family 

ix      Catherine,  b  I^Iar.  9,  bp  at  Copake  Mar.,  1S04;  ?p': 

Nicholas  Robbison,  Catharine  Van  Deiisen. 
X       Charles,  bp  at  Copake  Mar.  19,  1S06;  sps  John  T:.r- 

bush,  Helena  Williams;  m  a  1S2S,  Mar\- 

;  res  in  1S50,  Hillsdale,  N.  Y. ;  oc  innkeept:r. 

At  date  of  his  will,  Sept.  2,  1S5S,  his  wife  was  deal. 

Issue:     E valine,    b    1830;    m    Egbert    Vosbur^;h. 

who  is  named  as  executor  of  her  father's  will. 
xi      Elizabeth,  bp  at  Copake  June  20,  iSoS;  sps  Xicholar: 

Hallenbeck,  Elizabeth  Schut. 

209  JOHN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (100)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach  of  Copake;  bp  at  Livingston  Mar. 
8,  1767;  m  a  1790,  Marytje  (Polly)  Decker,  who  d  June  6. 
1826,  aged  57  years. 

Res:     Copake.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  bp  at  Copake  and  Claverack: 

i        Feytje,  b  Jan.   23,  bp  Mar.   18,   1792;  sps  Johannes 
Van  Deusen,  Sen.,  Christina  Spoor. 

406  ii       Frans  (Freelove),  b  Oct.  25,  1793;  bp  at  Clav.  Feb 

2,  1794;  sps  Cornelius  Bresee,  Hester  Decker. 
This  name,  Frans  (Francis),  is  apparently  a  mi- 
take  in  the  record.  From  data  furnished  by  ti.e 
family  it  is  evident  that  the  child  was  a  girl  nan:'::i 
Freelove,  who,  about  181 5,  married  Henry  Vo.^- 
iii  Johannes,  b  Sept.  14,  bp  Oct.  31,  1795;  sps  Johannc; 
Decker,  Tabita  Van  Deusen;  d  Nov.  19,  1S65;  ir. 
Polly  Bressie,  who  d  Jan.  28,  1858,  aged  77  year.^. 

407  iv      Jacob  I.,  b  Nov.  S,  1799;  m  (ist)  in  iSiS,  Carolina 

Sanford;  (2d)  Catherine  Wolcott;  (3d)  in  1S26. 
Laura  Wolcott;  (4th)  Mar.  16,  1S28,  Hannah  \  an 
Deusen,  dau  of  (213)  Tobias  Van  Deusen  and 
Catherine  Lampman. 
V  Sallv,  b  Ian.  4,  bp  Apr.  19,  1801 ;  sps  John  Johnson. 
Sally  Decker;  m  Jan.  13,  1S21,  Teal  Dennis. 

408  vi      Levi,  b  Sept.  4,  bp  Oct.   10,  1802;  sps  Martin  \  .--n 

Deusen,  Hanna  Bresse;  m  a  1S20  or  1S22,  Joha:ini 
vii    Myron,  b  a  1804;  m  Adelia  Van  Valkenburgh.  ^ 

409  viii   Abner,  b  Feb.  14,  bp  May  3,  1807;  sps  Hans  Cl^'-;"' 

Van  Deusen,  Mareitje  Benuheifer;m  (ist)  at  ni.-y 
dale,  in  1833,  Olive  Mead;  (2d)  a  1S50,  Lucinca 
or  Cynthia  Post. 

Sixth  Generatiox  161 

ix      Increase,   b   May    25,    1S09,  bp   at   Cop.;  sps  John 

Snook,  Elizabeth  Clark. 
X       Phoebe,  b  a  1811,  m  John  Van  Deusen. 
xi      James,  b  a  1813  ;  ni  Phoebe  Langdon. 

210  MARTIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (100)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach  of  Copake;  bp  at  Mount 
Ross  Oct.  29,  1769;  d  Feb.  iS,  182S;  m  a  1760  Hanna 

Res:     Copake  and  Granger. 

i        John,  bp  at  Copake  Feb.   is,   1795;  sps  Johannes  Van 
Deusen,  Christina  Spoor. 

ii       Fitje,  b  Oct.  22,  bp  at  Copake  Nov.  3,  1799;  sps  Nicklas 
Robertson,  Catharine  Van  Deusen. 

iii     Maria,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  25,  1804;  sps  Samuel  Lasher, 
Tabitha  Van  Deusen.     Single  in  1850. 

iv     Elizabeth,  bp  Jtme  9,  1807,  at  Copake;  sp  Gabriel  Rob- 
bison,  Maria  Donner.     Prob  m  a  1 82 6,  Thomas  De  Witt. 

V      A  daughter. 

vi     A  daughter. 

vii    Hezekiah,  b  Sept.  25,  bp  at  Hillsdale,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  8,  1812; 
m  Angelica (census  of  1850). 

211  CHRISTINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (100)  Johaimes 
Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach;  bp  at  Livingston  Aug.  22, 
1772;  m  a  1789,  Abraham  Dekker,  and  resided  at  or  near 
Copake,  N.  Y. 

i       John  Dekker,  b  Sept.  17,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  31,  1790;  sps 

Johannes  V.  Deusen,  Christine  Spoor. 
ii       Barent  Dekker,  b  Aug.  13,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  7,  1792;  sps 

Barent  Van  Deusen.  Feytje  Hallenbeck. 
iii     Tabitha  Dekker,  b  Sept.  17,  1802,  bp  at  Copake  May  23, 

1S03  ;  sps  Hans  Seimon,  Corstine  Waldorf. 

212  CATHARINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (100)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Roorbach;  bp  at  Livingston  May  6, 
1775;  m  a  1791,  Nicholas  Robertson;  res  at  Copake,  N.  Y, 

i        Fitje  Robertson,  b  June  16,  bp  at  Copake  Aug.  9,  1795; 

sps  Martin  Van  Deusen,  Hanna  Bresse. 
ii      James  Robertson,  b  July  14,  bp  at  Copake  Aug.  25,  1799; 

sps  Andrew  Robertson,  Lintje  Rees. 


162  Van  Deursex  Family 

iii     Tobieth  Robertson,  b  Aug.  28,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  26,  iSoo; 

sps  John  and  Fytje  Dekker. 
iv      Charles  Sandford  Robertson,  bp  at  Copake  Jan.  12,  iSii. 

213  TOBIAS  VAX  DEUSEN,  son  of  (100)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Fytie  Roorbach;  b  at  Claverack,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  14, 
bp  Feb.  28,  1779;  d  May  12,  1842;  m  a  1799,  Catherine 
Lampman;  b  Mar.,  17S0;  d  May  5,  1S59,  aged  seventy-eight 

Res:     Copake,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

410  i        Phebe,  b  May  22,  iSoo;m  Feb.  14,  1S19,  David  Mac- 


411  ii       Christina,  b  Apr.  4,  1802;  m  a  1830,  Peter  Wolcott. 
iii     John,  bp  at  Claverack  April  2,  1804;  sps  John  Smith, 

Annatie  Lantman ;  m  a  1S26,  Sarah ; 

res  Duanesburgh,  N.  Y.,  1S50;  oc  wagon  maker. 
Issue:     Hannan,  b  1839. 

412  iv      Freeman,  b  Feb.  7,  bp  at  Clav.  June  30,  1806;  sps 

Kilion  Smit,  Claitje  Lampman;  m  Dec.  29,  1S37, 
Lucretia  TuUar. 
v       Hannah,  bp  at  Copake  Apr.  20,  1808;  sps  parents; 
m  I\Iar.  16,  1S2S  (407)  Jacob  I.  Van  Deusen. 

413  vi      Seymour,  b  Nov.  26,  1810;  m  in  1834,  Caroline  Mc- 

vii    Cornelius,  b  Apr.  5,  bp  at  Clav.  July  11,  1813;  sps 
parents;  bachelor. 

414  viii  Maria,  b  May  27,  1S16;  m  Apr.  21,  1832,  Daniel  Hay- 

ix  Elizabeth,  b  a  1S21 ;  m  a  1S40,  Byron  Knickerbocker; 
they  res  at  Delav.-are  Centre,  lovra,  where  he  v/as  a 
farmer.  Issue:  Althea  Knickerbocker,  b  1842; 
m  — Cross,  lived  at  Delhi,  Iowa;  Alzina  Knicker- 
bocker, b  a  1S44;  m  Leverett  Stone  of  Delaware 
Centre;  Althemus  Knickerbocker,  b  a  1846;  m 
and  res  in  Delavrare  Centre. 

214  NICHOLAS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (loi)  James  Van 
Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Smith;  bp  at  Livingston  June  6,  1765; 
m  at  Claverack  May  3,  1787,  Anatje  Fonda,  who  d  Dec.  20, 
1834.     He  d  Jan.  4,  1829  ;  bur  at  Liv'n. 

Res:     West  Taghkanick.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  bp  at  Liv.  and  Clav.: 

415  i        James   Nicholas,  b  Oct.    13,  bp   Nov.   9,   1788;  sps 

Sixth  Genefl\tion  163 

James  and  Elizabeth  V.  Deusen;  m  Dec.  4,  1808, 
Christina  Potts. 

416  ii       Peter,  b  Jnly  29,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  28,  1791 ;  sps  Peter 

Fonda,  Eytje  Fonda,  "syn  Dagter"  (his  dau) ;  m 
at  Coxsackie,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  5,  1S30,  Eliza  Cuyler. 

417  iii      Christina,  b  Dec.  11,  1793,  bp  at  Clav.  Feb.  2,  1794; 

sps  Abraham  Fonda,  Christinje  Van  Deusen;  m 
I^Iay  26,  iSio,  Peter  B.  Rossman. 
iv      Matthew,  b  Sept.  6,  d  Nov.  17,  1796. 

418  V       Elizabeth,  b  June  8,  bp  at  Liv.  July  i,   1798;  sps 

Hendrick  Smith,  Elizabeth  V.  Deusen;  m  Sept.  10, 
181 5,  Abraham  Briggs. 

419  vi      Margaret,  b  Julv  25,  1801;  m  Aug.  19,  1S20,  Samuel 

Ten  Eyck. 

420  vii     Robert  Nicholas,  b  Oct.  4,   1804;  m  Jan.  8,   1827, 

Catharine  Best. 

421  viii  Anna  Catherine,  bp  at  Liv.  Sept.  i,  1807;  sps  John 

Rossmian,  Catherine  Fonda;  m  July  21,  1S32,  John 
A.  Rockafeller. 

422  ix      Maria  Albertina,  b  at  Liv.  Nov.  18,  1810;  m  July, 

i82  8,l^yteMiller. 

215  ROBERT  J.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (loi)  James  Van 
Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Smith  of  Livingston  Manor;  b  at  the 
Manor,  near  Johnstovm,  Sept.  22,  (family  record  says  Dec.  15), 
1772;  bp  at  Claverack  Jan.  9,  1773;  m  June  26,  1796,  Bar- 
bara Sharp;  b  at  Greenbush  June  25,  1776;  d  March  27,  1850. 
Robert  d  March  31,  1861,  and  was  bur  at  Sheffield,  Mass. 

Res:     Ashley  Falls,  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  bp  partly  at  Livingston: 

i        James,  b  Sept.  22,  1797 ;  d  five  days  later. 

423  ii       Lena,  b  June  30,  bp  Aug.  4,  1799;  sps  Pr  Van  Stecn- 

bergh,  Lena  Fonda;  m  Aug.  4,  181 6,  Peter  1.  Hard- 

424  iii     Ehzabeth,  b  Oct.  29,  1801;  m  Feb.  7,  1822,  Jacob 


425  iv      Nicholas  R.,  b  Nov.  23,  iSo4;m  June  13,  1824,  Hetje 

(Albertina)  Rossman. 
V  John  Sharp,  bp  Feb.  13,  1807 ;  sps  John  Sharp,  Maria 
Potts;  m  Sept.  15,  1832,  Esther  Avery;  b  Nov.  13, 
181 1,  dau  of  Isaac  Avery  and  Eunice  Andrews  of 
Groton,  Mass.  Issue:  Egbert,  whose  where- 
■  abouts    were    unknown    in    1882.     John    S.    Van 

Deusen  d  Jan.  6,  1S82,  and  was  bur  at  Gt.  Barring- 

164  Van  Deursen  Family 

ton,  Mass,;  administration  granted  Mar,  7,  1S82 
(See  Avery  Genealogy). 

426  vi      Robert  R.,  b  Sept.  22,  1S09;  m  May  24,  1834,  Elvira 


427  vii    Peter,  bp  at  Liv.  July  8,  i8io;sps  Peter  Van  Valken- 

burgh,  Polly  Sharp;  m  (ist)  Dec.  31,  1840,  Har- 
riet Louisa  Foster;  (2d)  June  18,  1S6S,  Catharine 
Frances  ^lelissa  Clark. 

428  viii  Margaret  Maria,  bp  June  18,  i8i5;ni  Sept.  26,  1835, 

Jacob  Vosburgh. 

429  ix     James,  b  Jan.  9,  181S,  bp  Mar.  21,  1819;  sps  parents; 

m  (ist)  Nov.  10,  1S40,  Frances  Jane  Smith;  (2d) 
Oct.  10,  1S66,  Elizabeth  Cook. 
X       Sally,  b  June  20,  bp  Aug.  3,  1S20;  m  Oct.  16,  1855, 
John  Hillyer;  res  Sheffield,  Mass. 

216  ROBEPvT  M.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (102)  Marten 
Van  Deusen  and  Elisabeth  Oostrander;  bp  at  Claverack  July 
13.  1773;  ^1^  there  (ist)  Apr.  9,  1797,  Maria  (Polly)  Horton; 
(2d)  Grizell 

Res:     Phelps,  Ontario  County,  N.  Y. 

i  Walter,  b  Apr.  6,  bp  at  Clav,  May  13,  1799;  sps  par- 

ii  Laurence,  b  Sept.  21,  i8oo;bp  at  Clav.  Nov,  i,  1801; 
m  at  Clav.  Oct.  20,  1822,  Jane  Ann  Rowland. 
Issue:     John  Calvin,  b  June  14,  bp  Sept.  19,  1824. 

iii  Sally  Ann,  b  a  1804;  m  Marcus  Persons.  Issue: 
Oliver  Persons;  Adelaide  Persons,  who  m  Byron 
Harmon;  Frances  Persons. 

iv  Joanna,  b  a  1807;  m  Abraham  Vanderhoof.  Issue: 
Jacob  Vanderhoof;  Levi  Vanderhoof. 

430  V       Martin,  b  a  iSio;  m  a  1S35,  Sally  Ann  Wilson. 

217  ADAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (102)  Marten  Van 
Deusen  and  Elisabeth  Oostrander  of  Claverack,  Columbia 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  b  at  Germantown  Dec.  31, 1775  ;m  a  1796,  Rebecca 
Jordan.  They  resided  at  Gypsum,  Ont.  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he 
was  a  farmer.  Pie  died  Nov.  27,  1827,  his  widow  surviving 
many  years.  She  died  Sept.  10,  1877,  at  the  advanced  age  of 
ninety-six  years  and  live  months. 


431  i        Fanny,  b  Sept.  25  or  28,  1798;  m  Mav  20,  1819,  Azel 

ii       Lucretia,  b  in  1801 ;  m  Jacob  Swarthout;  no  issue. 

Sixth  Generation  165 

iii      Lovine,  b  a  1S04;  d  y;  accidently  drowned. 

432  iv     "William  Jordan,  b  Dec.  2,  iSo8;ni  Gertrude  Phillips. 

V  Ambrose  L.,  b  a   18 10;  m  Susan  Richardson.     He 

was  a  member  of  the  State  Legislature  in  1S72-3; 
d  Nov.  7,  1S78;  no  issue. 

433  vi      Lucy   Lovena,   b   Jan.    14,    1813;  m   1838,   Abel  T. 


434  vii     Nancy,  b  a  1815;  m  (ist)  Dr.  Joshua  Terry;  (2d) 

Arthur  Gould;  (3d)  Dr.  James  Hawks. 

435  viii  James  Phillips,  b  Dec.  2,  1S21 ;  m  July  5,  1S47,  Han- 

nah Eliza  Pomeroy. 
ix      Elizabeth,  b  a  1827  ;  d  y. 

218  WILLDVM  W.  VAN  DUSEN.  prob  son  of  (102) 
Marten  Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Oostrander  of  Ontario  Co., 
N.  Y.,  b  Aug.  17,  1792  ;  d  Apr.  10,  1861,  at  Albion,  Orleans  Co., 
N.  Y.,  where  he  resided;  m  June  4,  1S14,  Cathalina  De  For- 
est. Served  in  War  of  181 2  in  Capt.  James  De  Freest 's 
Comp.,  Cols.  James  Tallmadge  and  Hardenburg. 

Res:     Albion,  Orleans  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Martha  Maria,  b  June  26,  1816;  m  Myron  Randall. 

436  ii       Henry  Jesse  De  Forest,  b  Feb.  12,  1819;  m  Sept.  7, 

1841,  Martha  Prentice. 
iii     Sally  Ann,  b  July  9,  1821 ;  d  unm  Feb.  2,  1845. 
iv      Eleanor,  b  Oct.  9,  1S23 ;  d  Aug.  22,  1824. 

V  James,  b  Oct.  8,  1S25 ;  m  Mary  True. 

vi     William  W.,  b  July  30,  1831 ;  d  Nov.  25,  1852. 

219  ROBERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (103)  Barent  Van 
Deusen  and  Jenneke  Schut,  bp  at  Livingston  Mar.  29,  1767; 
m  a  1790,  Betsy  Shutz. 


437  i       John  D.,  b  Dec.  2,  1810;  m  Jan.  29,  1835,  Elanor 

Phebe  Vehe. 

220  MYNDERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (103)  Barent  Van 
Deusen  and  Jenneke  Schut  of  Livingston  Elanor,  Columbia 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  bp  at  Livingston  Jan.  15,  1771 ;  m  a  1793,  Maria 


Res:     Palatine,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.     (Census  of  1820). 

438  i        Barnard    (or   Barney),  b   a   1796;  m    (ist)   a   1818 

Catherine  Levi;  and  prob  (2d)  Sarah  Jane  Paris. 
ii       Elizabeth,  b  Feb.  21,  180S,  bp  at  Stone  Arabia. 

1G6  Van  Deursen  Family 

221  CATHARINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (103)  Barent 
Van  Dcusen  and  Jenneke  Schut  of  Livins^ston  Manor;  bp  at 
Livingston  Jan.  26.  1774;  m  a  iSoo,  Bartholomew  Ackfr 

Res:     Rensselaer  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Childrex,  bp  at  Kinderhook  and  Schodack,  N.  Y.: 
1        Maria  Acker,  b  at  Kinderhook  Sept.  2,  1805 
n       Pegg\'  Acker,  b  at  vSchodack  Mar.  24,  1809. 
iii      Caty  Elija  Acker,  b  Jan.  22,  bp  :\Iar.  17,  iSii. 
iv      Robert  Henry  Acker,  b  Dec.  11,  bp  Mar.  14,  1S12 
V       Peter  Acker,  b  Mar.  13,  bp  Mav  i:;,  18 15. 
vi      Abraham  Acker,  b  Apr.  i,  bp  June  29,  181 7. 
vii    A  child,  b  Mar.  24,  bp  Sept.  13,  1819. 
viii  William  Acker,  b  May  24,  182 1. 
ix     Jane  Acker,  b  Apr.  12,  bp  Aug.  31,  1823. 
X       Sophia  Acker,  b  a  iS27;mMar.  16,  1847,  Henry  Van  Wie; 
b  May  15,  1S26. 

222  ROBERT  T.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (105)  Tobias  R. 
Van  Deusen  and  his  first  wife,  Hannah  Spoor;  bp  at  Livingston 
Oct.  31,  1773;  m  at  Claverack  Mar.  3,  1795,  Catlinje  Spoor, 
who  died  Feb.  13,  £834.     Robert  died  Feb.  17,  1846. 

Res:     Claverack.     Oc:     Farmer.' 


i  Isaac,  b  Feb.  12,  bp  Mar.  13.  1796;  sps  parents;  m 
Mar.  15,  1820,  Anna  Maria  Clapp;  thev  res  at  But- 
ler, Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1850.  Issue:  Waiter; 
b  July  13,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  21,  1821;  m  June  20, 
1840,  his  first  wife,  name  unknown,  who  d  at 
Grand  Rapids,  Mich.,  Oct.  15,  1872;  by  her  he  had 
son,  Charles  S.,  b  a  1842,  who  enlisted,  during  the 
War  of  the  Rebellion,  at  Galesburg,  111.,  in  Com- 
pany E,  Tv/enty-sixth  Illinois  Volunteer  Infantry, 
and  died  there  Jan.  17,  1S62,  of  consumption,  aged 
nineteen  years.  His  father,  who  had  remarried 
and  was  residing  at  liiggs,  Ashtabula  Co.,  Ohio, 
filed  application  for  pension  Oct.  14,  1S89,  and  Aug. 
5,  1890  (No.  408,654;  no  certificate).  He  stated 
he  had  had  an  apoplectic  stroke,  and  had  been  en- 
tirely helpless  for  two  years. 

439  ii       Hannah,  b  Sept.  29,  bp  Oct.  26,  1799;  sps  parents; 

m  Mar.  10,  1825,  Peter  De  La  Matter. 
iii     Christinje  R.,  b  .Mar.  23,  bp  May  2,  1802 ;  sps  parents; 
m  Sept.  18,  1830,  (364)  Cornelius  C.  Van  Deusen. 

440  IV     Tobias  R.,  b  Sept.  8,  bp  Oct.  14,  1S04;  sps  parents; 

m  Mar.  29,  1834,  Gittv  Eliza  Milham. 

Sixth  Gexeratiox  1G7 

441  V       Robert  Spoor,  b  Aug.  6,  bp  Au?.  ^i,  1S06;  sps  par- 

ents; m  (ist)  a  1S26,  Elizabeth  Wells;  (2d)  Oct. 
17,  1835,  Mrs.  Caroline  Ray  of  Claverack. 

223  DIRK  A^AN  DEUSEX,  son  of  (105)  Tobias  R.  Van 
Deusen  and  his  first  wife,  Hannah  Spoor;  bp  at  Livingston 
May  6,  1775;  d  at  Greenport,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  i,  1841;  m  at  Clav- 
erack March  17,  iSoo,  Rebecca  Herder;  b  Mar.  19,  1782  ;dau 
of  Jacob  Herder  (b  Nov.  i,  1759)  and  Rebecca  Bogardus 
(b  Nov.  30,  1760). 

Childrex,  all  but  eldest  bp  at  Claverack: 

i        Hannah,  b  Jan.  3,  iSoi,  bp  at  Gei-mantovvTi,  N.  Y. ; 
sps  parents. 

442  ii       Jacob,  b  Mar.  23,  bp  Apr.  24,  1803;  sps  parents;  m 

at  Kin.  Mar.  15,  1S40,  Catharine  C.  PhilHps. 

443  iii     James,  b  May  16,  bp  June  16,  1805  ;  sps  Johannes  and 

]\Iaria  van  Deusen;  m  Oct.  28,  1830,  Eva  De  La 
iv      Robert  S.,  b  Aug.  9,  bp  Sept.  6,  1S07. 

V  Rebecca,  b  Oct.  2,  bp  Nov.  12,  1809;  d  unm  in  1891 ; 

will  recorded  June  i,  1891. 
vi      Elisa  Christina,  b  Nov.  20,  1814,  bp  Feb.  2,  1815. 

444  vii    John   D.,   b   Dec.    27,    1824,   bp   Mar.    14,    1825;  m 

Jerusha  Darrien. 

224  ^JOHANNES  T.  (John  T.)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of 
(105)  Tobias  R.  Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Spoor;  b  Jan.  26, 
bp  at  Livingston  Feb.  11,  1777;  m  (ist)  at  Claverack  May  27, 
i799,CoR.\ELiA  Van  Deusen,  b  Mar.  iS,  177S;  d  July  28, 181S; 
dau  of  (102)  Martin  Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Oostrander; 
(2d)  a  1S22,  Esther  WooDwoRTH.     He  died  Oct.  18,  1861. 

Res:     Hudson  in  1800-1S10;  and  Claverack  in  1850. 
Ckildrex,  by  first  wife,  bp  at  Claverack: 

445  i        Tobias,  b  Nov.  8,  bp  Dec.  7,  iSoo;  sps  Tobias  and 

Christina  van  Deusen;  m  Dec.   i,   1S36,  Lucretia 
ii       Cornelia,  b  July  27,  bp  Aug.  22,  1802;  sps  parents. 

446  iii      Christinje,  b  Jan.  26,  bp  Feb.  24,  1S05;  sps  John  De 

La   Matter,   Christinje  van  Deusen;  m   Nov.    25,. 
^1824,  William  A.  Ten  Broeck. 
iv      Maria,  b  Julv  20,  bp  Aug.  30,  1807;  sps  parents;  d 
Feb.  13,  1833. 

V  Mattheus,  b  Nov.  i,  bp  Dec.  3,  1809. 

168  Van  Deursen  Family 

447  vi      Alida,  b  July  12,  bp  Sept.  20,  1S12;  m  at  Clav.  May 
31,  1S34,  David  S.  Ten  Broeck. 
vii    John,  b  July  28,  bp  July  29,   181S;  sps  Dirk  van 
Deusen,  Rebecca  Herder;  d  y. 
By  second  wife: 

viii  Cornelia,  b  1826  (Cen.  of  1850)  spinster. 
44S  ix  John,  b  1832  (Cen.  1850);  m  at  Claverack  Sept.  18, 
1862,  PZmma  Barker. 
X  Elizabeth,  m  Wm.  Henn>^  Clum.  Issue:  Wood- 
worth  Clum;  George  Clum;  John  Clum;  Robert 
Clum;  Cornelius  Clum;  Jane  Clum;  Cornelia  Clum; 
res  Washington,  D.  C. 

225  CHRISTINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (105)  Tobias  R. 
Van  Detisen  and  Hannah  Spoor;  b  at  Clav.  March  31,  bp  there 
Apr.  18,  1779;  m  at  Claverack  Nov.  11,  1804,  John  Delamat- 


Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 

i  Anna  Maria  Delamatter,  b  Dec.  7,  1805,  bp  Jan.  22,  1S26; 
sps  Abraham  T.  and  ]Maria  van  Deusen. 

ii  Clondy  I.  Delamatter,  b  Aug.  6,  bp  Sept.  4,  1808;  sps 
Clondy  De  La  Matter,  Elisabeth  Harder;  d  Mar.  i, 
1839;  m  Sarah  Fondy,  dau  of  Abraham  Fonda;  d  Nov. 
12,  1829. 

iii  Tobias  Delamatter,  b  July  25,  bp  Aug.  11,  1811;  sps 

iv     Jacob  Delamatter,  b  Mar.  24,  bp  May  8,  1S14 ;  sps  parents. 

V  Helletje  Delamatter,  b  Aug.  11,  bp  Sept.  17,  1815;  sps 
Helletje  De  La  Matter. 

vi  Robert  Delamatter,  b  Feb.  19,  bp  Apr.  11,  1819;  sps  par- 

226  MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (105)  Tobias  R.  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spoor;  b  May  21,  bp  at  Livingston  June 
17,  1781;  m  a  1805,  Jacob  Esselsteyn;  b  Apr.  29,  1762;  d 
Mar.  31,  1 8 50.  He  served  during  the  Revolutionary  War  in 
Eighth  Regt.,  Albany  County  Militia. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack; 

i  Cornelia  Esselsteyn,  b  Jan.  25,  bp  ^lar.  5,  1S09;  sps  par- 

ii  Tobias  Esselsteyn,  b  Sept.  30,  bp  Oct.  10,  18 10;  sps  par- 

iii  Melinta  Esselsteyn,  b  Nov.  17,  bp  Dec.  5,  1814;  sps  par- 

iv      Catherine  M.  Esselsteyn,  b  Feb.  26,  1S17  ;  m  June  2,  1S46, 

Sixth  Gener.\tion  169 

John  P.  Coon,  who  d  Apr.  20,  1872;  res  at  Newburgh, 
N.  Y.  Issue:  John  H.  Coon,  b  Feb.  17,  i84S;m  Nov. 
29,  1877,  Charlotte  I.  Hoskins;  no  ch;  res  at  Stillwater, 
N.  Y.;  Richard  E.  Coon,  b  May  8,  1854  ;m  July  12,  1892, 
Francelia  Lobdell,  and  had  issue:  Richard  E.  Coon, 
b  May  29,  1893,  and  Eleanor  L.  Coon,  b  Sept.  6,  1896; 
res  at  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y. 

V  Jane  Esselsteyn,  b  Sept.  25,  bp  Dec.  5,  181 9;  sps  parents. 
vi      Charlotte  B.  Esselsteyn,  b  Sept.  12.  1S21 ;  d  Dec.  22,  1901 ; 

m  Feb.  17,  1S56,  Rinard  ]\I.  Poucher  and  had  issue: 
Morris  Richard  Poucher,  b  Feb.  5,  1859  ;ni  18S5,  Emily 
Whittington  Robinson;  Barent  George  Poucher,  b  Oct. 
6,  1863;  m  1893,  Florence  Holbrook;  res  at  Yonkers, 
N.  Y. 

227  JAMES  T.  VAN  DEUvSEN,  son  of  (105)  Tobias  R. 
Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Spoor;  b  July  11,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  2, 
1783;  d  prior  to  1843;  "^  at  Claverack  by  the  Rev.  Mr.  Geb- 
hard,  Feb.  21,  180S,  Anas  (Axnis)  Hathaway,  dau  of  Robert 
Hathav.'ay,  a  merchant,  and  one  of  the  early  proprietors  of 
Hudson.  She  d  in  New  York  City  Jan.  21,  1843,  i^  ^^^ 
52nd  year. 

Res:  Hudson,  N.  Y.  Oc:  Merchant  (Hayes  and  Van 

i        Robert  James,  b  Feb.  16,  bp  at  Clav.  Apr.  8,  1810;  sps 

parents ;  d  xinra. 
n      Alfred,  b  Feb.  27,  bp  at  Clav.  Apr.  19,  181 2;  sps  parents. 
iii     Samuel  B. 
iv     Anna  M. 

V  Agnes  L. 

vi     Mary  M.;  m  Henry  Walker. 

228  ABRAHAM  T.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (105)  Tobias 
R.  Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Spoor  of  Hudson;  b  Dec.  23,  1785, 
bp  at  Claverack  Jan.  29,  1786;  m  there  July  6,  1806  (1808), 
Arianje  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (197)  Mattheus  Van  Deusen 
and  Madeline  Bcchtel.  He  d  Dec,  1862,  and  his  widow  on 
Jan,  21,  1869  (See  administrations). 

Res:     Greenport,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  mostly  bp  at  Claverack: 

i  Lena,  b  Apr.  19,  bp  at  Claverack  May  16,  1808;  sps 
Matthew  Van  Deusen,  Lena  Barthel;  m  at  Clav- 
erack Mar.  5,  1 83 1,  William  Pierce- 

170  Van  Deursex  Family 

ii  Hannah,  b  Sept.  i6,  bp  Xov.  12,  1S09;  sps  parents; 
d  unm. 

449  iii      Cornelius,  b  Mar.  8,  bp  x\pr.   19,  1S12;  m  Dec.  21, 

I  S3  7,  Eliza  Henderson  of  Greenport. 

iv      Christina,  b  May  24,  bp  June  16,  1814;  sps  parents. 

V  Catharine,  b  June  iS,  bp  July  16,  1815 ;  sps  parents; 
d  May  23,  1861;  bur  at  Claverack;  m  a  1834, 
Jeremiah  M.  Race.  Issue:  Neilson  Race,  b  June 
5,  bp  at  Clav.  Aufj.,  1S36;  sps  parents;  James 
Hervey  Race,  b  May  31,  bp  Aug.  27,  183S;  sps  par- 

vi      Maria,  b  I^lay  12,  bp  June  7,  iSiS;  sps  parents. 

450  vii     Cornelia  i\Iaria,  b  Feb.  24,  bp  April  15,  1S21;  m  at 

Livingston  Oct.    11,    1843,   Henr>-   Sylvester  Mil- 

viii  William  A.,  b  Dec.  25,  1S23,  bp  Mar.  14,  1S24;  m 
(ist)  in  1S62,  ]^Iary  Ellen  Gamer;  (2d)  in  1876, 
Harriet  Alger.  Issue:  Elbert  Himrod,  b  May 
31,  bp  at  Claverack  Sept.  28,  1S65;  res  1S62,  Kind- 

ix      Charles,  b  a  1825;  res  1862,  Greenport. 

X       Eleanor,  b  a  1827 ;  m  William  Pierce  who  d  prior  to 
1S62;  res  Saugerties,  Ulster  Co.,  N.  Y.,  1869. 
45oaxi      Hannon  M.,  b  Sept.  23,  1829;  m  Frances  Ackley. 

xii    Abram,  b  a  1832;  res  Greenport. 

xiii  Alfred,  b  a  1834.  Served  in  the  Mexican  War  as  a 
teamster  in  the  quartennaster 's  department  from 
Apr.  II  to  May  31,  1S48.  (Bounty  Land  Claim 
No.  82,000.  Act  of  Alarch  3,  1855).  Res  in  1S55, 
Texas,  and  in  1869,  Greenport. 

229  CHRISTINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (106)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Geertje  Van  Deusen;  bp  at  Livingston  Aug. 
23,  1772;  m  at  Claverack  Mav  15,  1796,  Amazie  Hoyek 


i        A  child,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Jan.  15,  1797  ;  sps  parents. 

ii       Gitty  Huyck,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Jan.  30,  179S;  sps  Abraham 

and  Geertje  Van  Deusen. 
iii      Samuel  Wilber  Huyck,  b  Feb.  16,  bp  at  Copake  IMay  4- 

iv      Cornelia  Huyck,  b  Feb.  4,  bp  at  Claverack  Mar.  7,  1S02. 
V       Cristian  Huyck,  b  Nov.  6,  bp  at  Claverack  Dec.  4,  1S03. 
vi     James  Huyck,  b  Aug.  10,  bp  at  Claverack  Sept.  22,  1805. 
vii    Jacob  Huyck,  b  July  i,  bp  at  Claverack  Oct.  18,  1809. 

Sixth  Genefl\tiox  171 

viii   Maria  Huyck,  b  Mar.  31,  bp  at  Claverack  Oct.  6,  iSii. 

230  ALIDA  VAN  DEUSEN.  second  dau  of  (106)  Abra- 
ham Van  Deuscn  and  Geertje  Van  Deusen;  bp  at  Clav.  Jan. 
24.  177s;  ni  a  1795,  Petrus  Rossman,  prob  son  of  Viat  Ross- 
nmn  and  Anna  Ilam. 

i        Viat  Rossman,  b  Nov.  8,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Dec.  25,  1796; 

sps  Viat  Rossman,  Anna  Ham. 
ii       Elisabeth  Rossman,  b  Jnly  17,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  7,  1S03; 

sps  parents. 

231  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (106)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Geertje  Van  Deusen;  b  Feb.  20,  bp  at  Clav.  Mar. 
9,  1777;  m  a  1799,  Clarissa  Hortox. 

Res:     Mar>dand,    Otsego   Co.,   and   Freedom,   Cattaraugus 
Co.,  N.  Y. 

i  Clarissa,  b  Mar.  13,  bp  at  Copake  May  4,  1800;  m 
....^...Chamberlain.  Issue:  Amma  Cham- 
berlain;   m Cooley;    their    dau,    Metje 

Grace  Coolev,  m Cavalier;  res  New  York 

ii       Abraham,  b  Apr.  26,  bp  at  Copake  June  24,  1801. 
iii      Elizabeth,  b  Oct.  15,  bp  at  Clav.  Dec.  30,  1804. 

451  iv      Benjamin,  b  1S06;  ma  1S27,  Jerusha  Lee. 
V       Polly,  bp  at  Hillsdale  June  8,  iSoS. 

452  vi     John  B.,  b  1810;  m  Sally  J.,  or  Gertrude 

232  R.\CHEL  van  deusen,  dau  of  (106)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Geertje  Van  Deusen  of  Livingston;  b  Jan.  13,  bp 
at  Claverack  Jan.   21,   17S1;  m  there  Nov.   11,   1798,  Isaac 



i  Hanna  Vosburg,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Feb.  17,  1799;  sps  Ab- 
raham I.  Vosburg,  Hanna  Spoor. 

ii  Abraham  Vosburg,  b  Apr.  17,  bp  May  30,  1802;  sps  Ab- 
raham and  Gertje  van  Deusen. 

iii  Maria  Vosburg,  b  Oct.  27,  bp  at  Clav.  Dec.  22,  1805;  sps 

iv      Isaac  Vosburg,  b  Jan.  12,  bp  at  Clav.  March  27,  180S. 

V      Jacob  Vosburg,  b  Aug.  28,  bp  Nov.  15,  181 2. 

vi_     Gitty  Vosburg,  b  Dec.  26,  1815,  bp  at  Clav.  Mar.  31    1816. 

vii  Christina  Vosburg,  b  May  24,  bp  at  Churchtov/n  Aug.  6, 

172  Van  Deursen  Family 

233  CORNELIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (106)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Geertje  Van  Deusen;  b  March  i,  bp  at  Clav. 
May  II,  17S3;  m  Nov.  2,  1802,  at  Clavcrack,  to  Frederick 


Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 
i        Gitty  Rossman,  b  Sept.  24,  bp  Oct.  2,  1S03  ;  sps  Jacob  and 

Caty  Rossman. 
ii       Amenia  Rossman,  b  June  4,  bp  July  4,  1819;  sps  parents. 

234  ROBERT  A.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (106)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Geertje  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (34)  I^larten 
Van  Deusen  and  Zara  Gardenier;  b  Aug.  11,  bp  at  Hillsda 
Aug.  17,  1785;  d  at  Valatie,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  16,  1861; 
m  at  Clav.  June  9,  iSio  (Fam.  Rec.  says  Nov.  12,  1S09), 
Catharine  Tremper,  b  Nov.  24,  1790;  d  Jan.  25,  1885. 

Robert  served  as  a  di-ummcr  in  Capt.  Abraham  L.  Fonda's 
Company,  Lt.  Col.  Jacob  Rutsen  Van  Rensselaer's  Regt., 
1 20th  New  York  Militia,  during  the  War  of  181 2,  from  Sept. 
8  to  Dec.  I,  1814. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack  and  Kinderhook: 

453  i        Henry;  b  Aug.  19,  bp  at  Clav.  Sept.   10,  18 10;  sps 

parents;  m  (ist)  Margaret  R.  Bonte;  (2d)  Alva 

ii       Catharine,  b  Mar.  15,  bp  Apr.  11,  18 13 

iii  Gitty  (Gertrude)  Maria,  b  Feb.  10,  1817;  bp  Mar.  8, 
1818;  d  unm  Mar.  3,  1852. 

iv  Abraham  R.,  b  Dec.  12,  1820;  d  Aug.  20,  1901;  m 
Mar.  30,  1842,  Cornelia  Ann  Thatcher  of  Amster- 
dam, who  d  Apr.  5,  1900;  res  Claverack;  oc  phy- 
sician. Issue:  Joseph  T.,  b  Oct.  30;  d  Dec.  5. 
1847;  George  Henry,  b  Jan.  6,  1849-  m  in  1880, 
Maggie  Patrick  of  Livingston. 

V  Helen  Louisa,  b  Mar.  27,  bp  at  Kinderhook  May  29, 
1830  (Fam.  Rec.  1833) ;  d  Dec.  25,  1841. 

235  ABRAHAM  A.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (106)  Abra- 
ham R.  Van  Deusen  and  Geertje  (Gertrude)  Van  Deusen;  b 
Nov.  23,  1787,  bp  at  Copake  Jan.  27,  1788;  m  Jan.  19,  1812, 
Polly  (Mary)  Barthel;  b  April  18,  1789;  d  March  15,  1880. 
He  d  Mar.  29,  1864,  at  Martindale,  N.  Y.  (^Vill  dated  July 
25.  1863.) 

Res:     Claverack,  1S20  and  1850  (Census). 

454  i        William  A.,  b  at  Clav.  Aug.  24,  1813  ;m  Jan.  31,  1854, 

Mary  A.  Hitchings. 

Sixth  Generation  173 

ii       Catharine,  b  June  21,  181 7;  unm. 
iii      Mary  Ann,  b  in  iSiS;  in  Nov.   15,   1842,  Philip  J. 

455  i'v-      Daniel,   b  Jan.   6,   1820;  m  Jan.   9,    1S56,   Kate  C. 

Shurtz  (Catharine  C.  Sharts). 
V       Jaennette,  b  Jan.  18,  1826;  m  Oct.  11,  1S48,  Thomas 

456  vi      Merwin,  b  Oct.  2,  1832;  m  Nov.  27,  1877,  Antoinette 


236  MATTHEUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (107)  Johannes 
Van  Densen  and  Maria  (Mar\-tie)  Winne;  bp  at  Albany  Feb. 
16,  1746;  m  a  1770,  Cornelia  Van  Wie;  bp  at  Albany  July 
27,  1755;  d  at  Bethlehem  Aug.  8,  1828;  dau  of  Hend'rick  I. 
Van  Wie  and  ^vlagdalena  Ltike  of  Albany  (For  Van  Wie  Family 
see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families).  She  survived  Mat- 
theus  Van  Deuscn  and  married  as  her  second  husband,  Pieter 
Winne.  Mattheus  was  a  member  of  Captain  Jarivan  Hogan's 
Company,  Col.  Philip  Schuyler's  Third  Regt.,  Albany  County 
Mihtia,  Rev.  War. 

Children,  bp  &t  Albany: 
456a  i  Mar>'tie  (Maria),  b  Feb.  2,  bp  Feb.  15,  1775;  sps 
John  and  Marytie  V.  Deusen;m  2  Dec.  31,  1796, 
Henry  Van  der  Zee. 
ii  Catharina,  b  Sept.  3,  bp  Oct.  3,  1779;  sps  Pieter  and 
Catharina  V,  Buuren;  m  Feb.  24,  1798,  Wil- 
liam Springsteed ;  b  1775;  son  of  Jacob  Spring- 
steed  and  Bathsheba  Marsh.  Issue:  i.  Bath- 
sheba  Springsteed,  b  Nov.  19,  1798;  2.  Cornelia 
Springsteed,  b  June  26,  1801 ;  3.  Aaron  Spring- 
steed, b  Apr.  30,  1804;  4.  David  Springsteed,  b 
Jan.  17,  1 80S;  m  1839  Maria  Spalding  (see  Mis- 
cellaneous and  Related  Familes  for  descendants) ; 
5.  Mary  Springsteed,  b  May  20,  1810;  6.  Maria 
Springsteed,  b  Mar.  18,  1812;  7.  Jacob  Spring- 
steed, b  May  12,  1815;  8.  Catherine  Springsteed, 
bjan.  5,1818;  9.  Matthev.'  Springsteed,  b  Aug. 

4,  1821 ;  10.  WiUiam  Walter  Springsteed,  b  June 

5,  1823,  m   Aug.  II,  1857,  Elizabeth   Ann  Wal- 
dron,  b    June   30,    1834  (Burhans  Genealogy). 

237  PIETER  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (107)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Maria  (Marytie)  Winne;  bp  at  Albany  Nov.  22, 
1747  ■.  m  there  Dec.  10,  1769,  Catharina  Van  Wie;  bp  at  Al- 
bany Mar,  17,  1751 ;  dau  of  Hendrick  I.  Van  Wie  and  Mareytje 
I^oeck  of  Albany  (see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 
In  1707  he  was  a  member  of  the  Grenadier  Company,  First 

174  Van  Deursen  Family 

Battalion  of  Albany  Militia,  tinder  the  command  of  Col  J.Ab- 
raham C.  Ciiyler.  Also,  during  the  Rev.  War,  in  the  First 
Albany  County  Militia,  under  the  same  Colonel.  He  d  March 
II,  1825.  In  1835  his  widovr  ^vas  an  applicant  for  a  pension. 
In  her  petition  she  states  that  he  served  in  Capt.  Nicholas 
Jeroleman's  Comp.,  under  Col.  Jacob  Lansing. 

In  November,  178S,  Peter  Van  Deusen  and  Jacob  Van  De 
Bilt  estabhshed  a  soap  and  candle  factory  for  the  conve- 
nience of  the  citizens  of  Albany;  which  useful  business,  they 
say  in  their  advertisement,  had  long  been  wanted  in  that  city. 
As  an  inducement  to  the  citizens  to  encourage  these  domestic 
manufactures,  they  offered  their  goods  at  New  York  prices; 
thus  saving  the  freight  and  cartage.  Also,  as  a  further  in- 
ducement, they  offer  to  manufacture  candles,  for  those  v;ho 
provide  their  own  tallow,  at  2  1-2  pence  per  pound,  and  fur- 
nish the  wicks  themselves  (MunscU  's  ' '  Annals  of  Albany, ' ' 
Vol.  2,  p.  207). 

Children,  bp  at  Albany: 
i  Maria,  b  Dec.  27,  1 7 74 ;  bp  Jan.  i ,  1775;  sps  Hendrik  and 
Maria  Van  Wie;  m  a  1794  Denik  (Dirck)  Hilton.  Is- 
sue: Catharine  Hilton,  b  Jan.  11,  bp  Feb.  13,  1796. 
In  1735,  Denik  Hilton  stated,  in  an  affidavit  filed  in 
his  mother-in-law's  claim  for  a  pension,  that  he  had 
sers'ed  as  Sergeant  and  Ensign  in  Capt.  Nicholas 
Jeroleman's  Comp.,  Col.  Jacob  Lansing's  Regt.,  New 
York  Militia,  during  Rev.  War. 
ii       Rachel,  b  June  8,  bp  June  23,  1782 ;  sps  Yv'illem  and  Jan- 

netie  AYinne. 
iii      Philip,  b  i\Iay  12,  bp  May  21,  1793  ;  sps  Abraham  and  Ann 

238  ELISABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (108)  Arent 
Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Waldron;  bp  in  Albany  Jan.  22, 
1749;  m  there  Mar.  16,  1770,  William  Dunbar,  who  was  a 
member  of  Col.  Peter  Van  Courtland's  regiment,  second  of 
"The  Line." 

Children,  bp  in  Albany: 

Tr}-ntie  Dunbar,  bp  Dec.  2,  1770;  sps  Arent  and  Engeltie 

V.  Deusen. 
Robert  Dunbar,  b  June  19,  bp  June  23,  1773;  sps  John 

Dunbaar,  Lena  Lansing. 
Arent  Dunbar,  b  Apr.  27,  bp  Apr.  28,  1776;  sps  Arent  and 

Engeltie  V.  Deusen;  d  y. 
Arent  Dunbar,  b  Nov.  6,  bp  Nov.  8,  17 78;  sps  Arent  and 
Engeltie  V.  Deusen. 

Sixth  Generation  175 

V  Cornelia  Dunbar,  b  Sept.  21,  bp  Sept.  27,'! 785;  sps  Lavi- 

nus  and  Cornelia  Dunbar. 

239  ENGELTIE  VAN  DEUSEX,  dau  of  (loS)  Arent  Van 
Deusen  and  Catharina  Waldron;  bp  in  Albany  Oct.  27,  1751; 
ma  1772,  JOHAXXES  Vax  Hoesex,  who  served  in  Eighth  Regi- 
ment, Albany  County  Militia,  Col.  Robert  Van  Rensselaer. 

Childrex,  bp  at  Albany: 
i        Catharina  Van  Hoesen,  b  Apr.  16,  bp  Apr.  17,  1774;  sps 

Arent  V.  Deusen,  Elisabeth  Dunbar, 
ii       Alida  Van  Hoesen,  b  Aug.  4,  bp  Aug.  15,  1784;  sps  Johs 

and  Geesie  V.  Benthuisen. 
iii     Alida  Van  Hoesen,  b  June   20,  bp  June   25,   17S6;  sps 

Meinard  and  Geertruy  V.  Hoesen. 

240  ANNATIE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (no)  Wilhelmus 
Van  Deiisen  and  Christina  Kittle;  b  a  1755;  m  a  1776,  Philip 
De  Foreest. 

Children,  bp  Albany  and  New  Salem: 
i        Marthen  De  Foreest,  b  July  28,  bp  Aug.  18,  1779;  sps' 

Marthen  and  Tanneke  Foreest. 
ii       Christina  De  Foreest,  b  Aug.  24,  bp  Sept.  16,  1781;  sps 

Wilhelmus  and  Christina  V.  Deusen;  m  May  12,  1801, 

Johannes    Burhans    (afterwards"  named  Chr}'seler);   b 
M^y  23,  1779. 
iii     Wilhelmus  De  Foreest,  b  Sept.  22,  bp  Oct.  3,  1784;  sps 

Cornelis  and  Lena  V.  Deusen. 
iv     Tanneke  (Ann)  De  Foreest,  b  Jan.  7,  bp  Feb.  5,  1787;  sps 

Marten  and  Tanneke  Foreest. 

V  Marretje  De  Foreest,  b  Feb.  u,  bp  Mar.  i,  1795,  at  New 

Salem,  N.  Y. 

241  CORNELIUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (no)  Wilhel- 
mus Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Kittle  (Kettelhuyn)  of  Rens- 
selaer Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  March  14,  bp  at  Albany  Apr.  n,  1764;  m  a 
17S6,  Margaret  Weatherwax  and,  presumably,  resided  in 
town  of  Columbia,  Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.  A  Cornelius  Van 
Deusen  resided  in  Bern,  Albany  Co.,  N.  Y.,  1810-1820  (Cen- 

i        Margaret, 
ii       Anna, 
iii      Lany. 
iv      Catharine. 
457  V       Andrew,  b  Mar.  4,  1805;  m  1825,  Elizabeth  Filkins. 

176  Van  Deursen   Family 

242  LENA  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (no)  Wilhelmus  Van 
Deusen  and  Chnstina  Ivittle;  b  Aug.  24.  bp  at  Albany  Sept 

21,    1766;  m  a   17S7,  PlETER  YV^IESSMER. 

i        George  Wiessmer,  bp  at  Churchtown,  N.  Y.,  Sept.   i- 
_  1789  ;  sps  Tobias  V.  Duse  and  Catharina.  ' ' 

ii       Pieter  Felix  Wiessmer.  b  Nov.  4,  bp  Dec.  24    1707-  sps 

iii      Maria  Wiessmer,  b  Aug.  14,  iSoo,  bp  May  25,  1802;  sps 

243  MATTHEW  VAN  DUSEN  presumably  the  son  of 
(in)  Andries  (Andrew)  Van  Deusen  and  Elisabeth  Ute,  or 
Ott,  of  New  York;  b  Sept.  2,  1759,  probably  in  Philadelphia, 
Pa.;  d  at  Philadelphia  Nov.  30,  1812:  m  in  that  city,  in  Christ 
Church,  by  the  Right  Rev.  William  D.  White,  D.  D.,  Dec.  24, 
1783,  to  Lydia  Brehaut;  b  April  iS,  1766;  d  Sept.  19,  1S14; 
dau  of  Nicholas  Brehaut  of  Philadelphia,  a  Huguenot  from' 
Guernsey,  Channel  Islands,  and  Elizabeth  Bonnells.  Mr. 
Van  Dusen's  v.-ill,  v/hich  was  dated  Nov.  6,  1812,  was  probated 
Dec.  5,  1812,  and  that  of  his  widow,  dated  Sept.  16,  1S14,  was 
probated  Oct    14,  1814. 

Matthew  Van  Dusen  was  a  prominent  citizen  and  ship- 
builder of  Philadelphia,  Pa.  It  is  not  known  whether  he  was 
born  in  that  city,  but  he  must  have  moved  there  while  a  ver>- 
young  man,  if  he  v,-as  born  in  Nev/  York,  of  which  city  his  par- 
ents were  residents,  and  where  their  three  eldest  children  were 
baptized.  In  1795  he  purchased  the  old  historic  Fairman 
property  in  Kensington,  Philadelphia.  The  Fairman  man- 
sion, which  stood  upon  this  ground,  was  built  by  Thomas 
Fairman  in  1682.  Here  Fairman  entertained  William  Penn 
as  a  member  of  his  family  until  Penn's  own  home,  Letitia 
House,  was  completed  building.  Other  notable  guests  of 
Fairman  were  Markham,  Haige,  Howe  and  his  children.  Near 
this  house  stood  the  famous  "Treatv  Tree,"  under  which 
William  Penn  made  his  treatv  with  the  Indians  in  May,  1682. 
In  1682  Fairman  mossed  to  Tacony,  another  part  of  Philadel- 
phia, but  his  widow  appears  to  have  occupied  the  mansion 
in  17 1 1.  Watson,  in  his  annals  of  Philadelphia,  Vol.  i,  pp. 
i34-i46,_  gives  a  histor}'  of  this  house  and  the  treatv,  with  an 
illustration  of  the  house  and  the  elm  tree.  The  elm  was  blown 
dou-n  in  1810  and  the  house,  which  was  built  of  brick,  v/as  re- 
moved in  1825.  Mr.  Van  Dusen  purchased  it  for  $385,  there 
being  at  the  time  a  mortgage  of  §2,666.66  upon  it.  His 
family  occupied  the  house  until  its  removal  in  1825.     Miss 


Insert  on  page  176  Van  Deusen  Family  Vol.  I. 

242.  Lena  Van  Deusi:n,  b.  Aug.  24,  17G6 ;  d.  May  3, 
1848;  m.  Jan.  1,  178G  to  Henry  A.  Miller  (b.  Aug.  5, 
1764,  d.  Jan.  23,  1826),  son  of  Andrew  and  Sarah  Ann 
(Snyder)   Miller.    Resided  at  Millers  :\[ills,  N.  Y. 

Childi-en : 

i.         Christina   Miller,  b.  Feb.  3,  17S9;    m.  Israel   Yonng. 

ii.        Andrew   Miller,  b.  June  3,  1792;    d.   Sept.  3,  1793. 

iii.       George    H.    Miller,   b.   July    1,    1793;    m.    Sally   Williams. 

iv.       Andrew   H.    Miller,   b.   July   25   1795;    m.   Mary  Gorsline. 

V.        William  H.   Miller,  b.   Mar.   12,  1797;    m.   Elizabeth   Smith. 

vi.       Margaret    Miller,    b.    Mar.    2,   1799;    m.   Jacob    Haner. 

vii.      Cornelius   Miller,   b.   Feb.   1.   1801;    m.   Belinda   Smith. 

viii.     Jeremiah  Miller,  b.   July   15,  1S03;    m.  Julia   Potter. 

ix.       Christopher  H.  Miller,  b.  Dec.  14.  1805;    m.  Lavina  Jones. 

See   correction   sheet  on   page   95. 

Reference:    "Genealogy,    Descendants   of   Andrew    Miller   of   Millers 

Mills,    N.    Y."    by    Doris    Miller    Schneider,    3S2    Fairview    Ave.,    Wln- 

netka,  111.,  pages  14,  39  and  40.  Copies  on  file  at  Library  of  Congress, 

Newberry   Library,   Chicago,   and   others. 

A  ''" 

L      I      J 

i      ?  i      1 

1,1   .  ;     ' 



->    _  -j"i^..J  <5iC^«' 

'  ••'.1 

Fainran's   Man^i.^n,    Philadelphia;   btiilt    170J,    taken    cloxsn    1S25;   the   residence   of 

Matthew  Van   Dusen   fur  many  years.      Facing  the  n^ansion  is  seen  the 

historic  tree  known  as  Penn's  "Treaty  tree."      It  was  blown 

dov.n  in  iSio.      It  was  2S4  years  old  and  its  girth 

24  feet. 

Sixth  Gexf.r_\tiox  177 

Tiers,  in  Martin's  History  of  Chester  County,  Pa.,  p.  53,  says: 
"The  ground,  on  which  the  Treaty  Elm  of  Penn  stood,  be- 
longed to  Mr.  I\Iatthew  Van  Dusen  at  the  time  the  tree  was 
blown  down,  March  i,  iSio.  }.Iy  uncle,  Mr.  Franklin  Eyre, 
owned  the  property  immediately  adjoining,  and  to  him  Mr. 
Van  Dusen  made  the  proposition  that  if  he  would  have  the  en- 
tire trunk  sawed  into  planks,  he  might  have  half  the  wood. 
This  Mr.  Eyre  gladly  acceded  to,  and  afterv.-ards  he  received 
permission  to  possess  himself  of  the  roots.  This  root  is  in  the 
Museum  of  the  Young  ]\ien's  I>Ioravian  Missionary'  Society, 
Bethlehem,  Pa.  An  illvistration  of  this  house  is  given  with 
this  sketch. 

Res:     Philadelphia,  Pa.     Oc:     Ship  Builder. 

45S  i        Nicholas,  b  Jan.  31,  17S5;  m  iVpr.  3,  1810,  Margaret 
ii       Andrew,  b  Aug.  6,  17S6;  d  Oct.  13,  1822;  m  Abigail 

459  iii      Matthew,  b  July  18,  17S8;  m  Mav  3,  1S17,  Elizabeth 


iv  Elizabeth,  b'Oct.  5,  1794;  m  Christian  Gulager  of 
Boston,  Mass.  Issue:  Edward  Gulager;  Charles 
Gulager,  the  artist;  William  Gulager;  Frances  Gul- 
ager; May  Gulager. 

V       Lydia,  b  Feb.  24,  1797  ;  dunmNov.  11,  1873. 

460  vi     John,  b  Sept.  8,  1799;  m  Sept.   11,   1824,  Margaret 

Vaughan  of  Kensington. 

461  vii    Mary,  b  Apr.  25,  1S02;  m  July  28,  1S19,  Capt.  Paul 

A.  Ohver. 

462  viii  "Washington,  b  Jan.  31,  1805;  m  Feb.  11,  1830,  La- 

vinia  Closson. 

244  ANDREW  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (113)  Gilbert  Van 
Deusen  and  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp  of  Johnstown,  N,  Y. ;  b 
Dec.  17,  1777;  m  Oct.  7,  1804,  Axxyte  Thorxe  or  Nancy  Van 
Horn  (as  given  in  family  records);  who  d  June,  1858.  Fie 
died  Dec  20,  1865,  in  Maple  Valley,  Otsego  Co.,  N,  Y.,  where 
he  was  a  farmer  and  tanner. 

i        Eleanor,  b  July  2,  1805;  d  Oct.  4,  1846;  m  Feb.  8, 

1825,  Mansfield  Wheeler. 
ii       Harriet,  b  Feb.  7,  1807;  d  Sept.  7,  1877;  m  Nov.  20, 

1833,  Conrad  Winnie. 
iii      Nancy,  b  Jan.  11,  1809;  d  Sept.  16,  1S29. 
iv     Gilbert,  b  Oct.  5,  1810;  d  May  12,  1S12. 

178  Van  Deursen  Family 

V       Margaret,  b  Feb.  15,  1S13;  d  July  i,  iSSi;  m  June 

30,  1847,  Andrew  Mansfield  Wheeler. 
vi      Sarah  M.,  b  Mar.  22,  1S15;  m  May  17,  183S,  Calvin 

vii    Catharine  Eliza,  b  Mar.  24,  1S17;  d  Aug.  17,  1903; 

ni  Oct.  30,  1844,  Henry  Holmes, 
viii  Almyra  Jemima,  b  Nov.  26,  1S19;  d  Jan.  10,  1S70. 
ix      Luci'nda,  b  Oct.  30,  1S21;  m  May  15,  1S61,  John  B. 

X       Cyntha  Jane,  b  Mar.  4,  1823  ;d  Dec.  17,  1893  ;m  1880, 

Robert  Skinner. 

463  xi      Elkanah  Gilbert,  b  Aug.  29,  1825;  m  Feb.  4,  1852, 

Jane  Salisbury. 

245  JACOB  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (113)  Gilbert.  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp  of  Mohawk,  Montgomcn.^  Co., 
N.  Y.;  b  there  July  30,  1784;  m  at  Fonda  Jan,  17,  1808,  Ger- 
trude Vax  Alstixe,  b  at  Fonda  Jan.  12,  1785;  dau  of 
Jacob  Van  Alstine  and  Nancy  Carrell;  d  Aug.  16,  1858. 
Jacob  Van  Deusen  was  living  in  i860. 

Jacob  Van  Alstine  was  probably  bom  in  Schoharie  County, 
N.  Y.,  and  died  in  Beechville,  Ont.,  Canada.  He  was  the  son 
of  Abraham  Van  Alstine  and  Geertrui  Quackenbush. 

Children,  from  the  family  Bible  of  Amos: 
i        Gilbert,  b  Mar.  30,  1S09;  d  y. 

464  ii       Abraham,   b   April    12,    1811;   m   April    20,    1837, 

Louisa  Malcolm. 
464a  iii     Aaron,  b  July  13,  1813  ;  m  a  1835  at,  or  near.  Gales- 
burg,  Mich.,  Hannah  Austin. 

iv     Joseph,  b  Apr.  19,  i8i6;ma  1840,  Mary ; 

res  in  1850  at  Charlestown,  Montgomery  Co.,  N. 
Y.;  oc  shoemaker.  Issue:  Charles  H.,  b  1842; 
Jane  A.,  b  1S45. 

465  V       Amos,  b  Aug.    16,    1817;  m   (ist)   Nov.    28,    1844, 

Augusta  Taylor;  (2d)  Sept.,  1852,  Levina  Smith. 
vi     Mar\',  b  Aug.  13,  1820. 
vii    Martha,  b  June  11,  1823. 

466  viii   John,  b  July  23,   1827;  m  Dec.    17,   1852,  Esther 


246  HARM  ANUS  Vx\N  DEUSEN,  son  of  (113)  Gilbert 
Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp  of  Mohawk,  Mont.  Co., 
N.  Y.;  bat  Mohawk  May  17,  1787  ;m  (ist)  at  Fonda  May 
9,  1809,  Margrieta  Dockstader;  (2d)  at  Fonda  May  31, 
1825,  Maria  Horning,  who  d  Mar.  5,  1S84. 

Sixth  Generation*  179 

Res:     Hagaman,    Mont.    Co.,    and,    in    1850,  Amsterdam, 
Mont.  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Shoemaker. 
Children,  by  first  v.-ife: 

467  i        Gilbert,  b  in  iSio;  m  Feb.  9,  1S33,  Maria  Dockstader. 
ii       Eliza,  b  in  1813  ;  m  John  Leathers. 

iii      Eleanor,  b  in  1815;  m  Henry  Nare. 

iv      Catherine,  b  Mar.  8,  1817;  m  George  Ecker, 

V  Nancy,  b  Apr.  12,  1819;  d  Apr.  24,  1844;  m  Jan.  6, 
1842,  Stephen  H.  Collins,  who  d  Oct.  5,  1893.  Is- 
sue: Nancy  L.  Collins,  b  Oct.  17,  1843;  tmmar- 

vi  Maria,  b  Oct.  4,  1822  ;d  Oct.  8,  iSS3;m  Jan.  11,  1844, 
Isaac  Lefler,  who  d  Oct.  16,  1SS4.  Issue:  Frank 
Lefler,  b  May  25,  1846;  Phylura  Lefler,  b  July  6, 
1S50;  Carrie  Lefler,  b  Dec.  25,  1857;  m  Nov.  30, 
18S1,  George  B.  Wetherbee. 

468  vii    John,  b  July  6,  1S24  ;  m  Mar.  17,  1846,  Sarah  A.  Mun- 

By  second  wife: 

viii   Margaret,  b  in  1826. 

469  ix      Levi   Hr,  b  Dec.    i,   1827;  m  Jan.   15,   1851,   Mary 

Louisa  Riggs. 
X       Harriett,  b  in  1830;  m  (ist)  James  Archer,  by  whom 

she  had  issue:     James  Archer  and  Chester  Archer; 

(2d)  David  French. 
xi     Amanda  C,  b  in  1839. 

247  JOHN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (113)  Gilbert  Van 
Deusen  and  Margaret  Van  Antwerp;  b  in  1798;  m  a  1822; 
name  of  wife  not  known. 

Res:     1850,  Root,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  as  far  as  known:* 
i        John,  b  in  1827. 
ii       Elizabeth  N.,  b  in  1832. 
iii     Nathaniel,  b  in  1837. 

24S  AARON  (ARENT)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (113) 
Gilbert  Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp  of  Johnstown, 
N.  Y.;  b  Aug.  21,  1792;  bp  at  Fonda;  m  a  1814,  Hannah  R. 
Waggoner.  He  served  during  the  War  of  18 12  in  Capt. 
Peter  Colyer's  Company,  Col.  Nellis'  Regt.,  New  York  Militia, 
at  Sacket's  Harbor,  N'.  Y.  (Bounty  Land  Claim  112,631,  for 
160  acres).  i 

♦With  this  family  {appears  Rachel  Van  Deu&en,  b  in  1777  in  New  Jersey,'    Her 
relationship  is  not  shown. 

180  Van  Deursen  Family 

Res:     In  1850,  Root. 

Children,  bp  at  Currytow-n,  N.  Y.: 

i        Gilbert,  b  July  4.  bp  Aug.  14,  1S16. 

ii       Andrew,  b  Aug.  7,  bp  Aug.  16,  1817 ;  m  a  1S40,  Elisabeth 

Ann ;  res  in  1850  at  Sharon,  Schoharie  Co., 

N.  Y.     Issue:     Wellington,  b  in  1844;  Ellen  Maria,  b 
in  1847. 

iii  Henry  b  July  25,  bp  Aug.  12,  1821 ;  d  Aug.  30,  18SS;  m 
(1st)  a  1843,  Elizabeth  Bullous,  vrho  d  Nov.  14,  1851; 
(2d)  June  15,  1852,  Wealthy  Warden,  wid  of  William 
Warden  (d  Aug.  30,  1S50).  She  d  at  Tiistin,  Osceola 
Co.,  Mich.,  Feb.  27,  1S96.  Henry  served  during  the 
Civil  War  in  Batter}^  21,  New  Yo'rk  Light  Art.,  from 
Jan.  4,  1864,  to  Sept.  8,  1865  (Pen.  Ctf.  256,147;  Wid. 
Ctf.  264,786).  They  were  residents  of  Lenox,  Madison 
Co.,  N.  Y. ;  he  was  by  occupation  a  boatman.  Issue: 
Margaret,  b  in  1845. 

iv      Ellen  Catherina,  b  Apr.  13,  bp  June  23,  1823. 

V       Margaret,  b  June  5,  bp  Sept.  lo,  1826. 

vi  John,  b  June  13,  1S27;  d  July,  1904;  name  of  wife  not 
known;  res- Beaver  Meadov/,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.  On 
Aug.  7,  1 86 2,  he  enlisted  in  Comp.  I,  114th  New  York 
Vol.  Inf.,  and  promoted  to  Sergeant  Aug.  31,  1S63. 
He  was  wounded  in  action  at  Cedar  Creek,  Va.,  Oct. 
^  19,  1864;  discharged  June  8,  1S65,  at  Washington,  D. 
C.  (Pen.  Ctf.  101,034).  Issue:  Barney;  John;  Wil- 
liam; Daniel;  Jacob;  Menzo;  Jerome;  Phoebe,  who  m 

vii    Mary,  b  in  1830. 

viii  Jane,  b  in  1836. 

249  SIMON  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (113)  Gilbert  Van  Dusen 
and  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp  of  Johnstown,  N.  Y. ;  b  Nov.  15, 
1794;  d  vSept.  12,  1869;  m  (ist)  March  25,  1815,  Nancy 
Hansen;  (2d)  Feb.  26,  1818,  Mary  Ti.mmerman,  b  in  Mont- 
gomery Co.,  N.  Y.,  of  German  parentage,  Jan.  26,  1799;  d 
June  30,  1851 ;  dau  of  Adam  Timmerman  and  Catherine  Snell 
of  Snell's  Bush. 

Simon  served  in  the  War  of  181 2,  being  drafted  Sept.  12, 
181 2,  and  discharged  at  Plattsburg,  Sept.  12,  18 14.  In  March, 
1816,  he  was  commissioned  an  Ensign  in  Capt.  Domv  Van 
Vechten's  Company,  34th  Regt.  of  Inf.,  of  which  Henr\'  Fonda 
was  Lieut.  Col. 

Res:  In  1S50,  Mohawk;  at  time  of  death,  Fonda,  N.  Y. 
Oc:     Laborer. 

Sixth  Generation  181 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Nancv,  b  Apr.  ^,  iSi6;  d  Oct.  ig,  1893;  m  William 
By  second  wife: 
469a  ii       Gilbert  Simon,  b  Sept.   16,  181S;  m  Feb.  i,  1843, 
Mary  Catherine  Davis, 
iii      Catherine,  b  Sept    14,   1820;  d  July   27,   1844;  m 
Peter  A.  Smith;  res  Howard,  Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Issue:     Simon  Smith. 
469b  iv     Adam,  b  June  3,  1S23;  m  Nov.  24,  1S45,  Caroline 
E.  Childs. 
V       Sarah  Caroline,  b  Feb,  14,  1S34;  d  Dec.  6,  18S5;  m 
Josiah  S.  Feltis  of  Fonda,  N.  Y.,  who  d  Mar.  17, 
1907 ;  no  children. 
469c  vi      Sidney  Clark,  b  Sept.  20,  1835;  m  Aug.  24,  1864, 
Jennie  M.  Sisson. 

250  ABRAHAM  G.  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (113)  Gilbert 
Van  Deusen  and  Neeltje  Van  Antwerp  of  Johnstown,  Fulton 
Co.,  N.  Y. ;b  in  1795;  m  (ist)  Dec.  29,  1819,  Caty  Davis;  (2d) 
a  1830,  Cornelia 

Res:  1832,  Monroe  Co.,  N.  Y.;  in  1850,  Plymouth  Tsp., 
Wayne  Co.,  Mich.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  by  second  wife: 
h        Charles,  b  in  New  York  in  1834. 
y        ■    Elizabeth,  b  in  New  York  in  1837. 
■;  Lydia,  b  in  Michigan  in  1840. 

250a  MALLE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (118)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Gesie  Burghardt  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ; 
b  there  Aug.  11,  1770;  d  Aug.  19,  1842;  m  Sept.  24,  1792,  as 
Mary  Van  Deusen,  John  Rogers,  son  of  John  and  Dehght 
(Greene)  Rogers;  b  Oct.  14,  1 761,  at  New  London,  Conn.,  and 
d  May  27,  1849.  They  settled  in  Broome  Co.,  N.  Y.,  about 
five  miles  from  Whitney's  Point  (See  Rogers  Genealog}^- 

i        Lucretia  Van  Deuzen  Rogers,  b  Jan.  7,  1794;  1^  Truman 

ii      John  Van  Deuzer  Rogers,  b  June  30,   1795;  m  Louisa 

iii     Abraham  Van  Deuzen  Rogers,  b  Sept.  6,  1799;  m  Har- 
riet D.  Stickney. 
iv      Benjamin  Rogers,  b  Feb.  23,  iSoi;  m  Fidelia  Alwater. 

251  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (119)  Coenrad  Van 
Deusen  and  Rachel  Hallenbeck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.; 

182  Van  Deursex  Family 

b  at  Gt.  Barrington  May  26,  1773  ;  d  at  Van  Deusenville,  Mass., 
April  20,  i860;  m  Dec.  2,  1S04,  Lucretia  Ixgersoll,  dau  of 
Oliver  Ingersoll  and  Hannah  Burghardt;  b  Nov.  17,  1776;  d 
April  I,  I  S3  7. 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

i  Coonrad,  b  Apr.  29,  1S05;  d  Feb.  28,  1877;  m  (rst) 
Jan.  16,  1837,  Tabitha  Bush,  by  whom  he  had  oae 
child;  (2d)  Jan.  i,  1S52,  Catherine  Van  Deusen, 
dan  of  (255)  William  Van  Deusen  and  Hannah 
Spencer,  by  whom  he  had  no  issue ;  res  at  Gt.  Bar- 
rington. Issue  b}'  first  wife:  Harriet  Lucretia, 
b  Nov.  8,  I  S3 8;  d  in  Pennsylvania  Aug.  5,  1900; 
m  (ist)  Nov.  12,  1884,  Thomas  Page;  b  Sept.  11, 
iS25;dDec.  21,  1SS7;  (2d)  Oct.  17,  1S89,  WilHam 
Deuey;  b  July  20,  1S26. 
ii       Hannah,  b  Jime  9,  1806;  d  unm  Dec.  22,  1879. 

470  iii      Rachel,  b  June  24,  180S;  m  Mar.  25,  1830,  Clark  A. 

iv      Fiche  Louisa,  b  Aug.  25,  1810;  d  unm  June  23,  1S76. 

471  v       Henry,  b  Dec.   19,   1812;  m  Apr.   22,   1841,  Vienna 

vi  Lana  Elizabeth,  b  Apr.  22,  1S15;  m  (ist)  Apr.  26, 
1840,  Abraham  S.  Groat;  b  Aug.  25,  1817;  d  Sept. 
17,  1843;  (2d)  Feb.  26,  1850,  Oliver  H.  Abbey;  b 
Aug.  17,  1820.  She  had  no  children  and  died 
Sept.  5,  1851. 

472  vii     Isaac,  b  Apr.   13,   1S17;  m  Sept.   29,   1858,  Martha 

Abigail  Ball. 

473  viii  Y/illiam  Ingersoll,  b  June  5,  1819;  m  Oct.  4,  184S, 

Sarah  Ann  Ball. 

474  ix      Maria  Lucretia,  b  Oct.   4,    1821;  m  Oct.   14,   1849. 

Charles  ^lilton  Ball. 

.252  JOHN  (Coonrod)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (119) 
Coonrod  Van  Deusen  and  Rachel  Hallenbeck  of  Great  Bar- 
rington, Mass.;  b  Oct.  18,  1775;  d  Sept.  14,  1853  (Adminis- 
tration Oct.  II,  1853)  ;m  April  18,  1801,  Rebecca  De  Freese; 
b  June  6,  1773;  d  Feb.  10,  1S6S;  dau  of  Jacob  De  Freese  and 
Mar>^  Scott.  By  an  Act  of  the  Legislature,  dated  June  15. 
182 1,  Mr.  Van  Deusen  changed  his  name  from  John  Van 
Deusen  to  John  C.  Van  Deusen. 

Res:     Gt.    Barrington,    Mass.     Oc:     Farmer    and    Land- 

Sixth  Generation  183 


475  i        Cratus  (in  adm.  Erastus),  b  Oct.  S,  1S02;  m  ]^Iar.  19, 

1849,  Marie  Louise  Wheeler,  dau  of  (503)  Catha- 
rine Van  Deusen  and  Isaac  Wheeler. 

ii  Maria,  b  May  17,  1S04;  d  Apr.  8,  18S1;  m  Apr,  30, 
1852,  Henr}^  Van  Deusen,  whose  parentage  is  not 
known;  res  1S33,  at  Moreau,  N.  Y.  (administra- 

iii      Allen,  b  Feb.   15,   1806  (not  named  in  adm.   1853); 

m.  Elizabeth    Issue:     ^Nlary,  b  Aug.    24, 

1844  ;  m Arnold ;  Harriet,  b  Jan.  6,  1S4S. 

iv     Jane,  b  Jan.  iS,  1808;  d  May  19,  1873. 

V  Mary  Catherine,  b  Sept.  6,  1811 ;  d  Apr.  9,  1886. 
vi      Mason,  b  a  1816;  res  in  1853,  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

253  JOHN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (120)  John  I.  Van 
Deusen  and  Catherine  Hollenbeck  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.; 
b  there  I^Iarch  31,  1767;  d  April  19,  1813;  m  (ist)  Feb.  22, 
1789,  Hannah  Huvck;  b  Oct.  10,  1764;  d  May  29,  1792;  (2d) 
Jan.  28,  1796,  Rhoda  Tuller.  After  the  death  of  John  Van 
Deusen  she  ma'rried  again,  June  i,  18 16,  Erastus  W.  Kellog, 
Jr.,  and  removed  to  Cuba,  N.  Y.  She  d  June  6,  1S45.  Mr. 
Kellog  was  bp  July  8,  1770;  and  d  Aug.  30,  1S50. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Hannah,  b  Feb.    21,    1792;  m   (ist)   Sept.   6,    1S07, 

Lambert  Burghart;  (2d) House. 

By  second  wife: 

476  ii       Harry,  b  Sept.  20,  1798;  m  (ist)  Mar.  16,  1820,  Lucy 

Upson;  (2d)  Feb.  12,  1829,  Julia  Ann  Reed. 

477  iii      Lucina,  b  Sept.  i,  1800;  m  Feb.  13,  1S19,  John  G. 

47S  iv      Mason,  b  Aug.  23,  1802;  d  Jan.  19,  1S92;  m  May  5, 
1S24,  Hannah  Darbe. 

V  Seymour,  b  Apr.  22,  1804;  d  Jan.  8,  1807. 

479  vi     John  Tuller,  b  Mar.  12,  1806;  m  (ist)  Oct.  19,  1839, 

Sylvina  Upson,  sister  of  Lucy;  (2d)  Henrietta 

480  vii    Calvin,  b  July  7,  iSoS;  m  a  1S30,  Sara  Halstead. 
viii   Albert,  b  June  21,  i8io;  d  Oct.  15,  1837  (see  will). 

254  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (120)  John  I.  Van 
Deusen  and  Catherine  Hollenbeck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ; 
b  there  July  12,  1769;  d  March  14,  1830;  m  in  1790,  Eve 
HuYCK,  who  d  Nov.  7,  1S54,  aged  eighty-five  years. 

184  Van  Deursen  Family 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

i        Electa,  b  in  1 791 ;  d  Dec.  8,  1794. 

48 1  ii       Alanson,   b   Feb.   5,    1792;  m  Nov.   22,   iSii,  Julia 


482  iii     Ethan  Allen,  b  Nov.  2S,  1794;  m  in  181 5,  Climene 


483  iv      Electa,  b  Apr.   25,   1797;  m  Dec.   24,   1S16,  Garret 

v       Lucinda   :M.,  b  May,    1800,  at  Schodack,  N.  Y.;  d 
Sept.  26,  1864  (see  will). 

484  vi      Loring  A.,  b  in  1S02;  m  July  7,  1S22,  Hariet  Lester. 

485  vii     Richard,   b   Mar.    20,    1S05;  m   (ist)    Oct.   3,    1829, 

Cordelia  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (266)  Matthew  Van 
Deusen;  (2d)  March  10,  1836,  Luna  Dunham;  (3d) 
March  15,  1848,  Mary  J.  Walker. 
viii   Fiche,  b  Sept.  23,  180S;  d  Apr.  2,  1809. 

255  WILLIAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (120)  John  I.  Van 
Deusen  and  Catharine  Holicnbeck  of  Great  Barrington,  Islass.; 
b  at  that  place  Sept.  6,  1772;  m  there  Jan.  3,  1794,  Hannah 
Spencer;  b  Aug.  29,  1766;  d  Mar.  3,  184S,  and  was  bur  m 
Griswold  Cemeter>-.  From  181 2  to  1832  they  resided  at 
Schodack,  and  later  moved  to  Moreau,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y., 
where  he  died  Jan.  10,  1851. 


486  i        Frederick,  b  in  Massachusetts  June  27,   1795;  m  a 

1820,  Sally  Knapp.  . 

487  ii       Hiram,  b  June  27,  i79S;m  (ist)  June  30,  181 6,  Mana 

Crandall,  who  d  Apr.  17,  1S50;  m  (2d)  Sept.  8, 
1850,  Clara  Van  Deusen,  wid  of  Charles  Horton, 
and  dau  of  (256)  Conrad  Van  Deusen. 

488  iii     Henry,  b  Apr.  22,  1800;  m  July  4,  1S27,  Jane  Clark 


489  iv      Stephen,  b  in  1802;  m  a  1825,  Ann  Crandall. 

V  Catharine,  b  June  21,  1804;  m  June  i,  1852,  Conrad 
Van  Deusen,  son  of  (251)  Isaac  Van  Deusen  and 
Lucrctia  Ingersoll.  She  was  his  second  wife.  No 

490  vi      Tames,  b  a  1805;  m  a  1826,  Mary  Trumble. 

vii    Margaret,  b  Apr.  i,  180S;  d  unm  May  17,  1842. 

256     CONRAD  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (120)  John  I    Van 
Deusen  and  Catherine  Hollenbeck  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass., 

Sixth  Gener.\tion'  185 

b  there  Aug.  3,  1775;  d  at  Canajoharie,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  24,  1859; 
m  Jan.  13,  1801,  Hanxah  Laman,  who  d  Mar.  25,  1866.  at 
Pahnyra,  N.  Y.;  dau  of  Clement  Laman  and  Susannah  Stark.     Canajoharie,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Fanner. 
491  i_       William  Jay,  b  July  16,  1803  ;  m  a  1827,  Maria  Lane, 
n       Clara,  b  Jan.  15,  1807;  d  ^lav  20,  1S85,  at  Newark, 
N.  Y.;  ra  (ist)  Charles  Horton-;  (2d)  Sept.  8,  1850, 
(487)  Hiram  Van  Deusen,  son  of  (255)  William  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spencer;  no  ch. 
iii      Charles  Henr^^  b  Feb.  26,  1810;  m  a  1835,  Rebecca 
S.  Eldridge;  res  in  1850,  Lockport,  Niagara  Co., 
N.  Y.     Issue:     Charles,  b  Sept.  2,  1836,  at  Lock- 
port,  N.  Y.;  d  Feb.  19,  189S,  in  Washington,  D. 
C;  m  July  12,  1877,  Anna  Whitbeck  Scoville,  and 
had  two  children,  both  dead.     He  enlisted  at  El- 
mira,  N.  Y.,  July  5,  1861,  Co.  F,  27th  N.  Y.  Vol. 
Inf.  and  discharged  for  disability  April  26,  1863, 
at  Alexandria,  Va. 
iv     Eliza  Ann,  b  May  29,  18 14;  d  unm. 

Sarah  Jane,  b  Nov.  3,  1822;  m  May  6,  1850,  (495) 
Harlow  Alonzo  Van  Deusen. 


257  MICHAEL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (120)  John  I. 
Van  Deusen  and  Catherine  Hollenbeck  of  Great  Barrington, 
Mass,;  b  there  Jan.  27,  1778;  m  at  Schodack,  Renss.  Co.,  N. 
1.,  Feb.  14,  1808,  Christixa  Allen.  At  the  Census  of  1850 
they  were  residents  of  Canajoharie,  N.  Y.,  where  he  v/as  a 
farmer  and  also  carried  on  a  clothing  business.  He  died  at 
Sprout  Brook.  Montgomery-  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  i,  1853,  his  widow 
dymg  Mar.  3,  1S60. 

492  i        Margaret  Ann,  b  at  Schodack  Sept.  26,  1808;  m  (ist) 

a   1827,   Francis   Farquarson;   (2d)   Jan.   4,    1S69, 
David  Winne. 

493  ii       James  Harvey,  b  Dec.  17,  1810;  m  a  1831,  Hannah 

Maria  Lewis. 
iii  Henry  Allen,  b  at  Schodack  Dec.  19,  1812;  m  May 
14,  1854,  at  Buel,  N.  Y.,  Eliza  Clum,  who  d  in 
1901;  no  ch.  They  res  at  Sprout  Brook,  N.  Y., 
where  he  was  a  farmer ;  was  also  Postmaster  from 
1863  to  1893.     Fie  d  at  Sprout  Brook  Dec.  22,  1899. 

494  IV     Justus  Van  Rensselaer,  b  Feb.  8,  1815;  m  June  12, 

1S45,  Nancy  B.  Judd. 

495  V       Harlow  Alonzo,  M.'D.,  b  Oct.  26,  1817;  m  (ist)  Mav 

186  Van  Deursen  Family 

30,  1S47,  Angeline  Barnes;  (2d)  May  6,  1S50,  Sar.-ih 
Jane  Van  Deusen,  daii  of  (256)  Conrad  Van  D*:- 
sen;  (3d)  Dec.  4,  1S61,  Maria  Farnum  Chaj-ir. . 
(4th)  Oct.  26,  1S6S,  Maria  Louisa  Trotter. 

496  vi      Mary  Martha,  b  Feb.  10,  1820;  m  Feb.  10,  1842,  at 

Sprout  Brook,  Charles  Hibbard. 
vii    William  Alfred,  b  Mar.    11,   1S22;  d  unm  May  11, 
1903;  res  Sprout  Brook. 

497  viii   Oliver  Burnham,  b  Feb.  I,  1S25;  m  Jan,  2,  1851,  Bar- 

bara C.  Winne. 
ix      Cyrus  Angelo,  b  Feb.  25,  1827;  d  unm  Apr.  3,  1S53; 
v,-as  a  medical  student. 

498  X       Francis  De  V'itt,  b  at  Sprout  Brook  July  23,  1S29; 

m  Aug.  7,  1865,  Mary  Catharine  Hulsaver. 
xi     Charles  Michael,  b  Jan.  2,  1832;  d  Dec.  24,  1844. 

258  LAURENCE  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (121)  Matthe-.v 
Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Van  Wormer  of  Lee,  Mass.;  b  a 
1766;  d  July  19,  1799;  m  a  1787,  Christine  Hollenbeck, 
who  married,  as  a  second  husband,  Aug.  15,  1803,  George- 
Hunt.     Laurence   Van    Deusen 's    will    was    probated    Sept. 

3, 1799- 


i  Betsey,  b  Oct.  14,  1790;  d  Oct.  13,  1859;  m  a  iSio, 
Phaon  Truman;  b  in  1785;  d  Apr.  30,  1874.  h- 
sue:  Lawrence  W,  Truman,  b  in  1813 ;  d  Apr.  30, 
1850;  David  H.  Truman,  b  at  Egremont,  Mass.. 

Oct.  31,  1820;  d  Nov.  7,  1897;  m  Achsah , 

who  was  b  in  1821  and  d  Apr.  22,  1883 ;  they  were 
res  of  New  York  City  and  So.  Egremont,  Mass. 
(Truman  Genealogy,  Vol.  1,  p.  320). 
ii       Isaac,  b  Mar.  7,  d  Dec.  4,  1793. 

499  iii     Andrew,  b  Sept.  S,  1794;  m  Sept.  20,  1815,  Orpha 

iv      Christeen  H.,  b  May  27,  1797;  m  Dec.  4,  1817,  Reu- 
ben Ingersoll. 

259  GRACE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (121)  Matthew  Van 
Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Van  Wormer  of  Lee,  Mass.;  b  at  Lee 
Jan.  12,  1775;  d  Mar.  28,  1833;  m  Jan.  17,  i793,Walley 
Backus,  a  farmer  of  Lee.  He  d  Aug.  29,  1840;  both  are  bur 
at  Lee. 

Children,  from  familv  Bible  record: 
i        Alma  G.  Backus,  b  Oct.  25,  1794;  m  Nov.  4,  1819,  Darius 



Sixth  Generation  1S7 

H.  Chapman  (see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families 

for  this  line). 
Azel  Huntington  Backus,  b  Jan.  26,  1797;  d  unm  in  New 

Orleans,  La.,  Dec.  31,  1S43. 
Remember  E.  Backus,  b  July  8,  1800;  d  May  18,  i860;  m 

Sept.  30,  1843,  Ephraim  Herrick,  who  d  Aug.  29,  1879; 

res  Wellington,  Ohio. 
Walley  Backus,  b  Aug.  4,  1S02;  d  July  2,  1S06. 
Matthew  Van  Deusen  Backus,  b  Jan.  16,  1804;  d  Apr.  10, 

1869;  m  May  6,   1829,  Nancy  Wilson.     Issue:     Ellen 

Jane  Backus',  m  Scth  Marcy;  no  eh.;  George  Backus,  d 

unm;  Charles  Backus,  d  in  Army,  unm. 
Elizabeth  Van  Wonner  Backus,  b  Oct.  24,  1807;  d  Sept. 

12,  1823. 
Walley  Backus  b  Dec.  23,  1S09;  dumn  at  Frankfort,  La. 
Leander  Jason  Backus,  b  June  10,  181 2;  d  Oct.  16,  1840; 

m  June  10,  1834,  Esther  G.  Sessions,  who  d  Mar.  3, 

1839.     Issue:     WiUiam  Orville  Backus,  b  in  Lee,  Mass., 

Apr.  I,  1835  ;  d  June  21,  1S38;  James  Azel  Backtis,  b  in 

Lee  June  19,  1838,  d  Feb.  9,  1S64. 
L\     Ellen  Jane  Backus,  b  Mar.  19,  1814;  d  July  27,  1873;  m 

Oct.   19,  1S36,  James  Wilson  Tucker,  who  d  Jan.  27, 

1894.     They  had  no  children,  but  adopted  a  daughter, 

who  is  now  (1904)  ^Irs.  S.  Y/.  Douglas  of  EvansviUe, 

X      George  Allen  Backus,  b  Feb.  27,  181 7;  was  killed  in  the 

Chickesaw  Nation,  Ark.,  May  3,  1839;  unm. 

260  MATTHEW  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (121)  Matthew 
Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Van  Wormer  of  Lee,  Mass.;  b  a 
1777;  m  at  Lee  Nov.  9,  1800,  Betsey  Braman.  They  re- 
sided for  some  years  at  Lee,  and  removed  a  1840,  to  Potts- 
ville,  SchuylkiUCo.,  Pa. 

i^      A  child,  b  Sept.  12,  d  Nov.  19,  1802. 
ii      Lorence,  b  Sept.  3,  1804;  d  Jan.  30,  1805. 
iii     Marshall,  b  Nov.  17,  1S05;  d  May  21,  1820. 
iv     Fideha,  b  Mar.  16,  1808;  m  Mar.  18,  1829,  Henry  Web- 
ster; res  in  1846  at  Lenox,  Mass. 
V      Roswell  Palmer,  b  July  17,  1809. 
vi      Henry  Mills,  b  Dec.  21,  181 1. 
vii    Rachel,  b  Nov.  18,  1813;  d  y. 
yiii  John  Milton,  b  Jan.  8,  1816. 
'X     WiUiam  Franklin,  b  Nov.  19,  1818. 

188  Van  Deursen  Family 

X       Charles  Marshall,  b  Jan.  7,  1822. 

261  FICHE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (121)  Matthew  V-, 
Deusen  and  TClizabeth  Van  Womier  of  Lee,  Mass.;  b  Jan.  i:. 
1788;  d  Jan.  24,  1849;  m  Aug.  30,  1810,  Robert  MosLa 
Ashley;  b  Aug.  17,  1782;  d  Sept.  12,  1S54. 

Res:     Strongsville,  Cuyahoga  Co.,  Ohio. 
i        George  Wendell  Ashley,  b  May  3,  181^;  d  unm  Julv  6. 

ii       Harriet  Elizabeth  Ashley,  b  Apr.  15,  1815;  d  unm  Nov. 

24,  1831. 
iii      Charles  Lowell  Ashlev,  b  Mar.  9,  1817;   d  unm  Feb.  :-, 

iv     William  Haiper  Ashley,  b  Jan.  20,  1820;  d  Sept.  i,  1SS5; 

ni  (ist)  Apr.  30,  1S49,  Marv'  D.  Strong;  (2d)  Jan.  31, 

1856,  Ruth  Bramhall. 
V       Robert  I\Ioses  Ashley,  b  Apr.  2,  1822;  d  July  7,  1875;  ni 

(ist)   Jan.    2,    1847,   Ann  Strong;   (2d)   Oct.   4,   1S54. 

Catherine  Ozman. 
vi      Francis  Marion  Ashlev,  b  June  2,  1824;  m  May  19,  1S5:, 

Mary  J.  Fuller. 
vii    Egbert  Dv/ight  Ashley,  b  Apr.  13,  1827;  m  (ist)  Jan.  ::. 

1850,  Eliza  J.  Tuttle;  (2d)  Apr.  28,  1852,  Mariah  D. 


262  IS/VAC  LAIRD  VAN  DEUSEN,  only  son  of  (122) 
Jacob  Van  Deusen  and  Mary  Laird  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.; 
b  May  12,  i7S8;d  April  7,  1852;  m  Jan.  i,  1809,  at  Rawson- 
ville,  Ohio,  Lavinia  L.  Hart,  who  d  Nov.  i,  1843.  ^'^ 
represented  Great  Barrington  in  the  State  Legislature;  wr.s 
a  member  of  the  General  Court,  and  Town  Treasurer.  He 
was  engaged  in  business  as  a  manufacturer,  and  was  the  owner 
of  considerable  real  estate.  On  Feb.  18,  1819,  he  obtained 
an  Act  of  Legislature  whereby  he  changed  his  name  from  Isanc 
Van  Deusen  to  Isaac  Laird  Van  Deusen. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.,  and  Rawsonville,  Ohio. 

i  George,  b  June  30,  1810;  d  at  Gt.  Barrington  A-^ig. 
3,  1886;  m  Apr.  6,  1831,  Amanda  M.  Seelcy,  who 
d    at    Gt.    Barrington  Sept.    23,  18S8.     Issue: 

Julia  L.,  b  a  1833;  m  a  1853     Bell. 

500     ii      Jacob,  b  June  28,  i8i3;m  Feb.  28,  1836,  Mary  Tcn- 


Sixth  Gexeil\tion  jgg 

SOI     iii     Edwin  Martin   b  Feb.  .5,  1816;  m  Sept.  16,  1838, 

i^liza  Maria  Gilbert  '       o   , 

501a  iv      ^'^^^ns,^.^2^n.  .7.  1S18;  in  Dec.  .4,  1839,  Sarah 

V       Maria;  m  Apr.  28,  1852.  Henry  Van  Deusen.  (Iden- 
tity imknown.)  ^ 
vi     Jane  (?). 
vii     Kate  (?). 

263  ISAAC  I  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (12s)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Katharine  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass  b 
April  5,  1767  ;  d  May  16,  1831 ;  m  January  15,  17S9,  Christi'va 
Spoor  dau  of  Nicholas  Spoor  and  Sarah  Hollenb^ck  of  Shef^ 
field,  Mass.;  b  March  n,  1765;  d  Sept.  2,  1S30 

From  the  fact  of  his  being  a  well  educated  man  for  that  day 
and  a  fme  French  scholar,  Mr.  Van  Deusen  obtained  the 
soubriquet  of    'The  Wise. "     By  an  Act  of  Legislatu  e,  da  ed 

^o  Is\a?'L'va^i;'"^^^  '"  ^^"^^  ''^^  ''^^^  ^^^  ^^--^ 
^Res:     Gt.  Barrington.  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer  and  land  own- 
Cm  ld  re  n: 

503  11       Cayenne,  b  Sept.  20.  1791;  m  Mar.  10,  iSii,  Isaac 

504  iii     Henr>',  b  Jan.  28.  1795;  m  a  1820,  Lovisa  Doble. 

264  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (123)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Katharine  Spoor  of  Great  Barring  on  Mass  b 
here  June  17,  1770;  d  Sept.  6.  1842;  m  July  n    ivof  Tan'e 

Co"n  T'U'Tt^'  William  HolL'beci!  ol  Athen's^c/etne 
^o    IN.  Y.     bhe  d  Jan.  12,  1853. 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer 

505  i        Catherine,  b  Aug.  11,  1794;  m  Feb.  15,  1821,  Daniel 

1  remain. 

ii  Ma^>^bJuly  16,  i796;dDec.,  1875  ;  m  Nov.  24, 1814 
Harry  Burghardt;  who  d  Nov.,  1875.  Issue: 
George  Burghardt;  Jacob  Burghardt;  Rachel  Har- 
riet Burghardt,  who  m  Israel  Stevens;  John  Burcx- 
hardt;    Richard    Burghardt;    Charles    Burghardt- 

.  Edwin  Burghardt. 

506  m     William,   b   Nov.  26,    1799;  m   Dec.    i,  1834, 



190  Van  Deursen  Family 

507  iv      Mason,  b  Oct.  24,  1802;  m  (ist)  June  iS,  1826,  Anna 

Maria  Hollenbeck;  (2d)  a  1836,  Lana  Spoor. 
V  Philena,  b  Feb.  6,  1S05;  d  unm  Mar.  18,  1S37. 
vi      Richard,   b  Aug.   S,   1807;  d  Aug.   25,    1833.     Was 

Capt.  of  a  training  company ;  became  blind. 
vii    Thetis,  b  June  10,  1810;  ni  June  5,  1834,  John  N. 

Demming;  who  d  Jan.   19,   1S50,  aged  39;  she  d 

Aug.  25,  1S43;  no  children. 

508  viii   Rachel  Harriet,  b  Sept.  20,  1813;  m  Mar.  27,  1S36, 

Isaac  Burghardt. 
ix     Jane  Eliza,  b  Dec.  31,  1816;  d  unm  Jan.  15,  1853. 

265  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (123)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Katharine  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
Aug.  6,  1772;  d  May  12,  1S56;  m  (ist)  Aug.  17,  1793,  Sarah 
Spoor,  b  Aug.  13,  1770;  d  Dec.  3,  1837;^  (2d)  Nov.,  IS^^Q, 
Taphenas  Cakdee  of  Conn.,  who  d  Nov.  11,  1866.  (See  wi'll 
and  administration). 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  ]Mass. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

i        Katharina,  b  Aug.  26,  1794;  d  Apr.  28,  1796. 

Christina,  b  Oct.  iS,  1795;  d  unm  Nov.  11,  1S65. 
Isaac  Spoor,  b  Aug.  5,  179S;  m  Dec.  9,  1819,  Lovina 

William,  b  1800. 

Michael,   b   Nov.    28,    1802;  m   (ist)   Jan.   9,    1825, 
Gertrude  Van  Deusen;  dau  of  (195)  John  J.  Van 
Deusen;  (2d)  Mary  Ann  Peck, 
Sarah  Ann,  b  Apr.  2,  1810;  bur  June  29,  1S37. 
Fiche,  b   April  22,    iSi2;m  Apr,  21,  1841,  Richard 

266  MATTHEW^VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (123)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Katharine  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
Mar.  9, 1777  ;d  Sept.  15,  i84S;ma  1799,  Electa  Wainwright; 
b  June  19,  1777;  d  Sept.  19,  1840;  sister  of  General  Wain- 
wright of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 

i        Polly,  b  Jan.  11,  1801 ;  m  June  11,  1S18,  Tobias  Beckwith. 
ii       Albert,  b  Apr.  5,  1804. 
iii      Cordelia,  b  Dec.  7,  1805;  m  Oct.  3,  1829  (485)  Richard 

Van  Deusen. 
iv      Elizabeth  Mary,  b  July  25,  1808. 
V       Catharine,  b  May  6,  181 2. 










Sixth  Generation  191 

vi     Timothy  Younglove,  b  May  lo,  1813. 

267  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEN, presumably  the  son  of  (124) 
Abraham  Van  Deusen  and  Eleanor  Van  Brummel  of  Dutchess 
Co.,  N.  Y. ;  where  he  was  b  a  1760;  m  a  1782,  Mary  Loop. 
Henrv'  is  said  to  have  had  a  brother  named  Derrick,  who  was 
b  and  d  in  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  to  have  had  children 
Susan,  Oliver,  Nathan;  this  has  not,  however,  been  verified 
so  far.     He  d  at  Geddes,  N.  Y.,  in  1824. 

Res:     Geddes,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y 
Children,  as  far  as  known: 

i        Keziah,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  28,  17S4;  sps  Peter  Lupe, 
Lenah  AVirly. 

512  ii       John  Loop,  bp  at  Copake  Oct.  28,  1786;  m  in  1S14, 

Lucy  Warner, 
iii     Jacob,  b  in  1792 ;  res  in  1850  at  Geddes,  N.  Y. ;  had 
daus  Sarah,  b  in  1835;  Hannah,  b  in  1738. 

513  iv      Henry,  b  Aug.  6,  1794;  m  a  1S19,  Cynthia  Burgess. 
V       William. 

vi      Jane, 
vii    Peter. 

268  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (124)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Eleanor  Van  Brummel  of  Dutchess  County,  N. 
Y,;  b  in  that  county  a  1770;  m  there  a  1791,  Edith  Palmer. 
Jacob  died  in  Ohio;  his  wife  died  in  Ellcnburgh,  N.  Y,  They 
were  residents  of  Peru,  Clinton  County,  N.  Y,,  where  he  was 
a  farmer. 


514  i        Piatt  J.,  b  Feb.   27,   1793;  m  Dec.   20,   1814,  Char- 

lotte Saunders. 
ii       Miles,  b  a  179S. 
iii     John,  b  a  iSoi ;  m  a  1S30,  Sarah ;  res  in  1S50 

in  EUenburgh;  was  a  farmer.     Issue:     Almira,  b 

1840;  Ruth,  b  1841. 
iv      Sarah,  b  a  1S07. 

515  V       Or\^il  B.,  b  1813;  m  (ist)  a  1835,  Fanny  Bigleston; 

(2d)  Mrs.  Phebe  Bayley. 

269  RICHARD  VAN  DEUSEN,  prob  son  of  (124)  Ab- 
raham Van  Deusen  and  Eleanor  Van  Brummel;  b  in  Nev/ 
York  in  1777  ;  m  a  1798,  Hannah  Farnam,  b  in  New  York  in 

Res:     1850  Fayetteville,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:    Farm- 

192  Van  Deursen  Family 

Childrex,  as  far  as  known: 

516  i        David,  b  in  179S;  m  Dolly 

ii       Mahala,  b  a  iSoo. 

iii      Lydia,  b  a  1S02. 

517  iv      Isaac,  b  in  1804;  m  Ancus  White. 
V       Jane,  b  a  1S06. 

vi      Loiiisa,  b  a  1809. 

vii    Nathan,  b  in  1S14;  m  Louisa ;  b  in  1S15; 

res  1850,  Elmira,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Francis,  b  in 
1841;  George,  b  in  1843;  Louisa,  b  in  1845. 

518  viii   Oliver  G.,  b  a  1815;  m  Feb.  5,  1S36,  Ellen  Chipman 


ix      Daniel,  b  in  iSiS  ;  m  a  1844,  Abby ;  b  in  1826. 

Issue:  Richard,  b  in  1S46;  res  1S50,  Guilford, 
Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.;  oc  farmer. 

270  JANE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (125)  Matthew^  Van 
Deusen  and  jane  Belden  of  Amenia,  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.; 
b  at  Amenia'Nov.  12,  1770;  d  Mar.  13,  1847 ;  m  a  1788,  Jesse 
DooLiTTLE,  son  of  Zcbulou  Doolittle  and  Mary  Johnson;  b  at 
Woodbury,  Connr.,  Oct.  22,  1762;  d  Aug.  31,  1800.  He  was  a 

Res:     Amenia,  N.  Y. 

Children  (See  Doolittle  Family,  Part  4,  P-  253): 
i        Mary  Doolittle,  b  Julv  15,  1790;  m  Thomas  Turner. 
ii       Sarah  Doolittle,  b  July  13,  1792;  m  Henry  White,  son  of 
Charles  White  and  Elizabeth  Doty;  b  1787  and  d  184S. 
iii     John  Doolittle,  b  in  1795. 
iv     Matthew  Jesse  Doolittle,  b  Dec.  9,  1797- 
V       Jesse  Doolittle,  b  1800;  d  y. 
vi     Jemima  Doolittle. 

271  DIRCK  (RICHARD)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (125) 
Matthew  Van  Deusen  and  Jane  Belden  of  Amenia,  Dutchess 
County,  N.  Y.;  b  Nov.  24,  1775;  d  June  20,  1855;  m  a  i7_96, 
Betsey  Dutcher  of  Dutchess  Countv;  b  Feb.  2,  1779;  d  Oct. 
II,  1816;  dau  of  Christopher  Dutcher  and  Mary  Belden  (see 
Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families).  Mary  Belden  was  p 
Feb.  25,  1 75 1,  and  was  the  dau  of  Silas  Belden  and  Janetic 

Res:  From  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.,  moved  to  Allegan  Co., 

CIO  i        Christopher   Dutcher,   b   Jan.    23,    1797;  m   (ist)   ?- 
1820,  Polly  Ann  Buzzel,  (2d)  a  1829,  Laura  Wilder. 

Sixth  Gkneilvtion  193 

ii       Susan,  b  Mar.  2:5,  1799;  d  Mar.  17,  1830;  ni  a  1820, 
William  Peekham. 

520  iii      Laurence,  b  Aug.   21,   1801;  m  a   1821,  Susan  Van 

iv      Jemima,  b  Apr.  25,  1804;  ^^^  2.  1825,  Loring  Kimplin. 

521  V       Silas,   b   Oct.    i,    1807;  m   Oct.    22,    1834,    Hannah 


vi      A  son,  b  i^Iay  iS,  d  Jtme  6,  1809. 

vii.  Matthew,  b  Mar.  18,  181 1;  m  Lidia  Drury,  b  New 
York  1813;  res  in  1850,  North  Madison,  Jefferson 
Co.,  Ind.;  oc,  carpenter.  Issue:  Henrietta,  b 

522  viii    Sylvanu.s,  b  Apr.   15,   1815;  m   (ist)  Dec.   10,   1S42, 

Mary  Bryant;  (2d)  July  15,  1S74,  Lydia  A.  Grifrin. 

272  JACOB  D  [UTCHER]  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (125) 
Matthev/  Van  Deusen  and  Jane  Belden  of  Amenia,  Dutchess 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  Sept.  18,  1777;  d  Oct.  11,  1847;  ma  1800 
Nanxv  Smith,  who  d  May  16,  184S.  They  were  residents  of 
North  East,  Dtitchiess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  as  late  as  1S20. 

i        John  Smith,  b  Dec.  9,  1S05;  d  Aug.  iS,  1877;  m  and 

had  son,  George. 
ii       Matthew,  b  Nov.  22,  1807;  d  Mar    27,  1887;  m  Ann 
Potter;  no  ch. 

523  iii      Henry,  b  Jan.  10,  iSio;  m  a  1832,  Helen  Nacc. 

iv      George,  b  Feb.  20,  181 2;  m  (ist)  a  1840 

Belden;  (2d) Myers.     Res  1850  Parma, 

Monroe  Co.,  N.  Y,  He  was  then  a  widower. 
Issue:     Ann  M.,  b  1846;  Irene  E.,  b  1849. 

V       Joseph,  b  Feb.  12,  1S15 ;  d  Mar.  3,  1874. 

524  vi      Charles,  b  Oct.  31,   1818;  m  Dec.  28,  1841,  Nancy 


525  vii     Harriett  Ann,  b  Apr.  16,  1823;  m  Dec.  3,  1S45,  Abner 

viii   Jacob  D.,  b  July  25,  1S26;  d  Aug.  19,  1888;  m  Eliza- 
beth Porter. 

(128)  Daniel  Van  Deusen  and  Lea  Hartje;  bp  in  N.  Y.  Aug. 
^9.  1739;  rn  Oct.  4,  1761,  Jonx  Stagg;  b  1735  i^  Jersey;  en- 
hsted  April  ic;,  1760,  out  of  Capt.  Smede's  Co.  of  Militia,  for 
scr\-ice  in  Capt.  Clinton's  Co.  of  Ulster  Co.  Militia  (Colonial 
Scries,  Vol.  2,  p.  544). 

194        •  Van-  Deursen'  Familv 

Children,  bp  in  New  York: 

Lea  Stag-g,  bp  Oct.  23,  1763;  sps  Thomas  Steg,  Lea  Var, 
Deursen,  j.  d. 

Agnietje  Stagg,  bp  July  21,  1765;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deur- 
sen, Rachel  Bevoue,  z.  h.  v. 

Agnis  Stagg,  bp  Oct.  i,  1769;  sps  Robert  Sickels,  Sara 
Van  Deursen,  z.  h.  v. 

Daniel  Stagg,  bp  Jan.  30,  1774;  sps  Michel  Trumper. 
Rachel  Bragon,  huis  v.  v.  Isaac  Van  Deursen;  resided 
in  St.  Louis  (see  CoUord  booklet,  p.  29,  30). 

V  Rachel  Stagg,  bp  June  22,  1776. 

274  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (12S)  Daniel  Van 
Deusen  and  Lea  Hartje;  bp  at  New  York,  Jan.  24,  1742:  m 
April  10,  1762,  Rachel  Bergen.  On  Aug.  21,  1770,  he  was 
made  a  Freeman  (New  York  Hist.  Coll.,  Vol.  18,  p.  229). 

Res:     New  York  and  New  Jersey.     Oc:     Blacksmith. 
Children,  i  to  5  bp  in  New  York: 
i        Daniel,  b  Dec.  4,  bp  Dec.  16,  1763,  in  Lutheran  Church, 

N.  Y.;  sps  John  Van  Orden  and  Van  Deuse's  dau. 
ii       Rachel,  bp  May  18,  1766;  sps  John  Stegh,  Catharina  Van 

Deursen,  z.  h.  v.;  prob  m  Nov.  26,  17S6,  WiUiam  Sexon. 
iii     Lea,  bp  June  10,   1768;  sps  Michiel  Tremper,  Lea  Van 

Deursen,  z.  h.  v. 
iv      Catharina,  bp  Oct.  4,  1772  ;  sps  Michael  Tremper,  Annatje 

Sikkels,  z.  h.  v. 

V  Sara,  bp  Jan.  29,  1775  ;  sps  Abraham  Van  Deursen,  Eliza- 

beth Smith,  z.  h.  v.;  m  Jan.  10,  1793,  Joseph  Hitch- 
cock. Issue:  Joseph  Hitchcock,  b  Aug.  25,  bp  Nov. 
8,  1795,  at  N.  Y. ;  spr  Catherine  Van  Deursen. 

vi  Isaac,  b  Oct.  26,  1776,  bp  June  14,  1778,  New  Hacken- 
sack.     No  sps. 

vii    Anna,  b  May  31    1779  ;  bp  at  New  Hackensack. 

275  LEA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (12S)  Daniel  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Lea  Hartje;  bp  in  New  York  City  Oct.  30,  174S;  m 
March  15,  1767,  Michael  Tremper,  son  of  Jacob  Tremper 
and  Anna  Maria  Peffer;  bp  Mar.  13,  1745;  d  1786;  served  in 
the  Second,  Dutchess  Co.  ^^lilitia,  Col.  Abraham  Brinkerhort 
(New  York  in  the  Rev„  p.  138). 

Children,  bp  in  N.  Y.: 
i        Mary  Tremper,  b  Dec.  21,  bp  Jan.  3,  1768  ;  sps  John  Steg, 
Catharina  Van  Deursen,  z.  h   v.;  m  Oct.  6,  17S6,  James 
Collord  (For  descendants  of  this  line  see  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  Families). 

Sixth  Generation-  195 

ii  Daniel  Tremper,  bp  Apr.  22,  1770;  sps  Isaac  Van  Deur- 
sen,  Rachel  Burger,  z.  h.  v.;  m  Ariette  Kiefier;  res 
Esopus,  afterwards  Watertown.  N.  Y. 

iii  Jacob  Tremper  b  Feb.  15,  bp  Mar.  i,  1772;  sps  Abraham 
Van  Deursen,  Annatje  Zikkles,  j.  d.;  d  Oct.  17,  1774. 

iv  Catharina  Tremper,  b  Feb.  25,  bp  Mar.  13,  1774;  sps 
Thomas  Schefield,  Catharina  King,  z.  h.  v.;  m  June  9, 
1793,  Thomas  B.  C.  Collord  (For  this  line  see  Mis- 
cellaneous and  Related  Families). 

V  Jacob  Tremper,  b  in  N.  Y.  June  30,  1776. 

vi      Michael  Tremper,  b  in  Fishkill,  N.  Y.  Oct.  30,  1778. 

vii    John  Tremper,  b  June  23,  1782. 

viii   Ilermanus  Tremper.  b  Feb.  16,  bp  Apr.  25,  1784. 

276  ZACHARIAH  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (130)  Jacob  Van 
Duzer  and  j\Iary  Ashley  of  Canterbur\%  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b 
there  Feb.  27,  1765  ;m  Feb.  iS,  1788,  H.\nnah  Smith. 

Res:     Irj^iSio,  Palmyra,  now  Macedon,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Ella   b  a  17.90;  m  Japhet  Chamberlain. 

ii       Hannah,  b  1792 ;  m Hoag. 

iii     Jacob,  b  1794;  res  at  Zanesville,  Ohio. 

iv      Lucretia,  b  1796;  m  Joseph  Floag;  res  Buffalo,  N.  Y, 

V  Mahala,  b  1798;  m  Dexter  Fangman. 

vi     Caleb,  b  iSoo;  m  Lydia  Mallory;  res  Macedon,  N.  Y. 
vii    A  dau. 

277  JOHN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (130)  Jacob  Van  Duzer 
and  Mary  Ashley  of  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  at  Canterbury, 
Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  12,  1767;  d  Apr.  28  1S45;  ^^  ^P^-  i4. 
1789,  Margaret  Mc  Millan;  b  in  Scotland  in  1768;  d  Apr.  4, 

Hillsdale    Co.,    Mich.     Oc:     FaiTner    and 







Maria  I 





,ba  i792;m Sutherland. 

b  a  1794;  drowned  in  a  well  while  a  little 

b   a    1796 ;  m   Maria ;  was 

Sheriff  of  Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  drowned  in  Sodas 
Bay;  had  son,  Samuel 
526    iv      William,  b  Feb.  16,  179S;  m  (ist)  in  181S    Bethena 
P.  Jones;  (2d)  Nov.  20,  1825,  Hannah  Clarke. 
V       Margaret,  b  a  iSoo;  m  Samuel  Randolph. 

196  Van  Deursen  Family 

526a  vi      Zachariah,  b  a  1803;  m  (ist)  Eliza  Kingman;  (2d) 

Feb.  27,  1827,  Sally  R. 
vii     Susan,  b  a  1805;  m  Adolphus  Aldrich. 
viii   Elizabeth,  b  a  1S07  ;  d  unm 
ix  ■   Martha  Marion,  b  1809;  m  Thomas  Ramsdell. 
X       Samuel,  b  a  1812  ;  m  Sarah  M. ;  res  Cornwall,  N.  Y,, 

in  1850.     Issue:     Benjamin,  b  1849. 

27S  SAMUEL  VAN  DUZER  son  of  (130)  Jacob  Van 
Duzer  and  Marv  Ashley  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b 
in  Canterbury,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  29,  1772;  m  (ist)  a  1793,  Betsey 
Allison;  (2d)  Nov.  24,  1804,  Ursula  Russell  of  Litchfield, 
Conn.;  b  there  Aug.  5,  17S0;  d  May  20.  1S6S.  He  was  Lieut. 
in  1808  in  Capt.  James  Lynch 's  Co.  of  Militia  and  d  Sept.  13, 
1823,  at  Homer,  Courtland  Co.,  N.  Y.,  of  cholera  morbus  after 
illness  of  onlv  thirty-six  hours. 

Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Miller  and  tanner. 
Children   by  first  wife: 

i        John  b.,  b  a  1795;  m  Charlotte  Hutchings.     Issue: 

Samuel  Hutchings,  who  d  in  summer  of  1S76. 
ii       Eliza, Id  a  1797  ;  m  George  Fowler;  res  Homer,  Court- 
land  Co.,   N.  Y      Issue:     Caroline   Fowler;  John 
Fowler;  George  Fowler, 
iii      Mary,  b  a  1800,  d  y  at  Canterbury,  N.  Y. 
By  second  wife : 

iv      Samuel,  b  Dec.  4,  1806;  d  y. 

527  V       WiUiam  Allison,  b  July  24,  1807;  m  June  10,  1833, 

Louisa  Garland. 

528  vi      Mary  Ann,  b  April  16,  1809;  m  April  23,  1S34,  Gates 

White  McGarrah. 
vii    A  son,  b  August,  iSii ;  d  y. 

529  viii   Henry  Russell,  b  May  i,  1813;  m  a  1835,  Jane  Bush. 
ix      Margaret  Russell,  b  Dec.  8,  1S15 ;  unm  in  1870. 

530  X       Jacob  Ashley,  b  March  19,  1818;  m  a  1840,  Sarah 

xi      Zachariah,  b  Aug.  31,  1820;  d  April,  1821. 

279  HANNAH  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (130)  Jacob  Van 
Duzer  and  Marv  Ashlev  of  Canterbury^  town  of  Cornv/all, 
Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there  May  11,  1780;  m  Zexo  Carpenter 
a  1800.     She  d  in  spring  of  1869  at  Yonkers,  N.  Y. 

Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y. 

i        Comeha  Carpenter,  m  Jesse  Brown  of  Westchester  Co., 
N.  Y. 

Sixth  Generation  197 

ii  Jacob  Carpenter,  m  Betsy  Berthold. 

jii  Samuel  Carpenter;  m  Sally  Coe;  res  at  Danville,  N.  Y. 

iv  Henry  Carpenter;  m  Maria 

V  Caleb  Carpenter;  lived  in  Illinois. 

vi  George  Carpenter;  d  unm  in  Mobile,  Ala. 

vii  Mary  Carpenter;  m  Bogert  Vanderhoof, 

viii  Ursula  Carpenter;  m Fish. 

280  ROBERT  (A)  VAX  DUSEN,  son  of  (131)  Thomas 

Van  Dusen  and  Elizabeth ;  b  Oct.  25,  1780;  m  a 

180S,  H.WNAH  Wilkison;  b  Apr.  11,  1791;  d  Oct.  7,  1853. 
At  the  time  of  the  1850  Census  they  v/ere  residents  of  South 
Amboy,  Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J.,  where  he  was  a  farmer,  the  value 
of  his  real  estate  being  84,000.  His  grandson,  Robert  A.  Van 
Deusen,  gives  him  the  middle  letter.  A.,  to  his  name,  and  states 
that  he  resided  near  Robertsville.  Monmouth  Co.,  N.  J.,  to- 
wards the  close  of  his  life,  and  died  there  Mar.  30,  1862.  This 
family  are  buried  m  Scott 's  burying  ground  at  Marlboro,  Mon- 
mouth Co.,  N.  J. 


i        Rosana'  b  a  180S;  m  a  182S,  James  Taylor. 

ii       Mar>'  b  a  1810;  m  a  1832,  James  Hubbs. 

iii      C,  Margaret,  b  Jan.  6,  1813  ;  d  Feb.  18,  1S69 ;  unm  in 

1850  (Census). 
531  iv     John  Wilkison,  b  Sept.   23,   1816;  m  Aug.  5,  1834, 

Gertmde  Jane  Pease. 
V       Thomas,  twin  of  Johfi  "W.,  d  y. 
vi      Abraham  D.,  b  a  181S;  m  a  1850,  Rebecca  Riddle, 

dau  of  Henry  and  Charity  Riddle,  who  d  June  15, 

1858,  aged  25  yrs.,  10  mos. 
vii    Elizabeth,  b  in  1S24;  m King;  was  unm  in 

viii   Caroline,  b  in  1S27;  was  unm  in  1850;  m  Conover 


281  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  prob  the  son  of  (132) 
Philip  Van  Deursen  and  Susanna  Blanck,  bp  in  N.  Y.  Aug.  27, 
1755;  ^  prob  a  177S  Cornelia  Vredenburgh.  He  served 
during  the  Rev.  War  in  the  Sixteenth  Regt.,  Albany  Co. 
Militia,  Col.  Blair;  and  was  a  Sergeant  in  Capt.  John  White- 
side 's  Company  v/lien  the  Regt.  was  under  the  command  of 
Col.  Lewis  Van  Woert  (State  Archives,  p.  498).  He  removed 
with  his  family  to  Indiana,  where  he  was  a  resident  in  1816, 
and  died  in  Ze'na,  Jennings  Co.,  in  1836.  His  widow  died  in 
Decatur  in  1845. 

198  Van  Deursen  Family 


i        Cornelia,  b  Nov.  4,  bp  at  Livingston  Dec.  16,  17S1: 
sps  Isaac  Vredenburgh,  Cornelia  AVitbeek;  d  y. 

532  ii       Robert,  bp  at  Copake  June   14,   17S3;  sps  Wynzar; 

Van    Deusen    and    Sarah    Omphries;   m    a    1805, 

Cloah  Alltizer  Fuller. 
iii      Marytje,  bp  at  Hillsdale  May,   17S5;  sps  Frederik 

Tomes,  Mareytje  Vredenburgh. 
iv      Abrain,  bp  at  Copake  May  30,  17 87. 
V       Cornelia,  b  July  iS,  bp  at  Copake  Sept.  20,  1789;  sps 

Isaac  and  Cornelia  Vreedenburgh. 
vi      Aontee,  bp  Sept.  25,  1792,  at  St.  Peter's,  Albany. 

533  vii     Isaac,  b  in  1793 ;  m  (ist)   ;  (2d)  Mar. 

27,  1845,  Mrs.  Agnes  Armstrong. 

534  viii   Jacob,  b  Apr.  S,  1796;  m  Jan.  9,  1821,  Sarah  Dennis. 

535  ix     Henry,  b  a  1798;  m  a  1S21,  Christine  Traver. 
X       Coonrod,  b  a  1800. 

536  xi      Martin,  b  a  1S02 ;  m  a  1825,  Sophia  Fuller. 

282  ISAAC  VAN  DUZER.  son  of  (135)  Isaac  Van  Duzer, 
the  son  of  (65)  Isaac  Van  Deursen  and  Angenetie  Laroe;  b  a 
1758,  presumably  at  Cornwall,  where  his  father  died ;  m  a  17 So. 
Letitia  Mills,  dau  of  Amos  Mills  and  Jane  Southerland  of 
Cornwall,  N.  Y. 


537  i        Amos,  b  in  Dec,  1787  ;  m  Alecta  Gregory. 
ii       Charles. 

iii      Nathaniel. 

iv     Jane,  b  in  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1795;  was  living  m 
1850,  with  family  of  one. 

2S3  ADOLPHUS  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (135)  Isaac  Van 
Duzer  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there  Sept.  19,  ^Tf'-- 
m  at  New  Windsor,  bv  Rev.  John  Close  of  Presbytenan 
Church,  Sept.  25,  1783,'UNicE  Coleman;  b  July  22,  1763;  d 
Apr.  22,  1843.     He  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier;  d  Dec.  :0, 

On  Apr.  19,  1842,  he  filed  application  (No.  io,86o)_  for  a 
pension,  in  which  he  gave  the  following  account  of  his  ser- 
vices. In  the  vear  1777  he  was  living  with  his  father  m  tne 
town  of  Cornwall;  about  Julv  i,  1 77  7'  he  served  in  Capt.  Far- 
son's  Comp.,  Col.  Mc  Laughren's  Regt.,  for  about  one  montn 
and  a  half  at  Fort  Montgomerv;  in  1778  he  was  draftee  ou. 
of  Capt.  Christopher  Van  Duzen  's  Company  and  was  under 
the  command  of  different  officers  and  engineers,  working  a. 

Sixth  Generation  199 

building  Fort  Put  from  about  ist  of  May  until  25th  of  June; 
in  1779  he  was  drafted  out  of  Capt.  Christopher  Van  Duzen's 
Company  to  the  command  of  Capt.  Joseph  Wood,  serving 
from  about  the  first  of  July  until  the  hrst  of  Oct.  of  that  year 
at  Block  House  No.  3,  near  Fort  Put;  that  in  17 So  he  was 
similarly  drafted,  when  he  was  attached  to  Capt.  Freeman's 
Comp.,  Col.  Lamb's  Regt.,  commencing  service  in  August 
and  continuing  two  months.  In  1781  he  was  under  the  com- 
mand of  Capt.  Tilford,  serving  at  West  Point  about  two 
months  and  a  half,  and  also  rendered  other  services.  He  had 
no  records  of  his  services,  and  was  unable  to  prove  them  by 
witnesses,  owing  to  the  death  of  his  comrades.  His  claim 
was  rejected  for  lack  of  proof.  B.  Vandusor  of  Blooming- 
burg,  SuUivan  Co.,  N.  Y.,  was  his  agent. 

Res:     Erin,  Chemung  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        Martha,  b  Dec.  22,  1784. 

ii       Sarah   b  June  27,  1786. 
538  iii      Obed,  b  Jime  i,  bp  Sept.  8,  1789;  m  a  181 1,  Ester 
Ann  Miller. 

iv      Benjamin,  b  Oct.  2,  1791. 

V       Elizabeth,  b  July  10,  1794. 

vi      Samuel  C,  b  June  12,  1797. 

vii     Deborah,  b  Sept.  6,  1799. 

viii   Juha  T.,  b  Mar.  11,  1803 ;  m  Matthew  N.  Norris. 

ix      Hiram,  b  Sept.  29,  1806. 

284     MARY  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (135)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 

and  Jane    ;  b  at  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  Nov.   27, 

1770;  m  July  9,  1786,  Stephen  Fairchild. 

Res:     New  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  in  1790. 

i        Isaac  Van  Duzer  Fairchild,  b  Feb.  17,  1787. 
ii       Thomas  Fairchild,  b  Jan.  9,  17S9,  d  y. 
iii      Anna  Fairchild,  b  Apr.  24,  1790. 
iv      ""' 


Thomas  Fairchild,  b  Aug.  20,  1792. 
James  Fairchild,  b  Aug.  20,  1794. 

285     BENJAMIN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (135)  Isaac  Van 

Duzer  and  Jane of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b 

Sept.  18,  i772;d  Nov.  i,  i843;min  1792,  Elizabeth  Taylor; 
b  April  2c;,  1772 ;  d  Dec.  29,  1845. 

Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y. 


i        Berthi^,  b  June  9,  d  Nov.  9,  1793. 

200  Van  Deursen  Family 

ii       Jane,  b  Oct.  22,  1794;  d  Oct.  2,  1S43. 

iii      Sarah,  b  Dec.  24,  1795;  d  Dec.  3.  1865;  m  Samuel 

Me  Gill,  Vv'ho  d  Nov.  20,  1866,  aged  70  yrs.,  4  mos., 

27  ds. 

539  iv      James,  b  Apr.   15,  bp  Aug.,  1797;  m  a  1835,  Julia 

Ann  Winn. 
V       Elisabeth,  b  Mar.  15,  1799;  m  Justus  Mead. 

540  vi      Marv',  b  Sept.  16,  iSoo;  m  Matthew  Barnes. 

541  vii     Benjamin,  b  Mar.  16,  1802;  m  Nov.  13,  1830,  Hannah 

viii   Isaac,  b  Aug.  28,  1S04;  m  Sarah  Harris;  res  Sterling, 
N.  Y. 

542  ix      Phebe,  b  Oct.   16,   1805;  m  (ist)  William  Couklin; 

(2d)  George  Bannell. 

X  Catharine,  b  Mar.  10,  1S07  ;  m  (ist)  Stephen  Warren; 
(2d)  WiUiam  Forman. 

xi      Henry,  b  Jan.  22,  d  May  9,  1S09. 

xii  Samuel,  b  June  25,  iSio;  m  a  1S45,  Sarah  M.  Conk- 
lin;  dau  of  (542)  Phebe  Van  Deuzer  and  William 
Conklin;  res  in  1850  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  where  he 
was  a  farmer  Issue:  Benjamin,  b  Mar.  1849;  d 
Dec.  12,  1862. 

286  WILLIAM  VAN  DUZER,  was  probably  the  son  of 
(135)  Isaac  Van  Duzer  of  New  Jersey  and  Cornwall,  N.  Y.,  b 
a  1780;  m  a  1S02,  C.mherina  Remain. 


i        Ann  Maria,  b  a  1804 ;  m  Abe  Carlock. 

543  ii       William,  b  a  1806;  ma  18  28,  Susan  Erickson. 
iii     James,  b  a  1808. 

287  JULIANA  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (13S)  Christopher 
Van  Duzer  and  his  first  wife,  Juliana  Strong;  b  Feb.  8,  1770; 
m  Aug.  10,  1788,  Jacob  Mandeville;  son  of  Francis  Mande- 
ville  (bp  Feb.  i,  172-7)  of  New  Windsor,  Ulster  (now  Orange) 
County,  N.  Y.,  and  'his  wife  Mary.  His  will,  dated  July  6, 
1776,  was  proved  Mar.  2,  1779  (New  York  Gen.  and  Biog. 
Record,  Oct.,  1907,  p.  291).  He  was  buried  at  Newburgh. 
N.  Y.  Francis  and  Jacob  Islandeville  were  both  members  or 
the  First  Regt.,  Orange  Co.  Mihtia,  during  the  Revolutionary 
War  (Land  Bounty  Rights,  New  York  in  the  Revolution,  p. 


Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y. 

i        Juliana  Mandeville,  bp  July  22,  1792 ;  d  y. 




Sixth  Generation  201 

ji       Francis  Mandeville,  bp  June  12,  1796;  d  y. 

iii      John  Mandeville;  d  a  young  man. 

iv      Frances    I\Iandeville;    ni    Nathaniel    Dubois    Woodhull, 

grandson  of  Col.  Jesse  Woodhull  of  the  First  Orange 

Co.  Militia. 

288  ISAAC  VAN  DUZER,  eldest  son  of  (138)  Christopher 
Van  Duzer  and  Juliana  Tusten  of  V/arwick,  Orange  Covmty, 
N.  Y.;  b  Feb.  9,  1773;  d  June  24,  1847;  m  June  29,  1794. 
Keturah  Reeve,  dau  of  Selah  Reeve  and  Keturah  Strong;  b 
Aug.  28,  1775;  d  Apr.  20,  1852.  They  resided  at  Cornwall 
and  also  at  Warwick,  N.  Y. 

Isaac  Van  Duzer  was  a  man  of  eminence  in  his  day  and 
community.  He  was  a  member  of  the  State  Assembly  in 
1S23,  and  was  an  eminent  lawyer  and  Justice  of  the  Peace. 
He  conducted  his  business  aftairs  with  acumen  and  judgment^ 
and  was  engaged  in  important  enterprises.  While  a  resident 
of  Cornwall  he  owned  and  operated  the  first  Hudson  River 
steam-boat  which  carried  at  the  same  time  both  freight  and 
passengers.  It  was  built  under  his  direction,  and  was  fitly 
named  "The -Experiment. "     It  proved  a  financial  success. 

He  was  endowed  with  brilliant  intellect,  and  interested  in 
all  things  of  culture.  His  book-shelves  were  rich  in  English 
literature.  Here  were  found  the  early  dramatists,  the  essay- 
ists, and  the  great  poets,  with  translations  from  the  Greek 
and  Latin  classics.  In  religious  belief  Mr.  Van  Duzer  was  a 
Unitarian.  He  was  a  member  of  Fanners'  Lodge  No.  XIII, 
Ancient  York  Masons,  held  at  Deckertown,  Sussex  County, 
N.  J.,  as  shown  by  a  certificate,  dated  June  24,  1S02,  signed 
by  Ebenezer  Mead,  Master;  George  Baxter,  Senior  Warden; 
Samuel  Vanfieet,  Junior  W^arden;  and  Samuel  Barclay.  Sec- 
retary; under  seal  of  the  Lodge.  His  own  signature  to  the 
certificate  is  witnessed  by  a  William  Vanduzen,  presumably 
his  brother.  This  interesting  document,  with  his  beautiful 
satin  apron,  hand  painted  and  embroidered,  is  in  the  posses- 
sion of  his  granddaughter,  Miss  Mary  H.  Burt  of  War\\4ck. 

Isaac  Van  Duzer 's  son,  Isaac  Reeve  Van  Duzer,  a  prominent 
member  of  the  Bar  of  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  inherited  his 
father's  literar\-  tastes  and  strong  mental  capacity.  He  died 
early,  cutting  short  a  career  that  held  promise  of  great  fame. 

Five  generations  have  broken  bread  in  the  stately  home 
v.-hich  Isaac  Van  Duzer  built,  and  from  which  he  dispensed 
a  princely  hospitality.  It  is  still  occupied  by  one  of  his  de- 
scendants, and  the  keen  commanding  eyes  of  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
still  flash  down  from  the  portrait  that  hangs  upon  the  wall 

202  Van  Deursen  Family 

with   all  the  old   challenging  vivacity  of  his  unconquerable 


544  i        Juliet,  b  Jan.   2,  bp  at  Newburgh  June  12,  1796;  tn 

Dec.  12,  1S13,  Col.  WiUiamE.  Wheeler  of  Warwick. 
ii       Millicent,  b  June  5,  1797;  d  Jan,  22,  1890;  m  David 

Sands  Ring  of  Cornwall, 
iii      Milton,  b  May  19,  1799 ;  d  unm  Nov.  30,  1829. 

545  iv      Isaac  Reeve,  b  May  8,  1802;  m  Dec.  14,  1826,  Anne 

Eliza  Gedney  of  Newburgh. 
-v       Eliza  Reeve,  b  Tvlay  11,   1804;  d  Apr.   10,   1890;  m 

(ist)  Edward  Falls;  (2d)  Rev.  Richard  Pickard. 
vi      Keturah,  b  Feb.  28,  1S07;  d  Apr.  23,  1808. 
vii     Kittv,  b  June   17,   1809;  d  July  30,   i86i;  m  Capt. 
John  Sifferth. 

546  viii   Mary  J.,  b  Aug.  12,  1812;  m  Aug.  20,  1833,  John  J. 

Heard  of  Goshen, 
ix      Robert  Wheeler,  b  Jan.   13,   181 5;  d  unm   i  Sept., 

X       Christopher,  b  Apr.  25,  1817;  d  unm  Aug.  6,  1S46; 
was  ^  lawyer;  admitted  to  practice  in  Supreme 
Court  of  New  York  July  31,  1838. 

547  xi     Jane  Stephenson,  b  I^Iar.  6,  1820;  m  Feb.  14,  1849, 

,    Grinnell  Burt  of  Warwick. 

289     ELIZABETH  TUSTEN  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (13S) 
Christopher   Van    Duzer    and    Juliana    Tusten    of    Cornwall, 
Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  May  16,  bp  July  20,  1777;  d  March  4. 
1854;  m  a  1797,  Selaii  Reeve;  b  at  Southold,  L.  I.,  Oct.  21, 
1767;  d  at  Newburgh,  N.  Y.,  April   11,   1837,  son  of  Selah 
Reeve  and  Keturah  Strong.     Keturah  Strong  was  b  Jan.  23, 
1745;  d  Jan.  21,  1820.     Selah  Reeve,  Senior,  d  Feb.  21,  1790-     Newburgh,  N.  Y. 
i        Christopher  Reeve  b  a  1798;  d  at  Detroit  Mich.,  in  1S65; 
m  Maria  Eliza  Hasbrouck.     Issue:     Selah  Van  Duzer 
Reeve;  b  1833;  m  (ist)  Susan  L.  Lansing  of  Albany, 
N.  Y.;  bv  her  he  had  issue:     Christopher  C.  Reeve  and 
Mariette'L.  Reeve;  he  m  (2d)  May  7,  iSSS,  Mrs.  .Martha 
M.  (Taylor)  Ellis,  who  survived  him  and  was  a  pen- 
sioner (Ctf.  564,015)  for  his  services  in  the  Civil  War. 
He  was  First  Lieutenant  in  the  109th  New  York  Vol. 
Inf.  Aug.  8,   1862,  and  resigned  Mar.  30,   1864;  also 
Captain  63d  New  York  Vol.  Inf.,  from  which  he  re- 
ceived his  discharge  May  19,  1864  (Pen.  Ctf.  620,877)- 

Sixth  Generatiox  203 

;;       T,,Sf  f  ^^I^Pt-  V''  '903  ;  was  a  res  of  Washington,  D   C 

m      Charles  F    Reeve,  b  a  1S02 ;  d  1SS2 ;  m  (ist)   . . 

_        ^  Benkard;  (2d)  Sarah  Ann  Ferguson  

r      Af.^'?T^'p  "'  ^  '^^'  ^  ^^54;  m  Caroline  Ingersol. 

•      w-n-^^^'^  ^^^''^'  b  a  1S06 ;  m  John  W.  Bro^l 
VI     Wilham  Reeve,  b  a  iSoS  •  d  y 
vii    Jane  Reeve,  b  iSio;  d  19;;;  ni  William  Mullimer. 
vin   Harnet  Reeve,  b  Aug.,   1S12;  m  a   1837,  Rev    Wilham 

Maclaren  (For  descendants  of  this  hne  see  Miseelan^ 

eous  and  Related  Famihes) 

IX  Mary  E.  Reeve,  b  a  1814-  d  y 

X  Nathan  Reeve   b  181 6 ;  d'  1903  ;  m  Mariah  Deborah  Hob- 

ble, dau  of  Selah  Reeve  Hobbie 

XI  Selah  Reeve,   b  a   1S18;  m  Lilhe  Snow  of  Providence 
Lewis    Reeve,    who   served    in    ist    Mich.    Vol    Cav     's 

thought  to  belong  to  this  family.  ' 

r.^."^%  MARY^Polly)  VAX  DUZER,  dau  of  (13S)  Christo- 
pher Van  Duzer  and  Juliana  Tusten  of  Cornwall,  N    Y     b 

I.RISSEY  b  May  19,  1776;  d  Aug.  2,  1S33;  son  of  Ebenezer 
cSre7(^^  :'l'^  and  Sarah  Smith,  of  that' part  of  Co  nwal 
called  Canterbury,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.  Ebenezer  Crissev 
ReZ'.T\v  ^"7"^  the  Revolutionary  War  in  the  S  cond 
Regiment,  Westchester  County  Militia.  The  de  Cressie 
amily  came  to  England  from  France  prior  to  1186.     In  the 

hSofthl^IJniJ^.^^^'  '^  ^---  ^--  ^>'  ^--.  -s 

i        Albert  Heniy  Crissey,  b  Mar.  24,  d  Dec.  13,  1805 

i^i     ^Li.''v    "'rf-^'  ^  2'^-  '^'  ^^°7 ;  d  unm  Oct.  10,  1892. 
Ill     Wijlmm  Van  Duzer  Cnssey,   b  Jan.   25,   1S09;  m  Kate 

iv     Julia  Crissey,  b  Apr.  4,  1811 ;  d  Julv  23,  1S25. 

V  Charles  Mortimer  Crissey.  b  Sept.  '26,   1812;  m  Sept.  8 

1S42,  Martha  Ann  Wood 

VI  George  Augustus  Crissey,  b  Feb.   14,   1816;  m  Nov.   11 

1840,  Mary  E  izabeth  Forshee  (For  descendants  of  this 
.r-     >T        -.^f.^  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families). 
vn    Mary  Elizabeth  Crissey,  b  Aug.  19.  1819;  d  Dec.  3,  1850- 

m  Henr\^  Carlton.  J'       :>    > 

viii    Stephen  Ebenezer  Crissey,  b  July  26,  1S21 ;  d  May  9.  1822 

204  Van  Deursen  Family 

ix      Sarah  Margaret  Crissey.  b  June  30,  1S23  ;  d  Sept.  13,  1S95  ^ 
ni  Sept.  4,  1S44,  Daniel  Berrian  Halstead. 

291  BENJAMIN  TUSTEN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (13S) 
Christopher  Van  Duzer  and  Juliana  Tusten  of  Cornwall,  N. 
Y. ;  b  Jan.  31,  1784;  m  a  1805,  Nancy  Whitlock.  He  d  a 
Jan.,  1829  (See  %vill). 

Res:     Sussex  Co.,  N.  J.     Oc:     Potter. 
i        Ann  Eliza,  b  in  1S06;  d  in  1891 ;  m  in  1S76,  Eli  Quintard 

of  New  Haven,  Conn. ;  no  children. 
ii       Mary,  b  a  1810;  m  Isaac  Brower;  they  had  one  child, 
Josephine  Brower,  who  d  y. 

292  JOHN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (138)  Christopher  Van 
Duzer  and  Juliana  Tusten;  b  near  Newburgh,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  20, 
1 786  ;d  at  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  5,  iS57;m  Jan.  7,  1S09,  N.wcv 
Benedict,  dau  of  Joseph  Benedict  and  Lanor  Schoonmaker; 
d  j\Iarch  4,  1S61,  aged  71  years.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
State  Assembly  Jan.  3  to  April  iS,  1S43. 

Res:     Warwick,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Milling  and  farming. 

i        Jolanor,  b  Dec.  25,  1809;  d  Nov.  22,  181 7. 

548  ii       Harriet,  b  Aug.    12,    1812;  m    Oct.   22,    1840,  Wil- 

liam Fancher. 

549  iii      Julia  Ann,  b  Apr.  17,  1S15;  m  Nov.  26,  1835,  Abner 


550  iv      Joseph  Benedict,  b  July  21     1817;  m  (ist)  Dec.  24. 

1851,  Ann  Maria  Sly;  (2d)  Aug.  2,  1869,  Margaret 
Van  Buskirk. 

551  v       Charles  Reeve,  b  Oct.   21,   1S19;  m   (ist)  Nov.   29, 

1864,    Deborah    Pvcbecca    Morehouse;    (2d)    Nov.. 
1880,  Mrs.  Caroline  (Wilson)  Ketchem. 

552  vi     James,  b  Feb.  28,  1822;  m  Jan.  16,  1851,  Hester  Ann 

vii    Lanor  Elizabeth,  b  Feb.   i,   1825;  d  unm  Mar.   10, 

viii   Mary,  b  Feb.   24,   1827;  m  Jan.  4,   1849,  George  J. 

Lazear;   res    Dundee,    Yates    Co.,    N.    Y.     Issue: 

Emma  Lazear,  b  a   1850;  m    Sunderlin; 

Harriet  Lazear,  b  186S;  m  John  Murphy. 
ix      Jane  Ehza,  b  May  20,  1S31 ;  d  Feb.  13,  1S32. 

553  X       Nancv,  b  Feb.  11,  1835;  m  Sept.  15,  1864,  Asa  P- 


Sixth  Generation  205 

293  WILLIAM  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (138)  Christopher 
Van  Duzer  and  JnHana  Tusten  of  Cornwall,  and  Warwick, 
Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  Feb.  20,  178S;  d  Oct.  12,  1S60;  m  June 
iS,  1808,  S.\R.-Mi  M.  Wheeler,  who  was  b  July  i,  1789;  and  d 
Nov.  12,  1 85 1. 

Res:     Veteran,    Chemung    Co.,    N.    Y.     Oc:     Chairmaker 
and  farmer. 

554  i        Keturah  Louisa,  b  Aug.  20,  1809;  m  Oct.  5,  1833, 

Robert  Lawrence. 

555  ii       James  Madison,  b  Aug.  15,  1812;  m  Dec.  31,  1840, 

Louisa  Turner, 
iii     Julianna,  b  Nov.  9,  1S14.  d  Dec.  14,  1814. 
iv      Lewis  S.,  b  Feb.  2S,  1816;  d  May  26,  1S34. 

556  V       Susan,  b  Julv  i,  1819;  m  June  19    1849,  James  L, 


557  vi      William  Henry,  b  Feb.   16,   1821;  m  Jan.   16,  1845, 

Susan  Rachel  Sayre. 
55S  vii    Mar>'  Ann,  b  Mar.  19,  1824;  m  Dec.  9,  1846,  George 

W.  Ford, 
viii  John,  b  Dec.  30,  1S26;  d  Mar.  3,  1827. 
ix     Julia,  b  July  30,  1S2S;  d  Aug.  11,  1830. 

294  SELAII  VAN  DUZER.  son  of  (13S)  Christopher  Van 
Duzer  and  Juliana  Tusten  of  Cornwall  and  Warwick,  Orange 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  Oct.  28,  1796;  d  Sept.  20,  1S74;  m  (ist) 
Nov.  9,  1S18,  Marg.^ret  Van  Alstyne,  b  Aug.  13,  1800;  d 
Oct.  30,  1830;  dau  of  Abraham  Van  Alstyne  and  Margaret 
Hill;  (2d)  Jan.  9,  1833,  Ari.a.nna  Somerville,  b  June  9,  180;; 
d  Nov.  19  1886;  dau  of  Archibald  Somerville  and  Mary  Bing- 
ham, the  dau  of  (198)  Ariantje  Van  Deusen.  Her  will  v/as 
probated  in  New  York  City  on  Nov.  30,  1886.  The  burial 
placeof  the  Selah  Van  Duzer  family  is  in  Woodlawn  Cemeten,-, 
New  York.  Mr.  Van  Duzer  was  'President  of  the  New  York 
National  Exchange  Bank,  New  York  City,  and  resided  in 
Westchester  Co.,  one  of  the  suburbs  of  New  York. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Edward,  b  July  iS,  d  Aug.  11,  1819. 

ii  William  Austin  Seeley,  b  Nov.  2^,  1820;  d  Apr.  i, 
1905;  m  May  31,  1853,  Emma  Chester  Montgom- 
er>';  res  New  York  City;  oc  banker;  will  dated 
Apr.  26,  1902;  prob  June  29,  1905.  Issue:  Wil- 
liam Van  Alstyne,  b  Feb.  28,  1854,  unm;  Emma 
Montgomer>-  b  Aug.  16.  1855;  m  Dec.  5,  1893, 
Dr.  Gustave  Bouchereau;  no  ch. 

206  Van  Deursen  Family 

559  iii      Selah  Reeve,  b  Dec.  9,  1823;  m  May  15,  1850,  Catha- 
rine Mathews  Sayre. 

iv      Margaret  Josephine,  b  Oct.  23,  1827  ;  d  July  19.  1856; 
m  June  28,  1S53,  James  Dewey,  b  Nov.  23,  1S15; 
d  May  13,  1884;  no  ch. 
By  second  wife: 

V  Archibald  Somerville,  b  July  5,  1834;  d  Mar.  14,  1870; 
m  Feb.  20,  1864,  Sarah  Fairchild,  b  Nov.  i,  1841; 
d  Feb.  10,  1906;  dau  of  Egbert  N.  Fairchild  and 
Julia  Strong.  He  was  a  graduate  of  Columbia  Col- 
lege, New  York,  A.  B.  1853,  A.  M.  1854;  res  New 
York  Citv;  oc  lawn,-er;  will  prob  Apr.  5,  1870.  Is- 
sue:    Julia  Fairchild,  b  Jan.  25,  1865  ;  unm  in  iqo6. 

vi  Charles  Francis,  b  Aug.  12,  1836;  Lieui.  in  12th  U. 
S.  Inf.;  killed  at  Gaines  Mill,  Va.,  Jime  27,  1S62; 

vii    George,  b  Feb.  22,  1839 ;  d  unm  Jan.  ^5.  i904- 

viii  John  Bingham,  b  Mar.  231,  840;  d  unm  Oct.  22,  1865. 

560  ix      Mary  Somerville,  b  July  16,  1844;  m  Nov.  15,  1886. 

John^Sayre  Martin. 

29s     JAMES  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
and  Martha  Tusten;  b  Feb.  14,  1781,  at  Cornwall,  Orange  Co 
N    Y  •  m  (ist)  Jan.  i,  1S02,  Elizabeth  Smith;  (2d)  March 
14,  1819,  Susan  Lewis,  b  i  791 ;  d  Dec,  1888.    He  d  at  Tyrone. 
Schuylei"  Co.,  N.  Y.,  March  2,  1865. 

Res:     Tyrone,  Schuyler  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children   by  first  wife: 
i        Lewis,  b  July  19,  1804. 

561  ii      Milton,  b  Oct.   11,  1806;  m  Mar.   10,  183 1,  Nancy 

iii      Stephen  S.,  b  July  19,  1808;  d  Aug.  5,  1834. 

562  iv      Isaac,  b  Nov.  4,  1810;  m  a  1835,  Charlotte  Lang. 
V       James  N.,  b  Jan.  5,  1813. 

56^  vi      Henrv  C,  b  Mar.  22,  1815;  m  a  1836,  Amy  Sirnth. 
564  vii    Sarali  E.,  b  Dec.  5,  1818;  m  a  1839,  Samuel  Allison. 
By  second  wife: 

viii  Peter  Lewis,  b  Jan.  20,  1820;  d  Sept.  i,  1891.  ^ 
Nov.  9,  1845,  Nancy  Disbrow;  b  1S18;  d  Mar  10. 
1888 ;  res  Tyrone,  N.  Y. ;  oc  farmer.  Issue:  John 
D.,  b  June  19,  1847;  m  May  30,  1S78,  Carrie 
Green ;  res  Tyrone;  no  ch.;Mar>'E.,b  May  2,  1852. 
d  June  19,  1854. 

296     BENJAMIN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  I^^^ac  Van 

Sixth  Generation  207 

Duzer  and  Martha  Tustcn  of  Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b 
Mar.  29,  17S3:  d  Feb.  27,  1845;  m  Sept.  30,  1S09,  Elmira 
TooKER,  b  near  Goshen  in  1786;  d  at  Florida,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  22, 


Res:     Florida,  N.  Y. 

565  i        Walter  Halsey,  b  July  19,  1810;  m  (ist)  Gertrude 

Bennett;  (2d)  May  11,  1S39,  Mary  Hallock. 

ii  James,  b  a  181 2  ;  unmarried;  died  on  way  home  from 
Toledo,  Ohio;  bur  at  Niagara  Falls,  N.  Y.,  Cana- 
dian side. 

iii      Frances  Emily,  b  July  14,  1815  ;  d  unm  June  25,  iqoi. 

566  iv      Isaac  Tusten,  b  }.Iar.  4,  1S16;  m  (ist)  Harriet  Wick- 

ham;  (2d)  May  25,  1874,  Ellen  M.  W.  Wilcox. 

V  Benjamin   Franklin,  m  Eliza  Rich  and  had  issue: 

George  and  Justin. 

567  vi      Mary  Ann,  b  Mav  14,  1820;  m  Dec.  14,  1841,  Uriah 

T.  Sanford. 
vii    Joana  L.,  b  Jan.   2,   1827;  d  at  Madison,  Wis.;  m 
Chauncy  Williams.     Issue:  Nellie  Williams;  Kittie 
Williams;  Son  Williams. 

297  HENRY  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac  Van  Duzer,. 
and  Martha  Tusten  of  Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  May  17,. 
1785,  near  Monroe,  N.  Y. ;  d  June  6,  1852;  m  Dec.  18,  i8o6» 
Elizabeth  Ketcham,  who  d  May  9,  1853. 

Res:     Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. 


568  i        James  H.,  b  Oct.  2,  1S07 ;  m  a  1829,  Susan 

ii       Sarah,  b  Aug.  7,  1809. 

569  iii      Roe,  b  Mar.   2,   1814;  m  Oct.    i,   1839,   Mary  Ann 

iv      Emaline,  b  June  2,  1818. 

V  John  M.,  b  May  7,  1825. 

29S  ISAAC  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
and  Martha  Tusten  of  Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  Oct.  19. 
17S7;  m  (ist)  a  1816,  Jo.\XNA  Smith;  b  July  4,  1797;  d  at 
Sugar  Loaf,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.  Dec.  29,  1822;  (2d)  Nov.  8, 
1823,  at  Goshen,  by  Rev.  Zalmon  Lyon,  Mary  Case;  b  Apr. 
9,  1S03. 

During  the  war  with  Great  Britain,  Isaac  Van  Duzer  was 
drafted  at  Sugar  Loaf  Mountain  on  Aug.  18,  18 14,  and  was 
discharged  Nov.  26,  1814,  at  Brooklyn  Heights.  He  served 
in^Capt.  Benjamin  Dunning 's  Company,  Lieut.  Col.  Jonathan 

208  Van^  Deursen  Family 

Varian's  Regt.,  New  York  Militia.  According  to  his  claim 
for  Bounty  Land  for  this  service,  he  was  at  that  time  a  fam-'.er 
and  currier;  was  a  little  over  five  feet  high,  and  had  dark 
brown  hair,  grey  eyes  and  a  fair  complexion.  At  the  takin-^' 
of  the  Census  of  1S50  he  was  a  resident  of  Sugar  Loaf,  and  fol- 
lowed the  trade  of  shoemaker.  He  died  at  Sugar  Loaf  April 
5,  1869,  his  widow  surviving  him  until  Oct.  24,  1886.  She 
was  an  applicant  for  a  pension. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        David  Howell,  b  Aug.  22,  1S17;  d  Apr.  17,  1889;  bur 

at  Mapes  Comer,  Allegany  Co.,   N.  Y. ;  name  of 

wife  not  known;  no  children. 

570  ii       William  Tusten,  b  May  30,  1819  ;  m  Nov.,  1851,  Edna 

Ann  Christian. 
iii      John  Sidney,  b  Aug.   14,   1820;  d  in  1903;  married; 

no  ch ;  res  at  Chicago,  Denver,  and  at  Phoenix,  Ariz. 
iv      Charles   Parshall,   b   Mar.    2,    1822;  niarried;  res  at 

Detroit,  Mich. 
By  second  wife: 

v       Elizabeth,  b  Sept.  27,   1824;  d  unm  Sept.  3,   1847; 

bur  at  Mapes  Comer,  N.  Y. 
vi      Martha,  b  July  18.  1826;  d  unm  Oct.  15,  18S5;  bur 

at  Mapes  Comer. 
vii    Mar}-  Jane,  b  July  16,  182S;  d  Mar.  17,  1895;  m  Mar. 

17,  1859,  James  Lewis;  no  ch;  res  at  Goshen,  N.  Y. 

571  viii   Lewis,  b  June  23,  iS3o;m  Dec.  27,  1854,  Sarah  Eliza- 

beth Schreeder. 

572  ix      Judson,  b  Nov.  30,  1S32;  m  June  7,  1854,  Matilda 


573  X       Isaac  Flagler,  b  Mar.  3,  1S34;  m  (ist)  Jan.  25,  i860, 

Mary  A.  Beadle;  (2d)  June  2,  18S0,  Mary  E.  Wal- 

xi  Annie  Eliza,  b  May  i,  1S36;  m  Feb.  23,  187 1,  Jesse 
C.  WoodhuU;  re's  at  New  York  City  in  1908;  re- 
moved to  Sugar  Loaf,  N.  Y. ;  had  dau  Annie  Van 
Duzer  WoodhuU,  b  Feb.  12,  1877  ;m  Oct.  15,  1902, 
Arthur  Milton  Wells;  b  June  4,  1874. 

xii  James  Ilarvev,  b  Dec.  12.  1839;  m  Dec.  20,  1S65, 
Sarah  (Taylor)  Blith  of  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  at  which 
place  they  resided.  Mr.  Van  Duzer  was  a  mer- 
chant at  Newburgh,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Ella  Taylor, 
b  Dec.  4,  1866;  d  Feb.  4,  1870;  Floyd  CHnton,  b 
Apr.  8,  1S71;  Marie  Louise,  b  Aug.  7,  1872;  m 
May  17,  1S93,  Thomas  V.'elling,  son  of  (576)  Caro- 

Sixth  Gf.xeration  209 

line  Van  Duzer  and  Thomas  Welling.  Issue: 
Thomas  Welling,  b  Apr.  3,  1896. 
xiii  George  Albert,  b  Mar.  23,  1842;  m  Mar.  27,  1873, 
Julia  E.  Chamberlain;  res  at  I^Iiddletown,  N.  Y. ; 
their  dau,  Nellie  Boyd,  b  Sept.  26,  1S77;  m  Dec. 
7,  1898,  Edwin  C.  Osterhout;  res  at  New  Rochelle, 
N.  Y. 

299  VINCENT  T.  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac  Van 
Duzer  and  Martha  Tusten  of  Goshen,  N.  Y. ;  b  June  22,  1790; 
d  Apr.  19,  1S54;  m  Sept.  8,  1819,  Sarah  Wellixg;  b  Sept.  20, 
1799;  d  May  10,  1S70.  At  the  Census  of  1850  they  were  resi- 
dents of  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  Mr.  Van  Duzer  being  engaged  in 
business  as  a  merchant  and  farmer.     (See  Administration). 


i  Milton  William,  b  in  1820;  m  Mary  Peck.  Issue: 
Mary,  m  John  Vail;  William,  m  Grace  Cline. 

ii  Richard  D.,  b  in  1S27;  m  (ist)  Harriet  R.  Everson; 
(2d)  Mary  Hunter.  Issue:  Fanny,  m  William 
Jones;  Howard  Maine,  m  June  11,  18S5,  Katherine 

...-'. ;  Annie  L. ;  Richard,  m  June  30,  1897, 

Georgia  Buck. 

iii  Mary  E.,  b  in  1829;  m  John  Mc  Ewan;  res  Chicago, 
111.     Issue:     Duncan  Mc  Ewan;  Sarah  Mc  Ewan. 

iv      Sarah  Frances,  b  in  1831;  m  Charles  Demarest.     Is- 
sue:    John  Vincent  Demarest,  m  Alice  Wickham; 
Fanny  Demarest. 
574  V       John  Ralph,  b  Oct.  12,  1834;  m  Nov.  26,  1857,  Jane 
Elizabeth  Vail. 

vi  Josephine,  b  Feb.  28,  1838;  m  John  Clason;  b  1S34; 
d  Feb.  28,  1896,  at  Middlctown,  N.  Y.;  no  children. 

300  AARON  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
and  Martha  Tusten  of  Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  at  Mid- 
dletown,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  3,  1792 ;  d  Sept.  i,  1867 ;  m  (ist)  Jan.  22, 
1824,  Sarah  Howell;  b  Oct.  29,  1796;  d  Feb.  24,  1S46;  (2d) 
Nov.  27,  1847,  ^Irs.  Christianxa  (Ludlum)  Denton,  who  was 
b  in  1808  and  d  Feb.  4,  1877. 

Res:     Goshen,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife: 



Frances,  b  Sept.  13,  1824;  m  May  20,  1S45,  Jo^^  J. 

Cooper;  res  Goshen,  N.  Y. ;  no  ch. 


Susan  Emily,  b  Oct.  14,  1S25;  d  unm  Aug.  10,  1892. 


Hannah,  b  Mar.  20,  1S28;  m  Sept.  5,  1848,  Harvey 



210  Van  Deursex   Family 

iv      Martha,  b  Aug.  lo,  1S29;  m  Jan.  22.  1S57,  John  L 
Welling;  no  ch. 

576  V       Caroline,  b  Feb.  20,  1833;  m  Dec.  19,  1S54,  Thoma? 

vi      Albert,  b  June  30.  1835;  d  Apr.  25,  1S36. 
vii     Sarah,  b  Jan.  4,  1837  ;  m  June  7,  1883,  Richard  Wis- 

ner;  no  ch. 

301  JOHN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
and  Martha  Tusten  of  Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there 
May  26,  1795;  ^  ^^ay  8,  1S73;  m  April  6,  1826,  Margaret 
Jennings;  b  April  2,  1800;  d  Nov.  3,  1867;  dau  of  Gideoii 
Jennings  and  Sophia  E.  Carpenter.  He  served  in  Capt. 
Daniel  Christie's,  or  David  Chester's  Company  of  New  York 
Militia,  Col.  Isaac  Belknap's  Regt.,  during  the -u-ar  with  Great 
Britain.  Time  of  service,  Aug.  15,  to  Dec.  3,  1814  (Pen.  Cti. 
1,434;  Bounty  Land  Claim,  Ctf.  29,617). 

Res:     Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  from  Census  of  1S50  and  family  records: 

i        Henrs'  Tusten,  b  Jan.  3,  1827  ;  m  Dec.  13,  1865,  Sarah 

C.  Bradner;  no  ch. 
ii       Ira,  b  May  19,   1S2S;  d  from  an  accident,  May  12, 

577  iii      Mary  Jane,  b  Mar.  5,  1830;  m  Mar.  17,  1S53,  William 

Armstrong  Jessup. 
iv      George,  b  Feb.  2S,  1832 ;  d  July  14,  1S33. 

578  v       Clarissa,   b   Feb.    22,    1834;  m   Feb.    22,    1866,  Asa 


vi     Austin,  b  Dec.  22,  1835;  ^  Oct.  29,  1855. 

vii    Eliza,  b  Aug.  8,  1S3S ;  m  Feb.  23,  i860,  John  D.  Brad- 
ner; no  ch. 

579  viii  Albert,  b  Oct.    22,    1840;  m  Oct.   24.   1867,  Louise 

ix     Adelia,  b  Dec.  19,  1844;  m  Oct.  17,  1866,  Fred  M. 
Van  Brunt;  no  ch, 

302  REV.  GABRIEL  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (139)  Isaac 
Van  Duzer  and  Martha  Tusten  of  Florida,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.; 
b  there  Sept.  22,  1797;  d  June  2,  1872;  m  Nov.  14,  iS:S, 
Abigal  Headly,  who  d  May  12,  187S. 

Res:     Morris  Co.,  N.  J.     "Oc:     Baptist  minister  and  farmer. 


i        Sarah  Maria,  b  July  31,   1830;  m  Dec.  30,   1S58,  Lewis 

Mc  Cormick,  who  d  in  1900;  they  res  at  Hackettstown, 

Warren   Co.,   N.  J.,  where  he  was   a  farmer.     Issue: 

Sixth  Generation  211 

"Whitfield  Hcadly  Mc  Cormick,  b  Nov.  2S,  1859;  m 
Dec.  31,  1884,  Harriet  E.  Allison;  Abby  Lucretia  Mc 
Cormick,  b  Dec.  30,  1S63;  m  Feb.  25,  1892,  J.  Stewart 
Hance;  Ellen  N.  Mc  Cormick,  b  Mar.  30,  1870;  unm. 

ji  Hiram  H.,  b  Oct.  5,  1832;  m  Mar.  7,  1858,  Ann  Eliza 

iii      Harriet  E.,  b  July  30,  1835;  unm. 

iv  Tusten,  b  Dec.  3,  1838;  d  1910;  m  Aug.,  1S65,  Sarah  Mc 
Alpin  of  Canada;  res  Chicago,  111.  Issue:  Spencer,  b 
a  1870;  d  1891;  Minnie,  b  Sept.  10,  1874. 

V  Lucretia,  b  Aug.  22,1 84 — ;  m  June  3 ,  1 868,  Alfred  Hughes, 
vi      George,  b  in  1S48;  d  in  1872. 

303  MARY  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (140)  Henry  Van  Duzer 
and  Frances  Mandeville  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b 
there  Jan.  22,  1791;  d  prior  to  1S33;  m  May  20,  1809,  Wil- 
liam Sayre  of  Newburgh,  N.  Y.  After  Mary  Van  Duzer 's 
death  Mr.  Sayre  married  as  his  second  wife,  on  June  27,  1833, 
EHzabeth  Walsh;  b  May  13,  1787;  d  April  27,  1837;  dau  of 
Thomas  Sayre  and  Margaret  Brush  of  New  Windsor,  N.  Y. 
(Sayre  Family,  p.  304).  His  third  wife  w^as  Mrs  Eloira 
M  on  ell. 

i        Frances  Maria  Savre,  b  Mar.  12,  1813;  m  June  13,  1839, 

Michael  Walsh.' 
ii       Henry  Sayre. 
iii      Catharine  Sayre. 
iv      Harriet  Sayre. 

V  Joseph  Sayre. 

304  SHADRACK  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (140)  Henry  Van 
Duzer  and  Frances  Mandeville  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ; 
b  Jan.  27,  1797;  d  Sept.  12,  1844;  m  between  Jan.  and  Aug., 
1820,  R.EBECCA  Tobias,  b  in  1800;  d  Oct.  19,  1863.  At  the 
Census  of  1S50  he  was  res  of  Cornwall;  value  of  real  estate, 
$6,000.      (Administration). 

i        Francis  Michael,  b  a  1823. 
ii       Henry  O.,  b  in  1826 ;  m  Sarah  Van  Duzer,  b  1833  ;  dau  of 

(541)  Benjamin  Van  Duzer  and  Hannah  Greggory. 
iii     Mary  Jane,  b  1827. 
iv     John  J.,  b  1831. 
v_      Elen  R.,  b  1834. 
vi     Laura  Ann,  b  1840. 

212  Vax  Deursen    Family 

305  JOHN  S.  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (140)  Henry  Van 
Duzer  and  Frances  Mandeville  of  Connvall,  N.  Y. ;  b  tlicrr- 
April  22,  1799;  d  May  7,  1850  ;ni  a  1825,  Phoebe  Eliza  Davi-  . 
b  Feb.  27,  1815;  d  Feb.  10,  1S94. 

Res:     Cornwall.  N.  Y.     Oc.     Farmer.     (See  Census  1S50. 
and  Administration). 

i        Mary  Elizabeth,  b  in  1833. 
580  ii       Henry,  b  Aug.  15,  1835;  m  Sept.  20,  i860,  Catherine 
iii      Fanny  M.,  b  in  1839;  d  Mar.  4,  1S53. 
iv      John  Jacob,  b  in  1841 ;  m  a  1862,  Elizabeth  Wells. 
V       Charles  C,  b  in  1848;  d  June  25,  1908,  bur  at  Corn- 
wall; m  a  1S69,  Hannah  Barton. 
vi     Adaline,  b  in  1850;  ma  187 1,  WiUiam  Miller. 

305a  MARTHA  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (140)  Henry  Van 
Duzer  and  Frances  Mandeville  of  Cornwall,  N.  Y.;  b  there 
Jtily  2,  1806;  d  Dec.  19,  1846;  m  Dec.  5,  1827,  Isaac  Coeks. 
b  Jan.  23,  1S03  ;  d  Feb.  13,  1S70;  son  of  Joshua  Coeks  and  Mary 
Ann  Townsend.'  He  m  (2d)  Nov.  20,  1848,  Catherine  Van 
Duzer;  b  Oct.  8,  1793;  elder  sister  of  Martha. 

Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y. 


i        Mary  Ann  Coeks,  b  Jan.  14,  1829;  d  March  10,  1902;  m 

Feb.  14,  1850',  Isaac  De  La  Vergne;  res  Kingston,  N.  V. 
ii       William  Henry  Coeks,  b  Dec.   i,   1831;  d  unm  July  2S, 

iii      Frances  Coeks,  b  Feb.  18,  1833;  d  unm  Apr.  i,  1S96. 
iv      Charles  Townsend  Coeks,  b  July  14,  1835;  ^  ^^m  Jan.  6. 

V       Edward  Earl  Coeks,  b  Oct.  7,  1837;  d  Apr.  4,  1841. 
vi      Catharine  Van  Duzen  Coeks,  b  Feb.  23,  1840;  m  Sept.  20. 

i860,  (580)  Henrv  Van  Duzer. 
vii    Jacob  Van  Duzer  Cocks,  b  Feb.  9,  1S45;  m  Oct.  19.  1871- 

Mary  Ann  Walsh;  res  Idlewild,  Orange  Co.,  N.  \.;  oc 


306  ANTIE  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (141)  Willem^Van 
Deursen  and  Antje  (Ann)  Strvker  of  New  Brunsv.-ick,  N.  J  . 
b  March  21,  bp  March  26,  1769;  m  Jan.  5,  1793,  Evert  Berg- 
en; b  June  23,  i77i;d  Mar.  3,  1S56.     Antie  d  July  16,  1S61. 

Res:     Whitehouse,    Hunterdon   Co.,    N.   J.     Oc:     Fanner. 

Sixth  Generation  213 

Children,  (see  Bergen  Genealogy): 
i        John  Bergen,  b  Dec.  5,  1793;  d  unm  Aug.  7,  181 1;  was 

thrown  from  a  wagon  by  a  runaway  team, 
ii       William  Bergen,  b  Sept.  11,  1795;  d  tmm  Sept.  27,  1S61. 
iii     Ann  Bergen,  b  Sept.   16     1797;  m  May  21,   1S16,  John 

Messier,   a  fanner  of  Blairstown,  Warren  Co.,   N.  J. 

They  had  nine  children, 
iv     James  Bergen,  b  Nov.  27,  1799;  d  unm. 
V       Maria  Bergen,  b  Nov.  20    iSoi;  m  Mar.  7,  1818,  James 

Park,  a  farmer  at  Whitehouse,  N.  J.,  who  d  Aug.  i, 

1854.     Had  twelve  children. 
vi     Alletta  Bergen,  b  May  9,  1804;  m  Feb.  3,  1836,  James  E, 

Bergen,  son  of  Evert  J.  Bergen  of  Roysfield,  N.  J.     No 

vii    Staats  Bergen,  b  July  15,  1806;  d  May  14,  1869;  m  Jan. 

5,   1S37,  Chrysteana  I\Iarlatt;  b  Sept.  9,   1819.     They 

res  near  Germantown,  N.  J.,  and  had  eight  children, 
viii  Jane  Bergen,  b  May  6,  1808;  d  May  11,  1826. 
ix     George  Bergen,  b  May  13,  1810;  d  unm. 

307  STAATS  A^AN  DEURSEN,  probably  son  of  (141) 
Willem  Van  Deursen  and  Antje  Stryker  of  Albany,  N.  Y., 
later  of  New  Jersey;  b  June  i,  bp  at  New  Brunswick,  N.  J., 
Jtme  13,  1773;  m  a  1794,  Hannah  Schuyler,  dau  of  Abra- 
ham Schuyler  and  Alida  Voorhees.  He  was  graduated  at 
Queen's  College,  New  Brunswick,  in  1791. 

Res:     New  Bnanswick,  N.  J. 
Children,  bp  in  New  Bnmswick,  N.  J.: 
John  Schurman,  bp  Dec.  23,  1796. 
i       Ann  bp  July  12,  i8oi;m  May  13,  1820,  Dr.  Schenck. 
ii     Catherine,  bp  Oct.  23,  1803;  m  Dec.  7,  1825,  Rev.  Geo. 

H.  Fisher. 
iv     Letitia,  bp  Dec.   i,  1805;  prob  m  Richard  Bogardus  of 

CTreene  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  1792  ;  d  1841. 
v       Elizabeth,  bp  Oct.  16,  1808 
vi     Jane,  b  June  14   bp  July  30,  181 5 

308  THOMAS  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (141)  Willem  Van 
Deursen  and  Antje  Stryker  of  New  Brunswick,  Middlesex  Co., 
N.  J.;  b  a  1783;  m  a  i8o_s,  Mary  Anderson. 

Res:  Brunswick,  Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J.,  1850.  Oc:  Farm- 
er (Census). 

i       John  T.,  b  in  1809;  m  May  i,  1839,  Maria  De  Hart;  res 
1850  North  Brunswick,  Middlesex  Co.   N.  J.;  oc  farmer. 

214  Van  Deursen  Family 

Issue:  Abigail  Eliza  Anderson,  b  Sept.  lo,  1S42,  bp 
Nov.  19,  1S43  ;  William  H.,  b  a  1845  '-  ^Iar>'  U.,  b  a  1S4S. 

ii       Margaret,  b  in  iSiS. 

iii      Thomas,  b  in  1S20;  m  a  1841,  Elizabeth ; 

res  in  1850,  Piscataway,  Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J.;  oc 
farmer.     Issue:     Mar>'  S.,  b  1843;  Fredina,  b  1845. 

iv      Mary  E.,  b  in  1830. 

V       Gertrude,  b  in  1838. 

309  WILLIAM  VAN  DEURSEN,  M.  D.,  son  of  (141) 
Willem  Van  Deursen  and  Antje  Str>^ker  of  New  Brunswick, 
N.  J.;b  there  May  18,  1791;  d  Feb.  16,  1872  ;m  (ist)  Oct.  25. 
181 5,  Eleaxor  Hexdricksox;  b  Jan.  30,  1795;  d  Apr.  21. 
1825;  (2d)  in  New  York  City,  by  Rev.  Jas.  R.  Stone,  24  Feb. 
1853,  Eliza  I\Iartin,  who  survived  him. 

After  the  regular  course  of  study  at  the  pviblic  schools,  Wil- 
liam Van  Deursen  entered  Rutgers  College,  graduating  with 
the  Class  of  1809,  of  which  he  was  Valedictorian.  He  then 
went  to  New  York  for  the  purpose  of  studying  medicine,  and 
served  as  Surgeon^  and  Physician  in  one  of  the  hospitals  there, 
becoming  eminent  in  his  profession.  He  took  up  a  private 
practice  in  Monmouth  County,  N.  J.,  and  later  returned  to 
his  native  city  to  practice,  establishing  a  reputation  for  pro- 
fessional skill' which  he  maintained  until  his  retirement  from 
the  active  duties  of  his  calling.  At  the  time  of  his  death  he 
was  the  oldest  Hving  Trustee  of  Rutgers  College,  having  been 
elected  in  1823. 

True  to  the  martial  instinct  of  his  race,  we  find  Dr.  Van 
Deursen  taking  part  in  the  War  of  181 2.  He  was  Actuig 
Surgeon's  Mate  in  Colonel  R.  Bogardus'  Regiment,  the  4i5t 
U.  S.  Inf.  (Wid.  pen.  Ctf.  25,107).  In  November,  1878,  his 
widow  was  living  at  17  Christopher  Street,  New  York  City: 
then  one  of  the  substantial  residential  parts  of  the  city,  and 
still,  though  its  glory  has  passed,  showing  traces  of  its  former 

Children,  by  first  wife,  bp  at  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.: 
581  i        John  Hendrickson,  b  Aug.  5,  18 16;  m  a  1840,  Ann 
Dickenson  Mac  Clellan. 
ii       Staats,  b  Feb.  25,  bp  Apr.  22.  181S;  m  Oct.  10,  1S44, 
Sophia  Van  Dom.     Issue:     Joaima  S.,  b  Apr.6, 
1845  ;  Staats,  b  1846;  d  June,  1885,  m  Mary  Tvicker 
Osborne;  Anna,  b  1847;  m  Charles  Wesley  Keiler; 
Ira  C,  b  Dec,  1049;  d  Nov.  13,  1866. 
iii     Mary  Floyd,  b  June  2,  1819;  bp  in  1820;  m  Jan.  12, 
1843,  John  Lawrence  Boggs. 

Sixth  Generatiox  215 

iv      William,  b  Jvme  i6,  bp  July  25,  1S24;  m  a  1845,  ^^^" 

bella   J ;  res  in   1850   New  Brunswick, 

Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J. ;  had  dau,' Sarah  E.,  b  in  1848. 

310  JACOB  LANSING  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (145) 
Jacob  Van  Deusen  and  Elsje  Lansing;  b  July  17,  bp  at  Al- 
bany July  24,  1785;  d  Sept.  25,  1867;  m  Dec.  26,  1S08,  Naxcy 
Stone  Clark,  dau  of  Sanford  Clark  and  Arabella  Gale. 

After  receiving  a  classical  education  at  the  Academy  at 
Cambridge,  N.  Y.,  Jacob  L.  Van  Deusen  took  up  the  study  of 
medicine  under  Doctor  Woodruff  of  Albany,  and  obtained 
his  degree  as  M.  D.  from  the  University  of  the  State  of  Nev/ 
York  in  1806.  He  then  went  to  Philadelphia  for  the  purpose 
of  attending  lectures  under  Doctors  Rush  and  Physick,  and, 
later,  took  up  practice  at  Albany,  where  he  remained  for 
twelve  years.  He  practiced  for  four  years  at  Genesee,  N.  Y., 
and  finally  settled  at  Montague,  N.J.  (Histor}'  of  Sussex  and 
Warren  Counties,  N.  J.,  by  James  P.  Snell).  His  will,  of 
which  his  brothers,  James  L.  and  George  N.  Van  Deusen, 
were  the  executors,  was  dated  Jan.  5,  and  probated  Sept.  12, 
1 88 1.     He  was  a  member  of  the  Reformed  Dutch  Church. 

Children,  all  but  two  first  b  at  Montague,  N.  J.: 
5S2  i        Arabella  Ann,  b  Jan.  13,  bp  at  Albany  Apr.  8,  1810; 
m  George  Dockstader. 

583  ii       Helen,  b  Feb.  i,  1812;   bp  Alb.   Aug.    15,    1813;  m 

April  21,  1834,  Joseph  J.  Reger. 
iii      John  Clark,  b  Feb.  24,  1814  ;  d  unm  May  19,  1877. 

584  iv     Jacob  Billings,  b  Jan.    26,    1S16;  m   (ist)   in   1841, 

Jane  B.  Allen;  (2d)  Nov.  27,  1868,  Elizabeth  A. 

V       Elizabeth,  b  Mar.  15,  181S;  d  Aug.  17,  1819. 
vi     Sanford,  b  Dec.  27,  i8i9;dFeb.  17,  1861 ;  m  Cornelia 

A.  Broadhead.     Issue:     Lansing,  b  July  31,  1S5S; 

Sanford  G.,  b  Oct.  26,  i860. 

585  vii     Columbus,  b  Dec.  15,  1822;  m  May  12,  i860,  Har- 

riet J.  Terry, 
viii   Abraham  Lansing,  b  Jan   19,  1824;  d  March  10,  1837. 

586  ix     George   Nelden,   b   Mar.    i,    1S26;  m   Feb.   5,    1856, 

Catherine  Edgar  Newkirk. 
X       Anna  Maria,  b  Mar.  11,  1828;  d  unm  Sept.  2,  1901. 

587  xi      James  Lansing,  b  Dec.  23,  1829;  m  (ist)  Sept.  17, 

1856,  Elizabeth  Kedzie  Grant;  (2d)  Feb.  7,  1865, 

Mary^  Westbrook. 
xii    Alida  Lansing,  b  May  i,  1831 ;  d  Apr.  23,  1851. 
xiii   Sarah  Ann,  b  June  25,  1833;  d  Dec.  8,  1909;  m  Sept. 

216  Van  Deursen    Family 

5,  1S55,  James  Oliver  Merritt,  b  Apr.  5,  1829;  res 
at  Kingston,  N.  Y.  Isstie:  James  Albert  Merritt, 
b  July  I,  1S56;  m  ^lar.  26,  1SS4,  Catharine  Eaman 
xiv  Orlando,  b  Mar.  22,,  i^^35;  d  unm  Mar.  i,  1881.  He 
served  in  Company  F,  156th  New  York  Vol.  Inf., 
from  Oct.  7,  1862,  to  Oct.  21,  1865,  as  Private  and 
Hospital  Steward. 

311     MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (146)  Abraham  ^'}\- 

liam  Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Philips  of  Newburgh,  N.  Y., 

b  a  1790;  m  Joseph  Hoffman  of  New  York  City;  b  there  a 

1773   (Ruttenbers'   Hist,  of  Newburgh,   N.  Y.).     They  v.-ere 

residents  of  Newburgh. 

i  Eliza  Ann  Hoffman;  m  Robert  Reeve.  Issue:  Fannie 
M.  Reeve;  Catharine  Reeve;  Adaline  H.  Reeve;  Hen- 
rietta H.  Reeve;  Hoffman  Reeve;  Robert  Reeve. 

ii  "Mary  Hoffman;  m  Paddock  Chapman.  Issue:  Man,' E. 
Chapman;  Joseph  H.  H.  Chapman;  Catherine  M.  Chap- 
man; S-usan  A.  Chapman;  Deborah  A.  Chapman;  Isaac 
C.  Chapman;  Thomas  P.  Chapman;  Charles  F.  Chap- 
man; Caroline  J.  Chapman;  William  G.  Chapman; 
Louise  Chapman. 

iii  Catherine  Hoffman;  m  William  Scott.  Issue:  Mary 
Scott;  Caroline  Scott;  Sarah  Scott;  Anna  Scott. 

iv      Abraham  Van  Deusen  Hoffman;  d  in  his  fourteenth  year. 

V       Susan  Hoffman;  d  y. 

vi  Harriet  Hoffman;  m  John  D.  Phillips.  Issue:  Mar.a 
E.  Phillips;  Joseph  W.  Phillips;  John  D.  Phillips; 
Adelaid  Phillips  (?);  Clark  Phillips;  Edmund  Phillips. 

vii    Adaline  Hoffman;  m  David  Howell;  d  without  issue. 

viii  Caroline  Ellen  Hoffman;  m  Edmund  S.  Sanxay.  I^^;'v 
Frederick  D.  Sanxay;  Charles  D.  Sanxay;  George  V.  • 

ix  Cecelia  Amanda  Hoffman;  m  Nelson  Haight.  Issue: 
Henry  Milton  Haight;  Robert  W.  Haight;  Joseph  H. 
Haight;  Abraham  Haight;  Charles  E.  Haight. 

X       Sarah  Hoffman. 

xi      Jane  Hoffman. 

312  WILLIAM  VAN  DEURSEN.  son  of  (150)  Wilkm 
Van  Deursen  and  Martha  Newton  Whittelsey  of  New  Hav^n, 
Conn.;  bp  there  Feb.  2,  1783;  d  Sept.  25,  1833;  m  at  Midd.c- 

Sixth  Gener.\tion  217 

town   Conn.,  Nov.  28,  1S30,  Mary  Cr.^nston  of  Newport    R 
I.;  b  Oct.,  1791;  d  Jan.  9,  1892. 

Mr.  Van  Deursen  graduated  at  Yale  in  the  class  of  1801  and 
received  his  degree  ot  M  A.  in  iSio ;  studied  law  at  the  famous 
Judge  Goulds  Litchtield  Law  School;  was  admitted  to  the 
Bar  as  early  as  1S07,  and  was  in  active  practice  at  the  time  of 
his  death  .In  the  war  of  1S12  he  served  as  Captain  and 
Brigade  Major  m  Col.  Alex.  Macomb's  3rd  Re^-t  U  S  \n 
from  12  March,  1812,  to  i  June.  1S14;  was  in  command  of 
i^ort  Irumbull  at  New  London  from  some  time  in  1S12  until 

^        /A  r-'^Vr'^'^-     ^'^  ^''^'^°'^  received  a  pension  for  this  ser- 
vice (Ctf.  No.  20,609). 

Res:     Middletown,  Conn.     Oc:     Lawver 

i  Margaret  Moris,  b  Sept.  11,  1831;  unm;  was  living  in 
1909  at  Middletovrn,  Conn.,  and  has  her  grandfather's 
commission  in  the  Rev.  War,  also  a  letter  to  him  from 
General  VV  ashington. 
ii  William  Walter,  b  May  3,  1833;  d  Mav  30.  1901;  unm; 
res  at  Middletown  where  he  was  Cashier  in  a  bank  He 
served  m  Co.  F,  24th  Conn.  Vol.  Inf.,  Sept.  3,  1862,  to 
Sept.  30,  1863,  as  First  Sergeant.  During  the  siege  of 
Port  Hudson  he  was  wounded  (See  obituary  in  the 
Connecticut  S.  A.  R.  Year  Book,  1903,  page  80S). 

Sp  ^LUCY  GILBERT  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (152) 
^leter  Van  Deursen  and  Lvdia  Brewster  of  Albanv,  N  Y  •  b 
Feb  24,  bp  in  New  York  March  4,  1787;  d  Albanv,  N.  Y., 
April  16,  1855;  m  there  Nov.  18,  18 10,  D.wid  William 
Groesbeek  of  Albany,  b  in  that  citv  Sept.  17,  bp  (as  William) 
Uct.  31,  1784;  son  of  (14S)  Catharina  Van  Deursen  and  Vv'il- 
ham  Groesbeek. 

Res:     Albany,  N.  Y. 

Childrex,  6,  8,  9  and  10  bp  bv  Rev.  John  De  Witt  of  the 
South  Dutch  Church  at  Albany.  ' 

1        J^ydia  Maria  Groesbeek,  b  Aug.  20,  1811;  d  Oct    2    1S14 
n      William  Gilbert  Groesbeek,  b  June  i,   1S13;  d  Sept.  7, 

•''     J^^^'.^  ^""^^"^  Groesbeek,  b  Mar.  15,  1815;  unm  in  1899. 

IV  \\illiam  Gilbert  Groesbeek.  b  Dec.  28,  1816 ;  d  Oct.  2,  1S27 

V  Charles  Edward  Groesbeek,  b  Nov.  2^,  1818;  d  Setauket 

L    L,  Dec.   16,  1870;  m  N.   Y.   City,   Nov.   25,    1838, 
Margaret  Louisa  Morand. 

VI  David  Groesbeek,  b  Sept.  19,  1S20.  bp  Mav  19,  1821-  d 

May  20,  1821. 

218  Van  Deursen   Family 

vii     David  Groesbeek,  b  Dec.  22,  1821 ;  m  N.  Y.  City,  Feb.  r'). 

1844,   Margaret,  dau  of  Joseph  Duval  of  N.  Y.  Citv, 

(Sec  Brewster  Genealogy  for  this  line), 
viii   Sylvester  Groesbeek.  b  Feb.  16,  bp  May  11,  1S24;  d  X.  Y. 

City  Aug.  5,  1S9S;  m  there  July  13,  1842,  Julia  Frances 

Whitehead,  who  d  in  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  Jan.  22,  1883. 

One  son,  d  an  infant. 
ix      Lucretia  Groesbeek,  b  Nov.  29,  bp  Dec.  25,  1825;  d  Nov. 

10,  1829. 
X       Orlando  Groesbeek,  b  May  3,  bp  June  i,  1828;  m  N.  Y. 

City  June  13,  1S49,  Laura  Francena  Raynor;  b  Jan.  6. 

1828  (Children  given  in  Brewster  Gen.). 
xi      William  Gilbert  (jroesbeek,  b  Dec.   29,   1830;  d  July  5, 


SEN,  son  of  (152)  Pieter  Van  Deursen  and  Lydia  Brewster  c: 
Albany,  N.  Y. ;  b  there  Sept.  12,  1795  ;  bp  Feb.  6,  1797 ;  rn  (i?t  1 
;  (2d)  Ann  Alexander,  who  d  in  San  Fran- 
cisco, Cal.  June  17,  1871,  aged  78  yrs.  He  served  in  Ca^t, 
Jno.  Varian'S"  Comp.,  New  York  State  Militia,  from  Aug.  :o 
to  Nov.  26,  1S14,  War  of  1S12.  His  will,  dated  Feb.  13,  1861, 
was  probated  in  New  York  Sept.  20,  1S64.  They  resided  i:i 
Division  Street,  New  York  City. 

Child,  by  first  wife: 
i        Eleanor;  m  George  A.  Barker  of  Yonkers,  N.  Y.     Issue: 
Cecelia  Ann  Barker;  Augustus  Van  Deursen  Barker. 

Child,  by  second  wife: 
ii  Cecelia ;  m  in  1859,  William  Drury  of  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

315  SARAH  ANN  VAN  DEURSEN,  dau  of  (152)  Pieter 
Van  Deursen  and  Lydia  Brewster  of  Albany,  N.  Y. ;  b  there 
April  3,  1798;  m  at  Watertown,  N.  Y.  July  11,  1S15,  Andrew 
Benedict  Cooke,  M.  D.,  Surgeon  in  U.  S.  Navv,  son  of  John 
and  Catherine  (Milledollar)  Cooke  of  N.  Y.  City.  He  d  in 
Boonton,  N.  J.,  Oct.  23,  187 1 ;  she  d  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Nov. 
4,  1838. 

Res:  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
i        William  James  Cooke,  b  July  4,  181 7,  at  Sackets  Harbor. 

N.  Y.;  d  unm  at  Galveston,  Tex.,  Aug.  14,  1848. 
ii       Catherine  Cooke,  b  Oct.  10,  1819;  m  (ist)   1837,  Jame? 
M.  Sevmour;  (2d)  Edwin  Nash;  (3d)  John  Adriancc. 
Had  dau   Sarah  B.  Adriance;  res  Angleton,   Brazoru 
Co.,  Texas. 

Sixth  Generation  219 

iii  John  Joseph  Cooke,  b  Sept.  ii,  1825;  d  unm  in  New  Or- 
leans Sept.  20,  1S70. 

iv  Lydia  Ann  Cooke,  b  Oct.  29,  1827;  m  1845,  John  Adri- 
ance  of  Columbia,  Texas,  who  d  June  30,  187 1. 

V  Elizabeth  Pearce  Cooke,  b  Sept.  9,  1831 ; m  Sept.  23,  1850, 
Rev.  Rufus  Doane  Stearns.  Issue:  William  Rufus 
Steams,  b  1853;  d  y;  Emily  Benedict  Steams,  b  1855, 

died   ;  Edv/in  Adriance  Steams,  b  1858;  m,  no 

eh;  Charles  Weld  Steams,  b  1S61 ;  who  died,  leaving 
two  children,  Richard  Mallory  Stearns  and  Elizabeth 
Martha  Steams,  living  in  Elgin,  111.;  Bessie  Bellinger 
Steams,  b  1875. 

316  ISAAC  GILBERT  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (152) 
Pieter  Van  Deursen  and  Lydia  Brewster  of  Albany,  N.  Y.;  bp 
there  Jan.  2,  1801 ;  m  a  1817,  Ann  Eliza  Allen.  He  d  April 
I,  1856,  probably  in  N.  Y.  City,  his  estate  being  administered 
there.     He  is  buried  in  Deposit,  Broome  Co.,  N.  Y. 

58S  i        Leonard  Wilmot,  b  in  Sackets  Harbor,  N.  Y.,  Jan. 
18,  i8l8;m  May  27,  1849,  Lydia  Ann  Briggs. 

317  PETER  VAN  DEURSEN,  son  of  (152)  Pieter  Van 
Deursen  and  Lydia  Brewster  of  Albany,  N.  Y.;  b  there  Dec, 
3,  1805;  bp  April  9,  1809,  by  Parson  Bradford;  d  at  Paris,  111., 
Julv  27,  1872;  m  at  Richmond,  Va.,  in  1830,  Lucy  Baldwin; 
b  at  Branford.  Conn.,  Aug.  6,  1798;  d  in  Paris,  111.,  Feb.  25, 
1886;  dau  of  Jacob  and  Lucy  (Sharpe)  Baldv/in  of  Guilford, 

Mr.  Van  Deursen  moved  to  Richmond,  Va.,  in  1S30,  and 
was  engaged  in  the  dry  goods  business  until  1847,  when  he  be- 
came Treasurer  of  the  Richmond  &  Danville  Ry.  Co.  In  1858 
he  resigned  to  become  Auditor  of  the  Ohio  &  Mississippi  Ry. 
Co.,  with  of^ce  at  Cincinnati,  Ohio.  He  moved  to  St.  Louis, 
Mo.  in  1 87 1,  when  the  General  Offices  of  the  Company  moved 
to  that  city.     He  was  an  elder  in  the  Presbyterian  church. 

589  i  Russell  Dudlev,  b  Mar.  5,  1832  ;m  (ist)  June  6,  1856, 
Margaret  Barker;  (2d)  Dec.  4,  i860,  Margaret 
Brodie  Mackenzie. 
ii  William  Plummer,  b  Sept.  10,  1838;  d  Oct.  9,  1876, 
at  Cincinnati,  Ohio;  bur  at  Paris,  111.;  m  a  1859, 
Charlotte  B.  Humphrey,  of  Cincinnati,  Ohio;  dau 
of  County  Auditor  Joseph  B.  Humphrey.  She  d 
in  Wyoming,  Ohio,  in  1884.     Issue:     William  H., 

220  Van  Deursen   Family 

who  accidentally  lost  his  life  in  the  Sherrnan 
House,  Chicago,  Aug.  2,  1869,  and  Frances,  b  a 
1868;  m  a  1892,  William  A.  Haven  of  Avonda't-, 
Cincinnati,  Ohio,  and  had  Rebecca  Van  Deu^cn 

iii     Charles,  d  in  infancy  at  Richmond,  Va. 

iv     George,  d  in  infancy  at  Richmond,  Va. 

318  HARPERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (155)  Harpert 
Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca  Brewer  of  Johnstown,  N.  Y.;  b 
1796  ;d  Dec.  11,  1S75  ;buried  in  the  Sandflat  Cemeter\%  Fonda. 
N.  Y. ;  m  a  1820,  Rachel ;  b  in  1S03.  Mohawk,  N.  Y.,  1850-1860.  Oc:  Farmer;  value  0: 
real  estate,  $10,000. 

i        Nelly,  b  1821 ;  m  July  27,  1839,  Hunter  Quackenbosh  0: 
Canajoharie,  N.  Y. 

ii       Harpert,   b   1824;  m  a   1850,   Caroline    ;  res 

i860  Mohawk,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.;  oc  farmer. 
Issue:  Raehea,  b  1852;  Ann,  b  1854;  Lester,  b  1S56; 
Margal-et,  b  1858. 

319  JOHN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (164)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Lvdia  Slv  of  Queensbury,  Warren  Co.,  N.  Y.:  b 
Feb.  8,  bp  at 'Schagh'ticoke,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  26,  1775;  ma  iSco, 
Sarah  Burdick. 

Res:     Queensbury,   Warren    Co.,    N.   Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children  (Census  of  1850): 
i        Tenas.  b  Mar.  6,  1809;  d  Feb.  8,   1S89;  res  near  Gler.s 
Falls,  N.  Y. 

ii       Orrin,  b   1818;  m  Sally  M ;  res  in  1S50, 

Queensbury;  farmer;  no  ch. 
iii     Walter,  b  1820;  res  at  Queensbury  in  1850;  farmer. 

320  HARTMAN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (164)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Lydia  Slv  of  Queensbury,  Warren  Co.,  >«■ 
Y.;b  Nov.  30,  1778;  m  July  16,  1805,  at  Clifton  Lake,  N  "l- 
to  Susanna  Knowlton,  bv  Abraham  Mow,  J.  P. 

He  served  in  the  121st  Regt.,  New  York  Militia,  during  ti:e 
War  of  181 2,  for  which  service  his  widow  drew  160  acres  o*. 
land  in  1855.  They  were  residents  of  Queensbury,  at  whic:i 
place  he  died  Sept.  11,  1853.  Mrs.  Van  Deusen  died  Nov.  7. 

Children:  . 

590  i  David  B.,  b  Aug.  18,  1806 ;  m  June  4,  1854,  Ehzabe.n 

Sixth  Cteneration  221 

ii       Polly,   b   Sept.    i,    1807;  m   Oct.    28,    1834,  Walter 

iii     Almira,  b  Aug.   29,   1809;  m  July  22,   1S32,  David 

iv      Elizabeth  B.,  b  Oct.  i,  1810;  m  Oct.  21,  18^8,  Emr\' 

Cole.  ^ 

591  V       Zimri,  b  May  5,  1S12;  m  Feb.  10,  1842,  Jane  E.  Dick- 

vi      Abram,  b  Sept.  3,  1813  ;  unm. 
vii    Jane,  b  Oct.  29,  1815 ;  m  Oct.  27,  1837,  Simon  Trues- 

viii   John,  b  Sept.  25,  1820;  m  Dec.  27,  1S44,  Maria  Green. 
ix      Charles,  b  May  8,    1825;  m  Apr.   29,    1863,  Mercy 


321  HENRY  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (164)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Lydia  Sly  of  Queensbury,  Warren  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b 
at  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y.,  March  23,  1781 ;  m  a  1803,  Eliza  Walk- 
up.     Settled  in  Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y. 


i        Alvin,  b  a  i8io, 
ii       Arch,  b  a  1813. 

592  iii      Myron,  b  Jan.  18,  1816;  m  Mar.  10,  1839,  P^lizabeth 

iv     AdHza,  b  a  1819. 
V       Albina,  b  a  1821. 
vi      Almeda,  b  a  1823. 
vii     George,  b  a  1S25. 
viii   Charles,  b  May  7,  1828,  in  Stafford,  Genesee  Co.,  N. 

Y. ;  m  Nov.  20,  1S62,  Hannah  Cole,  who  d  in  1877  ; 

res  Fillmore,  Allegany  Co.,  N.  Y,     Issue:     Jennie, 

b  Dec.  1862;  m  in  18S2,  S.  S.  Scott. 
ix     Amanda,  b  a  1830. 

322  REV.  ABRAHAM  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (164) 
Johannes  Van  Deusen  and  Lydia  Sly  of  Queensbury,  N.  Y. ; 
b  Oct.  29,  1787,  at  Cambridge,  Washington  Co.,  N,  Y.;  m 
March  20,  1814,  Martha  Orton  of  Luzerne,  N,  Y.  They 
resided  at  Queensbury,  where  Mrs.  Van  Dusen  died  Sept.  4, 


593  i        Canni,  b  Jan.  19,  1815;  m  Dec.  29,  1836,  Delia  Ann 

ii       Harvey,  b  Sept.  27,  1816;  m  April  28,  1850,  Azubah 

222  Van  Deursen   Family 

iii  Julia,  b  Oct.  12,  181S;  m  Dec.  31,  1S35,  Andre?.- 

iv     Warren,  b  Nov.  10,  1820;  unmarried. 

V       Zina,  b  Nov.  17,  1822  ;unm. 

vi      Henry,  b  Apr.  28,  1825 ;  unm. 

vii  Norman,  b  June  4,  1828;  m  Dec.  8,  1850,  Amanda 
Hogle;  no  ch;  res  Schuylerville,  N.  Y. 

viii  Edwin,  b  Aug.  31,  1831;  m  Feb.  27,  1866,  Harriet 

ix  Ira,  b  June  17,  1834;  m  (ist)  a  1855,  Mary  F.  Mun- 
ger;'(2d)  June  27,  187 1,  M.  Sophia  Purdon;d  1873 
Issue:     Frances  Eliza,  m  Frank  A.  Fielding. 

X  Lewis,  b  Aug.  27,  1S37;  enlisted  July  7,  1S63,  ir. 
Company  D,  83rd  New  York  Vol.  Inf.  and  died  at 
Second  Division,  First  Corps  Hospital,  Rappahan- 
nock Station,  Va.,  that  same  year. 

323  REV.  ROBERT  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (164)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Lvdia  Sly  of  Queensbur>';  b  there  Jan.  24. 
1790;  d  Feb.  3,  1888,  at  Queensbury;  m  (ist)  May  18,  1816. 
Abigail  Cross,  who  d  Jan.  i,  1840;  (2d)  Aug.  30,  1840. 
Irinda  Dayton.  The  following  sketch  of  Mr.  Van  Duscn 
was  written  by  his  granddaughter,  Mrs.  Merritt  Cadner: 

"Glens  Falls,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  23,  1903.  Robert  Van  Dusen.  the 
well  known  citizen  of  this  town,  died  Feb.  3,  1888,  aged  9S 
years  and  ten  days.  He  was  a  son  of  John  Van  Dusen  ana 
Lydia  Schley,  and,  as  his  name  indicates,  of  Dutch  ancestry. 
His  parents  came  from  Dutchess  County  in  the  year  17S6  and 
settled  in  the  town  of  Queensbury,  five  miles  west  of  the  vil- 
lage of  Glens  Falls,  where  he  was  born.  He  was  one  of  eleven 
children,  all  of  whom  he  survived.  He  went  to  Plattsburg  m 
the  War  of  181 2  as  a  drummer,  subsequently  drawing  a  pen- 
sion as  a  musician.  His  old  fashioned,  long  bodied  snare 
drum  survives  him  in  good  order,  as  a  family  heirloom,  -v 
clock  ncarlv  as  old  as  himself  stands  in  the  old  homestea... 
and  a  biVde,  published  in  Edinburgh  in  17S5,  a  small  octavo 
volume,  bound  in  black  leather,  lies  on  the  table.  ^^  ht?'' 
about  twentv-three  years  old  he  cleared  the  farm  (about  tv-'o 
miles  from  h'is  birth-place)  where  he  subsequently  hved  t_i.: 
his  death.  His  family  were  remarkably  long  lived,  his  t-rotn- 
ers  and  sisters,  with  one  exception,  having  lived  beyond  four 
score.  No  death  had  occurred  in  the  family  for  forty-eig--^ 
years.  A  widow  of  eighty-eight  years  and  nine  children  sii^^" 
vive  him,  all  residing  in  the  vicinity  of  the  old  home.  i-<-' 
children  are  Mrs.  Chloe  Stevens,  Mrs.  Lydia  Sturdevan,  M^^• 

Sixth  Generation  223 

Martin  Wilkie,  and  the  sons,  Hiram,  Abner,  Archibald,  Halsey, 
Sidney  and  Ransom.     He  v/as  a  man  of  staunch  integrity,  fa'ir 
in  his  deaHngs  and  temperate  in  his  habits,  having  never  used 
tobacco.     When  about  tv/enty  years  old  he  came  to  what  is 
known  as  the  experience  of  religion.     He  had  always  believed 
in  religion,  but  at  that  time  religion  became  a  thing  of  faith 
to  him,  and  from  that  time  he  maintained  a  consistent  chris- 
tian character.     The  bible  became  his  Book,  and  when  he 
could  not  read  he  would  ask  others  to  read  to  him  his  favorite 
passages.     With  no  special  disease  upon  him,  the  time  of  his 
departure  came,  and  quietly  he  breathed  out  his  life,  resting 
to  the  last  his  faith  in  Jesus.     He  was  a  good  man',  a  good 
citizen,  a  true  friend,  and  a  loving  husband  and  father.  " 
Res:     Queensbury.  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer  and  Minister. 
Childrex,  all  by  first  wife: 
i        Chloe,  b  Dec.  i8,  iSi6;  m  John  Stevens. 
ii       Hiram,  b  Mar.  19,  1819;  m  Sept.  20.  1S74,  Jane  I.  Blood. 
iii     Abner,  b  Mar.  3,  1821 ;  m  Mary  Nichols. 
iv     Archibald,  b  May  18,  1823  ;  unmarried. 
v       Halsey,  b  Aug^  19,   1825;  m  Feb.  3,   1S57,  Deborah  M. 
Fielding;  reseat  Queensbury  where  he  was  a  fanner. 
Issue:     Lottie  J.,  b  Dec.   20,   1869;  m  July  17,   1889, 
George  H.  McEchron. 
vi      Lydia,  b  Jan.  16,  1827  ;  m  Eli  Sturdcvant. 
vii    Matilda,  b  Mar.  14,  d  Sept.  22,  1830. 

viii  Harriet,  b  July  22,  i83i;d  Apr.  17,  1896  ;m  Jan.  28,  1852, 
Martin  Wilkie;  res  Queensbury;  oc  farmer.  Issue: 
Helen  L.  Wilkie,  b  Jan.  7,  1853  ;'m  Jan.  17,  1877,  Mer- 
ritt  Codner;  Adelbert  M.  Wilkie,  b  Aug.  3,  1S55;  m 
Mar.  15,  1878,  Emma  Bumham;  Cora  L.  Wilkie,  b 
Dec.  6,  1870;  d  June  12,  1892. 
ix      Sidney,  b  Nov.  13,  1833;  m  Jan.  23,  1S73,  Matilda  Irish. 

Issue:     Homer,  b  Oct.  13,  1875. 
X       Ransom,  b  Mar.    13,    1836;  m  Jan.   30,    1873,   Mar}-  A. 
Finch;    res    Queensbury;    oc    farmer.     Issue:     Jennie 
L.,  b  Aug.  20.  1S74;  m  July  21,  1S9S,  George  P.  Slade; 
George  W..  b  Mar.  i,  187S. 
xi     An  infant,  b  May  14,  1839. 

324  JAMES  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (164)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Lydia  Sly  of  Queensburv,  N.  Y. ;  b  there  Mav  12, 
t792;d  Dec.  16,  1854  ;m  a''i82o,  Sar.\h  Hill,  b  in  Del.  1801  • 
d  Sept.  21,  1877. 

Res:  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.;  in  1850  Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y. 

224  Van  Deursen    Family 

Children,  all  b  in  New  York: 

i        Man"  Ann,  b  in  Jan.,  a  1824;  m  Jan.  16,  1841,  Georre- 

ii       Elenor  C,  b  Feb.  28,  1S27;  m  Sept.  12,  1S47,  ^V;!- 
liam  Shaft. 
593aiii      Henr)'  L.,  b  in  1829;  m  June  19,  1S49,  Mary  [anv 

594  iv      Robert  P.,  b  Jan.  23,  1833;  m  Oct.  17,  1866,  Fanr.v 

M.  Pierce. 
V       Edmond  B.,  b  Feb.  17,  1837;  m  June  6,  1861,  Lurri 

595  vi     William  M.,  b  Dec.  12,  1840;  m  May  5,  1867,  Xancv 

R.  Shaft. 
vii     Sarah,  b  in  1745. 

325  DAVID  VAX  DUSEX,  son  of  (164)  Johannes  Van 
Deusen  and  Lydia  Sly  of  Queensbury,  Warren  Co.,  N.  Y.;  I. 
Aug.  3,  1796;  m  June  15,  1818,  at  Queensbur}%  by  Rev.  Ste- 
phen Call,  Baptist  Minister,  to  Mary  Ann  Robison.  Re- 
served during  the  War  of  181 2 'in  Capt.  Royal  Seaverencc 's 
Company  of  the"  121st  Regt.,  Xew  York  Militia,  under  CoL 
John  Stewart,  from  Sept.  10,  to  Sept.  25,  1814.  He  had  a 
Bounty  Land  Claim  (Xo.  25,805),  and  was  a  pensioner,  a-^ 
was  also  his  wife  (Ctf.  26,001).  He  died  at  Queensbur\'  Jan. 
I,  1879. 

Children,  from  Census  of  1850: 

i  Myron,  b  in  1820;  m  a  1842,  Adelia  M.,  b  in  New  York. 
1822;  d  at  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  Xov.  2,  1877.  He  res  at 
Phelps,  N  Y.,  in  1850,  and  at  Hudson  in  i860.  He  .-i 
at  Hudson  prior  to  1S77;  was  a  landlord  and  grocer 
(Pet.  for  Administration  Jan.  28,  1878).  Issue:  Ella. 
b  in  1845;  m  Frederick  J.  Nash;  res  Xew  York^City : 
James  B.,  b  1847;  res  in  1877  Germantown,  X.  "^  • 
Charles  F.,  b  1851;  res  in  1878  Hudson,  X.  Y. ;  Mar,: 
A.,  b  1853. 

ii       Sarah,  b  1822. 

iii      Jane,  b  1822  (?)  perhaps  twin  of  Sarah. 

iv      Bathuel,  b  1823. 

V       De  Witt,  b  1825. 

vi      John  R.,  b  1827. 

vii    Carrie,  b  1835. 

326  JOHN  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (172)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Sarah  Chipman  of  Salisbury,  Conn.,  and  Midd.c- 
bury,  Vt.;  b  Nov.  8,  1765  ;  m  March  4,  i7'89,  at  Canaan,  Cor.n  . 

Sixth  Generation  225 

Rachel  Belden;  b  Nov.  28,  1767;  d  April  9.  1840.  He  died 
at  Olean,  Cattaraugus  Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  2,  1836. 

Res:     Conn.,  Vermont,   Penn.,  and  X.   Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 


596  i        John,  b  Sept.  15,  1789;  m  at  Middlebury,  Vt.,  Jan. 

28,  1813,  Mary  Forbes. 

597  ii       Joshua  Belden,  b  Nov.   15,   1791,  probably  in  Ver- 

mont; m   (ist)   a    181 2,   Lucia  Grosvenor;   (2d)   a 
1834,  Jane  Porter;  (3d)  before   1S50,  Phebe  Bul- 
59S  iii      Mary  (Polly),  b  Jan.  28,  1794;  m  (ist)  Jan.  30,  1814, 
John  Winslow;  (2d)  Nov.  17,  1S34,  Eber  Curtis. 
iv      Charity,  b  ]\Jar.  3.  1795;  m Norris. 

599  V       Horatio  Gcites.  b  at  Middlebury,  Addison  Co.,  Vt., 

Mar.  25,  179S;  m  Oct.  ir,  1829.  Jane  Van  Deusen, 
dau  of  Capt.  Henry  Van  Deusen  and  Sally  Stod- 
dard of  Wethersiield.  Conn, 
vi      David  Belden,  b  Mar.  20,  1800;  d  Mar.  28,  1801. 

600  vii     Chauncey,  b  in  Dover,  N.  H.,  Sept.  25,  1803  ;  m  there 

May  10,  1S30,  Emmaline  Simpson. 

601  viii    Harry  Chipman,  b  Apr.  5,  1806;  wife,  whose  nam.e  is 

unknown,  d  before  1850. 

602  ix      Charles  Belden,   b  in   Penna.,   ^lay  2-j,   1808;  m  in 

1830,  Esther  Ann  Pettibone. 

603  X       Benjamin  F.,  b  in  Lott,  Pa.,  Jan.  4,  181 7;  m  Apr.  3. 

1842,  Mchitable  Lovell. 

327  MARTIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (172)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Sarah  Chipman;  b  May,  1768;  m  at  Ferris- 
burgh,  Addison  Co.,  Vt.,  by Botts,  J.  P.,  Mar.  11,  1795, 

Diadem  A  Callender;  dau  of  Lieut.  Nathaniel  Callender  and 
Diadcma  Dewey;  b  at  Sheffield,  Berkshire  Co.,  Mass. 

Lieut.  Nathaniel  Callender  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  and 
was  the  brother  of  Capt.  Callender  who  went  into  Fort  Ticon- 
deroga  with  Col.  Ethan  Allen  (Roland  Robinson's  History  of 
Vermont).  The  father  of  Diadema  Dewey  was  also  a  Revo- 
lutionary soldier  from  Shettield,  Mass. 

Like  so  many  others  of  the  nam.e,  Martin  Van  Deusen  was  a 
soldier.  He  served  during  the  war  of  181 2  in  the  154th  Regt., 
N.  Y.  State  Infantry,  in  Capt.  Squire  Bartholomew's  Com- 
pany, Lieut.  Col.  Pline  Adams.  When  not  lighting  for  his 
country,  he  was  serving  it  as  a  Justice  of  the  Peace  at  White 
Hall,  N.  Y.,  where  he  died  July  18,  1845.  He  was  commonly 
called  "Squire  Van  Deusen."  His  widow  received  one  hun- 

226  Van  Deursen  Family 

dred  and  sixty  acres  of  land  in  1S55,  as  bounty  for  his  ser- 
vices.    She  married  again. 

i        A  daughter;  d  before  1810. 

ii       A  daughter;  d  before  iSio. 

604  iii      Charles,  b  at  "White  Hall,  Mar.   12,    180S;  m  (ist) 

Sept.  19,  1839,  Mary  Huntington  Cole;  {2d)  May 
12,  1857,  Mrs.  Rebecca  Aiken. 

328  HARRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (172)  Abraham  Van 
Deuscn  and  Sarah  Chipman  of  Salisbury,  Conn.,  and  Midd'.c- 
bur\',  Vennont;  b  in  1773  ;  m  by  Rev Dakin,  at  Salis- 
bury, Oct.  12,  1794,  LoRAix  Peck.  They  made  their  homt; 
at  Middlebury,  Vermont,  where,  during  the  War  of  18 12,  he 
was  a  member  of  Capt.  Silas  Wright 's  Company,  Vermont 
Militia.  He  took  part  in  the  battle  of  Plattsburg,  on  Sun- 
day, Sept.  II,  1814.  He  died  at  Carlton,  Orleans  County,  X. 
Y.,  July  25,  1829.  His  widow  received  a  pension  for  his  ser- 
vices, and  was  living,  in  March,  1857,  with  her  daughter,  La\i- 
raine,  and  son-in-law,  Martin  Dorrance,  at  Middlebury,  Vt. 
Children:    ' 

i      ■  JuHa,  b  a  1795;  m  William  Mather  at  Utica,  N.  Y.; 

d  near  Chicago,  111. 
ii       NelHe,  b  a  1 797  ;  m  Marrica  Benjamin ;  res  New  York. 
iii      Loraine,  b  a  1799;  m  Martin  Dorrance  in  1S2S;  d  in 
Wisconsin  in  1872. 

605  iv      Weltha,  b  a  1801 ;  m  in  1824  William  P.  Huntington. 
V       Harriet,  b  a  1S03 ;  m  in  1S24,  Martin  Dorrance;  d  ia 


vi  Maria,  b  a  1805;  m  Dennis  Bickford;  d  at  Carlton, 
N.  Y.,  in  1858. 

vii  Mar>-  Ann,  b  a  iSio;  m  Edgar  Underwood  at  Herki- 
mer, N.  Y. ;  d  in  1870. 

320  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (172)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Sarah  Chipman  of  Salisbury,  Litchfield  Co.. 
Conn.;  b  there  July  21,  1783;  d  at  Warren,  Washington  Co.. 
Vt.,  Jan.  3,  1862;  m  (ist)  Feb.  5,  1809,  Marcy  Averest;  (2a) 
May  4,  1815,  Louise  Tewksbury,  dau  of  Jacob  Tewksbury; 
b  July  15,  1796;  d  at  Warren,  Vt.,  July  18,  1889.  ^ 

Abraham  Van  Deusen  was  a  soldier  of  the  War  of  181 -■ 
He  enlisted  Sept.  9,  1814,  at  Middlebury,  Vt.,  and  was  dis- 
charged Sept.  14,  18 14,  at  Plattsburg,  N.  Y.,  from  Capt.  Jo.'.n 
Hackett's  Company.  According  to  the  statement  of  tne 
Secretary  of  State  of  Vermont,  this  Company  did  not  arriv--* 

Sixth  Generation  227 

in  time  to  participate  in  the  battle  of  Plattsburg.  His  widow 
filed  an  application  for  Bounty  Land  May  i8,  1878  (No. 
22.525),  which  was  rejected. 

Res:     Middlebury,  Vermont. 

Children,  by  second  wife;  none  bv  first: 

606  i        Horatio  Gates,  b  Sept.  26,'iSi6;  m  Sept.  24,  1840, 

Lydia  Moore  Richardson. 

607  ii       Oliver  Perry,  b  Jan.  21,  1S18;  m  in  1S40,  Lucinda 

60S  iii      Sarah  Chipman,  b  Apr.  13,  i8i9;mOct.,  1839,  Amos 
R.  Steele. 

609  iv      Henry,  b  Dec.   15,   1S20;  m  Jan.   13,   184S,  Adeline 


610  V       James  Monroe,  b  Mar.   28,   1822;  m  June  8,   1851, 

Jeanette  E.  Royce. 

vi  Schuyler  Tewksbury,  b  Dec.  28,  1825;  m  Laura 
Gleason;  res  at  "Warren,  Vt. 

vii  Harriet  Louisa,  b  Feb.  11,  1S29;  m  Feb.  ir  1846, 
Charles  Pike,  who  d  Mar.  23,  18S5;  res  at  Warren,' 
where  he  was  a  farmer.  Issue:  Walter  Theo- 
dore Pilcc,  b  Aug.  4,  I S46;m  Fannie  Sterling;  Sarah 
'Ellen  Pike,  b  Jan.  5,  1852;  m  John  Sterling;  Alice 
Julia  Pike,  b  Oct.  4,  1S6S;  ra  Daniel  Rich. 

330  ISAAC  VAX  DEUSEN,  son  of  (172)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Sarah  Chipman  of  Vermont;  b  there  a  1786;  m  in 
1S12,  M.\TiLD.\  Callexder  of  Shippensburg,  Cumberland  Co., 
Pa.,  where  her  parents  then  resided.  She  v/as  b  Julv  9,  1795, 
and  was  a  sister  of  Diadema  Callender,  who  married  (327) 
Martin  Van  Deusen  of  White  Hall,  N.  Y.,  an  older  brother  of 
Isaac.  He  d  in  June,  1855,  at  Independence,  Ohio,  Mrs.  Van 
Deusen  surviving  him  many  years.  She  d  in  1887. 
Res:  Defiance,  Ohio.  Oc:  Shoemaker. 

i        Eunice,  b  a  18 14. 

ii       Diadamie,  b  a  1816. 

iii     Alevia,  b  a  1818. 

iv      Nonnan,  b  a  1820;  d  in  1901. 

V       Matilda,  b  a  1822. 

vi      Nathan  K.,  b  a  1824. 

611  vii    Auroris,  b  Apr.  15,  1826;  m  June  10,  1856,  Winifred 

O.  Dwyer. 

612  viii    Nathaniel   C,   b   Apr.    21,    182S;  m   June   14,    1848, 

Elizabeth  Relyea. 
ix      Elisabeth,  b  a  1S30. 

228  Van  Deursen  Family 

X       Louisa,  h  a  1832. 

xi      Rodetna,  b  a  1834. 

xii    Isaac,  b  a  1S36;  d  in  1861. 

xiii  Abram,  b  a  1838;  d  Oct.  23,  1861,  in  St.  Louis,  ?\Io., 
while  in  active  service  as  a  member  of  Comp.  D, 
47th  111.  Vol.  Inf.  On  account  of  his  service  and 
death  his  mother  received  a  pension  (Ctf.  35,463). 

330a  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (172a)  Laurence 
Van  Deusen  and  Content  Villiams;  b  a  17S0;  m  a  1800,  Sally 

Child,  only  one  of  whom  there  is  record: 
612a  i        Harmon,  b  July  ?3,  1807;  m  (ist)  in  1829,  Aurora 
Hobart;   (2d)   in    1843,  Margaret  Ann  Mann;  (3d) 
in  1854,  Caroline  Acklcy. 












331  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (175)  John  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Christina  Spoor  of  Copake;  b  Jnne  14,  bp  July  iS, 
1790;  m  at  Claverack  Aug,  12,  18 10,  Eva  (Schertz)  Shead. 
(Will  recorded  Nov.  29,  1859). 

Res:     In  1841,  Chatham,  N.  Y. ;  in  1S50,  Hillsdale.     Oc: 

i        John,  b  July  23,  bp  at  Claverack  Aug.  25,  181 1 ;  m  a 
1835,  Abigael  Benedict;  res  Schodack;  oc  farmer; 
no  children  recorded. 
George  Isaac,  b  Oct.  13,  1814;  m  Feb.  3,  1837,  Elvira 

Bull  Richmond. 
Martin,  b  Apr.   12,    181S;  m  June  6,   1844,   Esther 

Elizabeth  Baldwin. 
Julia  Ann,  b  a  1819;  m  a  1S40,  William  Baldwin. 
Calvin,  b  in  1S27;  m  July  14,  1866,  Hannah  Smith; 

res  Flillsdale. 
Nancy,  b  in  1830;  ma  1S51,  Joseph  Nevillcox. 
Louisa,  b  a  1833  ;  m  Benson  Simpson. 

332  ROBERT  SPOOR  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (175) 
John  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Spoor  of  Copake;  bp  at  Hills- 
dale May  28,  1794;  m  a  1819,  Betsey  H ,  who  was  b 

in  Mass.  in  1795. 

Res:     1850,  Copake.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        George,  b  in  1821. 
ii       Julia  A.,  b  in  1824. 
iii      Mary  Jane,  b  in  1826;  m  May  16,  1871,  at  the  Reformed 

Church  at  Greendale,  George  W.  Shorts. 
iv      Sarah  L.,  b  in  1828. 
v       Porter  F.,  b  in  1836. 

333  LEWIS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (175)  John  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Christina  Spoor;  b  a  1800;  d  in  1876;  m  Mary  Louisa 
His  will  was  dated  Jan.  7,  1876. 

Res:     Hillsdale. 
i        Virginia,  unm  in  1876. 

""^ 231 

232  Van  Deursex  Family 

ii       Frances,  m  Leonard  Smith.     Issue:     Lewis  Orton  Smith, 
iii      Ellen  Augusta,  m  ....  Shurter. 

334  CATHARINE  VAX  DEUSEX.  dau  of  (177)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  his  first  wife,  Elizabeth  Welling,  of  Arcadia, 
Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  at  Cheriy  Valley,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in 
1814;  d  1900;  m  in  1S35,  An-dre\v  Van  Valkenburg  of 
Kinderhook,  X.  Y.,  who  d  1893^ 

Res:     Arcadia,  Wayne  Co.,  X.  Y. 
i        Elizabeth  Van  Valkenburg,  b  1S3S ;  m  1872,  Eben  Barton, 
ii       Mary   Ann  Van  Valkenburg,   b    1S42;  m    1868,  William 

iii      Catharine   Van  Valkenburg.  b    1848;  m    1881,    De  \Vitt 

iv      Jane  C.  Van  Valkenburg,  b  1S50;  m  1S74,  George  West- 

335  THO:^L\S  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (177)  Johannes 
Van  Deusen  and  Elizabeth  Welling  of  Arcadia,  now  Xewark, 
Wayne  Co.,  X.'Y.;  b  May  24,  1825;  d  Sept.  23,  1897;  m  Feb. 
18,  1865,  Margaret  Van  Inwagen,  who  d  April  18,  1S97. 

Res:     Hillsdale,  Hillsdale  Co.,  Mich.     Oc:     Farmer. 
i        Willie  L.,  b  Jan.  28,  1866,  in  Lyons,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.; 
m  Dec.  24,  1S90,  I\linnie  G.  Clark;  res  Hillsdale,  Hills- 
dale Co.,  Mich.,  oc  farmer.     Issue:     Clark  Thomas,  b 
Jan.  19,  1892;  Henr}'  Eugene,  b  Apr.  24,  1895;  Howard 
Ambrose,  b  13'  1S9S;  Lisle  R.,  b  Apr.  14.  1903. 
ii       George  H.,  b  Apr.  i,  1872;  m  Oct.  6,  1904,   Mintha  R. 

336  JOHX  I.  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (17S)  Isaak  Van 
Deusen  and  Lvdia  Van  Buren  of  Niagara  Co.,  X.  Y. :  b  in 
Charlton,  Saratoga  Co.,  X.  Y.,  Mav  3,  1S15;  d  in  Howell, 
Mich.,  Oct.  2,  1905;  m  May  12,  1S47,  Charlotte  Edwards, 
who  d  in  same  place  April  12.  18S9. 

Res:     Howell,  Livingston  Co.,  iJich. 

i        Wellington,  b  Sept.  26,  184S;  m  Jan.,  1888 

615  ii       Agnes 'l.,  b  Dec.  26,  1S50;  m  Dec.  30,  1868,  Albert 
A.  Young, 
iii      Lela  R.,  b  Aug.  25,  1854;  unm;  res  Howell,  Mich. 
iv      Cora  C,  b  Apr.  12,  185S;  m  Oct.  19,  1898,  Walter  M. 
y-  Newton. 

Seventh  Generation  233 

V  Kittie  F.,  b  May  28,  1863;  m  May  12,  1886,  George 
E.  Dailey;res  Howell,  Mich.  Issue:  Don  Dailey, 
b  Nov.  22,  1892;  Van  Dailey,  b  Oct.  27,  1895. 

vi  Adella  E..  b  Jan.  13,  1S66;  m  Nov.  4,  1891,  George 
E.  Mercer;  res  Howell,  Mich.  Issue:  Leola 
Mercer,  b  Feb.  9,  1900. 

337  JOHN  PORTER  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (179)  Lucas 
Van  Deusen  and  Minerva  Wood  Porter  of  Pittstown,  Rens- 
selaer Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there  March  24,  1821;  m  May  22,  1S62, 
Anna  M.  Lay. 

Res:     Newark,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
i        Anna  Slingerland,  b  Mar.  30,  1S63. 
ii       Robert  Lay,  b  Oct.  2S,  1864;  m  Dec.  23,  1890,  Lavinia 

Carrie  Crandall;  res  Newark,  N.  Y. ;  oc  farmer.     Issue: 

Lucia  Crandall,  b  Oct.  24,  1893;  Mary  Edith,  b  Feb. 

17,  1S97. 
iii      Emma  Porter,  b  Nov.  11,  1866. 
iv      Clinton  Sheldon,  b  Oct.  i,  1S71 ;  m  June  29,  1898,  Mabel 

A.  Mills. ' 
v       Ella  Minerva,  b  Feb.  I,  1876. 

338  HENRY  MARTIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (179) 
Lucas  Van  Deusen  and  Minerva  W^ood  Porter  of  Newark, 
Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  at  Lyons,  N.  Y.,  May  5,  1830;  d  at  Jack- 
son, Mich.,  Feb.  5,  1901;  m  Aug.  28,  1858,  Emeline  Hark- 
NEss,  who  d  Nov.  II,  1S97. 

Res:     Jackson,  Mich. 
i        Adelbert  H.,  b  Apr.   25,   i860;  m  Dec.   15,   1881,  Mary 
Smith;    res    Jackson,    Mich.     Issue:     Harry,    George, 
Carrie,  Hattie. 
ii       William  J.,  b  Sept.  25,  1865;  unm;  res  Kingston,  N.  Y. ; 
oc  publisher  of  County  Histories. 

339  ANDREW  PORTER  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (179) 
Lucas  Van  Deusen  and  Minerva  Wood  Porter  of  Newark, 
Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  April  14,  1836;  m  Jan.  18,  1S6S,  Mary 
CoRNELiA  Handy. 

Res:     Mason,  Ingham  Co.,  Mich.     Oc:     Dentist. 

i        Rena  May,  b  June  1,  1869. 
ii       Claude  Lamonte,  b  July  i,  1871. 

234  Van  Deursen  Family 

iii      Ida  Louise,  b  Dec.  20,  1S75;  m  June  26,  1901,  James  D. 
Mills.     They  resided  in  Shrevesport,  La.,  I^Iar.,   1906. 

340  SIMEON  VAN  DEUSEN.  son  of  (180)  Martin  Van 
Deusen  and  Nancy  Kennedy  of  Ghent,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  Nov. 
21,  1787;  d  Sept."  15,  1S55;  m  (ist)  Nov.  23,  1807,  Sylvia 
Chaplin;  (2d)  Dec.  4,  1813,  Hannah  Crandall  (Letters  of 
Administration  Sept.  17,  1855). 

Res:     Chatham,  Columbia  County,  N.  Y. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

616  i        Nathan  Collins,  b  Nov.  28,  1S08;  m  a  1830,  Catharine 

ii       Rudolphus,  b  Dec.  27,  1S09;  res  in  1S55  Cochecton, 

Sullivan  Co.,  N.  Y.  (Census). 
iii      Sylvia,  b  Nov.  30,  181 2. 
By  second  wife: 

iv      Synthia,  b  Oct.  10,  1S14;  d  y. 

V       George,  b  Jan.  i,  1817;  res  in  1855  at  Lebanon,  111. 

vi      Synthia,  b  Aug.  16,  181S. 
vii    Sylvester,  b  June  6,  1820;  m  a  1845,  Sarah  Aver}-; 

they  res  in  1850  at  Ghent,  N.  Y.     Issue;     Mary 

A.,  b  1S48;  John  J.,b  1856. 
viii  Augusta,  b  Feb.  15,  1823 ;  m  Wm.  L.  Groat.     Issue: 

Anna  Maria  Groat;  William  Augustus  Groat. 

617  ix      Charles  A.,  b  June  17,  1S26;  m  Jan.  9,  1855,  Julia 

X       James  L.,  b  July  2,  1828. 

xi      Chauncey,  b  Aug.  11,  1833.  x-    v 

xii    Crowly,  res  in  1855  Cochecton,   Sullivan  Co.,  N.  \. 

340a  ROBERT  VAN  DEUSEN  probably  son  of  (iSi) 
Tobias  R.  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (3^^ 
Robert  Van  Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorbach;  bp  at  Liv- 
ingston April  21,  1776;  ma  1796,  Alida  or  Polly  McArthur. 

Children,  bp  at  Copake: 
i        Nickolous,  b  Oct.  20,  179S,  bp  April  28,  1799;  sps  Nicko- 

lous  Robertson,  Catharine  Van  Deusen.  ^ 

ii       Abraham,  b  July  6,  bp  Sept.  6,  1801 ;  sps  Abraham  DecrC- 
er,  Christine  Van  Deusen. 

341  MARTEN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (181)  Tobias  R. 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (36)  Robert 
Van  Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorbach,  of  Columbia  Co.,  N.  ^  •• 

Seventh  Generation  235 

b  June  21,  bp  at  Livineston  Au^   "-'    t, Rr.  ■  rr.  Qo^^ 
C,»R,TV  Van-  Lo.b;  bSept.  ^TyS^:  d  Dec   zr    fs--''  ''°°' 
In  October  iS.9,  he  ^vafa  /esidlnt  of  wLdham  cVe^ne  Co 


Di't.  Del.  C( 

i.       Tobias,  b  Feb.  6,  iSoi ;  m  Marv 

6x8  n       Abral^am,  b  Mar.  .5,  XS03 ;  m  a  iS^s.'  Lydia  Wood- 

,  1^0  tather,  resided  m  Wmdham,  N   Y 

'"^     ^Tross        ^'-  ''  '^'''  "^  ^^P'-  ^^'  ^^3:^'.  Mar3^  Com- 

V  i     Peter'   hfc    '  f '^.  =  f  ^  '^^3^^'  -^^^'^^-^i^  Stratton. 
vHi   ATpS; Wf     '^'  ^Si6;ma  1S37.  Unis  Cook. 
K      r!f.^r-  ^  ^t\-  ^9'  ^819;  m  a  1S40,  Catherine  Scutt. 
5,  iS22;m  (ist)  Philip  Mitchell; 

IX      Catherine,  b  Au 

(2d)  Heman  Copley 
'"  -^       ""t^^:   '■   '''^■'  -  0-   -    ^S56,  Dorcas 

'^^^'  '°Sa"s:irVc\J:?e.^''"^^-^^^'-^'-«"' 

34^  STEPHANUS  VAX  DEUSEX.  son  of  (i8i)  Tobias 
Van  n.  '"''"  and  Christina  Van  Deusen.  dau  of  (36)Rr!ben 
Van  Deusen  and  Christiana  Roorbach;  b   Sept     iV  bo    at 

^eorge   L,asli   and   Elizabeth,   his  w  fe.     Thev  resided   for  o^  m  Wmdham  and  afterwards  m  Prattsv^IIe,  Srele  (?o! 

i.       Martinus,  bp  at  Prattsville,  Feb.  22    iSoo 
62,  !!,•      p'?^':  \P  t^  Prattsville,  June  2,  iSio. 

iV      fohn     '  •'  '''°'  '"^  ^  ^^3°'  ^^^^^'  ^^^^  ^^^lf°^d- 

V       Cornells. 

vi      Richard. 

vii     Henr\-. 

Deusin  fnTs^.'^fnV^^  p  DEllSE^^,  son  of  (184)  Jacobus  Van 
10    hr.   1  ^^"^  ^^"^  Buskirk  of  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  May 

10,  bp  June  17,  1792;  m  Dec.  31.   1815,  at  Salem,    x\.    Y 

236  Van  Deursen  Family 

Abigal  Secor,  dau  of  Daniel  Secor  of  Berne,  who  d  in  1795. 
Robbert  d  prior  to  June,  1S50.     (Censns.) 

Res:     Berne,  Albany  Co.,  N.  Y. 


Susan  Maria,  b  Nov.  9,  1816. 
i       Daniel  Secor,  b  Nov.  4,  1819;  d  y. 
ii      Abram,  b  1S23. 
V      John,  b  1824. 
V       Margaret,  b  1826. 
vi      Abigail,  b  183 1. 
vii     Robert,  b  1849. 

344  LAWRENCE  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (184)  Jacobus 
Van  Deusen  and  Susan  Van  Buskirk  of  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b 
Mar.  22,  1796;  bp  at  New  Salem,  N.  Y.;  m  Feb.  24,  1S20. 
Susanna  H.  Hungerford.  He  v\-as  Clerk  of  Albany  County 
from  1846  to  1S49;  his  net  income  for  the  year  1849  being 
$5,517  (Annals  of  Albany,  Vol.  i,  p  366).  He  res  at  New 
Scotland,  Albany  Co.,  and  d  Oct.  4,  1S52. 


i        Jame"s  Henry,  b  Sept.,  1822 ;  m  Magdalene   ; 

had  dau  Susan,  b  in  1S4S. 

624  ii       Stephen,  b  Oct.  7,  1824;  m  May  12,  1847,  Delilah 

iii     Sarah,  b  June  23,  1826;  m  John  Dyer. 

625  iv      Susannah,  b  Feb.  9,  1828;  m  Mar.,  1849,  Frederick 


V       Lawrence,  b  a  1831 ;  m  Lydia 

vi      Maria,  b  a  1834;  m  John  Hendrickson,  who  d  a  1856. 

345  CORNELIUS  J.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (184)  Jacobus 
Van  Deusen  and  Susan  Van  Buskirk  of  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b 
Dec.  30,  179S;  m  Feb.  3,  1819.  Lucretia  or  Christiana  Se- 
cor, dau  of  Daniel  Secor  of  Berne,  N.  Y. 

Res:     New  Salem,  Albany  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  bp  at  New  Salem. 

i        Susanna,  b  Dec.  24,  1819. 

ii  ,    Margaret,  b  Jan.  13,  1821. 

iii      Mary,  b  Apr.  17,  1823. 

626  iv      Benjamin,  b  Aug.   2,  bp  Oct.   9,   1824;  m   (ist)  in 

1847,  Elizabeth  Devoe;m  (2d)  Sept.  i,  1862,  Lucy 

346  ABRAHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (184)  Jacobus 
Van  Deusen  and  Susan  Van  Buskirk  of  Berne,  Albany  Co., 

Seventh  Generatiox  237 

X.  Y.;  b  there  Feb.  7.  1799  or  1800;  d  July  25,  1S68;  m  Jan. 
6,  1S22,  Elizabeth  Persell,  who  d  Nov.  14,  1S44. 
Res:     Berne,  Albany  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc;     Fanner. 
627  i        John  E.,  b  Jan.  2S,  1823;  m  Mar.  15,  1845,  Margaret 
ii       James,  b  Sept.  26,  1827;  unm. 
iii      Susan  Maria,  b  Nov.  12,  1S2S;  m  Andrew  Smith. 
62S  iv      Robert  A.,  b  Dec.  19,  1832;  m  July  27,  1854,  Sarah 
v       Cornelius,  b  Feb.  16,  1836;  m  Nov.  20,  1856,  Fran- 
cinthia  Towne.     Issue:     Ella,  b  Oct.  S,   1S66;  m 
Aug.  28,  1893,  Benjamin  Green. 
vi      Rachel,  b  Dec.  26.  1839;  d  unm. 
vii    William,  b  Dec.  11,  1842;  m Albright. 

347  ELISABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (187)  Arent 
Van  Deusen  and  ]\Iargaret  McCloud;  bp  at  Albany,  Dec.  12, 
1777;  m  at  Albany  Dec.  31,  1795,  Isaac  Brate  (Bratt). 

Children,  bp  at  Albany;  no  sponsers  recorded: 
i        Jane  Brate,-b  Jan.  8,  bp  Jan.  2S,  1797. 
ii       Leah  Brate,  b  Aug.  27,  1799. 
iii     Annatie  Brate,  b  May  23,  1802. 
iv     John  Brate,  b  Nov.  21,  1804,  bp  in  1805. 
v       Elizabeth  Brate,  b  June  14,  bp  July  29,  1807. 
vi     Aaron  Brate,  b  Mar.  10,  18 10. 
vii    Isaac  Brate,  b  Oct.  1,  1812  ;  d  y. 
viii  Isaac  Brate,  b  Jan.  24,  1815. 

348  SAMUEL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (188)  Wilhelmus 
Van  Deusen  and  Rachel  Pieterse  of  Albany  and  Schenectady, 
N.  Y.;  b  in  17S6;  d  Apr.  12,  1851;  m  (ist)  May  21,  1820, 
Sarah  Vosburgh;  (2d)  April  18,  183 1,  Christina  Vosburgh, 
sister  of  Sarah. 

He  served  during  the  war  of  181 2  as  a  substitute  for  Thomas 
Mason  in  Capt.  Henry  V\\  Snyder's  Comp.,  Col.  Haight's 
Regt.,  New  York  Militia,  and  on  May  22,  1855,  his  children 
made  application  for  Bounty  Land,  under  Act  of  March  3, 
1855.  His  widow,  Christina,  d  Dec.  9,  1S54. 
Res:  Albany.  N.  Y.  Oc:  Rope  Maker. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i      Simon,  b  Apr.  17,  1823 ;  d  July  10,  1898;  m ; 

res  at  Albany.     Issue:     Mary  Elizabeth,  m 

Combs;  Catherine  Scott,  m Doran. 

ii     Samuel,  b  Apr.  19,  1828  ;m  June  6,  1852,  in  Albany, 

238  Van  Deursen  Family 

N.  Y.,  by  Rev.  Jacob  Leonard,  to  Maria  Fr\-er. 
He  enlisted  as  Private  Oct.  7,  1S62,  at  Albany, 
N.  Y.,  in  Co.  B,  175th  New  York  Vol.  Inf.;  was 
promoted  to  Corporal  prior  to  June  30,  1S63;  d 
Aug.  5,  1863,  at  Convalescent  Hospital,  Baton 
Rouge,  La.  (^^id.  pension  Ctf.  16091).  Issue: 
De   Forest,   b   Apr.  5,   1853;  Edward,  b  Mar.  11, 

By  second  wife: 

629     iii   Cornelius,  b  Nov.  28,  1831;  m  Oct.  28,  1858,  Mary 
Elizabeth  Buckman. 

629a  iv  George  Edward,  b  June  7,  1837;  m  Jan.  13,  1S61, 
Sarah  !\Io3her. 
V  John  D.,  b  Dec,  1S41;  d  July  26,  1898;  m  Sept.  3, 
1S6S,  in  Albanv,  N.  Y.,  by  Rev.  J.  C.  Fenton,  to 
Anna  E.  Campbell;  res  at  Phoenix,  N.  Y.;^no 
children.  He  served  in  Company  A.,  25th  New 
York  State  Militia,  Mav  to  Aug.,  1861,  and  from 
May  to  Sept.,  1S62,  (Pen.  Ctf.  810,329;  Wid. 

348a  STEWARD  DEAN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (iSS) 
Wilhelmus  Van  Deusen  and  Rachel  Pieterse  of  Albany  and 
Schenectady,  N.  Y.;  b  at  Schenectady  a  1790;  m  Eliz.^beth 
Ertzberger.  He  had  evidently  died  prior  to  the  Census 
of  1850,  which  gives,  as  residents  of  the  Seventh  Ward  of  Al- 
bany, "Elizabeth  Vandusen,  age  53;  Steward  Vandusen,  age 
24,  inarried;  Jacob  Vandusen,  age  29,  married ;_ Allis  Van- 
dusen, age  12,  James  Erdsburger,  age  56,  married."  The 
latter  was  probably  a  brother  of  Elizabeth.  This  record  is 
confirmed  bv  Hving  descendants  (1909)  who  furnish  the 
names  of  other  children,  who  either  were  not  living  with  their 
mother  at  that  tim.e,  or  had  died  prior  to  that  date. 

i        Ehzabeth;  m    Johnson;  res  Rensselaer,    .N. 

Y.;  had  died  prior  to  1909. 
ii       Steward,  b  a  1826;  m  prior  to  1850  (Census).  _ 
iii      Rachel,  b  a  1827;  m  George  Sickles;  was  living  m 
1909  at  Amsterdam,  N.  Y.,  at  the  age  of  eighty- 
two  vears. 
629b  iv      Jacob  bean,  b  in   1831    (family  records  give  this 
date,  the  Census  record  of  his  age  m  1850  would 
place  it  as   1821);  m  a   1866,   Mrs.  JuHa  Maria 
Van  Zant. 
V       Mar}^ 

Seventh  Generation  239 

vi     Jane. 

vii    Alice,  b  a  1838;  m    Mcintosh;  both  living 

in  1909;  have  several  ch. 

348b     CORNELIUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (188)  Wilhel- 

mus  Van  Deusen  and  Rachel  Pieterse;  b  a  1792;  m  (ist)  wife 

not  known;  (2d)  Margaret  Biddle. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

i  Winiam;m  Lydia  Adsit.  Issue:  Cornelius,  married  and 
had  several  children,  who  live  at  Troy,  N.  Y. ;  d  prior 
to  1909;  Audis,  m  Dennis  Cumrnings;  living  in  1909  at 
Troy,  N.  Y. 

ii  Thomas,  ' '  Willard  Griggs,  the  general  guardian  of  Thomas 
Van  Deusen,  a  minor,  next  of  heir  to  Cornelius  Van 
Deusen,  late  of  the  city  and  County  of  Albany,  de- 
ceased,"  dated  Apr.  15,  1S41;  he  went  to  CaHfornia 
about  1 84 1. 

iii     John;  went  to  Mexico;  no  further  record. 

349  JOHN  GLOUDE  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (192) 
Gloude  Van  Deusen  and  Angelica  Van  Slycke  of  Palatine, 
Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.,  b  Feb.  24,  bp  at  Kinderhook,  N.  Y., 
April  I,  1792;  m  July  6,  1817,  Electa  Marks,  v/ho  d  Sept. 
17,  1849.  He  d  Sept.  9,  1838;  will  dated  Sept.  7,  and  pro- 
bated Dec.  II,  1838. 

Res:     Palatine,  N.  Y. 
Children,  from  family  records: 

i        Cornelius  G.,  b  Oct.  11,  1818;  unmarried;  according 
to  Census  of  1850  his  mother  and  brother,  Charles 
D.,  were  living  with  him  at  Palatine,  N.  Y. 
ii       Elizabeth  Angelica,  b  Sept.  25,  1819;  m  Christopher 
Dean  Walkup. 

630  iii     James  De  Witt,  b  Jan.  29,  1822;  m  Feb.  22,  1044, 

Angeline  Ehle. 

631  iv      Sarah   Hellen,  b  June   27,   1824;  m  Dec.   29,   1856, 

Charles  D.  Smith  of  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
V       William  Henry,  b  Jan.  24,  1827 ;  d  an  infant. 
vi      John  Frederick  Tull,  b  July  5,  1829;  unm;  res  San 

Francisco,  Cal. 
63iavii     Peter  Benoni,    b   June  30,   1832;  m   Marv    Eleanor 

(Dodd)  Babbett. 
viii    Charles  Deloss,  b  Apr.  13,  1835;  unm. 
ix      Harriet  Electa,  b  Oct.  20,  1S37  ;  d  an  infant. 

350  HELENA  VAN  DEUSEN,  only  dau  of  (192)  Gloude 

240  Vax  Deursen'  Family 

Van  Deusen  and  Angelica  Van  Slycke  of  Palatine,  Mont- 
gomery Co.,  N.  Y.:  b  at  Kinderhook.  N.  Y.,  May  7,  bp  there- 
June  I,  1794;  d  Jan.  10,  1S75;  m  October  16,'  1810,  Joh.\ 
Frederick  Walrath. 

Res:     Minden,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Gloude  Walrath,  b  a  18 13. 

ii       Catherine  Walrath,  ba  iSi6;ma  1S35,   Hudson. 

iii      A  daughter,  b  a  1820;  d  unmarried. 

iv     John  Walrath,  b  in  1824;  m  a  1S45,  Maria  Ehle. 

351  PETER  G.  VAN  DEUSEX,  son  of  (192)  Gloude  Van 
Deusen  and  Angelica  Van  Slycke  of  Palatine,  Montgomery- 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  July  2,  bp  at  Fonda,  July  27,  1799;  d  at  Root, 
N.  Y.,  Mar.  14,  1838;  m  at  Fonda  Aug.  16,  1820,  Gertrude 
Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (155)  Harpert  Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca 

Res:     Johnstown,  Fulton  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        Angelica,  m Kittle,  and  had  dau,  Rebecca  Kittle, 

who  d  before  1847. 
ii       Rebecca,  d  unm  Jan.  2,  184S;  she  left  will. 
iii      Rachel,  d  intestate,  without  issue, 
iv      Margaret,  d  unm  Aug.  6,  1S51 ;  she  left  a  will. 
V       Hubbard  P.,  b  in  1825;  m  Caroline    ;  b  in  1S30; 

res   1850   Mohawk,   Montgomery  Co.,   N.   Y. ;  farmer. 

Issue:     Susan,  b  1862  ;  m  Christance ;  res  Fonda, 

N.  Y.;  Hubbard,  b  1863  ;d  Apr.  10,  1891. 

352  CORNELIUS  W.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (192) 
Gloude  Van  Deusen  and  Angelica  Van  Slycke;  b  Jan.  8,  1806, 
at  Palatine,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  m  Jan.  8.  1829,  to  Elizabeth 
Cornue.  He  removed  to  Spotswood,  N.  J.,  in  1S48,  where 
he  died  Jan.  3,  1863. 

Res:     i860.  North  Brunswick,  Middlesex  Co.,  N.  J. 
Children,  1,  8,  9  and  10  bp  at  Stone  Arabia,  N.  Y.,  (Re- 
formed Dutch  Church  records) : 

632  i        Helen,  b  Nov.  19,  1S29;  m  Nov.  19,  1851,  Alpheus 


633  ii       James  M.,  b  Mar.  22,  1831 ;  m  May  10,  i860,  Lucretia 

E.  Crozier. 
iii      John  Cornue,  b  Mar.  21,  1833;  d  at  Nashville,  Tenn.; 
m   Dec.    22,    1864,    Marv   Young.     Issue:     Eliza- 
beth, b  Sept.,  1868;  m  C.  N.  Moulton;  Charles,  h 
Feb.,  1872;  d  in  infancy;  Cornue,  b  in  1884. 

Sevexth  Gexeratiox  241 

'^      ^"lohn^H'^k-  '  ^  ^'"'T-  ^^'/^'^4;  m  Mar.  30.  1S63, 

VI      Angelica    b  May  29,  1S3S;  d  in  Chattanooga    Tenn 

issue.     Calvm  Van  Deventer,  b  1S67 '  d  at  a^e  of 
14  years.  ^ 

vii     Elizabeth,  b  Apr.  22,  1S39;  m  Apr.  15.  1S74,  John  C 
Howe,  widower,  b  Jan.    15,    1817     d  D-c      loo.- 
res  Mansfield,  Pa.     Issue:     Van  V.  How^b  X?;' 
___        9.  1^75;  m  June,  1901.  Lena  Smith 
viii   Benjamin  Westfal.b  Feb.  2.  1S41.     He  left  home  in 
^       •        r^  J>lay    185S,  and  has  never  been  heard  from  since 
''  "  Green""""'  ""  ^''-  '''  ^'^^  "^  '  ^8^5.  Hannah 

636  X       De  Witt;  b  Mav  12.  bp  Sept.  19.  1S47;  m  May,  1S72, 
Margaret  J.  Hall.  -         '    ' 

xi     A  son,  twin  of  De  Witt,  b  May  12.  1S47  •  d  in  infancv 
xn     Charles  T     b  at  Spotswood,  k.  J..  d'cV.  x"      49    n^ 
I;eb^^i6,    1882,   Willmira  Trask;  res   Tottem'ill^ 
^.    \.;   Insurance   Inspector.     Issue:     Sarah    E 
b  Jan.  iS,  1SS3. 

353     JOHN    (Johannes)    VAN    DEUSEN,    son    of    (193) 
Cornells  Van  Deusen  and  Rachel  Eltinge;  b  Jan.   15,  bp  at 
Clayerack,  Feb.  21,  1779;  d  at  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  Sept    14    iL-q 
m  (ist)  at  Clayerack,  Dec.  7.  1800,  Laxa  Fonda^  b  Jul       7 ' 
1782;  d  Jan.  II,  1813;  (2d)  Mar.  3,  1814,  Axxa  Mari^  Elt^ 

Tst    Tohf-'  '^'  P'rV^^'^^-  '''  ^^^^^^3d)  June  i  "1817, 
at  St.  John  s  Ref.  Church,  Lpper  Red  Hook,  bv  Rev   A    N 

d  Feb'  I    ise-""'^  WiTBECK  of  Red  Hook;  b  Noy.  29,  1790"; 

He  was,  in  1S04,  Junior  Cornet  in  Walter  T.  Livingston's 

SqS^Cay  ''  '^^  ^^"''^  '''  ^'^"'  '''''  ^^P^^^^    ^^^^^ 

Res:     Greenport,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Banker. 
Childrex,  bp  at  Clayerack  and  Livingston;  by  first  wife: 
037  1        Catalma,   b   Nov.   30,    1801;  m  Oct.    24,    1827     Dr 
Horatio  Dewey, 
ii       Rachel,  b  Nov. '2.  bp  at  Clav.    Dec.    iS.   1803-  m 
Sept.     II      1S22,    Lewis    Benton.     Issue:     Lewis 
Benton;  John  Benton;  William  Benton 

242  Van  Deursex  Family 

iii     Jane  Maria,  b  Oct.   17,   1S05;  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  5. 
1806;  d  Sept.  28,  1815. 
63S  iv      Eveline,  b  Jan.  4,  bp  at  Clav.,  Apr.  iS,  iSii,  as  Ab- 
balina;   m   June    9,    1S30,    Henry   Alexander   Du 

V  Lana,  b  Dec.  30,  1S12;  bp  at  Clav.,  Jan.  21,  1S13; 

m  Sept.   7,   1 83 1,  Almet  Reed  of  Coxsackie.     Is- 
sue:    Helen  Reed. 
By  second  wife: 

639  vi      Peter,  b  Sept.  21,  bp  at  Liv.,  Oct.  6,  1816;  m  June 

5,  I  S3  8,  Susan  Livingston. 
By  third  wife: 

vii    Marv  Cornelia,  b  Aug.  4,  iSiS,  bp  at  Liv.,  Oct.  4, 
iS'iS;  d  May  14,  1S21. 

640  viii   John,  b  Mar.  5,  bp  at  Liv.,  Apr.   16,  1820;  m  (ist) 

Aug.    31,    1842,    Madaline    Mary    Burroughs;  (2d) 
Nov.  2,  1S46,  Harriet  S.  Duxbury. 
ix      Harman,  b  Aug.   10,  bp  at  Liv.,  Sept.  26,  1824;  d 
Sept.  20,  1827. 

354  JAMES  VAX  DEUSEN,  son  of  (193)  Cornelis  Van 
Deusen  and  Rachel  Eltinge  of  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  at  Clave- 
rack  or  Livingston,  Dec.  24,  17S2,  bp  at  Clav.  Jan.  26,  17S3; 
m  at  Claverack  Nov.  8,   1807,  Maritje  De  La  Matter;  b 


Res:     Catskill,  Greene  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        Eliza  Christiana,  b  Oct.  3,  bp  at  Clav.  Dec.  23,  iSio. 
ii       Ann.  b  Apr.  11,  bp  at  Clav.  Julv  5,  1S12;  d  umn  in 

iii      Maria,  b  May  24,  1814,  bp  at  Clav.  Feb.  12,  1S15; 

m  (ist)  Hiram  Smith;  (2d)  Dr.  Newkirk. 
iv      Rachel,  b  1816;  m  John  Mars;  res  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

V  Louisa,  b  1818;  m  Rev Lyle. 

641  vi      Cornelius,  b  June  28,   1S18;  m  (ist)  in  1846,  Maria 

Boughton;  (2d)  Mrs Bristol. 

642  vii     Stanton,  b  Apr.  10,  1S21;  m  Sept.  26,  1S55,  Mary  G. 

viii   Claudius,  b  in  1S24;  d  unm  1907;  res  Leeds,  Greere 
Co.,  N.  Y. ;  physician. 

355  WILLL\M  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (195)  John  J 
Van  Deusen  and  Grietje  Hallenbeck ;  b  May  1 2,  bp  at  Claverack 
June  19,  1785;  d  Mar.  21,  1863;  bur  at  Clav. ;  m  Dec.  22,  1S05, 
Annatjex  (Anna)  Elmexdorf;  b  Dec.  24,  17S6;  d  T^fay  3°- 

Seventh  Generation  243 

1857;  bur  at  Clav.;  dau  of  John  Elmendorf,  who  d  Sept.  8, 
1 84 1,  aged  eighty-five 

Res:     1S50,  Grcenport,     Oc:     Farmer  (Census). 
643  i        Harriet,  b  Oct.  24,  bp  at  Claverack  Dec.  2,  1S18;  sps 
parents;  m  Jan.  12,  1S37,  Phihp  P.  Groat, 
ii       John  W.,  b  Mav  8,  bp  June  29,  1822;  d  Julv,  1903; 
m  Mar.  18,  1S48,  by  Rev.  J.  Ham,  Jane  A.  Bush, 
b  Oct.  12,  1S23;  dau  of  Abraham  Bush  and  Mary 
Nichols;  res  Humphreyville,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  Is- 
sue:    Anna  Maria,  b  Apr.  3,  bp  at  Clav.  Dec.  28, 
1852;  d  Mar.  23,  i860;  Elnora,  b  Nov.  28,  bp  at 
Clav.    Dec.    2S,    1855;    d    July    i,    1864;   Adelaid 
Augusta,  b  Dec.  27,  1S60,  bp  at  Clav.  Aug.  5,  1861 ; 
d  May  5,  1S66. 
iii      Jane,  b  in  1824. 
iv      Cornelia,  b  in  1S38. 

356  CATHARINE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (195)  John  J. 
Van  Deusen  and  Grietje  EIallenbeck;b  Mar.  4  or  14,  bp  at  Clav. 
Apr.  15,  i79STm  there  Apr.  16,  1818,  John  Gardner.  He 
served  in  the  9th,  Albany  County  Regt.,  Rev.  \Var. 

Children,  bp  at  Livingston: 
i        EHzabeth  Gardner,   b  Sept.    26,  bp   Oct.    17,    1S19;  sps 

ii       John  Van  Deusen  Gardner,  b  Sept.  3c,  bp  Aug.  18,  1820, 

sps  parents, 
iii      Nelson  Gardner,  b  Apr.  22,  bp  May  20,  1826;  sps  parents. 

357  ELIZABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (196)  Jacobus 
Van  Deusen  and  Critje  (Margaret)  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (loi) 
James  Van  Deusen;  b  June  26,  bp  at  Claverack,  July  31,  1791 ; 
m  a  181 2,  Isaac  Van  Slyck. 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook: 
i        Peter  Van  Slyck,  b  Jan.  4,  bp  Feb.  5,  181 7. 
ii       Margaret  Van  Slyck,  b  Nov.  9,  1821,  bp  Jan.  2,  1822. 
iii      Sophronia  Van  Slyck,  b  Apr.  16,  bp  May  25,  1824. 
iv     John  Van  Slyck,  b  Nov.  9,  1826;  bp  Apr.  19,  1827. 
v       Hannah  Maria  Van  Slvck,  b  Dec.  31,  1828;  bp  Feb.  19, 

357a  JOHN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (196)  Jacobus  Van 
Deusen  and  Gritje  (Margaret)  Van  Deusen;  b  in  18 10;  m  at 

Roxbury,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  15,  1843,  Caroline  Julia ;  b  in 

New  York  in  181 3. 

244  Van  Deursen  Family 

Res:     1850,  Stamford,  Delaware  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Mary;  d  y. 

ii  Henry,  b  1S44  ;  d  ^lar.  23,  1S65  ;  served  in  144th  New  York- 
Vol.  Inf.,  enlisted  at  Stamford  Aug.  31,  1864;  no 
further  record. 

iii  Smith  L.,  b  1S46;  d  of  his  wounds  at  Emory  Hospital, 
Washington,  D.  C,  June  6,  1864;  enlisted  Sept.  26, 
1862,  at  New  Lisbon,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  Co.  H,  i42d 
New  York  Vol.  Inf.;  wounded  in  action  May  12,  1S64, 
at  Salient,  Va.  Mother  was  a  pensioner  on  his  ac- 
count (Ctf.  170,225). 

iv      Margaret  B.,  b  1S47  ;  m Carman;  res  Sullivan  Co., 

N.  Y. 

V       Robert,  b  1852. 

vi      Roman,  b  1854. 

vii     Ann,  b  1857. 

viii   Lucinda  N.,  b  i860. 

358  MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (197)  Mattheus  Van 
Deusen  and  Madetene  Bechtel;  b  July  7,  bp  at  Claverack  Aug. 
10,  1794;  m  Dec.  15,  1S13,  Cornelius  Elmendorf,  b  Apr. 
13,  1789 ;  d  April  17,  1872. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack;  no  sponsors: 
i        Mattheus  Elmendorf,  b  Dec.  5,  1814;  bp  Jan.  12,  1S15; 

m  at  Claverack,  Elizabeth  Van  Rensselaer  Allen. 
ii       John  Elmendorf,  b  Sept.  6,  bp  Nov.  9,  1828;  m  Nov.  12, 

1851,  Elizabeth  Fonda,  b  June  6,  1831,  dau  of  John  C. 

Fonda  and  Gertrude  McGuinncss. 
iii      Cornelia  Maria  Elmendorf,  b  Aug.  5,  bp  Sept.  19,  1831; 

m  Dec.  2,  1852,  (758)  Martin  Van  Deusen. 

359  TOBIAS  R.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (199)  Robert.  T. 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Decker;  b  June  i,  bp  at  Clav.  July 
16,  1786;  d  in  1857  ;m  at  Clav.  Sept.  18,  1813,  Sally  (Sartje) 
Van  Deusen,  b  Nov.  21,  1792;  dau  of  (195)  John  J.  Van 
Deusen  and  Fitje  Hallenbeck.     She  d  in  1878  at  Cohoes,  N.  Y. 

Res:  In  1829  and  1850,  Clifton  Park,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 

i  Sophia  Maria,  b  May  24,  bp  July  23,  1815;  sps 

ii       William,  b  Mar.  24,  bp  May  4,  1817;  sps  parents. 

iii     Jane,  b  a  1819. 

iv     John,  b  a  182 1. 

Seventh  Generation  245 

644  V       Matthew,  b  June  24,  1S24;  m  July  3,  1849,  Hettey 

Maria  Traver;  (2d?)  Frances  M 

vi      Abe. 

360  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (199)  Robert  T.  Van 
Deusen  and  Christina  Decker;  b  Nov.  5,  bp  Dec.  7,  178S;  at 
Copake,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  m  (ist)  a  1807,  Christina 
;  (2d)  in  1 81 9,  Margaret  Jones. 

Res:     Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        William,  b  a  1S08;  m  Catharine  E Issue: 

Augustus  N.,  b  in  1846;  Lewis,  b  Mar.  26,  184S;  d 
July  7,  1849. 
ii       Harriet,  b  a  18 10. 

645  iii      Robert  Tobias,  b  July  9,   1812;  m  Nov.   11,   1833, 

Sarah  Wardwell  Van  Doom, 
iv      Sarah,  b  a  1S14. 

646  v       Annis,  b  Mar.  14,  1816;  m  in  1835,  Stephen  Dedrick. 
By  second  wife: 

647  vi      Helen,  b  Nov.  16,  i8i9;m  Sept.  10,  1837,  Ferdinand 

Gettet,  Jr. 

vii    John  J.,baiS2i;m  Hannah  Andrews. 

viii   Christina,  b  in  1823;  d  Mar.  6,  182S. 

ix  Catharine,  b  Mar.  23,  1825;  d  Mar.  26,  1828,  bur  in 
Vischer  Ferry  Cemeter}%  Clifton  Park,  Saratoga 
Co.   N.  Y. 

X       Cornelia,  b  1828;  m  Hampton  Chamberlam. 

xi     Jacob,  b  May  13,  1830;  d  Jan.  4,  1859. 

xii  Benjamin,  b  at  Amityville,  N.  Y.,  May  6,  1832:  m 
Sept.  25,  1856,  Desdamona  E.  Wilkes;  res  Troy, 
N.  Y.;  oc  printer.  Issue:  Jesse  W.,  b  July  22, 
i860;  d  Aug.  4,  1873;  Frank  Herbert,  b  Feb.  3, 
1866;  m  May  6,  1902,  Kathryn  T.  Swatling;  res 
Troy.  N.  Y.  ' 

361  LAURANCE  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (199)  Robert 
T.  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Decker;  b  June  8,  bp  at  Clav- 
erack,  June  25,  1797;  m  a  1820,  Maria  Fort.  Both  died 
within  five  davs  of  each  other  in  1878. 

Res:     1850,'  Clifton   Park,   Saratoga   Co.,   N.   Y. ;  later  in 
Vischer  Ferry  and  Hudson,  N.  Y. 

i        Christina,  b  a  1823 ;  d  Mar.  6,  1828. 

ii       Catharine,  b  a  Aug.,  1824;  d  Nov.  23,  1826. 

246  Van  Deursen  Family 

iii     Catharine,  b  in  1831. 

648  iv     Jacob,  b  Mar.  4,  1840;  ni  Dec.  30,  1864,  Lydia'^Ann 


V  John,  b  Sept.  7,  1S41;  served  in  Co.  D,  i6ist  Xe-.v 

York  Vol.  Inf.,  Aug.   22,   1862,  to  Aug.  29,  1S63; 
discharged  for  disability;  no  further  record. 

362  JOHN  BINGHAM  VAN  DEUSEN.  son  of  (igg) 
Robert  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Decker  of  Claverack. 
Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. ,  b  at  Kinderhook,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  2,  bp  Nov. 
3,  1803;  d  June  I.  1883;  m  May  14,  1S25,  Sarah  Ann  De 
Markwith  who  d  Oct.  21,  1882. 

Res:     Clifton  Park,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Fanner. 

i        Abraham,  b  1831 ;  m  EHzabeth  Steenburg;  d  without 

ii       William  T.,  b   1832;  m  Ella  Hicks.     He  served  in 
Co.  H,  7th  N.  Y    Hy.  Art.,  or  113th  N.  Y.  Inf.. 
Aug.  12,  1862,  to  June  16,  1S65. 

649  iii      Harriet  B.,  b  Feb.  4,  1836;  m  Feb.  10    1854,  Nathan 


650  iv  ■  Jacob  Sisco,  b  Feb.  3,  1837;  m  July  3,  1859,  Ada  A. 


V  Cornelia,  b  1S39 ;  m  Thomas  Holland;  res  Cohoes,  N. 


651  vi     John,  b  Sept.  10,  1841;  m  Dec.  26,  1861,  Emma  L. 


652  vii     Cornelius,  b  Feb.   26,  1844;  m  (ist)  Oct.   10,   1S65, 

Gabriella  R.  Smith;  (2d)  July  27,   1907,  Mildred 
V.  Nash. 
viii   Mary  E.,  b  1850;  m  George  Steenburg. 

363  CLAUDIUS  C.  VxVN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (200)  Cornells 
Van  Deusen  and  Linje  (Lina)  De  La  Matre;  b  June  4,  bp  at 
Claverack,  Julv  11,  1802;  d  Jan.  4.  1S65;  m  there  Oct.  9,  1S33- 
Lydia  Ann-  McClean,  who  d  June  19,  1881,  aged  64  years; 
both  bur  at  Claverack. 

Res:     Maiden,  Colum.bia  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
i        Julia  Angeline,  b  Oct.  29,  bp  at  Claverack  Nov.  29,  1S34; 

m  1850,  Edward  Firk. 
ii  ^T  Martha,  b  1836  ;  m  Matthew  B.  Tice. 
iii  '"William  Jurial,  b  Aug.  21,  1838;  bp  at  Claverack  Sept. 

I.  1839;  m  Mary  Whitney. 
iv      Corneha,  b  1S40;  m  John  Fairchild. 

Seventh  Gexer^xtiox  247 

V  Henr\'  C,  b  Mar.  S,  1S43;  m  Dec.  14,  1S79,  Phebe  Ann 
Mott.  He  was  enrolled  in  Co.  K.  14th  Nevr  York  Vol. 
Inf.,  Sept.  14,  1S61,  and  discharged  }.Iay  23,  1S63;  re- 
enlisted  Jan.  20,  1864,  in  Co.  G,  159th  Xev;  York  Vol. 
Inf.;  discharged  Oct.  12,  1865  (Pen.  Ctf.  770,679). 
Res  Lynbrook,  L.  I.,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Emma  iMae,  b 
June  22,  iSSi;m  Feb.  11,  1900,  John  C.  Udall. 

vi  Cornelius  C,  b  Sept.,  1S45;  1^1  Emma  Watts;  res  Rock- 
ville  Center,  L.  I.,  X.  Y.' 

vii    Lydia,  b  1S4S;  d  y. 

viii   Edward,  b  1S53 ;  m  Mary 

ix      Carrie,  b  1856;  m  David  Johnson. 

364  CORNELIUS  C.  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (200)  Cor- 
nells Van  Deusen  and  Linje  De  La  Matre;  b  Feb.  6,  bp  Apr. 
18,  1808;  d  Feb.  22,  1S96;  m  Sept.  18,  1830,  Christinje  R. 
Va>:  Deusex,  b  Mar.  23.  1802;  d  a  1872;  dau  of  (222)  Robert 
T.  Van  Deusen  and  Catlinje  Spoor. 

Res:     Claverack.     Oc:     Blacksmith    (Census    1850). 
Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 

i        Sylvester,  b  Jan.  18,  1S31 ;  d  Mar.  25,  1834. 

653  ii       Lewis  Edwin,  b  Dec.  5,  1833;  m  (ist)  Jan.  2,  1855, 

Catharine  Wells;  (2d)   Dec.   15,   18S0,  Martha  E. 


iii      Catalina   Maria,  b  Jan.   29,   183S;  m  Joel  Parsons; 

res  New  York  City.     Issue:     Dr.  Milton  Parsons. 

365  JAMES  JEREMIAH  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (200) 
Cornells  Van  Deusen  and  Linje  De  La  Matre;  bp  Oct.  16, 
iSio;  d  May  6,  1886;  m  (ist)  Oct.  20,  1832,  Maria  Mor- 
gantroid;  b  Jan.  12,  1815;  d  June  i,  1844;  (2d)  Oct.  17,  1848, 
Ann  E.  Chapman,  who  d  Mav  31,  1893. 

Res:  Claverack,  X.  Y.,  and  Pittsfield,  Mass.  Oc:  Wheel- 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        Jacob  S.  M'iller,  b  Xov.  i,  1833,  twin,  d  May  28,  1840. 
ii       Charles  Edward,  twin,  b  Xov.  i,  1833;  bp  at  Claverack 

Jan.  7,  1834;  d  Mar.  23,  1S34. 
iii^    William  Edvrard,  b  June  24,  1S38;  d  Apr.  4,  1S40. 

By  second  wife: 
iv  Helen  Louisa,  b  at  Pittsfield,  Mass.,  Xov.  12,  1849;  m 
Oct.  17,  1870,  Henrv'  A.  Blunt;  res  Chatham,  Col.  Co., 
N.  Y,  Issue:  Henry  Blunt,  b  Mar.  14,  1877; 
d  Dec.  15,  18S0;  Arthur  Henry  Blunt,  b  June  20,  1S80; 
m  Oct.  19,  1904,  Etta  Best  Sil'vemail. 

24S  Van  Deursen  Family 

V  Elfleda,  d  y. 
vi      Florence,  d  y. 
vii     Lovina,  d  y. 

viii    Frederick  James,  d  y. 

366  CATHERINA  (Katrena)  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (201) 
Conrad  Van  Dusen  and  his  nrst  wife,  Hannah  Coon  of  Marys- 
burgh,  Prince  Edward  Co..  Ont. ;  b  July  28,  bp  at  Claverack. 
N.  v.,  Aug.  24,  1774;  d  Dec.  31,  1S41;  m  in  Adolphustown, 
Canada,  Feb.  2,  1792.  David  Brown  of  Adolphustown,  where 
they  made  their  home.     ]Mr.  Brown  was  a  fanner. 

i        Robert  Brown,  b  Oct.  iS,  1792;  d  Aug.  14,  1S13. 
ii       John  Brown,  b  ^^lar.  30,   1794;  d  Dec.  9,   1823;  prob  m 

Feb.  6,  1822,  ]\Iary  Nicholson  of  Thurlow.  Canada, 
iii      WiUiam  Brown,  b  Nov.  30,  1795;  m  Annie  Williams. 
iv      Henry  Brown,  b  Feb.  22.  179S;  m  Sarah  Steele. 

V  Nehemiah  Brown,  b  Dec.  22,  1799. 

vi      Hannah  Brov.-n,  b  Dec.  17,  1801 ;  m  Philip' Shorts. 

vii    Amy  Brown,  b  Feb.  2,  1S04;  d  Jan.  20,  1S43. 

viii   Charles  Brown,  b  Aug.  30,  1806. 

ix     James  W.  Brown,  b  Sept.  17,  180S;  d  Dec.  23,  1890;  m 

Hannah  Dingman. 
X       Susannah  Brov/n.  b  June  14,  1810;  m  Henry  Hover, 
xi      Mary  Brown,  b  Aug.  13,  iSi2;d  July  20,  1863;  m  Feb.  12, 

1835,  William  Murdock. 
xii     David  Brown,  b  Feb.  21,  1815  ;  d  May  21,  1S50;  m  Martha 


367  HENRY  COON  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Conrad 
Van  Dusen  and  Hannah  Coon  of  Adolphustown  and  I^Iarys- 
burg,  Ont.;  b  at  Adolphustown  Jan.  16,  17S6;  d  July  28, 
i«7i;m  Jan.  27,  1807,  bv  Rev.  Robert  McDowall,  to  Mary 
Huff;  b  Feb.  i-.,  1791 ;  d'june  23,  1870;  dau  of  Solomon  Huff 
(b  1 751,  d  1828^)  and  Eva  Swade  (b  1757)  of  Adolphustown. 
Solomon  Huff  is  said  to  have  been  a  brother  of  Paul  Huff,  and 
to  have  served  in  the  armv  during  the  Revolutionary  ^'^ar 
(Pioneer  Life  on  the  Bay  of  Ouinte),  but  the  records  of  such 
service  have  not  been  found,  nor  did  he  file  a  claim,  as  did 
Paul,  for  propertv  abandoned. 

In  the  church  registers  of  the  Rev.  Robert  McDowall  there 
appears  the  record"  of  the  marriage  of  a  Henry  Vandusen  to 
Hannah  Hartman  of  Emesttown,  but  who  this  Henry  was 
has  not  been  found.  From  the  dates  it  was  at  first  supposes! 
to  be  the  second  marriage  of  Henry  Coon  Van  Dusen,  but  his 

Seventh  Gen-eration  249 

grandchildren  still  living,  are  assured  that  he  was  married 
only  once,  to  Mary  Huff.  He  was  a  man  of  wealth  and  social 
Du^en''^'^''^'  ''"^^    everywhere    known    as    "Judge   Van 

famer     '^^^'"-'^'^''"S'    ^"^-     ^^^     Justice    of   the    Peace   and 

654  i        David  Brown,  b  Xov.  i,  1S07;  m  Sept.  2:;,  i8;o   Per- 

milla  Zwick.  ""  ' 

655  ii       Jacob  Henry   b  Apr.  27,  iSr8:m  (ist)  Feb.  2^.  1S41, 

Cathenne    McGuire;    (2d)    Mar.    3,    1SS5,    Maggie 
Preston.  °* 

656  iii      Mary  Hannah,  b  May  2S,  1S22;  m  Aug.  4.  1S44,  Gil- 

bert Dorland  Lazier. 

36S  SUSANNAH  VAN  DUSEN.  dau  of  (201)  Conrad 
\an  Dusen  and  Hannah  Coon  of  Adolphustown  and  Marvs- 
burg,  Pnnce  Ldward  Co.,  Ont.;  b  April  2,  bp  at  Adolphus- 
town July  14,  17S9;  d  April  29.  1873;  m  Jan.  27,  1811,  Johx 
DiNGMAx  of  Marysburg.  who  d  May,  1S69. 

Res:     Marysburg.     Oc:     Farmer. 


i        Henry  Dingman,  b  Mav  9,  i8i2;dMar.  17,  iS6i;mMar 

15.  I  S3 8,  Lucy  Tavlor. 
v..      Joh"  Dingman,  b  Mar.  2,  1815 ;  d  Feb.  23,  1S66 
m      Hannah  Dingman,  b   Feb.   20,   1817;  m  Mar    12     18^7 

UiUiam  H.  Pluyck.  who  d  Dec.  11,  18S4. 

IV  Conrad  Dingman,  b  Mav  13,  1819;  d  Oct     1S33 

V  Jasper   Dingman,   b   Mar.    21,    1S21;  m   Mar.    17     1847 

Mariah  Post, 
vi     Mary  Dingman,  b  Mar.  14,  1S23 ;  m  Sept.  26,  1849,  Adam 

K.  JJoxee. 
vii    Sarah  Ann  Dingman,  b  Mar.  20,  1S26;  m  Feb    4    i8ci 

James  Patterson.  '  ' 

vni  Almira  Dingman,  b  Mar.  13,  1828;  d  Mar.  29,  1S56;  m 

Mar.  5,  184S,  William  Robhn ;  no  children. 

369  PL^NNAH  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (201)  Conrad  Van 
i;'uscni  and  Milhcent  Hoover  of  Marvsburg,  Prnice  Edward 
^.,  Ont.;  b  m  Adolphustown  April  12,  1792;  d  Mav  16,  iSso: 
m  (ist)  March  19,  iSio,  John  Tobey  of  SulHvan,  Madison 
T,^''  ^^'-       1  ^^'^^  *^^  pioneer  of  that  familv  in  Canada 

immediately  after  their  marriage  they  settled  on'land  granted 
I  ^iannah  by  the  Crown,  near  what  is  now  known  as  Bon- 
gara  s  Comers.     Here  he  prospered  and  reared  his  family. 

250  Van  Deursen  Family 

He  was  by  trade  a  cooper,  which  occupation  he  followed  in 

addition  to  his  fa^min^^     He  died  Sept.  14,  182S      Hann-.i^ 

married  for  the  second  time  April  17,  183S,  her  husband'^ 

name  being  Patrick  Healy. 
Res:     Marysburg,  Ont. 
Children,  (See  Pioneer  Life  on  the  Bay  of  Quinte),  all  bv 

first  husband : 

i  Abigal  Tobey,  b  Nov.  20,  1810;  d  in  igco;  m  John  Bon- 
gard,  son  of  Conrad  Bongard  of  Philadelphia,  an,l 
widower  of Van  Vleck  and Carr. 

11  Roswell  Tobey,  b  Apr.  28,  1812;  m  Marv  Rose,  dau  of 
John  Rose  and  Rebecca  Ackerman  of  South  llarys- 
burg.  Issue :  Millicent  Tobey ;  Christiana  Tobey ;  Bar- 
bara Tobey;  Lucy  A.  Tobey;  Henry  D.  Tobev,  Hannah 
Tobey;  George  G.  Tobey;  Samuel  A.  Tobev.  After 
the  death  of  Roswell  Tobey,  Uary  (Ro5e)Tobey  married 
(2d)  John  WiUiams. 

iii      Millicent  Tobey,  b  Apr.  2,  1S14;  m  George  Gerolamv. 

iv      Conrad  Tobey,  b  Feb.  12,  1S16;  m  Barbara  Fergeson. 

V       George  Tobey,  b  Feb.  20,  1818;  m  Caroline  Dingman. 

vi_    John  Tob6y,  b  Dec,  1819;  d  unmarried. 

vii     Delia  Ann  Tobey,  b  Jan.  9,  1822 ;  m  Michael  Moeeck. 

viii  David  Tobey,  b  Jan.,  1S24;  m  Fanny  Simmons,  b  1824, 
res  Tyendinaga.  Issue:  Urial  Tobey,  m  Catherine 
V.  Schryver,  and  settled  at  Picton;  Edv/in  Tobey,  ir^ 
Louisa  Johnson,  set  at  Napanee,  Ont.;  Byron  Tobey, 
m  (ist)  Helen  Knight,  (2d)  Bertha  Burford,  set  a: 
Owen  Sound;  Amelia  Tobey,  m  F.  W.  Smith,  set  r.t 
Napanee;  Stanley  Tobey,  d  unm  aged  22;  Almon  C. 
Tobey,  m  (ist)  Mary  Helen  Haight,  (2d)  Ola  Hulburt, 
set  at  Picton;  William  Tobey,  m  Eva  Tavlor,  set  Mon- 
treal (Pioneer  Life  on  the  Bay  of  Quinte). 

ix  Lucinda  Cathrine  Tobey,  b  Dec.  i,  T826;  m  George  W. 
David,  son  of  Conrad' David  and  Mary  Cole;  settled  at 

Owen  Sound.     Issue:     Miranda  David,  m Lee: 

res  Owen  Sound. 

X  James  E.  Tobey,  b  Mar.  7,  182S;  d  May,  1901 ;  m  in  1S54, 
Eliza  Grifhs;  (2d)  a  1893,  Clarissa  Carson. 

370  RACHEL  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (201)  Conrad  Van 
Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Prince  Edward 
Co.,  Ont.;  b  in  Adolphustown,  Ont.,  Dec.  14,  1793;  d  March 
14,  1877;  1^  Dec.  10,  iSio,  William  Carson,  son  of  William 
Carson  and  Martha  Ghent.  William,  Senr.,  was  a  Sergt.  i:^ 
29th  Regt.  during  the  Rev.  War. 

Seventh  Generation  251 

Res:     North  Marysburg.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Melison  Ann  Carson,  b  Jan.  24,  1813;  d  in  1896;  m  Dr. 

Henry  B.  AVinans. 
William  Van  Carson,  b  Jan.  8,   1815;  m  May  20,  1S38, 

Eleanor  J.  McDonald. 
Daniel  Carson,  b  Dec.  30,   181 7;  m  Oct.  5,   1S39,  Eliza 

Robert  B.   Carson,  b  June   11,   1820;  m  Jan.   21,   1862, 
Margaret  Monck. 

V  George  A.  Carson,  b  Feb.  13,  1822;  m  (ist)  a  1844,  Rilla 
Vandevoort;  (2d)  Mar.  31,  1855,  Alma  Van  Dusen,  dau 
of  (373)  Conrad  Van  Dusen  and  Mary  Roblin. 

vi      Sarah  Jane  Carson,  b  Nov.  25,  1823  ;  m  John  Colliver. 

vii     Mary  Eliza  Carson,  b  Jan.  10,  1S25;  d  June  4.  1842. 

viii  Lillias  White  Carson,  b  May  17,  1S27;  d  June  6,  1847;  m 
in  1S46,  Peter  David,  son  of  Conrad  David  and  Mary 
Cole  of  North  Marysburg,  Ont.  Issue:  Lillias  David, 
m  Rev.  Dr.  W.  Shepherd,  Supt.  of.Muncey  Indian  In- 
stitute, and  had  Belva  Shepherd;  Morley  Shepherd; 
Eva  Sheplierd.  Peter  David  m  (2d)  Sarah  Clapp,  by 
v^hom  he  had  issue:  Egerton  Clapp  David,  M.  D., 
who  m  Nov.  22,  1SS2,  Anna  Maria  Carson,  grand- 
da\ighter  of  (371)  Phoebe  Van  Dusen.  They  settled 
in  U.  S.  and  finally  in  Prince  Edward  Co.,  Ont. 

ix      John  Ferguson  Carson,  b  Feb.  24,  1829;  d  June  14,  1847. 

X  Jacob  James  Carson,  b  July  31,  1832;  m  Sarah  Earn- 

xi  Charlotte  A.  Carson,  b  Aug.  i,  1835;  m  Stephen  P.  Dor- 
land,  son  of  Joseph  Dorland  and  Elizabeth  Palmer  of 
Hillier,  P.  E.  Co. 

371  PHOEBE  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (201)  Conrad  Van 
Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Ont.;  b  in  Adol- 
phustown,  Ont.,  Nov.  26,  1795;  d  Nov.  12,  1843;  m  by  Rev. 
Robert  McDowall,  June  11,  1815,  to  Tpiom.\s  C.\rson,  of 
Marysburg,  son  of  VVilliam  Carson,  the  pioneer,  and  Martha 

Res:  North  Marysburg.  Oc:  Farmer. 
i  Martha  Carson,  b  Mar.  20,  1816;  m  a  183S,  Henry  B. 
David,  son  of  Conrad  David  and  Marv  Cole.  Issue: 
Redford  David,  m  Mahala  Clapp;  Alfred  David,  M.  D., 
m  Jane  Russell,  res  Detroit;  Martha  David,  m  Thomas 
Harkness,  res  Middlesex;  Caroline  David,  m  Thomas 

252  Van  Deursen  Family 

Kerr;  Gladys  David;  Victoria  David,  d  y;  Sanford 
David,  d  y;  Cynthia  David,  d  unm. 

ii  Patience  Carson,  b  Oct.  31,  1817 ;  m  Sept.  17,  1S33,  Peter 
Minaker,  son  of  Lewis  ]\Iinaker  and  Lydia  Collier.  I>- 
sue:  David  Minaker;  James  C.  Minaker;  Matilda 
Minaker;  Clarissa  Minaker;  Calvin  Minaker. 

iii  Calvin  Carson,  b  July  12,  1819;  m  Susan  Matthews.  Is- 
sue: Peter  Carson;  Samuel  Carson;  Thomas  Carson; 
John  Henry  Carson;  Phoebe  Carson;  Susan  Carson; 
Mary  Carson. 

iv      Silas  Carson,  b  Feb.  18,  1821 ;  m Whitley. 

V       Peter  R.  Carson,  b  June  11,  1S23 ;  m  Julia  Davis. 

vi  Mary  Maria  Carson,  b  Sept.  18,  1824;  d  Apr.  20,  1S94;  m 
Oct.  12,  1852,  William  Grimm,  b  in  Germany.  Issue: 
Jacob  Grimm;  Mahala  Grimm;  Edna  Amanda  Grimm. 

vii     Conrad  Carson,  b  July  30,  1826;  unm. 

viii  Heniy  Van  Dusen  Carson,  b  July  20,  183 1;  m  Mary  A. 
Dulmage,  dau  of  Philip  Dulmage  and  Lydia  Ostrander 
of  South  Marysburg.  Issue:  William  Aldert  Carson; 
Georgianna  Carson. 

ix  Cynthia  Woc5d  Carson,  b  June  7,  1833;  m  (ist)  Philip 
O'Dcll;  (2d)  Ferguson  Marring.  Issue:  Thomas 
O'Dell;  George  O'Dell. 

X  Thomas  Ghent  Carson,  b  Apr.  3,  1836 ;  m  in  1858,  Clarissa 
Palen,  a  descendant  of  Gilbert  Palen,  the  pioneer.  Is- 
sue: Charlotte  Ann  Carson,  b  Mar.  18,  1859;  m  Oct. 
22,  1878,  Jonathan  Talcott,  son  of  Elisha  W.  Talcott 
and  Sarah  Noxon;  he  has  represented  the  town- 
ship of  Hallowell  as  Councilman  and  Reeve,  and  also 
has  been  a  member  of  the  County  Council ;  res  Bloom- 
field,  Ont. ;  Anna  Maria  Carson,  b  Apr.  23,  i860;  m 
Nov.  22,  1882,  Dr.  Egerton  Clapp  David,  son  of  Peter 
David  and  Sarah  Clapp.  Peter  David's  first  wife  was 
Lillias  White  Carson,  dau  of  (370)  Rachel  Van  Dusen 
and  William  Carson.  Rachel  Van  Dusen  and  Phoebe 
were  sisters  and  married  brothers. 

372  SARAH  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (201)  Conrad  Van 
Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Prince  Edward 
Co.,  Ontario;  b  in  xVdolphustown,  Ont.,  May  26,  1798;  d  Dec. 
12,  1883;  m  at  Adolphustown,  Aug.  7,  1816,  Jacob  Roblin; 
b  in  1796;  d  in  1876;  son  of  Owen  Roblin  (See  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  Families  for  Roblin  Family). 

Res:     Demorestville,  P.  E.  Co.,  Ont. 

Seventh  Generation  253 


i  Nathan  Miller  Roblin,  b  Sept.  7,  1817;  m  (ist)  Sarah 
Scott;  (2d)  Abigail  Van  Cott;  settled  at  Shannonville. 

ii  Stephen  Roblin,  b  Feb.  18,  1819;  d  Dec.  17,  1S8S;  m 
Julia  A.  Werden;  set  at  Picton,  Ont.  Issue:  i.  Al- 
bert S.  Roblin,  unm,  set  at  Orilla;  2.  William  A.  Rob- 
lin, m  Emma  Pierce,  set  at  Belleville  and  had  issue: 
Julia  Roblin,  E.  L.  Roblin,  Nellie  Roblin,  and  Harry 
A.  Roblin;  3.  David  H.  Roblin,  m  Harriet  Gonsolaus 
and  set  in  Arkansas,  had  issue:  Mabel  A.  Roblin,  and 
another  dau  vs'ho  d  an  infant;  4.  Stanley  A.  Roblin,  m 
Catherine  Clapp  and  set  in  U.  S.,  had'  issue:  Ralph 
Roblin,  James  Roblin,  David  Roblin,  Thomas  Robhn, 
Jennie  C.  Roblin,  and  Julia  E.  Roblin ;  5.  Sarah  E.  Rob- 
lin, m  James  A.  Foster  and  set  at  Picton,  Ont.,  had 
issue:  Morley  N.  R.  P'oster  and  Grace  S.  C.  Foster; 
6.  Ella  C.  Roblin,  m  Edgar  Rugby  and  set  at  Brighton, 
Ont.,  had  no  ch. 

iii  John  Wesley  Roblin,  b  Aug.  18,  1820;  d  Dec.  2;^,  1S97; 
m  Elizabeth  Anderson;  set  at  Brighton.  Issue:  i. 
Leander  Roblin;  2.  John  W.  Roblin;  3.  James  J.  Rob- 
lin,' who  m  Jane  Buchanan,  set  at  Brighton  and  had 
issue:  William  |.  Roblin,  Frederick  A.  N.  Roblin; 
Ida  V.  Roblin,  Walter  J.  Robhn  and  Herbert  M.  Rob- 
lin; 4.  Edward  Robhn;  5.  Helen  M.  Robhn,  d  y;  6. 
George  H.  Roblin,  m  Maria  McCreedy  and  set  at  Brigh- 

iv  William  Henry  Roblin,  b  Dec.  18,  1822;  d  Dec.  31,  1892; 
m  Sarah  A.  Sprague;  settled  at  Tyendinaga,  Ont. 

V  Jacob  Hover  Roblin,  b  Sept.  10,  1824;  m  (ist)  Apr.  17, 
1847,  Nancy  Sprague;  (2d)  Feb.  21,  1881,  Nancy 
(Pettingill)  McDonald;  set  at  Demorestville,  Sophias- 

vi  Millicent  Ann  Roblin,  b  Jan.  25,  1826;  d  in  1892;  m  Ab- 
salom Greely;  removed  to  Kansas,  U.  S. 

vii  Daniel  Roblin,  b  Sept.  30,  1S27;  m  Hester  Blakely;  res 
at  Picton  where  he  was  killed,  with  his  son,  Madison 
Roblin,  by  an  explosion  in  a  steam  mill  May  5,  1874. 

viii  Elizabeth  Roblin,  b  Oct.  2,  1829;  m  Adam  Wood;  re- 
moved to  iViichigan. 

ix  Sarah  Eliza  Roblin,  b  Oct.  21,,  1831;  m  Austin  Osborne: 
res  Sophiasburg. 

X       Mary^  Maria  Roblin,  b  Oct.  23,  1S31,  twin;  d  Aug.  3,  1834. 

xi  Mary  Jane  Roblin,  b  Sept.  23,  1833;  m  David  German; 
removed  to  Michigan. 

254  Van  Deursen  Family 

xii  Owen  Roblin,  b  Aug.  17,  1S35;  <i  ^lav,  1896;  m  (ist) 
Martha  Halstead;  (2d)  Sophia  (AlHso'n)  Parks. 

xiii  Conrade  Roblin,  b  Aug.  17,  1835;  m  Catherine  Lazier; 
res  Thunder  Bay. 

xiv  Edwin  Roblin,  b  May  7,  1837  ;  m  (ist)  Becky  Ann  Greely; 
(2d)  Plarriet  Brown;  res  Belleville. 

373  REV.  CONRAD  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Conrad 
Van  Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Prince  Ed- 
ward Co.,  Ont. ;  b  in  Adolphustown  Dec.  14,  iSoi ;  d  in  Whitby, 
Aug.  iS,  1S78;  m  March^ao,  1820,  Mary  Roblin  of  Adolphus- 
town, b  in  Adolphustov.'n  Sept.  28,  1799;  d  Aug.  26,  1S80; 
dau  of  Owen  Roblin  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families 
for  Roblin). 

Conrad  Van  Dusen  was  a  Minister  and  a  member  of  the 
Methodist  Episcopal  Conference  from  1829  to  1S74;  he  was 
also  President  of  Victoria  College,  Cobourg,  for  many  years, 
at  which  college  all  his  children  were  educated. 


657  i        Sarah  Eliza,  b  Dec.  17,  1820;  m  Dec.  19,  1842,  Ly- 

man A.  Ferris. 

658  ii  ■    Owen,  b  July  6,  1S22,  in  Marysburg ;  m  Jan   12,  1846, 

Mar>^  Ann  Washburn  of  Picton,  Ont. 

659  iii      David,  b  Mar.  23,  1S26;  m  (ist)  in  1S48,  Susannah 

Eaton;  (2d)  Louisa  Hotchkiss. 

660  iv      Rachel,  b  Apr.  25,  1832;  m  Feb.  21,  1854,  James  A. 


V  Alma,  b  Feb.  21,  1836,  in  St.  Thomas;  d  in  Whitby, 
Nov.  23,  1900;  m  Mar.  31,  1855,  George  A.  Car- 
son, M.  D.,  son  of  (370)  Rachel  Van  Dusen  and 
William  Carson.  She  was  a  graduate  of  Victoria 
College,  Cobourg,  Ont.;  they  res  at  Whitby.  Ont. 
Several  years  prior  to  1908  he  removed  to  Illinois 
to  reside  with  his  nephew.  Issue:  Elbert  Van 
Carson,  b  Jan.  21,  1859;  graduated  in  Arts  at 
Trinity  University,  Toronto,  in  1884;  was  acci- 
dentally drowned  in  Lake  Ontario,  Aug.  21,    1884. 

vi  Adelaide,  b  Dec.  27,  1838,  in  Napanee;  d  Apr.  i, 
1848,  at  Wilton. 

374  ARRA  HAM  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Conrad 
Van  Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Prince  Ed- 
ward Co.,  Ont.;  b  in  Adolphustown,  May  4,  1804;  d  in  Marys- 
burg Oct.  16,  1890;  m  May  23,  1827,  Ann  McGrath,  b  July 
12,  1812;  was  living  in  1901. 

Seventh  Gexeratiox  255 

Res:     Black  River  Bridge,  Prince  Edward  Co.,  Ont      Oc- 

66i   i        Daniel,  b  Mar.    i,   1S2S;  m  Mar.   20,   1S57    Harriet 

662  ii       John,  b  Sept.  4,  1830;  m  Feb.  19,  1861,  Eliza  Ann 


663  iii      Harriet   Eliza,   b  Jan.    22,    1S34;  m  Aug     24     i8c=r 

William  Welbanks.  ^' 

iv      Millicent,  b  June,  1836;  d  a  1843 

664  V       George,  b  Oct.  28,  1S3S;  m  Jan.  8,  1862,  Marv  Anne 

vV  right. 
vi_     Adelaide,  b   Feb.    iS,    1S44;  unm;  res  Picton,  Ont 
vn    Alva  Shendan.  b  June  6,    1S47;  m  Dec.   18,    iS--' 
Amelia  Finch  who  d  Nov.  21,  1888;  no  children.' 
In  t866  he  enlisted  in  the  volunteer  service  and 
was  promoted  from  a  corporal  to  a  captain.     Sub- 
sequently he  entered  the  militarv  school  at  Kings- 
ton, Ont.     He  now  has  the  rank    of    Major.     He 
resided  in  New  York    City    for   many    years ;    re- 
turned- to   Canada  in   1905,   and  now  resides    in 
-Picton,  Ont. 

375  WILLIAM  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Conrad  Van 
Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marvsburg,  Prince  Edward 
Co.,  Ont.;  b  m  Adolphustown  Feb.  8,  1S06;  d  Feb  8  18-3-  m 
(ist)  Dec  II,  1828,  bv  Rev.  Job  Deacon,  to  Naxcy  FI^rt- 
FORD,  who  d  Feb.  16,  1S46,  in  Picton.  Ont.;  (2d)  Melixd^ 
Cookey;  (3d)  S.^LLY  Weeks,  who  d  in  Chicago  a  1892  Wil- 
ham  Van  Dusen  d  at  Owen  Sound,  Ont.,  Feb.  20  1S73  Nan- 
cy Hartford  was  the  sister  of  Dana  Hartford. 

Res:     Owen  Sound,  Ont.     Oc:     Carpenter. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 
665  i_       Colin/b  Feb.,  1833;  m  Apr.  24,  1859,  Agnes  Vallier. 
060  u       Richard,  b  Feb.  18,  1S34;  m  Dec.  25,  1855,  Sophia 

Jane  Frair. 
667  iii      Albert,  b  Sept.  6,  1841 ;  m  (ist)  Mar.  2,  1862,  Rhoda 
Caroline  Stage;  (2d)  May  17,  1873,  Helen  Taylor; 
(3d)  Nov.  22,  1905,  Mrs.  Lillian  Hall. 

376  ROSWELL  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Conrad  Van 
JJusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Mars^sburg,  Prince  Edward 
Co  Ont.;  b  in  Adolphustown,  Aug.  20,  180S;  d  in  Demorest- 
ville,  Ont.,  April  23,  1S92;  m  Dec.  8,  1830,  Phebe  Greeley, 

25G  Van  Deursen  Family 

who  d  Nov.   19,   1S93;  dau  of  Jonathan,  brother  of  Horace 

Res:     Demorestville,    P.    E.    Co.,    Ont.     Oc:     Blacksmith 
and  Fanner. 


i        Whitford  Ryerson,  b  Nov.  12,  1S31  ;  d  Jan.  23,  1833. 

668  ii      "Harriet  Melvina,  b  Jan.   20,   1834;  m  May  7,   1850, 

Samuel  S.  Trumpour. 

669  iii      George  Edgar,  b  Mar.   12,   1836;  m  Dec.   29,   1S57, 

Agnes  Rebecca  Kingsley. 
iv     James  Whitfield,  b  May  8,  1838;  d  May  11,  1S38. 

670  v       Alma,  b  June  22,  1839;  m  Sept.  9,  1861,  Rev.  Arche- 

laus  Doxsee. 
vi      William  Augustus,  b  Sept.  6,  1841;  d  Mar.  28,  1S4S. 

671  vii     Sarah   Eliza,   b   Oct.    17,    1843;  "^   Sept.    21,    186S, 

Thomas  B.  Hazard, 
viii  Charlotte  Ann,  b  Dec.  i,  1S45;  d  Apr.  22,  1874;  m 
Feb.  5,  1S67,  Samuel  Manly  Spencer;  res  North 
Port,  Prince  Edward  Co.,  Ont.;  oc  farmer.  Issue; 
Olive  Eliza  Spencer,  b  July  4,  1868;  m  1887,  Eben 
Putman;  George  Edger  Spencer,  b  Aug.  21,  1871; 
m  Oct.  19,  1898,  Edna  Gardner. 

672  ix      Phebe   Matilda,  b  Apr.   15,   1847;  m  Feb.    i,   1875, 

Maitland  D.  Wright. 
X       Hannah  Melissa,  b  July  22,  1S51;  m  June  12,  1S95, 
Jacob  W.  Foster;  res  North  Port,  Ont. ;  no  children. 

673  xi      Susannah  Barnum,  b  x\ug.  10,  iS53;m  (ist)  Oct.  25, 

1 87 1,  Henry  D.  Tobey;  (2d)  Mar.  27,  1883,  Werden 
Bethune  Devnard. 
xii    Willie  Greeley^  b  July  8,  1S59;  d  June  26,  1863. 

377  JAMES  YEOMAN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Con- 
rad Van  Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Prince 
Edv/ard  Co.,  Ont.;  b  in  Adolphustown,  Aug.  5,  1810;  d  in 
Princeton,  111.,  May  11,  1901;  m  in  1831,  Isabell  Mikaker, 
who  d  in  1877;  dau  of  Lev>-is  Minaker  and  Lydia  Collier  of 
North  Marysburg. 

Res;     Bruce  County,  Ontario,  Canada.     Oc;     Farmer  and 
local  Methodist  Minister. 

i        Millicent  Ann,  b  May  12,  1832;  d  Aug.  25,  1S79;  m 

Feb.  8,  1854,  Ernest  Mouck;  no  children. 
ii       Lydia  Jane,  b  in  1835 ;  d  in  1851. 
674  iii      Henry,  b  Sept.  24,  1837  ;  m  Jan.  18,  1864,  Eliza  Hutf. 

Seventh  Generation  257 

675  iv      Abram  Steele,  b  Dec.  i,  1S40;  m  Dec.  4,  1S59,  Eliza- 

beth Gimby. 

676  V       Conrad,  b  Apr.  4,  1S44;  m  (ist)  Feb.  7,  1872,  Martha 

Nash;  (2d)  in  1S05,  at  Princeton,  111.,  Nellie  Fra- 

677  vi      Jacob  James,  b  in  1847;  m  ^^^v  22,  1871,  Elizabeth 

vii     Ernest,  b  1850;  accidentally  shot  in  1862. 

378  JACOB  RICHARD  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (201)  Con- 
rad Van  Dusen  and  Millicent  Hoover  of  Marysburg,  Prince 
Edward  Co.,  Ont.;  b  in  Adolphustown,  March  26,  1813;  d 
Nov.  18.  1S99;  m  in  Coles ville,, 31.  Y.,  May  10,  1837,  Char- 
lotte Beman,  b  in  I^I^artfordj.  Conn.,  April  30,  1817;  d  June 
27,  1905,  aged  88  years. 

Res:  Tara,  Bruce  Co.,  Ont.  Oc:  Teacher,  Justice  of  the 

67S  i        Whitford,  b  Mar.    15,   1839;  m   (ist)   Feb.   2,   1864^ 
Mary  Ann  Gardner  of  Ont.;  (2d)  Sept.  18,  187 1, 
Sarah  Holcomb;  (3d)  Sept.  15,  1891,  Bessie  Wat- 
ii       Elizabeth,  b  at  Athol,  Apr.  7,  1843;  d  Apr.,  1843. 
679  iii      John  Henry,  b  Nov.  18,  1846;  m  Jan.  2,  187 1,  Mary 

Jane  Glover. 
6S0  iv      Elizabeth,  b  Aug.  3,  1 851;  m  in  1875,  Robert  Everard 

681  v       Heraldi  Alva,  b  at  Pointe  Traverse,  Jan.  18,  1856; 

m  (ist)  Jan.  13,  1876,  Eva  Shannon;  (2d)  Sept.  7, 
1892,  Margaret  Ford. 

379  JOHN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (202)  Casper  Van  Dusen 
and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts;  b  in  Adolphustown,  Canada,  Dec. 
7,  1786;  d  June  4,  1856;  m  (ist)  May  15,  1810,  Mary  Arm- 
strong, of  Portland,  Can.;  (2d)  a  1825,  Patience  Aldrich. 
He  was  a  local  preacher  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church. 

Res:     Sophiasburg,    Ont.     Oc:     Carpenter   and   farmer. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Mary  A.,  b  a  1811 ;  d  when  19  years  of  age. 

ii       Harriet,  b  a  1813  ;  m  David  Lent. 

682  iii      Magdalene,  b  a  1815  ;  m  a  1835,  Calvin  Reed. 
By  second  v/ife: 

683  iv      William  John,   b   May   3,    1827;  m  Jan.    10,    1848, 

Minerva  Fox. 
V       Joseph  Girdett,  b  Dec.   5,    1828;  m   (ist)   Nov.   25, 

25S  Vax  Deursen  Family 

1852,  Jane  Fox;  (2d)  Man-  Barbara  Sharp:  ('^d) 
Sept.    3,    1S76,    Mary   Jane   Dean:  res    Belleviile 

'  Ont.;  no  children. 

vi  Eliza,  b  Jan.  12,  1S34;  m  Mar.  8,  1S59,  Charles  W 
Collinson;  res  Midland.  Midland  Co.,  Mich.  Is- 
sue: Alice  Collinson,  b  Dec.  11,  1859;  m  Sept.. 
1SS2,  Isaac  Richards;  Charles  Henrv  Collinson' 
b  Mar.,  i860:  d  April,  1862. 

-6S4  vii     Rebecca,  b  Aug.  25,  1S37;  m  Feb.  17,  1869,  William 
S.  Lowey. 

380  CATHARINE  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (202)  Casper 
Van  Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg,  Ont.; 
b  July  23,  i7S9;d  Apr.  iS,  1836 ;m  Dec.  30,  iSio,  Jonx' John- 
son, who  d  in  Aug.,  1S64;  both  bur  in  Picton.  He  was  a 
farmer  and  miller  and  resided  at  Melville,  Ont.,  after  Feb., 
1840.  He  was  the  son  of  Henry  Johnson  who  emigrated  to 
Canada  from  Poughkeepsie,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  his  sister, 
Margaret  Johnson,  was  the  first  wife  of  John  Terwilliger! 
whose  second  wife  was  (382)  Rosanna  Van  Dusen,  sister  of 

i        Henry  Johnson,  b  Sept.  3,  1S12;  d  Apr.  19,  1876;  m  in 

1836,  Sarah  A.  Byam. 
ii       Jasper  Heck  Johnson,  b  Jan.  2,  1816;  m  Almira  Hudgins. 
iii      Moses  Johnson,  b  May  6,  181S;  m  (ist)  Eliza  Fieldhouse; 

(2d)  Maria  Fieldhouse. 
iv      Elizabeth  Fordon  Johnson,  b  May  9,  1820;  unmarried. 
V      James  Johnson,  b  Sept.  22,  1823  ;  d  Aug.  17,  1847. 
vi     John  Philip  Johnson,  b  July  7,  1825;  d  Apr.  5,  1S77;  m 

Eliza  Moore. 
vii    Theda  Jane  Johnson,  b  Dec.  9,  1827  ;  m  Anthony  Lont. 
viii    Robert  Johnson,  b  Mar.  17,  1S30;  m  (ist)  Anne  Jackson: 

(2d)  Elizabeth  Brown. 
ix      Caleb  Johnson,  b  July  14,  1832;  m  (ist)  Melvina  Gosslin: 

(2d)  Mary  Morton;  res  on  old  homestead,  Melville,  Ont. 

381  FANNY  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (202)  Casper  Van 
Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg,  Ont.;  b  Dec. 
5,  1792,  in  Adolphustown,  Ont.;  d  May  24,  1857;  m  (ist) 
by  Stephen  Conger,  J.  P.,  Jan.  12,  1813,  to  Levi  Bates,  of 
Hamilton,  Ont.:  b  April  8,  17S3;  d  Oct.  4,  1847;  (sd)  May 
29,    1855,  JoHx  Bennett.     Both  husbands  were  farmers. 

Res:     Near  Cobourg,  Ont. 

Seventh  Gexeration  259 

Children,  all  by  first  husband- 

n  Elizabeth  Bates,  b  Dec.  10,  1815;  d  Jan.  18  18.0 
m  .\ancy  Bates  b  Apr.  .3.  1818;  d  June  .9/1850  m  Oct 
7,  1840  Jonathan  Densmore;  d  Dec  IS,^8  4  res 
Marion  Mich.;  oc  merchant.  Issue:  Harriet  Dens 
more,  b  June  14,  1842;  m  July  12,  1870  Alexander 
Ross,  Levi  Benson  Densmore,  b>eb.  26,  1^45;  n^  j^^^^^^^ 
28,  1S77,  Ada  English;  Jonathan  Densmore,  bC.T 
.  1849  ;  m  June  28,  1S77,  Sarah  Martin  ^     ^' 

IV  James  Bates,  b  June  8,  1S20;  d  Oct.  20'  1822 

V  A  son,  b  Julv  4  ;  d  July  5,  1822 

VI  Jasper  Bates,  b  Sept.  30,   1823;  m  Oct.  6,   1846    EHza 

Brown;    res    Thornbury,    Grey    Co..    Ont      Liv  ng   in 
1900;  no  children.  ^    ^^ 

vii_    Rosannah  Bates,  b  Julv  16,  1826;  d  Julv  12    i8^c 
viii   A  son,  b  Feb.  II,  1827;  d  same  day  ' 

IX      Levi  Bates,  b  Mar.  4;  d  Nov.  12,  183 1. 

382  ROSANNAH  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (202)  Casper 
Van  Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg  Ont  b 
Jan.  29    1797;  d  Mar.  5,   1S59;  m  Apr.  4,  1815,  by  Stephen 

Evert  Terwilhger  and  Sarah  Freer,  of  Ulster  Co.,  N   Y    and 
the  widower  of  Margaret  Johnson,  whose  brother,  John  Tohn 

jonn  lerwilhger  was  a  farmer. 

Res:     Hallowell,  near  Picton,  Ont 

Wdliam   Lewis,   who   d   May    22,    185S;    (2d)   Abrim 

ii      John  W^  Terwilliger,  b  June  3,  1818;  d  July  15,  1898-  m 

ist)  May  5,  1S41,  Sarah  Cooper,  who  d  Feb    2^    1877- 

(2d)  1879,  Jane  Johnson.  '^' 

in  Anna  Terwilliger  b  Feb.  15,  1S20;  d  Jan.  27,  18S2;  m 
Ix  u  ^Vr\  i^'  ^^"^"^y  Hovey,  who  served  in  Co.  A  ist 
Mich.  \  ol.  Cav.,  during  the  War  of  the  Rebellion  in  the 
United  States.  Enrolled  Oct.  19,  1S63,  and  died  June 
16,  1864,  at  Camp  Stoneman,  D.  C,  of  wounds.  Buried 
at  Arlington  National  Cemetery,  Va.  His  widow,  who 
resided  m  Jackson,  Mich.,  was  a  pensioner  (Ctf  No 
54,006),  receiving  SS  per  month  from  June  17  1864' 
and  $2  additional  from  July  25,  1866,  for  each  of  her 

260  Van  Deursen  Family 

two  minor  children,  until  they  reached  the  age  of  ii') 

years,  viz:     Francis  D.   Hovey,  b  Oct.   ii,   1852,  anrl 

Eddy  H.  Hovey,  b  Sept.  2.  1861. 
iv      Simon  Terwilliger,  b  Nov.   2.  1S21;  d  May  16,  1S95;  "'' 

Sept.  I,  1847,  Eliza  Jane  Porter. 
V       Jasper  Terwilliger,  b  Feb.  13,  1823;  m  (ist)  Mar.  i,  1848, 

Hannah  A.  Porter;  (2d)   Hagerman. 

vi      Levi  B.  Terwilliger,  b  June  21,  1825;  d  Jan.  30,  1894;  tv. 

Feb.  12,  1S56,  Phebe  Yerke,  who  d  in  1881. 
vii     Jonathan  Terwilliger,  b  Jan.   10,   1827;  m  (ist)  Sept.  2. 

1847,  Jane  Chotes,  who  d  Apr.,   1S51;   (2d)   Freelove 

viii    Robert  Terv-'illiger,  b  Nov.  21,  1828 ;  d  unm  Dec.  22,  1S56. 
ix      Jeremiah  Terwilliger,  b  Oct.   i,   1830;  m  Nov.   12.   1856, 

EHzabeth  M.  Van  Dusen,  dau  of  (654)  David  Brown 

Van  Dttsen  and  Permelia  Zwick. 
X       Andrew  A.  Terwilliger,  b  Nov,  15,  1832;  d  unm  Julv  3. 

xi      Ezra  Terwilliger,  b  Mar.  9,  1835  i  ^  June  20,  1876. 
xii    Michael  D.  Terwilliger,  b  Mar.  2,  1840;  d  Mar.  20,  i8yS; 

m  H,  Yocunl. 

383     ROBERT  VAN   DUSEN,    son  of  (202)  Casper  Van 
Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg,  Ontario;  b 
Apr.   2,   1799;  d  May  25,   1873;  m  (ist)  a  1820,  Elizabeth 
RoBLiN,  b  in  1802;  d  a  1844;  dau  of  Owen  Roblin    (See  Mis- 
cellaneous and  Related  Families);   (2d)   a   1845,   Mary  Ann 
Brown,  who  d  July  29,  1870,  aged  70  years. 
Res:     Tweed,  Ontario.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife: 
685     i        Philip,  b  Sept.  30,  1S20;  m  a  1844,  Cynthia  White. 
ii       John,  b  July  2,  1825;  d  a  1870;  m  a  1847,  Susan 
Solmes,    dau    of   Gilbert    Solmes   and    Catherine. 
Kimberly  of  Richmond,  son  of  Nathaniel  Solmes 
and    Elizabeth    Conklin    of    Sophiasburg,    who 
emigrated    to    Canada    in    1792    from    Fishkill, 
Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  settled  near  Dresden, 
Camden.     At  the  Census  of  1790  his  family  con- 
sisted of  2  males  over  16  yrs,  2  males  under  ifi 
yrs,   and   6   females.     Issue  of  John  and  Susan 
Van  Dusen;     Jacob  Samuel;  Mary  Ann,  who  d 
in  Mich.;  Dorland. 
685a  iiij    Hannah  Mary,  b  Aug.  8,   1827;  m  Feb.  20,   1S50, 
Daniel  Delong. 

Seventh  Generation  261 

686  iv  Rachel,  b  Nov.  28,  182S;  m  June  26,  1850,  David 
H.  Belong. 

6S7  V  Elizabeth  Ann,  b  Feb.  21,  1831;  m  (ist)  a  1850, 
John  Peck;  (2d)  Jan.  31,  1856,  John  G.  Wood- 

688     vi      Allen  Monroe,  b  Feb.  4,  1833;  m  (ist)  Dec.  i,  1852, 
Lydia  Kimberly;  (2d)  June  17,  1890,  Mary  Louise 
vii    Almiry,  b  May  26,  1835;  "^  i"  1840. 

6S9  viii  David,  b  May  7,  1837;  m  Dec.  12,  1855,  Sarah  Ann 

690  ix  Sarah  Jane,  b  Nov.  4,  1842;  m  Dec.  22,  1858,  Wil- 
liam Adams. 

384  AMELIA  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (202)  Casper  Van 
Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg,  Ont. ;  b 
there  Jan.  13,  1802;  d  Aug.  10,  1882;  m  Feb.  12,  1S24,  James 
Lent,  b  Sept.  27,  1800;  d  Aug.  6,  1870.  Mr.  Lent  was  a 
descendant  of  Abraham  Rycken  and  Geertie  Hendricks,  who 
emigrated  to  America  in  1638  from  the  town  of  Lent  in  Gel- 
derland,  and  settled  in  New  Amsterdam. 

Res:     3d  Con.  Tp  of  Hamilton,  Ont. 
i        Wyatt  Chamberlain  Lent,  b  Mar.  30,  1825  ;  m  Oct.  i,  1844, 

Mary  Lytic. 
ii       Calvin  Woster  Lent,  b  Feb.  26,  1827;  m  Aug.  19,  1858, 

Lucinda  Evans. 
iii     Tryphena  Lent,  b  July  6,  1829;  m  Dec.  30,  1849,  George 

H.    Brown,    who    m    (2d)  in    1900,   Adeline    Mordeu 

Lent,  sister  of  Tryphena. 
iv     Lucias  Matlen  Lent,  b  Sept.  7,  1830;  d  in  infancy, 
v       Matilda  Lent,  b  Aug.  21,  1832  ;  d  in  infancy. 
vi     James  Miles  Lent,  b  Aug.  20,  1834;  d  in  infancy, 
vii    Lucias  Milton  Lent,  b  Sept.  6,  1835  ;  d  June,  1901 ;  m  Dec. 

I,  185S,  Matilda  Purdy. 
viii  James  Martin  Lent,  b  Nov.  11,  1S37;  d  June  14,  1901;  m 

Jan.  19,  1862,  Lydia  Snyder. 
ix.      Saphronia  Lent,  b'^Nov.  14,  1839;  m  May  30,  i860,  Wil- 
liam H.  Snyder. 
X       Adeline  Mordeu  Lent,  b  Sept.  28,  1842  ;  m  in  1900,  George 

Brown,  widower  of  her  sister,  Tryphena. 
xi     Jasper  Wesley  Lent,  b  Mar.  20,  1845;  m  Apr.  25,  1872, 

Susannah  Proctor. 

385  ELIZABETH   VAN   DUSEN,   dau   of   (202)    Casper 

262  Van  Deursen  Family 

Van  Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg,  Ont.;  h 
there  Aug.  i6,  1S04;  d.  June  6,  1833;  m  June  12,  1828,  Jam?- 
Davis  of  Thurlow,  v/idower  of  Anna  Rightmyre.  (See  M;-;- 
cellaneous  and  Related  Families  for  Davis  and  Rightmvr- 
connections.)     Mr.  Davis  was  a  farmer. 

Res:     Thurlow,  Hastings  Co.,  Ont. 

i        Julia  Ann  Davis,  b  in  1830. 
ii       James  Franklin  Davis,  b  June  26,  1831 ;  m  Dec.  28,  iS 

Adelia  Maria  Harcourt  Pope  (See  Mis.  and  Rel.  Fams.). 

386  RACHEL  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (202)  Casper  Van 
Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg,  Ont.;  \< 
Jan.  13,  1807;  d  Sept.  13,  1876;  m  Feb.  21,  1837,  Lewis  R. 
Snider;  b  Jan.  3,  1801;  d  Sept.  16,  1869.     He  was  a  fanner. 

Res:     Sophiasburg,  Ont. 

Robert  Miles  Snider,  b  Dec.  18,  1837  ;  m  Clista  Van  Blari- 

com  of  Hallowell,  Ont. 
Peter  Randel  Snider,  b  Feb.  21,  1S40;  m  Sarah  Mclnto^^h 

of  South  Marysburg,  Ont. 
Jasper  Shorts  Snider,  b  Apr.  5,  1842;  m  Fanny  Culley  of 

Napanee,  Ont. 
Elizabeth  Barbary  Snider,  b  May  10,  1844;  m  George  J. 
V       Fanny  Amelia  Snider,  b  July  24,  1846;  m  Benjamin  De 

Mill  of  Sophiasburg. 
vi      Rosannah  Matilda  Snider,  b  Apr.  5,  1849  ;m  -^P^-  5-  i^7°' 
John  Whattam. 

387  CHARLOTTE  CROEL  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (202) 
Casper  Van  Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg, 
Prince  Edward  Co.,  Ont. ;  b  Nov.  5,  1810;  d  April  27,  1857 ;  i- 
June  16,  1841,  Abraham  Huff,  b  Jan.  2,  1800;  d  Feb.  25,  1871 ; 
widower  of  Jane  Anne  Mason  ;b  Oct.  23,  1807  ;d  Sept.  18,  183;^. 
He  was  the  son  of  Solomon  Huff,  who  was  b  in  United  Statf-^ 
in  176S,  and  Sara  Alger.  Solomon  Pluff  was  the  son  of  Paul 
Huff  and  Annie  Hale,  the  pioneer  who  came  to  Canada  m 
1784  with  the  Van  Alstyne  party.  In  1775  Paul  Huff  Hycd 
at  Fishkill,  Dutchess  Co.',  N.  Y.,  and  joined  the  Army  in  New 
York  in  1777,  serving  with  Jas.  De  Lancey,  then  with  Vs  ara, 
and  afterwards  with  Col.  Culver  on  Long  Island.  He  held  a 
commission  as  Lieut,  from  Gen.  Robertson  in  a  company  01 
Associated  Loyalists.  He  held  100  acres  of  land  on  a  lease 
for  two  lives  from  Sarah  Verplank  from  1770,  for  which  he. 


!  s 


>/     /      : 




Peter  J.  M.  Van  Dusen  and  his  wife,  Deborah  Ferro  Davis, 
taken  about  1864. 

Seventh  Generation  263 

paid  ;;^5  rent  per  annum.  He  built  a  dwelling  house  and 
barn,  and  cleared  60  acres  lor  which  he  was  offered  ^^150, 
New  York  currency.  He  left  5  cows.  3  young  cattle,  23  sheep, 
a  wagon  and  fanning  utensils,  furniture  and  34  hogs.  He  also 
owned  horses  (United  Empire  Loyalists,  p  197;  Bureau  of 
Archives,  Ontario  Report,  1904,  p  453;  and  Pioneer  Life  on 
the  Bay  of  Ouinte). 

Res:     Huff's  Island  and  Camden,  Kent  Co.,  Ont. 
i        Fanny    Maria   Huff,   b   Mar.    18,    1S42;  m    (ist)    James 

Holmes:  (2d)  John  Brooks, 
ii       Augustus  Shorts  Huff,  b  Apr.  10,  1S44. 
iii      Angeline   Huff,   b   'May   2,    1S46;  ni  William  Payne,   res 

Stewart,  Ont.     Issue:     WilHam  Frederick  Payne. 
iv      Catharine  Sephrony  Huff,  b  June  13,  1850;  d  May  3,  1S93  ; 
m  May  i,  1873,  John  Snider.     Issue:     Sevilla  Snider, 
m  Frederick  Yeucomb;  Phoebe  Snider;  three  others. 
v       James  Frederick  Huff,  b  June  28.  1853. 
vi      Elizabeth  Rosannah  Gipson   Hufl,  b  June   25,   1856;  m 
Dec.    iij   18S2,   Charles   Barry,  who  d  Mar.   30,    1S90. 
Issue:     Frances  Edith  Barry,  b  Oct.  i,  1883;  Alexan- 
der A.  Barry,  b  Dec.  19,  1SS6. 

38S  PETER  JASPER  MONK  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (202) 
Casper  Van  Dusen  and  Hannah  Mary  Shorts  of  Sophiasburg, 
Prince  Edward  Co.,  Ont. :  b  there  June  4,  1815  ;  d  Oct.  3,  1895  '> 
m  Sept.  30,  1835,  Debor.\h  Ferro  Davis;  b  March  3,  1819;  d 
Jan.  27,  18S7;  dau  of  James  Davis  and  his  first  wife,  Anna 
Rightmyer,  the  dau  of  William  Rightmyer  and  Deborah  Ferro 
(See  Miscellaneous  and  Related  FamiHes  for  Davis  and  Right- 
myer families  and  intermarriages).  They  were  married  at 
the  residence  of  Valentine  and  Elizabeth  Grant  Rightmyer,  by 
the  Rev.  Thomas  Demorest.  Wesleyan  minister  (See  Miscel- 
laneous and  Related  Families  for  Demorest  connection),  and 
resided  until  the  Spring  of  1855  on  the  old  homestead  at  So- 
phiasburg, which  he  inherited  from  his  father.  This  property 
he  sold  on  March  26,  1855,  to  Nathaniel  Niles  for  ;!C4oo-  H.e 
then  moved  to  Brighton  Township,  Northum.berland  County, 
where  he  purchased  a  farm  of  fifty  acres,  in  the  fourth  conces- 
sion, near  Hilton.  He  improved  this  property  and  erected 
substantial  buildings  upon  it;  all  of  which  he  subsequently 
lost.  About  i860  he  moved  from  Hilton  to  the  village  of 
Brighton,  where  he  remained  until  after  the  death  of  his  vv'ife 
in  1887.  She  was  buried  at  Hilton,  near  her  only  dattghter, 
Adaline,  and  her  mother-in-law,   Hannah  Mar>'  Shorts  Van 

264  Van  Deursen  Family 

Dusen.     Mr.  Van  Dusen  died  at  Madison,  Wis.,  and  was  buried 
there  m  the  plot  of  his  son,  Augustus.     He  was  bv  occupation 
a  famier  and  carpenter. 

691  i        Austin,  b  Jan.   22,   1837;  m  Nov.   27,   i860,  Pheb- 

ii  Adaline,  b  Jan.  i,  1840;  d  Apr.  18,  1861 ;  m  Aug.  22 
1858,  Sylvester  Richmond,  Jr.,  of  Hilton,  Ont  " 
where  they  res.  Issue:  vSanford  Richmond,  h 
Dec.  21,  1S60.  Mr.  Richmond  married  again,  and 
moved  to  Michigan,  where  he  lost  his  life  in  one  of 
the  great  forest  fires. 

692  iii      Albert  Harrison,  b  Apr.  9,   1842;  m  (ist)  Aug.  26. 

1865,  Jaennette  Waite;  (2d)  Oct.  18,  1893,  Sarah 
Elizabeth  (Tetft)  Van  Winkle. 

693  IV      Addison,  b  Sept.   27,   1844;  m  July  22,  1866,  Janev 

V  Anson,  b  Jan.  28,  1847;  d  Feb.  12,  1878,  in  Wiscon- 
sin; m  Nov.  9,  187 1,  Maria  Paul  of  East  Bloom- 
field,  N.  Y.,  who  d  Feb.  12,  1873,  at  Canandaigua, 
N.  Y.,  iiear  where  she  is  buried.  He  was  a  mem- 
ber of  Eagle  Lodge  No.  619,  F.  A.  M.,  Honeoye, 
Ont.  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  was  bur  in  a  cemetery  at 
Wyoming  Valley,  Iowa  Co.,  Wis.,  and  in  1908  hi.s 
brothers,  Addison  and  Absalom,  erected  a  tomb- 
stone over  his  grave.     No  children. 

694  vi      Augustus,  b  Nov.  3,  1849;  m  Jan.  16,  187 1,  Sarah  E. 

Flop  kins. 

695  vii    Absalom,  b  Oct.   18,   1855;  m  Oct.  22,  1878,  Sarah 

Elizabeth  Lockman. 

yiii   Alvin,  b  May  23,  1858;  unmarried. 

'X  Abda  Lincoln,  b  Aug.  7,  1S60;  m  Sept.  5,  1895.  Paul- 
ine Gohlke,  dau  of  Augustus  Gohlke  and  Wilhel- 
mine  Daunene  or  Duane,  of  Berlin,  Germany. 
They  adopted  a  child,  Esther  Marion,  b  Dec.  7. 
1903;  res  Madison,  Wis.,  in  191 1  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
He  is  a  member  of  Madison  Lodge  No.  5,  F.  and 
A.  M. ;  Madison  Chapter  No.  4,  R.  A.  M.,;  Mad- 
ison Council  No.  3,  R.  and  S.  M.,  and  of  Robert 
Macoy  Commandery  No.  3,  K.  T. 

389  ROBERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (204)  Robert  Van 
Deusen  and  Marytje  Krein  (Crane)  of  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.: 
b  Feb.  2,  bp  at  Livingston  Apr.  30,  17S2  ;  m  a  1S05,  Marg.\RET 

1    -% 


Qi.-  3 








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4  -  .  ^    ^^♦rfgs' 

u  ^i£i£>,v :  i  V.  1  •! .  i  :?«-:i 


^.LJ  iij: 

Seventh  Generation  265 

Res:  Fairville,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Miller. 

i  Maria,  b  a  iSoS;  m  F'rancis  Rosencrans. 

ii  Phebe,  b  a  iSii ;  m  Jacob  DeVritt. 

iii  Nancy,  b  a  1815  ;  ni  Sylvenas  Bartlctt. 

iv  Elizabeth,  b  a  iSiS;  m  "William  Q.  Adams. 

696  V  Robert,  b   Feb.   9,    1821;  m  Sept.   22,   1S40,   Phebe 


697  vi      Hiram,  b  in  1S23:  m  July  3,  1S43,  Elizabeth  Deady. 
vii     Margaret,  b  a  1826;  m  (ist)  John  Bloom;  (2d)  ....'. 

Broom ;  (3d) Van  Valkenburg. 

viii  John  H.,  b  in  1830;  m  Cynthia  Brower.  He  served 
in  Comp.  A,  i6oth  N.  Y.  Vol.  Inf.  Enlisted  Aug. 
26,  1S62;  discg.  as  Sergt.  Nov.  i,  1S65.  Reed 
gun  shot  wound  in  rt.  leg  at  Ft.  Bisland,  La.,  Apr. 
12,  1864;  d  July  15,  1897  (Pen.  Ctf.  265,357). 

698  ix      Stephen,  b  May  i,  1S33 ;  m  (ist)  in  1855,  Mary  Eliza- 

beth Legg;  (2d)  April  15,  1871,  Alvira  D.  Philips. 

390  MARKS  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (204)  Robert  Van 
Deusen  and  Mary'tje  Krein  (Crane);  b  March  8,  17S8,  at  An- 
cram,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  d  Feb.  11,  1869;  m  (ist)  a  1S08,  Mary 
Cline,  who  d  April  11,  1853;  (2d)  Jan.  13,  1856,  at  Pompey, 
Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  by  Jaiiiis  P.  Smith,  Sarah  Ann  Fox. 
He  served  in  the  New  York  Militia  during  the  war  of  1812 
from  May  1814  to  Nov.  1814  (B.  L.  C. ;  wid  pen.  ctf.  19,334; 
last  paid  Mar.  4,  1S82). 

Res:     Ira,  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

699  i        Norman,    b    Feb.,    iSio;   m    April    21,    1S35,    ^lar^- 

ii       Peter,  b  Dec,  181 1. 

700  iii      Henr^^  b  Mav  10,  1814;  m  Oct.  10,  1848,  Catharine 

Willard  or 'Williams. 

iv      Louisa  A.,  b  May  8,  1S16;  m  Andrew  N.  Rindbonk. 

V       Robert,  b  at  Ancram  Jan.,  1818;  m  Cordelia  Durkee. 

vi  John,  b  Apr.  19,  1821;  d  Dec.  28,  1902;  m  Sept.  23, 
1852,  Minerva  Willard;  they  res  at  Cato,  Cayuga 
Co.,  N.  Y. ;  oc  fanner.  Issue:  Fred  M.,  b  Aug. 
29,  1S58;  m  Carrie  Phelps;  Nellie  C,  b  Nov.  4, 
1861;  m  Charles  Squyer;  William  H.,  b  Jan.  4, 
1867;  m  May  30,  1900,  Grace  M.  Hapeman. 

vii  Bradly,  b  May  24,  1825,  at  Fabius,  Onondaga  Co., 
N.  Y. ;  m  Mary  Coplin;  res  at  Hannibal,  Oswego 
Co.,  N.  Y. 

266  Van  Deursen  Family 

viii  David  G.,  b  Aug.  23,  1830,  at  Fabius;  m  Jan.  i, 
1857,  Rosena  Arnold;  no  ch.  He  was  Second 
Lt'  in  Comp.  D,  147th  New  York  Vol.  Inf.;  killed 
in  action  at  Gettysburg,  Pa.,  July  i,  1863  (wid. 
pen.  ctf.  31.372). 

391  SOPHIA  (Fietje)  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (205) 
George  Van  Deusen  and  Eva  Bresee;  b  Dec.  27,  1780;  bp 
at  Clav.  Feb.  4,  1781;  m  a  1S04,  Cornelius  Pulver;  b  Feb. 
4,  bp  at  Clav.  Dec.  27,  17S0. 


Michael  Pulver,  bp  at  Copake  Nov.  S,  iSoS;  sps  Michael 

Pulver,  Elizabeth  Bresie. 
Semer  Pulver,  bp  at  Copake  Mar.  18,  1811;  sps  John  D. 

Maccartie,  Hannah  Rose. 
Polly  Pulver,  b  Nov.  25,  1812;  bp  at  Churchtown  Jan. 

31-  1813. 
Samuel  Pulver,  b  May  11,  bp  at  Churchtown  Sept.  12, 

v       Lorinta  Pulver,  b  Oct.  5,  1S22;  bp  at  Churchtown  Feb. 

2,  1823.  - 

392  JOHN  G.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (205)  George  Van 
Deusen  and  Eva  Bresee  of  Copake;  bp  there  Aug.  1^2,  1783: 
d  May  14,  1852;  m  at  Copake  May  or  Aug.  14.  1809,  "by  one 
Birdsell,"  Justice  of  the  Peace,  Phebe  Van  Deusen;  b  Mar. 

18,  1794-  '  , 

John  G.  Van  Deusen  served  in  the  War  of  1S12  as  Corporal 
in  Capt.  Ira  Gale's  Company,  Lieut.  Colonels  Smith  and  Vos- 
burgh,  New  York  Militia. 

Res:     Phelps,  Ont.  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        Lary  (Laura),  b  June  28,  181 1;  bp  at  Churchtown, 
Feb.  23,  1812. 
George,  b  Jan.  11,  bp  at  Churchtown,  June  6,  1813. 
Pollv  (Marv),  b  Mav  7.  181 5- 
Harvy,  b  Dec.  2,  1S18;  unm  in  1850;  oc  carpenter; 

res  Phelps,  N.  Y.  (Census). 
Spencer,  b  Oct.  7,  1820. 
Jane,  b  Julv  15,  1S22. 

John,  b  Mar.  4,  1S24;  m  Dec.  31,  1848,  Mary  Bently. 
Hiram  H.,  b  Mav  16,  1826. 

Elizabeth  Jane,  b  Oct.  31,    1827;  m  Feb.  6,   1S51, 
James  Garlock. 











Seventh  Generation  267 

703  X       William  H.,  b  July  28,  1S29;  m  in  1850,  Harriet  L. 

xi     James,  b  Nov.  19,  1S33  ;  m  Matilda  x\rnold. 

393  CORNELIUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (205)  George 
Van  Deusen  and  Eva  Bresee  of  Copake,  N.  Y. ;  b  Feb.  20, 
1785;  m  at  Kinderhook,  Dec.  24,  iSio,  Maria  McCagg,  who 
d  before  1S72. 

He  served  in  the  War  of  1812  as  Orderly  Sergt.  in  Capt. 
Henry  Van  Vleck's  Co.,  Col.  Jacob  R.  Van  Rensselaer's  47th 
Regt.  of  Nev/  York  Militia. 

Res:  1851-55,  LeRoy,  Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  was  in  Phila- 
delphia in  1872. 

Children,  bp  at  Kinderhook: 

704  i        James,  b  May  9,  bp  May  21,   181 2;  m  June,   1844, 

Sophia  Smith. 
ii       Elizabeth,  b  xVpr.  20,  bp  June  5,  1S14. 
iii      Margaret,  b  Oct.  4,  bp  Dec.  7,  181 7. 
iv      Matthew,  b  Nov.  3,  1821 ;  bp  Jan.  19,  1822. 

V  Isaac,  b  1830;  m  Josephine ;  res  Philadelphia, 

Pa.-f  in  1872. 
vi  ~  Franklin,  b   1833;  d  unm  July  14,   1900;  served  as 
private  in  Company  H,  i4ot'h  Nev/  York  Vol.  Inf. 

394  ROBERT  G.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (205)  George 
Van  Deusen  and  Eva  Bresee  of  Copake;  b  Mar.  15,  bp  at 
Copake  May  29,  1791;  m  a  1812,  Elizabeth  Smith,  who  d 
Jan.  16,  1895.  In  1850  they  were  residents  of  Greenport, 
Suffolk  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  engaged  in  farming. 


i  Catharine  Maria,  b  Jan.  18,  bp  at  Churchtown  Feb. 
18,  1S14;  sps  John  F.  Smith,  Catharine  Haber; 
m  at  Livingston  Sept.  14,  1842,  William  Walter 
Raynor  of  that  place.  Issue:  Jacobus  Raynor; 
Amandy  Raynor;  Elthed  Raynor;  Link  Raynor. 

705  ii       George  R^  b  Oct.  30,  bp  at  Liv.  Dec.  31,  1815;  sps 

parents;  m  Mar.  4,  1839,  Hannah  Barringer. 

706  iii      John  R.,  b  Sept.  17,  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.  20,  1S17;  sps 

parents;  m  Nov.  25,  185 1,  Abigail  Duntz. 

707  iv      Peter  R.,  b  Sept.  6,  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.   17,  1819;  sps 

parents;  m  a  1844,  Catherine  Smith. 

V  Jane,  b  Apr.  30.  bp  at  Liv.  May  26,  1820 ;  sps  parents ; 

m  Robert  Hallenbeck.  issue:  Laura  Plallen- 
beck,  m  Charles  Plass;  Martha  Maybern,-  Hallen- 
beck;  Martha  Hallenbeck,  m  Jacob  Decker;  Anna 
Hallenbeck;  Myron  Hallenbeck. 

^68  Van  Deursen  Family 

vi  Stephen,  b  Feb.  21,  bp  at  Liv.  May  11,  1823;  sps 
parents;  unmarried. 

vii  Christina,  b  Apr.  7,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  7,  1825;  sp? 
parents;  d  Mar.  19,  1S77  ;  m  May  29,  1S55,  at  Gkn- 
dale,  Nelson  Hallenbeck;  b  Nov.,  1830;  d  Sept.  6, 
1892.  Issue:  Charles  W.  Hallenbeck,  b  1861; 
d  Aug.  18,  1881 ;  Mary  Hallenbeck,  b  1867  ;  d  Jan. 
14,  1885. 

708  viii   Allen  R.,  b  Oct.   16,  bp  at  Liv.  Dec.  31,  1826;  sps 

parents;  m  Oct.  27,  1849,  Catherine  Sheldon. 
ix  Robert  R.,  b  June  5,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  23,  182S;  sps 
parents;  m  (ist)  Sept.  29,  1858,  Henrietta  Snyder, 
.  who  d  Aug.  29,  1888;  (2d)  Dec.  18,  1890,  Eva  M. 
Bathrick;  res  Livingston;  oc  farmer.  Issue:  Mag- 
gie, b  June  II,  1862;  m  Nov.  26,  1879,  Wesley 
Hamm;  Mary,  b  June  13,  1865;  m  Mar.  16,  1887, 
Wesley  Hamm. 

709  X       Leonard,  b  Apr.   26,  bp  at  Liv.  Sept.  9,   1830;  sps 

parents;  m  Nov.  29,  1866,  Clarissa  Smith. 
xi      Elizabeth,  b  Mar.  20,  bp  at  Liv.  Nov,  4,  1832;  sps 

parents;  d  y. 
xii   'Herman,  b  in  1834  ;m  Aug.  30,  1S55,  Frances  Ackley. 
xiii   Helen,  b  1836;  unmarried, 
xiv   Elias,  b  1838; unmarried. 

395  NICHOLAS  G.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (205)  George 
Van  Deusen  and  Eva  Bresee  of  Copake;  b  there  Mar.  23,  and 
bp  May  2t,,  1796;  d  Feb.  9,  1855,  at  Martindale,  N.  Y.;  ma 
1818,  Elizabeth  Niver,  b  Feb.  12,  1S04;  d  Oct.  7,  1871. 

Res:  Claverack  in  1850;  later,  Martindale,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Oc :     Farmer. 


710  i        Henrv,  b  at  Ancram,  Apr.  30,   1821;  bp  at  Ghent, 

N.'Y.,  Oct.  6,  1825;  m  Mar.  18,  1858,  Hannah  J. 

711  ii       George,  b  Apr.  22,  1822;  m  a  1845,  Elizabet  Miller. 

712  iii      Matthew,  b  May  18,  1824;  m  Dec.  21,  1S46,  Catha- 

rine C.  Van  A'^alke^iburgh. 
iv      Andrew,  b  Sept.  16,  1826;  d  Sept.  18,  1903;  m  Jan. 
4,  1863,  Mary  Snyder;  res  Nortonhill,  Greene  Co., 
N.  Y.;  oc  farmer.     Issue:     Cora,  b  Mar.  26,  1S65; 

m  Apr.    25,    18 Zebulon   Hunt;  Charles  A., 

b  Mar.  2,  1871;  d  Aug.  20,  1899. 

713  V       Nicholas,  b  at  Claverack  Jan.  8,  1829;  m  Feb.  I,  1864. 

Emerette  Barnes. 

Seventh  Generation  269 

^'     "^tert  '^''^'  '^'  '^^°  =  ^^^?-  ''  1 888  ;m  Laura  J.  Hul- 
vii    David,  b  in  Claverack  Jan.   22,   1832;  m  Nov.    19. 
i8:,7.    Margaret    Raught;   res    Ghent;   oc   farmer 
Issue:     Ellen    b  Dec.   7,    1858;  m  Dec.   7,  X 
Reuben  M.  Allen;  res  Ghent,  N.  Y.;  Gamer  A 
...    ^  ^  ^Ir-.  ^'.  '^^^'  ^^^^y  C,  b  Sept.  14.  1863 
bamuel  Hagadorn. 
ix      Sarah  Augitsta,  b  Nov.  6,   1837;  m  William  Clark; 
res  J^ee,  Mass. 

'       'tmTiher''^^-^°'^'^'=^^ 

'''  "  ^°S:.tpaug?.^"  ^'  '''^-'  "^  '^''-  '^'  ^''''  cy- 

"""     ^''rT'p?',  ^   '^^^XT^?;    '^^''  "^  Elizabeth  Stickles; 

res  Plulmont    N.  Y.;  served  in  Co.  K,  30th  NeW 

^ork  \ol.   Inf.,  June   i,   1861   to  June   18,   1863- 
__        mustered  out  as  corporal  (Ctf.  916  ^^6) 
xm   Alvma,   b  July   9     1843;  m  Eugene   Ramsdell;  res 

Rensselaer\'ille,  N.  Y.;  no  ch 
XIV   Charles   b  Sept.  2    i846;m  Ma^.  2,  1872,  Mary  Jane 

Rifenburgh ;  res  Ghent,  N.  Y. ;  no  ch 

715  XV    Malmda,  b  at  Martindale,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  22,  1849-  m 

Dec.  25,  1872,  George  Rote. 

396     MATTHEUS    (G)    VAN    DEUSEN,    son    of    (205) 
George  Van  Deusen  and  Eva  Bresee  of  Copake;  b  Oct.  20   bp 

o   th?s  fWi         \^  ^^^^.^°'  ^^74.  aged  64.     The  members 
ot  this  family  are  bur  at  Churchtown 

716  i       John  C.    b  June  16,  1827;  m  Jan.  21,  1850,  Helen 

Rachel  Rossman. 
ii       Jacob,  b  1S35. 
iii      Mary  A.,  b  1841. 
iv      Sarah,  b  1S43. 

V  William,  b  Sept.  18,  1846;  d  July  3,  1847. 

VI  Allen,  b  184S.  ^  ^        ^^ 

MptlU  ^J'^-^n  ^^°P^''^'  ^^'^y^  ^^^  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (206) 
Mathew  Van  Deusen  and  Catharina  Livingston;  b  April  15 
bpat  Copake  June  7,  i787;ma  1S05,  Abraham  Kilmer       '' 


'        ^loh.f'n'';  ^P  ^t^opake  July  4,    1806;  sps  Conrad 
bchut,  Dortee  Van  Deusen. 

270  Van  Deursen  Family 

ii       Eliza   Kilmer,  bp  at   Copake  Apr.    14,    180S;  sps  Peter 

Kelmar,  Cornelia  Van  Deusen. 
iii      Adam  Kilmer,  bp  at  Copake  Aug.  18,  1810;  sps  John  B. 

and  Sophia  Van  Deusen. 

398  NICKLAS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (206)  Mathew  Van 
Deusen  and  Catharina  Livingston;  b  Sept.  i,  bp  at  Copake 
Oct.  31,  1795;  d  1859;  bur  at  Copake;  m  a  1817,  Elizabetii 
AVoodbeck;  b  Jtily  22,  1791. 

Res:     1850,  Mt.  Washington,  Berkshire  Co.,  Mass. 

717  i        Martin,  b  Aug.  14,  bp  at  Churchtown  Oct.  17,  1819; 

m  a  1840,  Lovina  Jones, 
ii       John,  b  June  23,  bp  at  Churchtown  Dec.  22,  1821. 
iii      Polly,  b  July  11,  1831 ;  d  Nov.  i,  18S8;  bur  in  Copake 

iv      Rachel,  b  in  1S33. 
V       James,  b  in  1835,  in  Mass. 
vi      Catherine,  b  in  1838,  in  Mass. 
vii     Almira,  b  in  1842. 

399  JOHN  B{ARENT)  (Johannes)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son 
of  (208)  Barent  Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Holenbeek  of  Copake; 
b  Jan.  15,  bp  at  Claverack  March  11,  1787;  m  a  1811,  Cath- 
erine VosBURGH,  who  was  b  in  17 89. 

John  was  a  soldier  of  the  War  of  181 2.  He  served  as  Adju- 
tant in  the  73d  Regt.,  New  York  Militia,  1814,  and  was  a  Cap- 
tain in  the  165th  Regt.  in  181 8.  He  was  admitted  a  member  of 
the  Dutch  Reformed  Church  at  Copake  Oct.  17,  1808,  and 
was  Deacon  of  that  church  May  22,  1809,  1811,  1815,  1S17 
and  May  15.  181 9.  At  some  time  subsequent  to  this  he  re- 
moved with  his  family  from  New  York  State  to  i\Iassachusetts, 
and  was  living  in  1S50  at  West  Stockbridge,  in  that  State, 
where  he  followed  the  occupation  of  farming,  He  d  Dec.  12, 
1870,  his  will  being  probated  May  3,  1871. 

Children,  bp  at  Copake,  N.  Y.; 
i        Syboica,  bp  May  8,  1S12. 

718  ii       Cyrus   Bernard,  bp  Mar.  13,  1813;  m  a  1846,  Rachel 

iii      Cynthia,  bp  Feb.  4,  181 5. 
iv     James  Lansing,  bp  Jan.  25,  181 7. 
v       Martha,  bp  Dec.  25,  1819. 
vi      Marv',  bp  Jan.  10,  1823. 
vii    Lazarus,  bp  Nov.  21,  1824;  m  Rachel  Ann   • 

and  had  issue:     Cynthia,  b  Jan.  19,  1847;  Edgar, 

b  Sept.  25,  1848. 

Seventh  Generation  271 

viii   Lovina,  bp  Dec.  15,  1826;  m  Oct.  i,  1845,  Aaron  B. 

ix      Amanda,  bp  Aug.  12,  1828;  m  Aug.  29,  1S49,  Edwin 

X       Christiana,  bp  Apr.  11,  1830. 

400  RICHARD  (DERICK*)  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (208) 
Barent  Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Holenbeek  of  Copake,  N.  Y. ; 
b  Mar.  26,  bp  at  Copake  Apr.  10,  1790;  d  Dec.  20,  1849;  m  by 
Justice  of  the  Peace  Bagley,  Jan.  3,  181 2,  to  Clara  Vos- 
BURGH.  He  served  in  the  War  of  1812,  from  Sept.  i,  1814,  to 
Dec.  I,  1814,  as  a  drummer  in  Capt.  Conrad  Wiley's  Comp., 
Col.  Van  Dolson's  Regt.,  New  York  :^Iihtia.  His  will,  dated 
Nov.  16,  1849,  v,\as  probated  Jan.  28, 1850  (Wid.  Pen.  ctf.  3352). 

Res:     Copake. 

Children,  some  bp  at  Copake: 

719  i        Ambrose,  bp  Mav  31,  1812;  m  a  1835,  Mariah  Win- 


720  ii       Lewis  Richard,  bp  May  2,   1814;  m  a  1840,  Phebe 


iii      Darius;  b  in   1815;  m  a   1840,  Perline    ;  b  m 

'  1 81 6.  Issue:  Lydia  Ann,  b  in  1844.  Res  m 
i860  at  Copake. 

iv      Marilla,  m  James  Lampman. 

V       Clarinda,  bp  Mav  22,  1819;  m  Levi  Melius. 

vi  Sabrina,  bp  July  12,  1821 ;  d  prior  to  1S74;  m  George 
Langour.  '  Issue:  Melvin  Langour;  Walter  Lang- 
our;  Christina  Langour;  Cline  Langour. 

vii     Phebe,  b  a  1823  ;  m  Walter  Shaver. 

viii   Christiana,  bp  Oct.  10,  1825;  m  James  Sheldon. 

ix      Maria,  bp  Jtme  12,  1827;  m  Peter  A.  Williams. 

X  Junius,  bp  Feb.  28,  1S29;  d  prior  to  iS74;m  Lavma 
Issue;     Hidreda,  b  in  1851. 

xi      DeHla,  m Brady. 

xii  Catharine;  d  prior  to  Dec,  1849,  aged  38  years;  m 
Sept.  29,  1845,  William  N.  Northrup;  b^Nov.  3, 
1824,  at  South  Dover,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.;  d 
June  I,  1885,  at  his  home  at  Copake.  After 
Catharine  Van  Deusen 's  death  he  married  again, 
Sept.  21,  1 86 2,  Harriet  Simons,  dau  of  Titus 
Simons;  she  d  Mav  24,  1S77.  Issue:  Mordecai 
Northrup,  b  Jan.  13,  1847,  at  Copake;  was  edu- 
cated for  a  clergyman;  d  at  Copake  Aug.  2,  1876; 

*Derick  or  Dirk  or  Dirck  are  not  the  Dutch  of  Richard,  but  abbreviations  of  Theo- 
dcrick  or  Theodore.     The  above  translation  is,  however,  a  very  usual  one. 

272  Van  Deursen  Family 

William  Northrup,  b  May  20,  d  June  20,  1S49; 
Annie  E.  Northnip.  b  Oct.  28,  1851;  at  Pavilion. 
Greene  Co.,  N.  Y.;  m  Oct.  30,  1872,  E.  D.  Xiver, 
merchant  at  Hudson,  N.  Y. ;  Man-  Northrup 
(The  Northrup  Genealogy,  p.  318).'  It  will  be 
noticed  there  is  a  discrepancy  between  the  dates 
of  the  above.  The  last  two  children  are  said  to 
be  born  after  the  date  of  Catherine's  death,  and 
before  the  second  marriage  of  William  N.  Northrup. 
xiii  Olive;  d  prior  to  1874;  m  Samuel  Cook;  had  dau, 
Olive  Gee  Cook. 

401  PHEBE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (208)  Barent  Van 
Deusen  and  Fytje  Holenbeek;  bp  at  Copake  March  10,  1793; 
m  a  1820,  David  McArthur.  She  was  received  as  a  member 
of  the  Dutch  Reformed  Church  at  Copake,  on  confession  of 
faith,  Oct.  16,  1819. 

Res:     Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Nelson  McArthur,  b  in  1823;  bp  at  Copake  in  1824;  sps 

parents.  ■' 
ii       Hannah  Catherine  McArthur,  bp  at  Copake  Feb.  18,  1826. 

402  SAMUEL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (208)  Barent  Van 
Deusen  and  Fytje  Holenbeek;  b  May  26,  bp  at  Copake  Aug. 
9,  1795;  m  there  May  15,  1818,  Phebe  Drum.  He  enlisted 
in  Sept.,  1814,  in  Cap't.  Rossman's  Comp.,  New  York  Militia, 
War  of  1812,  and  "marched  with  said  company  to  Kinder- 
hook  in  route  to  Plattsburg  where  orders  met  them  to  return 
as  the  battle  had  been  fought."  On  April  26,  1870,  his 
widow  filed  a  Bounty  Land  Claim  (109,930)  reporting  death 
of  husband  on  June  11,  1S69. 

Res:     Census  of  1S50,  Copake,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Laborer. 

i        Peter,  b   1821;  m  a   1855,  Lucinda    ;  res  1850, 

Copake,  N.  Y.;  oc  carpenter.  Issue:  Henri,  b  1858. 
ii  William,  b  in  1828.  He  enlisted  at  Nassau,  N.  Y.,  Nov. 
6,  1861,  as  Corporal  in  Co.  H,  7th  New  York  Vol.  Cav.. 
and  mustered  out  with  Co.  Mar.  31,  1862,  at  Washing- 
ton, D.  C.  No  further  record. 
iii      Nelson,  b  in  1840. 

403  WILLIAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (20S)  Barent  Van 
Deusen  and  Fvtje  (Sophia)  Holenbeek  of  Copake ;  bp  there 
Aug.  8,  1797;  d  there  Dec.  16,  i8S6;m  July  25,  1817,  Chris- 

Seventh  Generation  273 

TINA  Veley,  b  Jan.  7,  179S;  d  June  11,  1872.  He  served 
nine  days  in  the  War  of  1812,  Aug'iS.  1S14.  to  Aug  "5  1814 
as  a  Lieut,  in  Capt  John  I.  Martin's  Company,  Col  Van  Dot 
son  s  Regt.,  New  ^  ork  Militia.  He  stated  that  he  wrs  d? - 
charged  because  there  were  ' '  too  manv  officers. ' '  He  march- 
ed from  Hudson  to  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  disch^JJed 
(Bounty  Land  Claim  for  160  acres  75,357)  ^^^^^irgea. 

Res:     Copake.     Oc:     Farmer. 


i        Arabella,   b  Apr.    21,  bp  at   Churchtown"  Sept.    12 
18 19:  m  H.  S.  Husted;  res  LeRoy,  Genesee  Co.,' 

721  ii       Albert,  b  Feb.  22,  1821,  at  Hillsdale;  m  Mar  6    iSco 

Dorothy  Harris.  '       ^   ' 

iii      Lucinda   "b    Apr.    6,    1823;   m    Egbert   Webster   of 
Hillsdale;  res  in  1872  Gt.  Barrington    Mass 

722  ly      Charles  William,  b  Apr.  3,   1825;  m  Feb.  21;  "18.-4 

Catherine  M.  Plass.  ^^' 

723  V       Linus,  b  June  26,  1S27,  at  Copake;  m  Dec    it    1S60 

Agness  Smile  v.  ^' 

vi      Eunico  b  Feb.  20,  1S30 ;  m  Wm.  McFarlin  of  Amenia 

-     N.  Y.;  res  Copake,  N.  Y. 
vu     Eveline,  b  Sept.  28,  1832;  not  mentioned  in  1S72 
via  Jennie,  b  Feb.  6,  1S35;  ^'as  a  Dist.  School  Teacher  in 

i860;  m  Mar.  10,  1890,  Edward  H.  Fitch   of  Park 

Rapids,  Mmn.;  no  children. 
ix      Ambrose,  b  July  21,  i S3 7;  not  mentioned  in    1872 
x_      Aaron,  b  Sept.  i,  1S39 ;  named  in  Census  of  i860 
XI      Loron,  b  May  11,  1S42;  served  in  Comp.  K,  128th 

Regt.,    New   York  Vol.    Inf.,    1862;   d   at   Baton 

Rouge,  La.,  Oct.  i,  1863 ;  mother  was  a  pensioner 

(Ctt.  168,300). 

404     HENRY  BERNARD  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (20S) 
Barent    Van   Deusen  and  Phoebe   (Fytje)   Holenbeek-  b  at 
Copake  Jan.  21,  bp  as  Harry  May  4,  1800;  d  at  Hudson    N 
y.,  Feb.  17,  1887;  m  (ist)  March  12,  1825,  Mary  Ann  Bost- 
wiCK,  b  May  23,  1S03;  d  April  2,  1856;  (2d)  Dec.  22    18.-8 
Mary  E.  House,  b  April  21,  1837;  d  Nov.  14,  1S99     ' 
Res:     Hudson,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Grocer. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        Julia  Augusta,  b  Aug.  20,  1826;  m  Dec.  28,  1848,  Alfred 

Dudley  Hoyt. 
a       Mary  Louisa,  b  June  3,  182S;  m  July  2,  1S50,  Philo  Mc- 

274       -  Van  Deursen    Family 

iii      Phoebe,  b  June  lo,  1830;  d  same  vear. 

iv      Sidney  Bostwick.  b  May  24,  1S36;  d  Aug.  2,  1S47. 

V       Cecelia,  b  Oct.  22.  1S3S';  d  Apr.  2S,  1S56. 
By  second  wife: 

vi  Emily,  b  Dec.  3,  1S65,  at  Carthage  Landing,  Dutchess  Co.. 
N.  Y.;  m  Sept.  3,  1S90,  Pirie  MacDonald.  Thev  res 
in  New  York  City,  where  Mr.  MacDonald  is  a  photo- 
grapher.    Issue:     Jesse  MacDonald,  b  July  i,  1892. 

405  CAROLINE  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (20S)  Barent 
Van  Deusen  and  Fytje  Holenbeek;  bp  at  Copake  Feb.  21, 
1802 ;  m  a  1821,  Richard  Vosburgh. 

Children,  bp  at  Copake: 
i        Phoebe  Vosburgh,  bp  Oct.  24,  1S22. 
ii       VVilHam  Vosburgh.  bp  Dec.  5,  1S24. 
iii      Bernard  Vosburgh,  bp  Jan.  18,  1S27. 
iv      Samuel  Vosburgh,  bp  Feb.  14,  1829. 

406  FREELOVE  (Frans)  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (209) 
John  Van  Deusen  and  Marytje  (Polly)  Decker  of  Copake; 
b  Oct.  25,  1793-rbp  at  Claverack  Feb.  2,  1794,  m  a  1815, 
Henry  Vosburgh. 


i        Gennie  Vosburgh ;  m Kip. 

ii       Welthy  Vosburgh;  m Loomis. 

iii      Delia  Vosburgh. 

407  JACOB  1.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (209)  John  Van 
Deusen  and  Marytje  Decker  of  Copake,  N.  Y. ;  b  Nov.  8,  1799; 
m  (ist)  in  1818,  Carolina  Sanford;  (2d)  Catherine  Wol- 
COTT,  dau  of  Francis  J.  and  Laura  Wolcott,  who  d  Nov.  4, 
1825;  (3d)  in  1826.  Laura  Wolcott,  sister  of  Catherine,  who 
d  without  issue  Mar.  15,  1S27,  aged  21  years;  (4th)  Mar.  16, 
1828,  Hannah  Van  Deusen.  dau  of  (213)  Tobias  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Catherine  Lampman;  bp  Apr.  29,  1S08;  d  Feb.  17, 

Mr.  Van  Deusen  was  a  v.^ealthy  fanner  and  stock-raiser. 
He  resided  at  Copake  and  died  there  Jan.  i,  1855. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
724  i        Milo   Sanford,  b   Sept.    29,    1820;  m   (ist)   in   1840, 
Sally  Ann  Miller;   (2d)   Mar.    22,   1869,  Sarah  A. 
By  second  wife: 

ii       Freelen,  b  July   28,   1823;  m  Sept.   22,   1851,  Cath- 
erine   Williams;   res    Copake;   oc    farmer.     Issue: 

Seventh  Generation  275 

Frank,  b  Mar.  2,  1853  ;  m  Josephine  Makely ;  Fred, 
b  Apr.  17,  1868;  living  unm  in  1904. 
By  fourth  wife: 

iii  Jane,  b  Sept.  22,  1S30;  d  Aug.  22,  1877;  m  Jan.  4, 
1849,  Charles  N.  Parks;  res  Greenport,  N.  Y. 

725  iv      Julia,  b  Jan.   20,   1832;  m  Jan.   16,   1850,  Sylvester 


V  Fannie,  b  Jan.  8,  1834;  m  Oct.  18,  1853,  Peter  N. 

Hollenbeck;  res  Greenport. 

726  vi      Lester,  b  Oct.  8,   1835;  m  Oct.  4,    1858,  Lydia  A. 

vii     Marvin,  b  Aug.  S,  1838;  unm;  res  Copake. 
viii   Prudence,  b  May  20,  1S40;  m  (ist)  in  1S6.  .,  George 

Burtin ;  (2d)  Albert  L.  Curtis ;  no  ch ;  res  Milwaukee, 

ix      Luddington,  b  May  3,  1S42;  d  unm. 

727  X       Oneitia,  b  June  23,  1S45;  m  Mar.  21,  1S66,  Patrick 

Henry  N orris. 

408  LEVI  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (209)  John  Van  Deusen 
and  Marytje  Decker  of  Copake,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  Sept. 
4,  bp  Oct.  10,  1802,  at  Hillsdale,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y.;  d  Dec.  7, 
1866;  m  about    1822,  Johanna  Wolcott. 

Res:     Oneida,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer  and  Con- 

i        Betsey  M.,  b  Oct.  4,  1822;  m  Thompson  E.  Barnes. 

ii       Wadsworth,  b  Apr.  22,  1826;  d  in  infancy. 

iii  Thurston,  b  Oct.  23,  1S27;  m  Jan.  4,  1851,  at  Ver- 
non, Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Helen  Scully.  He  en- 
listed in  Co.  C,  32nd  Wis.  Vol.  Inf.,  Aug.  13,  1862, 
and  d  Sept.  3,  1864,  being  struck  by  lightning  at 
Jonesboro,  Clayton  Co.,  Ga.  (Pen.  Ctf.  66,471); 
res  of  wid  1S94,  Phillips,  Price  Co.,  Wis.  Issue: 
Zoa  C,  b  at  Oneida,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  12, 
1853;  Frances  Adella,  b  at  Oneida,  Oct.  i,  1855; 
Orville,  b  at  Princeton,  Green  Lake  Co.,  Wis., 
Apr.  6,  i860. 

728  iv     James  Eaton,  b  Feb.  6,  iS29;m  Nov.  25,  1866.  Mary 

T.  Stewart. 

V  Polly  Ann,  b  Sept.  26,  1S36;  m  Charles  Asa  Brown, 
vi     Wells  De  Clifford,  b  Mar.  13,  1S43  ;  d  in  infancy. 

vii    Wellington,  b  June  5,  1845 '.  ^  Sylvia  A.  Shattuck. 

409  ABNER  VAN    DEUSEN,    son   of    (209)    John  Van 

276  Van  Deursen   Family 

Deusen    and    Marytje   Decker    of    Hillsdale;    b    Feb.   14,   bp 
at  Copake,  N.  Y.,  May   3,    1807;  d  July    10,    18S1;  m    (ist) 
at  Hillsdale  in  1833,  Olive  Mead,  who  d  Sept.  20,  1S47;  (2d) 
a  1S50,  LuciNDA  or  Cyxthl\  Post,  who  v/as  bom  in  Mass. 
Res:     1850,  Mt.  Washington,  Mass. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife,  b  in  Mass.: 
i        Leman,  b  a  1S34. 
ii       Richard,  b  1835. 
729  iii      Ezra,  b  a  1837  ;m  Feb.  21,  1858,  Vienna  E.  Newman. 
iv      Levi,  b  1842;  served  in  Co.  E,  49th  Mass.  Vol.  Inf., 
War  of  Rebellion,  Sept.  19,  1862,  to  Sept.  i,  1S63 
(Inv.  Ctf.  979,057) ;  res  Ashley  Falls,  Mass. 
V       James  S.,  b  Mar.  4,  1S44;  m  Feb.  5,  1880,  Josephine 
W.  Hollenbeck.     He  served  in  Co.  H,  91st  New 
York  Vol.  Inf.,  Aug.,   1S64,  to  June.   1865   (Pen. 
Ctf.  476,462);  res  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.;  retired; 
no  children. 
vi      Delbert,  b  1844;  served  in  Co.  A,  159th  New  York 
Vol.  Inf.,  War  of  the  Rebellion;  enlisted  Sept.  6, 
1862,  and  was  killed  in  action,  Sept,  19,  1864,  at 
Opequon,-'Va.     His  father,  Abner,   filed  applica- 
tion for  pension  Sept.  2,  1879,  (No.  254,745)  but 
the  claim  was  never  allowed, 
vii    Hiiam  G.,  b  1846. 
viii   Martha. 
ix      Laura. 

410  PHOEBE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (213)  Tobias 
Van  Deusen  and  Catherine  Lampman  of  Copake,  N.  Y. ; 
b  there  May  22,  1800;  d  at  Salisbury,  Conn.,  March  23, 
1876;  m  at  Copake,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  14,  1819,  David  Mac  Arthur; 
b  July  30,  179S;  d  at  Livingston,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  27,  1859, 

Res:  Copake  until  about  1835,  then  North  Egremont, 

Childre:s,   I  to  6  b  at  Copake,  7  to  9  at  No.  Egremont, 
i        Almira  Mac  Arthur,  b  Apr.  i,  1820;  d  at  Ancram,  N.  Y., 

J\ine  15,  1 86 1. 
ii       Angeline  Mac  Arthur,  b  Apr.  10,  1823;  d  a  Copake  June 

I,  1851. 
iii      Nelson  Mac  Arthur,  b  Oct.  7,  1825 ;  m  Jan.  26,  1851,  Jane 
E.  Barnett  (For  descendants  of  this  line  see  Miscella- 
eotis  and  Related  Families). 
iv     James  R.  Mac  Arthur,  b  Mar.  15,  182S;  m  Sept.  4,  1S56, 

Seventh  Generation  277 

Frances  M.   Richmond   (For  descendants  of  this  Hne 
see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families) 

V  Susan  Mac  Arthur,  b  Aug.    lo.    1S30;  m  Oct.   24,   1S54, 

>,icholas  M.  W  illiams  (For  descendants  of  this  hne  see 
Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families) 

VI  Sarah  J.  Mac  Arthur,  b  Nov.  10,  1834;  m  Feb.  14,  18C5 

Charles    Saunders    (For   descendants   of  this   line   see 

Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families) 
vii     Renselaer  A.  Mac  Arthur,  b  Oct.   13,   1836;  d  July   12, 

1863,  at  Baton  Rouge,  La.,  from  wounds  received  at 

battle  of  Port  Hudson. 
viii   Freeman  T.  Mac  Arthur,  b  Nov.  23,   1839;  d  Sept    lo 

188S,  atNew  YorkCitv.  >^  •     y- 

ix      Mary  S.  Mac  Arthur,  b  Jan.  2,  1S43. 

411  CHRISTINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (213)  Tobias 
Van  Deusen  and  Catherine  Lampman  of  Copake,  N  Y  •  b 
April  4,  1802;  m  a  1830,  Peter  WoLcoTT. 


i  Erastus  Wolcott,  b  Nov.  21,  1836;  m  Julv  4,  1S57,  Emily 
Langdon;  res  Chatham,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Franklin  j 
Wolcott,  b  Apr.  30,  1S58;  Flora  Wolcott,  b  Aug.  30 
1875;  in  1898,  George  Butler. 

11  Catherine  Wolcott,  b  July  29,  183S;  m  Nov.  iS,  1859,  J. 
C.  Hollenbeek;  res  Chatham,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Loren 
P.  Hollenbeek,  b  Dec.  15,  i86i;m  Dec.  17,  18S4,  Annie 
Perry;  Burton  S.  Hollenbeek,  b  June  13,  1865:  m  Sept 
I,  1890,  Molly  Fitzgerald;  Grant  E.  Hollenbeek,  b 
July  17,  1870;  m  Sept.  8,  1896,  Lula  Funday;  Hattie 
Hollenbeek,  b  July  31,  1875;  "i  June  30,  1896,  Peter 

412  FREEMAN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (213)  Tobias 
Van  Deusen  and  Catherine  Lampman  of  Copake,  N.  Y.;  b 
there  Feb,  7,  bp  at  Claverack  June  30,  1806;  d  at  Blackinton, 
Mass.,  Jan.  21,  1883;  m  Dec.  29,  1837,  Lucretia  Tullar,  b 
m  Lgremont,  Mass.,  May  22,  1814;  d  Mav  4,  1888,  at  Blackin- 
ton, Mass. 

Res:     South  Lee,  Mass.     Oc:     Milhvright. 


730  i        Camilla  Eugenia,  b  Jan.   i,   1842;  m  Oct.   i,   1862, 

Edward  Wells  Blackinton. 

731  ii       Pamelia  Collin,  b  Oct.  6,  1S44  ;  m  Oct.  5,  1870,  Albert 
Henry  AVillis. 

Paulina  Tullar,  b  Oct.  6,    1844;  d  Feb.  4,   1907;  m 


278  Van  Deursen   Family 

Nov.  9,  1864,  Edwin  Carter  Sexton;  res   Palmer, 
Mass.;  no  ch. 

413  SEYxMOUR  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (213)  Tobias 
Van  Deusen  and  Catherine  Lampman  of  Copake,  N.  Y. ;  b 
Nov.  26,  iSio;  d  a  1880;  m  at  Salisbury,  Conn.,  in  1834, 
Caroline  McArthur;  b  May  11,  18 14.       ' 

Res:     Hillsdale,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

732  i        Mary  Etta,  b  Feb.  15,  1835  ;m  Jan.  25,  18^:;,  Walter 

B.  Ten  Broeck. 

733  ii       Jeannett,   b  July  8,    1837;  m   Dec.    15,    1857,  John 

Frederick  Collins. 
iii      Delila,  b  Aug.  12,  1840;  m  Mar.  17,  186S,  Ezra  Best 
of  Egremont,  Mass. ;  no  ch. 

734  iv      Almira,  b  Apr.   16,    1842;  m  Sept.   2,   1865,  James 

V       Annie,  b  Sept.  i,  1844;  d  Sept.  25,  1S70;  m  a  1S65, 

Henry    Hallenbeck    of    Egremont,    Mass.     Issue: 

Edward  Hallenbeck,  b  1869. 
vi      Newton  Jay,  b  Nov.  8,  1846;  m  Emma  Powell;  no  ch. 

735  vii     Elizabeth,  b  Mar.  5,   184S;  m  Nov.   i,  187 1,  Frank 

Homer  Clemons. 

414  MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (213)  Tobias  Van 
Deusen  and  Catherine  Lampman  of  Copake,  N.  Y. ;  b  there 
May  27,  1816;  d  Sept.  27,  1874,  at  Copake;  m  April  21,  1S32, 
Daniel  Haywood. 

Res:     Copake,  N.  Y. 
i        Norman  Haywood,  b  Apr.   26,   1S34;  m  Mar.   23,   i86r, 

Amelia  E.   Austin;  res  New  York  City.     Issue:     Ida 

N.  Haywood,  b  Mar.  12,  1864;  m  Aug.  27,  1887,  D.  C. 

ii_      Orin  Haywood,  b  Feb.  3,  1836. 
iii      Almira   Haywood,   b   Sept.    13,    1837;  m  Oct.    13,    1S60, 

Hiram  Wright. 
iv      Elizabeth  Hayv/ood,  b  July  13,  1839. 
v^      Emma  Haywood,  b  July  25,  1841. 
vi      Albert  Haywood,  b  Apr.  5,  1843;  m  June  6,  1867,  Annie 

Brown  (For  descendants  of  this  line  see  Miscellaneous 

and  Related  Families). 
vii    Jarvis  Haywood,  b  Feb.  11,  1845;  d  Dec.  21,  1867. 
viii   Elthea  Haywood,  b  Feb.  i,  1847;  d  Apr.  29,  1871 ;  m  Oct. 

31,  1 866,  Edv\'ard  Brainard. 

Seventh  Generation  279 

ix      Lyman  Haywood,  b  Mav  12,  1849. 

X       Mary  Haywood,  b  Apr.  '29,  1852;  m  Sept.  i,  1S70,  Albert 

Hallenbeck;  she  d  Sept.  11,  1871. 
xi      Daniel  Haywood,  b  Sept.  5,  1S54. 

415     JAMES  NICHOLAS  VAN   DEUSEN,  son  of   (214) 

Nicholas  Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda  of  West  Taghkanick, 
Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  Oct.  13,  bp  at  Livmgston  Nov.  9,  1788;  d 
Apr.  22,  1877;  bur  at  Liv.;m  at  Clav.  Dec.  4,  1808,  Christina 
PoTZ  or  Potts,  who  d  June  14,  1876;  bur  at  Liv.  They  were 
residents  of  Claverack  until  1834;  in  1850  thev  were  living  in 

736  i        Jane  Ann,  b  Oct.  4,  bp  at  Churchtown  Nov.  12,  1809; 

sps    Nicholas    Van    Deusen,    Annatje    Fonda;    m 
June  20,  1829,  Charles  Caleb  Post. 

737  ii       Robert  James,  b  Oct.  21,  1811;  m  a  1S33,  Harriet 


iii  Elizabeth,  b  Dec.  21,  1813;  m  in  1S35,  James  Camp- 
bell. ^ 

iv  Carolina,  b  Feb.  23,  bp  at  Churchtown  Apr.  28, 
1816;  d  unm  Nov.  22,  18S1 ;  bur  at  Livingston. 

V  Nicholas,  b  July  21,  bp  at  Churchtown  Sept.  13, 

738  vi      Jacob,  b  Oct.  21,  bp  at  Claverack  Dec.  17,  1820;  m 

Sept.  26,  1S46,  Emeline  Plass. 

739  vii     Peter,  b  Mar.   2,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Apr.   13,  1823;  m 

July  17,  1 86 2,  Mrs.  Harriet  N.  Bunce. 
viii   Christina,  b  July  6,  bp  at  Claverack  Sept.  4,  1825;  m 

at  Liv.  Dec.  12,  1861,  Norman  Link  of  Taghkanick. 
ix      Catherine,  b  Sept.  15,  bp  at  Hillsdale  Oct.  30,  1827; 

prob  m  Nov.  11,  1S49,  Reuben  Schutt,  a  farmer  of 

Copake;  she  is  bur  at  Livingston. 
x       p:meline,  b  Apr.  26,  bp  at  Liv.  Aug.  24,  1833  ;  d  July 

_  18,  1900;  bur  at  Livingston. 
xi      Nicholas,  b  Nov.  26,  1S34,  bp  at  Livingston  Jan.  12, 

1835;  removed  to  Berrien  Co.,  Mich. 

416  PETER  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (214)  Nicholas  Van 
Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda  of  West  Taghkanick,  N.  Y.;  b  July 
29,  bp  at  Livingston  Aug.  28,  1791 ;  d  March  S,  18S7;  m  Oct. 
5,  1830,  to  Eliza  Cuyler  at  the  Reformed  Church,  Cox- 
sackie,  by  Rev.  Jeremiah  Searle. 

Res;     1850,  Hudson.     Oc:     Merchant. 

280  Van  Deursen   Family 

i        John  Payson,  b  1831. 
ii       Edward  Cuyler,  b  1S33. 
iii      Robert,  b  1837;  d  Feb.  10,  1S43. 
iv      Peter;  d  y. 

417  CHRISTINA  VANDEUSEN,  dau  of  (214)  Nicholas 
Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda  of  West  Taghkanick,  N.  Y.;  b 
Dec.  II,  1793;  bp  at  Claverack  Feb.  2,  1794;  d  Dec.  16,  1871; 
m  May  26,  1810,  Peter  B.  Rossman;  b  Oct.  30,  1788;  d  June 
22,  1819. 

Children,  bp  at  Livingston: 

i  Caroline  A.  Rossman,  bp  Aug.  27,  iSii;  d  Nov.  22,  1856; 
m  Mar.  21,  1831,  Alfred  Wattles,  b  Mar.  25,  iSii;  d 
Mar.  17,  iSSo.  He  was  a  merchant  in  Hudson,  N.  Y.. 
under  firm  name  of  House  and  Wattles.  Issue:  Emily 
C.  Wattles,  b  June  i,  1832;  d  Dec,  1864;  m  1852,  at 
Mellenville,  N.  Y.,  John  Metcalf,  and  had  issue:  Caro- 
hne  A.  Metcalf,  b  Feb.  19,  1855;  d  Feb.  14,  1857; 
Haidee  Metcalf,  b  Dec.  25,  1857,  d  May  29,  1859;  Kate 
Wattles,  b  "Dec.  5,  1836;  m  Jan.  31,  1861,  at  Church- 
town,  Stephen  W.  Ham,  who  d  May  21,  1894;  they  had 
issue:  Alfred  W.  Ham,  b  July  29,  1862;  Katherine 
Ham,  b  Sept.  8,  1874. 

ii  Margerete  Rossman,  b  Sept.  21,  1813;  d  May  22,  1S41; 
m  a  1833,  Nelson  Husted,  and  had  issue:  Rossman 
Husted,  b  Aug.  26,  1837. 

iii  Stephen  Rossman,  bp  Sept.  10,  1815;  d  June  9,  1869;  m 
Mar.  4,  1839,  by  Rev.  Augustus  Wagenhagen,  Mar/ 
Ann  Decker.  Issue:  Mary  C.  Rossman,  b  July  6, 
1840;  d  Feb.  7,  i89i;m  Aug.  25,  1860,  her  cousin,  Ross- 
man Husted,  and  had  issue:  George  W.  Husted.  b 
Oct.  26,  1869. 

iv  Peter  Matthew  Rossman,  b  Mar.  14,  1817;  bp  Feb.  16. 
1822 ;  was  a  member  of  the  Sam  Houston  Regiment  lor 
eight  years;  later,  he  owned  and  resided  upon  a  sheep 
ranch  in  Texas. 

v  Cathrina  Maria  Rossman,  b  Mar.  22,  1819;  bp  Feb.  16, 
1822;  d  at  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  19,  18S5;  m  Almon 
Snyder  b  Jan.  i,  1818;  d  Dec.  19,  1888.  They  had 
issue:     Almon  J.  Snyder,  b  at  Hudson  June  11,  1850. 

418  ELIZABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (214)  Nicholas 
Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda  of  West  Taghkanick,  N.  i-. 
b  June  8,  bp  at  Livingston  July  i,  1798;  d  May  3,  1874.  "^ 

Seventh  Gexeratiox  281 

Sept.   lo,   1815,  at  Claverack,  Abraham  Briggs;  b  Feb.   27, 

1793;  d  Aug.  19.  1869.     Res  at  Johnstown,  X.  Y. 

i  Amy  Briggs,  b  June  30,  1S16;  d  Sept.  4,  1S65  ;  m  Oct.  31. 
1S37,  Henry  Stickles.  Issue:  Elizabeth  Stickles/m 
John  Decker;  res  Elizaville,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  Walter 
Stickles,  m  Nettie  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  Peter  Van  Deu- 
sen;  Mary  Livingston  Stickles,  m  Robert  D.  Stall; 
Harmon  Stickles,  m  Carrie  Patrie;  res  Livingston,  N. 
Y.;  Charles  Stickles,  m  Horton  Seism;  Harriet  Stickles; 
Alma  Stickles;  Sarah  Stickles,  m  John  Stickles. 

ii  Sarah  Ann  Briggs,  b  Nov.  3,  1818;  m  Jan.  31,  1843,  Whit- 
ney Stickles.  Issue:  Abraham  Stickles;  Lewis  Stick- 
les, m  Letty  Windsor;  George  Stickles;  Esther  Stickles, 
d  in  1894;  m  John  C.  Dinehart;  res  West  Copake,  N. 
Y. ;  Mary  Stickles,  m  Harvey  Boice ;  res  Stamford,  Conn. ; 
Elizabeth  Stickles,  m  Dewitt  Varick,  res  Poughkeep- 
sie,  N.  Y. 

iii  Walter  Briggs,  b  May  31,  1821 ;  d  Nov.  16,  18S4;  m  Sept. 
15,  185 1,  Martha  Elizabeth  Jewett  of  Vernon,  Oneida 
Co.,  N.  \";  had  one  ch,  Mary  Elizabeth  Briggs,  b  Atig. 
io~  1853,  who  m  May  20,  1885,  Abram  Almon  Kells 
(res  Sheffield,  Mass.),  and  had  dau  Maud  Victoria  Kells, 
b  Apr.  24,  1889. 

iv      Peter  Briggs,  b  June  15,  1823 ;  d  May  25,  1837. 

V  James  Briggs,  b  May  23,  d  July  24^  1825. 

419  MARGARET  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (214)  Nicholas 
Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda  of  West  Taghkanick,  Col.  Co., 
N.  Y.;b  July  25,  1801;  d  Feb.  12,  1852;  m  Aug.  19,  1820, 
Samuel  Denyk  (Ten  Eyck) ;  b  July  22,  1798;  d  Dec.  30,  183 1. 

Children,  bp  at  Livingston;  sps  parents: 
i        Mar}^  Ann  Denyk,  b  July  29,  bp  Sept.  9,  1821 ;  d  1893  ;  m 

Feb.    22,    1847,    Conklin    Terry.     Issue:     Robert    M. 

ii       Carolina  Denyk,  b  July  31,  bp  Sept.  30,  1823;  m  Walter 

iii      Robert  Denvk,  b  Jan.  13,  bp  Aug.  7,  1825 ;  d  at  sea. 
iv      Morris  Denyk,  b  Oct.  27,  1827;  bp  Dec.  30,  1828;  d  City 

of  Mexico  Feb.  6,  1870. 

V  Elizabeth  Denyk,  b  Nov.  21,  1829;  bp  Mar.  21,  1830;  d, 

July  22,  1839. 
vi      Samuel  Van  Deusen  Denyk,  b  Dec.  28,  183 1 ;  bp  Jan.  17, 

2S2  Van  Deursen   Family 

^420  ROBERT  NICHOLAS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (214. 
Nicholas  Van  Dcusen  and  Anna  Fonda ;  b  at  Tas^hkanick,  Col'. 
Co..  N.  Y.,  Oct.  4,  1S04;  d  at  Stuyvesant,  N.  Y.,'Oct.  26,  1S63 ; 
m  at  Livingston  Jan.  S,  1827,  by 'Rev.  A.  N.  Kettle,  to  Cath.«.-' 
RixE  Best. 

Oc:     Miller  and  Merchant. 
Children,  bp  at  Livingston: 
740  i        Edwin  Holmes,  b  Aug.  29,  bp  Nov.  9,  1828;  m  July 
22,  185S,  Cynthia  Ann  Wendover. 
ii       Margaret  Ann,  b  July  21,  bp  Oct.  24,  1S30;  d  unm 

Sept.  25,  1857. 
iii      Mary  Ellen,  b  Sept.  20,  1832;  bp  Feb.  22,   1833;  m 
Oct.  5,  1870,  William  Pierson  Hazleton;  res  1S77, 
Palatka,  Fla. 

^421  ANNA  CATHERINE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (214) 
Nicholas  Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda;  b  Sept.  i,  1S07;  ni 
July  21,  1832,  at  Livingston,  by  Rev.  Edwin  Holmes,  to  John 


Res :     Ancram. 

i        Emeline  Rockafeller,  b  Dec.  9,  1833;  bp  Apr.  27,  1834,  at 

ii       Marv^ette  Rockafeller. 
iii      Alice  Rockafeller. 
iv      John  Rockafeller. 
v       Robert  Rockafeller. 

422  MARIA  ALBERTINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (214) 
Nicholas  Van  Deusen  and  Anna  Fonda  of  West  Taghkanick. 
N.  Y.;  b  Nov.  18,  1810;  d  April  i,  1901;  m  July,  1828,  Fyte 
Miller,  a  farmer. 

Res:     Dryden,  Tompkins  Co.,  N.  Y, 
i        Nicholas  Miller,  b  Oct.  18,  1828;  bp  at  Livingston  Feb. 

3,  1S29;  d  Oct.  5,  1879;  m  Louisa  E.  Rockefeller. 
ii       Roetta  Miller,  b  Aug.   12,  bp  at  Liv.  Oct.   17,   1S30;  m 

Norman  Niver. 
iii      Ehzabeth  Ann  Miller,  b  a  1832;  m  Dec.  22,  1853,  (743) 

Robert  Van  Deusen  of  Canaan,  Conn, 
iv      Eveline  Miller,  b  a  1834;  m  Orson  Luther;  res  Freeville. 

Tompkins  Co.,  N.  Y. 
V       Mary  Ellen   Miller,  b   May    17,    1837;  m  Nov.   2,   1S67. 

Samuel   Woodford    (See'  Burhans    Gen.,    p.    442);  res 

Fayetteville,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Seventh  Generation  283 

vi     Jonas   Fyte   Miller,   b  a   1838;  m  Serapta   Stewart;  res 

Cincinnatus.  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 
vii     Frank  ^liller,  b  1S41 ;  unm;  member  of  Co.  F,  76tli  N.  Y. 

Vol.  Inf.;  enlisted  Oct.   11,   1861,  at  Freeville,  X.  Y.; 

killed  in  the  second  battle  of  Bull  Run  Aug.  29,  1862, 

War  of  the  Rebellion, 
viii   Oscar  Miller,  m  Emma  Jean  Williams, 
ix      Russel  W.  Miller,  b  Sept.  7,  1848;  m  Katie  Rockefeller; 

res  Copake  Iron  Works,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. 
X       Stanley  Roberts  i^-Iiller;  m  Belle  Space. 
xi      Carrie  E.  Miller,  b  Mar.  24,  1850;  m  John  J.  Cole  of  Dry- 
den,  N.  Y. 
xii     Norman  N.  Miller,  b  Oct.  6,  1S58;  m  Harriet  Longcoy; 

res  Auburn,  N.  Y. 

423  LENA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (215)  Robert  James 
Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Sharp  of  Livingston  Manor;  b 
June  30,  bp  Aug.  4,  1799;  d  Dec.  4,  1S74;  m  Aug.  4,  1S16, 
Peter  I.  Harder;  b  Jime  30,  1797 ;  d  Aug.  20,  1870. 

Res:     Lockport,  111. 
i        John  Henry  Robert  Harder,  b  Feb.  27,  bp  at  Livingston 

Apr.  ^,  1S17;  d  Dec.  20,  1S67,  at  Watertown,  N.  Y.; 

m  Sally  Wells, 
ii       Peter  Harder,  b  Dec.  29,  1819,  bp  at  Livingston  Feb.  6, 

1820;  d  May  30,  1820,  in  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y. 
iii     James  Harder,  b  Aug.  31,  1821;  m  Sarah  U.  Halbrook; 

res  Whitewater,  Wis.;  living  in  May,  1906. 
iv     Jacob  Harder,  b  Aug.  6,  1823;  d  Mar.  30,  1883. 
V       Richard  Harder,  b  July  11,  1825;  m  Sept.  22,  1853,  Har- 
riet Link  of  Joliet,  111. ;  res  Whitewater,  Wis. 
vi      Theodore   Harder,  b  Oct.   21,   1828;  m  Sept.   24,    1853, 

Susan  A.  Billings;  res  Lockport,  111. 
vii     Peter  Harder,  b  Nov.  7,  1830;  d  May  7,  1834. 
viii   Elizabeth  Harder,  b  July  13,  1833;  d  Sept.  14,  1904;  m 

Aug.  29,  1850,  Jacob  A.  Gaul;  res  Oneida,  N.  Y. 
ix      Herman  Harder,  b  Mar.  17,  1837 ;  d  in  Colorado. 
X       Edwin  Harder,  b  Oct.  9,  1S39;  d  Feb.  14,  1841. 
xi      Francis  Harder,  b  Sept.  9,  1841;  m  Emma  Brinkerhoff; 

res  Lockport,  111. 
xii    Jane  Harder,  b  Feb.  5,  1845 ;  m  George  Stewart;  res  W^est 

McHenry,  111. 

424  ELIZABETH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (215)  Robert 

284  Van  Deursen   Family 

James  Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Shaip,  b  Oct.   29,   1801;  <i 
Jan.  15,  1865;  m  Feb.  7.  1823,  Jacob  Gardner. 

Children,  bp  at  Livingston: 
i        Robert.  Gardner,  b  Nov.  22,  1823;  bp  Jan.  4,  1S24. 
ii       Elizabeth  Gardner,  b  Feb.  29,  bp  Mar.  12,  1826. 
iii     Albert  Gardner,  b  May  23,  bp  July  29,  1828. 
iv      John  Gardner,  b  July  25,  bp  Sept.  i,  1829. 
V       Edwin  Gardner,  b  May  7,  bp  June  26,  1831. 

425  NICHOLAS  R.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (215)  Robert 
James  Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Sharp;  b  Nov.  23,  1804;  d 
Aug.  II,  1877;  bur  at  Ashley  Falls,  Mass.;  m  June  13,  1S24, 
Hetje  (Albertina)  Rossman,  b  Dec.  12,  1805,  at  Livingstrin. 
N.  Y. ;  dau  of  John  L  Rossman  and  Catharine  Fonda;  d  Dec. 
8,  1S99,  at  Falls  Village,  Conn. 

Res:  1850,  Livingston,  N.  Y. ;  later,  Salisbury,  and  Canaan. 
Conn.     Oc:     Farmer. 


741  i        Elizabeth  Ann,  b  Oct.  7,  bp  at  Livingston  Dec.  4, 

1825;  sps  Nicholas  Van  Deusen,  Albertina  Ros- 
man;''m  a  1840,  Robert  Decker. 

742  ii       Catharine  Barbary,  b  Jan.  16,  1827  ;m  May  22,  1S51. 

William  Alonzo  Waldorf. 
iii  Maria  Louisa,  b  May  16,  bp  at  Liv.  July  18,  1830: 
m  (ist)  Jan.  12,  1847,  Austin  Washburn,  who  d 
July  10,  1855  ;m  (2d)  Jan.  16,  1868,  Edwin  Feller. 
who  d  Dec.  26,  1893.  Issue:  William  A.  Waih- 
burn,  b  Sept.  4,  1855. 

743  iv      Robert,  b  Aug.   31,    1832;  m   (ist)   Dec.   22,   1853. 

Elizabeth  Ann  Miller,  dau  of  (422)  Maria  Albertina 
Van  Deusen;  (2d)  Sept.  15,  1869,  Helen  Almira 

744  v       Nicholas,  b  Nov.  26,  1834;  m  Sept.  25,  1854,  Saman- 

tha  Blodget. 
vi     John  N.,  b  Apr.  5,   1837;  m  May  10,  1866,  Adeha 

Vosburg    of    Barrington,    Mass.     Issue:     Minnie. 

b  a  1868;  m  Apr.,  1889,  Theodore  Adams, 
vii    Walter,  b  1840;  d  in  Rio  Janeiro,  Nov.  24,  1S75;  ni 

Nellie  Wilson, 
viii   Sarah,  b  Nov.  10,  1843;  m  Mar.  22,  1866,  Edwin  ^^  ■ 

Warner  of  East  Canaan,  Conn.;  b  Aug.  25,  rS4^- 

Res:     Canaan,    Conn.;    oc    hotel    keeper.     Issue: 

Walter  W.  Warner,  b  June  10,  1875;  d  Nov.  22. 

1905-  .     .. 

ix      Imogene,  b  Mar.  22,  1846;  d  Jan.  6,  1900;  m  (i^".' 

Seventh  Generation  285 

Nov.,  1S70,  Edward  R.  Smith  of  Grafton,  Mass.; 
(2d)  June.  1879,  Nathan  Green;  res  Lime  Rock, 

426  ROBERT  R.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (215)  Robert 
James  Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Sharp;  b  Sept.  22^  1809;  bp 
at  Livingston;  d  June  25,  1878;  m  at  Chatauqua,  N.  Y.,  by 
Rev.  Bennett,  May  24,  1834,  to  EIvira  Stewart;  b  April  10, 
1S14,  in  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y.;  d  Jime  30,  1891. 

He  enhsted  Dec.  3,  1862,  at  Stockbridge,  N.  Y.,  in  Batty. 
A,  ist  New  York  Lt.  Art.,  and  was  discharged  at  Washing- 
ton, D.  C,  June  2,  1863.  In  1890  his  widow^  Elvira  Van 
Deusen,  filed  application  for  pension  (No.  480,544), 

Res:  Michigan  City,  Ind.  Oc:  Farmer,  and  later,  law- 


i        Mary  Elizabeth,  b  May  4,  bp  Aug.  2,  1835. 

745  ii       Anna  Eliza,  b  Oct.  27,  1837  ;m  Oct.  19,  1859,  Louis 

P.  Gage. 

746  iii      Stewart  Algernon,  b  Oct.  29,  1838;  m  June  11,  1870, 


iv      Sarah  Maria,  b  June  25,  1841 ;  unm. 

V  Henr>'  Clay,  b  Mar.  13,  1843,  at  Platts  Hollow, 
Madison  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  m  May  29,  1873,  Helena 
Maria  Smith.  He  w^as  Cashier  of  the  Fort  Dear- 
born Bank,  Chicago;  res  Michigan  City,  Ind.; 
served  in  Co.  G,  2d  Ohio  Vol.  Cav.,  Aug.  22,  1861, 
to  Oct.  2,  1S62  (Pen.  Ctf.  919,761). 

747  vi      Ella,  b  Jan.  24,  1845;  m  Aug.  23,  1875,  Elisha  S. 

vii    Robert  Scott,  b  Feb.  14,  1847;  killed  at  the  battle 

of  Fair  Oaks,  Va.,  May  31,  1862;  enlisted  Nov.  i, 

1861,  at  Morrisville,  N.  Y.,  in  Co.  E,  8ist  New 

York  Vol.  Inf.  (J»Iother's  pen.  app.  No.  497,690, 

Oct.  16,  1890,  no  ctf.). 
viii  Jay  R.,  b  Jan.  5,  1849;  ^^  Dec.  13,  1880,  Estelle  C. 

Fowler,  of  Rochester,  N.  Y.;  res  Chicago,  111.;  no 


748  ix      Gerrit  Sharp,  b  Jan.  7,  1851 ;  m  Nov.  9,  1881,  Rachel 

Sloan  Condin. 

749  X       Estelle,  b  Sept.  5,  1S53;  m  Dec.  8,  1872,  Edwin  C. 

xi     Arthur  Eugene,  b  Oct.  27,  1855;  m  Feb.  22,  1880, 
Cora  Agnes   Barnard;  res   Denver,    Colo.     Issue: 
Alma,  b  May  22,  1S81. 

2S6  Van  Deursen   Family 

427  PETER  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (215)  Robert  lam- 
Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Sharp;  b  July  8,  iSio;  d  Dec.  r- 
1902;  m  (ist)  Dec.  31,  1S40,  Harriet  Louisa  Foster,  wr.' ! 
d  Nov.  22,  1S62;  (2d)  at  Lee,  Mass.,  June  18,  1S68,  Catharin:-- 
Frances  Melissa  (Cleveland)  Clark  (see  Cleveland  Genea- 
logy, 35.638). 

Res:     Canaan,  Conn.,  1850;  Aurora,  111.,  1SS2-1907. 
Children,  by  first  v.-ife: 

750  i        ^A^ard,  b  May  10,  1843;  rn  Jan.  5,  1870,  Nancy  Eliza 


751  ii       Frank,  b  Apr.  29,  iS45;m  Jan.  31,  1876,  Emma  Alice 

Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (744)  Nicholas  Van  Deusea 
and  Samantha  Blodget  of  Sheffield,  Mass. 

428  MARGARET  MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (215) 
Robert  James  Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Sharp;  bp  June  18. 
1815;  d  1893;  bur  Sheffield,  Mass.;  m  Sept.  26,  1835,  Jacob 


,  Res:     Sheffield,  Mass. 
i        Barbara  Vosburgh,  b  a   1837;  m  Frank  Bacon;  res  St. 

Paul,  Minn.  ' 

ii       Jerdon  Vosburgh,  b  a  1S39. 
iii      Eugene  J.  Vosburgh,  b  a  1841;  m  and  had  dau,  Carrie 

F.  Vosburgh  who  m  May  20,  1S91,  Dwight  F.  Peck, 
iv      Charles  Vosburgh,  b  a  1843. 
v       Catharine  Vosburgh,  b  1845. 

429  JAMES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (215)  Robert  James 
Van  Deusen  and  Barbara  Sharp;  b  Jan.  9,  i8i8,  at  Johnstown, 
N.  Y.  ;bp  Mar.  21,  i8i9;d  June  6,  1892  ;m  (ist)  Nov.  10,  1840, 
Frances  Jane  Smith,  who  d  Sept.  28,  1865  ;m  (2d)  Oct.  10. 
1866,  Elizabeth  Cook  of  Little  Falls,  N.  Y.;  b  Nov.  29,  1S29; 
d  Feb.  I,  1S92. 

Oc:     Lumberman  and  farmer. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        Henry  Bou^nan,  b  Feb.  S,  1855;  m  Feb.  20,  1890,  Emma 
Miller;    res    Pittsfield,    Mass.;    oc    merchant.     Issue: 
Mary  E.,  b  Dec.  20,  1S90;  Charles  F.,  b  Jan.  8,  1894. 
ii       Edward  L.,  b  Oct.  15,  1859;  m  Carrie  L.  Wilcox. 

By  second  wife: 
iii      Mary  Elizabeth,  b  Jan.  28,  1868;  m  Richard  Epps;  res 

City  Point,  Va.,  1905. 
iv     Walter  Suiter,  b  Nov.  10,  1872;  res  Little  Falls,  N.  Y. 

Seventh  Gexeratiox 


VnTv)  ^^^^R'r^;^\yAN  DEUSEN.  son  of  (.16)  Robert  M. 
Van  Deusen  and  Maria  or  Pollv  Horton;  b  a  iSio-  d  Ttilv 
1S69;  m  a  1S35,  Sally  Ann  Wilsox;  b  1S13.  She  resided 
June  30.  xSSo,  at  Phelps.  Ontario  Co.,  X.  Y.^when  she  filed 
an  application  for  pension  (Ctf.  210,768)  on  account  of  ser- 
vices of  her  son.  Henry  C,  in  the  Civil  War.  She  named 
children  as  given  in  following  list. 

i        Robert  M.,  b  1S38;  was  enlisted  Oct.   12     1861    in 
Co.  D,  8th  N.  Y.  Cav.;  discharged  for 'disabilitv 
May  9,   1S62,  near  Winchester,  Va.;  died  before 
752  n.      George  Wb  1842;  m  Sept.  7,  1S62,  Jennie  Sawver. 
m      Henry  C.._b  1S44;  enlisted  Jan.  26,  1S64,  at  Auburn 
N.  \.,  m  Co.  M,  24th  N.  Y.  Cav.;  was  captured 
June  7,  1864  at  Cold  Harbor,  Va. ;  died  Tulv  17 
1S64,  at  Andersonville,  Ga. 
iv      Ellen,  b  1846;  m  C.  W.  Brown. 
v_      Michael,  b  1S52;  m  Nettie  Irish. 
VI      Graella,J3  1S55;  m  John  Crowe. 

431  FANNY  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (217)  Adam  Van 
Ueusen  and  Rebecca  Jordan  of  Gvpsum,  Ontario  Co  N 
Y.;  b  at  Hillsdale,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  28,  1708-  d 
Feb.,  1881;  ni  May  20,  1819.  Azel  Throop,  son  of  Benjamin 
Ihroop  and  Rachel  Brower;  b  in  Lebanon,  Conn  Tan  18 
1792.  ■'  J      ■ 

Res:     Port  Gibson,  Ont.  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Lucy  Ann  Throop,  b  Feb.  19,  1820;  d  July  21,  1849-  m 
Dec.  22,  1846,  Dalton  D.  Spraeue. 

11       Ruth  Throop,  b  July  18,  1821 ;  d^y. 

iii  Elizabeth  C.  Throop,  b  Julv  i2.'iS22;  m  Oct  19  1S41 
Stoughton  Havv/ard;  res  Washington,  D    C         '       *+  ' 

IV  Joseph  Allen  Throop,  b  Feb.  14,  1S27  ;  d  Julv  19,  1897  •  m 
(ist)  Jan.  27,  1864,  Jane  Thompson,  dau  of  Jarnes 
Ihompson  of  Homer,  Mich.;  (2d)  Hannah  Edwards 
dau  of  Joseph  Edvrards.  By  his  first  wife  he  had  issue ' 
Augustus  Thompson  Throop,  b  Aug.  16,  1S66;  m  Helen 
M.  Eaton;  Francis  Wyland  Throop,  b  Oct  '  i  1867- 
graduate  of  Cornell  Uni\^'. ;  m  Grace  Pauline 'Loscc' 
Walter  Scott  Throop,  b  Apr.  16,  1871;  m  Alice  Terrv' 
Benjamin  Blackman  Throop,  b  Apr.  7,  1873  Bv 
Hannah  Edwards  he  had  issue:  Clara  Edv/ards 

288  Van  Deursen    Family 

V  William  Nelson  Throop,  b  Apr.  6.  1829;  d  July  10,  iSS;- 
m  Oct.  27.  1 850,  Maria  F.  Stov/itis. 

vi  A\ii;ustus  Phelps  Throop,  h  Aug.  21,  1832  ;  m  in  New  York- 
City  Nov.  23,  1 868,  Mary  Elizabeth  Smilie,  dau  of 
James  Smilie;  b  Aug.  8,  i8'36.  He  was  a  homeopathic 
physician  and  practised  in  New  York.  Issue:  Wil- 
liam Smilie  Throop,  b  Nov.  28,  1870;  d  July,  1877; 
Katherine  Parker  Throop;  Frances  E I izabe'th  Throop.' 

vii  Newton  Adam  Throop,  b  Apr.  i.  1835;  m  Oct.  16,  1864. 
Belle  H.  Pierce,  dau  of  B.  Carter  Pierce  and  Catharine 
R.  Finch  of  Jay,  Essex  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  Aug.  16,  1836; 
res  Chicago,  111.  Issue:  Katherine  R.  Throop,  b 
Dec.  3,  1865;  Fanny  Van  Dusen  Throop,  b  Mar.  28, 
1868;  Ralph  Bxichanan  Throop,  b  July  17,  1870;  m 
Oct.  18,  1904,  Helen  Evans  of  Circleville,  Ohio;  Bishop 
Judson  Throop,  b  July  12,  187 1;  Frances  Augusta 
Throop,  b  Apr.  17,  1873  ;  ^  June  19,  1901,  Walter  Har- 
low Drew,  son  of  Harlow  Drew;  they  had  issue:  Ben- 
jamin Harlovv'  Drew,  b  Oct.  2,  1903;  Willis  Parker 
Drew,  b  Nov.  11,  1905. 

viii  Frances  Augusta  Throop,  b  June  17,  1S37;  d  Feb.  19, 
1873  ;m  Oct.  T4,  1868,  Edgar  W.  Pierce. 

ix  Adoniram  Judson  Throop,  b  Nov.  28,  1844;  m  (ist)  July 
10,  1878,  Anna  Hamilton  Cooper;  (2d)  Aug.  21,  1900, 
his  cousin,  Isabel  Granfer  Throop,  dau  of  William 
Throop  of  Palmyra,  N.  Y.;  res  Port  Gibson,  Ont.  Co., 
N.  Y.  Issue  by  first  wife:  Edgar  Holling  Throop,  b 
Apr.  13,  1881;  m  Rosevelt  Gilbert;  Beatrice  Cooper 
Throop,  b  June  13,  1879;  Beulah  Bell  Throop,  b  Sept. 
16,  1884. 

432  WILLIAM  JORDAN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (217) 
Adam  Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca  Jordan  of  Gypsum,  Ontario 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  Dec.  2,  1808;  m  a  1830,  Gertrude  Phillips, 
who  was  b  in  1810.  They  both  died  at  Clifton  Springs,  N.  Y.; 
he  on  May  30,  1886,  and  Gertrude  on  Apr.  i,  1888. 

Res:  Gypsum,  town  of  Phelps,  Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y.  Oc: 
Farmer.     Census  1850. 

i        Elizabeth  A.,  b  1835  ;m  Dr.  Justin  Gates  of  Sacramento. 
Cab;  res  San   Francisco,  Cal.     Issue:     Horatio  Frank 
Gates;  Alice  Maude  Gates;  Gertrude  Elizabeth  Gates 
m  Judge  J.  P.  Hibbard;  Justin  Gates;  d  y. 
ii       Nancy  L.,  b  a  1838;  d  y. 
iii      William  A.,  b  Nov.  3,  1840;  m  Jan.  6,  1876,  Ella  Ruden 

Seventh  Generation 


res  Brookh-n.  N.  Y.     Issue:     William  Ruden,  b  Oct 
20,  1879;  Elizabeth,  b  Aug.  10,  1SS2 

IV      Susan  Lb  May  i,  1844:111  1867,  George  Albert  Wells. 

v       Lucy  B.,  b  Jan  ,  1S46;  m  18S0.  Edgar  H   Pierce 

VI  Ambrose  L.,  b  May  8,  1S4S;  m  Nov.  13,  1878/ Millicent 
\an  Auken.  Issue:  Alice,  b  Apr.  11,  1883,  at  Clifton 
Springs.  NY.;  Harold  Ambrose,  b  Mar.  5,  1891,  at 
r^nelps,  N  .   1 . 

vii     Frank  F     b  May  18.  1S51;  m  Mar.  4,  1S84,  Jennie  Mav 
Gar  ock;  res  Clitton  Springs,  N.  Y.     Issue':     Glvndon 
Garlock,  b  Sept.  22,  1897;  Clifford  Jordan,  b  Mav  27 
1900.  '      " 

433  LUCY  LOVENA  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (217)  Adam 
Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca  Jordan  of  Phelps,  Ontario  Co  N 
\.;h  there  Jan.  14,  1813;  d  Nov.  iS,  1895;  m  in  1838,  Abel 
1.  Blackm.^rr;  b  Oct.  22,  iSi:;;  d  March  29,  1896 

Res:     Newark,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y. 


i        William/Henry  Blackmarr,  b  July  1 2,  1839 ;  m  Sarah  Jane 

ii  Mary  Augusta  Blackmarr,  b  Mar.  9,  1S41;  m  Jan  14 
1863,  Charles  F.  Sternberg.  Issue:  i.  Natalie  Stern- 
berg, b  Jan.  15,  1864;  m  June  19,  1888,  William  Grand- 
m  Vought,  res  Buffalo,  N.  Y. ;  thev  have  issue:  Grand- 
m  Sternberg  Vought,  b  June  20,  1S89;  John  Henrv 
Vought,  b  July  3,  1S92,  and  Schuvler  Ver  Planck 
V  ought,  b  Mar.  16,  1805;  2.  Pearl  Sternberg,  b  Oct  -2 
1865;  3.  Fay  Sternberg,  b  Feb.  19,  1875. 

Ill      Charles  Van  Dusen  Blackmarr,  b  Nov.  15,  1842 ;  m  Isabel 

434  NANCY  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (217)  Adam  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Rebecca  Jordan  of  Phelps,  Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  there 
a  1815;  m  (ist)  a  1825,  Joshua  Terry,  M.  D.;  (2d)  Arthur 
Gould  of  Ann  Arbor,  Mich.;  (3d)  James  Hawks,  M    D 

Children,  by  first  husband: 

I  Jane  Augusta  Terry,  m   Dr.   Moses  Gunn,   Professor  of 

Surgery  in  Rush  College,  Chicago,  111.     Issue:     Glin- 
don  Gunn;  Walter  Gunn;  Malcom  Gunn;  Clara  Gunn. 

II  Ambrose    Fletcher   Terr^^    who    assumed    the    name    of 

Gould ;  m  Cyntha  Wells.     Issue :     Frank  Gould ;  Georc^e 
Gould ;  Walter  Gould ;  Minnie  Gould ;  Nina  Gould. 
By  second  husband: 
iii      Frank  Gould. 

290  VAX  Deursex  Family 

435  JAMES    PHILLIPS    VAN   DEUSEN,    son  of    (2:-- 
Adam  Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca  Jordan  of  Ontario  Co.,  N.  V 
b  in   Phelps,    N.    Y.,    Dec.    2,    1S21;    d    at    Benton    Har:.  .^ 
Mich.,  May  10,  1902;  m  July  5,  1847,  Haxx.\h  Eliz.>l  Pom;.- 


Res:     Benton  Harbor,  Mich.     Oc:     Merchant. 
i        Nannie,  b  Apr.  8,  1S4S;  m  Sept.  17,  1873,  Remus  Knee- 
land;  res  Benton  Harbor,  Mich.;  no  ch. 
ii       James  Pomeroy,  b  May  12,  1854. 
iii      Charles  Blackmar,  b  Oct.  6,  1856. 

iv  Mary  Mintun  Kane,  b  Mar.  16,  1S60;  m  Nov.  i,  1882,  Dr. 
Edwin  A.  Getchell.  Issue:  Charles  Getchell,  b  Auir. 
13,  18S3;  res  Benton  Harbor,  Mich. 

of  (2 1 8)  William  W.  Van  Dusen  and  Cathelina  De  Forest  ol 
Albion,  Orleans  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  at  Greenbush,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  12. 
1819;  d  Nov.  28,  1S95,  St  Minneapolis,  Minn.  ;m  Sept.  9,  1841, 
Martha  Cle.mext  Prextice. 

Res:     Albion, ~N.  Y. 

i  Henr}-  Virgil,  b  July  15,  1842;  d  Jan.  26,  1903;  m 
(ist)  Helen  H.  Flint  of  Albion,  N.  Y.,  who  d  July 
8,  1884,  at  Center  Junction,  Jones  Co.,  Iowa;  (2d* 
Oct.  23,  1885,  Lizzie  Flint,  sister  of  Helen;  she  d 
at  Los  Angeles,  Cal.,  Sept.  7,  1894;  (3d)  at  L'- 
Angeles  Sept.  10,  1895,  ^'^^s.  Anna  (Mason)  ILi-- 
kett.  He  served  during  the  Civil  War  in  Co.  A. 
nth  United  States  Infantry,  from  Jan.  17,  i86.\ 
to  Aug.  12,  1862.  At  the  battle  of  Gaines  Mill. 
June  27,  1862,  he  was  wounded  in  the  left  shoulder. 
which  necessitated  the  amputation  of  the  arrri 
from  the  socket  (Pen.  Ctf.  13,717).  His  home 
was  at  Los  Angeles,  Cal.  Issue:  Jesse  M.,  b 
Oct.  31,  1886;  Henry  V.  (adopted),  b  Mar.  6,  iSoi. 
753  ii  Martha  Cathalina,  b  Nov.  28,  1843;  m  July  11,  1S67. 
Richard  Henrv  Jordan. 

iii  Sarah  Jane,  b  Sept.  15,  1845  ;  d  May  30,  1888;  m  (ist) 
Lvman  (Castle,  who  d  at  Batavia,  N.  Y.,  in  iS7>; 
(2'd)  in  1880,  Willard  Steele.  She  left  one  dau  I'V 
Lyman  Castle,  who,  in  1906,  was  Mrs.  ^^ .  "■ 
Crainer  of  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah. 

437  JOHN  D.  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (219)   Robert  Van 

Seventh  Generation-  291 

Deusen  and  Betsy  Shutz;  b  Dec.  2,   iSio;  m  Jan.  29,  1835, 
Elanor  Phebe  Velie. 

Res:     Ovid,  Seneca  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Boatman. 


754  i      John  De  Witt,  b  May  30,  1S36;  m  (ist)  a  1S57,  Car- 

rie Dimon;  (2d)  Oct.  6,  1863,  Mary  E.  Collver. 
754a  li      Helen  Louisa,  b  Aug.  7,  1839;  ^  Jan.  1,  i860,  James 
A.  Cass, 
iii      Carrie,  b  Mar.,  1840;  d  July  19,  1S60. 
iv      Simeon,  b  Oct.  2,  i84i;m'Aug.  12.  1S6S,  Katherine 
Swepaugh;   res    Bath,    N.    Y. ;   oc    Horse   dentist. 
Issue:     John,  b  May  24,  1S69,  at  Ovid,  X.  Y. ;  m 
Anna  Wells;  res   Bath,   N.   Y. ;  oc  hotel  keeper; 
they  have  issue:     John  H.,  b  Oct.  23,  1907. 

438  BARNARD,  or  BARNEY,  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of 
(220)  Myndert  Van  Deusen  and  Maria  Lummons  of  Palatine, 
N.  Y.  ;ba  1796;  m  (ist)  in  1818,  Catharine  Levi;  and,  prob- 
ably, (2d)  Sarah  Jane  Paris.  Removed  to  tov/n  of  Howard, 
Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  occupied  as  a  Mason. 

Children,  bp  at  Stone  Arabia  Lutheran  Church: 

755  i        Levi,  b  Aug.  9,   1820;  m  Nov.   12,   1S40,  Elizabeth 

ii       Frederick,  b  Sept.  19,  bp  Sept.  26,  1S21;  sps  Jenny 

Van  Dusen. 
iii     Johann,  b  July   17,  bp  Nov.   17,   1S22;  sps  Jchann 

Kring  and  Dorathea  Van  Dusen. 
iv      Eliza,  b  Apr.  10,  1825,  bp  May  14,  1S26;  m  Andrew 

V      William  Henry,  b  May  31,  bp  June  10,   1827;  sps 

Henry  T.  Loucks  and  Jenie  Frai. 
vi      Christina;  m  Barney  Sharp. 

439  HANNAH  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (222)  Robert  T. 
Van  Deusen  and  Catlinje  Spoor;  b  at  Clave/ack  Sept.  29,  bp 
Oct.  26,  1799;  d  April  17,  1843;  t>ur  at  Claverack;  m  March 
10,  1825,  Peter  De  La  Matter;  b  March  19,  1796;  d  1884; 
son  of  Claude  De  La  Matter  and  Elizabeth  Harder. 

Res:     Claverack. 
Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 
i        Jacob  Harder  De  La  Matter,  b  Dec.  31,  1825;  bp  Mar.  14, 
1826;  sps  parents;  m  Apr.,  1S59,  Mary  Jannete  Rote; 
they  had  one  child. 
ii       Lewis  De  La  Matter,  b  Jan.  5,  bp  June  21,  1828. 

292  Van  Deursex  Family 

iii      Elizabeth  Ann  De  La  Matter,  b  July  20,  bp  Oct.  17,  1S30. 
iv      Derick  De  La  Matter,  b  May  12,  bp'Oct.  4,  1832. 

^440  TOBL\S  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (222)  Robert  T 
Van  Deusen  and  Catlinje  Spoor;  b  Sept.  8,  bp  at  Claverack 
Oct.  14,  1804;  d  April  18,  1876;  m  at  Clav.  March  29,  1S34. 
GiTTY  Eliza  Miliiam;  b  Nov.  4,  1816;  d  April  6,  1909;  dau 
of  Mathias  Milham  and  Gertrude  Deitrich.  His  will,  dated 
May  II,  1876,  was  recorded  June  19,  1S76. 

Res:     Claverack.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 

756  i        Mary  EHza,  b  Nov.  9,  bp  Dec.  25.  1S35;  1^^  -^^ay  iS, 

1858,  Frederick  Ham  Snyder. 
ii       Gitty  I\Iilham,  b  Sept.  27,  bp  Dec.  25,  183S;  d  Jan. 

26,  1867;  m  Mar.  27,  i860,  Francis  W.  Sanborn; 

no  ch. 
iii      Alice  Lovina,  b  June  i,  bp  Aug.   27,   1842;  m  Apr. 

6,  1869,  Peter  R.  Finger;  b  Nov.  27,  1S3S.  Issue: 
Minnie  Louise  Finger  (adopted),  b  Oct.  20,  1875, 
bp  Jan.  8,  1S76;  Freddie  Finger,  d  Apr.  13,  1876. 
aged  5 'in OS.  and  14  ds. 

757  iv      Robert  Jklatthias,  b  Aug.  6,  bp  Nov.  21,  1850;  m  Oct. 

7,  1874,  Georgia  A.  Smith. 

441  ROBERT  SPOOR  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (222) 
Robert  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Catlinje  Spoor;  b  at  Claverack 
Aug.  6,  bp  Aug.  31,  1806;  d  Jan.  8,  iS65;m  (ist)  a  1826,  Eliza- 
beth Wells,  who  died  March  30,  1834,  aged  26  years;  {2d) 
Oct.  17,  1835,  Mrs.  Caroline  Ray,  of  Claverack  ,who  died 
July  26,  1870,  aged  64  years.  All  buried  at  Claverack. 
Res:  Taghkanick.  Oc:  Farmer. 
Children,  bp  at  Claverack;  by  first  wife: 

i  Henr>'  Wilson,  b  Mar.  12,  bp  June  8,  1828;  d  Mar. 
22,  i860;  m  Dec.  15,  1853,  Mary  Jane  Race;  rt-s 
Claverack  (See  Administrations).  Issue:  Hen- 
rietta, b  Oct.  22,  1855;  Nelson  Burton,  b  Oct.  22, 

758  ii       Martin,  b  Mar.  14,  bp  May  4.  1S30;  m  Dec.  2,  1S52. 

Cornelia  M.  Elmendorf,'  dau  of  (358)  }ilaria  Van 
iii      Thomas  AVells,  b  Mar.  25,  bp  Apr.  15,  1834. 
Bv  second  wife: 
'iv      Catalina,  b  Mar.  3,  1838;  d  Apr.  5,  1854  (?iS64):  ^ 
Jan.    30,    1856,    Joel    Parsons    of    Clav.   at  Clav, 
(Church  record). 

Seventh  Gen'eil\tion  293 

V  Mary  Elizabeth,  b  1S41;  m  Sept.  26,  i86r,  James 
B.  Simpson  of  Taghkanick,  Issue:  Emina  Simp- 
son, m  John  Martin;  Peter  Simpson,  d  a  1891; 
Carrie  Simpson,  b  a  1877. 

vi  Lucy  J.,  b  1844;  m  Feb.  2,  1875,  Smith  Lape  of 

vii     Henrietta,  b  1856  (census  i860). 

viii    Nelson  B.,  b  1858  (census  i860). 

442  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (223)  Dirk  Van  Dcu- 
sen  and  Rebecca  Herder;  b  March  23,  and  bp  at  Claverack 
April  24,  1803  ;  d  at  Perkins,  111.,  Sept.  10,  187 1 ;  m  at  Kinder- 
hook  March  15,  1840,  by  Rev.  John  C.  Vandervoort,  to  Cath- 
arine Christina  Phillips;  b  Aug.  17,  1S20;  d  in  Oct.,  1870; 
dau  of  John  G.  Phillips  and  Margaret  Kittel. 

Res:  1850,  Stuvvesant,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  1856,  Tazewell 
Co.,  111.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  bp  at  Hudson,  N.  Y.: 
i        Rebecca,  b  Apr.  18,  1S42;  was  occupied  as  a  teacher  in 

ii       Lydia  Rand,  b  Apr.  iS,  bp  Aug.  31,  1843. 
Hi     John   Phillip,   b   Jan.    21,   bp   Apr.    10,    1845.     Enlisted 

July  16,  1862,  in  Massac    Co.,  111.,  in  Co.  A,  85th  111. 

Vol.   Inf.   and  d  at   Nashville,   Tenn.,   Mar.   3,    1863; 

mother  pensioned  (Ctf.  196,717). 
iv     Gosman,  b  May  10,  bp  Oct.  27,  1846. 
V       Jane  Eliza,  b  Feb.  10,  bp  Mar.  31,  1848;  d  May  15,  1S53. 
vi      Mary  Margaret,  b  Sept.  13,  1849;  bp  Jan.  20,  1850. 
vii    Almira  P.,  b  Apr.  4,  185 1. 
viii   Robert  P.,  b  Dec.  3,  1852. 

443  JAMES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (223)  Dirk  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Rebecca  Herder;  b  May  16,  bp  at  Claverack  June  16. 
1805;  d  April  I,  1879;  m  at  Claverack  Oct.  28,  1830,  Eva  De 
La  Matter  of  Hudson,  who  d  April  20,  1SS5.  This  family 
are  all  buried  at  Claverack. 

Res:     Greenport,  N.  Y.,  1850.     Oc:     Farmer. 
i        Edwin  Augustus,  b  Mar.  15,  bp  at  Clav.  June  8.  1832 ;  sps 
parents;  was  M.   D.  graduate  of  Williams  College  in 
li       Jacob,  b  1835. 
iii      Mar>%  b  1838;  unm  in  1890. 
iv      Margaret  R.,  b  Sept.  9,  1839;  ^i  Sept.  4,  1855. 
v       Sarah  xY,  b  1842 ;  m  Charles  Macy. 

294  Van  Deursen  Family 

vi  James  Theodore,  b  Aug.  21,  bp  at  Hudson  Dec.  22,  1S45; 
m  Aug..  186S,  Mary  Gulick.  Issue:  i.  Dudley  H./b 
Nov.,  1869,  in  1901,  Mina  Havslip,  res  Emmett,  Idaho. 
2.  JohnE.,b  May,iS7i;  3.  Fred  G..  b  Oct.,  1872;  4." 
Theodore,  b  Nov.,  1875,  d  June,  1904.  m  1902.  Edith. 
Gregory;  5.  Albert  M.,b  Nov.,  1883.  ^ir.  Van  Deuscn 
resides  in  Boise,  Idaho,  191 1,  where  he  is  occupied  in 
the  Real  Estate  business. 

vii  John,  b  Oct.  26,  1S47;  bp  at  Hudson  Aug.  23,  1850;  d 
Mar.  12,  1S71. 

viii   Agnes  E.,  b  May  29,  1853;  d  Sept.  3,  1855. 

444  JOHN  D.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (223)  Dirk  Van 
Deusen  and  Rebecca  Herder;  b  at  Claverack  Dec.  27,  1824; 
bp  I^Iarch  14,  1825;  d  at  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  in  1895;  m  a  1845, 
Jerusiia  Darriex;  b  May  3,  1825;  d  in  1895.  (See  wills). 

Res:     1850,  Greenport,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
i        Elizabeth,  b  Dec.  i,  1849;  d  Mar.  22,  1865. 
ii       Albert,  b  Apr.  21,  1852  ;  d  unm  Jan.  10,  1886,  at  Hudson. 

N.  Y.;  was  a  Presbyterian  minister  in  N.  Y.  City. 
iii      Estella,  b  Mar.  4,  1S59;  d  in  1S9S.     By  her  will  she  left 
her  property  to  the  American  Baptist  Home  ^lission 
Society  and  to  the  Board  of  Home  Missions  of  the  Pres- 
byterian Church  in  the  United  States  of  America. 

445  TOBIAS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (224)  Johannes  or 
John  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen  of  Claverack; 
b  Nov.  8,  bp  Dec.  7,  1800,  at  Claverack;  m  Dec.  i,  1836, 
LucRETiA  Race. 

Res;     1850,  Stockport,  N.  Y. 

Children*,  bp  at  Claverack: 
i        Almond  A.,  b  Dec.  29,  1837;  bp  Mar.,  1838;  sps  parents; 

m  Oct.  24,  1S63,  Sarah  A.  Hanze. 
ii       Cornelia,  b  Mar.  8,  bp  Sept.,  1840;  sps  parents. 
iii      Julia,  b  Dec.  19,  1842;  bp  Oct.  17,  1844;  sps  parents. 

of  (224)  Johannes  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen; 
b  Jan.  26;  bp  at  Claverack  Feb.  24,  1805;  d  Mar.  16,  18S5; 
m  Nov.  25,  1824,  William  A.  Ten  Broeck  of  Claverack, 
who  d  May  10    1880. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 
i        Mar>'  Lane  Ten  Broeck,  b  Oct.  7,  1825;  bp  Jan.  8,  1826; 

Seventh  Generation  295 

ii  Cornelia  Alida  Ten  Broeck,  b  Nov.  7,  1S27;  bp  Apr.  29, 
1S2S;  d  Dec.  3,  187S;  m  Isaac  Warren  Yaliancc. 

iii  Christiana  Catharine  Ten  Broeck,  b  Aug.  5,  bp  Nov.  xi, 
1829;  d  Dec.  18,  1SS4;  m  Asbury  Ireland. 

iv  Elizabeth  Ann  Ten  Broeck,  b  Jvily  4,  bp  Oct.  6,  1S31;  m 
Jacob  Weatherman. 

V  William  Mattheus  Ten  Broeck,  b  June  29,  bp  Nov.  3, 

1833  ;  m  Kate  Merrill. 
vi      Henry  Edgar  Ten  Broeck,  b  Aug.  22,  bo  Oct.  25,  1835; 

d  y. 
vii     Delia  Maria  Ten  Broeck,  b  Aug.  i,  bp  Nov.  4,  1837;  ra 

John  Van  Deusen  Ten  Broeck;  b  May  18,  1835;  son  of 

David  G.  Ten  Broeck  and  (447)  Alida  Van  Deusen. 
viii  Julia  Francis  Ten  Broeck,  b  Nov.  3,  1S39;  bp  Jan.  30, 


447  ALIDA  VAN  DEUSEN  dau  of  (224)  Johannes  or 
John  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen  of  Claverack; 
b  July  12,  bp  Sept.  20,  1S12;  m  at  Claverack  May  31,  1834, 
David  S.  Ten  Broeck.  Alida  was  received  in  1838,  from 
Claverack,  as  a  'charter  member  of  the  Reformed  Church  at 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack  and  Mellenville: 
i        John  Van  Deusen  Ten  Broeck,  b  May  18,  bp  at  Clav. 

July  IT,  1835;  sps  parents;  m  Delia  ?vlaria  Ten  Broeck, 

dau   of  William   A.   Ten  Broeck  and   (446)  Christiana 

Van  Deusen. 
ii       William  Samuel  Ten  Broeck,  b  Sept.  i,  bp  Dec.  18,  1837; 

sps  parents. 
iii      Wessel  Van  Orden  Ten  Broeck,  bp  at  Mel.  Jan.  7,  1840; 

sps  parents. 
iv      Cornelia  Christina  Ten  Broeck,  b  Nov.  26,   1841;  bp  at 

Clav.  Jan.  6,  1842;  sps  parents. 

V  Samuel  Ten  Broeck,  bp  at  Mel.  Apr.  1 1,  1846 ;  sps  parents. 

448  JOHN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (224)  Johannes  or 
John  T.  Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  Deusen  of  Claverack; 
b  1832;  m  Sept.  iS,  1S62,  at  Claverack,  Emma  Barker. 

Children,  bp  at  Claverack: 
i        Annie  Woodson,  b  Aug.  9,  bp  Oct.  11,  1865;  sps  parents. 
ii       Arthur  Bryon,  b  Oct.   11,   1866;  bp  Apr.   21,   1S67;  sps 

449  CORNELIUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (228)  Abraham 
T.  Van  Deusen  and  Arianje  Van  Deusen;  b  March  8,  bp  Apr. 

296  Van  Deursex  Family 

19,  1812;  m  Dec.  21,  1837,  Eliza  Henderson,  of  Greer.port. 
N.  Y.     He  died  prior  to  1S62. 

i        Charles,  b  a  1S40. 
ii       Ariaanna. 
iii      Alfred. 
iv      Abraham. 

450  CORNELIA  MARIA  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (22S) 
Abraham  T.  Van  Deuseii  and  Arianje  Van  Deusen;  b  Feb, 
24,  bp  Apr.  15,  1 821 ;  m  at  Livingston  Oct.  11,  1S43,  by  Rev. 
J.  D.  Fonda,  to  Henry  Sylvester  Milham. 

Children,  bp  at  Clavcrack: 

i  Matthias  Milham,  b  Sept.  6,  bp  Dec.  4,  1S45;  m  Nov.  10, 
i86g.  Emma  Jane  Groat;  b  Nov.  12,  1S44;  dau  of  Philip 
P.  Groat  and  (643)  Han-iet  Van  Deusen  (Milham 's 
Gen.  gives  this  child  as  "ISIartha  H.,"  a  female  name). 

ii       Agness  Van  Deusen  Milham,  b  Jan.  11,  bp  July  iS,  1847. 

iii      Gertrude  Milham,  b  Jan.  15,  bp  June  7,  1851. 

iv      Arrianna  Milham,  b  Oct.  26,  1853;  bp  Mar.  2,  1854. 

v       Edgar  Milham,  b  Sept.  i,  1856;  bp  Dec.  4,  1858. 

450a  HARMON  M.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (228)  Abraham 
T.  Van  Deusen  and  Ariantje  Van  Deusen;  b  Sept.  23,  1829;  d 
Jan.  3,  1910;  m  Frances  Ackley. 

Res:     Philmont,  N.  Y. 

i        Charlotte,  b  Mar.  8,  1856 ;  d  Feb.  26,  1875. 
ii       Harvey,  b  Mar.  8,  i860. 

iii      Ida,  b  Sept.  22,  1863;  m  (ist)  Edward  Allen;  had  son. 
Clinton  Allen,  b  a  1887;  she  m  (2d)  Howard  Gary;  res 
Hot  Springs,  Ark. 
iv      John,  b  Feb.  27,  1865. 

451  BENJAMIN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (231)  Jacob  Van 
Deusen  and  Clarissa  Horton;  b  1806;  d  Dec.  14,  1869;  m  :i 
1827,  Jerusha  Lee,  who  d  July  9,  1872. 

Res:     Olean,  Cattaraugus  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        Clarissa  R.,  b  a  1829  ;  unm. 

759  ii       Emily  E.,  b  June  22,   1831;  m  a  i860,  Henry  >- 

Seely.  ., 

760  iii      Daniel  Lee,  b  Mav  26,  1833;  m  Dec.  4,  1861,  Juk.» 

M.  Seely. 
iv     Jacob  D.,  b  a  1835;  unm. 

Seventh  Generation  297 

760a  V       Charles  H.,  b  a   1837;  m  Jan.   17,   1S66,  Sarah  A. 
vi      Mary-  W.,  b  a  iS3q;  m  William  A.  Townsend. 

761  vii     Benjamin  B.,  b   Oct.    29,    1S42;  m  Aug.    15,   1872, 

Ellen  Frances  Bullard. 

762  viii   Jerusha  Lee,   b  Mar.    11,    1845;  rn  July   14,    1866, 

Henry  Frank  Daniels. 
ix      James  Lee,  b  a  1S47;  rn  July  14,  1866,  Adelia  A. 

X       Amelia  PL,  b  a  1S49;  m  Frank  N.  Godfrey. 

452  JOHN  B.  VAN  DUZEN  son  of  (231)  Jacob  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Clarissa  Horton;  b  in  18 10;  d  June  2,  1884;  m  Sally 
J.  or  Gertrude  ;  b  in  181 2.  In  1850  he  was  a  resi- 
dent of  Freedom.  Cattaraugus  Co.,  N.  Y.,  at  which  time  the 
value  of  his  real  estate  was  $1500.  In  1S61  he  was  living  at 
Rushford,  Allegany  Co.,  N.  Y. 


i        Mary,  b  1831. 

ii       Jacob  S.,  b  1833. 

iii      Ophilia,  b  1&35,  twin. 

iv      Levancha,  b  1S35,  twin. 

V       Julia,  b  1 03 7. 

vi  Charles  A.,  b  1S30;  enlisted  as  Private  Oct.  i,  1861,  at 
Rushford,  in  Co.  D.  64th  New  York  Vol.  Inf.,  to  serve 
three  years;  was  wounded  in  action  Dec.  13,  1862  at 
Fredericksburg,  Va.;  promoted  toCorp.  Oct.  31,  1863; 
killed  in  action,  May  12,  1S64,  near  Spotsylvania,  Va. 
Mother,  whose  name  she  gives  as  Gertrude,  was  pen- 
sioned under  Ctf.  236,862;  filed  June  18,  1886. 

vii    Catharine,  b  1843. 

viii   Sarah  J.,  b  1846. 

ix      Joel  M.,  b  1S49. 

453  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (234)  Robert  A. 
Van  Deusen  and  Catharine  Tremper  of  Herndon,  Va.;  b  Aug. 
19,  bp  at  Claverack  Sept.  10,  1810;  d  at  Hemdon,  Va.,  June 
10,  1850,  m  (ist)  M.\rg.\ret  R.  Bonte;  (2d)  Alv.\  Hill. 


i  Robert  Har^^^  b  Nov.  16,  1844,  at  Hemdon,  Va.;  m  in 
Chicago,  111.,  Jan.  6,  1870,  Mar\-  Catherine  Morehouse 
of  Madison,  Ind.;  res  Joliet,  111.  Issue:  Robert,  b 
Oct.  12,  1870;  Harry  Morehouse,  b  Aug.  11,  1876. 

ii       Samuel,  b  Mar.,  1845;  unm. 

454  WILLIAM  A.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (235)  Abraham 

298  Van  Deursex  F 


A.  Van  Deusen  and  Polly  (Mar\-)  Barthel;  b  at  Claverack  Au^. 

24,  1813;  d  Feb.   I,  1900,  at  Herndon,  Va.;  m  Jan.  31,  18^4. 

Mary  A.  Hitchixgs. 

Res:     Herndon,  Va.     Oc;     Farmer. 

i  Thomas' A.,  b  Sept.  12,  1855;  d  Oct.  28,  1907;  m  June  ?, 
1892,  Margaret  Ann  Roy,  dau  of  James  S.  Roy  and 
Nancy  Jane  Womack  of  Washington,  D.  C;  res  Hern- 
don, Va. ;  no  ch. 

ii  Frank  H.,  b  Sept.  21,  1861;  m  Ang.  23,  1902,  Willie 
Andrews;  res  Washington,  D.  C.  Issue:  Leroy,  b 
Dec.  7,  1904. 

iii  Willard  E.,  b  Nov.  7,  1864;  m  (ist)  Apr.,  1S94,  Elizabeth 
Copperthite,  who  d  Sept.  9,  1894;  (2d)  Dec.  31,  1904, 
Martha  W.  Copperthite,  sister  of  first  wife;  res  Washing- 
ton, D.  C;  oc  President  Conn.  Pie  Co.;   no  ch. 

iv      Carrie  E.,  b  Sept.  14,  1S66. 

V  Orville  A.,  b  Nov.  13,  1868;  m  Dec.  14.  1904,  AdalaiJe 
Overton;  res  Front  Royal,  Va. ;  oc  Doctor. 

vi  Harry  Elmer,  b  Oct.  28,  1S72;  m  Dec.  23,  1902,  Gertrude 
McMillen.     Issue:     William  Elmer,  b  Nov.   13,   loo^ 

vii  Mary  Helen,  b  June  6,  1876;  m  June  17,  1903,  Levi  D. 
Jarrett,  Jr.,  of  Herndon,  Va. 

455  DANIEL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (235)  Abraham  A. 
Van  Deusen  and  Polly  Barthel  of  Claverack,  Columbia  Co., 
N.  Y. ;  b  in  Martindale,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  6,  1820 ;  d  in  Cran.-- 
ville,  Col.  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  20,  1894;  m  Jan.  9.  1856,  C.\th.\- 
RiNE  C.  Sharts  (Kate  C.  Shurtz).  She  was  living  in  1904  at 

i        AUetta  M.,  b  June  16,  1858;  m  Mar.  27,  1883,  Isaac  Na<b : 

res  Craryville,  N.  Y.     Issue:     Edna  J.  Nash,  b  Feb. 

5,  1886  ;d  Apr.  21,  1887;  Lena  L.  Nash,  b  Sept.  13,  1887; 

De  Lloyd  D.  Nash,  b  Dec.  14,  1889. 
ii       Russell  D.,  b  June  2,  i860;  unm. 
iii      Grace  M.,  b  May  11,  1873;  m  Mar.  18,  1895,  Killian  A. 

Smith.     Issue:     John    L.    Smith,    b    Aug.    23,    1897; 

Russell  Van  Deusen  Smith,  b  Jan.  25,  1S99;  Earl  K. 

Smith,  b  July  31,  1903. 

456  MERWIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (235)  Abraham  A. 
Van  Deusen  and  Polly  (Mary)  Barthel  of  Claverack,  N.  ^■'' 
b  Oct.  2,  1832  ;m  Nov.  27,  1877,  Axtoixette  Br.\xdt. 

Res:     1903,  New  York  City.     Oc:     Foreman. 

Seventh  Generation  299 

i         Frank,  b  a  1879;  d  July,  18S1. 
ii       Jay,  b  a  1881;  d  July,  1882. 
iii      Marie,  b  Oct.  21,  1S83. 
iv      Edith,  b  Sept.  18,  1888. 
V       Rodgers,  b  Apr.  2,  1892. 

456a  MARYTIE  (MARIA)  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (236) 
Mattheus  Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Van  AVie,  b  Feb.  2,  bp 
Feb.  15,  1775;  d  in  1849;  ™  Dec  31,  1796,  Henry  Van  der 
Zee,  son  of  Albert  Van  der  Zee  and  Hester  Houghtaling;  b 
in  1772;  d  Oct.  8,  183S. 

When  Marytie  Van  Deusen  and  her  sister  Katrina  were 
married,  their  uncle  Arent  Van  Deusen  gave  each  of  them 
$10,000  in  gold  and  silver  coins,  in  bags,  and  each  of  them  also 
received  fifteen  slaves  as  a  wedding  gift.  Some  interesting  old 
heirlooms  of  this  fainily  are  still  in  the  possession  of  living 
descendants  Miss  Margaret  Burhans  Haswell  of  Albany,  N. 
Y.,  has  among  other  things,  a  tablecloth  which  has,  in  each  of 
the  four  comers ,^-the  embroidered  initials  of  her  mother,  Hester 
Van  der -Zee;  her  grandmother,  Marv'tie  Van  Deusen;  her 
great-grandmother,  Cornelia  Van  Wie;  and  her  great-great- 
grandmother,  I\Iagdalena  Luke ;  also  some  pewter  plates  with 
the  initials  "M.  L."  (Magdalena  Luke),  and  two  with  "P. 
W.,"  the  nitials  of  Pieter  Winne,  who  was  the  second  hus- 
band of  Cornelia  Van  Wie.  Miss  Haswell 's  mother  remem- 
bered Cornelia  Van  Wie,  who  was  her  grandmother,  quite 
well,  and  of  Pieter  Winne  coming  to  her  father,  Henrv-  Van 
der  Zee,  with  the  proposition  that  if  he  would  take  care  of  him 
and  his  wife  for  the  remainder  of  their  days  he  would  leave 
him  all  of  his  property,  which  Mr.  Van  der  Zee  did  not  accede 
to,  not  considering  it  right  to  thus  become  possessed  of  the 
Winne  property. 

Henry  Van  der  Zee  owned  seven  hundred  acres  of  rich  fann 
land  on  the  Onisquethaw  Creek,  in  Albany  County,  N.  Y.,  ly- 
ing partly  in  the  town  of  Bethlehem  and  partly  in  Coeymans. 
Upon  this  estate  he  built  a  fine  stone  mansion,  which  is  still 
in  excellent  preservation  and  admired  for  its  handsome  ap- 
pearance. Here  he  and  his  wife  passed  the  remainder  of 
their  days  and  the  children  of  his  daughter  Cornelia  grew  up. 

i        An  infant. 
ii       An  infant. 
iii      An  infant, 
iv      Cornelia  Van  der  Zee,  b  1798;  m  Tobias  Ten  Eyck  Wald- 

300  Van  Deursen  Family 

ron  (sec  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Families  for  de- 
scendants of  this  line). 

V       Albert  Van  der  Zee,  b  iSco;  d  1868;  m  Agnes  Slingerland 

vi  Matthe^v  Van  Dcusen  Van  der  Zee,  b  1S07;  m  Hannali 

vii  Harmon  Van  der  Zee,  b  iSii ;  d  1SS5 ;  m  Harriet  Slinger- 
land,  b  1S13;  d  1SS2. 

viii  Hester  Van  der  Zee,  b  1S14;  d  iSSS;  m  in  1840,  William 
Edward  Ha  swell,  who  was  b  in  181 5  and  d  in  1S96. 
Issue:  I.  Henry  Van  der  Zee  Haswell,  b  184 1,  m  1876, 
Mary  Loop  Niver;  has  two  daughters,  (a)  Hester  Van 
der  Zee  Haswell,  b  1S77,  and  (b)  Lavinia  Hotaling 
Haswell,  b  1S79,  m  1905,  Charles  A.  Home;  2.  Margaret 
Burhans  Haswell.  b  1S43,  living  in  191 1  at  Albany, 
N.  Y. 

ix      Henry  Van  der  Zee,  b  iSiS  ;  m  Maria  Creble. 

457  ANDREW  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (241)  Cornelius 
Van  Deusen  and  Margaret  Weatherwax  of  Columbia,  Herki- 
mer Co.,  N.  Y.;  b.  March  4.  1S05;  d  April  8,  1868;  m  1825, 
Elizabeth  Filkins,  b  Mav  3,  1808;  d  Oct.  4,  1880. 

Res:     Columbia,  Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i  Cornelius,  b  Jan.  6,  iS26;mJan.,  1850,  Mary  Ann  ^  oung; 
d  without  issue. 

ii       Joseph,  b  Oct.  17,  iS2S;dunm  Mar.  1850. 

iii  Nelson,  b  Mar.  3,  183^;  m  (ist)  Oct.  16,  1S56,  Elizabeth 
Mills;  (2d)  Martha  Bacus;  res  Mohawk.  Herkmier  Lc. 
N.  Y.;  oc  retired  fanner.  Issue:  Cora,  b  Dec.  16, 
1857;  m  Dec.  16,  1874,  George  T.  Purchase. 

iv  Lucinda,  b  Dec.  14,1835;  "i  June,  1857,  James  Mor- 
gan; b  Nov.  10,  1S28.  Issue:  Clara  E.  Morgan,  b 
Nov.  20,  1862. 

V       Samantha,  b  Feb.  15,  1839;  d  1847.  t      «• 

vi  Lana,  b  Aug.  12,  1843;  "^  1862,  Walter  Gefman.  issue. 
One  son  and  two  daughters. 

458  NICHOLAS  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (243)  Matthew 
Van  Dusen  and  Lvdia  Brehautof  Philadelphia,  Pa.;  b  Jan.  31. 
1785;  d  June  4,  i'823;  m  April  3,  1808,  Margaret  Hewson, 
who  d  March  28,  186S  (see  Administrations,  Book  M,   400J. 

Res:     Philadelphia,  Pa.     Oc:     Ship  Builder. 
Children:  ,r 

763  i        Matthew,  b  May  10,  1810;  m  Nov.  12,  1833,  Mar> 

Seventh  Generation  301 

764  ii       Joseph  Ball,  b  Dec.  21,  1815;  m  May  13,  iSc6   Ella- 

nora  Ceha  Richstein. 

765  iii      Samuel  Bonnell.  b  Mar.    14,   181S;  m  May  8    1844 

Sarah  Grace  Dickerson. 
iv      Esther  Ann,  b  Feb.   2,   1822;  m  1842,   Richard  H 

459     MATTHEW  VAN   DUSEX.   son   of   (243)    Matthew 
Van  Dusen  and  Lydia  Brehaut  of  Philadelphia,  Pa.-  b  there 

^"^7  '^; p^f  i,  ^  ^!^^^'  I'  '^'^'^'  ^^  ^^^y  3.  ^«^7,  eliz..beth 

Crist  of  Philadelphia,  where  she  d  Feb.  iS,  i86S 

Mr^Van  Dusen  was  occupied  in  ship  building  for  Stephen 

Girard  of  Philadelphia.     He  built  the  first  steamboat  that 

ran  on  the  Cape  Fear  Riyer  in  North  Carolina 
Res:     Philadelphia,  Pa. 

John,  b  May  15,  1819;  d  Noy.  i,  1820. 

ii       Lydia  Ann,  b  June  25,  1822  ;  m  William"  James  Jones 

Issue:     Anne  Jones,  m   Lacey;  Ida  Jones. 

n^ Winterstein. 

iii      Matthew,  b  June  18.  1825;  m  Elizabeth  Eyans.     Is- 
sue:    Belle,  m  Francisco  Opdyke;  Carrie,  m 


iv      Caroline,  b  Nov.  12,  1S27;  m  Henry  Baum.     Issue: 
Elizabeth  Baum,  m Cameron. 

v       Charles,  b  June  8,  1832  ;  m  Martha  Menough 

VI      Mary  Oliyer,  b  Jan.  17,  1835 ;  unm;  res  St.  Michaels, 
Talbot  Co.,  Md.,  Nov.,  1908. 

vii_   Nicholas,  b  Mar.  20,  1S38;  d  Jan.  10,  1839. 

viii   Henry'  King,  b  Dec.  11,  1839;  m  Caroline  Whitely 
no  ch. 
766  ix      Samuel  Bonnell,  b  June  5,  1843;  m  Nov.  12,  1862, 
Amelia  Krichbaum. 

460  JOHN  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (243)  Matthew  Van 
Dusen  andLydia  Brehaut  of  Philadelphia.  Pa.;  b  there  Sept. 
8  1799;  d  in  1851;  m  Sept.  11,  1824,  Marg.\ret  Vaughak,  of 
Kensington,  Pa.,  v/ho  d  Aug.  20,  189 1. 

Res:     Kensington,  Pa.      Oc:     Shipwright. 

i_       Thomas,  b  1830;  m  Sarah  Peach;  had  son,  Walter, 
ii       Matthew,  b  1832  ;  d  unm. 
iii      Lydia,   b    1S35;  m   William   Rainnie;  had   son,   George 

iv      Margaret,  b  Nov.  7,  1S41 ;  unm;  res  Philadeplhia. 

302  Van  Deursen  Family 

V       Benjamin,  b  1844;  d  y. 
vi      Cornelia,  b  1S47;  d  y. 

vii  Eliza,  b  Dec,  1S40;  ni  Joseph  Nixson.  Issue:  Caroline 
Nixson;  ni  Frank  Paterson;  Herbert  Nixson. 

461  MARY  VAN  DUSEN,  dau  of  (243)  Matthew  Van 
Dusen  and  Lydia  Brehaut  of  Philadelphia,  Pa.;  b  in  Kensing- 
ton, in  the  historic  "Fairman  mansion,"  April  25,  1S02;  d 
on  Easter  evening,  April  22,  1S78,  at  Laurel  Run,  near  Wilkes- 
barrie.  Pa. ;  m  July  28,  1819,  Captain  Paul  Ambrose  Oliver. 
United  States  Navy,  son  of  Capl.  Thomas  Oliver,  Mariner,  of 
Philadelphia;  b  April  iS,  1796;  d  at  Fort  Hamilton,  N.  Y.,  in 
June,  184S.  '  .,..•, 


i  George  Washington  Oliver,  b  June  15,  1S20;  m  i^Iay  25, 
1847,  '^^  New  Orleans,  Adelaide  Dana  Hill  of  Jamaica, 
L.  1. ;  dau  of  Major  Allen  Hill. 

ii  Mary  Seymour  Oliver,  b  May  15,  1823;  m  Nov.  30,  1S55, 
Samuel  Bonnell  of  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

iii  Paulina  Ambrosina  Oliver,  b  Aug.  26,  1828;  m  Apr.  19. 
1853,  Charles  GOstenhofer  of  Liverpool,  England. 

iv  Paul  Ambrose  Oliver,  b  July  18,  1830,  on  board  the  ship 
Louisiana,  in  the  English  channel,  under  the  United 
States  flag;  never  married;  served  during  the  War  of 
the  Rebellion  as  follows:  Second  Lieut.,  12th  New 
York  Inf.,  29  Oct.  1861;  First  Lieut.,  17  May,  1862; 
Capt.  22  Apr.,  1864;  transferred  to  the  5th  Nev/ York 
Inf.,  I  June,  1S64;  brevet  Brigadier  General  Vols.  8 
Mar.,  1865;  awarded  a  medal  of  honor  12  Oct.,  1892, 
for  meritorious  conduct  on  the  field  of  battle  at  Resaca, 
Ga.,  IS  May,  1864;  resigned  6  May,  1865  (Heitman, 
Vol.  I,  p.  758).  Res:  Oliver's  Mills,  Luzerne  Co.,  Pa.; 
oc  powder  manufacturer. 

462  WASHINGTON  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (243)  Matthew 
Van  Dusen  and  Lydia  Brehaut  of  Philadelphia,  Pa  ,  b  there, 
in  the  old  "Fairman  Mansion,"  Jan.  31,  1805;  d  at  Frank- 
ford,  Pa.,  June  14,  18S7  ;  m  Feb.  11,  1830,  Lavinia  Closson. 
He  lived  in  the  ' '  Fairman  m.ansion ' '  until  it  was  removed  in 
1825.  Like  his  father,  he  was  engaged  in  ship-building.  He 
patented  the  first  Marine  Railway  in  the  United  States  in 


i        Eliza,   b   Dec.  28,  1830;  m  May  29,  1851,  Henry  F. 

Seventh  Generation  303 

ii       Lydia,  b  June  8,  1832  ;  d  iinm  June  10,  1884. 
766a  iii      John,  b  May  i,  iS34;m  May  20,  1856,  Harriet  Pole, 
iv      Mary,  b  Dec,  1S35;  ^  Sept!  12,  iS3'^S. 

V       George  AYashington,  b  Oct.    19,    1S37;  ^  ^lar. 

1868,  Isabella  Carr. 
vi      Wesley  Bartine,  b  Apr.  i.  1839;  d  ^^ar.  21,  1840. 

463  ELKANAH  GILBERT  VAX  DEUSEN,  son  of  (244) 
Andrew  Van  Deusen  and  Annyte  Thorne  (or  Nancy  Van 
Horn)  of  Maplevalley.  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  August  29!  1S25; 
m  Feb.  4,  1852,  Jane  Salisbury;  b  July  10,  1825,  at  Dunham, 
near  Quebec,  Canada;  dau  of  Phillip  SaHsbury  and  Maria 

Res;     Worcester,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Fanner. 
767  i        Andrew  Gilbert,  b  Jan.   11,   1853;  ni  Oct.   15,   1885, 
Eda  J.  Ryde. 

ii       Mary  Ella,  b  Nov.  29,  1854. 

iii  John  B.,  b  June  29,  1858;  m  Oct.  9,  1882,  Cora  Mont- 
gomery Carpenter;  b  Feb.  10,  i860,  at  ^Milford, 
N.  Y.;  dau  of  Hamilton  A.  Carpenter  and  Emma 
L.  Ray;  res  Oneonta,  N.  Y. ;  oc  clerk.  Issue: 
Charles  J.,  b  June  i,  1883;  m  Dec.  20,  1906,  Cor- 
delia Isabelle  Petrie;  res  Mt.  Vernon,  N.  Y. ;  oc 

iv     Jennie,  b  Sept.  30,  1862. 

V  Magdalena,  b  Oct.  17,  1864;  m  May  iS,  1893,  Secly 
Montanye;  res  Utica,  N.  Y. 

464  ABRAHAM  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (245)  Jacob  Van 
Dusen  and  Gerti-ude  Van  Alstine  of  Charleston,  Montgomery 
Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there  April  12,  1811;  d  at  Milford,  Ottawa  Co', 
Mich.,  Jan.  iS,  1879;  m  April  20,  1S37,  Louisa  Malcolm;  b. 
June  18,  1815;  d  at  Grand  Haven,  Mich. 

Res:  Scotland,  Brant  Co.,  Ont.;  and  later,  Milford,  Ottawa 
Co.,  Mich.     Oc:     Physician. 

76S  i  James  Henry,  b  Jan.  26,  1838;  m  Apr.  7,  1863,  Kate 
Malcolm.  ' 
ii  Charles  Hamilton,  b  May  20,  1840;  m  in  Detroit, 
Mich.,  in  Oct.,  1877,  ^^a-  Cornelia  Greig;  served  as 
Private,  Corporal.  Sergeant  and  First  Lieut,  in 
Co.  A.,  3d  Mich.  Vol.  Inf.,  May  13,  1861,  to  June 
20,  1864;  "5  feet  7 T^- in.  high,  ruddy  complexion, 
brown  eyes,  gray  hair,  weight  162  pounds"   (Pen. 

304  Van  Deursen  Family 

Ctf.    226,982);   res    Detroit,    Mich.     Issue-     Calh 
Greig   b  May  3,  1879;  m  Oct.  7.  1902,  Williain  n" 
769  iii      Cecelia  Victoria,  b  Feb.  is,  184V  m  Feb    o^    ts6^ 
WillMcEwan.  :>        ^^ '  ■  -0.  I^^0. 

iv      Josephine,  b  1S45. 

V       Eugene,  b  June  5,  1S47. 

vi      Harry,  b  1849. 

464a  AARON  VAN  DUSEN.  son  of  (245)  Jacob  V.^n 
Dusen  and  Gertntde  Van  Alstine  of  Montgomery  Count^-  X 
Y.;  b  July  13,  1813;  d  at  Marshall,  Mich.,  Feb.  25,  1893' m  a 
1835,  at,  or  near  Galesburg,  Mich.,  Haxnah  Austin  who  c 
at  Marshall,  Mich.,  Dec.  22,  1881,  aged  sixty-two  years' 

769a  i        Jeremiah,  b  Sept.  29,  183S;  m  Mar.  19,  1863,  Jane 

465  AMOS  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (245)  Jacob  Van  Dusen 
and  Gertrude  Van  Alstine;  b  in  Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Aug  16 
1817;  m  (ist)  Nov.  ^8,  1844,  Augusta  Taylor;  (2d)  Sept.' 
1852,  Levixa  S.mith. 

Res:  1S50,  Amsterdam,  N.  Y. ;  1905,  Johnstown,  N.  Y. 
Oc:     Shoemaker. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Emma,  b  1845;  d  in  18S0;  m  Jerome  Eckerson;  had 
son,  Howard  Eckerson,  who  was  living  in  Yonkers. 
N.  Y.,  in  1905. 
770  ii       Theophilus,  b  Nov.  28,  1846;  m  Oct.  16,  1876,  Rachel 
A.  Sharp. 

466  JOHN  VAN  DUSEN.  son  of  (245)  Jacob  Van  Dusen 
and  Gertrude  Van  Alstine  of  Charleston,  Montgomery  Co.,  X. 
Y.;  b  July  23,  1827,  probably  in  Canada;  d  ]March  14,'  1S97;  m 
Dec.  17,  1852,  Esther  Bradford;  b  March  26,  1830;  living 
in  1905  at  Amsterdam,  N.  Y. 

Res:  i860,  Charleston,  Montgomerv  Co.,  N.  Y.  Oc: 

i_       Helna,  b  in  1854;  d  Oct.  30.  1856. 

ii       James  Henry,  b  in  iS56;min  1S79,  Jennie  Trombull.     Is- 
sue:    Howard  T.,  b  Mav  27,  1SS9;  Ethel  H.,  b  Nov.  29- 
iii      Carrie,  b  in  1859 ;  m  in  18S2.  Frank  Avery, 
iv      Annie,  b  m  1S62 ;  d  Aug.  i,  1902. 

Sevexth  Gen'eratiox  305 

V       Kate,  b  in  1869;  m  1SS9,  Samuel  L.  Hand. 

467  GILBERT  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (246)  Hai-manus 
Van  Deusen  and  Margricta  Dockstader  of  Monigomery  Co., 
N.  Y.;  b  at  Hagaman  in  iSio;m  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  9,'  1833, 
Maria  Dockstader. 


771  i        Frederick  Dockstader,  b  May  30,  1834;  m  July  20, 

1855,  Catharine  A.  Myers. 
ii       Heniian,  b  a  1S36.     In  Nov.,  1904,  was  residing  in 

Woodbum,  Marion  Co.,  Oregon, 
iii      Margarite,  b  a  1838;  m  George  Weber. 

468  JOHN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (246)  Harmanus  Van 
Deusen  and  Margrieta  Dockstader,  his  first  wife;  b  Julv  6, 
1824;  d  April  18,  1S96;  m  March  17,  1846,  Sarah  A.  Mux- 
sell,  who  d  Sept.  10,  1893. 

Res:     Amsterdam,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Carriage  Maker. 
Children  : 

772  i        Margaret   L.,   b   Feb.    16,    1851;  m   Nov.    14,    1867, 

Henfy  J.  Smith. 
ii       Ella  K.,  b  in  1853 ;  res  Amsterdam,  N.  Y. 
iii      Charles  F.,  b  in  Troy,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  29,  1854;  m  May 

30,   1 88 1,  Vira  Munsell;  res  Chicago,   111.     Issue: 

Vernette  L.,  b  May  8,  1887;  John  R.,  b  Feb.  17, 

1889;  d  Mar.  22,  1891. 
iv      Harriet  L  ,  b  in  1856;  is  an  Osteopathic  physician. 
V       Isadora,  b  in   1859;  m  Nov.   24,   1898,  A.  Jackson 

vi      Mae  E.  b  July  26,  1862  ;  m  June  4,  1884.  Sylvester  W. 

Hert;  b  in  Fonda,  N.  Y.,  1853;  d  Feb.  i,  1907;  res 

Albany;  both  are  Osteopathic  physicians;  no  ch. 
vii  Julia  F.,  b  in  1865;  m  Feb.  5,  1890,  Jerome  B.  Carey. 
viii   Jane  M.,  b  in  1868;  m  Feb.  15,  1893,  Daniel  D.  Her- 

ix      Lucie  M.,  b  in  187 1. 

469  LEVI  H.  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (246)  Harmanus  Van 
Deusen  and  Maria  Homing,  his  second  wife;  b  Dec.  i,  1827,  at 
Mohawk,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.;  m  Jan.  15,  1851,  Mary 
Louisa  Riggs,  who  d  March  30,  1900. 

Res:  Hagaman,  Montgomery-  Co.,  N.  Y.  Oc:  Shoe- 

i        Clarence  E.,  b  Sept.  7,  1856;  m  a  18S5,  Elizabeth  Hutch- 

306  Van  Deursen  Fam 


ens;  res  1905,  Kansas  City,  Mo.;oc:  Banking.     Issue; 
Margaret,  b  Apr.  30,  18S9;  Dorothy,  b  Dec,  1892. 
ii       James  A.,  b  Jan.  30,  1859;  d  Jan.  29,  1864. 

469a  GILBERT  SIMOX  VAX  DUSEX.  son  of  (249) 
Simon  Van  Dusen  and  his  second  wife,  Mary  Timmerman,  of 
Moha%vk,  Herkimer  Co.,  X.  Y.;  b  Sept.  16.  181S;  d  Dec.  31, 
186S;  m  Feb.  i,  1S43,  Mary  Catherine  Davis;  b  Feb.  26, 
1S45;  d  June  16,  1902;  dau  of  Dr.  James  Davis  (b  May  15, 
1789,  d  Sept.  30,  1867,  son  of  Isaac  Davis  and  Sarah  Smith) 
and  Catherine  Smith  (b  June  3,  1792,  d  Dec,  1834). 

Res:  Mohawk,  Herkimer  Co.,  X.  Y.  Oc:  Hotel  proprie- 


i        AUce  ,b  June  21,  1S44;  m  i\Iay  3,  1864,  Edward  L.  Prince; 

res  Mohawk,  X.  Y.     Issue:     Charles  Leslie  Prince,  b 

July  14,  1873;  Mabel  Edna  Prince,  b  Feb.  26,  iSSo;  m 

Xov.  19,  1902,  Frank  M.  Stewart  of  Little  Falls,  X.  Y. 

ii       Mary  Catherine,  b  at  Fonda,  N.  Y.,  Mar.  7,  1846;  d  June 

19,  1905  ;  m  June  29,  1864,  Valentine  Brown  of  Mohawk. 
Issue:     Harry  Leslie  Brown,  b  Aug.  28,  1865;  d  Sept. 

20,  1S92;  m  Feb.   12,  1890,  Fanny  Catherine  Alluean 
of  Herkimer,  X.  Y. 

iii      Ann  Leslie,  b  Xov.  7,  iS48;dNov.  11,  1852. 

iv      Frank  Leslie,  b  Mar.  15,  1854;  unm;  res  Mohawk,  N.  Y. 

469b  ADA!M  VAX  DUSEN,  son  of  (249)  Simon  Van  Dusen 
and  Mary  Timmerman;  b  in  Oneida  Co.,  X.  Y.,  June  3,  1S23; 
d  June  24,  18S4;  m  Xov.  26.  1845,  Carol. xe  E.  Childs,  who 
d  July  22,  1910.  Mr.  Van  Dusen  removed  to  the  West  and 
settled  in  Oregon.  He  was  a  prominent  freemason  of  that 
State,  being  Deputy  Grand  Master  of  the  fraternity  for  Oregon 
in  1S72,  and  declining  the  nomination  for  Grand  i^Iaster  of 
the  State. 

Res:     Astoria,  Clatsop  Co.,  Oregon.     Oc:     Merchant. 
i        Seth,  b  Feb.  23,  d  Feb.  26,  1S50. 

ii  Florence,  b  Xov.  6,  1S51;  m  (ist)  Jan.  21,  1S74,  Wash- 
ington Irving  Wadleigh.  bv  whom  she  had  issue:  Wil- 
liam Millard  Wadleigh,  M'  D.,  b  Mar.  8,  1877;  m  Dec 
15,  1905,  Carol  Young,  and  has  son,  John  Millard  Wad- 
leigh, b  Mar.  8,  1909.  Mrs.  Wadleigh  m  (2d)  Ferdi- 
nand Westdahl  (see  Miscellaneous  and  Related  Fami- 
lies), by  whom  she  had  no  issue. 
iii      Cara,  b  Jan.   20,   1S54;  m  Dec.  31,   1S79,  Curtis  James 

Seventh  Generation  307 

Trenchard,  County  Jud^e;  res  Astoria,  Oregon.  Issue: 
Anita  Cara  Trenchard.  b  Nov.  7,  18S0. 

iv  Brenhani,  b  at  Astoria,  Oregon,  Apr.  16,  1S56;  ni  Dec.  8, 
18S4,  Fannie  Lewis  Dickinson;  b  in  Charlotte  Co.,  Va., 
Nov.  13,  1863;  dau  of  John  Pendleton  Dickinson  (b  in 
Va.  May  2,  i8ig;  d  at  Astoria,  Ore.,  Jime  5,  1895)  and 
Sally  Taylor  Woodfolk  (b  in  Va.  Apr.  24,  1824;  d  May 
30,  "18S9).  Issue:  Arthur,  b  Dec.  7,  1SS6;  Lloyd,  b 
Apr,  28,  iSgi.  Mr.  Van  Dusen  is  a  prominent  free- 
mason. In  1 89 1  he  was  Grand  Master  of  Masons  of  Ore- 
gon, having  passed  through  all  the  chairs  of  that  body, 
and  also  of  his  home  Lodge,  Temple  Lodge  of  Astoria, 
which  presented  him  with  a  handsome  diamond  stud- 
ded masonic  jewel  in  1909.  He  is  a  member  of  Fern 
Chapter  No.  38,  O.  E.  S.,  Astoria.  He  is  engaged  in 
the  Insurance  and  Commission  business. 

v  Hustler  Gilbert,  b  at  A^storia  Oct.  3,  1858;  m  Nov.  28, 
1SS3,  Jane  Crang;  b  in  Grundy  Co.,  111.,  Feb.  15,  1852; 
dau  of  Dr.  Frederick  Crang  (b  in  Somerset,  Eng.,  Apr. 
II,  1822;  d  in  Wash.  Co.,  Oregon,  Sebt.  25,  1906)  and 
Catherine  Walker  (b  in  Wexford,  Ireland,  Apr.  15, 
1841).  Mr.  Van  Dusen  is  Master  Fish  Warden  for  the 
State  of  Oregon,  and  is  engaged  in  Real  Estate  and 
Insurance  business.  Issue:  Winifred  May,  b  July  7, 
18S6;  Maude  Genevieve,  b  May  20,  1887;  m  Oct.  5, 
1910,  at  Grace  Episcopal  Church,  Astoria,  Ore.,  to 
Albert  Vine  Allen,  Jr. 

vi      Lloyd,  b  Aug.  29,  i860;  d  Sept.  2;^,  1884. 

vii  Mary  Amy,  b  May  2,  1863;  m  (ist)  Oct.  19,  1882,  Daniel 
Alexander  Mcintosh;  (2d)  Aug.  23,  1902,  George  Fred- 
erick Strobridge;  res  Oakland,  Cal.;  no  ch  reported. 

469c  SIDNEY  CLARK  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  ^(249) 
Simon  A^an  Dusen  and  Mary  Timmerman;  b  at  Fonda,  N.  Y., 
Sept.  20,  1835;  d  May  31,  1905;  m  Aug.  24,  1S64,  Jake  I^Iax- 


Res:     Chattanooga,  Tenn.     Oc:     Ticket  Agent. 

Harry  Freeborn,  b  June  28,  1865;  m  June  30,  1885,  Cora 
Brook  Hulse.  Res :  Chattanooga,  Tenn. ;  Oc :  Proprietor 
Hotel  Northern.  Issue:  Mabel  Adelaide,  b  Nov.  18, 
1886;  Mamie,  b  Jan.  28,  1893. 
ii  Carrie,  b  June  27,  1867  ;  d  April  7,  186S. 
iii  Jennie  Lewis,  b  Apr.  19,  1S73;  m  Aug.  12,  1S91,  Albin 

308  Van  Deursen  Family 

iv      Mabel,  b  July  26,  1S75  ;  d  Sept.  24,  iSSi. 

V  Florence  Corena,  b  Jan.  7,  18S5. 

470  RACHEL  VAX  DEUSEX,  dau  of  (251)  Isaac  W-.-. 
Deusen  and  Lucretia  Ingersoll  of  Great  Barrington,  Ma.-,.s.;  t; 
June  24,  180S;  d  March  10,  1881;  m  March  25',  1830,  Cl.\rk 
A.  Wilcox;  b  April  7,  1S07;  d  April  6,  1883. 


Mary  Louisa  Wilcox,  b  Dec.  9,  1830;  d  Feb.  7,  1S35. 

Henry  Franklin  Wilcox,  b  Feb.  16,  1833. 

John  Clarke  Wilcox,  b  Apr.  21,  1836 ;  d  July  22,  1S54. 

Isaac  Van  Deusen  Wilcox,  b  Sept.   19,   1841;  d  Apr.  iS. 
1863,  at  Baton  Rouge,  La. 

V  Charles  WiUiam  Wilcox,  b  Sept.   10,   1847;  ^n  June  18. 

1874,  Maria  Mac  Donald. 

471  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEX,  son  of  (251)  Isaac  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Lucretia  Ingersoll  of  Great  Barrington  and  Van  Deu- 
sen, Mass. ;  b  Dec.  19,  iSi  2  ;  d  Dec.  10,  1881 ;  m  April  22,  1841. 
Vienna  Miller,  who  d  April  12,  1891. 

Res:     Van  Deusen,  Mass.     Oc:  Bookkeeper. 

i  William  Henry,  b  June  30,  1S42  ;  d  Apr.  12,  1904;  m  Nov. 
20,  1873,  Abbie  Eliza  Aldrich;  b  Dec.  12,  1849.  He 
enlisted  Sept.  20,  1861,  in  Battery  F.,  ist  New  York 
Art.,  and  was  transferred  Oct.  27,  1863,  to  Battery  K. 
2nd  New  York  Hy.  Art.;  discgd.  Nov.  29,  1S65;  pro- 
moted to  Second  Lieut.,  but  declined  to  be  mustered 
in ;  was  in  "  19  general  engagements,  was  never  wounded 
or  a  prisoner"  (Pen.  Ctf.  846,544);  res  Worcester.  N. 
Y.;  Oc:  Telegraph  operator.  Issue:  William  Isaac,  h 
Oct.  21,  1876;  m  Oct.  14,  1903,  Mary  Elizabeth  Jack- 
ii  Mary  Ehzabeth,  b  at  Non.vich,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  10,  1844.  iii 
Feb.  28,  187 1,  George  W.  Bennett;  b  July  i,  1832:0 
July  25,  1902.  Issue:  Mabel  Eloise  Bennett,  b  Doc. 
27,  i87i;m  Mar.  5,  1893,  George  E.  Decker. 

472  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (251)  Isaac  Van  Deu- 
sen and  Lucretia  Ingersoll  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b  tl^-rf 
April  13,  1817;  d  March  19,  1897;  m  Sept.  29,  1858,  M.^rtm.^ 
Abigail  Ball,  who  was  b  Sept.  22,  1835,  ^^^  ^  March  24- 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Seventh  Generation  309 


i  Carrie  Abbie,  b  Apr.  5,  1864;  m  dst)  Oct.  10,  1883,  Wil- 
liam Henr>^  Van  Patten  of  Fairfield,  Iowa,  who  d  Aug. 
27,  1901;  (2d)  Mar.  4,  190;,,  Archie  Brown;  res  1Q04, 
New  York  City.  Issue:  Clara  M.  Van  Patten,  b  Sept. 
14,  1S84;  d  Oct.  30,  1885;  Willie  J.  Van  Patten,  b  Mav 
9,  18S6;  Edward  Knox  Van  Patten,  b  July  11,  1S91 ;  d 
Sept.  6,   1S91. 

473  WILLIAM  ING?:RS0LL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of 
(251)  Isaac  Van  Deusen  and  Lucretia  Ingersoll;  b  June  5, 
1819,  at  Van  Deusenville,  Mass.;  d  Dec.  14,  1893;  m  Oct.  4, 
1848,  Sarah  A.  Ball;  b  March  18,  1822.  He  was  a  member 
of  the  State  Legislature. 

Res:     Housatonic,  Mass. 

i  George  William,  b  Feb.  11,  1859;  m  Oct.  18,  1S82,  Flor- 
ence L.  Munn;  b  Dec.  3,  i860.  Cadet  M.  A.,  i  Sept. 
1876  (16);  Second  Lietit.  4th  Cav.,  12  June,  1880;  tr. 
to  ist  Art..  31  Jan.  18S4;  First  Lieut.  9  Aug.,  1889; 
Capt.  7th^Art.,  2  Mar.,  1899;  Art.  Corps.  2  Feb.,  1901; 
Major  and  Lieut.  Col.  In  1911  stationed  at  Van- 
couver Barracks,  Wash.  Issue:  Gladys  and  Hazel, 
twins,  b  Feb.  28,  1S89. 
ii       Charles  I.,  b  Feb.  15,  1861 ;  d  Dec.  22,  1864. 

474  MARIA  LUCRETIA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (251) 
Isaac  Van  Deusen  and  Lucretia  Ingersoll  of  Great  Barrington, 
Mass. ;  b  there  Oct.  4,  1821 ;  d  at  Housatonic  Dec.  30,  1903 ;  m 
Oct.  14,  1849,  Charles  Milton  BALL;b  in  Stockbridgc,  Mass., 
June  5,  1820;  d  Sept.  18,   1891. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 
i        Sarah   Louisa  Ball,  b  Mar.    16,    1853;  m  June  25,    1898, 
Henr}'  Farrell;  res  Housatonic,  Mass.     She  is  a  noted 
artist.      Issue:     Mary  Agnes   Farrell,  b   Feb.   3,    1900; 
Helen  Maria  Farrell,  b  Mar.  10,  1901 ;  Florence  Augusta 
Farrell,  b  Oct.  26,  1902. 
ii       Isaac  Seymour  Ball,  b  June  4,  1857  ;  d  June  18,  1S58. 
iii      Marj^  Louisa  Ball,  b  Mar.  5;  d  Mar.  19',  i860. 

475  CRATUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (252)  John  C.  Van 
Deusen  and  Rebecca  de  Freese  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
there  Oct.  8,  1802  ;m  Nov.  19,  1849,  Marie  Louise  Wheeler, 
dau  of  Isaac  Wheeler  and  (503)  Catherine  Van  Deusen.     He 

310  Van  Deursen  Family 

d  at  Fort  Edward,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  20,  i860;  she  d  at  Gt.  Barring- 

ton,  Mass.,  July  25,  1899. 
Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 
Children  : 

i  Mary  Adele,  b  in  1850 ;  m  Rev.  Robert  Dobyns  d  'Aiibigne. 
an  Episcopal  Minister,  who  "died  many  years  ago." 
She  d  May  8,  1908,  at  Springfield,  Mass.  ' 

ii       Catherine  Maria,  b  a  1S52  ;  d  in  infancy. 

iii  Frances  Augusta,  bai854;mai874,  J.  Hasbrouck  Sah- 
ler,  Attorney  and  Councellor  at  Law.  He  d  at  Van 
Deusenville,  Mass.,  July  iS,  1904.  Issue:  Louis  Has- 
brouck Sahler,  b  a  1S76. 

476  HARRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (253)  John  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Rhoda  Tuller  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b  there 
Sept.  20,  1798;  d  Feb.  16,  1887;  m  (ist)  Mar.  16,  1820,  Lucy 
Upson,  v.-ho  d  May  22,  1826;  (2d)  Feb.  12,  1S29,  Julia  An.v 
REEd,  who  d  Sept.  20,  1878. 

Res:     1850,  Middletown,  Otsega  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Lucy  Eveline,  b  in  Mass.  in  1821 ;  d  May  15,  1902. 
By  second  wife: 

773  ii       JuHa  Sylvina,  b  Mar.  8,  1830;  m  Oct.  15,  1846,  Pliilo 


774  iii      George  Seymour,  b  Dec.  4,  1832;  m  Dec.  19,  1866, 

Sarah  Elizabeth  Persons. 

775  iv      Henry  Newton,  b  Aug,   19,  1836;  m  Sept.  8,  1S63, 

Mar}'  J.  Porter. 

776  V       Albert',  b  Feb.  17,  1840;  m  Nov.  16,  1869,  Algenctte 


477  LUCINA  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (253)  John  Van 
Deusen  and  Rhoda  Tuller,  his  second  wife;  b  in  Gt.  Barring- 
ton, Mass.,  Sept.  i,  1800;  d  Aug.  24,  1877;  m  Feb.  13,  1S19. 
John  G.  Tuttle,  who  d  Jan.  30,  1855.  He  vras  a  cooper  by 
trade  and  a  farmer. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 
i        John  Mason  Tuttle,  b  Feb.  23,  1820;  m  Mar.,  1842.  Ma- 
tilda Hopkins. 
ii       Isaac  Stiles  Tuttle,  b  Dec.  17,  1822;  m  June  7,  1S55,  Julia 
Gildersleeve ;  had  dau,  Mary  Tuttle,  who  m  a  Rowe. 

478  MASON  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (253)  John  Van  Deu- 
sen, and  his  second  wife,  Rhoda  Tuller,  of  Gt.  Barnngton 

Seventh  Gexeratiox  311 

Mass.;  b  Aug.    23.    1S02;  d  Jan.    19,   1S92;  m  Mav  5    1804 
Hannah  Darbe.  who  d  Feb.  24.  iS6q  '    ^  "*' 

Res:     Stockbridge,  Mass. 


777  i        John  Mason   b  Sept.  19,  1825;  m  Feb.  6,  1S61,  Selina 
Austma  Miller. 
ii       Mary  EHzabeth,  b  Feb.  21,   182S;  d  unm  Sept.  23 
1877.  '^ 

III  Wilham  Henry,  b  July  i.  1S30;  d  Apr.  12,  1904-  m 

July  31,  1S51,  Matilda  Harder,  who  d  Aug  1895- 
^f,^,.St^c^^b"dge,  Mass.;  oc.  tinsmith.  Issue:' 
Wilham  Arthur,  b  Apr.  15,  d  Aug.,  1853;  Carrie 
Mason,  b  Apr.  21,  1S58;  d  Sept.  16.  1900 

IV  Jane,  b  Aug.  12,  1S32;  m  May  7,  1851,  Erwin  Good- 

win, who  d  in  New  York  Citv  Xov.   i,   1867-  res 
Stockbridge,      Mass.        Issue:        Marv      Elizabeth 
Goodwin,  b  Aug.  3,  1S55;  d  Feb.  7/1871;  Agnes 
Jane  Goodwin,  b  Oct.  20,  1859;  unm 
778  V       Rhoda,  b  Jan.  14,  1835;  m  Nov.  17,  1S61,  Albert  R. 
vi      Hannah^  b  Feb.  22,  1837;  m  Jan.  19,  1869,  Lvman 
David  Ballou,  wid  of  Mariette  Cooper;  res  Hern- 
don,  Va. 
vii     Frank,  b  Jan.  18,  1839;  unm. 

viii  Albert,  b  Dec.  24,  1846;  m  Mav  14,  1872,  Helen 
Ehza  Babcock;  dau  of  Hiram  Steele  Babcock  and 
Lois  Elizabeth  Townsend,  b  Sept.  15,  1844,  at 
Cooperstown,  X.  Y. ;  res  Waterburv,  Conn.  Issue: 
Agnes  Elizabeth,  b  Oct.  19,  1S75;  Laura  Babcock, 
b  Apr.  17,  1880. 

479  JOHN  TULLER  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (2,-3)  John 
Van  Deusen  and  his  second  wife,  Rhoda  Tuller,  of  Gt  Bar- 
rmgton,  Mass.;  b  March  12,  1806;  d  Mar.  7,  1889;  m  (ist)  Oct 
19.  1S39,  Sylvina  Upson,  vrho  d  April  26,  1846;  (2d)  Hen- 
rietta Vaughn.  -t      ^     / 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Maria  Tuller,  b  July  29,  1S40;  m  Feb.  9,  1892,  Samuel 
Howe  Morton,  wid  of  her  sister,  Marv  Curtiss  Van 
Deusen;  no  ch. 
779  ii       Mary-  Curtiss,  b  Sept.   18,    1841;  m  Mav  21,   1867, 
Samuel  Howe  Morton. 

480     CALVIX  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (253)  John  Van  Deu- 

312  Vax  Deursen  Family 

sen  and  Rhoda  Tuller  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.;  b  there  July 
7,  1 80S;  ni  a  1S30,  Sara  IIalstead. 

i        A  son.  b  a  1S32. 
ii       Mary  Louise,  b  a  1834. 

iii      Ellen  Maria,  b  a  1S36;  m  Frank  Hopping  and  had  son?, 
Silas  Hopping  and  Halstead  Hopping. 

481  ALANSOX  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (254)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Eve  Huyck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b  Feb.  5. 
1792;  d  June  21,  1871;  m  Nov.  22,  1811,  Julia  Seeley  of 
Conn.,  who  d  Sept.  20,  1876. 

Res;     Alford,  Mass. 

i        Mark  Ransom,  b  June  8,  1813;  d  Aug.  9,   18S9,  at 

Wcstficld;    m    (ist)    Oct.    26,    1840,    Nancy    W. 

Church,  who  d  Jan.  10,  1844;  (2d)  Apr.  21, '1846, 

Harriet  A.  Beckwith;  res  Alford,  Mass.;  merchant. 

Issue:     Nancy  Electa,  b  July  5.  1843. 

780  ii       Alma  Louise,  b  Julv  17,  i8i5;m  Nov.  8,  1S32.  Oliver 

S.  WadsWorth. 
iii      Electa,  b  Mar.  11,  1S17;  d  Nov.  10,  1895;  m  Feb.  9, 

1840,  Charles  S.  Foote. 
iv      Merritt,  b  Dec.  3,  1S20;  d  Aug.  6,  1901;  m  Mar.  6, 

1842,  Mary  Root  of  Westfield ;  b  in  Mass.,  in  182 1 ; 

res  Westfield,  and,  in  1850,  Lennox,  Mass.     Issue; 

Caroline  Louisa,  b  Mar.  21,  1S46;  m  (ist)  a  1S67, 

and    had    one    son.    Clarence    Van    Deusen;    (2d) 

Charles  E.  Williams. 

781  v       Isaac  Seeley,  b  Nov.  25,  1822 ;  m  Aug.  8,  1847,  Ange- 

line  Mason. 
vi      Richard,  b  Sept.  28,  1S26;  d  unm,  Dec.  3,  1853,  at 

Wellington,  Ohio, 
vii    Alonzo,  of  New  York,  b  Aug.  16,  1828;  m  Nov.  22, 

i860,  Mrs.  Ruth  Anna  Blackman.     Issue:     Emma 

Beatrice,  b  a  1862  ;  m  a  1883,  Frank  Albert  Cornell. 

b  Jime,  1S64. 
viii   Julia  Emily,  b  Dec.  10,  i83i;m  Feb.  18,  1867,  C.  W. 

Higgins,  ^L  D. 

482  ETHAN  ALLEN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (254)  Isaac 
Van  Deusen  and  Eve  Huyck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ;  b. 
Nov.  28,  1794;  d  Aug.  12,  1862;  m  in  1815,  Climene  Tobey; 
b  Feb.  9,  1793,  in  Litchfield,  Conn.;  d  Feb.  17,  1873. 

Sevextpi  Gexeratiox  313 

Res:  West  Stockbridge,  Berkshire  Co.,  Mass.  (Census 

Children-,  b  in  West  Stockbridge,  Mass.: 

i        Edwin  Ruthven,  b  Xov.  "2S,  1S17;  d  Nov.  12,  1S99; 
m  Aug.  18,  1S44,  Mary  A.  French.     Issue:     Fred- 
erick French,  b  a   1846;  m  a  1867,  ^^ae  Stevens, 
and  had  son,  Edvrin  Ruthven. 
ii       Charles  M.,  b  May  iS,  iS23;d  Aug.  21.  1S4S;  m  Feb. 
15,  1845,  Helen  X.  Elton.     Issue:     A  son,  b  Dec. 
19,  1846;  Mary  A.,  b  at  West  Stockbridge,  Mass., 
Dec.  19,  1S4-. 
782   iii      Selina  Antoinette,  b  Jan.  13,  1S25;  m  July  23,  1S43, 
Henry  W.  Lowrey. 
iv      George  Tobey,  b  Mar.  8,  1S28  ;  m  May  10,  1S75  ;  name 
of  wife  unknown;  res  1904,  Westfield,  Mass.;  no 

483  ELECTA  VAX  DEUSEX,  dau  of  (254)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Eve  Huyck;  b  at  Schodack,  X.  Y..  Apr.  25,  1797; 
d  Feb.  20,  1864 ;m  Dec.  24,  1S16,  Barret  BuRGET;b  Apr.  iS, 
1795  ;  d  Sept.  26,  f'S8i.  After  the  death  of  Electa  Van  Deusen 
he  m  Sept.  iS,  187 1,  Eveline  A.  Stone;  b  May  25,  1S27  ;  d  Apr. 
21,  1903. 

Res:     Van  Deusenville,  Mass. 

Children,  the  first  four  bp  at  Kinderhook,  X.  Y.: 

i        George  Lambert  Burget,  b  July  12,  1821 ;  m  May  23,  1849, 
Mary  Sylvina  Hollenbeck. 

ii       Catharine  Sophia  Burget,  b  Feb.  6,  1824;  prob  d  y. 

iii      Catherine  Eliza  Burget,  b  Apr.  i,  1S27;  m  Sept.  26,  1S53. 
Alex.  M.  Baker. 

iv      Isaac  Henry  Burget,  b  May  i,  1830;  d  unm  Dec.  9,  185 1. 

V       Lucinda  Maria  Burget,  b  May  14,  1833  ;m  Xov.  14,  1854, 
John  S.  Stone. 

vi      Sara  Sophia  Burget,  b  July  19,  1S36;  unm. 

vii     Richard  Alonzo  Burget.  b'july  13,  1840;  m  (ist)  Xov.  24, 
1862,  Alice  Morton  Mitchell,  who  d  Xov.  5,  1891;  (2d) 
Nov.  18,  1896,  Sarah  Jane  Martin;  res  Cheshire,  Berk- 
shire Co..  Mass. 

484  LORING  A.  VAX  DEUSEX,  son  of  (254)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Eve  Huyck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ;  b  there 
in  1802;  d  Aug.  6,  1853;  m  July  7,  1S22.  Harriet  Lester. 
who  d  about  1879. 

Res:     Housatonic,  Mass. 

314  Van  Deursex  Family 

Children,  as  far  as  known: 
i        Lucinda  E..  b  ^May  24,  1S35;  ^  ^^ar.  15.  1905;  m  Edward 

Harper;  res  }»Ielrosc,  Conn. ;  no  ch. 
ii       Andrew  J.,  b  May  4,  1S42;  d  May  24,  1S94;  m  Jan.  15. 

1S73,  Mrs.  Mary  Nye  Merritt  of  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.; 

res  Newark.  N.  J.     Issiie:     Rebecket  W.,  b  Sept.  24. 

1873  ;d  Sept.  24.  1874;  Walter  Merritt,  b  Feb.  21,  1877. 

unm  in  1905 ;  res  Newark.  N.  J.,  where  he  is  engaged  in 

the  Newark  Banking  Company. 

485  RICHARD  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (254)  Isaac  Van 
Deusen  and  Eve  Huyck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ;  b  March 
20,  1S05  ;  d  Sept.  7,  1S55  ;  m  (ist)  Oct.  3,  1829,  Cordell\  V,\.\ 
Deusex;  b  Dec.  7,  1S05  ;  d  Mar.  7,  1831 ;  dau  of  (266)  Matthew 
Van  Deiisen  and  Electa  Wainwright;  (2d)  March  10,  1836, 
LuxA  DuxHAM,  who  d  at  Webster,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  19,  1842;  {2,(j) 
March  15,  1848,  Mary  J.  Walker. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 
Childrex,  by  first  wife: 
i        Mar>'  Cordeha,  b  Jan.  30,  1S31;  d  y. 

By  second  wife:  -' 
ii       Maranda  Cordelia,  b  Sept.   17,   1S38;  m  Apr.   27,   1850. 
John  B.  Droinell  of  Webster,  N.  Y.,  who  d  Jan.  i,  1894  ; 
no  ch ;  wid  res  1904,  ^lason,  Ingham  Co.,  jNIich. 
By  third  wife: 
iii      Francis  A.,  b  Feb.  28,  1849;  d  in  fifth  year, 
iv      Luna  Jane,  b  Aug.  12,  1854 ;m  Nov.  30,  1876,  John  James 
Brown  of  Housatonic,  Mass.,  b  May  5.  1S56,  at  Stock- 
port, England;  res  Housatonic,  Mass.     Issue:     Bessie 
Brown,  b  Mar.  24,  1882 ;  m Hall. 

486  FREDERICK  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (255)  William 
Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Spencer  of  Moreau,  Saratoga  Co.,  N. 
Y.;  b  in  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.,  June  27,  1795;  d  October  2. 
1865;  m  a  1820,  Sally  Kxapp;  b  in  New  York  in  1799. 

Res:  Moreau,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1850.  Oc:  Fa:-mer. 
val.  of  real  estate  S6500. 

Children,  (See  Census  of  1850): 

783  i        William  Spencer,  b  Dec.  26,  1825;  m  (ist)  a  1S45. 

Catherine  E ;   (2d)    Feb.    15,    1862,   Mar}' 


784  ii       Stephen,    b    Oct.    i,    1828;  m   Jan.,    185 1,    Rosetta 

iii      Catharine,  b  in  1831;  m  Edward  Stevens;  res  Glens 
Falls,  N.  Y. 

Seventh  Generation  315 

iv  Margaret,  b  Dec.  21,  1835;  ^n  July  4,  1854,  John 
Yandell;  b  Aug.  25,  1826;  d  Apr.  9,  1901;  res  So. 
Glen  Falls,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Sarah  Jane  Yandell, 
b  Oct.  4,  1855;  ^  -^^S-  28,  1904;  Charles  Elmer 
Yandell,  b  July  7,  1862. 

487  PIIRAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (255)  William  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spencer  of  Moreau,  Saratoga  County,  N. 
Y. ;  b  at  Schodack,  Rensselaer  County,  N.  Y.,  June  27,  1798; 
d  at  Newark,  Wayne  County,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  27,  1S86;  m  (ist) 
June  30,  1816,  Maria  CRAxdALL,  who  d  April  17,  1850;  (2d) 
Sept,  8,  1850,  Clara  Van  Deusen,  widow  of  Charles  Horton 
and  dau  of  (256)  Conrad  Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Laman;  b 
Jan.  15,  1807;  d  May  20,  18S5. 

Res:  Marion,  Palmyra  and  Newark,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

i        Maria,  b  Aug.  19,  1817;  m  Mar.  14,  1840,  Loren  Sim- 
mons; had  dau  Ellen  Simm.ons,  who  d  Feb.  15,  1867. 
ii       Hannah,  b  Sept.  17,  1S19;  d  Nov.  20,  1S29. 

785  iii      William.'b  Jime  6,  1821,  m  May  26,  1844,  Sarah  A. 

^  Ogden. 

iv      Henry,  b  May  4,  1823. 

V  Lucinda,  b  May  2,  1825;  m  May  26,  1844.  Le  Grand 
Ogden;  no  ch. 

vi  Catherine,  b  June  24,  1827;  m  May  14,  1S48,  John 
P.  Drake,  who  d  Dec.  12,  1855;  res  Constantine, 
Mich.  Issue:  Henry  Crandall  Drake,  b  Jan.  2, 
1850 ;m  May  8,  1875,  Clara  B.  Roys;  Mary  Theresa 
Drake,  b  Aug.  9,  1852,  m  Robert  L.  Dunlapp. 

786  vii    John  H.,  b  Apr.   12,   1830;  m  (ist)  Feb.   17,   1850, 

Irene  Crandall;  (2d)  a  1857,  Mary  A.  Mac  Farland. 
viii  Margaret,  b  June  23,  1832;  m  Feb.  17,  1850,  Ira 
Crandall,  who  d  May  18,  1902,  at  Cherry  Valley, 
N.  Y.;  res  Watts  Flats,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Carlton 
E.  Crandall,  b  Sept.  28,  1853,  m  Dec.  13.  1879. 
Erminnie  Rowell;  Anna  M.  Crandall,  b  Mar.  3, 
1858,  m  Oct.  II,  1892,  George  Van  Lone. 

787  ix      Stephen,  b  July  24,  1834;  m  May  11,  1866,  Lydia  L. 


788  X       Hannah,  b  Oct.  23,  1836;  m  (ist)  Dec.  4,  1856,  Frank- 

lin F.  Ogden;  (2d)  May  10,  1S61,  Alfred  P.  Horton. 
xi      Richard,  b  Aug.  20,  1845  ;  m  Aug.  10,  1886,  EHzabeth 
Rentschler;  res  Newark,  N.  Y.     Issue:     Mary  E., 
b  Feb.  7,  1887. 

^^®  Van  Deursen  Family 

48S  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (255)  William  Va- 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spencer  of  Moreau.  Saratoga  Counu  \ 
Y.;  b  April  22,  1800;  d  May  .6,  1871;  ni  July  4,  1S27    iU-f 

Res:     Moreau,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc-     Farmer 

789  i        Hiram,  b  Apr.  6,  1828;  bp  at  Schodack;  m  in  18.-0 

Hannah  Brown.  •"    ' 

790  ii.      Simeon,  b  June  17,  1S30;  m  in  1S53,  Loretta  V.  Carr 
m      Lhzabeth  Ann,  b  Feb.  15,  1831;  bp  at  Schodack"  d 

a  1906;  m  Oct.  30.  1879,  Charles  Schofield,  who  d 

Aug.  28,  1904;  no  ch. 
iv      Caroline,  b  Apr.  15.  1833;  m  a  iS=;3,  Orvil  B.  Smith; 

res  Johnsonburg.  Pa.     Issue:     Francis  A.   Smith: 

Edgar  B.  Smith,  m  Sallv  Hoag;  Cora  Mav  Smith 

m  William  I.  Sechrist. 
V       Henry,  b  at  vSchodack  Apr.  21,  1835;  m  (ist)  Feb.. 

1856,  Martha  J.  Billings,  who  d  May  30,  1S98;  (2d) 

a    1907,    Mrs.    Josephine   Williams';    res    Saratoga 

Springs;    N.   Y.     Issue:     Henry   Billings,   b   Apr. 

8.  1858,  d  Dec.  22,  1892,  m  Sept.  12,  18S2,  Frances 

Lyon,  no  ch;  Robert  Elihu,  b  Dec.  29,  1S63,  m  Oct. 

31,  1893,  Fannie  Dobbin;  no  ch. 
vi      John,  b  July  4,  1837;  m  Feb.  3.  1866,  Sarah  Martin 

Barnar;  res  Saratoga  Springs.     Issue:     John  Bar- 

nar,  b  Oct    5,  1872. 

489     STEPHEN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (255)  William  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spencer  of  Moreau,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y. ; 
b  in  1802;  m  a   1825,  Axx  Crandall.     In  1832  they  were 
residents  of  Schodack;  in  1850  of  Northumberland,  Saratoga 
Co.,  and  later  of  Ghent,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.     Mr.  Van  Deusen 
was  a  farmer. 
i        WilHam,  b  Jan.  19,  1828;  bp  at  Schodack;  d  at  Fort  Mon- 
roe, Va.,  Sept.  7,  1862:  m  Jan.  i,  1855,  Marv  E.  Lord, 
by  whom  he  had  one  child,  Willis  Eugene,  b  June   27. 
1858.  ^He  enlisted  at  Gansevoort,   N.   Y.,   in  Co.  G, 
77th  New  York  Vol.  Inf.,  and  died  in   service   during 
the  War  of  the  Rebellion.     His  widow  married  Ran- 
som Kingsley,  at  whose  death  she  married  for  the  third 
time.  Mason  K.  Aldrich,  who  served  in  Co.   H,  Ssth 
New  York  Vol.  Inf.,  Sept    16,  1861,  to  Aug.  8,  1S62. 
when  he  was  discharged  for  disabilities  contracted  dur- 

Seventh  Generation  317 

ing  service.     As  his  widow  she  is  a  pensioner   (Ctf 

ii       Chancey,  b  July  5,  1830;  bp  at  Schodack  Sept.  2t,,  1S32. 
iii      Eugene,  b  1839. 
iv      Spencer   Reynolds,  b   Dec.   31,    1842;  d   May   16,    1S81; 

graduate  of  Yale  College  1S68. 

V  Anna  Augusta,  b  1847. 

490  JAMES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (255)  William  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Spencer  of  Moreaii,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y. ; 
bin  1805;  ma  1826,  Mary  Trumble,  b  in  Connecticut  in 

Res:     Moreau,  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Lawyer. 
Children  (from  Census  of  1850): 
791   i        James  W.,  b  Mar.  2,  1827;   m  Nov.   i,  1S58,  Eliza- 
ii       Almira,  b  a  1829. 
iii      Julia,  b  a  1832. 

iv      Cornelia,  b  Apr.  17,  1834;  d  Aug.  22,  1836. 
v       Elen,  b  in  1S40. 
vi      Harriet,  b^in  1842. 

491  WILLIAM  JAY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (256)  Conrad 
Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Laman;  b  at  Schodack,  N.  Y.,  July 
16,  1806;  d  June  2,  1877;  m  a  1827,  Maria  Lane,  who  d  July 
13,  1876.  He  was  a  member  of  State  Assembly  in  1S71  and 

Res:     Canajoharie,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Fanner. 

i        Lucina  Margaret,  b  a  1828. 

ii       William  Albert,  b  Mar.  25,  1830;  m  Emily  Allen, 
iii      Bernard  Laman,  b  Nov.  11,  1832;  m  Frances  Wilson,  b 

iv      Stark,  b  a  1835  ;  ni  Mary 

V  Charles  Henry,  b  May  30,   1837;  m  (ist)  Feb.   i,   1880, 

Alida  Alpaugh;  (2d)  Susan  M.  Kinney;  res  New  York 

City.     Issue:     Albert  Perlea,  b  in  New  York  City  Oct. 

16,  1883;  graduate  of  Rochester  University  1906;  Elsie 

May,  b  June  11,  1886,  d  Apr.,  1887;  Mary  Augusta,  b 

Apr.  4,  1888. 
vi      Harriet  Lane,  b  Feb.  3,   1S40;  m  Oct.   27,   1856,  Jacob 

vii    Mary  Augusta,  b  June  3,  1S42  ;  m  Sept.  14,  1864,  Valentine 

Kjrby,   who   d   Oct.    27,    1903.     Issue:     Josephine   M. 

Kirby,  b  July   19,   1868,  m  Dec.   26,   1888,   David  I. 

318  Van  Deursen  Family 

Snell;  Sara  Hall  Kirby,  b  Mar.  i8,  1881,  m  and  res  at 

Canajoharie,  N.  Y. 
viii   Warren  Bang,  b  a  1S44;  d  y. 
ix      Lucina  Jane,  b  Apr.   7,    1850:0  Mav,   1S66,  George  O 

Blowers.  '  ^        ■ 

492  MARGARET  ANN  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (2-,;) 
Michael  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Allen  of  Canajoharie,  \\ 
Y.;  b  at  Schodack,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  26,  180S;  d  Feb.  25,  1894;  m 
(ist)  a  1827,  Francis  Farquarson,  who  d  Dec.  21,  1S59;  (id) 
Jan.  4,  1869,  David  Winne,  who  d  Feb.  15,  1879. 

Children,  all  by  first  husband: 

i        Celia  Diana  Farquarson,  b  June  5,  1829;  d  unm. 

ii  Sarah  Christina  Farquarson,  b  Feb.  27,  1831;  m  July  26, 
1855,  Stephen  A.  Howard.  Issue:  Alexander  How- 
ard and  Nettie  Howard,  who  m  Harry  Cotton  of  Gain^- 
ville,  Wyoming  Co.,  N.  Y. 

iii  William  Michael  P'arquarson,  b  July  17,  1S34;  d  iSSq; 
m  a  Feb.  21,  1S66,  Virginia  J.  Disney;  left  dau,  Mar- 
garet Farquarson,  b  a  1S79;  res  Salamanca,  N.  Y. 

iv  James  H.  Farquarson,  b  Mar.  23,  1837;  m  Aug.  10,  1S56, 
Marion  J.  Hale  of  Hinsdale,  N.  Y.  Issue:  Francis 
Hale  Farquarson;  Frederick  Henry  Farquarson;  Wil- 
liam Lincoln  Farquarson;  Lillie  Josephine  Farquarson; 
Charles   Bryon   Farquarson;  Van  Deusen  Farquarson. 

V       Mary  Alwilda  Farquarson,  b  May  4,  1845;  ^  unm. 

493  JAMES  HARVEY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (257) 
Michael  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Allen  of  Canajoharie.  X. 
Y.;  b  at  Schodack,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  17,  1810;  d  at  East  Pike,  N. 
Y.,  Aug.  27,  1852;  m  a  1831,  at  Cherry  Valley,  Otsego  Co.,  N. 
Y.,  Hannah  jMaria  Lewis,  who  d  at  Lampoc,  Cal.,  in  18S6. 

Res:     In  1850  Pike,  Wyoming  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
792  i        Mary  Martha,  b  Nov.  18,  1838;  m  a  1858,  John  Tel 

ii       Cynthia  A.,  b  a  1841 ;  m  Thomas  Telford. 

iii      Justus  B.,  b  1845;  d  unm. 

iv     Altha  A.,  b  1847;  d  y. 

V       Estella  M.,  b  1849;  d  unm. 

vi      Celia,  b  a  1851. 

vii     An  infant,  b  a  1853  ;  d  y. 

of  (257)  Michael  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Allen  of  Canajohar 

Sevexth  Gexeration  319 

BeLDEX  JUDD.  who  d  Xov.  30    1880  '      ^'^    ^''''^^ 

Res:     Sprout  Brook    N    Y      Op-'    \ro      - 
Childrex:  °--^-   ^-     Uc.     Manuracturer. 

i        Charles  Cathn    b    Anr    t-,     tq.<  < 

Gert^de  Hele'n  H^n.  ^  nd.^^^Th^;  to^.^h  dfed^?)^ct' 
20     1893,  in  a  railroad  disaster  at    Battle  Creek- 
Mich. ;  res  Canajoharie,  Mont.  Co..  NY      Issue : 
Fannie  Multord,  b  jtilv  -^z    18--, --m   ah       xx- 
Van  Deu.en    son  o'f  (,,]]'  OnVtr  "b^    ."am' l™: 

III  Edwm  Srniih,  b  at  Canajoharie,  X   Y    Dec    i    t8-.. 

Plam'x'f  '"'^'.^'^^^  ^iabel  Sanders ;' res  Fort 

S'^ar^^'.^^-^^-     ^^-^     ^^^^-^; 

IV  Justus  Allen,  b  Nov^io,  1S57;  m  Oct.  23,  iSoo   Cora 

L.  Bowman;  res  Canajoharie,  N.    Y      oc      Mam? 

L^'c'aTxTpt""'"-     '"""     En.n.a\M.idred     b 

V  Anna  Belden,  b  July  5,  1S60;  m  Oct.  8,  rSS.    Toel 

Loucks,  munster  of  Dutch  Reformed  Church ;  no  ch. 

495     DOCTOR  HARLOW  ALONZO  V\K  DFT7c;fv 

1861,  Maria  Farxum  Chapix,  who  d  Jan    17    1866  'r]-h^'  ^l 

graduate  of  the^TdS  C^^lege'^^t  Afbanv^N^^^^  VTI-o^ 
BrooTM'^r^""'  of  Egremont:  Mass.,  and'in  V890  of  Sprout 
Brook,  Montgomery  Co.,.  N.  Y..  where  he  died  ^ 

Childrex.  by  second  wife: 

i        Alfred,  b  Sept.  20,  i8?i  •  d  Dec    -t    T«!r- 

320  Van  Deursen  Family 

iii      Chcna,  b  Feb.  15.  1S57;  m  Dec.  iS,  1884,  Frank  W. 
Titiis,  who  d  in  1904;  no  ch. 
By  third  wife: 

iv      Charles  Beege,  b  Aug.  22,  1S64. 
By  fourth  wife: 

V  Edgar,  b  Dec.  27.  1869,  at  Gt.  Barrington,  Ma?s.; 
graduate  of  Princeton  University,  A.  B.;  M.  A. 
1 901  at  New  York  University;  Instructor  and 
Lecturer  on  Commerce  and  Finance  at  Nev.-  York 
Univy.  and  Dartmotith  College;  member  of  Bank- 
ing lirm  of  P.  AY.  Brooks  and  Co.,  New  York. 

496  MARY  MARTHA  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (257) 
Michael  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Allen  of  Canajoharie.  N. 
Y.;  b  there  Feb.  10,  1820;  m  at  Sprout  Brook,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  10, 
1842,  Charles  Hibbard,  who  d  March  10,  1875. 

Res:     Sprout  Brook,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        George  B.  Hibbard.  b  July  5,  1S43;  m  1S64,  Adella  P. 
AVmne.     Issue:     Winnie  C.  Hibbard;  Nellie  Hibbard. 
ii       Ceha  M.  Hibl^ird,  b  Apr.  27,  184S;  m  Oct.,  1872,  William 

Hoyland  Allen;  res  Nelliston,  N.  Y.;  no  ch. 
iii      Charles  M.  Hibbard.  b  July  20,  1057;  m  Nov.,  1892,  Ella 
R.  :Mallet;  res  Sprout  Brook,  N.  Y.;  no  ch. 

497  OLIVER  BURNHAM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (257) 
Michael  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Allen  of  Canajoharie,  N. 
Y. ;  b  there  Feb.  i,  1S25;  m  Jan.  2,  185 1,  Barbara  C.  Winne. 

Res:     Gowanda,  Cattaraugus  Co..  N.  Y. 
795  i        James  Eugene,  b  Sept.  22,   1851;  m  Oct.  20,  1875, 
Ella  H.  Hooker. 
ii       Kittie  Arabell,  b  June  6,  1857;  d  Nov.  21,  1861. 
iii.   Carrie  Electa,  b  Dec.   11,   1861;  m  Nov.   28,   1883, 
Pearlev    H.    Palmer   Horton;  res   Gowanda.   Cat- 
taraugus Co.,   N.   Y.     Issue:     Oliver  D.   Horton. 
b  Dec.  24,  18S5;  Allen  J.  Horton,  b  Dec.  25,  1892. 
iv      Allen  Winne.  b  Nov.  24,  1866 ;  d  Oct.  9,  1897  ;  m  Aug. 
5,    1896.    Fannie    Mulford    Van    Deusen,    dau    oi 
Charles   C,   son  of   (494)   Justus  Van   Rensselaer 
Van   Deusen   and    Nancy   B.   Judd.     He  was  an 

498  FRANCIS  DE  WITT  VAN  DEUSEN.  son  of  hsi) 
Michael  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Allen  of  Sprout  Brook. 

Seventh  Generation  321 

Montgomer>-  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  there  July  23,  1S29  ;  m  Aug.  7,  1S65, 
Mary  Catharine  Hulsaver. 

Res:     Van  Ilom,  Iowa.     Oc:     Insurance  Agt.  and  fanner. 

i  Maiy  Martha,  b  Feb.  14,  1S6S;  m  July  26,  1SS7, 
Frank  Youtzy;  res  Cedar  Rapids,' Iowa.  Issue- 
Mary  Frances  Youtzy,  b  Mar.  28,  1893;  Charles 
Raymond  Youtzy,  b  May  13,  1895;  Pearl  Alice 
Youtzy,  b  Oct.  15,  1898. 
ii  Charles  F.  D.,  b  Jan.  30,  1870;  m  Jan.  26,  1S94,  Rose 
Rosburg;  res  Van  Horn,  Iowa;  no  ch. 

796  iii      Kittic  Isabel,  b  May  5,  1872;  m  Oct.  15,  1898,  John 

A.  Johnson. 

iv  Sarah  M.,  b  May  21,  1874;  m  Jan.  i,  1901,  Eli  Deloss 
Perry ;  res  Van  Horn,  Iowa.  Issue:  Thomas  Fran- 
cis Perry,  b  1904;  Mary  Perry,  b  1906. 

V  Cyrus  A.,  b  May  13,  1877;  m  Dec.  20,  1903,  Keathe 
Pearl  P^fferson;  res  Van  Horn,  Iowa.  Issue:  Owen 
Irene,  b  in  1905. 

499  ANDREW  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (258)  Laurence 
Van  Deusen  and  Christine  HoUenbeck  of  Lee,  Mass. ;  b  there 
Sept.  8,  1794;  d  Aug.  ii,i84i;m  Sept.  20,  1815,  Orpha 
JoYNER;bAug.  2,  1796;  d  Feb.  18,  18S3.  In  1820  he  was 
living  in  Chautauqua  Co.,  N.  Y.  In  1828  he  removed  to 
Hinckley,  Ohio,  where  he  died  and  is  buried.  He  was  a  mil- 
ler by  occupation. 


797  i        Irena  Amaret,  b  July  21,   1817;  m  Mar.   22,   1836, 

William  Kniblow  West. 
ii       Laurence,  b  June  12,  d  July  5,  1819. 

798  iii      Roe  George,  b  April  27,  1820;  m  (ist)  July  10,  1S45, 

Susanna  Foss;  (2d)  Sept.  5,  1S64,  Sophia  Burle- 
iv      Daniel  Denton,  b  May  21,  d  May  22,  1822,  at  Sheridan, 
Chautauqua  Co.,  N.  Y. 

799  V       Rush  Ludlow,  b  Aug.  3,  1823;  m  (ist)  Jan.  30,  1844, 

Maria  S.  Damon;  (2d)  Nov.  16,  188S,  Annie  Alice 

800  vi      Ralph  Henry,  b  June  20,   1825;  m  (ist)   Sept.  30, 

1846,  Maryette  M.  Rockwell;  (2d)  Jan.   i,   1893, 
Katie  Hiller;   (3d)   Aug.   20,   1896,  Anna  Isadore 
vii    Ester  Adaline,  b  Nov.  4,  1827;  d  Jan.  31,  1878;  bur 

322  Van  Deursen  Family 

in  Ridgeville,  Loraine  Co.,  Ohio;  m  May  4,  1846, 
Lawrence  Howk  Van  Wormer;  res  Tsp.  of  Fair- 
field. Mich.  Issue:  Ella  VanWomier,  b  Dec.  ic, 
1849;  d  Aug.  18,  1S52;  Mary  VanWormer,  b  Ayr. 
28,  1852;  d  July  26,  1854;  Ida  Estella  Van  Wormer. 
b  Sept.  17,  1862;  m  Sept.  19,  1879,  Harvey  X. 
801  viii  Ray  Littlefield,  b  Aug.  3,  1S30;  m  Oct.  29,  1859, 
Mary  S.  "Williams. 

ix      Edmund  Octavus,  b  Feb.  28.  1833;  d  May  7,  1835. 

X  Martin  VanBuren,  b  Sept.  27,  1S35,  at  Hinckley 
Ridge,  Ohio;  m  Oct.  9,  1859,  Harriet  Maria  Trean- 
er;  he  has  been  a  very  successful  farmer  and  now 
owns  several  hundreds  of  acres  of  land  near  La 
Porte  City,  Iowa;  res  Trear,  Iowa.  Issue:  Ad- 
miral, b  Jan.  9,  d  Jan.  12,  1862;  Orpha  Lucretia, 
b  Nov.  23,  1864;  m  Oct.  25,  1887,  James  A.  Pink- 
erton,  M.  D.;  no  children. 

xi  Don  Carlos,  b  Mar.  4,  1S39,  at  Hinckley,  0.;  m  (ist) 
Oct.  4,  1864,  Ella  Nichols;  (2d)  Feb.  2,  1901,  De- 
light Painter;  res  Hinckley,  Ohio  He  served  in 
Gomp.  K,  42d  Ohio  Vol.  Inf.,  from  Nov.  22,  1861, 
to  Sept.  29,  1S63;  lost  right  arm  at  Vicksburg, 
Miss.,  May  20,  1863  (Pen.  Ctf.  26,287).  Issue: 
Lincoconia  D.,  b  Aug.  5,  1865;  Earl  Russell,  b 
Sept.  30,  1871;  killed  by  kick  of  horse,  Jan.  29, 
1878;  Ruth  A.  b  May  12,  1876;  m  in  189S,  An- 
thony Earnhardt. 

500  JACOB  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (262)  Isaac  Laird  Van 
Deusen  and  Lavinia  L.  Hart  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
June  28,  1813,  in  Van  Deusenville,  Mass.;  d  at  Tracy,  Minn., 
Sept.  13,  1889;  m  Feb.  28,  1836,  Mary  TeNxXEY,  who  d  in 
Owatonna,  Minn.,  Nov.  7,  1874. 

i        George  Fairchild,  b  Jan.  26,  1839;  m  Feb.  7,  1870,  Alice 

ii       Charles  Edwin,  b  Jan.  17,  1843;  m  Sept.  27,  1864,  Fanny 

iii      Mark  Seeley,  b  Dec.  11,  1 844 ;m  August  15,  1870,  Serepta 

Jane    Martindale;   had    three    children,    all   dead;   res 

Wichita,  Kans. 
iv      Mary  Julia,  b  Oct.   7,   1850;  m  Oct.   18,   1869,  Williard 


Seventh  Gexefl\tiox  323 

501  REV.  EDWIN  MARTIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (262) 
Isaac  Laird  Van  Deusen  and  Lavinia  L.  Hart  of  Van  Deusen- 
ville,  Mass.;  b  there  Feb.  25,  1S16;  d  in  Baltimore.  Md.,  Aug. 
8,  1S90;  m  Sept.  16,  1S3S,  Ei,iz.\  M.\ri.^  Gilbert,  dau  of 
Bradford  Gilbert  and  Elizabeth  Edwards  of  Stron^fellow, 

Edwin  Van  Deusen,  D.  D.,  was  educated  at  Trinity  College, 
N.  Y.  Soon  after  his  graduation  he  received  his  first  call  as 
assistant  at  St.  Paul's  Church  in  Baltimore,  where  Rev.  Dr. 
Wyatt  was  rector.  Here  he  remained  about  three  years,  when 
he  accepted  a  call  to  Oxen  Hill,  Md.  After  a  few 'years  there 
he  was  sent  to  St.  Anne's  Church,  Annapolis,  Md.,  where  he 
remained  about  eight  years,  then  going  to  the  old  Swedes 
Church  in  Wilmington,  Del.  From  there  he  went  to  St. 
Peter's  Church,  Pittsburg,  Pa.,  where  he  was  rector  for 
twenty  years,  then  going  to  Grace  Church,  Utica  N.  Y.,  as 
successor  to  Rev.  Dr.  Leeds,  who  had  resigned  to  accept  the 
call  to  Grace  Church  in  Baltimore.  This  was  his  last  rector- 
ship and  embraced  about  nineteen  years.  Upon  his  resigna- 
tion in  Utica,  Dr.  Van  Deusen  left  the  active  service  of  the 
ministry  and  went  to  reside  in  Carroll  County,  Md.,  where  he 
lived  for  five  years.  He  then  went  to  Baltimore  to  reside 
with  his  son,  in  whose  home  he  died.  His  body  was  taken  to 
Utica,  N.  Y.,  for  burial,  the  services  there  being  conducted  by 
Rev.  Charles  F.  Olmstead  of  Grace  Church,  where  Dr.  Van 
Deusen  had  ofliciated  for  so  many  years.  He  had  many 
friends  who  loved  and  admired  him  "for  his  worth  and  sterling 

802  i        Mary  Elizabeth,  b  a  1S40;  m  a  i860,  Gen.  Audley 
William  Gazzam  of  New  York  City. 
ii       Edwin  Gilbert,  b  Sept.  5,  1844;  bp  Feb.  25,  1S45,  by 
Rev,  Dr.  Humphreys,  President  of  St.  John  's  Col- 
lege at  Annapolis,  Md.;  res  1890  Baltimore,  Md. 

501a  ERASTUS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (262)  Isaac  Laird 
Van  Deusen  and  Lavinia  L.  Hart  of  Van  Deusenville,  Mass., 
and  of  Rawsonville,  Ohio;  b  in  Mass.  Jan.  27,  1S18;  d  at 
Cuyahoga  Falls,  Ohio,  April  7,  1862 ;  m  at  Grafton,  Ohio,  Dec. 
24,  1839,  Sarah  Ann  Fitch,  dau  of  Samuel  Fitch  and  Anne 
Getty  of  Salem,  N.  Y. ;  b  March  25,  1816;  d  at  Hudson,  Ohio, 
April  30,  1868. 

Res:     CuvahoR-a  Falls,  Ohio. 

324  Van  Deursex  Family 

Childrex,  b  at  Cuyahoga  Falls,  Ohio, 
i        Frances,  b  July  '5,  1S42;  d  at  Three  Rivers,  Mich.,  Feb. 

6,  1888  ;in  at  Hudson,  Dec.  23,  1S69,  Albert  Gaston. 
ii       Haniet.  b  Nov.  26,  1846;  m  at  Owatonna,  Minn.,  Apr. 

9,  187 1,  John  Blair;  res  Tracy,  Minn.     Issue:     Frank 

Sumner  Blair,  b  Dec.  3,  1S76;  m  at  Marshall,  !\Iinn., 

Sept.  21,  1S98,  Mar}'  Minnick. 

502  NICHOLAS  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (263)  Isaac  I. 
Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.; 
b  there  Dec.  31,  1789;  d  April  20,  iS72;m  (ist)  a  1815  Rachel 

Atkins;  (2d)  Cixthy ;b  in  So.  Carolina  in  1795. 

He  probably  resided  in  Ohio  in  1828,  where  one  of  his  children 
v/as  bom;  later  in  Illinois,  where  we  find  him  on  Sept.  4,  1S60, 
at  Town  3,  Range  4,  Marion  Co.  Family  tradition  says  that 
he  married,  as  second  or  third  wife.  Mary  Ann  Galusha,  dau 
of  Jacob  Galusha  and  sister  of  the  Hon.  Jonas  Galusha,  Gov- 
ernor of  Vermont;  this  statement  has  not,  however,  been  ver- 

Children,  so  far  as  known: 
803     i      Ira,  b  in  III.  in  1S23 ;  m  Apr.  9,  1S46,  Catherine  Beas- 

803a  ii  Cyrus,  b  in  111.  in  1S26;  m  Jan.  2,  184S,  Eliza  J. 
iii  Henr\'  A.  V.,  b  in  Ohio  in  1S28 ;  was  living  with  par- 
ents in  111.  in  1S60;  occupation  preacher,  and  ap- 
parently unmarried;  was  owner  of  real  estate 
valued  at  $3000,  and  personal  $Soo  (Census). 

503  CATHARINE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (263)  Isaac 
I.  Van  Deusen  and  Christina  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ; 
b  Sept.  20,  1 791;  d  Dec.  27,  1874;  m  March  10,  181 1,  Isaac 
WHEELERof  Salisbury,  Conn.; b  Mar.  4,  i7S5;dMar.  11,  1854; 
son  of  Samuel  Wheeler,  of  Plainfield,  Conn.,  and  Olive  Hall, 
dau  of  Col.  John  Hall. 

Res:     Salisbury,  Conn.,  and  Victor,  Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        George  Butler  Wheeler,  b  Apr.  16,  181 2,  at  Salisbury;  d 

Jan.  21,  1858,  at  Victor,  N.  Y. 
ii       Mary  Augusta  Wheeler,  b  Dec.  6,  1815  ;  d  Oct.  11,  1S91. 
iii      Walter  Budd  Wheeler,  b  Apr.  4,  1818;  d  Aug.  20,  1846; 

bur  at  Nashville,  Tenn. 
iv      Charles  Girard  Wheeler,  b  July  5,  1824;  d  Apr.  18,  1885, 

at  Victor,  N.  Y.  ,     ^    v    r 

V       Marie  Louise  Wheeler,  b  a  1826;  m  at  Victor,  N.  Y.,  Nov. 

Seventh  Gener.\tion  325 

ig,  1849,  (475)  Cratus  Van  Deusen,  son  of  (252)  John 
C.  Van  Deusen  and  Rebecca  do  Freese. 

504  HENRYVAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (263)  Isaac  L  Van 
Deusen  and  Christina  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
there  Jan.  28,  1795;  d  Aug.  18,  1868,  at  Dybern*-,  Pa.;  m  a 
1S20,  LovisA  DoBLE,  b  Jan.  i,  179S;  d  Dec.  22,  18*79. 

Res:     Dyberry,  Wayne  Co.,  Pa. 
804  i        Mark,  b  May  4,   1823;  m  Oct.   24,   1867,  Sarah  E. 
ii       George  H.,  b  Apr.  3,  1829;  d  unm  Oct.  26,  18S3. 
iii      Carohne,  b  June  20,  1831;  m  Dec.  20,  1SS3,  George 
E.  Baker,  who  died  June  11,   1909,  at  Dybcny, 
Pa. ;  no  chiklren. 

505  CATHERINE  VAN  DEUSEN.  dau  of  (264)  Jacob 
Van  Deusen  and  Jane  Hollenbeck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.; 
b  there  Aug.  11,  1794;  d  Dec.  9,  1827  ;m  Feb.  15,  1821,  Daniel 
Tremain;  b  Oct.  21,  1758;  d  Dec,  1S53;  son  of  John  Tremain. 
He  was  "private  in  Capt.  Ephraim  Fitch's  Co.,  Col.  Hopkin's 
(Berkshire  Co.)  regt;  enlisted  July  15,  1776;  discharged  Aug. 
3,  1776;  service  19  days,  on  alami  in  N.  Y.,  at  the  Highlands." 
"Daniel  Tremain,  private,  Capt.  Ephraim  Fitch's  Co.,  Col. 
Benjamin  Simond's  detachment  of  Berkshire  Co.  Militia;  en- 
listed Dec.  16,  1776;  enlistment  to  expire  March  15,  1777; 
Muster  roll  dated  Ticonderoga,  Feb.  25,  1777'.  reported  on 
command  as  a  scout."  (See  Mass.  Soldiers  and  Sailors  in  the 
Revolution;  also  article  on  Town  of  Greene,  Chenango  Co., 
French's  Gazetteer  of  the  State  of  New  York). 

Daniel  Tremain  was  a  v;idower  when  he  married  Catherine 
Van  Deusen.     By  his  first  marriage  he  had  two  sons,  Erastus 
and  William  (Tremain  Genealogy,  Vol.  i,  p.  43)- 
Res:     East  Greene,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        Jane  Tremain;  m  Nicholas  Spurr.     Issue:     Eliza  Spurr; 

Griswold  Spurr;  George  Spurr. 
ii       Philena  Tremain;  m  Frederick  Fuller.     Issue:     Charles 
Fuller;  Catherine  Fuller;  m  Henr>-  Foote  and  has  ch 
Mary  Foote;  Anna  Foote;  and  others. 

506  WILLLVM  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (264)  Jacob  Van 
Deusen  and  Jane  Hollenbeck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
there  Nov.  26,  1799;  d  there  Feb.  3,  1873;  m  Dec.  i,  1834, 
Mary  W^arne,  b  in  Mass.  in  1807  ;  d  April  15,  1864. 

326  Van  Deursen  Family 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i  Cordelia  M.,  b  Dec.  29,  1S35;  ^^  Nov.  30,  1S54,  Henr}- 
J.  Vosburg;  b  Dec.  10,  1S29,  in  Salisbury,  Conn.; 
res  Gilman,  Marshall  Co.,  Iowa.  Issue:  Wil- 
liam H.  Vosburg,  b  Sept.  30,  1855:01  Dec.  22,  1887, 
Mar}^  A.  McClurc;  Lonella  M.  Vosburg,  b  ^lar.  31, 
1857;  m  Jan.  9,  1878,  William  J.  Ward;  Grace  0. 
Vosburg,  b  Apr.  18,  1S69;  m  Oct.  11,  1893,  Ralph 
A.  Dunkle. 

ii       Edwin  R.,  b  Dec.  11,  1837 ;  d  Dec.  31,  1839. 

iii  Jane  Eliza,  b  Dec.  24,  1839;  m  Sept.  12,  185S,  Aaron 
J.  Vosburg;  b  Mar.  5,  1S34,  at  Salisbury,  Conn.; 
res  Gilman,  Marshall  Co.,  Iowa.  Issue:  Edwin 
W.  Vosburg,  b  Sept.  13,  1859;  m  May  2,  18SS, 
Theresa  Gould,  who  d  Dec.  6,  1S91;  Dwight  J. 
Vosburg,  b  Dec.  18,  1S61;  m  Mar.  9,  1S92,  Eliza- 
beth Gould. 

iv      Frances  Elizabeth,  b  Dec.  6,  1S41;  m  July  25,  1883, 
Henry  Baker,  b  at  Ancram,  N.  Y.,  June  22,  1826; 
d  June  4,  1904,  at  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.;  no  ch. 
805  V       Jacob  Henrv,  b  Mav  27,  1844;  m  Jan.  18,  1882,  Hat- 
tie  A.  Clark. 

vi  Mary  Sophia,  b  May  31,  1846;  d  Dec.  16,  1891,  at 
Gilman,  Iowa;  m  Jan.  31,  1872,  Thomas  A.  Dun- 
lava,  b  July  26,  1844;  d  Nov.  2,  1896;  res  Crook- 
ston,  Polk  Co.,  Minn.  Issue:  Roscoe  G.  Dun- 
lava,  b  Jan.  7,  1878. 

vii  Harriet  R.,  b  Feb.  16,  1848;  m  Jan.  22,  1879,  Edwin 
Holdridge  Van  Deusen,  son  of  (509)  Isaac  Spoor 
Van  Deusen.  Issue:  Louis  Bertram  Van  Deu- 
sen, b  Feb.  17,  1 88 1. 

507  MASON  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (264)  Jacob  Van 
Deusen  and  Jane  Hollenbeck  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass. ;  b 
there  Oct.  24,  1802;  d  Aug.  16,  i860;  m  (ist)  June  18,  1S26, 
Anna  Maria  Hollenbeck,  who  d  June  20,  1834;  (2d)  a  1S36, 
Lana  Spoor,  who  d  June  5,  1873. 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Mary  Jane',  b  Nov.  14,  1S27;  d  Nov.  28,  1S94;  m  Feb.  25, 

1857,  John  H.  Ferguson;  res  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

Issue:     W^infield  S.  Ferguson,  b  Apr.  16,  1861 ;  m  Dec. 

28,  1 888,  Sarah  O.  Smith;  Annie  M.  Ferguson,  b  Oct. 

Seventh  Gekeratiox  327 

22,  1S62;  d  Sept.  3.  1S66;  Jennie  M.  Ferguson,  b  Am^. 
31.  18&5.  m  Mar.  20,  1901,  George  H.  Sirrine. 
11       Catherine  S.b  Sept.   2S,   1829;  m  (ist)  June  16.   1.S52. 
Mason  S_  Rogers;  (2d)  Jan.   22,   1865.  Elisha  Collins 

1867,  Mn  E.  Rogers,  b  Apr.  28,  1858;  m  Mar.,  iSS^ 
Lizzie  B.  Clark;  George  W.  Collins,  b  Feb.   10,  1S69: 
Lenah  M.  Collins,  b  Jan.  22,  1871 ;  m  Mar.  16,  1894   W. 
H.  Scnbner.  ^^ 

iii  Franklin  J  b  Jan.  16  1832  ;  d  July  28,  1S70;  m  Frances 
M.  Burghardt,  who  d  Dec.  8,  18S8;  no  ch. 

T  ^°^  v^^S^^^  HARRIET  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (264) 

Jacob  \  an  Deusen  and  Jane  Hollenbeck  of  Great  Barrington 

Mass.;  b  there  Sept.  20,  1813;  d  Sept.  7,  1856;  m  March  27! 

1830,  Isaac  Burghardt,  who  d  Nov.  15,  1876. 
Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass. 
Children  (have  adopted  name  of  Burgett) : 

i        Mary  Eliza  Burgett,  b  Feb.   n,   1838;  m  Oct.   2    1856 
Henr}-  L.  Rowe.  who  d  Aug.   17.  1S98,  at  Egremont' 
^Mass.     Issue:     Frank  D.  Rowe,  b  Nov.  14,  1S63 

11       William  Henrv'  Burgett.  b  Apr.  14,  1840;  m  Dec.  12.  1S6-' 
Laura  J.  Meach;  res  Gt.  Barrington.     Issue:     Dwi^ht 
I.  Burgett,  b  Apr.  24,  1864;  Leon  H.  Burgett,  b  Tan 
20,  1875. 
Henry  William  Burgett,  b  Apr.  14,  1840;  twin  of  William 
Henry;  m  Dec.  7,  1S64,  Marv  J.  Rowe. 

IV  Charlotte  Jane  Burgett,  b  Oct!  24,  1S50;  d  June  8,  1S83, 
at  Bmghamton,  N.  Y. ;  m  Dec.  28,  1S71,  David  H.' 
Carver;  res  Binghamton,  N.  Y.  Issue:  William  H. 
Carver,  b  Feb.  14,  1876;  Mabel  Carver,  b  July  8,  1S78. 

509^  ISAAC  SPOOR  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (265)  Abra- 
ham Van  Deusen  and  Sarah  Spoor  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.; 
b  Aug.  5,  1798;  d  Oct.  17,  18S1;  m  Dec.  9,  1S19,  Lovina 
HoLDRiDGE,  who  d  Aug.  21,  1S86. 

Res:  Green v/ich,  Washington  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i  Emily  Ehzabeth,  b  Dec.  15,  1824,  at  Gt.  Barrington, 
Mass.;  m  Sept.  20,  1846,  Silas  Daniel  Holbrook,  who  d 
Mar.  5,  1895,  in  Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  res  near  Saratoga 
Springs,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  oc  in  fanning.  Issue: 
Mary  M.  Holbrook,  b  Aug.  31,  1847;  i^"^  June,  1S67, 
George  Henr}^  W^est;  res  Gansevoort,  Saratoga  Co.,  N. 
Y. ;  Edwin  E.  Holbrook,  b  Aug.  22,  1854;  unm;  res  on 


328  Van  Deursex  Family 

old  homestead  near  Saratoga  Spgs. ;  Orley  Eugene  Hoi- 
brook,  b  June  3,  d  Sept.  4.  1859. 
ii  Ed%vin  Holdridge,  b  July  2S,  1833;  m  (ist)  Oct.  19,  1S62, 
Nettie  Sands,  who  d  Mar.  22,  1866;  (2d)  Jan.  22,  1879, 
Harriet  R.  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (506)  William  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Mary  Warne;  res  Greenwich,  N.  Y.  Issue; 
John  Spoor,  b  July  22,  1865;  d  July  23,  1866;  Louis 
Bertram.,  b  Feb.  17,  18S1. 

510  MICHAEL  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (265)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Sarah  Spoor  of  Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.;  b 
Nov.  28,  1802;  d  Aug.  12,  1873;  m  (ist)  Jan.  9,  1825,  at  Clav- 
erack,  N.  Y.,  Geektruy  Van  Deusen,  dau  of  (195)  John  J. 
Van  Deusen  and  Fitje  Hallenbeck  of  Hudson,  N.  Y. ;  b  Aug. 
18,  1802  ;  d  Oct.  30,  1S65.  He  married  (2d)  Mary  Ann  Peck, 
b  1837 ;  d  1904. 

Res:     Gt.  Barrington,  Mass.      (Census  1S50). 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        Sarah  Lov'ina,  b  Apr.  27,  bp  at  Claverack,  N.  Y.,  July  6, 

182S;  d  May  26,  1899;  m  Alexander  Gordon. 
ii       Lana,  b  1830;  d  Oct.  21,  1839. 
iii      Charles  H.,  b  1832 ;  bur  Feb.  10,  1837. 

511  FICHE  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (265)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Sarah  Spoor  of  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  b  April 
22,1812;  dSept.  7,  1877;  m  April  21,  1841,  Richard  Vos- 
BURGH,  who  d  Sept.  12,  1886. 

Res:     Great  Barrington,  Mass. 
i        A  son,  b  Aug.  18,  d  Aug.  23,  1842. 
ii       Abraham  Van  Deusen  Vosburgh,  b  Jan.  28,  1846;  d  Aug. 

21,  1850. 
iii      Emily  C.  Vosburgh,  b  Sept.  3,  1847;  m  Dec.   19,  1867, 

George  Phelps  Norton,  b  Norfolk,  Conn.,  July  31.  1842; 

son  of  William  Jason  and  Rebecca   (Phelps)  Norton. 

Issue    (b   Nev,'  Jersey):     Anson  Vosburgh   Norton,   b 

Oct.  5,  1869;  m  Aug.  27,  1895,  Kate  Titus  and  had  son, 

Harold  Edward  Norton,  b  Sept.   26,   1896;  Harry  S. 

Norton,  b  Jan.    26,   1872;  d   Feb.    20,    1872;  Ella  M. 

Norton,  b  Mar.  28,  d  Sept.  2,  1874  (Phelps  Genealogy). 
iv      Mary  Vosburgh,  b  Aug.  16,  1850. 

512  JOHN  LOOP  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (267)  Henry  Van 
Dusen  and  Mary  Loop;  bp  at  Copake,  Dutchess  County,  N- 
Y.,  Oct.  28,  1786;  d  in  1861 ;  m  in  1814,  in  Onondaga  Co.,  N. 

Seventh  Generation  329 

v.,  Lucy  Warner,  dau  of  Charles  Warner  and  Sarah  Stock- 
well.  Charles  Warner  v/as  the  son  of  Israel  Wanier  of  Wind- 
ham, Conn.,  and  a  Revolutionary  soldier. 

Res:     Geddes,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y. 


806  i        Mary  .\nn,  b  in  1815;  m  1S38,  Albro  Truman  Dowd. 

807  ii       Charles  H.,  b  1S17  ;  m  1843,  Lucinda  Jennings. 

808  iii      John  Menzo,  b  Aug.  16,  1819;  m  Mar.  12,  1S46,  Mary 

Louisa  Barton. 

809  iv      Elias  Theodore,  b  1821;  m  a  1843,  Mar\'  Jennings, 

sister  of  Lucinda. 
V       Lucy  Jane,  b  1823  ;  unmarried. 

810  vi      Curtis   Levant,   b  June  9,    1825;  m  Aug.    28,    1851, 

Martha  Willard. 

811  vii     Warner  AVcston,  b  Dec.  26,  1827;  m  Mar.  12,  1S4S. 

Sarah  A.  Handall. 
viii   Francis  Peter,  b  1S29;  m  Lydia  Hanes;  res  Spencer- 
port,  Niagara  Co.,  N.  Y. 

513  HENRY  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (267)  Heni^^  Van 
Dusen  and  Mary  Loop  of  Geddes,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  at 
Baldwinsville,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  6,  1794,  v/here  he  d  March  20,  18S4; 
m  a  1819,  Cynthia  Burgess  ;  b  in  Vermont  in  1S03  ;  d  Feb.  9, 

Res:     Baldwinsville,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:  Farmer. 

i        James  G.,  b  Apr.  24,  1821 ;  m  Apr.  20,  1S54,  Alice  L. 

812  ii       George  Henry,  b  Nov.  22,   1S22;  m  Dec.  15,   184S, 

Susan  Clover. 
iii      Wallace,  b  Aug.  12,  1823;  m  July  3,  1849,  Lucy  Jane 

Van  Dusen. 
iv      D.  W.,bMar.  13,  1826. 

v       Edward  B.,  b  Aug.  13,  182S;  m  185  .  .,  Helen  Curtis. 
vi      Charles,  b  Mar.  31,  1831. 
vii    Nancy  J.,  b  Mar.  27,  1832;  m  Dewitt  C.  Hall. 
viii   Lester,  b  Dec.  13,  1834  ;m  Elizabeth  Mackey. 
ix      Mandy,  b  July  13,  1837. 
X       WilHam  S.,  b  Feb.  3,  1841;  m  Jan.  14,  18G6,  Mar>- 

xi      Don  W.,  b  Jan.  13,  1844;  m  Dec.  24,  1S68,  Marilla 

xii    James,  b  a  1849. 

514  PLATT  J.  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of   (26S)   Jacob  Van 

330  Van  Deuksex  Family 

Dusen  and  Edith  Palmer  of  Peru,  Clinton  Co.,  N  Y  •  b  ?t 
Nine  Partners,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  27,  i793-'d  at 
Ellenburg,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  i,  1S73;  m  at  Peru,  N.'y.,  Dec.  20 
1S14,  Charlotte  Saunders.  He  served  in  the  war  of  1S1-' 
m  3d  Regt.,  U.  S.  Art.  (Bounty  Land  Claim;  wid.  pen.  ctf 

Res:     Ellenburg,  Clinton  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:  Farmer. 

813  i        Avery,  b  Nov.  5,  1816;  m  (1st)  a  1837,  Jane  Newton; 

(2d)  a  1848,  Betsy  Bishop. 

814  ii       WilHam  Plenry,  b  Jan.  21,  1821 ;  m  a  1842,  Sarah  A. 

iii     Jane,  b  a  1S24;  m  Sidney  Bennett. 
iv      Martin,  b  a  1S26. 

V       Sarah,  b  a  1828;  m Coolidge. 

vi      Emily,  b  a  1830;  m   Perry;  res  Burwell, 

Greenfield  Co.,  Neb. 
vii     George,  b  a  1833. 

815  viii  Walter  W.,  b  Apr.  i,  1837;  m  (ist)  in  1863,  Harriet 

Saunders;  (2d)  ]\Iay,  1S85,  Maggie  Enrigh. 

515  ORVIL  B.  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (268)  Jacob  Van 
Dusen  and  Edith  Palmer  of  Peru,  Clinton  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  b  a  1813  ; 
m  (ist)  a  1S35,  Fanny  Bigleston,  who  d  before  1S50;  (2d) 
Mrs.  Phebe  Bayley.  In  1850  he  resided  at  Ellenburg, 
Clinton  Co.,  N.  Y.,  v/here  he  was  engaged  in  farming. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
i         Albert  C,  b  Apr.  26,  1S41;  m  Jan.  10,   1867,  Mary  J. 
Chambers.     Both  served  in  the  Army  during  the  War 
of  the  Rebellion.     He  enlisted  July  17,  1862,  in  Co.  D, 
loth  Vermont  Vol.  Inf.,  and  was  discharged  June  10, 
1865,  to  enlist  in  Co.  C,  5th  U.  S.  Art.,  in  which  organi- 
zation he  served  until  1S85,  when  he  vras  discharged 
as  Sergeant  and  appointed  Ordnance  Sergeant  U.  S.  A. 
April  5,  1893.     He  was  placed  on  the  retired  list  with 
this  rank.     Mary  J.  Chambers  served  in  the  Army  as 
a  matron  from  Nov.  30,  1862,  to  Feb.  28,  1863,  and  as 
nurse  from  May  6,  1863,  to  Oct.  23,  1863.     She  was 
pensioned  as  Mary  J.  Armstrong  (Ctf.  852,902).     She 
died  Oct.  26,  1893.     Res  New  Galtz,  Md. 
By  second  wife: 
ii       Edward  F.  Bayley,  b  1844. 
iii      Branch,  b  1847. 
iv      Olive,  b  1850. 

Seventh  Generation  331 

516  DAVID  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (269)  Richard  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Farnam  of  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  in 
1798;  m  Dolly ,  ^vho  was  b  in  1802. 

Res:     1850  Lenox,  Madison  Co.,  N.  Y. 

i        Levi  R.,  b  1828. 
ii      Thomas  S.,  b  1831. 
iii     Elizabeth  F.,  b  1835. 
iv      Cynthia  L,  b  183S. 
V       Catherine,  b  1842. 

517  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (269)  Richard  Van 
Deusen  and  Hannah  Faniam,  of  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  in 
1S04;  m  Angus  White. 

Res:     Mauston,  Jtmeau  Co.,  Wis.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i  William,  b  a  1S30;  m  a  1852,  Mars*  Elifelth.  During  the 
Civil  War  he  was  drafted  Nov.  20,  1863,  and  assigned 
to  Co.  I,  ist  Wis.  Vol.  Inf.;  transferred  to  Co.  F,^2ist 
Regt.,  Sept.  20,  1864;  to  Co.  F,  3rd  Regt.,  June  8, 
1865,  and  was  discharged,  June  18,  1865  (Pen.  Ctf. 
319,804);  d  Jan.,  1908;  res  Mauston,  Wis.  Issue: 
Frank,  b  in  1854;  m  in  1883,  Leana  Martin,  and  had 
issue,  William,  Agnes,  and  Lulua;  Waren,  b  i860;  d 
1866;  Edward,  b  in  1866  ;m  in  1885,  Minnie  Peck. 

518  OLIVER  G.  VAN  DEUSEN,  M.  D.,  son  of  (269) 
Richard  Van  Deusen  and  Hannah  Farnam;  b  a  181 5  in  Che- 
mung Co.,  N.  Y.;  d  in  Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa.,  Sept.  8,  1844; 
m  Feb.  5,  1836,  Ellen  Chipman  Parsons,  who  d  in  Allendale, 
N.  J.,  Sept.  14,  1905. 

-.   Res:     Wellsboro,  Tioga  Co.,  and  Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa. 
Oc:     Physician. 

i        Richard  Maryot,  b  Wellsboro,  Pa.,  1838 ;  d  Dec,  1842. 

816  ii       Jean  Parsons,  b  May  9,  1842;  m  (ist)  July  12,  1861, 

Reuben    M.    Pratt;    (2d)    Oct.    25,    1869,    George 


iii      Oliver  Gibson,  b  in  Troy,  Pa.,  May  22,  1844;  d  unm 

Aug.  4,  1907. 

of  (271)  Dirck  Van  Deusen  and  Betsey  Dutcher  of  Dutchess 
County,  N.  Y.;  b  at  Dover  Plains,  Jan.  23,  1797;  d  at  Elba, 

332  Vax  Deursex  Family 

Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y.,  June  24,  1S54;  m  (ist)  a  1S20,  Polly  Ann 
Buzzel;  (2d)  a  1S29,  Laura  AVilder,  b  in  Mass.  in  1S06;  d 
Sept.  20,  1862. 

Res:  Elba,  Genesee  Co.,  X.  Y.  Go:  Farmer,  value  of 
real  estate  in  1850,  $10,000. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
8i6a  i        Lemuel,  b  in  Livingston  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Apr.  19,  1824; 
m  June  26,  1856,  Mary  E.  Brewer. 

By  second  wife: 

817  ii       Sylvenus  W.,  b  June  2,  1S33;  m  Mar.,  1S55,  Nancy 

E.  Wyman. 
iii  Eunice  L.,  b  May  10.  1S38;  m  Sept.  26,  1855,  Wil- 
liam Butcher;  res  Elba,  Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y.  Is- 
sue: Laura  E.  Butcher,  b  May  5,  1857;  m  Dec. 
25,  1879,  Thomas  Barber;  Matie  A.  Butcher,  b 
May  I,  1866;  m  Sept.  28,  1892,  John  Goodlifl. 

520  LAURENCE  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (271)  Dirck  Van 
Deusen  and  Betsey  Butcher  of  Allegan  Co.,  Mich.;  b  Aug.  21, 
1 80 1,  in  Byron  Center,  Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y.;  d  July  23,  187 1,  in 
Pardeeville,  Col.  Co.,  Wis.;  m  a  1S21,  Susan  Van  Camp;  b 
May  18,  1803,  d  Nov,  2,  i860. 

Res:     Pardeeville,  Columbia  Co.,  Wis. 

i  Betsy  Jane,  b  Sept.  7,  iS23;d  Dec.  23,  1855. 
ii  La  Favette,  b  Nov.  23,  1824,  in  Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y.; 
went  to  California  in  1850  and  settled  in  Ukiah, 
Cal.,  in  1870;  d  there  Jan.  16,  1S90;  m  Nov.  10, 
1856,  Josephine  Louise  Hinckley,  who  d  Aug.  27, 
1884.  Mr.  Van  Dusen  was  a  kimberman.  Issue: 
Emily  Virginia,  b  Aug.  10.  1857,  m  Apr.  13,  188 r, 
Eugene  Brown;  Marion  Susan,  b  Apr.  20,  1863; 
Lafayette,  b  June  i,  1866,  m  Nov.,  1890,  Nellie 

818  iii      George  Washington,  b  July  10.  1826;  m  (ist)  a  184^ 

Mary  Armstrong;  (2d)  a  1855,  Percis  Barden;  (3d) 
Nov.  29,  i860,  Nancv  Barden. 

819  iv      Sarah  Ann,  b  May  6,  1828;  m  July  4.  1850,  Jackson 

L.  Prentice. 
V       Amanda,  b  Feb.  12,  1830;  d  Dec.  21,  1832. 

820  vi     Oscar  D.,  b  Mar.  31,  iS32;m  Jan.  14,  1854,  Emelme 

Ensign.  ,    ^.,  ,    .  , 

vii     Emily,  b  Sept.  5,  iS36;.m  a  1855,  W.  H.  Gilchrist. 
d  Feb.  20,  1856. 

Seventh  Generation  333 

521  SILAS  VAX  DEUSEN,  son  of  (271)  Dirck  Van  Deu- 
sen  and  Betsey  Diitchcr  of  Allegan  Co.,  Mich.;  b  Oct.  i,  1807. 
in  Anburn,  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  Y.;  m  Oct.   22,   1S34,  Hannah 


Res:     Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

i  Charles  T,,  b  Aug.  13,  183S;  d  at  Ypsilanti,  Mich.,  Nov. 
2,  1873;  ni  July  22,  1S69,  Jennie  Mackey,  who  d  May 
10,  18S7,  at  Detroit,  Mich.  He  enlisted  at  Rochester, 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  30,  1862,  in  Co.  L,  8th  New  York  Vol. 
Cav.,  held  rank  as  Orderly  Sergeant,  Sergeant 
Major,  and  Adjutant,  and  was  mustered  out  as  Captain 
of  Co.  D,  on  Mar.  i,  1S65.  He  was  w^ounded  several 
times  and  was  a  pensioner.  His  widow  and  minor 
children  were  also  pensioned.  Issue:  Charles  B.,  b 
Jan.  28,  1871 ;  Janet  Y.,  b  June  14,  1872. 

ii  Mary  L.,  b  Feb.  5,  1841 ;  living  unm  in  1903  at  Ypsilanti, 

522  SYLVANUS  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (271)  Dirck  Van 
Deusen  and  Betsey  Dutcher  of  Allegan  Co.,  Mich.;  b  in  Gene- 
see Co.,  N.  Y.,  April  15,  1S15;  m  (ist)  Dec.  10,  1842,  Mary 
Bryant;  b  in  New  York  State  in  1824;  d  at  Allegan,  Mich., 
July  10,  1886;  (2d)  July  15,  1874,  Lydia  A.  Griffin,  b  Jan. 
14,' 1845;  dau  of  John  "and  Elizabeth  (Archer)  Grififin.     She 

survived  Mr.  Van  Dusen  and  married  again, Briggs, 

and  was  living  in  1904  at  Delhi,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Van  Dusen  sep- 
arated from  his  first  wife.  He  was  a  farmer,  also  a  tanner 
and  currier. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 
i        Richard,  bin  Ohio  Jan.  12,  1844;  d  June  20,  1855. 
ii       Edward  Silas,  b  in  Iowa  Oct.  31,  1846;  res  Kellogg,  Mich. 
iii      William  M.,  b  at  Madison,  Ind.,  May  5,  1849 ;  m  Nov.  15, 

1884,  Nellie  B.   Bennett;  res  Kellogg,  I^Iich.;  farmer. 

Issue:     Richard,  b  Oct,  22,  18S5. 
iv      Emma,  b  Nov.  18,  1853;  m  Sept.,  1879,  Michael  Conway; 

res  Allegan,  Mich. 

523  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (272)  Jacob  Dutcher 
Van  Deusen  and  Nancy  Smith  of  North  East,  Dutchess  Co., 
N.  Y.;  b  Jan.  10,  i8io;'m  a  1832,  Helen  NACE;bin  1805. 

Res:     1850,  Salisbury,  Conn. 

i        Samuel,    b    in    1835;    m    Hannah    Smith.     Issue: 

334  Van  Deursen  Family 

Frank;  Fred,  res  in  New  York;  Anna,  living  with 

father  in  Albany,  1905. 
ii       John  J.,  b  in  1S3S;  m  (ist) ;  (2d) 

Eva  Connrod;  six  children;  res  Unadilla,  N.  Y. 
iii      Rachel,  b  in  1841 ;  ni  Sherman  Jennings. 
iv      Ma.ry  E.,  b  in  1844;  m Donelly ;  res  Milford, 

n;  y. 

821  V       Charles,  b  Apr.   4,   1847;  m  Jan.   28,   1875,  Carrie 

vi      Henry,  b  a  185 1,  d  y. 

524  CHARLES  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (272)  Jacob 
Dutcher  Van  Deusen  and  Nancy  Smith  of  North  East,  Dutch- 
ess Co.,  N.  Y.;  bat  Dover,  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  31, 
1S18;  d  at  Unadilla,  N.  Y.,  April  13,  1895;  m  Dec.  28,  1841, 
Nancy  Place;  b  in  1S22.  In  1850  they  were  residents  of 
North  East,  and  later  of  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y. 


822  i        Matthew  Porter,  b  Oct.  16,  1842;  m  Nov.  14,  1872, 

Martha  Coats. 

ii  Emeline  G.,  b  June  5,  1845;  m  Feb.  24,  1876.  Syl- 
vester PhiUips  and  had  dau,  Helen  D.  Phillips,  b 
July  3,  1877. 

iii  Harriet  Ann,  b  Sept.  9,  1847;  m  Dec.  29,  186S, 
:  Charles  W.  Godfrey;  res  Guilford,  Chenango  Co., 

N.  Y.  Issue:  Mary  Alice  Godfrey,  b  Oct.  11, 
1869,  m  Dec.  28,  1887,  George  Nee  Tyler. 

iv  Henry  B.,  b  Jan.  i,  1850;  m  Nov.  14,  1883,  Ida  N. 
Grandsbury;  res  Unadilla,  N.  Y.  Issue;  Eva 
J.,  b  Oct.  26,  1884;  Edyth  J.,  b  Apr.  28,  1886. 

V  Martha  R.,b  Mar.  16.  1852  ;m  Dec.  26,  1S88,  Herman 
Grandsburv;  res  Franklin,  Del.  Co.,  N.  Y.;  no  ch. 

823  vi      Sarah  T.,  b  Nov.  S,  1858;  m  Apr.  7,  1880,  Tola  C. 

Graves.  ^^     ,  t.     1 

vii     Minnie  L.,  b  Feb.  17,  1862;  m  a  1883,  Fred  Pooler; 
d   Feb.   2,   1904,  at  Norwich,  N.  Y.;  res  Sidney 
Center,  Del.  Co.,  N.  Y.     Issue:     Raymond  Pooier, 
b  Jan.  I,  1887;  Addis  F.  Pooler,  b  May  20,  1901. 
\aii  Jesse  W.,  b  Apr.  10,  1864. 

52s  HARRIETT  ANN  VAN  DEUSEN,  dau  of  (272) 
Jacob  Dutcher  Van  Deusen  and  Nancy  Smith  of  North  bast, 
Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there  April  16,  1823;  d  July  18,  1899, 
m  Dec.  3,  1845,  Abxer  Beach,  who  d  Feb.  28,  1905. 

Res:     Manchester,  Dickinson  Co.,  Kans. 

Seventh  Generation 


i        Man.'  Nancy  Beach,  b  Nov.  7,  1849;  m  Aug.   1=;     187" 

William  S.  Ackley;  res  Kansas  Citv,  Mo.     *      ^' 
11       Helen  Sophia  Beach,  b  Mar.  7,  1853;  m  Aug.  23,  1873, 

Samuel  A.  Blanchard;  res  Rockaway,  N.  J.^ 
iii      Theodore  Jones  Beach,  b  Jan.  3,  1856;  m  Mar.  16    1878 

Mar}-  A.  Blanchard. 
iv     John  Joseph  Beach,  b  Oct.  31,  1S61;  m  Mar.  29,  1886, 

Mary  V.  Swartwood;  res  Manchester,  Kans. 

526  WILLIAM  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (277)  John  Van 
Duzer  and  Margaret  McMillan  of  Moscow,  Hillsdale  Co., 
Mich.;  b  in  Newburgh,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  16,  1798;  d  Mar.  8,  1S42; 
m  (ist)  in  181S,  at  Macedon,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Bethen-.\  P." 
Jones,  who  d  in  1822;  (2d)  Nov.  20,  1825,  at  Lebanon,  N.  Y., 
Hannah  Clarke,  v;ho  d  in  1865  (See  Tuttle  Genealogv,  p 

Res:     Silver  Creek,  Chautauqua  C^.,  N.  Y.     Oc:  Merchant. 

Children,  by  first  wife: 

i        Maria,  b  a  1820;  d  1894;  m  David  H.  Carrier. 
ii       Laura  Berthena,  b  a  1822  ;  d  unm  in  18S7. 

By  second  wife: 

824  iii      John  Clarke,  b  Aug.  30,  1827;  m  (ist)  Feb.  8,  1846, 

Lovina    0.    Norton;    (2d)    Sept.    6,    187 1,    Kate 

825  iv      Ashley  McMillan,  b  Mar.  12,  1829;  m  Oct.  23,  1S61, 

Julia  Elvira  Ferris  O'Brien. 

V       Abigail  McMillan,  b  Dec.  14,  1831;  d  Feb.  17,  1832. 

vi      Edward,  b  Dec.  14,  1833;  d  Apr.  21,  1837. 

vii  William,  b  Jan.  i,  1835;  "^  ^^^r.  18,  188S,  Mary  Ella 
Montgomery;  res  Silver  Creek,  N.  Y.  Issue: 
Laura  B.,  b  Nov.  16,  1888;  Clarke  M.,  b  May  25, 

viii  Sophia  Elizabeth,  b  Feb.  19,  1839;  m  Sept.  25,  i86r, 
Azariah  Smith,  b  Jan.  12,  1833;  son  of  Samuel, 
gr.  son  of  Mathew  6th;  res  Boston,  Mass.  Issue: 
Rupert  Van  Duzer  Smith,  b  Feb.  10,  1S68;  d  May 
31,  1869;  Theodore  Clarke  Smith,  b  May  18.  1S70; 
student  at  Harv.'ood  Coll.,  1890;  Florence  Eliza- 
beth Smith,  b  May  6,  1873  ;  student  at  Smith  Coll., 

526a  ZACHARIAH  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (277)  John 
Van  Duzer  and  Margaret  McMillan  of  Moscow,  Hillsdale  Co.. 
Mich.;b  in  Nev/  York  State  in  1803  ;  d  March  10.  1852;  m  (ist) 

336  Van  Deursen  Family 

a  1824,  Eliza  Kingman;  (2d)  by  Abratn  Spear,  J.  P.,  at  Mace- 
don,  Wayne  Co..  N.  Y..  Feb.  27,  1827,  Sally  R , 

who  was  b  in  New  York  in  180S. 
Res:     In  1850  Hillsdale.  Mich. 
Children,  by  second  wife: 
i        Meriel,  b  in  New  York  in  1828. 
ii       Margaret,  b  in  New  York  in  1834. 

iii  John,  b  in  Michigan  in  1836;  served  during  War  of  the 
Rebellion  as  Corporal  in  Co.  K,  loth  Mich.  Vol.  Inf.; 
enlisted  Jan.  i,  1S62,  and  re-enlisted  Feb.  6,  1864;  was 
killed  in  action  at  Buzzard's  Roost,  Ga.,  Feb,  25,  1864; 
bur  in  National  Cenieter\',  Marietta,  Ga.;  mother  pen- 
sioned (Ctf.  87,766). 
iv  Mary,  b  in  Mich,  in  1839. 
V       Lixcy  M.,  b  in  Mich,  in  1844. 

527  WILLIAM  ALLISON  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (278) 
Samuel  Van  Duzer  and  Ursula  Russell,  his  second  wife,  of 
Canterburs%  Orange  County,  N.  Y.;  b  in  Cornwall,  N.  Y., 
Julv  24,  1807;  m  June  10,  1833,  Louisa  Garland;  b  in  Hull, 
England,  May  iS,  18 10.  They  were  residents  of  Washington, 
D.  C,  in  1878,  at  which  time' i\Ir.  Van  Duzer  held  a  govern- 
ment position. 


i        Isabel,  b  in  1834;  d  in  same  year  at  Sing  Sing,  N.  Y. 

ii       William,  b  Jan.  i,  1835,  ^^  ^'s"^^'  York  City. 

iii  Ashley,  b  New  York  City  in  1838.  Enrolled  Aug. 
16,  1861,  at  New  York  City  and  mustered  in^as 
first  lieutenant,  Co.  K_,  55th  Regt.,  New  York  Vol. 
Inf.,  Attg.  28,  1861;  discharged  Dec.  18,  1861;  en- 
rolled Feb.  20,  1862,  at  New  York,  mustered  in  as 
first  lieutenant,  Co.  F,  ist  Marine  Artillery,  Mar. 
12,  1862  ;  resigned  April  14,  1862. 
826  iv      Katerina,  b  Nov.  26,  1840;  m  a  i860,  Stephen  Haff. 

V       Frank,  b  in  New  York  City. 

vi      Bessie,  b  in  New  York  City;  m  June,  1876,  Pitt  Bar- 

528  MARY  ANN  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (278)  Samuel  Van 
Duzer  and  Ursula  Russell  of  Canterbur>%  Orange  Co.,  N.  \.; 
h  there  April  16,  1809;  d  Jan.,  1876;  m  April  23,  1834,  Gates 
White  McGarrah,  who  d  before  1843. 

i        Theodore  McGarrah,  b  a  1836;  m  Mary  Pearsall. 
ii       Eugene  McGarrah,  b  a  1838;  was  unm  in  1S70. 

Seventh  Generation  337 

iii      Louisa  McGarrah,  b  a  1S40;  m  Robert  F.  Todd. 
iv      Emma  McGarrah,  b  a  1S42;  d  in  1S70. 

529  HENRY  RUSSELL  VAX  DUZER,  son  of  (27S) 
Samiiel  Van  Duzer  and  his  second  wife,  Ursula  Russell  of 
Canterbury-.  Cornwall  Township,  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  was 
born  at  Canterbury  May  i,  1813.  The  date  of  his  death  is 
not  known,  but  he  was  buried  in  Trinity  Cemetery,  above 
Bloomingdale,  N.  Y.  He  m.arried  Jan.  21,  1840.  Jane  Brush, 
who  survived  him,  and  was  living  in  1S70,  a  widov/,  at  Green- 
point,  L.  L 

Children,  all  born  in  New  York  City: 

i  Samuel  Brtish,  b  Dec.  9,  1840;  d  at  Albanv,  N.  Y.,  July 
24,  18S2;  m  July  17.  1S65,  Martha  Jane  Hill;  res*  Al- 
bany, N.  Y.  Issue:  I.  Janet,  b  Aug.  31,  1S67,  d  Oct. 
31,  1898;  2.  Harry  Russell,  b  Mar.  13,  1872,  d  Apr.  11, 
1876;  3.  William  Hill,  b  Oct.  i,  1877,  d  May  3,  1S7S; 
4.  Frank  Alexander,  b  May  3,  1S79,  m  Aug.  25,  1903, 
Goldie  E.  Hicks;  is  a  member  of  the  Holland  Society 
of  New  York  and  of  Wadsworth  Lodge,  F.  &  A.  M[, 
Albany,  N.  Y.,  where  he  is  engaged  in  the  Real  Estate 
and  Insurance  business. 

ii  Ursula,  b  Dec.  8,  1842  ;m  May  9,  1S66,  Joseph  H.  Black- 

iii      An  infant,  twin,  b  Sept.  22,  1847  ;  d  in  infancy. 

iv  Henr\^  Russell,  twin,  b  Sept.  22,  1847;  ^  ^^ay  29,  1872, 
Jennie  Schofield;  res  1878,  Parsippany,  Morris  County, 
N.  Y.;  one  son,  William. 

V  Orrin,  b  Feb.  20,  1849;  ^"^  Oct.  29,  1872,  Hannah  Tiebout; 

res  1878,  Greenpoint,  L.  I.;  two  children. 

vi      Russell,  b  Sept.  14,  1S52. 

vii  Eugenia,  b  Nov.  2,  1855;  m  Randolph  Jennings  of  New- 
ark, N.  J. 

530  JACOB  ASHLEY  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (278)  Samuel 
Van  Duzer  and  Ursula  Russell;  b  in  Monroe  Co.,  N.  Y.,  March 
19,  1818;  d  before  1870;  m  a  1840,  S.^rah  Drake.  He  re- 
moved from  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Chicago,  111. 

i        Lilian,  b  a  1842;  m  George  B.  Sickles;  res  1S7S,  Chicago 

111. ;  has  one  dau,  Maude  Sickles,  b  a  1873. 
ii       Julia,  d  before  1870. 
iii      Orrin. 
iv      Russell. 

V  Eugenia. 


338  Van  Deursex  Family 

531  JOHN  V;iLKISON  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (2S0) 
Robert  A.  Van  Dusen  ard  Hannah  Wilkison  of  New  Jersey; 
b  near  Robertsville.  Monmouth  Co.,  N.  J.,  Sept.  22,,  iSi6;'d 
at  Cranbury,  X.  J.,  Dec.  27,  18S9;  m  Aug.  5,  1834,  Gertrude 
Jane  Pease,  who  d  at  South  Amboy,  N.  J.,  Feb.  13,  1893. 

Res:     Cranbur}',  N,  J.     Oc:     Farmer. 

827  i        Jonathan    P.,   b   June    27,    1835;   m   Aug.    4,    1851, 

Catherine  Jordan. 
ii       Hannah  E.,  b  Aug.  4,  d  Aug.  28,  1837. 

828  iii      Robert  A.,  b  June  11,  1S39;  m  Feb.  15,  i860,  Mar\- 

Ann  Stultz. 
iv      Marv  M..  b  Sept.  24.  1841 ;  m  Aug.  8,  1S63,  WilHam 
W.  Dev. 

829  V       Elwood  R.,  b  Nov.  u,  1843;  m  (ist)  Apr.  8,  1868, 

Margaret  B.  Brown;  (2d)  Jan.  15,  1902,  Lena  Van 

830  vi      John  E.,  b  Nov.  i,  1845;  ^^  Oct.  6,  1870,  George- 

anna  Davison, 
vii     Bartine  Twiford,  b  Feb.  19,  1848;  d  June  23,  1S93; 

m  June  22,  1872,  Elizabeth  Otis;  no  ch. 
viii   Lemuel,  b  May  3,  d  INIay  15,  1851. 
ix      Elias  L.,  b  Apr.  3,  1853;  m  Nov.  30,  1870,  Laura 


532  ROBERT  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (281)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Cornelia  Vrcdenburgh  of  Marion,  Decatur  Co., 
Ind.;  bp  at  Copake,  Columbia  Co..  N.  Y.,  June  14,  1783 ;  d  in 
186S;  ra  a  1805,  Cloah  Alltizer  Fuller.  He  served  during 
the  War  of  1S12  in  the  New  York  Militia,  from  Dec,  1813,  to 
March,  181 4.  In  1850  he  w^as  a  resident  of  Marion,  Decatur 
Co.,  Ind.,  where  he  v.'as  engaged  in  farming. 


831  i        Daniel,  b  in  Chemung  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1808 ;  m  (ist)  in 

1829,  Annie  Robbins;  (2d)  Feb.  4,  1841,  Lora  Bag- 

ii  Cornelius,  b  in  Kentucky  in  1820;  m  a  1843,  Adaline 
Bennett;  b  in  N.  Y.  in  1829;  res  Marion,  Ind.;  oc 
farmer.  Issue:  Lovina,  b  in  1845;  Lovany,  b  in 
1846;  Loisa,  b  in  1849. 

iii      Nehemiah,  b  in  Kentucky  in  1824;  m  a  1848,  Adeline 

;  b   in   Indiana   in    1827;   res   in    1850 

Decatur  Co.,  Ind.;  had  son,  John  D.,  b  in  x\ug., 

832  iv      Enoch,  b  in  Indiana  Mar.  20,  1826;  m  (ist)  July  26, 

Seventh  Gener.\tiOxX  339 

1847,  Nancv  Runnels;  (2d)  Nov.  8,  185:;,  Huldah 
H.  Hatfield; 

533  ISAAC  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (2S1)  Abraham  Van 
Deusen  and  Cornelia  Vredenburgh ;  b  in  1793;  name  of  first 
wife  not  known;  m  (2d)  March  27,  1845,  Agnes  Armstrong, 
b  in  1S06;  wid  of  James  Armstrong  (who  d  in  Decatur  Co., 
Ind.,  Sept.  25,  1842).  Isaac  served  in  the  War  of  1S12  in  a 
New  York  Regt.;  was  "drafted  June  18,  181 2,  at  Canandaigua, 
N.  Y.,  and  discharged  Feb.,  1S13,  at  Buffalo,  N.  Y."  He 
filed  Bounty  Land  Claim,  Nov.  16,  1850,  for  40  acres  (Ctf. 
33,409)  and  April  2,  1855,  for  120  acres  (Ctf.  40,734).  He 
then  resided  in  Decatur  Co.,  Ind.  He  died  in  Sullivan  Co., 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  6,  1S65.  His  widow  applied  for  pension  Nov.  9, 
1878,  which  was  allowed  (Ctf.  20,046).  Auditor  reports  that 
no  payment  was  ever  made. 

Children,  as  far  as  known;  by  first  wife: 

i        Jacob,  b  a    181S   in  Kentucky;  m    (ist)    Elizabeth 
McClair,  who  d  in  1843;  (2'd)  Clarissa  Campbell, 
who  d  in  June,  1852 ;  (3d)  May  28,  1854,  Elizabeth 
.  Lewis,  who  was  pensioned  on  account  of  his  ser- 
vice in  Comp.  D,  77th  111.  Vol.  Inf.  (Ctf.  518,675). 
"Soldier  d   Sept.    26,   1899,  age  80  years  and   6 
months"   (Pen.  Ctf.  139,116);  resin  1871,  Lacon, 
Marshall  Co.,  111.;  in  1886,  Abeline,  Dickenson  Co., 
Kans.     In  1903  his  widow  was  living  in  Lacon,  111. 
ii       Abraham,  b  in  1833  ;  res  in  1878,  Varna,  111. 
By  second  wife: 
8;^;^  iii      Lorenzo  Dow,  b  in  Decatur  Co.,  Ind.,  Jan.  13,  1846; 
m  Sept.  7,  1869,  Nancy  Jane  Baldwin. 

534  JACOB  VAN  DUSEN,  son  of  (281)  Abraham  Van 
Dusen  and  Cornelia  Vredenburgh  of  Copake,  N.  Y.,  and 
Marion,  Decatur  Co.,  Ind.;  b  April  8,  1796;  d  Sept.  9,  1S69; 
m  Jan.  9,  1821,  Sarah  Dennis,  who  d  March  21,  1891. 

Res:     Decatur  Co.,  Ind.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Esther,  b  Nov.  30,  1823. 
Jordan,  b  July  5,  1825. 
iii      Drucilla,  b  Dec.   28,  1826;  m  (ist)  Sept.   15,   1845, 
William  J.  Rabum,  who  was  killed  at  Gettysburg, 

Pa.     (2d)   Bennett. 

iv     Joseph,  b  Jan.  3,  1829;  m  Lidda  Feathers;  res  Letts, 

340  Vax  Deursen  Family 

V       Rhoda,  b  Jan.  18,  1831;  m  Oct.  8,  1849,  Harvey  H. 

Rimnels;  res  near  New  Castle.  Ind. 
vi      Elijah,  b  Islay  8,  1833;  ni  Oct.  5,  1S54,  Martha  Jane 

Runnels;  res  Stuttgart,  Ark. 
vii     Dennis   F.   F.,  b   Oct.   24,    1835;  ^   Sept.   6,   1866, 

Mariah  Emory,  who  d  Nov.  7,  1877;  no  children; 

served  in  Co.  E,   20th  Ind.  Vol.  Inf.   (Pen.  Ctf. 

401,066);  res  Stuttgart,  Ark. 

834  viii   Aaron,  b  I\Iay  18,  183S;  m  Feb.  19,  1860,  Mary  Ann 


ix      Orpha,  b  Feb.  3,  1840. 

X  Solomon,  b  Aug.  30,  1841 ;  d  June  2.  1869;  m  May  2, 
1867;  Harriet  E.  Milholland.  He  served  as  Cor- 
poral in  13th  Indpt.  Batty.,  Ind.  Vol.  Lt.  Art., 
from  Jan.  14,  1862,  to  July  10,  1865  (Wid.  Pen. 
Ctf.  355,858);  res  Greensburg,  Ind.  Issue:  James 
M.,b  Feb.  12,  1868. 

835  xi      Simon,  b  Oct.  23,  1843;  "i  Mar.  29,  1874,  Eliza  A. 


535  HENRY  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (281)  Abraham  Van 
Deiisen  and  Cornelia  Vredenburgh  of  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y., 
and  Decatur  Co.,  Ind.;b  a  1798  ;m  a  1821,  Christine  Traver; 
b  in  1806;  d  in  1880. 

Res:     Lacon,  Marshall  Co.,  111.     Oc:     Farmer. 

Children,  last  four  bom  in  Iowa: 

i  Nehemiah,  b  in  Covington,  Ky.,  in  1823;  m  in  1843, 
Adaline  Traver;  res  Lacon,  111.;  oc  farmer.  Issue: 
John,  b  in  1849;  Mary  Ann,  b  in  1856;  Nettie,  b  in 

836  ii       Ruben,  b  Jan.,  1825;  m  (ist)  July  12,  1847,  Polly 

Ann  Pruitt;  (2d)  name  unknown. 
iii      Evalena,  b  in  1827  ;  m  a  1848,  Charles  Baldwin. 
iv      Mar>%  b  in  1828. 

837  V       Ephraim,  b  June  29,  1836;  m  Nov.,  1854,  Margaret 

A.  Armstrong. 
vi      Henrietta,  b  in  1837. 
vii    Martha,  b  in  1846. 

536  MARTIN  VAN  DEUSEN,  son  of  (281)  Abraham 
Van  Deusen  and  Cornelia  Vredenburgh  of  Decatur  Co.,  Ind.; 
b  a  1802;  d  1888;  m  a  1825,  Sophia  Fuller,  who  d  m  1S73 
in  Vinsan,  Ind.     They  resided  in  Jennings  Co.,  Ind. 


i        Lusinda,  b  Mar.  12,  1829. 

Seventh  Generatiox  341 

ii  Daniel,  b  Oct.  14,  1S31;  m  1853,  Tobitha  Macin- 
tosh. Issue:  Andrew  Jackson,  b  at  Scipio,  Ind., 
Jan.  24.  1855;  m  Nov.  21,  1874.  Mary  Satterficld, 
who  d  Feb.  16,  1S76;  the  name  of  second  %vife  is 
not  known;  she  d  in  1899  and  by  her  he  had  issue: 
Winfield,  b  Nov.  25,  1887;  Lawrence,  b  Nov.  17, 
1891;  Andy,  b  Aug.  17,  1896;  Clifford,  b  Nov.  10, 
1898.  In  July,  1904,  Andrev.-  Jackson  Van  Deu- 
sen  was  living  at  Shreveport,  La. 

iii      Mary  Jane,  b  Oct.  12,  1832;  m  1859,  Beve  Herrin. 

iv      Nancy,  b  Oct.  12,  1833. 

V  Polly',  b  Oct.  12,  1835. 

83S  vi  Jasper,  b  Mar.  iS,  1845;  ^  (^^t)  Oct.,  1S68,  Susan 
Collins;  (2d)  Aug.  18,  1907,  Mrs.  Minnie  Bonnell. 

vii     Criss,  b  July  22,  1848;  m  1S70,  Catharine  Davis. 

viii   John  Henry,  b  June  6,  1852  ;in  1872,  Hatty  Athens. 

ix  Margaret  Ann,  b  Julv  22,  1855;  m  1874,  William  H. 
H.  Tuttle. 

X       Ellie,  b  July  4,  1S57. 

537     AMOS  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (282)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
and  Letitia  Mills,  b  in  Dec,  17S7;  m  Alecta  Gregory.     He 
resided  in  Cornwall,  and  Plattekill,  Ulster  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where 
he  died  Aug.  13,  1S47.     He  was  a  farmer. 

i        iMary  Susan,  b  Aug.  5,  181S;  m  June  26,   1845,  Levi 
Deyo  Moule;  b  Aug.  16,  1818;  res  Monroe  Co.,  N. 
Y.,   in    1861,  and  Gardiner,  Ulster  Co.,  in  1908. 
Issue:  Philip  H.  Moule,  b  Aug.  26,  1850;  m  Oct.  14, 
1873,  Mary  Bradley ;  res  Batavia,  N.  Y. 
ii       Nathaniel  Mills,  m  Elizabeth  Pierson. 
iii      Harvey  Gregory,  d  1861 ;  unm. 
iv      Charles  Edgar;  unm. 

V  Letitia  Jane,  b  in  1830;  unm. 
vi      William  Smith,  d  in  infancy. 

vii     Daniel  Gregory;  unm;  res  California. 

viii   Milton  Smith;  unm;  res  Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y. 

ix  Amos  Edward,  b  in  Modena,  Ulster  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in 
1836  ;d  July  19,  1892  ;m  Oct.  6,  1864,  Cora  Nelson. 
He  served  as  Asst.  Surgeon  in  loth  New  York 
Vol.  Inf.;  enlisted  at  Albany  Oct.  18,  1862;  dis- 
charged June  2,  1S63;  also  as  Surgeon  in  21st 
New  York  State  Militia;  applied  for  pension  July 
12,  1890  (WidCtf.  382,343)- 

X       Ann  Alecta,  b  June  25,  1S38;  unm. 

342  Van  Deursen  Family 

839  xi      Alexander  McDowell,  b  Nov.  21,  1840;  m  Apr.  19, 
1870,  Margaret  Ann  Seymour. 
xii     A.  Evans;  residing  in  Dutchess  Co.  in  1S61. 
xiii    Lane  E.;  res  in  Dutchess  Co.  in  1S61. 

538  OBED  VAN  DUZOR,  son  of  (283)  Adolphus  Van 
Duzen  and  Unice  Coleman  of  Erin,  Chemung  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b 
June  21,  bp  Sept.  8,  17S9;  d  Dec.  7,  1873;  m"a  1811,  Ester 
Ann  Miller,  who  d  April  8,  1866. 

Res:  Wurtsboro,  Sullivan  Co.,  N.  Y.  Oc:  Farmer  and 
Tavern  Keeper. 


i        Ann  Eliza,  b  Mar.  29,  1S13,  in  Montgomerv,  Orange 
Co.,  N.  Y. 
839a  ii       Jonathan   ^I.,  b   Mar.    5,    1S15;  m   a    1838,   Mary 

840  iii      Isaac,  b  Jan.  4,  TSi6;m  a  1837,  Charlotte 

841  iv      Charles,  b  Apr.   20,   1818;  m  Jan.   ?o,   1S40,   Jane 


V       Electa,  b  Oct.  14,  1S19. 

vi      David,  b  Dec.  29,  1822  ;  m  a  1S45,  Hearty ; 

res  in  1850,  Manakating,  N.  Y.;  oc  farmer.  Is- 
sue:    Adaline  and  Eliza  A.,  twins,  b  in  184S. 

vii     Benjamin  W.,  b  Sept.  14,  1824. 

viii   Ahimen    (Hyman),   b    Nov.    14,    1826;   m    Esther 

;  res  in  1906,  Raton,  Colfax  Co.,  New 

Mexico;  had  son,  Josiah  B.,  b  in  Sheshequin, 
Bradford  Co.,  Pa.,  Jan.  7,  1856,.  who  m  1S87, 
Loesa  Leroy ;  res  Conroe,  Montgomerv'  Co.,  Texas, 
oc  R.  R.  engineer;  their  son,  Earle  B.,  was  b  in 
New  Mexico  in  1SS9. 

ix      Sarah  Adeline,  b  Jan.  i,  1829. 

X       William  Henry,  b  Jan.  5,  1S33. 

xi      Mary  Jane,  b  July  11,  1S34. 

539  JAMES  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (285)  Benjamin  Van 
Duzer  and  EHzabeth  Taylor  of  Cornwall,  N.  Y.;  b  there  April 
15,  bp  Aug.,  1797;  d  Aug.  14,  1854;  m  a  1835,  Julia  Ann 
"Winn,  who  d  Sept.  2,  1878. 

Res:     Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 


i        Mary  Elizabeth,  b  Oct.  21,  1840;  d  Dec.  8,  1869. 

842  ii       Juliana,  b  June  3,  1848;  m  Oct.  31,  1S72,  John  Wag- 


Seventh  Gener.\tion  343 

843  iii      James  W.,  b  May  2,  1850;  m  Oct.  6,  1S71,  Louise 

iv      Charles,  h   Aug.    2,    1S52;  unin   in  Mar.,    1906;  res 
Terre  Haute,  Ind. 

540  MARY  VAX  DUZER,  dau  of  (285)  Benjamin  Van 
Duzer  and  Elizabeth  Taylor;  b  Sept.  16,  1800;  m  Matthew 

i        Samuel  Barnes;  d  y. 
ii       Mary  Eliza  Barnes, 
iii      Van  Duzer  Barnes, 
iv      Isaac  Barnes. 
V       William  Barnes. 
vi      Nathaniel  Barnes;  m  Annie  Wright. 
vii    James    Henry    Barnes;   m    (ist)    Harriet    Ouackenbosh, 

issue:     Lillie  Quackenbosh    and  Ezra    Benjamin;   (2) 

Annie  Taylor;  no  ch. 
viii   Milton  Barnes;  res  at  Central  Valley,  N.  Y. ;  merchant. 
ix      Phebe  Barnes;  m  Andrew  Thorn. 
X       Ann  Barnes;  m  Samuel  Ouackenbosh, 
xi      Sarah  Barnes ;  m  Fritz 

541  BENJAMIN  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (2S5)  Benjamin 
Van  Duzer  and  Elizabeth  Taylor  of  Cornwall,  N.  Y.;  b  there 
March  16,  1802;  m  Nov.  13,  1830,  Hannah  Greggory;  b 
March  2,  1811 ;  d  Sept.  II,  185S. 

Res:     Cornwall,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        James,  b  March  7,  1S32. 

ii       Sarah,  b  Aug.  19,  1833;  m  Henn,^  Van  Duzer,  son 
of  (304)  Shadrach  Van  Duzer  and  Rebecca  To- 
iii     Samuel,  b  May  13,  1835. 
iv      Mary,  b  Aug.  12,  1837. 
v       Reeve,  b  Oct.  15,  1838;  d  a  1905. 
vi      Catherine,  b  Aug.  i,  1840. 
vii    Jane  Ann,  b  Dec.  4,  1842  ;  d  Jan.  8,  1889. 
viii   Emeline,  b  July  28,  1845. 

ix      Benjamin  Greggory,  b  Jan.  2,  1848  ;d  Dec.  12,  1862. 
843a  X       William   Morrison,  b   July    27,    1850;  m   Arabella 
xi     John  Washington,  b  Apr.  i,  1854;  d  Apr.  16,  1865. 

542  PHEBE  VAN  DUZER.  dau  of  (2S5)  Benjamin  Van 

344  Van  Deursen  Family 

Duzer  and  Elizabeth  Taylor  of  Cormvall,  N.  Y.;  b  Oct.  i6, 

1805;  m  (ist)  William  Coxklix;  (2d)  George  Bannell. 
Children-,  by  first  husband: 

i  Sarah  M.  Conklin,  b  in  1S29  ;  m  a  1845  Samuel  Van  Duzer, 
son  of  (2S5)  Benjamin  Van  Duzer  and  Elizabeth  Tay- 

Vi  William  Henry  Conklin;  m  (ist)  Hannah  Stevens;  (2d) 
Sarah  Lancaster;  (3d)  Mary  Lancaster,  sister  of  Sarah, 

iii      Andrew  Jackson  Conklin ;  m  Hannah 

iv      James  Edward  Conklin;  m Fillman. 

By  second  husband: 

V  Catherine  Bannell;  m  Abram  Frandenburgh  (See  Miscel- 
laneous and  Related  Families  for  descendants). 

vi  Harriett  Bannell,  m  Edward  Payne  (See  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  Families  for  children). 

vii     Samuel  Bannell;  m  Jennie  Bout;  res  New  Haven,  Conn. 

viii   Isaiah  Bannell;  m  Sarah  Stevens. 

ix      Phebe  Elizabeth  Bannell;  m  Andrew  Clark. 

X       Louisa  Bannell;  m  Jetson  Golden. 

543  WILLL^M  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (2S6)  William  Van 
Duzer  and  Catherina  Remain,  of  New  York  City;  b  a  1S06;  d 
a  1832 ;  m  a  182S.  Susax  Ericksox, 

Family  tradition  states  that  William  Van  Duzer  was  a 
graduate  of  West  Point,  and  that  he  served  in  the  war  with 
Mexico.  The  military  record  of  this  has  not,  however,  been 
found.  He  resided  in  New  York  City,  where  he  followed  the 
occupation  of  Ship  Carpenter,  and  is  supposed  to  have  been 
lost  at  sea. 

i        Catherine  Amanda,  b  Apr.  9,  1S30;  m  Abither  B. 
844  ii       William  A.,  b  May  17,  1832  ;  m  Aug.  28,  1S58,  Mar>'- 
ette  Elizabeth  Clark. 

544  JULIET  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (288)  Isaac  Van  Duzer 
and  Keturah  Reeve  of  Newburgh,  N.  Y.;  b  there  Jan.  2,  bp 
June  12,  1796;  m  Dec.  12,  1S13,  William  Finx  Wheeler, 
who  d  at  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  March  22,  1864.  She  d  April  2, 
1873.     Mr.  Wheeler  was  a  farmer. 

Res:     Warwick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Children- : 
i        Dinah  Eliza  Wheeler,  b  May  17,  1816;  d  unm. 
ii       Robert  Bruce  Wheeler,  b  June  23,  1818;  d  unm. 

Seventh  Generatiox  345 

iii  Ann  E.  Wheeler,  b  Feb.  12,  1S21  ;m  Jan.  5,  1S42,  William 
H.  Houston  of  Florida.  Orans^e  Co.,  N.  Y. 

iv  Isaac  Van  Duzer  Wheeler,  b  Mar.  4,  1823;  m  June  21, 
1S53,  Phebe  Ann  Bull  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Related 
Families  for  descendants). 

V  Joel  Wheeler,  b  July  1 1 ,  1S26  ;  d  unm. 

vi      William  Vv'allace  Wheeler,  b  Jan.  8,  1829  ;  d  unm. 
vii     Milton  Van  Duzer  Wheeler,  b  Jan.  10,  1831 ;  d  unm. 

545  ISAAC  REEVE  VAX  DUZER,  son  of  (2SS)  Isaac 
Van  Duzer  and  Keturah  Reeve  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co.,  N, 
Y.;  b  there  May  8,  1S02;  d  Nov.  29.  1841;  m  Dec.  14,  1S26, 
Anxe  Eliza  Gedxey,  dau  of  Dr.  Gedney  of  Newburgh,  N.  Y. 

Isaac  Reeve  Van  Duzer  inherited  much  of  his  father's  bril- 
liant mind  and  ability,  and  had  the  advantage  of  his  early 
training  in  addition  to  the  best  educational  facilities.     He 
chose  the  Law  as  a  profession,  to  vdiich  his  keen,  astute  mind 
was  particularly  adapted.     He  was  w-ell  launched  on  what 
promised  to  become  a  brilliant  career,  when  his  early  death 
cut  short  all  the  hopes  centered  in  him.     He  was  considered 
a  great  loss  to  his  profession,  as  also  to  the  commtmity.     He 
was  member  of  the  State  Assembly  in  1832  and  1833.     Mrs. 
Van  Duzer  survived  him  many  years.     She  died  Feb.  21,  1S85. 
Res:     Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Lawyer. 
i        Charlotte,  b  Oct.  28,  1827;  d  Mar.  i,  1910;  m  Jan.  27, 
1847,  Joseph  W.  Gott.     Issue:     i.  Reeve  Van  Duzer 
Gott,  b  Mar.  27, 1848,  d  Sept.  15,  1849;     2.  Annie  Gott, 
b  Mar.  12,  1851,  m  Feb.  17,  1878,  Charles  P.  Berdell 
and  has  issue,  Charles  P.  Berdell  and  Theodore  Berdell; 
3.  Joseph  W.  Gott,  b  May  13,  1853,  m  Oct.  23,  1879, 
Jennie  Sayer,  and  has  issue,  (i)  Percy  Van  Duzer  Gott, 
b  Aug.  21',  18S0,  m  Apr.  10,  1901,  Theodora  Vanamee, 
and  has  issue,  Theodora  Gott,  b  Mar.   28,  1907,  and 
Peter  Van  Duzer  Gott,  b  Jan.  s.  1910".  (ii)  Joseph  W. 
Gott,  b  July  26,  1887;  (iii)  Alice  S.  Gott,  b  Mar.  16, 
ii       Keturah,  b  Jan.  12,  1829;  m  Oct.  19,  1S4S,  Henry  Strong. 
iii      Milton,  b  Feb.  10,  1830;  d  Oct.  i.  1S31. 
iv      George  D.,  b  June  26,  1832;  d  July  31,  1851. 

V  Isaac  R.,  b  Sept.  11,  1833  ;d  Mar.  13,  1875. 
vi      Eleazer  G.,  b  July  4,  1836;  d  Apr.  2,  1861. 
vii    Edward,  b  Sept.  6,  1841 ;  d  Dec.  24,  1843. 

546  MARY  J.  VAN   DUZER,  dau  of   (288)   Isaac  Van 

346  Van  Deursen  Family 

Duzer  and  Keturah  Reeve  of  Cornv;all.  N.  Y. ;  b  there  Aug.  12, 
1812;  d  Jan.  19.  1897;  ni  Aug.  20,  1833,  Johk  J.  Heard  of 
Goshen,  N.  Y. 

i        Isaac  Van  Duzer  Heard,  b  in  1S34. 
ii       Eliza  A.  J.  Heard,  b  in  1S36;  unm. 
iii     James  B.  Heard,  b  in  1S38. 
iv      Jennie  Heard,  b  in  1841 ;  m  N.  K.  Delevan. 
V       Emma  Heard,  b  in  1844;  unm. 
vi      Julia  W.  Heard,  b  in  1846 ;  m  J.  Staats. 
vii     Katharine  Heard,  b  in  1S50;  m  A.  Dubois  Staats. 
viii   Fanny  Benton  Heard,  b  in  1852;  unm  in  1902. 

547     JANE  STEPHENSON  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (28S) 
Isaac  Van  Duzer  and  Keturah  Reeve  of  Cornwall,  Orange  Co., 
N.  Y.;  b  there  March  6,  1820;  d  Sept.  23,  1870;  m  Feb.  14, 
1849,  Grixnell  BuRT;b  Nov.  7,  1822;  d  Aug.  3,  igoijson  of 
Benjamin  Burt  of  Bellvalc,  N.  Y.  (b  Feb.  25,  1789),  and  Eliza- 
beth Ketchum  (b  Jan.  27,  1794;  d  Feb.  5,  1836).     Mr.  Burt 
was  extensively  engaged  in  railroad  interests,  being  President 
of  the  War\vic'k  Valley  Railroad  and  extended  lines,  and  the 
Lehigh  and  Hudson  River  Railroad. 
Res:     Warwick,  N.  Y. 
i        Frank  Howard  Burt,  b  Jan.  5,  d  Mar.  25,  1850. 
ii       Kate  Van  Duzer  Burt,  b  Nov.  6,  1851;  m  Dec.  g,  1874, 
Charles  Caldwell;  b  Mar.  31,  1839;  d  May  8,  1902;  res 
Newburgh,  N.  Y.     Mr.  Caldwell  was  a  Civil  Engineer. 
Issue:     Janet  Caldwell,  b  Feb.  8,  1879  ;m  Jan.  i8,  1905, 
Henry  Hill  Tolerton;  b  July  19,  1877  ;  res  Toledo,  Ohio; 
they  have  son,  David  Tolerton,  b  Jan.  11,  1907. 
iii      Lily  Burt,  b  Mar.  6,  1854  ;m  June  i,  1S76,  Fred  Halstead; 
b  July  31,   1845;  res  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.     Issue:     Burt 
Halstead,  b  Mar.  24,  1S77;  d  Mar.  2,  1881;  Kenneth 
Burt  Halstead,  b  Nov.  i,  1880;  Marjory  Halstead,  b 
Dec.  13,  1882. 
iv     Jane  Burt,  b  Mar.  25,  1856;  d  unm  Aug.  13,  1903. 
V       Mary  Herrick  Burt,    b  Mar.  15,  1 85 8;     res  unm  in   the 
I         old  family  homestead  at  Warwick,  N.  Y.     She  is  a  cul- 
tured   woman  with  a   charming  personality  and   high 
intellectual  attainments.     Of  a  spiritual  temperament, 
she  has  studied  for  a  number  of  years  at  the  Meadville 
Theological  School,  Meadville,  Pa. 

Sf.vexth:  Generation  347 

548  HARRIET  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (292)  John  Van 
Duzer  and  Nancy  Benedict  of  Wanvick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b 
there  Aug.  12,  1S12;  d  Jan.  5,  1884;  m  Oct.  22,  1840, 
William  Fancher,  who  d  Jan.  25,  1S48. 

Res:     Wai^'ick,  N.  Y. 

i        John  V.  Fancher,  b  Dec.  22,  1841 ;  d  Mar.  i,  1843. 

ii       Mary  J,  Fancher.  b  Dec.  28,  1843;  d  May  2,  1907. 

iii  Charles  H.  Fancher,  b  Oct.  4,  1845;  d'jan.  28,  1906;  ra 
(1st)  Oct.  I,  1873,  Viola  Wasson;  (2d)  Elizabeth  Forbes. 

iv  James  William  Fancher,  b  Nov.  15,  1847;  m  Dec.  13, 
187 1,  Marv  J.  E.  Ovenshire,  b  Julv  28,  1850;  res  Dun- 
dee, N.  Y.'  Issue:  Olin  H.  Fancher,  b  Oct.  28,  1875; 
m  Oct.  7,  1S96,  Sadie  Hibbard;  Lenora  Fancher,  b 
Mar.  21,  1876;  m  Dec.  30,  190S,  Arthur  B.  Peck; 
Bessie  M.  Fancher,  b  Sept.  25,  1884;  m  Sept.  23,  1908, 
Clarence  E.  Bellinger;  Edith  M.  Fancher,  b  Feb.  6, 
1 886;  Mary  Devem  Fancher,  b  Dec.  24,  1S90;  Harriet 
E.  Fancher,  b  Oct.  19,  1894. 

549  JULIA  ANN  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (292)  John  Van 
Duzer  and  Nancy  Benedict  of  Warwick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  \  .\ 
b  there  April  i7,'i8i5;  m  Nov.  26,  1835,  Abner  Benedict,  b 
June  4,  1S12. 

Res:     Warwick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. 
i        John  Van  Duzer  Benedict,  b  Jan.  i,  1837;  m  Nov.  10, 
1S80,  Mary  A.  Palmer;  graduate  Union  Col.  1S61;  res 
War%vick,  N.  Y. 
ii       Joel  Wheeler  Benedict,  b  Feb.  5,  1842. 
iii      Marv  Benedict,  b  Jan.  12,  1846. 

iv  Harriet  Elizabeth  Benedict,  b  Nov.  28,  1877;  m  Edgar 
A.  Willersdorft. 

550  JOSEPH  BENEDICT  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (292) 
John  Van  Duzer  and  Nancv  Benedict  of  Warwick,  N.  Y.;  b 
there  Julv  21,  1817;  m  (ist)  Dec.  24,  1851,  Ann  Maria  Sly, 
who  d'Nov.  24.  1S65;  (2d)  Aug.  2,  1S69,  Margaret  Van  Bus- 
kirk,  who  d  March  29,  1904.  , 

Ann  Maria  Slv  was  the  dau  of  Col.  John  Sly  and  ^annan 
De  Kav  of  WaAvick,  and  the  granddaughter  of  Conrad  bl> , 
who  served  in  the  Revolutionary  War  and  worked  as  a  black- 
smith on  the  chain  which  was  stretched  across  the  Hudson 

Res:     Bellvale,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

348  Van  Deursen  Family 

Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

i  Sarah  Ann,  b  Jan.  i,  1855;  m  Jan.  20,  1S76,  Edward  S. 
Hasbrouck;  h  Jan.  22,  1857  ;  son  of  Augustus  and  Jane 
V.  "W.  (Eltinge)  Hasbrouck.  Issue:  Joseph  Van 
Duzer  Hasbrouck;  Edward  Augustus  Hasbrouck. 

ii       Alice,  b  Dec.  6,  1857  ;  d  May  20,  i860. 

iii  John  Sly,  b  Feb.  19,  i860;  d  Dec.  30,  1883;  m  Jan.  24. 
1883,  Caroline  Bradner,  who  d  May  9,  1SS7;  they  had 
one  child,  John  Sly,  b  Sept.  30,  18S3. 

iv      Hannah  Jane,  b  Dec.  29,  1S62  ;  unm  in  1904. 

V       James  Charles,  b  June  2 ,  1864;  unm  in  1 904 . 

551  CHARLES  REEVE  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (292)  John 
Van  Duzer  and  Nancy  Benedict  of  Warwick,  N.  Y.;  b  there 
Oct.  21,  i8i9;d  July  2,  i9oi;m  (ist)  Nov.  29,  1864,  Deborah 
Rebecca  Morehouse;  (2d)  in  Nov.,  1880,  I^Irs.  Caroline 
(Wilson)  Ketchem. 

Res:     Warwick,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 
Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

i        Emma,  b  Jan.  i,  1866;  d  Sept.  28,  1874. 
ii      Ajma,  b  Dec.  15,  1868;  d  Oct.  8,  1874. 
S45  iii      George  Morehouse,  b  Mar.  6,  1870;  m  Sept.  5,  1895, 
Elizabeth  Allison  Crissey. 

552  JAMES  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (292)  John  Van  Duzer 
and  Nancy  Benedict  of  Warwick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there 
Feb.  28,  1822;  d  at  Wayne,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  20,  1S51;  m  Jan.  16, 
1851,  Hester  Ann  Jones,  who  survived  him  and  married  a 
Mr.  Curts.     She  d  in  1905. 

i  James  Jones,  b  at  Warwick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y..  Dec.  24, 
1851 ;  m  Dec.  12,  1877,  Harriet  M.  Coy;  res  Rockford, 
Winnebago  Co.,  111.;  oc  dry  goods  merchant.  Issue: 
Edith,  b  Dec.  31,  1 87 8;  Edward  Curtis,  b  Oct.  22,  1880: 
Marcia,  b  July  31,  1882;  James  Carlton,  b  Sept.  10, 
1888;  Clarence  Sidney,  b  July  28,  1895. 

553  NANCY  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (292)  John  Van  Duzer 
and  Nancy  Benedict  of  Warwick,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.;  b  there 
Feb.  II,  1835;  d  Aug.  5,  1897  ;m  Sept.  15,  1864,  Asa  P.  Fish, 

-  who  d  Jan.  19,  1901.     He  was  a  member  of  the  State  Assem- 
bly in  1 880-1 881. 

Res:     Dundee,  Yates  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Seventh  Generation  349 

i        Selah  Van  Duzer  Fish,  b  Aug.  6,  1S65;  m  Ida  Mauney; 

res  Rochester.  N.  Y. 
ii      Ada  Z.  Fish,  b  Dec.  8,  1S67;  unm. 
iii      George  Dillis   Fish,  b  Apr.   10,   1872;  m  Dec.  25.   1S95 

Katherine   Wood.     Issue:   Milton    Hart  Fish,  b  Dec. 

iS,  1898;  res  Dundee,  N.  Y. 

554     KETURAH   LOUISA  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of   (293) 

William  Van  Duzer  and  Sarah  M.  Wheeler;  b  Aug.  20,  1809; 

m  Oct.  5,  1833,  Robert  Lawrence,  who  d  May  29,  1896. 

i        Thomas  Lawrence,  b  July  7,  1834;  d  unm  Feb.,  1906. 

ii  Sarah  M.  Lawrence,  b  Oct.  25 ,  1S36  ;  m  June  6,  1870,  Wil- 
liam Henry  Davis,  M.  D.  (See  Miscellaneous  and  Re- 
lated Families  for  this  line). 

hi  W'illiam  Van  Duzer  Lawrence,  b  Feb.  12,  1S42;  m  1867, 
Sarah  E.  Bates  in  Monroe,  Mich.  (See  Miscellaneous 
and  Related  Families  for  this  line). 

iv  Henry  Clay  Lawrence,  b  Apr.  12,  1844;  d  Apr.,  1863  ;  was 
in  the  army  1861-65  and  died  in  the  South. 

V  James'  A.  Lawrence,  b  Aug.  25,  1854;  d  Aug.,  1900;  m 
Jan.  I,  1883,  Ida  Taber. 

_  555  JAMES  MADISON  VAN^DUZER,  son  of  (293)  Wil- 
liam Van  Duzer  and  Sarah  M.  Wheeler;  b  Aug.  15,  1S12,  at 
Unionville,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  d  Aug.  5,  1876  ;  m  Dec.  31,  1840, 
Louisa  Turner,  who  d  Aug.  24,  1S97. 

Res:     Veteran,  Chemung  Co.,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 

i        Lewis,  b  Oct.  16,  1S41 ;  d  Sept.  6,  1846. 

846  ii       Edw^ard  Clifton,  b  Jan.  i,  1844;  m  May  7,  1S73,  Har- 

riet Seymore  Brooks, 
iii      Ellen,  b  Apr.  17,  1846;  d  Aug.  29,  1863. 
iv      William  Turner,  b  Mar.  19,  185 1 ;  d  Sept.  18,  1856. 

847  V       James  Henry,  b  Jan.  6,  1858;  m  Jan.  20,  1S85,  Anna 



556  SUSAN  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (293)  William  Van 
Duzer  and  Sarah  M.  Wheeler;  b  July  i,  1819;  d  May  21,  1866; 
m  June  19,  1849,  James  L.  Woods,  who  d  Jan.  25,  1903. 
Mr.  Woods  was  a  lawyer. 

Res:     Elmira,  N.  Y. 

350  Van  Deursen  Family 


Davis  Hathaway  Woods,  b  Mar.  7.  1850;  d  lune  6,  1S7C. 
i  William  V.  D.  Woods,  b  Oct.  26,  1852^;  d  Sept.  11.  iS'X. 
ii      Mary  Woods,  b  June  9,  1S58  ;  ni Bull. 

557  WILLIAM  HENRY  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  (293) 
William  Van  Duzer  and  Sarah  M.  Wheeler;  b  Feb.  16,  1821; 
d  Nov.  15,  1880;  m  Jan.  16,  1S45,  Susan  Rachel  Sayre,  who 
d  Feb.  18,  1873;  dau  of  Jonas  Sayre  and  Rachel  Mathews  of 

Res:     Horseheads,  N.  Y.     Oc:     Farmer. 


i  Jonas  Sayre,  b  Dec.  2,  1846;  m  Mar.  2.  1869,  Julia 
Amanda  Rogers,  v/ho  was  b  Jan.  1 ,  1846,  at  Water- 
ford,  Conn. ;  dau  of  Daniel  Babcock  and  ilary  Ann 
(Titsworth)    Rogers;  res   Horseheads,   N.   Y.;  oc 

farmer.     They  adopted  Julianna ,  b  Apr. 

30,  1875;  m  John  Kane. 

848  ii       Julia  Ellen,  b  Mar.  13,  iS4S;m  Sept.  23,  1873,  Rev. 

Adoniram  Judson  Titsworth. 

iii  Catharine  Sayre,  b  June  27,  1850;  m  Feb.  12,  1884, 
'Ralph  D.  Eastman,  M.  D.;  no  children;  res  Berk- 
shire, Tioga  Co.,  N.  Y. 

iv  Selah  Henry,  b  Mav  i,  1S56;  m  (ist)  Aug.  28,  1S7S, 
Emily  H.  Bennett,  who  d  June  25,  1889;  (2d) 
June  4,  1 89 1,  Elizabeth  Ward;  res  Horseheads,  N. 
Y.;  oc  Postmaster.  Issue:  Jonas  Sayre,  b  Apr. 
15,  1884;  Julia  i^Iaria,  b  Nov.  13,  1896. 

849  v       William,  b  Feb.  26,  1858;  m  June  14,  1S83,  Estelle 

vi  Louis  Sayre,  b  June  29,  1861 ;  m  Dec.  19,  1883,  Alice 
Louisa  Averill;  no  children.  He  is  a  Lt.  Com.  in 
U.  S.  Navy.  Res  1905,  Washington,  D.  C;  exe- 
cutive officer  battleship  Connecticut.  1908;  Com- 
mander, Navy  Yard,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  (Captain  of 
Yard),  191 1 ;  is  a  member  of  the  Holland  Society 
of  New  York. 

558  MARY  ANN  VAN  DUZER,  dau  of  (293)  WilHani 
Van  Duzer  and  Sarah  M.  Wheeler  of  Veteran.  Chemung  Co., 
N.  Y.;  b  March  19,  1824;  d  June  18,  1S56;  m  Dec.  9,  1846. 
George  W.  Ford;  b  April  9,"'iSi9;  d  Oct.  29,  1893. 

i        William  Van  Duzer  Ford,  b  Sept.  20,  1847;  d  Aug.  18. 
1901;  m   1881,  Anabell  Reid.     Issue:     Melicent  Reid 



"*  y% 





" '  t  -  ' '  i.' 

^^^  .^ 










--    <     '    ' 


y     r 



"^^  \ 






Captain  Liaiis   S.iyre   Van   Duzer.    U.   S.   X. 

Seventh  Generation  351 

Ford,  b  Nov.  21,  1882  ;in  Jan.  i,  1906,  Claude  Pinney; 
Emily  Van  Duzer  Ford,  b  Sept.  11,  1884. 
ii  Jeanie  Ford,  b  July  31.  2S49;  m  John  Norton.  Issue: 
Elizabeth  Van  Duzer  Norton,  b  Apr.  24,  1879;  Anne 
Ford  Norton,  b  Jan.  19,  18S3;  Philip  Robbins  Norton, 
b  Apr.  II,  1888. 

559  SELAH  REEVE  VAN  DUZER,  son  of  ^(294)  Selah 
Van  Duzer  and  Margaret  Van  Alslyne  of  New  York  City;  b 
there  Dec.  9,  1823;  d  Dec.  2